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Tell u the new. We appreciate it and
It our pleasure to 'terve you. Phone
638, 659 or 791, or write us. Sign your
name to all newt Item.
Remember Reeves who lost his
life py reason of cheap election
Brother M. VV. Witt, of Rich
mond, Ky., is sojourning at Bay
View, Mich. He visited Ivanhoe
Commandery No. 30, K. T. He
speaks very complimentary of the
work and pronounces it similar
to that in Kentucky. May our
Brother enjoy the lake breezes,
and may they fan him into good
health Masonic Journal.
Death of Mrs. T. J. Berry
-Mrs. T. J. Berry, wife of Mr. T.
J. Berry, one of our oldest and
most esteemed citizens, died on
Tuesday night in Lexington, after
being in ill health for some time.
Since last winter she and her
husband had made Iheir home
with their only son, George, and
she was with him at the time of
her death.
Mrs. Berry had spent the great
er part of her life in this commu
nity, where she was widely known
and greatly beloved. As a wife,
mother and neighbor, she lived
up to her highest obligations and
her passing away will leave a
place that can scarcely be filled, !
while- of the influence of her
beautiful life no reckoning can be
The burial took place on Thurs
day afternoon in the Richmond
cemetery and was conducted by
Mrs. Berry is survived by her
husband and one son, Mr. George
Berry, to whom we offer the
deepest sympathy.'
Viously Hurt
unions, a prominent
. farmer Iw.lig near this city, was
butted by a furious cow last Fri
day. . A young cow with her calf
was In the pasture near the house.
Some horse had been running her
and the calf. Mr.-Simmons went
to the rescue and was waving a
small stick to keep them away
from the cow, when she suddenly
and without warning, jumped at
Mr. Simmons, striking him in the
chest with great force, knocking
him down breaking some of the
ribs and injuring him internally.
He is in a serious condition. He is
about sixty-five years of age and
o.ving to the excessively hot
weather his friends are apprehen
sive about him. Mrs. Simmons
was at Mallory Springs atthe time.
Fish Fry
Hughey Samuels, La Rue Duer-
son and Abner Butner, three good
Madisonians, gave a fish fry at
Silver Creek at the home of Mr,
Duerson which was largely at
tended by the people of Madison
county there being about four
hundred in attendance. There
was plenty of good things on
hand to feed the multitude and
then some. Although it had no
political significance, nearly all
of the-, pestiferous candidates
were on hand mingling with their
friends and each one was a win
ner by a good, safe majority.
The best of order prevailed and
hearty good cheer was in evidence
all the day.
The departure of Hon. and
Mrs. John Gibson for Richmond
has been delayed until next week
on account of Mrs. Gibson's ill
ness. They have been enjoying
their stay very much until this
week when Mrs. Gibson became
ill They are stopping at the
Raleigh Hotel and most every
evening have delightful little din
ner parties on the Roof Garden
of thaf famous hostelry.
Red Cedar Shingle. Blanton Lumber
Co. Phone 423. 16-U
Eastern Tennis Tournament
After a lapse of some years, the
annual tennis tournament was re
vived at the Normal, In the
Fourth Annual event, which be
gan on July 4, and is still con
tinuing. Three events have been
begun women's singles, men's
singles, and men's doubles.
There was most interest In the
women's singles, no fewer than
ten entering. Some of the play
ing was as clean and exciting as i
any that has been seen here. The
match between Miss Naomi Bal
lou and Miss Margaret Evans
was hotly contested, going to 64,
6-8, 6-3. Miss Elizabeth 'Thomp
son was a third who contested
closely with Miss Lewis for the
! chamDionshiD.
Miss Evans lost
out in spite of plucky and skilful
playing, and Miss Ballou gave in
to physical weakness just before
the finals, which went to Miss
Lewis. Pullen, Burnam, Haley,
Davidson, Reid and Grinstead
were the entries in the men's
doubles. This was hard fought
throughout, interest being great
on account of the offer for the
first time of a $25.00 loving cup
by the members of the faculty.
Pullen fought well toward the
top, but met his second defeat at
Reid's hands in a hot match, 64,
0-6, 7-5. Reid was in turn defeat
ed by Burnam for the cup, 6-2,
6-3. With the prize of a perma
nent trophy, it is hoped that the
tournament will be a regular In
dependence Day feature from
now on.
Shall The People Rule?
The campaign for County
offices is now being hotly contest
ed, and the questiou naturally
arises, "Shall the people rule?" or
will the people squander and
sacrifice their rights and privile
ges upon the altar of Mammon,
by placing those in authority who
have bribed and corrupted the
voters of the county by and
through the use of MONEY and
WHISKY? This Isthefwestion
that the Iaw-aTtoing 7 citizerSs of
this County must solveon Aug
ust 2. As a candidate for the
office of County Clerk, I have
not used one penny or a drop of
Whisky to influence a single vot
er to support me, and I pledge
myself to the people of Madison
County not to use any Money or
Whiskv in my race. If I cannot
secure the orhce by fair and
the office
honorable means, I don't want it.
I will never be guilty of the crime
of corrupting the ballot and de
bauching men for the sake of
office. I will greatly appreciate
any support accorded me in my
race, but above all, I want an
untrammeled ballot, an honest
election, and a fair count. That
is Democracy. That means a
goverment of the people, by the
people, and for the people. And
again I ask: "Shall The People
Rule?" or will they turn the offices
over to those who corrupt the
ballot-box by the use of MONEY
and WHISKY? Let the people
Respectfully submitted,
James B. Walker,
For County Clerk.
Boy Accidentally Shots Arm
Frank Ferguson, aged 14, of
near Chamber's, met with a pain
ful accident Thursday, while out
hunting. The young man climb
ed through a fence and attempted
to drag his gun after him. The
trigger caught on a wire, dis
charging the gun, the shot taking
effect In the young man's right
arm. He was sent to Lexington
but the chances of saving his arm
are slight Ex.
Fine Lands
Would you like to know about
the Black Belt, or the alfalfa
lands of Alabama? Land that
will grow five crops of alfalfa in
one year, where labor is cheap.
plentiful and satisfactory? The
winters are mild. The Land is
If interested write.
T. H. Jackson,
DemoDolis. Ala.
Recently of Winchester, Ky.
brief t
Mr. J. C. Chenault It at Conway.
Prof. R. C. Stott I out after a
Mr. Dr. Blanton has returned from Crab
Mr. Mamie Stockton ha returned to '
Mr. Robt. Turley ha been with friend
In Mt. Vernon.
Ml Hattie Ue Million I the guest of
Mit Mabel Tudor.
MiftsVera flacker ha been the guest of
relatives In the city.
Mr. Garnett Million spent several day In
Cincinnati last week.
Dr. D. H. Scanlon visited Camp Daniel
Boone, the past week.
Miss Georgia Walton is here from Ver
sailles visiting friend.
t Mrs. Thos. D. Chenault Sr. I visiting
relative In Maysville.
Editor E. C Walton spent Monday In
Stanford, with friends.
Mis Jane Porter Shearer I the guest of
Mis Elizabeth Hagan.
Mr. Ivan McDougle has returned from a
brief visit to Columbia. "
Miss Emma Watts Is at home after an
absence of several week.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. McCaughey have a
handsome new Cartercar.
Mr. Tom Baldwin has returned from a
visit to friend in Louisville.
Dr. . G. Crabbe returned from Salt
Lake City on Tuesday night.
Miss Mary Boggs has been the guest of
Miss Grace McCord at Pari.
Mr. and Mrs. John Cabbell Chenault, Jr.,
have returned to Richmond.
Mr. Ambrose Dudly Is In the city visiting
his sister Mrs. Jonah Wagers.
Mrs. Joseph Gardner and children are
the guests of Mrs. Joe Oldham.
Mr. Eugene Roark has been the guest of
Mr. Cecil Simmons at Kirksville.
Mr. G. E. Lilly made a business trip to
Irvine the latter part of the week.
Mr. Lucien Burnam. of Louisville, was
with friends In this city yesterday.
Mrs. George Baker on Big Hill Avenue
is dangerous ill with typhoid fever.
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Jones visited their
son, Mr. Will Jones, of Paris, last week.
Wm. Hyden, of Irvine, has moved to T.
K. Hamilton residence in Burnamwood.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Panther are the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. JoeGlunchiglianL
Misses Anna Mae and Ellen Walker are
In Lancaster, the guests of Mrs. Hudson.'
soxC. j
Mrs. Dr. Ashbauuh. tf Tuscaloosa.
Is the gues a, id MTiTHT. Banks.
Mrs. IL C.H. Covingtan is in Frankfort,
the guest of her brother, Mr. Jake Morrow.
Mr. Edwin Powell has accepted a poslJ
uon wun me state tsanx and i rust Co.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Campbell, have asl
their guest. Miss Edna Campbell, of West
Dr. D. Clay Lilly of Richmond. Va.. was
; the week end
guest of Mr. and Mr. Graft
e. Lilly. '
Mrs. Geo. Hagan and children of Okla
homa, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. A.
Misses Alice Comb and Nell Brophy
are here attending s'ummer school at E.
K. S. N.
Miss Kalherine Miller, of, Richmond has
been the guest of Mr. J. J. C Back, of
Mrs. Kit Chenault has been the guest
of Miss Susan Fisher Woods, at Crab
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Snyder and children
returned to their home in Mt Sterling, on
Mr. W. D. Oldham ha a handsome
seven passenger Studebaker which came
last week.
Miss Mary Preston, of Berea. I the
guest of her tister, Mrs. Roy Rutherford,
of this city.
Capt and Mr. John R. Pate and ton
John, Jr. spent from Saturday till Monday
in Beattyville.
Capt and Mrs. Carlo a Brittain are
with . Mr. and .Mrs. T. F. Baldwin for
several week.
Mr. Spear Turley who wa operated on
for Appendicitis in Cincinnati last Tueday
i doing nicely.
Mist Sarah Quisenberry left on Friday
for an extended visit to friendt In Ashland
and Cincinnati.
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Cay, of Winchester,
motored to Richmond on Thursday and
visited relative.
Mitt Jessie Ringo and brother, Harvey,
will leave Thursday for Winchester, for a
visit to relative.
Mr. Claiborne Walton b in Atlanta, Ca,
the guest of hi uncle and aunt, Mr. and
Mr. T. K. Walton.
Mis Eleanor Hagan hat been a mem
ber of Mitt DalrV Moore Porter' house
party at Lexington.
Rev. Wm. Crowe and Mr. and
Robert Crowe have been the guests of
Mrs. Elisabeth Crowe.
Mr. and Mr. Harry Schlegel, of Alabama
have returned to their home after a visit
to Mrs. J. L. SchlegeL
, Prof. J. A. Sharon wat a pleasant visitor
in this ritv List week. lit) wu ffirnurlv
with the E. K. & N. &
Mist Jeannett Pate It expected home
next week, after a visit of several week
to her aunt, Mr. Joseph Taylor, in Kansas
Mr. Burton Farrls I spending a few
day with hit family,
Remember Reeve who lost hi life by
reason of cheap election whiskey.
Jessie Pepper Cobb and Tabltha Cobb
of Cincinnati are vlsititg their aunt Mr.
Joe Wager at Waco.
Ml Jamie Caperton returned to Rich
mond Wednesday accompanied by Mis
Dahney, of Cincinnati.
Mr. E. P. Moberly, of Lexington, ha
returned to her home after a visit to her
lter, Mr. W. D. Oldham.
Mist Eleanor Hagan returned to her
home on Wednesday, after a visit to Mis
Daisy Porter, In Lexington.
Mrs. Edgar Turley I In Cincinnati with
her son, Spear, Mr. Turley having return
ed to Richmond, Thursday.
Mis Mahel Rayhurn ha returned from
a delightful visit to her uncle, Harry and
Herbert Scrivner, of Winchester.
Mr. P. H. Sullivan and Misses Kathleen
Sullivan, Austin Lilly, and Josephine Che
nault spent Monday in Lexington.
Mr. and Mr. E. Deatherage, Mis Mar
garet Phelps, and Mr. and Mrs. Whittlng-
ton motored to Lexington, Wednesday.
Miss Margaret Parrish has returned
from Winchester where she attended the
reception given by Mrs. Stanley Prewitt.
News comes from Mr. Monte Witt at
Bay View, Michigan that he Is feeling fine.
and is much pleased with his new home.
Mr. and Mrs. Newton Comb and Mr.
add Mr. Van Winkle have been the
guests of Mrs. J. W. Smith, on High street
Messrs. Beatty Burke, of Illinois and
Edward Cooper, of Stanford, visited Miss
Jane D. Stockton and other friends, last
Miss Ellen Gibson Miller left on Thurs
day for Barboursville for a ten days stay,
after which she will goto Pineville for two
Mr. Ronald C. Oldham and his charm
ing wile left on Tuesday for their new
home In Carlisle, and Miss Russell Shipp
returned to Cynthiana.
Mr. and Mr. Julian Van Winkle have
taken Mr.W. O. Chenault' house on High
street for a couple of months while Mrs.
Chenault is In Wyoming,
Mrs. Thomas Million has the sympathy
of many friends in the death of her moth
er. Mrs. Dulcena Glass , who died in
Georgetown, Sunday night.
Dr. W. G. White was called to Lexing
ton on Tuesday by the illness of his
brother, Prof. J as. G. White, of State Col
lege. We regret to say that Prof. White
We thank Miss Lucia Burnam who is
tfwHimgJhe summer, at Buckroe Beach
ya., for a copy of The Times-uispatch
containing a complimentary notice ot our
brother Dr. Clay Lilly.
Mesdame J. W. Caperton, Thomas
Phelps, Frank Jennings, Robert Miller and
Miss Sallie Miller, of TCichmond, motored
to Lancaster, Monday, and were the guests
of Mrs. D. M. Lackey and Miss Jennie
Lackey. Central Record.
Miss Lucv Clay Woodford, of Mt
Sterling passed through Richmond, Friday,
on her way to join Miss Lydia Elmore's
house party at Lancaster. She stopped
over between trains and took luncheon
with Miss Josephine Chenault
Judge C. H. Breck has gone to Walla
Walla, Washington to spend several
months with his children there. He will
' probably remain over winter.
Judge Breck Is one of the oldest mem
bers of the bar, a fine lawyer, and splendid
gentleman. He will be missed by his
friends here.
Misses Lillie and Marguerite Martin, of
Carlisle, and Nora Rourke, Mary Enright,
and Elizabeth Conley, and Messrs. Jack
Keller, Joe Keller., and Wm. Elder, of
Richmond, Leo Keller, of Cincinnati,
William O'Neal and A. Donohoe, of Dan
ville, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. H.
O'NeyL Ky. Citizen.
Death of Mr. W. A. Barnes
Mr. Wm Andrew Barnes of St
Johns, N. B. a brother of Dr. E. B.
Barnes of this city, died at his
home on last Monday morning at
10:30, after being ill about ten
days. News reached here the
morning after Dr. Barnes left for
Boston, telling of his sickness,
but his condition was not consid
ered serious at that time, however
he was taken worse and died be
fore Dr. Barnes reached his bed
side. The funeral services were
held on Wednesday at the home.
The deepest sympathy for Dr.
Barnes and the family in their be
reavement is felt.
Will Install a Cylinder .
We have bought a first-class
cylinder press and will install the
same about the first of August
This will enable us to do faster
and better work and more of it
We thank the people for their
very kind words of encourage
ment and patronage, and will re-
double our energies to give them
good paper and first-class job
Work. I
The Kentucky Utilities Com
pany Announce Free Elec
tric Fan Service to
Free electric fan service for the
benefit of the sick is offered to
the public this summer by the
Kentucky Utilities Company, ac
cording to Mr. Geo. Bogard, the
Local Manager. The offer the
Company makes in effect is that
electric fans and, where necessary,
the current to operate, will be
furnished without cost to persons
seriously ill who are unable to
pay for the service. The only
conditions are that the attending
physician must certify to the rea
sonable necessity for fan service,
and to the patient's inability to
afford it. The offer, of course,
applies where the sick room is
within reach of the Company's
"The reason for making condi
tions of any kind is for the ob
vious purpose of protecting the
free electric fan for the use of
those who really need it and can
not afford it," says Manager Bo
gard. "It is a public welfare
proposition and is evidence of the
general policy of our Company.
No hard and fast rules are in
forced regarding the free service,
our aim being to make it do as
much good as possible. During
the summer months there are al
ways cases where the use of an
electric fan greatly improves the
condition of the patient, and
sometimes represents the narrow
margin between life and death.
"This offer has been made and
received with approval and at
once utilized by the physicians in
other cities where our Company
operates." . 29-2t
Mr. Stiver, of this city, the effi
cent agent of the Metropolitan
Insurance Co., of New York, has
been promoted to a district agency
and Richmond will now be sepa
ratDistrict There are seven
other districts; in' this state.
This is highly complimentary
to our fellow citizen and is an
honor worthily bestowed. Rich
mond duly appreciates the honors
her citizens are winning for her.
Richmond Coal & Supply Co. wants to
(ill yotir cellar with Red Star Coal. Call
phone 110. 29-It.
.t. .- .'t.
' I ' 'I' j ' f lf I III 11 111 111 I I lf IJ,I
Girls and Young Ladies
Next Session Opens September 10th, 1913
I. It. CASSIOAY, rrfNidVi.t
Ti Tt Ti 1T1 T Ti T T
X" X" fX" X X "i X' 'X" X' "X X X "X'
I Oldham
Furniture and
I am going to buy Wheat again this season and
will appreciate it if my old friends will call to see
me before they ell. Will have sacks to furnish on
short notice. Respectfully,
Tea T. COV
We are authorized to announoe GREEN
CLAY as a candidate for the office of Rep
resentative of Madison County, subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce A. D.
MILLER at a candidate for the office of
Representative of Madison county, subject
to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce H. C
RICE as a candidate for the office of Judge
of the Madison County Court, subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce ELMER
DKATHERAGE a candidate for the office
ot Sheriff of Madison couny, subject to
the action of the Demodratlc party. ,
We are authorized to announce N. B.
JONES a candidate for the office of Sheriff
of Madison county, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce R. B.
TERRILL as a candidate for re-election to
the office of Clerk of the Madison County
Court, subject to the action of the Demo
cratic party.
We are authorized to announce P. S.
Whitlock. of Kirksville, a candidate for the
office of Assessor of Madison county, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce T. C.
VAUGHN as a candidate for Mayor of the
City of Richmond, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce W. L.
LEEDS as a candidate for Police Judge of
the City of Richmond, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce JOHN
NOLAN D as a candidate for the office of
Police Judge of the City of Richmond, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce J. D.
DYKES as a candidate for Police Jui'ye
of the City of Richmond. Ky., subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce DAVID
A. POWERS as a candidate for Chief of
Police of the City of Richmond, subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce JESSE
DYKES as a candidate for Chief of Police
of the City of Richmond, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce JOE T.
LONG as a candidate for re-election to the
office of Justice of the Peace of Kirksville
District No. 7, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce W. F.
FERRELLas a candidate for Constable of
Magisterial District No. 1, subject to the
action of the Democratic party. -
We are authorized to announce that The
MADISON IAN is a candidate for entry
into each home In Madison county, subject
to the approval of the Family. We stand
for the HOME CIRCLE first last and al
ways. $1.00 per year.
.t. .t.
111 If I IT I If I III 111 If I If! Ill IT I T"I
"X "X X "X "X "X X X X X X X X
& Lackey!
W.S.O. R.O.L.
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