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(Adjudged Insane
Miss Etha Williams who has
been a teacher of Madison county
for the last several years and who
has t been for the last several
months manifesting delusional in
sanity, was tried before Judge W.
R. Schackelford last Friday, be
fore a jury who adjudged her to
be insane. County. Attorney
Jackson looked after the interest
of the state and A. R. Bumam,
Jr., represented Miss Williams.
She has an estate valued at $4000.
Mr. J. D. Christopher was the
foreman of the jury.
Miss Williams is 'a daughter of
McGrath Williams who resides
about five miles from Richmond
on the Barnes Mill Pike. She is
an accomplished young lady and
much sympathy is felt for her as
well as her family for the great
misfortune, that has overtaken
them. Hope is held out that she
will be very speedily restored to
her health and full mental strength.
Moire Damage By Lightning
Near Burgin, Mr. Allen S. Ede
len had his stock barn struck by
lightning which set fire to it and
it was a total loss. There were
about forty horses in the barn all
of whi cry were saved except two.
Liberty King, valued at $1500, and
one - other gocfd roadster, were
burned. He also lost a lot of val
uable feed, harness, carts, etc. The
loss is estimated at $6000 partly
covered by insurance of $3650.
, oo
Remember when you come to town and
want seed that Covington, Thorpe & Co.
handle the best that can be bought and
will sell them worth the money. Come
and see us at 232 West Main street. 11-tf .COUnty, last week.
Mr. O. H. Roth who formerly
preached at the Pond Church and
Mt. Pleasant and who is how
Chancellor of Phillips University,
Oklahoma was married on Aug.
6th to Miss Ethel May Harris of
Illinois. Miss Harris was teach
er of music in the University.
Mr. Roth has many friends in
Madison County who will hear of
his marriage with interest
Hogs Killed
Last Thursday week the light
ning struck a large limb of a f lo
cust tree near the mouth of Paint
Lick, on the farm of Ashford J.
Wyley,'; There' is nothing pecul
iar about that, but on Friday morn
ing the neighbors were astonished
to find that the Jimb, instead ' of
wilting and dying as is the ' usual
effect of a stroke of lightning . on
growing timber, had given forth
a full and heavy locust blobm and
is still in bloom. This is vouched
for by T. M. Warren, of Edenton,
Ky., who rode to the place to see
it. This has attracted much at
tention in that locality, and many
hundreds of people 'have visited
the place. ; "
Mr. Warren also told lis a re
markable thing in reference to a
calf two months old. He says
that his uncle, Elisha Warren,
has a cow and calf which run to
gether in the field ' and although
this "calf is a vigorous, healthy
animal, it refuses to suck the cow
except when she is driven to , the
Lightning kill lei two Iarga hogs ; milk gap. The calf is not muz
for Mr. Dab Todd at Bybe this zled and no effort is made to keep
i it from sucking. Mr. Elisha War-
ren lives at n-aemon, ana Mr. 1.
M. Warren asks any one who
doubts the story to write to his
uncle Elisha for the facts.
The After Hours
I 1 w
MSB ran?
.qriipiiill nf It
u i m aim 1
- - j.
Senator Camden's Dinner
Church Notes
1 ' r
A protracted meeting will begin
at Speedwell Saturday night,
August 30tH. ; The pastor, Rev.
Winkler, will be assisted by Rev.
Z. Pall. y
- t ;
The International Missionary
Conventions of the Disciples of
Christ are to be held this year in
Toronto, beginning September
30th and ending October 6th. The
change in date has been made to
enable those who go to take ad
vantage of the excursion rates. '
Toronto is the second largest
city in the Dominion of Canada,
having a population of afcout 475,
000. Toronto is known all over
the world as a great convention
At the recent missionary meet
ing at WaynesvilIe,"Miss Belle
Bennett made an earnest plea for
the establishment of a farm for
negro boys and as a result of her
efforts $2,000 was given . on the
annuity plan by a Kentucky lady,
$1,000 by another, wTiile a gentle
man from Mississippi gave 500
acres of land, on which to estab
lish a school.
Miss Bennett is ever interested
in the uplift of mankind and this
is one of her most commendable
Jessamine News.
Mi KhoVi Death; ProtabiyjL. & N. Time Table
Due To Excitement
- : -
ANY concerns lose money every nisrht by hot attracting the
attention of the crowds on the streets in the evening. On
the other hand many other "concerns DrosDer because ther
employ the after hours' salesman Electric Light.
You can readily pick out these stores on the busiest thoroughfares
their show . windows pouring a brilliant flood of light upward, outward
and downward, thereby adding an attraction to the goods displayed not
obtainable in any other way. Few people can resist a glance at the
beautiful effect most people stop and admire it.
The proprietors of these big shops are well versed in all modern
methods which make for success in developing trade. They know that
the lavish use of electric light pays, and use .Edison Mazda Lamps to ob
tain it at a minimum cost.
Our Lamp Experts will gladly assist your artistic window dressers
in making, your store and shop wh- ws as attractive as the best in town-
Senator Camden, of Woodford
i County gave, a barbecue which
; perhaps was the largest one ever
; given, and unquestionably was
the largest one ever given in this
; State by. an individual. It was
; for the ostensible purpose of bring
: ing the farmers of the state to
gether to discuss better methods
of farming, but its real purpose
which we infer was to bring Sen-
! ator Camden forward in a politi
cal way. ! '
About three hundred good Mad
isonians availed themselves of
the ppportumty to attend, and
they are loud in their praises of
the delightful entertainment given
them by Senator Camden..- They
report that fully two .t thousand
automobiles were on hand and'
that people came from all over
the state by automobile and by
train. Over twenty thousand per
sons were in , attendance. , The
barbecue was line and- everybody
was in the best of humor and the
event will live long in the memory
of those so fortunate to attend.
A severe hail storm passed over
the Eastern part of Jessamine
county last week doing much dam
age to the growing tobacco crop.
It was preceded by a severe elec
trical storm, and Jerry Comley of
Pollard lost a piir of males val
ued at $400, Ruben Stinnett lost
a horse valued at $150, Nathan
Whittaker also lost a horse valued
at $100. All of these animals
were struck by lightning. The
storm was a severe one and much
damage vyas; done to " growing
crops by wind and lightning.- . .
A special dispatch sent out from
Carlisle, Saturday, contained the
following account of the death of
Miss Hazel Knox, of Paris, which
occured in Carlisle, Friday:
"Fright killed Miss Hazel Knox;
18, daughter of David Knox, of
Paris, Ky., Friday, when, while
out buggy-riding her horse became
unmanageable and tried to rtyi
- "The young woman was the
guest of her aunt and her relative
was in the vehicle when the acci
dent occurred. When the. horse
became frightened Miss Knox
tried to leap from the buggy.
Her aunt restrained her.
"A moment, later, while her
aunt's attention was diverted,
the girl leaped to the ground. In
the jump she . kept her footing
and started down the roadway.
Suddenly she toppled over and
expired. Physicians said a weakj
heart and the shock incident to
the mishap, caused death." Ex.
Would you like, to know about
the Black Belt, or the alfalfa
lands of Alabama? Land that
will grow five crops of alfalfa in
one year, where labor is cheap,
plentiful and satisfactory? The
winters are mild. The Land is
If interested write.
F. H. Jackson,
Demopolis, Ala.
Recently of Winchester, Ky.
Lightning Strikes House
; South Bound
No. 31 Cincinnati to Atlanta, arrives and
departs (midnight), 12:10 a. m.
No.. 71 Richmond to Stanford, departs
6:45 a.m.
No. 1 Louisville to Beattyville, arrives
12:10 p. m., departs 12:15 p. m.
No.' 37 Cincinnati to Knoxville, arrives
11:42 a. m., departs 12:12 p. m.
No. 33 Cincinnati to Jacksonville, arrives
and departs 1131 a. m.
No. 27 Richmond to Louisville via. Row
land, departs 1:00 p. m.
No. 3 Louisville to Beattyville, arrives
6:45 p. m., departs 735 p. m.
No. 9 Cincinnati and Maysville to Stan
ford, arrives 731, departs 735 p, m.
iNorth Bound
No. 34 Atlanta to Cincinnati, arrives and
departs 4:11 a. m.
No. 10 Stanford to Cincinnati and Mays
ville, arrives 6:20 a. m., departs
6:25 a. m.
No. 2 Beattyville to Louisville, arrives
7:15 a. m., departs 7:20 a. m.
No. 28 Louisville to Richmond via. Row
land, arrives 12.-05 p. m.
No. 38 Knoxville to Cincinnati, arrives
135 p. m., departs 2:00 p. m.
No. 70 Stanford to Richmond, arrives
230 p.m. ,
No. 4 Beattyville ) to Louisville, arrives
135 p. m., departs 1:40 p. m.
No. 32 Jacksonville to Cincinnati, arrives
and departs 5:07.
Nos. 31, 37, 33, 27, 34, 28, 38. 32 are
daily trains. .
Nos. 71, 1, 3 9, 10, 2, 70, 4, 'daily ex
cept Sunday.
Cut Flowers, Bulbs, and
Flowering Plants always on hand.
n-tf PHONE 188
The house of Mr. Jesse Jones, !
of Bybee, was struck by lightning, .
tearing the chimney off and run-;
ning down tore off three posts of i
the porch. No one was hurt.
Coal, Feed, Salt, Sand,
Lime, Cement
' . . .; a . ' . t . - . ; '
And All Kinds of Plaster Material
151 E. Main St
- A vlvIlUJ.lv JJ
Successor to Vaugh & VanDeveer .
e anj Fancy Groceries
Fresh and Cured Meats
Phone 614
Cor. Main ; and Collins Sts.
Victim of the California
One of the victims of the ill
fated "California" that went down
on its voyage to Alaska, was Mrs.
Dismuke who visited Miss Marie
Harber here, last summer. Her
home was in Los Angeles and
she and her husband were on their
bridal trip. ;
The. accident is most deeply de
plored. : ; "
Mr. Park, a Winner
;: - - '
In naming the prize winners at
the Lexington Fair, we omitted
the name of Mr. Walter Park.
On Single Comb Black Minor
cas, Mr. Park won second and
third on cocks, first,, second and
third on hens, first and third on
cockerels and third on pullets.
This is going some and we con
gratulate the lucky man.
Mr. Henry L. Perry 3
Mr. Henry L. Perry attended
the Rexall Druggists Convention
in Boston,Mass.r going with alarge
delegation of druggists from Cin
cinnati by special train.
The Rexall Co. "is one of the
largest manufacturers of drugs in
the .World and the entertaining of
their guests on this occasion was
most elaborated V ; ' j
New r School House
Mr. Jno. Rymel, of this cityl
has the contract to build a new
schoolhouse at SHlome in District
No. 5. It will tiave two . rooms
18x24, and the contract price is
$950. - -; ,
Fayette will have a fusion tick
et composed of Republicans Dem
ocrats and Progressives." The :
candidates named are as follows:
Percy J. Scott for County Judge; !
J. H.-Flood for County Attorney,
J. T. McDonald for Assessor; J. A
Eastin for Sheriff; T. L. Walker
for Clerk; W. T. Ballinger for
Jailer; J. W. Guyn for Surveyor;
Dr. D. Kiser f&r Coroner, and
Miss Lulu Keith for County Su
perintendent of Schools.
. oo
We guarantee quick delivery of every
thing you buy and will appreciate your
orders. If you have not tried ua give us
a call, 232 West" Main street, Richmond,
Ky. Covington, Thorpe & Co. . 11-tf
Still More Lightning j
A barn belonging to Grover D. j
Wright of Lincoln County, wasj
struck by lightning Tuesday after-
noon and was a total loss. The !
loss is about $700 with about $300 j
insurance A i
i.i.. I n kin
i 11
A Training
(School for Teachers
Conrae leadia; to Elementary.
Intmnediata and Lite State Or
tlftcate. Valid in all Puhlir
School of Kentackr. 3pe-na
Cotirsea and Eericw
Cooraes. Tnltion Free to A p.
Dointeas. T flDiendid dor-
Bltoriea, new model acbool, new manual training buildinic.
praotleeaohtnl, dfartmentofairrtoaHare, a well eqaipp.-d
Cmmaainm. DemMle Science. Flrt Terra betna 3ot
tenner , Seoood Terra Koremher IS. Third Term Jsnuarr
TT. Feorth Terra April I, Summer School opeaa Jane
Cataiagne Free. .
J. O. CRABBE, Prealden ,
v Field and Garden Seeds
Chicken Feeds and Grits
D. B. .'-MckityNEY
Two Phones 35 and 42 WEST MAIN ST.
Famous Single Comb Rhode Island Rtds
of the Red Velvet str iin. ; Eggs, $150 per
15; also Stock In season. . David Deather
age, 125 7th St, Richmond, Ky. , .-. 4-lyr
Exclusive Agency For
Bra m in
1 1 '
Exclusive Agency For
Rubber Goods
An Extraordinary Offer
50c For
Your Old Hot Water Bottle
Bring us your old Hot Water Bottle no matter what make or whether it leaks or not We
will allow you 50c for the old one in exchange fora "MAXIMUM' Hot Water Bottle that sells
regularly for $2.00. ;'.
This offer is made for the purpose of convincing you ofthe superiority of our guaranteed
"MAXIMUM" Rubber Goods.'
Guaranteed Hot Water Bottles
Is moulded all in one pieos. The
surface is beautifully embossed
with our exclusive maple leaf de
sign, jit is of full 2-quart capacity.'
Packed in handsome box, 1 Comes
in either rich chocolate ct deep
red color. Regular price
$2.00. In trade for your
old hot watefbottle,only
We are exclusive agents not only for "Maximum" hot wa
ter bottles, but also for "Monogram," "Moneyback," "Rox
bury,? "Am(irican Beauty," water bottles, syringes and
other rubber goods all guaranteed because all made from
RcaB Itiibbcp
Is of deep, beautiful chocolate
color, with black trimming. Has
the unlosable stopple with which
all Maximum bags are fitted, and
like them is guaranteed to give
satisfactory, service. Regular
price 3)1.50. in traae
for your old hot water
bottle, only '

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