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Tell us the news. We appreciate it and
its our pleasure to serve you. Phone
638, 659 or 791, or write us. Sign your
name to all news items;
Telephone your local news to
If your paper is not coming to
you please notify the Madisonian.
Talton Newby, living on Water
Street, lost a horse valued at $150
killed by a bolt of lightning.
Men may say "give us news,
give us news," but when there is
no news, we can't make it for you.
Start something; even a dog fight
will break the monotony.
Mrs. G. W. Evans had the mis
fortune to fall and break her arm
on Saturday while hanging a pic
ture. Her many friends regret
the accident and hope for her
speedy recovery.
, oo
Rivers Palmers of color who
stole a watch from Mrs. Jennie
Smith of color on. Irvine Street
Saturday, was tried before W. R.
Shackelford, got sixty days and
costs. Palmer is from Tennessee.
New News Gatherer
We have arranged with Mr. J.
L. Sowers, a veteran newspaper
man, of Nicholasville, to come
and look after our local work.
Mr. Sowers is gifted in this line
and is a fine news gatherer. He
is a genial, courteous gentleman.
We are much pleased that we
have secured his services and feel
mat we are now in a position to
push our work. Heretofore we
have been much handicapped
with double duties, to such an ex
tent that at times our work was
onerous for two men and entirely
too heavy for us. Now we feel
so relieved that we say with much
confidence that we will give you
one of the best papers ever pub
lished in Madison county. This
is our aim and we repeat our
words, "Tell us how we can im
prove it
A Severe Loss
Col. T. E. Baldwin was a heavy
loser in the recent electrical storm
which swept over this county last
Tuesday. The lightning struck a
bunch of fine cattle for him, killing
eleven of the number valued at
about $100.00 each. No insurance
was had on the stock.
There has been greater destruc
tion in the last few weeks by
storms in Madison county than
was ever known before. This is
attributed by some to the intense
hot weather and consequent vege
table decay.
Teirrible Crime
Harry Cambell was tried before
Judge Dykes on the charge of de
taining Mrsl W. B. Noe against
her will for improper purposes,
and he was held, over to await
the action of the grand jury in
the sum of $1000.00 which bond
he was unable to give and was
sent to jail ;
.Mrs. Noe is a daughter of Squire
Wm. H. Hendren and is a lady of
high standings Much excitement
A Chase
Sheriff McCord and Deputy
Bush went after Chas. Hoskins
wanted for seduction on the com -
plaint of Sam McQuenn and when
they located their man he slipped
out the back way andclimbed the
,.L , t Jk, uA
rims ana eiuueu Liitruuicci. v.
is still at large. -
On Charge of jrsom v
- -: v
Million charged with
lMimind thp hmicp nf Tones
lrt"" "f5 . " V ' 77 : "
in uibui; : " - '""'.r.vrj
Friday before Judge Shackelford.
We are looking tor new business and
want you to try us' when in need of good
goods . Covington. Thorpe & Co. . 11-tf .
Accepts thel Invitatioa of
Richmond : Lodge No.
25,F.& A.M.
The day opened auspiciously.
A bright, cheerful sun greeted the
city and at an early hour the citi
zens were stirring themselves.
People from everywhere began to
pour into the city and early in
the day it was seen that the , city
would be overflowing, with the
yeomanry of the County and her
beaux and belles
Promptly at the appointed hour,
the line of march was formed
and the grand procession of Ma
sons marcned to tne picnic
grounds under the guidance of
James Wagers and Allen Zaring,
Grand Marshalls. -
The address of welcome, was
delivered by Judge W. R. . Shack
elford and was responded to by
Judge A J. G. Wells. Gov. J. B.
McCreary was introduced and de
livered-a splendid address full of
reminiscence. He spoke most
feelingly of the departed brethren
by whose talents the lodge grew
and who had contributed to the
history of the city, county and
Preceding Gov. McCreary, Hon.
W. L. Crutcher delivered an ad
dress detailing his Masonic life.
It was replete with good ideas
and feeling expression.
Hon. David L. Jackson, Past
Grand Master, was introduced
and gave a very interesting talk
on the inner financial workings
of the Grand Lodge.
Then came the dinner hour and
a great feast had been prepared,
a feast such as good Madisonians
can and always do prepare.
After a brief recess the exer
cises were again taken up. Hon.
James Garnett, Attorney General,
made a very able address. Robt
R, Burnam was on for an address
but was unable to be present
His address which he had pre
pared, was read by Judge W. R.
Shackelford, and was a historical
account of the lodge and was a
very complete and interesting pa
per. James S. Saunders, of Stan
ford, was the final speaker and
acquitted himself with distinction.
Jim is one of the old C. U, boys
and is a hale fellow well met
Richmond Lodge No. 25 F. &
A M., received its dispensation
to organize a lodge in the city ' of
Richmond in 1812. On the 27th
day of August 1812 the Grand
Lodge of the State of Kentucky
entered this resolution, "Resolved
that a dispensation be issued for
ta lodge to De;held in the town of
Richmond, in the County of Mad
ison, to be known by the name of
Richmond Lodge, with Anthony
Rollins to be Master, Thomsis C.
Howard, Senior Warden' and
David C. Irvine, Junior Warden."
These three with six others con
stituted the membership of"- the
lodge under dispensation. . The
names of the other six are as fol
lows: James Parrish, Moses Q.
Ashby, Richard Holder, Thomas
Hanson, David Blackwell aud
Geo. C. Patrick.
Dr. Rollins was a native of
Pennsylvania, Thpmas Howard
of Virginia, and David C. Irvine
was a Virginian also. The lodge
grew, and eleven names were add
ed to the roll, among whom were
John Speed Smith, Chas. S. Todd,
Joseph Lees, Samuel Stone and
Richard Gentry. A hundred years
ago today the Grand Lodge-unanimously
passed a resolution
granting to Kicnmond Lodge a
charter, in which Thomas C. How
ard was named Master, D. C.
Irvine, Senior Warden and David t
Blackwell, Junior Warden,
;on the next dav Howard was in -
sta lied Master of the Richmond!
I A M OK l thor.rA 1 rvHrfo
and by the Grand Master.
y Jor many years the-lodge met
in tne oia r irsi rresDienan
Church; this church had two stor
ies and the lodge met in the sec
ond story. ' ;
In the period of 1830 and 1850
fho fnllnvuintf nrnminent names
m 1 i n 1 1 .A
lliv iwtiv "C - " Mr " -'"" - - i
were added to tne lodge ro us: j.
U -CKSrlcplfnrd.-Sarnue Wherritt
' ' " .
- Howard W lliams. William Hal
.loway - Thomas-Goodloe. David
" rT n Cfl,trt (r,irf U
i WCuiST
eld, Jr., A. b. Lyman, CUrtlS .
Burnam, Richmond Runyon and
James Lawrence.
In 1849 the record shows that
many members were lost by rea
son of death by cholera, and the
records also show many deeds of
charity by the members.
Thompson Burnam was Master
during the period of 1850and 1860.
In 1860 and 61, eleven candidates
were initiated. W. LCrutcherand
Judge Chas. H. Breck are the only
surviving members of that ancient
period. Judge Breck never took
a degree beyond the entered ap
prentice. , j . ';.' ,
This lodge has furnished , six
grand masters to-wit: J. Speed
Smith, Ed Turner, J. Speed Smith,
Jr., R. R. Burnam, Judge Daniel
Breck, and Wm. Holloway.
This lodge also would have had
two others. Mr. A H. Shirley
was Grand Senior Warden
when he moved out of the State
and Mr. Shearer was also a grand
Senior Warden when he either
moved from the State or died.
Each would have been Grand
Master in his turn.
This Lodge also has furnished
two grand commanders of the ;
Knights Templar, Hon. S. H.
Stone and R. R. Burnam.
The lodge now numbers one
hundred and twenty-six members
and is growing rapidly. It - has a
beautiful home which it owns in
conjunction with the Royal Arch
Lodge and the Knights Templar.
i onigni a grana reception
be given at the Hall to the
sons and their families..
Mrs. Stapp is visiting in Georgetown.
Miss Hallie Gott is visiting in Lawrence
burg. Miss Bessie Benton is the guest of Mrs.
G. W. Evans.
Mr. Edwin Powell has returned from
Mrs. Mary' O. Roark and family are at
Man treat, N. C.
Messrs. A. D. and C. D. Miller were in
Lexington Friday.
Miss Mary S. Miller
weeks in Cincinnati
is . spending two
Mrs. O. K. McCowan has been the guest
of Lexington friends.
Mr. Wm. 1 Wallace has returned - from
Crab Orchard Springs;
Miss Josephine Chenault leaves today
for a. visit to Shelbyville. ;
Mr. Ivan McDougle made a flying trip
to Nicholasville last week.
Prof, and Mrs. Koch have returned from
a visit to relatives in Illinois.
Prof, and Mrs. Johnson and son Vinson
have returned from Cynthia na."
Mrs. Rayburn has been the guest of Mr.
i and Mrs. Langford on High street .
Miss Dorothy Perry has returned from "a
visit to Lawrenceburg and Lexington.
Miss Nora Soper has returned to the
city after an absence of several weeks.
MisS Anne Bennett Cohn is the guest of
Miss Elizabeth Lyne in Nicholasville, Ky.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Evans- have moved
into the old Evans home on North Street
A i . . i - .
i'lias tOLiA 1'iunsey, wno is teacning ai
Panola, vi&ited fripnds in th Sti tht nact
week. v i - " '
. Mr. and Mrs. J. Cowin were made very
happy by the arrival of a baby girl last
week. -, - - . -
Mrs. H. ,M. Whittington has returned
from a trip to Chicago, St Louis and other
; Mrs. Fife is expected home ' this week
after a sojourn of a" month at Crab Orchard
Springs. "
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Maupin, of Moberly,
are rejoicing over the birth of a haudsome
daughter. . : -
Misses Grace and Mary Hammonds have
been the . guests of Misses . Anderson at
Stanford. t - :' . .
MrsHoward Neale is able to be -out
again after spending a week at the Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. D. Jones attended
the Camden barbecue in Woodford oh
- Mrs..Culton and" children "of Boonesville
are the guests of Rev. J.-N. Culton on
North Street. ' v ? ; '
Mr. and Mrs. Chenault Willis ' and; Mrs.
Land, of Nicholasville, attended the Jordan
Farley wedding. -
' Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Simmons of Jackson
ville, Florida, are visiting relatives in the
city and county. 4 .
Mr. and Mrs. Warfield Bennett are .the I .
happy parents of a little daughter who ar
rived on Thursday. :
Judge Jere A. Sullivan was among rthe
Madisonians who attended the Camden
. barbecue Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. i nos. Amoia, or ueuma,
! Monoa, are oeing accoraea a neany wei-
come by old friends.
. Mr. G. E. Liily has. returned from Estill
where he has been attending Circuit Court
for the past two weeks. - - r.: 1
, Prof. McDougle will hold teacher's in-
i stitutes in Cynthiana, Ashland and' Louisa
for the next two weeks. : . , .. . ,
' JMrs. J. M. Poyntz returned Saturday
from Lake Chautauqua where she has
pu .uu
Mr. Marshall Collins left
Monday for
Philadelphia after a visit of several weeks
to M r. and Mrs. J. S. Coll ins. " .
Miss Ray Bell Million,'of Richmond, and
Miss Ethel Wharton, of Valley View,' are
spending a week with Mrs. T. J. Million at
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Snyder motored ' to
Richmond Sunday and were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Chenault v .
Miss Kathleen Poyntz returned to Rich
mond Thursday after a visit of three weeks
to Mrs.. Reynolds in Mt Sterling.
Editor E. C. Walton left on Friday for
his new home in Orlando, Fla. The good
wishes of The Madisonian follow him.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen and daughter, Miss
Martha, and Mr. Allen Zaring and mother
attended the Camden barbecue in Ver
sailles. . ' , ..
Miss Mary Wagers has been the guest
of Miss Jessie Crutcher of Nicholasville.
On Monday evening a party was given in '
her honor. .
Mrs. ' D. E. Flora left Monday for Chicago.
She was accompanied by Mrs. Mary B.
Hicks. They will also visit Indianapolis
and Cincinnati. - v
Mr. N. B. Deatherage went to Carlsbad
Springs and after spending several days ac
companied Mrs. Deatherage to this city
Saturday night . . .
Miss. Gladys Hyden, who has been sick
with typhoid fever for the last six weeks
at the home of her father in Burnamwood,
is now convalescing. :
Judge W. R. Shackelford, R. B. Terrill
and Hon. L. B. Herrington were among
the number who attended the barbecue at
Versailles, Wednesday. '
Mr. D. CMcBryde who has been the
guest of Mrs. M.- J. Wilmore for the past
lwo weeKS ,eix on 1 nursaay Ior nis noine
in Fredericksburg, Virginia
We are glad to state that Mr. C S.Cotton
who suffered a broken leg just below the
knee, is doing nicely, and his many friends
hope to see him out soon. ' '
Mrs. Abe Kohn, of Kansas City, Dr. and
Mrs. P. G. Smoot and Mrs. B. G. Smoot,
of Maysville,. have been the guests of Dr.
; and Mrs. Charles E. Smoot
I Mrc I P
J. Hale Dean were among the party who
went from Richmond to Versailles on
Wednesday to the barbecue.
Mrs. J. H. Toy and little daughter, who
have been the guests of Mrs. G. G. Corzel
ius for several weeks, returned to her
home in-Indianapolis Monday.
Dr. E. H. Elfis of the Richmond Drug
Co. attended the National Association of
Retail Druggists in-Cincinnati and the
Convention of Elks at Covington.
Mr, and Mrs. Joe Shearer left last, week
to make their home in Frankfort. Their
many friends in Richmond regret to see
them leave and the good wishes of all fol
low them. 0
Mrs. f. G. Ballard and Miss Lucy Lee
Walton attended the Fair dance at Stan
ford Friday. Miss Walton will spend sev
eral days with Miss Lyles Cooper before
going South. -
Mrs. Lelia Harris leaves for Mt SterUrrg
Saturday, where she will teach the coming4
year. Miss Harris' many friends regret to
see her leave Richmond and the school
where she has so ably tilled her place for
several years. , '
Messrs. W. W. Burnside and family and j
W. W. Broaddus and family left last'Tues
day for Newelton, La., to reside It is with
deep regret their friends see them depart ,
but wish them happiness and continued
prosperity in their new home.
' Miss Elizabeth Lyne entertained inform-,
ally Saturday night for Miss Anne Bennett :
Cohen, of Richmond, and her guest . Miss
Jones, from Miss., and Mr. Merritt Powell, j
I ot Kicnmond. 1 here were about twenty
guests present Jessamine Journal
Dr. E. E. Edwards, of College Hill, was
here Thursday.. Mr. Price Tudor of
Richmond, is visiting relatives in this city.
,Mr. Chas. H. Park, of Madison coun- i
ty, is here mingling with old friends. !
Mr. Ed Blanton, of the Blantbn Lumber
Co., Richmond, was here on business yes
terday.:.. IMr. ! George Taylor, of Rich
mond, visited his sister, Mrs. J. R. White,
last Friday till Monday,.... Miss Mvtris
Tudor and Miss Haithman, of-Madison
county, are the guests of Mrs. J. B. Ash-
craft. Misses Lucile and Lillian Broad- i
dus.-of Richmond, have been the guests of
their uncle, Mr. A D. Powell. ....Mn and !
; Mrs. Merrit Montgomery, of Richmond,
i are visiting the latters ' parents,- Mr.." and
t Mrs. D. P. Chaney.-.Word comes from
! Mrs, Lou L. Jackson, who is undergoing .
i treatment at the . High Oaks Innrmaay,
Lexington, that she is improving ' rapidly.
Estill Tribune. ' - . . !
. ; . -oo
. Mr. Talbott JTodd entertained with
danee on Friday evening from 8 to 12.
Mrs. J. Hale Dean will give a Jinen
shower tomorrow morning in honor of the
bride-elect Miss Gladys Perry.
Mrs. W. H. Miller entertained on Satur
day evening in honor of Miss Anne Bogie
Who has just returned from Rockcastle
where she has been teaching. - : r
! Miss Elath Buchanan and visitors, Miss
es' Head and Scott, are among the mem
bers, of a camping . party at -Clay's Ferry,
chaperoned by Mrs. J. S. Collins. ; i "x
Miss Martha Allen entertained a few
friends with a watermelon' feast on Satur
day afternoon at her home on Lancaster
Ave. Croquet and other games were ' en
joyed ctnd the hours passed most happily.
Misses" Callie Miller and ; Elizabeth
Shacklford gave a dance on Tuesday eve
ning to their visitors, Misses McCreary of
Chicago, 111, and Miss Catherine Reid of
Danvite. "A most delightful evening . was
spent-jr - - - . ' v "
Mrs. J. Hale Deari entertained at Bridge
Tuesday evening at half after tws; in hon- j
or of Miss 'Hannah Dean of Owensboro. !
A number of outside guests were invited j
and at the conclusion of the games, a
course luncheon was served. The first
prize was won by Miss Helen Bennett, the
second by Miss Minnie Wagers.
Mrs. Geo. Phelps entertained at her
beautiful country home with a house party
from Monday till Friday, the following
young ladies: Misses Mary Catherine and
Julia White, Sarah Goodloe Benton, Madge
Burnam, Marianne Collins, Mary D. Pick
els,. Jane D. Stockton, Gladys Perry, Alma
Rice, Mary Barrett and Margaretta Smith
and Mrs. Colter.
Miss Frankie James and Mr. Allen Doug
las both of this city were married on Satur
day afternoon at half after four by Dr. E.
Our Sale is over, but there are
Great Bargains for you yet, in
Low Shoes, Straw Hats, Shirts
Don't overlook that 25 and 50c Counter of
broken lots consisting of Ladies' Slippers
and Shoes. Our Fall shoes and furnishings
are coming in every day now, so we will be
able to" supply your early needs in the NEW
fall footwear. Come and see us before buying
Circus Day in Richmond
We Positively Give a
Other Advertised Shows of This Nature Positively Do
Not Parade At All. -
- J
' II Vi S S 1, 'Jiiiy-IJIilMlUlK) Z!T
S o m et rt i ng ; D i f f e re n t ;
That's what you want when you have your residence painted, pa
pered or decorated. When you employ me to do your work, you
will get just what you: want, as I use nothing but thet very best
White Lead, Linseed Oil and pure Tinting Colors, and . mix
all colors for you right; on the job; so you can see exactly what
you "are getting for your money. I also carry a full line of Wall
Papers and will submit samples to you at your home. ' I guaran
tee, all my work to. be j first-class. Estimates furnished free of
charge. Prices on all work reasonable. v "f
Phone No. 685 'Vj
(County and City fnefioiiifl i
B. Barnes at the home of the bride on
The only attendants were Miss Elizabeth
Miller and Miss May Jones, while Miss
Mary Lee Douglas played the wedding
march. Immediately after the' ceremony
the young couple left on the five o'clock
train for Cincinnati The bride wore a be
coming tailored suit of blue with hat to
match and carried a bouquet of bride's
On their return to this city Mr. and Mrs.
Douglas will spend a short time with their
parents before going to house-keeping on
Breck Avenue.
Miss James is one of Richmond's pret
tiest girls while Mr. Douglas is an enter
prising young business man being in the
employ of the L. & N.
With their many friends we tender con
gratulations and best wishes.
Lam a ua Las Ls Lasf
We .Still Have Many Bargains wft
- ' i " I

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