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Tell us the news. We. appreciate it and
its our pleasure to serve you. Phone
638, 659 or 791, or write us. Sign your
name to all news items.
12,000 Programs Off the!
Madisonian Job Presses.
Telephone your local news to
791 J. L. Sowers, Local Editor
Never too
busy to listen
item. Call us.
to a news
Corn cutting is in
many sections.
progress in
Try our job printing department
for particular printing.
If your paper is not coming . to
you please notify the Madisonian.
Madisonian ' job printing
department, which is second to
none, has printed 12,000 programs
for Richmond's two popular play
houses, the Opera House and the
Alhambra. The programs carry
the advertisements of a number
of Richmond's most up-to-date
business firms and the neat ty
pographical effect of the programs
is being praised by the advertisers
and the public
Advertising has a two-fold pur
pose, first to attract attention, ,
. . . ...
second to. convince tne prospec
tive purchaser. Advertising is a
selling force which creates and
directs demand. The firms ad Mrs. Howard Neale entertained with a
VPrtisind nn the nrntframs turned tea on Tuesday afternoon in honor of Mrs.
out, recognize the fact that the
public is sensitive that is, it goes .
a 1 a I I
wnere It IS invited and Stays only Miss Helen Bennett entertained two
Telephone all social news to 638.
Anna D. Lilly, Social Editor
Miss Jamie Caperton entertained a few
friends very delightfully at. Blair Park on
Thursday evening. "
Contractors are erecting a dwell
ing for Mrs.' Ellis on North 2nd
Frank Jennings and Mrs. Jno.
Washington City.
Gibson of
the Glyndon
purchased an
Ed. Cornelison,
Hotel barber, has
OO f
The eight room dwelling of
Ben Hurst on Broadway is near
ing completion.
The Baptist protracted meeting
at Forest Hill closed last week
with 17 additions.
where it is well treated. The
firms advertising on the program
will treat you well.
The Madisonian Job printing
department is prepared to do any
and all kinds of printing. Let us
tables at Bridge on Monday afternoon.
The affair was informal but thoroughly en
joyed as her entertainments always are.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy White entertained the
teachers of the Christian Church on last
Tuesday evening and the meeting proved
j figure With yOU On that next job one of the most interesting of the year.
if you want high Class Stationery. , A very tine talk was given oy inrs.
Isimmons, a gooa anenadnte wu un uauu
and at the conclusion of the program the
guests were regaled with peach cream and
black and angels-food cakes.
Mr. Wides let the contract for
building a husiness house on EastH
Main street to V. W, Hardin.
The cool weather is delightful
to the little ones attending school.
They feel more like studying.
Cool Nights "Greening
. Tobacco
V. W. Hardin, living near Red
House, says the cool weather of
the last few days has "greened"
his growing tobacco as much as a
good rain would. Before the
cool nights his tobacco was firing
in the field, now he believes that
Miss Marian Keene entertained at six
o'clock dinner on Wednesday - evening in
honor of Miss Elizabeth Malloyl
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Cornelison of Jack
sonville Florida who have been the guests
of Mrs. Lizzie Cornelison, were tendered a
beautiful reception on Thursday afternoon.
Miss Jane D. Stockton entertained the
Young Ladies Bridge Club on Tuesday
afternoon most charmingly. The trophy
was won by Miss Mollie Fife who played
for Miss Catherine White. . .
iting her sister Mrs. Wm. Sebastian. 1...
Misses Mamie and Jennie Dickerson of
Richmond are guests of Miss Minnie
Brown -Harold B. Ray, teacher in the
High School in Richmond has been visit
ing Mrs. W. T. West Lancaster . Recbrc
Miss Hazel Breeding has returned to
Richmond and will make her home with
Miss Lucy Brandenburg, while attending
school at Madison Institute.
Drs. Bosley and Zinke who attended the
State Medical Association at Bowling
Green, have returned to this city.' About
400 physicians and surgeons" were present
Mrs. Walkers Hisle and Mrs. Jno. Don
aldson left on Monday for Shelbyville
where they will make their home. Miss
Zelia Rice will stay with them and attend
school. -
Miss Grace Lillv was a passing guest of
Miss Elizabeth Stears, Monday, enroute to
her new home in Nashville, Tenn. Jessa
mine News. v
Editor and attorney G. E. Lilly, of this
city, is an uncle of Miss Grace Lilly.
Mr. and Mrs. Watts have returned to
Nicholasville after a pleasant visit to Mr.
and Mrs. McCuddy of Clays Ferry. Mr.
Watts is connected with the Citizens Bank
of Nicholasville as bookkeeper.
City Attorney, Dan Chenault of Rich
mond, was in this city Monday enroute to ,
his home from Montgomery county. Mr.
Chenault was elected at the last primary
by a big majority, defeated one of the
most popular young attorneys in the coun
ty, Murray Smith. Mr. Walker Hamp
ton, teller at the Winchester Bank, is tak
ing a rest this week from his duties and
will spend most of it at his old home in
Madison county. Winchester Democrat
Pipe Organ Installed
The new $4000 pipe organ
bought by the Christian church is
being installed. The organ is
from Hook & Haskings of Chica
go. An expert from the factory
is installing the instrument A
large electric motor will be used
to operate the organ.
Red Cedar Shingles. Blanton Lumber
Co. Phone 425. 16-tf
Misses Ellen Miller and Madrue Farris,
joined a party of friends at Silver . Creek
last Monday and motored to High Bridge
and took in all of the surrounding towns.
Returning by way of Lexington the parry
reached Silver Creek about eleven o'clock
having spent a most delightful day.
Messrs. William Collins and Merritt
Powell gave a dance at the Rink, Friday
evening which was in the narture of a
"farewell'' as many of the - young people
leave the city this week for their schools
in different points. .
A large number of out of town guests
were present and with good music, good
Remember the concert at the
First Christian Church, Tuesday,
the 16th. Price only 25 cents.
if the Weather remains COOl his company, and good things to eat tne nours
tobacco will be as good or better Psed ail too quickly.
than it would be if there should
fall heavy rains which would wash
off the gum which makes pounds
for the tobacco grower.
II II m 19 II
The announcement of the approaching
marriage of Miss Sarah Goodloe Benton,
daughter of Judge and Mrs. J. M. Benton,
of Winchester, to Mr. Willi Eattaille, of
Clark County, was made at a social func
tion given at the Judge's home in Win
chester, in honor of Miss Bonnie Gibbens.
The briderto-be is popular with a large
circle of friends throughout the central
part of the state and the ""announcement
came as a surprise to the legion of friends
of the family. The wedding wil 1 be solemn
jzjed next month.
Real Estate Agent J. R. Ferriel
sold for Mrs. Anderson Chenault
291 acres of land at $35 an acre-
W. C. Bennett sold 81 head of
export cattle that averaged 1413
pounds at 7 cents to Simon
Mr. Eugene Land has complet
ed additional improvments to his
property adjoining the govern
ment building.
Farmers' Union Meetings
Phone 638 or 791 for all personal items
Prof. Pullins has been in Clay County
on business.
f Prof. G. B. Smith is back from a trip to
the mountains.
Mrs. Howard Neale left on Thursday for
Martinsville, Indiana.
j Mrs. C. T. Grinstead of Irvine visited
friends here last week.
! Mr. and Mrs. Dan Breck are at home
Wm. M. Martin, A. M. address
ed the citizens at the courthouse
last Saturday afternoon t in the
interest of the Farmers' Union.
There are at present 28 lodges
of the Union in the county, the
latest, which was added, being or
ganized With ten members at after a visit to Maysville.
White Hall last Week. Some Of j Mr. John Boothe is teaching in Camp-
the most prominent farmers 4 ton, as Assistant Principal. ,
of that Section are enrolled aS' Mr. Brown Lee Yates has returned from
members. The work is making cnanestown, west Virginia.
Miss Anna Moore teacher of Expression
is again at Madison Institute.
Mrs. S. G. Zinke left this week for her
home in Leavenworth, Kansas.
rrmAnrman. the West Main: Mrs. Robt West of Irvine spent several
Sh-PPt nrrdiice; dealer savs the days in the city the past week.
Jupiter Pluvius, the god of rain i Drjce 0f chicken's is stationary j Mr-and Mrs.-R. L. Gentry have -gone to
has at last shed copius showers, with a dovvnwird tendency which ; Lexinston to make their'home.
relieving the drought and refresh- tfpnpraliv rulcc at this season Of ! Mrs Newton Combs left last week for
inrf thp hnrr? Hrv cJrnnnH ! T J , . New York to join her husband.
thf vpar mp s2v.s a mosi one-
third ot the eggs offered for sale
now are unfit for use.
Mr. William Moynahan is the
gwner of a freak-colored 4-weeks
od colt The colt is snow white
with brown ears.
great head-way in the county.
Chickens and Eggs
Wilson Bogie, of near Irvine,
was here Friday with a '.wagon
load of the biggest watermelons
seen in town this season.
The Kentucky State Fair, at
Louisville this -week, is attended
by big crowds. Many Richmond
ites are taking in the Fair. .
Alterations a speciality. I am
located on Second St near City
School. I am prepared to do
all kinds of sewing and alterations.
37-4t Mrs. Hallie Mansfield.
Frank. Benton of the Siloam
locality brought his 4-year- old
daughter who is afflicted w jth an
internal abscess, to the Gibson
Hospital last week to be treated.
Sells at Profit
Prof. Koch has resumed his work
Director of Music at E. K. S. N. S.
Miss Josephine Chenault has returned
from a visit to friends in Lancaster.
Miss Threlkeid of Nicholasville has been
the guest of Miss Anna Mae Walker.
Master James Farley, son of Mr. and
Ben F. Hurst who bought the
Old Li. oi IN. ireigiii Mdiiuii Mrs. Jno. Farley, is quite sick, with fever.
which he paid $200, has disposed Mrs John Gibson o Washington City,
Of it at a profit Of $175. Elmer ; is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Phelps.
Deatherage purchasing most Of j Miss Margaret Scanlon has -returned
the old lumber.
We keeD on hand always the best gro
ceries that money can buy and sell them
as cheap as the cheapest. Phone 72 and
144. Covington, Thorpe & Co. 11-tf
The Richmond Water & Light
Co.'s office rooms on East Main
Street are undergoing repairs.
When completed the front will
present a handsome appearance.
John R. Gibson has two of the
celebrated McKee Brothers Duroc
Jersey Boar pigs now ready for
service which he wishes to sell
They were pigged March 7. Phone
him 601 for nrice. 36-2t
mJI?l V.,V Xrv, -
Mrs. W.C Todd age about 38
years died suddenly at her .home
iriWirxhester the 10 inst. She was
before her marriage a Miss Hisle,
daughter of Wesley Hisle.. She
was an aunt of Mr. M. H. Wells
of this city. :: ;
Fall and Winter
.- Line of
Our aim is to please everybody and we
wifl be delighted if you will call on us when
in need of anything in our line, i Coving
ton, Thorpe & Co. ; ll tf
& how on display.
Call and
K. V. Schmidt
from Virginia, where she spent the summer.
Madame Piotrowski returned Saturday
morning after spending the summer abroad.
Mr. Logan Burnam is at Wentworth
; Millitavy College, Mo. for the coming year.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Rice are receiving con
gratulations on the arrival Of a little daugh
ter. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Taylor leave' to-day
for a visit to Richmond. Paris Demo
crat -:
Miss Mary Q. Covington will teach in
the Louisville graded schools the coming
year. " '
Mr. Cecil Simmons left yesterday for
Jacksonville Florida to enter Stetson University.
ed to Randolph-Macon to resume their
studies. '
Mrs. Will Simmons and Mr. and Mrs.
T. E. Arnold left Sunday for Jacksonville,
Florida. ' -
Miss Allie of Chicago, will have charge
of the Department of Music at Madison
Institute. "
Messrs. C. F. Chenault and Overton
Evans have been in Louisiana on a busi
ness trip. ' .
Mrs. J. R. Culbertson and children have
I returned to Richmond after a visit in
! Miss Bessie Tribble'sVfriends will be glad
to know of her improved condition at the
Miss Livingston, who has spent the sunr
in Massachusetts, has returned to
UIU t.
Richmond and resumed her work at Madi
" son Institute. r
Dr. McClymonds of Lexington came
over Tuesday to see Mrs. Cy Fox who has
been very ill.
Mrs. Dan Chenault reached home Satur
day night after a visit of several weeks
ML Sterling.
Mr. R. G. Engle has returned to Loui.e.
ville after a visit to his daughter, Mrs.
Mrs. E. U. Vance ot Lexington nas re
turned to her home after a visit to Mrs,
Cliax. Higgins.
Miss Florence Dix, of Lexington, has
charge of the Primary Department at Mad
ison Institute.
Miss Hattie Frazer of Lexington visited
friends in the city and attended the dance
Friday evening.
Mr. Joe Prewitt Chenault has returned
to the University of Virginia to continue
the study of law.
Mr. Sim Hamilton of Estill was in the
city one day last week enrollin; his son at
the Model Schosl.
Mr. Joel E. Arbuckle. son of Mr. M
Arbuckle, has returned to Lewisburg, Va.
to re-enter school. j
' Miss Van Greenleaf has charge of the
classes in German during the absence of
Madame Piotrowski.
Miss Hampton of Bardstown has return
ed to her home after, a visit to. Prof, and
Mrs. J. P. Culbertson.
Mr. and Mrs. Brutus Clay and Mr. Wm.
Marstellar have' returned irom . Michigan
where they spent the summer.
Mrs. Tempie Taylor Cunningham, of In
dependence, Kansas, is visiting her mother
Mrs. Mary F. Taylor at Waco.
Miss Nannie B. Myers has returned
from a trip to the Great Lakes and entered
the Normal Saturday morning.
' Messrs. Jno. White, Edwin Powell and
Thompson Burnam leave this' week for
Danville to enter Center College.
Messrs. Tom McCowan, Howard Neale
Thompson, William Collins and. Merritt
Powell are back at State University.
Eld. J. W. Prather, a former Richmond
citizen, now of Fayette county visited his
daughter, Mrs. S. F. Rock last Thursday;
Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell have returned
from their summer vacation and are with
Prof, and Mrs. Koch on Woodland Ave. .
Miss Elsie Sowers, of Lexington has
returned home after a pleasant isit to her
grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Sowers.
Miss Stella Hendren has been chosen to
fill the place in the Caldwell High School
made vacant by the . resignation of Miss
Gladys Perry. . . - ' -
Mrs. E. B. Barnes, and children
leave to-morrow for - Toronto, Canada r to
attend the Convention and will le ' absent
several weeks. : ..- . ' M v.-'V
Mr. and Mrs. John Burrus, ot Athens,
Fayette county have returned heme after
a pleasant visit" to W. R. Haden and fam
ily near Hockaday.
Miss Jean Barron Hurst after ; spending
the summer in the North, has returned,
and resumed her position asteacher of Ex
pression at the Normal. - .
Mrs. George White and son George left
Saturday morning for Nashville, Tennessee.
The former has a fine position tn one of
the colleges, at that place. v r
Misses Katheryne Hamm and Eunice
Prather were in Richmond the fiist of the
week visiting friends and. relatives.--..
Miss Bessie PratiMar. is in Richmond vis-
Afternoon and Evening
Richmond Baseball Park
1 f 1 . .1 a 1 a Si
in 1 11 jiu.jAuir.LLL 3 if x u , 11 a- at i i
ton mwiay
1 w? u -Hmmmi
i Multitudinous Overwhelming Indescribable crush of Amazing Gymastic.
Acrobatic, Spectacular, Aerial and Equestrian SENSATIONS.
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