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Practical Christian!?
Dr. Quisenberry has an idea
(hat if Christianity is not practical,
it's worth very little. He believes
that the gospel appeals to body,
mind and soul. That the ministry
of the church is three fold, and
its mission is to minister to mans
every need. Many have caught
his spirit and are asking him to
point out those who may be in
ueed of help. The requests are so
numerous, that he has decided to
open the doors of his church for
the receipt of food, clothing
money and In fact any thing that
may be used to relieve the poor
and suffering. Many of the good
people in the country have ex
pressed a willingness to send
dressed turkeys, hens and chick
ens, meat etc One man has prom
ised to, send a whole pig. Dr.
Cuisenberry has asked the ladies
of his church and congregation to
help in this work. Donations of
toys will be gladly received. Any
clothing that may be altered will
be gladly made over and placed
where it will do most good. The
gifts of the people will be carefully
distributed regardless of class or
condition. Baskets and bundles
will be carefully made up and
delivered on Wednesday, Xmas
eve. If you want to help in this
work, call Dr. Quisenberry by
phone or write him saying what
you wish to do. If you know of a
case of need call his attention to
it He desires any one in want or
in trouble to come to him prompt
ly. If you wish to be really happy,
suppose you lend a hand in this
splendid work of love. Do it now.
P. S. All donations must be in
on Tuesday the twenty-third" Tell
Dr. Quisenberry right now what
he may expect from you. Drop
him a card, or call him on the
Wc make a specialty of telling nothing
but the best grades of Clover, Timothy,
Clean Blue Grass, Orchard Crass, Red
Feed and Seed Oats. Give us a calL
Phone 72 and 144. Covington, Thorpe &
Co. ntf
Telephone all social news to 638.
Anna f). Lilly, Social Editor
The usual Christmas german of the
Richmond Cotillion Club will be danced
December 26, at Masonic Temple, and will
be led by Mr. Edwin Stockton.
Mrs. Dan Chcnault entertained the
Married Ladies Bridge Club at one o'clock
luncheon on Saturday. The table was
especially pretty wiih centerpiece of carna
tions. An appetizing menu was served In
p. m
Miss Elizabeth Turley entertained very
delightfully on Saturday evening the Ger
man Club of the Normal School. The
programme was under the direction of
Madam Plotrowska and was very interest
ing. About ten young people were pres
ent and a most pleasant evening was
m n n
Mr. David H. Smith, of Berea, and Miss
Laura Murray of Kington, were united in
marriage at the home of the officiating
minister-Dr. H. N. Quisenberry, on Wood
land Ave. on December 4th, 1913. The
happy young people were attended by a
few near relatives and left at once for a
short wedding trip. Congratulations, and
all good wishes.
n m m
Mr. and Mrs. John Arnold entertained
the teachers of the Christian Church, on
Tuesday evening In their usual hospitable
way. The meeting was well attended and
was of much interest. Mrs. G. VV. Pickels
read a paper on the "Aim and Purpose of
the Sunday School,'' which was one of the
finest things yet heard at these meetings.
Mrs. Pickels Is an original thinker, and
her name on the programme is a guarantee
of quality.
at K
The Cecllian Club was entertained on
Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. ). H. Dean.
risandS. L. Midkiff during the Poultry
Miss Mary D. Pickets it slowly Improv-
Mrs. J. R. Pates was In Cincinnati the
week end.
Mrs. C. F. Higglnt has been quite sick
with tonsilitis.
Mrs. J. W. Smith and son, Harvey leave ;
for Louisville Saturday. 1
Col. H. B. Hanger returned to New !
York on Sunday evening. .
Mrs. Thos. Keen, of Irvine, was In town
shopping one day last week.
Mr r.ll T ........... ..:.n I I. ii l
The subject was Russian Composers, and j ,ne cy as
who gave Instrumental numbers were; ' Mr' Rober Mctrwry. o Chicago, has (
Mrs. S. J. McCaughey, Mrs. M. C. Kellogg. ! hB v,,l,ln ,riend " ,hi clv- I
Mrs. iloskinson and Miss Emma Watts.! Mis Anne May Walker is visiting!
Two Interesting papers were given by Mrs. ! Mend In Harrodsburg this week. !
J. R. Johnson and Miss Helen Bennett, 1 Dr. D. H. Scan Ion returned from Merid
and Mrs. T. D. Chenault contributed a Ian Mississippi, Wednesday night I
beautiful solo. j Pro(. j. M- Marini of li,,,,,,,,,, wai j
1 " . H the recent guest of Dr. Quisenberry. I
Miss Maude Wllsdn the daughter of Mrs. J. G, Crabbe. has returned from a
Mr. and Mrs. L. T.Wilson of this city was visit toiler brother in Delaware, Ohio.
marrieu io Mr. j. A. McDowell, ot Jackson
j Co. on Thursday evening, at seven o'clock
l at the home of Judge Rice. The ceremony j
I was performed by Rev. Tinder of Lancas
Miss Wilson is a grand daughter of the
late Capt. Jno. Wilson of the 8th Ky. In
fantry who was the hero of Lookout;
Mr. Jackson is a valued employee of the
L. and N. and has many friends. After a
short bridal trip the couple will return to;
Richmond to make their home.
The Club met last Saturday night with '
Mr. L. B. Herrington and sat down to a ;
bounteous feast. A lively discussion was
I enjoyed on the subject of uniting with an
other club of the town, but the pre ponder-1
ance of evidence showed that the Pranden
nial had a held of its own, and that it
would be difficult for it to amalgamate
wiin any oiner. inose present were
The friends of Marion Lilly will he glad
to learn that he is able to be out again.
Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Smoot and Mrs.T. H.
Pickels motored to lexington Wednesday.
Mr. J. Hale Dean left Thursday for
Klorida where he will spend several weeks.
Mr. William Walker, of Irvine, has been
the guest of relatives at White's Station.
Mr. and Mrs. George Ballew have been
visiting Miss Tommie Francis in Lancaster.
Mrs. R. E. Turley spent the past week
in Lexington the guest of Mrs. Riley Spears.
Miss Mayme Dickerson, of liryantsvllle,
Ky., has been visiting her mother in this
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Broaddus and Mrs.
Joe Chenault motored to Lexington Thurs
day. Misses Sudie and Sallie Lowens, of
Berea, were visitors in town one day last
is at home after a
relatives in Bloom-
Mr. Chas. Powell and Morris Wides are
spending the week with frienils in Jackson
Mrs. Everett Witt and son Neville, leave
to-morrow for Datona, Fla., to spend the
Miss Marie Harbor
M..,. li i.. -i- if ,. i ""7 Kiwaui nail lu
taum, i uney, narvey cnenauil, ington.
oenneit, weisenberg, Barnes, Lilly, Crabbe,
and Herrington.
It was also decided that this should be a
' club for relaxation, not lor agitation, per
spiration, or reformation, save as circum
stances should suggest. The aim is to he 1 winter.
I helping In any way, but no effort will be Rev. Dr. C. C. Morrison, of Chicago, is
made to assist congress in deciding what, is (nding a few days with Rev. K. B.
thu lui nr.li.-u 1-.. D . ' i BartM.
wiivci imiiic iiic t auaiiid
Canal or how soon a railway should be '
built to the moon. The next meeting will
be held with Mr. Cc and the sub)
will be, "What should be ou. duty U .'
unfortunate at the Christmas season.
For The Wife
The wife desires to give her husband the best of
everything. An Electric
Coffee Pot makes the
best possible coffee.
Miss Bessie Shugars is the guest of her
brother Mr. D. K. Shugars and family at
Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Taylor had as their
guests last week Mr. and Mrs. J. R. White,
of Irvine. i
Mrs. Nannie Chenault anH Mr Pnlhv
i We have received at this offite the P)ftf iN:s.its- were m Winchester last week
lowing beautifully engraved announcemerit:pnPP'ng- '
Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Rayburn I Mr.' Geo. Noland who has been sick the
announce the marriage of their daujjhterd pasl wek wi e appendicitis is much
Kentucky Utilities Co., Inc.
i to
1 Mr. Jeptha Jett
j on Wednesday, December the tenth
one thousand nine hundred and thirteen
Richmond Kentucky
M D-..l I- - .J . . . I. . V . I
ixayuuill I. a UdU.tlHer-OI 11 r. anil
Mrs. Henry Rayburn of this county, and
; is one of our most accomplished and at
tractive girls.
She was of the class of 1913 of Madison
Institute and graduated with high honors.
Mr. Jett is the youngest son of Mr. and
Mrs. Shelby Jett and is a young man of ster
ling qualities. The ceremony was perform
ed by Dr. E. B. Barnes at the home of Mr.
L. M. Scrivener in Burnamwood, in the
presence of the immediate family and a
few friends. Miss Elath Buchanan and
Mr. Spears Turley were the only attend
ants. After a short bridal trip the young
people will return to this county where
they will make their home.
With numberless friends, we offer cor
dial congratulations.
Mrs. Mort Robinson, of Danville, has
been the guest of Mrs. Terry Hagan for
several days.
Phone 63S or 791 for all personal items
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hill, of Stanford,
I I Mrs. J. S. Collins has returned from a
"isit to her daughter Mrs. Robert Burke in
Uoyle county.
Mrs. Mai Carter and little daughter
Agnes, were the guests ot relatives here
the past week.
Mr. E. R. Tate has returned from a visit
to his parents Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Tate, in
Monticello, Ky.
Mrs. W. S. Broaddus left Sunday for
Middlesboro, Ky., to be with her mother
who is very sick.
Judge Sullivan continues to improve.
and his friends hope to see him at home
in a short while.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Rhinehart, of
Cincinnati, have been the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Roy C. White.
Miss Bertha King, who I; a student at
the State Normal School, spent the week
end with home folks in Berea.
Mrs. Shirts, who has been the guest .of
Mrs. E. B. Barnes for several weeks left
Monday for Roanoke Virginia.
Mrs. Redwine, of Jackson, and Miss
Hurst of Camproq, have been the guests
ot Mrs. Marshall on Lancaster Ave.
I Rev. E. B. Barnes spent Tuesday In
Cincinnati at a board meeting of the
American Christian Missionary Society.
To The Tobacco Growers:
Sales Season of 1913-14 is Now On
Our daily average to date is better than 14 Cents
Having installed every known device to facilitate the handling of the tobacco
from the time it comes off the wagon until it goes oil the cars, we are better prepared
than ever to handle your crop.
Several of the largest buyers on this market will handle and prize their pur
chases at our plant. The fact is, it is much cheaper for these men to handle their to
bacco at the Madison Tobacco Warehouse because of the connection with the railroad,
aud our viaduct connecting the sales house with the prizing department does away with
any wagon haul. We guarantee to every grower the very best price. Thanking you for
your past patronage and soliciting same in the future, we are,
Madison Tobacco Warehouse Co.
1 1 were the tfuests of Mesdame Robert H.ir- Mrs. Calvin E. Galloway and little son
mm I D L' . . . I I . j
: i. tudKiier, were me ween eiiu guests
j of their aunt Mrs. J. P. Doty, at Lancaster.
Dr. Ellis has returned to his home in
Paris, after holding a very successful series
ui meetings m 111c rirst vuriMian murcn.
Mr. Geoffrey Morgan, who is now located
in Christian county, spent several days last
week with his family at Whites Station.
Dr. and Mrs. H. G. Sandlin and family
spent last Sunday with Mrs. Lewis Sandlin
sr., at Kingston, in honor of his 75 birthday.
Mrs. H. M. Rogers and daughter. Miss
Florence, of Petersburg Ind.. are the guests
ot Mrs. U. W. hvans and Miss Lurraleen
Smith this week.
Mr. Joe Shearer and little daughter.
Mary hlizaheth, who have been the guests
of Mrs. H. I. Bennett, have returned to
their home In Frankfort
Prof. J. R. Johnson attended the ban
quet at the Phoenix given by the foot ball
team of State University of which Jim
Park has been chosen President.
A. C. Coffev. of McKlnney, Mrs. S. 1.
Emnry, A. C. Hill, C. S. Lyons, Miss Susan
Fisher and other poultry fanciers of Lin
coln county, are taking in the poultry show
here this week.
Paul Hanger has recovered sufficiently
to be removed to his home. The many
fiiends of the family are delighted that he
made such rapid improvement and that
he Is on the way to a speedy recovery.
H. Douglas Green, of Red House, who
entered Wilbur Smith's Business College
September 1st, has finished the course and
has accepted a good position with Curry.
Tunis arid Norwood whole sale grocery in
Lexington. Mr. Green Is a bright young
man and w expect much of him hereafter.
The greatest Clothing
offering for the people of Richmond,
Madison county, and adjoining coun
ties, will commence at the great
Busy Bee
Cash Store
Saturday, November 8
and continue for 30 days, or until
our entire clothing stock has been
closed out.
Our stock of clothing was never
more, complete than now. Every
thing in the clothing department is
strictly up-to-date. All the new
weaves, styles and colorings in favor
this season comprise this big stock
of clothing Men's, Young Men's,
Boys' and Clrildren'a Clothing in-
endless variety.
We have decided to close out our clothing stock,
lock stock and barrel. We need the room for our
ladies' ready-to-wear department, which is growing
to such an extent that we are compelled to make
more room for it. So the clothing end of our busi
ness must go.
Everybody in this city and county who has pur
chased clothing from us can testify to the high grade
of clothing we sell. They can also tell you that our
prices are always cheaper than the same quality can
be had elsewhere. We have decided to give these
same low prices for 30 days, and in addition we pro
pose to give one-fourth the price off on every purchase
made in the clothing department during this time.
If you need an up-to-date fall and winter suit
for yourself or any of your family; if you need a first
class Overcoat for yourself or your boy, come and
look at this great stock of up-to-date clothing and
figure what you will save by getting
each clothing purchase.
Don't overlook this offer. Don't pay more for
clothing not as good. Money saved is money made.
This is a chance you don't often get, coming right at
the time you need the stuff, and right at the time
when they are all fresh and new.
Remember this great clothing
offering begins Saturday, November
8th, and closes in 30 days. Don't
forget! Come!

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