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4 'Aci ;, rM.'tt
lnursaay Arternoon, lviarcn 11,1 VZU
i t
Our Yards are full How's Your Coal
m,a lH)uryin
Phone 85
Yen Lose If Your Property
Burned Today?
The destruction of that $5,000 home you built a few years
ago would lose to you the original cost, plus another $5,000.
For it costs $10,0C0 now to build the :$5,000 home of 1914.
; Likewise the-loss of today of the business; property : that'
cost $50,000 before Germany went mad , would be $100,000
probably $100,000 would not replace it. .. ;; . - . ; ' : . .'; ;.:
rooke, Resident Agent
Richmond, Kentucky
Ala i
Our Duplex Sasic Phosphate Contains
45 Per Cesi ii:r.c And 18 Per Cent Phosphoric Acid
; deeded-by every foci of cultivated land .in Madison coun- -ty.
Wil! net EdidhJ disintegrate pr lose strengthi LJ Has no
bad'edcr. -W2 udep isx!efiniteiy.?i ' i -il W r.h'Ul;l iit Ai' I
ll will pay 203 per cent interest on your corn and1 '
?5 T
pats crop
ItjWiii per; cent interest on your;tohaceo:i
di,' $26.50 per ton
t cost of hauling.
We have cn Tisnd eny quantity you may need during the
season, at reie.Il prices; and will cteliver at coat -of hauling-; .1
1 10 cents rebcle cn bags retur.ned
IT Y - 3 O
; 'Car. Foacl lot
Phone Si
incorporated r-
Richmond. Ky.
Richmond Daily Register
S. 91. SAUFI.EV, Kditor and Proprietor
Entered at the postoffice In Rich
mond as second class mail matter
under Act of Congress of 1875.
Subscription Itntc
Per year by mail- ......... $3.00
Six months, by mail ; $2.00
Three months, by mail $1.00
One month by mail 50c
In city by carrier, per week 10c
Subscriptions are strictly cash-in-advance
'to all and paper wil be stopped
promptly when subscription lias expired.
Vanderbilt House Home
; Of League In London
(By Associated Press) -
London, March . 10 The pala
tial London house of W. K. Van
derbilt gave to his daughter, Con
suelo, as a wedding gift when she
became the Duchess of Marlbo
rough, has become the home of
the British branch of the League
of Nations. The English govern
ment has leased the mansion and
official, business' already, is being
transacted there-:; , : '
It is .understood that the Lea
gue -of Nations' officials and em
ployes arehaving troubles despite
the magnificence ' of -their sur
roundings. " Tb great and or
nate ball room, for example, while
much admired from an artistic
point of view, develops cyclonic
draughts which cause much dis
comfort to the unlucky officials
and clerks who are stationed in
In addition to this house; the
League of Nations has also taken
two other buildings in Piccadilly,
since they needed more accom
modations than the home of the
Duchess provided.
POTTS Gold Dust Flour makes
better bread.. Try and be con
vinced. Ask for it. 57 6
Let "Danderine" save your.
hair and double
" :- its beauty .. i--
Political Announcements
''The Daily Reprrster is authorized to
announce the following candidates for
ofllce subject to the action of the Dem
ocratic party: ,
For Consrexsi
RALPH GIRBERT. of Shelby County.
More than 4,000 fanners were ac
commodated with loans from the Fed
eral Farm Loan Board's funds during
the month of January. Their ag
gregate borrowings were above $15,
000,000. These loans were for long
periods and at interest rates much
below those charged by private lend
ers. Many thousands of fanners have
have been directly benefited by this
federal: loan plan; since !Jvs "inception,
and thousands , ni ore have reaped an
indirect' advantage through the reduc
tion ;?iiijiter$;t .j:ates i brought about
by-this -governmental-agency; Like the
Federal Reserve System, jthe farm
loan act.
A Real Picture Today .
What is perhaps the most awe
inspiring scenery ever recorded
by the 'motion picture : . camera is
seen in "Blind Husbands" the
Universal photodrama of the. Ty
rolean Alps,' which comes here to
day and tonight. ' , . ' ' '
The photodrama stars Eric
Stroheim, formerly of the Aus
trian army, in the role that will
add to the hatred aroused by his
part of the brutish Hun officer in
"The Heart of Humanity."
Stroheim depicts the role of
Lieut, von Steuben of the Aus
trian army. He goes to the fash
ionable Alpine resort to prey -on
all womankind. -
Through suave mock courtesy,
and strictest attention ' to : her
smallest : wants; he .breaks down
the barrier of her . reserve' : and
leads her-into, a "mild flirtation.
Failing to ruin . the' life br a
is Demoeiiitkc'ueo-isiatioh andit.
N eltolrcmnmeHH?. not" he pearly accomplish .his. Vile
threats to ipbal iM ourobseon Steuben diredts;iii3
... . .
4 Look At Tongue! Remove Poi-
sens From Stomach, Liver
And Bowels
e People
Some produce dealers advertise "We pay the
top price for poultry and eggs all the time,"
and others slate "Highest Drice naid for
Can't Fool th
siate . nignest Dnce Daid toi
:e, ' ana a good part of the time they
are several cents under 'my . prices and some
few times pay as much and as far as I have
been aisle to hnd out never any more. The
. people, know I pay just as I advertise "The
Top Frkc," that's why .L. T. Wilson'c pro
duce house is the busiest spot in Richmond.
. I -lead, others follow, when they can.
On Irvine Street
M 111
Accept Ga! if ornia Syrup of
Figs" only'- look - for the name
California v on- the package, then
you are sura your.child is having
the best .and most harfnless ; lax
ative or physic for he little 'stom
ach, liver and boweli. Diildren
love its delicious fruity 'taste.
Full directions for child's dese on
each bottle. Gives it without
Mother! You must say "Cali
fornia." It
Concrete work la all Its 'branches.
We neeurc our stone from (he ta
. moua Marble Creek quarry In Jes
samine county iVooe tieiier. - Let
. ns figure with you -on laylns your
"Cellars and foundations.
attention to - the., humble girls' of;
the 5 Alpine .village : and brandy
thein'simple souls. wth his, hot pas-;
sion.rT His downfall comes when
he launches his r puny strength
against the might ofrjthe. eternal
mountains. Supporting Stroheim
is ' the beautfulTFrancekai BillingT
ton. r y.i irv r. i:;-"- v j
j BROOKSTQTO ' 5 ' j,
Mr'and Mrs. G. H. Poland, Mrs.
Nathan Nolarid and children, Mrs'.
Maggie Noland spent last Tuesday
with Mr. Sam Baldwin.
Mr.. Elbridge Moberly spent last
Tuesday with Mr. Sani Baldwin and
Miss Hazel Shearer is in Winches
ter to have her tonsils removed and
is reported that she stood the opera
tion all right. '
Telephone 304
Rev. Charles Brevard has resigned
a spastor of the Presbyterian church
at Hopkinsville to accept a call to
Murf reesboro, Tenn.
, Clarence Nichols, of Mercer county
is convalescent from a severe attack
of ptomaine poisoning believed to
have been contracted in canned pork
and beans. r : '
At Middlesboro,- six children f our
of them ill with pneumonia, -wei-e or
phaned in the -death .of ; Jesse Burkes,
his wife having died: a few days be
fore. ' '
DON'T pay a big price for a
cheap piano when you can get
some of the best makes in Amer
ica at Green's Piano Store. We
will save you from $100 to $200
on the purchase of a piano. All
you have to do is to come and see
us. Green's Piano Store. 60 2
Oh, girls, such an abundance of
thick, heavy, invigorated hair;
a perfect mass of vavy, silky
hair, gloriously fluffy, bright and
so easy to manage.., . ;
' 'Just moisten a ' cloth with "a
little "Danderine" and carefully
draw it through' your hair, tak
ing one small strand, at a time;
this magically removes all . dirt,,
excess oil and grease, but your
hair is not left brittle, dry, stringy
or, .faded, but charmingly soft,
with glossy, golden gleams and
tenedr lights. The youthful
glints, tints-and color are again
in your hair.
"Danderine" is a tonic-beautN
fier. Besides doubling the beau
ty of the hair at once, it checks
dandruff and stops falling hair.
Get delightful Danderine for a
few cents at any drug or toilet
counter and use it as a dressing
and invigorator as told on bottle.
' j i 1 . - " ' .
!', ! ' ' ' '.' I' I . i ' . i .:' . - w
VjThe Fans News - rays :that . State
Game Commissioner' J, Quihcy Ward,
Vvtho has many friends here, is great
ly.' interested in the task of' stocking
the woods and streams of Kentucky
with fish and game of, all varieties,
and is devoting to this work a great
deal of energy and time in return for
which he gets very little, jn. the. way
of . material reward. lie delights 'in'it
for the love of the sport.' r'.' ' " '
Kentucky, in the opinion ' of" Mr.
Wardj needs 'a strong organization of
sportsmen to back up the laws which
have been' passed for the protection
of fish and game. He says Kentucky
is splendidly supplied with streams
and forests, and should, under proper
development, furnish rare sport for
the fisherman and the hunter. Deer
and wild turkeys, if given protection
for a few years, will multply in this
state and all over the Commonwealth
there are streams suited for the pro
pagation of the small-mouth black
bass, "inch for inch, the gamest fish
that swims." It is likely that an ef
fort will be made this year to organ
ize a State Game and . Fish Associa
tion with branches in every county.
ONE cup of Rookwood Coffee
deserves another. You'll get the
second helping habit, once you try
Rookwood Coffee. Make a start
today. D. B. McKinney & Co. 59 6 j
I If., r
tions at Ko"ein "5 .1' ? "K7 dlreo
SlrllrfpF. Iin-.m.!... "mviui: bmm.
Maflis-on Drii? Co; B, L.
Mjdflelton. Stockton & Son
io75- oy nnnit .1 --i-r ...i. nhn villi
j.. ,. f .. u , : Louisville, Kentucky
-' r H -,
At Close jf Busmes, February 28, 1920 f jfi
r AUK- ..'V, ,?' ;n'vU;"-: M
Loans, discounts and acceptances of i- ' ;
other banks, less acceptances of other. " ,
banks sold $1 6,042,728.42T V
United' States Securities 2,700,528.55
Bonds (including Govern- ,. v
ments) held under repur- . lA '-
chase agreements $920,350.00 : r :k ?
Investment Bonds and State ; vv
Warrants 593,580.51
Customers' liability on account accept
ances and letters of credit
Federal Reserve Bank stock
Furniture and Fixtures
Due from Federal Reserve
Bank i $4,759,666.04
Cash due from banks and
U. S. Treasury .'. 1,595,794.92
.1,513,930.51 "
Capital stock
Surplus fund ..,...,...'...
Undivided profits '..!....'..
Tax fund
. . . ' 4S3,427.80
., ! , 60,906.73
... None ,
Bills payable I:
Acceptances executed- for. customers and:
letters of credit
- o I T- f
Bank Deposits $12,526,822.62
Other Deposits 10,193,891.29 22,720,713.91
: .
; -. . . ; : $27,062,057.21
' 359,403.77
"' s
Two essentials of a growing bank
Soundness Liquidity
The fundamental essential of a bank if of course its soundness.
Its usefulness in a community i measured, to a large extant, by its
liquidityi . ,t t , .,: if- ,'i ,-: t w,
A bank may be sound and yet its investments maybe of such character
as to render it of small service to 'the varied interests that can properly r
A eombination ,bf these pttme requisites is tha rocli fquhddttbn or Xti'i ; 1
bank of service, ' . ' T ' 1 ' ' ' i-
i m;
-t n
i r i f . i l
51 ti
' For Horses, Cattle, Sheep
and I logs. Contains Cop
peras for Worms, Sulphur
for the Blood, Saltpeter
for the Kidneys, Nux
Vomica,'aTonic,and Pure
Dairy Salt.. Used by Vet
erinarians 12 years. 'No
Dosing. Drop Brick in
feed-box. Ask yourdealer
for Blackman's or write
i s ' ,7 1. ff - v vf-5jSv -S, SftN0j ; v
- ':) -
The more ; one .'sees of Bert Lytell
in a comedydrama called "Easy to
Make Money" which comes to the
local theatres Friday the more he is
convinced that this handsome star's
popularity is well founded.
"Easy to.' Make Mjoney" is far and
away the best vehicle Mr. Lytell has
had for some time, and recalls once
more that screamingly funny story
"The Spender" in which he jumped
into sudden fame as a screen star.
. The story has to do with an ad
veturous young man who has a
weakness for speed and recklessness.
Betting is a hobby with. him, and the
idea of love never enters his head.
But ' hjs ' Dad ' steps fn' and' 'trieV o
check, bj downward ; sjidpu Ilore i.;
where Jimmy, the. adventurous young
man, conceives the idea of capitali
zing his tricky way of getting- into
jail. Between breaking speed law:-;
and disturbing the peace he ha; spent
a 'good deal of time in the cooler and
he decides to make seme easy money
out of his next visit before the judge.
He makes a bet with Dad that he will
not be arrested more- tha'ri "cftce dur
ing the year. The befa small for
tune. . Then he goes out -.ahd get ',
himself arrested and sentenced to a
year to insure the fortune.' ?
tf .George R. RicnarclsonS6, of Vogel,
spia '6f E. T. ,Rieharcison,L anl Mae
Johnson, 17, of Paint - lick, daughter
of W. S. Johnson.
At; Maysvillc, ; .the fine-' for being
drank on witch hazel has been increas
ed to: $11 by Judge Whitaker. : as a
step tward the rUiscouragemdnt Ibf its
growing corisumptioji . ther&
We are grinding' new
corn, il yea have any, to
sell or want to esclsange
lor meal, con?e to see us.
-7 Ah
Merrily We Roll Along
UoprriKbi, j lit McOlarg Kw(ppr IraCcaie
' ' ''''' '
-' FOR SALE Five extraxh"en.iey -array
ta rna.nl iris smriA. Y n rtx TXiiW. rti.o
with oil; call or conw and &e"ii3. -'Tins
price is Tisiii. i-aint icicle iarat;;,
Paint Lick, Ky. 59 C
Nice Farm For Safe
I have a farm or 120 acres for sale,
four miles from town in the best neigh
borhood on earth, adjoin irlsr T. 15.
Baldwin, R. L. Conlee, Sid Noland. John
Doty, and just between the Iilfi FOUR
Can you beat it? Just a Jittle4 rol linpr:
no swamps; can plow every vi'ivt. House
stock barn-, youns' orchard, -5f -acres in
younR clover. 40 acres in cwrn-Wst year
balance in grass. If not wild by the
15th will be off the market. Immediate
possession if sold now.
- Bcb' Walker, The "Auctldneer i
53 eod 4 t
Vr- -
T7 ltriM :
amfmmHmmm'mmi'l,m'mml'tmsmsmswitmsmswi j

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