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Thti rtrcimond Daily Register, Richmond Madison. County, , ' Monday Afternoon March 15,1 920
worth ?
hour ?
is the farmer's time
What is he worth an
Does he charge his bus-
iness the business of farming
with the value of the time he
givesvto it? And does he know
how much time he is giving to ex
ecutive work and productive labor
and how much to non-productive
labor? The farmer who is not
giving these things little thought
is not in the front rank of those
who are making of farming what
it really should be, a business on
a business basis.
The average gross income from
a farm of one hundred and fifty
acres will be something over $3,
000. and to rpoduce that income
7,000 or 8.000 hours of productive
labor are required. This makes
the average productive labor cost
about 40 cents an hour.
To make everyone of these 40
cent hours productive of its share
of profits, it is necessary to reduce
non-productive labor to" a mini
mum, and in farming as in manu
facturing, it has been found that
the best wav to do this is to use
labor-saving machinery. Thisprofit.
'Hcr6c-vork; of two .li ttle; hoys
James ;Cr;rter and--Arvi! Rntliff,
saved the Carter home ' in "fiath
cduhty f hen it 'caught fire .front a
flilef.wheTi; the grown': folks; ' were
axystv (rpv home. i; -The 'damage'
arhcunted'to several hundred dol
will tfifwwm
The Spreader with the heater on the axle
The low down Spreader with big drive wheels
The Spreader with roller bearings -
Come in and let us show you this wonderful machine.
The recollection of quality remains long after the price
is forgotten.
"The Keen Kutter Store"
Po r the Fami Sy Table
Since our last advertisement we have sold a good many
pounds of MIOLO and without exception it has satisfied
a want that is not satisfied by other inferior brands. In
fact many of our customers are glad that we insisted
that they try one.pound. , ,
Folks that have been using creamery butter noticed
that the aroma and flavor of MIOLO is equal to the very
highest priced creamery or country butter.
We guarantee satisfaction. Just try one pound.
Sewell 1-McKsmiey
By installing Delco-Light . you
have your own power plant, de
pendable electric service- Elec
tric lights will make your, home
cheery and bright. Electric power
will pump the water and in other
ways save you 'time and labor ev- r
ery day. '
Write for catalog .
Madfscn Electric & Plumbing Co.
Incorporated - -Phcne
433 -Richmond, Ky.
small electric light and power
plants now in use on many farmis
accomplish a lot of this labor sav
ing. Instead of spending hours
pumping- and carry water for the
stock and household olepsrspuos
modern, farm family has an elec
tric pumping system installed,
which keeps water at a pressure
of 50 pounds wherever it is need
ed in the houes or barns.' Grind
stones, fanning mills and. many
other light power appliances in
the barn which usejd fo 'require
the time of two men- are now
turned by electricity." In the
house the pumping? churning, sep
arating, sweeping, washing and
ironing are all done by electricity
relieving the farmer's wife of a
great part of the burdens which
have made her life a hard one
And of course electric light itself
makes the farm home a bright
and cheerful place to live.
Where electricity serves the
farm family we find the best of
living conditions, and we nnd too
that every member of that family
makes each hour of labor pay a
Mrs. Edgar A. Lee and son ar
rived from Casper, Wyo-, expect
i n g .to- ii n d . h e-r, lip sjba nd . , IjeJi e v ed
Her purse eotK-ainijjg all.herho'iiK
eyy vas stokmcm-thertraifl.'fiMo;
trace lias been found of her hus
band.' - - ;'Vr-;i-"
A little yellow brick house at
16 and 223
Main and Hanover streets in Lex-j
mgtpn,. which :ie.nry-. uay ; had
built for his coachman more than
a .century ago, is -being razed -to
make way " for : an apartment
house. -.
" Pendleton county boasts a 100
percent dog tax record, the sher
iff having prevailed upon 188 de
linquents to provide tags.
;' At CovingtonrVm. R. Payne,
50, submitted..to blood transfusion
for his . son, . Gilbert, . 23, former
marine, suffering, from anemia,
whose, weight has fallen to 80
pouhds.f 1 Other transfusions will
follow.'' : ' ' .; . .
:. Oliver Mann, of Taylor county,
has;a violin of German make, on
the; inside 'of 'which is a printed
label bearing date of 1752.
Blood poisoning resulting from
a carbuncle caused the death of R.
M. Rawlings, 66 at Flemingsburg,
Mary Hall, 11 ,' of the -Beaver
Creek Section, of Letcher county,
is in a serious condition from the
bite of a dog. .
Pershing Fornash, infant son of
Samuel. Fornash, of Pendleton
county, was the third child he lost
in one month and was the 14th of
his 24 children claimed by death
Announcement that naval re
servists must take a month's
training this summer will inter
rupt plans of a number of stu
dents who expected to sec.irc
work, for the vacation.
Walking from behind .a street
car at Ashland, in front of F. W.
Blair's automobile, Miss Alta
Bruce, 16, attempted to turn back
slipped and fell in such position
that the machine passed over her
without touching her- :
Mrs. Polly Ann McCauiey, of
Harrison county, at whose birth
day dinner 91 candles surmount
ed an enormous cake, is. able to
read without glasses, and appear
ed in as vigorous health as an- of
her 26 guests.
A nail which had been in J. II.
Williamson's knee for 17 mouths,
was located with the X-ray and
removed in an operation at a
ington hospital. He lives near
Millefsburg. J,.
: Chinese bandits have released
Dr. A.:L- Shelton, n'iissionarv who
graduated from the;Bible;College,
at Lexington', " Avhom they took
-.-,4..-' ' i-u2.ii "!,: t
captive. in Southern' China Janu-
arv 10th. h " 'i: -
. With the removMHof, a solitary
prisoner to the pftitehtiary, ,the
Woodford' cputy'jail becomes va
cant while- workhouse doors have
been, rusting on their -hinges, for
several months.
! Col.J. B. Thompson, jof Har-
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get
" at the Cause ancT Remove It -
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the sub
stitute fca: calomel, act gently on the
bowels and positively do the work.
People afflicted with bad breath find
quick relief through Dr. Edwards' Olive
Tablets. The pleasant, sugar-coated
tablets are taken for bad breath by
all who know them.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act gen
tly but firmly on the bowels and liver,
stimulating them to natural action,
clearing the blood and gently purifying
the entire system. They do that which,
dangerous calomel does without any
of the bad after effects.
All the benefits of nasty, sickening,
griping cathartics are', derived from
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets without
griping, pain or any disagreeable effects.
Dr. F. JM. Edwards discovered the
formula after seventeen years of prac
tice among patients afflicted with
bowel and liver complaint, with the
attendant bad breath.
Olive Tablets are purely a vegetable
compound mixed with olive oil; you
will know them by their olive color.
Take oiie-or two every night for a week
and note the effect. 10c and 25c
This is not Josh
Gents Suits Pressed 50c
Gents Suits Pressed
while you wait. . 75c
Gents Suits Tailor
Cleaned ............ .75c
Gents Suits Dry
Cleaned . .$1.50
Pressing while you wait a
' Specialty
Dixie Dry
Phone 7
Bob Walker, Geal Auctioneer
Sales held anywhere ;; and will sell
anything Veternity Work in all
of its branches : Its
VS"" twwi. ,1
-, ' ' f . . - ?-iiMm.
M ccitictacticn. ...
cuuc of economical cost.
i;i ns:n!T bec a i'. s o
ci:ur;n;c cf bect rccul.s.
T;c:.-.t:Ee they aro purs tn-.l
Calust ccr.tcLns only such
iijircIerits 3 have boon o
pr-ved cLicidly by io U.S.
You save tsken yott luy it
You seve when you use it
rodsburg, secured permission in
Washington to export 10,000 bar
rels of whisky in local warehouse
to be used for medicinal purpos
es abroad. . . ...
M. G,.-,Weisiger will, have the
Clemens hotel at Danville, - re
modeled for a modern apartment
,hou,sc this -spring-, provisions be
ing made for 12 families in plans-
Five men are under arrest at
shland, charged with bieing
members of a band who have
looted freight cars on the C. & Q.
railroad breaking . seals arkl
throwing out goods as the trains
were in motion-- '
) A new automobile belonging to
the: Ret. J. L. Gorey was stolen
froui a garagciat the Church qf
the Immaculate Conception at
Newport;::. - ' t
The following counties: have been
allotted to the federal court which
will be held in Lexington as a new
division: Fayette, Clark, Bourbon,
Bath, " McCreary, ' Menifee, Mont
gomery, Pulaski and Wayne.
Rev. Ben D. Clark, 77, who died of
infirmities at the home of a son in
Webster county, had been a minister
of the Primitive Baptist denomina
tion N in this section for 40 years.
At Paducah, the Marshall farm
bureau has received ' a telegram from
the buying agent of the Italian gov
ernment denying the published re
port that his .country would discon
tinue buying1 American tobacco.
Winchester dealers claim that coal
destined to relieve the famine -there
has been diverted for use of 4 railroads.
The" Associated Charities ; there de
clares that lack of coal has aggrav
ated epidemic conditions. -
'At Louisville and Paducah capital
ists' bought the two moving theatres
at Mayfield for ,$53,000; and they .will
be in the First National Exhibititors
circuit. .
" A car in which a cadet . at Millers-
.burg Military Institute ill with scarlet
fever was being brought to his home
in Shelby county collided with anoth
er automobile - and Miss . Price, - his
I nurse: sustained a broken arm. He
I , . . . . .. . -
escaped injury. .
At-Pikesville, ' a boast to - another
prisoner led & ;proceedings against
W. S. Taylor, (KD.
Graduate of- Needles In-,
stitute of Optometry.
Eyes tested and glass e
accuratelyp fitted, -
We da repair work. .
' - Office in Dude Inn Bids.
Home Phone 700
'..-. . , . t'-w.':
.uto-Hemlc Tkmm mmti VmI
OfA Vim- UaJa , .
System Badly Weakened As Re
sult Vola-Tonic Gave Her
- Men and women who had influ
enza and experienced the weaken
ed,: run-down condition in which
the disease leaves the system, will
know how Mrs. G. M. Rutledge,
who lives at 1021 Windsor street,
Cincinnati, O., said she had influ
enza three times and was in a ser
iously weakened' condition as a
result. ,
"The three attacks of influenza
left, me badly weakened, and .run
down," Mrs. Rutledge said. "1
had severe headaches constantly,
and my nerves were out of order
also. " ; , '
"Vola-Tonic was recommended
to me so highly that I got a bottle
and started takins- it. Before I
had taken Vola-Tonic two days, !
noticed a change all over my sys
I could feel that I was sret-
ting stronger. .
"1 kept on taking -Vola-Tonic
and now I am much . better in a:
great many ways.
"I know Vola-Tonic is a good
medicine . and I'm, sure it would
prove very beneficial in' many
cases like mine if taken according
to directions." - '
Thousands of men and women
who had influenza are still s.ufFer-i
ing from the nagging," energy
sapping after-effects of the di
sease. They have been unable to
get back normal strength and
health- In many instances ailing
conditions of the stomach, liver or
kidneys are distinctly worse since
influenza came- -
Vola-Tonic, . "Builder of
Strength," is what many of these
men and women need. Vola-Tonic
invigorates the entire system and
builds up new strength and better
health. ' :
Vola - Tonic; r, "Buildqr : ;of
Strength," is being specially in
troduced in - Richmond at ' Rich
mond Drug Company. It
andy Starling, iiegro vagrant, who is.
suspectea 01 naving assaulted and
slain Mrs. Elsie Kreinburg at Cleve
land, O., in the fall of 1918.
In federal court all defendants ex
cept, the owner andi leas. of,, the, ,PusJ
missd in: the.; case of A.'Feldi'orie; cf
eleven.' killedf ivhen - the ' building col
lapsed. -&:ir
, At Dawson 'Springs, subcohtaets are
being 'let - for the 22 . federaV. hospital
buildings. Material (for- all ,structuren .Conservatory of Music and one of the
ave the- severe 'main rbuiklings vis; :tO;jTnost : popular : mezzo-soprano; concert
be salvaged irom anny cantopments ;
to be abandoned.' ";
Heroic work done by the Crab Or--
chard Boy Scouts during epidemic-
times in the vicinity, rendering as
sistance to stricken families who
could not get help, will endure in the
memory of many grateful people.
At Mt. Sterling, seven eases of Mc-
Brayer whisky were stolen from a
freight car in the C. & O. yards,
which was broken -into. The autori
ties are without a clue.
Four firms burned out by the $26,-
000 fire on Main street in, Paris will
be unable to resume business until
new. buildings are ready, ah available
store rooms being occupied.
Addressing the Mercer fiscal court,
N. L. Curry stated the Harrodsburg
Historical Society Avas working out
means to reconstruct the old pioneer
fort there, andto have Fort hill con
verted 1 into a park.
The following clipping from the
Boston paper will . be r-'iad with in
terest by relatives and friends of Miss
Elizabeth Burnam, the subject of this
Join our PreHsine Club
Four eentR ttultn snoneeil and prexx-
cil, $1 OO per month. Two ladies ttultx
sponged und pronged, $1.00 per month.
Dry Leaning ana ujeing
Satisfaction- Guaranteed.
Phone 301 ' Over Wentern Union
.'' 62 fr mo . V -
"' by .'J
is hoy running in r
- . " also y '-y-. -'
" mm 1 -
f " Copytfgjt 1910 The House of Kapoenhelmer . i 1 1
a e t i
winning appearance
Consider a man's clothes consider their mis
sion in the life of a man who is successful, or
what they mean to the man who wants to be suc
cessful. .
Clothes play a big part in the ball room, in bus
iness, in school, anywhere..
Consider the man in the picture in formal sur
roundings. The impression he makes, in' com
pany, depends very much on his clothes. Other
things count, of course but a man is judged,
first by appearance, because appearance speaks
before the man.
are intimately associated with successful Ameri
cans. Men of every age, of every type, of ev
ery personality, find in them the proper medium
to attain good clothes-appearance.
This store has Kuppenheimer good clothes for
:. : men; new Spring models; they're worth seeing
.. because they're worth wearing.
See the new Spring
window displays
D. Oldham & Go. I
The House of Kuppenheimer Clothes
sketch .having : been herl teacher at
the ..Kev; En Igland Conservatory' of
Iusjc,:;the past four years.
?' Signorii Carolina de Fabristis mem-
bef of the faculty of the New England
singers in this country, leaver; Boston
this week' tomake her home in At
lanta, Ga.
.Alexander Baron Holmes, husband
of the singer and sales manager of a
large mercantile concern, has just
been selected as manager of the com
pany's new Atlanta branch house,
hence the removal of the family to
The Itching and Sting
Seems Like the Skin Is on Fire.
There is a harassing discomfort
caused by Eczema that becomes
a torture. The itching is almost
unbearable; and the skin seems
on 1 fire with the burning irri
tation. A cure from local applica
tions of salves and ointments is im
possible," because such treatment
can only allay the pain temporar
ily. The disease can only be
reached by going: deep down 'jo its
source. - ; i
. On account of moving from Richmond I will offer our
home on 'Main street for sale; an 8 room house with bath,
electric lights, water and gas, and, a small room on porch; all
in good repair with lot 160 feet by 342 deep, with garage,
stable, corn crib, servant house, coal house, smoke house and
hen house with good concrete cellar. Young fruit trees and
good size building lot on each. side of house can be sold off
if desired. Everlasting stone wall in front ; front drive.
It is one of the best homes in the town. -,
. Can grow from $600 to $1,000 tobacco each year on place.
It will pay any one who is thinking of buying a home to
come look at this place -before buying. Can give possession
May 1st, and possibly earlier. -.
A!so a good five-room house on Big Hill avenue with halls
and porches and good stable - and shed for an auto; smoke
house and coal house, This place joins Judge Rice's proper
ty and will make a good home for some one, or a good investment-
It has gas in the house.
. ", -
Joining this property, have a small house with three
rooms and pantry, a good home or a" good investment. Prop
erty that's always rented , v . -, '
Will sell either or ; all of above property privately- Not
selling for a speculation but leaving the city.
Southern climes J.' It., is, the intention
of Signora de Fabritis to continue net
work as a concert singer and vocal
instructor in Atlanta. si'-
Italian by birth, American by mar
riage and Bostonian by adoption, the
singer is an exceptional musician and
linguist, v - vV
''I hate to leave Boston", said the
singer, but I had to chose between it
and my husband. I have enjoyed my
work at the Conservatory immensely.
I shall miss my work here and all my
Boston friends ' greatly, but am con
soled by hearing from everyone that
I shall enjoy Atlanta.
of; Blazing, Fiery Eczema
The source of Eczema is in the
blood, the disease being caused by
an infection which breaks out
through the skin. That is why the
most satisfactory treatment for all
so-called skin diseases is S. S. S.,
for this remedy so thoroughly
cleanses the blood that no impuri
ties can remain. Get a bottle to
day, and you will see results from
the right treatment. Write for
advice. Address Medical Director,
110 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga.

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