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Established 1865 55th Year No. 122
Richmond, Madison County, Kentucky Friday Afternoon, May 21 , 1920
Price Five Cents
- . ... .
Unusual Number Of Brilliant
Events are Booked For
The Final Work
While the official program has
not been completed, commence
ment week at the Eastern Ken
tucky State Normal School, be
ginning on Sunday, June 6, will
be a busy and brilliant one, since
it is believed that never before
has there been so many import
ant events crowded together for
presentation within this period of
time at school.
The opening of the weeks' fes
tivities will occur upon the above
date when Dr. M. B. Adams, of
Georgetown, will deliver the bac
calaureate address, Sunday even
ing at 8 o'clock. This will be
followed on Monday by class and
field day, which in itself will
prove a busy one and participated
in by many. Tuesday will be
elementary day and in the even
ing the commencement play will
be presented. The rehearsals for
this are now going on, and this
feature promises to be one of
the best yet presented. The cast
will be greater than usual and it
is said that the talent could
scarcely be improved upon.
On Wednesday, the interme
diates will come in for their in
ning, the certificate class meeting
being held during the day and the
graduation being the night fea
ture. The commencement exer
cises, it is understood- will be
elaborate to say the least.
On Thursday, the Seniors will
participate in the final chapel ex
ercises. On Thursday night, the
President's reception is another
feature not lacking in point of in
terest. On Friday will occur the Nor
mal School commencement, this
to be followed by the alumni ban
quet in the evening. This will
be a repetition of brilliant affairs,
and the program indicates that it
will prove a very fitting finale to
the season's work at the school.
It is already known that there
will be a large number of visitors
in Richmond during this week ot
festivities among the students,
the parents of many coming,
some from quite a distance to
witness the closing of the school
work upon the part of their rela
tives. Preparations are now be
ing made for provisions for many
who are seeking reservations
heie and there.
Fifteen new members added to the
American Legion at the meeting at
Kirksville Thursday night. Speeches
were made by Eugene Moynahan and
Joe P. Chcnault, of the drive cam
paign committee, and ail became
much interested.
Much interest is being taken in the
appearance here Saturday afternoon
of Col. Dan Morgan Smith, world
war hero, who. will speak to the
Legion meeting at 2 o'clock at the
courthouse. All are invited to hear
The boys who will wear the Legion
button as a result of the Kirksville
meeting are: John W. Smith, II. G.
Powell, W. F. Gilbert, Oscar T. New
by Dr. N. A. Baley, Franklin Hobbs,
Earl Roberts, Joe T. Whitlock, P. W.
Gregory, Montgomery Johnson, James
Hendricks, J. L. Whitlock, Chester
Stacy, Chester G. Mainous, and Ray
"For two years my stomacn
trouble was very bad, my doctor
had to inject morphine on several
occasions when I was stricken
with these attacks. Since tak
ing 4 bottles of Mayr's Wonder
Tul Remedy I have been entirely
well and am serving in the ar
tillery, having been pronounced
in perfect health by government
physicians." It is a simple, harm
less preparation that removes the
catarrhal mucus from the intesti
nal tract and allays the inflam
mation which , causes practically
all .stomach, liver and intestinal
ailments, including appendicitis.
One dose will convince or money
Sold by H. L. Perry & Son and
druggists everywhere. It
Generally fair, tonight and Sat
urday; little change in temperature.
Hopkinsville Population
(i5y Associated Press)
Washington. May 21 The
census of Hopkinsville, Ken
tucky, is 9,696, an increase of
270, or 2.9 per cent.
(By Associated Tress)
Chicago, May 21 With the
Democratic National Convention
a little more than a month away,
a canvass of the situation shows
that no one man has received as
many as a hundred pledged dele
gates, while the uninstructed del
egates thus far chosen number
587, with 242 to be elected.
Under Democratic rules, two-
thirds vote is required to nomin
ate, or 728 out of 1,092. Of those
candidates who have received
votes instructed for them .Attor
ney General Palmer leads with 76
Gov, Cox, of Ohio,'a close second,
with 74; and Gov. Edwards, Sen
ator Glass and Senator Owen
each have 20 odd votes.
(By Associated Tress)
Madrid- May 21 Martial law
nas been proclaimed Here as a re- J
suit of bread disturbances, ac
cording to a government state
ment today, noting pillaging of
shops arid deplorable situation as
part of a labor movement of Syn-
dacalist nature with revolution
ary tendencies.
Seven Men Arrested,
Search On For Warehouse
(By Associated Press)
Chicago, May 21 Federal pro
hibition officials today searched
for a warehouse believed to hold
a million dollar whisky supply ot
seven men arrested last night in
raids which, officials said, disclos
ed hundreds of alleged illegal
whisky sales. A large distillery
at Early Times, Ky., was involv
ed, officials said.
Bardstown, Ky., May 21 T. W.
Shunty, of this city, owner of the
Early Times distillery, today de
nied that the concern was involv
ed in the alleged illegal whisky
operations, and said one of the
arrested in Chicatro was acting
merel yas a broker last June. He
sold for him about six hundred
cases of whisky, according to
Shaunty. fie has sold no case
whisk- since prohibition became
The announcement of the opening
of the Strawberry Pickers' Camp for
bays at Bowling Green, is made in
bulletin received and the annual camp
at Bowling Green promises to be well
filled again this year.
The purpose of the camp is to pro
vide opportunity for boys to enjoy
the pleasures of camp under whole
some conditions and at the same time
to earn money by picking straw ber
ries. IBoys from 14 to 20 are eligible.
NOTICE There will be a
meeting of the stockholders of
the Madison National Bank Fri
day, June 11, 1920, for the pur
pose of voting on changing the
articles of incorporaiton relative
to the number of directors to be
elected annually.. By order of the
Board. Robt. R. Burnam, Cash
ier. 122 5
The Dexter Double Tub Wash
ing Machine saves time and la
ter. Let me say lhat again, saves
time and labor. Douglas & Sim
mons. 122-2t
Master commissioner of Madison
circuit court Robert Ten ill, an
nounces the sale of 30 acres of land
near Moberly property of the David
Todd heirs, to C. B. Willis, considera
tion, $81.55 per acre. -
James Hood, a farmer near Mid
dlesboro, shot and killed himself, us
ing a revolver of large calibre. The
cause is not known.
No trace of Albert Comely, 13, of
Lexington, who disappeared two
weeks ago, has been found.
Today is rat kiling day in Lex
ington, and the residents are putting hound dog. Reward for information
in their time seeking and extermi- fading to recovery, rhone" Jesse Hun
nating rodents. ter. 517 M. "122 eP
This is health week at the Normal
school, and va number of state of
health board officers who have been
in charge, have been working dili
gently in ar. eitort to instruct stu
dents upon points of vital interest re
garding their health.
Dr. J. I. Whittenburg, of Louisville
state board of health inspector has
sisted with the work. Miss Gladys
charge of a part of the work, the task
being divided, instructions being
given to male and female separately.
Miss Jessie Yancey, Louisville, state
director of modern health' who has
charge of one part of the program,
has been steadily at work, and said
Friday that her efforts . had been
greatly appreciated, she had been told
The work will close on Saturday. This
is the first time the officers from the
state health department have beer
here for this length of time and they
are pleased with the reception upon
the part of the faculty and students
at the Normal.
(By Associated Press)
Newport, Ky., May 21 Although
the charge ofbeing a deserter wa;:
preferred against him in the. navy,
John Sullivan, who lives in Newport,
has been awarded, posthumously, the
Distinguished Service Cross for ex
traordinary heroism.
When the United Slates entered
the war Sullivan entered
the navy:
Fearing that he would not be able U -
get into the fighting, he deserted l:i:
ship and enlisted in Company A 1
Ninth Machine Gun Battalion, under
the name of John Shannon. In hi:-
first battle he met death defend In? ;
his gun from a German attack.
was blown to pieces by a high
plosive shell. His father is J
livan. who will- receive the
T. Sul I
tvwwi-;l I
Congressman Rouse has tried to hav; I
the Navy department eliminate charg;
of desertion.
"Additions are continually beiny
made to the fund for the Kcntud:.'
Disciples World Movement, 'although
the quota of the Richmond Firs'
Christian church has long since boo
passed, the work continues. Pr
Homer Carpenter reports that in vari-
ous other districts, the work is beir-: j
continued where it was belatetl in be
ing started, and he expected a credi
table report to be made from those
sources within a short time. Th
time for providing the quota lias bee:'
extended and representatives of t!r:
churches are hard at work.
Edgar Hill, driver of a dciiverv
wagon at Paris, was accosted bv r
polorod man who alcd for a rule.
Hill found that his passenger was
hold-up man when the letter prew-cfl
a revolver against his side, compelled
him to drive to an obscure place and
get out, where he was bound to ..
tree and then robbed oi pbout ?20. ;
The lad was found still bound latr o
by his father, who went
m sear
for him. Police are on
for the hold-up man.
the lookout!
Houston, May 21 There has bee'
no confirmation of the reports to the
effect that Carranza, deposed 'presi
dent of Mexico had been captured by
the revolutionary forces. Kcports injbond.
dicate that a safe conduct, to Ver. j .Matewan, W. Va., scene of battle
Cruz had been granted to Cairanza. ; bcteewn officers and mines in which
providing he left Mexico immediately. len nien wcre killed is rep0rted as
quiet today.
CHAIN OF DRUG STORES Ten doughboy3 at Camp Zachary
WILL SOON BE ESTABLISHED Taylor have asked to be transferred
The drag store of Call is Brothers ai! to Germany, where they can reduce
Bowling Green, one of the largest rv
th state, has been purchased by. the
People's Drug company, a new cor-
poraton of Lexington, the new owner;;
to take charge about June 15. Tho
new company is capitalized at $100 -
000 under the laws of ..Delaware arti-
tides of incorporation having been
duly filed.
E. U. Bradley former professor of
English at the University of Ken- J American people, is being transform
tucky and "C. F. Park of Richmond, aed into a storeroom and will be used
'17 graduate of the University of
tuckv are the other officers of the
company. Mr. Bradley is president
and Mr. Park s secretary.
It is -the intention of the company
to establish a chain of stores through
out Kentucky and it is reported that
a number of additional- ones will soon
be acquired. " ' ,
LOST Strayed from my place two
weeks aero, a black, white and tan
Celebrated Artists Together With
Local Participants In Music
Festival Appreciated
The opening concert of the May
Music Festival Thursday evening was
greeted by a large and appreciative
audience, and from the fi,rst number
to the last note of the chorus, the in
terest was centered on the stage. The
solo artist of the evening, Mr. John
Hoffman, of Cincinnati, met with an
enthusiastic rcccpti6n, coming to this
city ,as he does, a product of the great
musical centers of the world, with the
sanction of many famous instructors
The string quartet, which is here
again, must always live up to its rep
utation andi one would be disappointed
if it did not give the bestyof which it
is capable.
Richmond is known as a musical
town and is always responsive to any
finished production.
The chorus of young people an';
children, which has been in training
through many months, is always well
received by their many friends who
anticipate great pleasure in their per
formance. The conceit by the primary grades
this afternoon was the second of the
series and showed considerable tal
ent among .the little people and much
careful training. The front row oi
blight faced little singers was not the
least C last night's attractions ancl
little Miss Lynn Evans had the honor
in a sweet, childish voice, of address-
inK lhc IMI,cr in a sentence solo,
Tonight, if you wish tc hear the
great oratorio, you must go early. The
auditorium will bo adequate. Many
visitors arc already here and many
:irc expected from, adjacent towns
I-'-st year a number were tumed away.
But the chapel has been reseated
among . many , noticeaoie repairs, and
the capacity is about GOO. One can not
afford Ij miss this great. Handel pro
duct, Liought to our very door anc'
in addition to our artist of last even
ing, I ha other tolo work will be alflj
taken by Miss Brown, Miss Metcaif
! and Mr. Habarstro, all of whom arc
artists in their own particular sphere
It "goes without saying that with Dr
Myers" as director Miss Brown E. Tel
ford, the gifted accompanist, witn the
orchestra, chorus and oratrio artists
with Mandel's Messiah as the great
objective, and last, perhaps, not least
u t audici)ce in full flress it WJH
be a gala occasion.
Thomas Green, son of Mr. and Mrs
E. R. Green recently operated on foi
appendicitis, while still in a seriou."
condition, is believed tobe on the
road to recovery. It was while at
school when he came in contact with
a companion that the affliction was
first noticeable, whereupon he was
hurried to the Paltie Clay hospital,
where Drs. Smoot and Hume perform
ed the operation.
Pineville Lodge No. 127, Knights
of Pythias is making extensive prep-
. orations for the entertainment of the
.,, , .. . ,. '
I win r.o:a its annual meeting uns year
in Pineville, on Tuesday, Weelnesday
and Thursday June 8, 9 and 10.
Charles Jones, a young man of
Earbourville, charged with having
stolen an automobile at London and
who was arrested late at Paint Lick
by Roy Estridge was released ,on
the cost of living and get lager beer
They assert they wil be able to save
more money there than here
The lower price wave is spreading
and in many cities the transfer of
trade to the cut rate dealers has be
come such that others a'-e following
, with a reduction in prices.
I ine home ot Admiral Liewey iv
. Washington, presented to him by the
.as such, owing to the continued ex
tension ot business there
No. trace has been found of three,
men who escaped from the county
jail at Port Clintn, Ohio.
The police, are searching southern
Michigan and northern Indiana for
the bank bandits who shot up the
town of Delta, Ohio, and stole $125000
yesterday. - . , ,
COL. Dan Morgan Smith will
deliver his celebrated war lecture
here Saturday night. Don't fail to
hear him. ' 120 4
(By Associated Tress)
" Chicago, May 21 Prices came
down helter skelter toelay on the
Board of Trade. " All grains and
provisions' joined in the tumble.
Corn and pork underwent ex
trenv3 breaks, respectively 7 3-8
cents a bushel and $2.05 a barrel.
July corn touched as low. as
$1.64 1-8 arid July pork $3475.
(By Associated Press)
Washington, May 21 Tempor
ary disposition-of the three hun
dred million dollar revolving fund
provided by the transportation
act for the relief of railroads, was
made today in orders, issued by
the Interstate Commerce Com
mission, which at the. same time
took steps to meet future equip-
ment requirements by proposing
the organization of an equipment
corporation, with a capital stock
of five hundred million dollars.
The revolving fund, the commis
sion said, will not be apportioned
arbitrarily but be. allocated os the
entire country will be benefitted
by improved transportation ser
vice. '
The American Legion meeting Sat
urday afternoon in Richmod will be
attended by a good sized delegation
from Kirksville, where there was a
rousing meeting held Thursday night,
presided over by Harold Oldham, of
this city, chairman of the "push"
committee here. There was a large
attendance anel much enthusiasm
evinced at the meeting and many
signified their intention of coming to
Richmond on the morrow and hear
Col. Dan Morgan Smith.
The final meeting Saturday after
noon will bring to Richmond to their
interest, and some of them, is is said,
have been so busily engaged " they
have not paid but casual attention to
the movement looking towards the or
ganization of the imnienso body of
men who have done such creditable
work for their country.
(By Associated Press)
DesMoines- Iowa, May 21
Bishop Frank W. Warne, of In
dia, had to work his way across
the Atlantic ocean as a common
laborer in order to get to Des
Moines for the quadrennial gen
eral conference of the Methodist
Episcopal church. He arrived
about a week late, but he is here..
Telling of his - experiences,
Bishop Warne said ot was a case
r u ma' C ,-l1-
of putting on a pair of overall,
and doing a little work, or not
coming to the conference at all."
From Mesopotamia to fort baicJ
he rode on an oil boat. On the
way to Port Said the captain sent
a wMreless message asKing ior
passage to America. The only
answer came from a . tramp
steamer and that was conditioned
on the "passenger" working his
way. "Bishop accepts job," was
the answer. At Port Said Bish
op Warne boarded the freighter
was given an oil can, sent to the
engine room and kept busy oiling
from morning until night all the
way across the Atlantic.
With Villain It
Might Help Thingj
Washington, May 21 Efforts
are being continued to bring Vil
la into line ith the Mexican rev
olutionary movement, despite the
failure to reach an agreement
yesterday at Chihuahua. Revolu
tionary agents of the de facto
government said here today;
Messages are being sent today to
both sides uring the necessity of
of co-operation.
Another Grand Jury Session
There will be another sitting of
the grand jury of Madison "coun
ty,' beginning on May 25th.
This will mark the closing of the
May term of court. - '
DO you know the story of the
"Battalion of Death?" Hear Col.
Smith at the First - Christian
church Saturday night. 120 4
Cincinnati Good light cattle
steady; hogs steady; Chicago
strong; sheep and lambs steady.
Louisville, May 21 Cattle 200;
slow and unchanged; hogs 1,400;
25c and 50c higher, tops $14.50;
sheep 400; steady and unchanged.
" While Memorial hall at the Eastern
Normal school will be enlarged suf
ficiently to accomodate 50 more boys,
this will not be adequate to supply the
demand ,since there are many peti
tions being sent in by boys to attend
the school. This was one of the mat
ters taken up by the Board of Re
gents recently, and the enlargement
is the result, lit is expected that
within -one or two years, this depart
ment will be able to accomodate all
students. However, at present, mem
bers of the faculty will again appeal
to the residents of the city of Rich
mond to continue their graciousness In
the way of accommodating the
scholars. For some time rooms have
been provided for students, owing to
the fact that this accommodation
could not be furnished at the school,
but from the manner in which the en
rollment of students is continuing
more rooms will be necessary. There
is a decided increase in the demand
at present upon the part of boys.
(Two prominent local firms have
learned to their advantage this week
that advertising in the Richmond
Daily Register brings returns away
from home as well as in the territory
immediately adjacent to Richmond
and Madison county. A lady wrote
the Richmond Welch Company from
Florida, that she saw its advertise
ment of refrigerators in the Daily
Register, and gave her order for one,
and other goods.
Stockton & Son, local agents for
Tanlac perhaps the greatest stl'ing
medicine of the decade, received, a
letter from aman in Ohio stating that
he noticed in the Daily Register that
they sell Tanlac, and he wanted a
supply sent by mail. He could un
doubtedly have secured it at any drug
store where he lived, but he saw in
his old home town paper the Daily
Register that Tanlac is sold in Rich
mond by Stockton and Son, and
he wrote for it to be sent him hun
dreds of miles away.
It pays to advertise and it pays to
advetise in the Daily Register
Richmond, Ky.
Letting George Do It
(Tly Asso( fated Tress)
Washington, May 21 The in
vestigation cf pre-convention
campaign expenditures and
pledges, of both the republican
and democratic presidential can
didates as ordered by the Senate,
will begin here May 24. The be. -ate
committee today appointed a
subcommittee to do the work
''with all possible dispatch," and
Willi (ill uussiuic
Liberty Bond Buying
(tsy Associated Press)
New Ycrk- May 21 Heavy
buying of Liberty bonds and Vic
tory notes at the opening of the
stock exchange today resulted in
many substantial gains, ranging
from $1 for the First 4 3-4, to
$2.30 for the Fourth 4 1-4.
The Mother Investigated
"Mother is father in the fruit
"No, dear. What put that in
your head?" -'
'Well, pa took me for a walk
Sunday and met" Mr. Parson's,
and all they talked about was
p2rhes, pippins and dates."
Thomas Alverson, 50, is dead at
his home in Nicholasville, after
an illness, of two weeks.
. , . Careful Cow
Bertie "What's that
around the cow's neck for?"
Charley "Oh, that's what she.
rings when she wants to tell her
calf that dinner's ready."
FOR SALE Six chairs, beds. cot3,
mattresses, and springs. 338 Fth st. .
U22 2p
The Dexter Double Tub washes
quicker better and cleaner.
Douglas & Simmons. 122-2t
The Richmond Greenhouse will
make a specialty of cut , flowers
for the May Festival week. Give,
them your order right away.
119-3 :
More Than 100 Busily Engaged
At Eastern Kentucky Normal
School Today
Considerably more than 1O0
teachers and students are whet
ting their memory at the Eastern
Kentucky Normal school today,
taking the examination for a
teacher's license and the meet
ing, which will conculde on Sat
urday points to the passing of a
large number to the rank of in
structor. Owing to the large list from
the Normal school, the examina
tions are being held at that in
stitution, four large rooms hav
ing been given over for the
work. The registration of teach
ers and students began Thurs
day night, and there was a large
array on hand early Friday morn
ing, the exminations beginning
at 8:30 o'clock. There are sev
eral from Berea, and other
schools, five students from one
Berea department arriving early
Friday morning. THey asked to
be allowed to take the examina
tions, and sought out County
Superintendent Edwards. He
readily informed them they were
eligible in every way one of the
chief requisites being that they
were 18 years of age, and soon
afterward there were five happy
students at the examination
rooms. They were Misses Ollie
Taylor, Evelyn Morgan and Vir
ginia Prince, and Yearkees- War
ren and Cato Smith. County
Superintendent Edwards stated
that the list was growing, as are
sult of many coming in as did the
Berea delegation, and that the
list to take the examination
would doubtless be the largest in
years. Previous to this unex
pected influx at a late hour, the
number compared favorably with
that of last year.
The papers will be turned over
to Prof. Clark, of Frankfort, who
was sent to take charge of the
missives, and assist with the.
work. He will take the records
to the State Capitol, where they
will be graded and returned. It
is thought this work will be com
pleted within week or ten days.
The Western District examina
tion is being conducted also at
Bowling Green and it is reported
that there is a large list there.
This work is being expedited
through the efforts ot Prof. L. N.
Taylor, aiso of Frankfort. The
examinations of- both districts
will be very similar, continuing
through the two days allotted.
the subjects being divided as
Friday Spelling., reading
writing, arithmetic, grammer and
Saturday Geography- civil
government,' history, theory and
practice and agriculture.
Friday in the Madison circuit court
Judge Shackelford was hearing the
cases of Bettie Ervin, guardian of her
two children, vs W. B. Freeman, one
being for alleged breach of contract
and the other on a note.
The last case on docket for Fi'iday
is that of Lakes & Webb, vs. the L.
&K N. railway in which damages are
asked for injury to a number of cat-
! 41rt ciwl . lnvo Aiirtill'Vorl fin i'i -i rr r V l T
The jury in the case of Lafayette
Moran vs. Wilson Rodgers for dam
ages as a result of alleged injuries to
a mule and wagon, when in collision
with Mr. Rodgers' automobile, . re
turned a verdict in favor of the de
fendant. Moran has asked for a new
O. L. Arnold f ormerly of the
Farmers' Bank of Kirksville, . has
joined Mr. I. M. Smyer at the Hotel
Glyndon, and will have joint manage
ment with him in its conduct. Mr.
' Arnold already has a great many
friends in Richmond, who will " give
him and his family a cordial wel
come here.
ITS free. Don't miss it. CoL
Smith's lecture Saturday night.
120 4 , ;.;'
. As a general rule all you need to do
is to adopt a diet suited to your age
and occupation and to keep yout
bowels regular. :. When vou feel that
you have , eaten too much and when
constipated, take one of Chamber-
Iain's Tablets. tf

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