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The Online for 'the Children of (tic
' Dominican Httmlny-Ncliool Tho
New Female UnlvcrMlty.
The all-day outing for the pupils
of the Sunday-school at the Domini
can cnurcn win occur on July 7 at
Fern Grove. Two boats will run,
? .
morning ana auernoon 9:30 and
1:30. The outing was arranged to
give the children a day's pleasure
and the teachers and the pupils will
go free. The whole congregation and
their friends are invited, and for
them th.ere will be a nominal charge
to help defray the expense. The best
of order will be maintained. The
teachers have worked hard this year
and Father Logan wished to show his
appreciation and arranged the ex
cursion. An interesting feature of
the excursion will be the contest for
a fine wheel and a beautiful watch.
T,he contestants are Misses Sallie
OConnor, Katie Purcell, Loretta
Ahem, Nellie Kerr and Carrie Swift.
Refreshments and" lunches will be
served on the boats and grounds. A
pleasant outing is promised to all.
Sunday-school teaching, as well as
most gratuitous work, is a thankless
task, With the ardent co-operation
of superintendent it is still hard work.
But thera seems no lack of enthusias
tic, workers at the Dominican church.
The teachers there must have in
mind those words which said that the
teaching in the Sunday-school was
the most meritorious act of charity
that could be performed. One fa
miliar face will be missing from the
throng this year that of Rev. G.
A. Carr, the former beloved superin
tendent of the Sunday-school.
The additions to the parish house
at St. John's have about been com
pleted and they are a very great
improvement. The house has been
remodeled and enlarged to accom
modate an assistant. Father1 Bax
.has been in charge of this church
many years.jmd fowl;
is, an Irishman will always be found
in the front rallying his comrades
around the Stars and Stripes.
Catholics of this great country arc
to be congratulated on the establish
ment of a university for women . on
the same broad lines as. the men's
universities. The site of this collece
for women is to be at the entrance of
the University grounds. The Sisters
of Notre Dame are to be in charge,
and the patronesses are among the
most notable women in the country
in the East and as far West as North
Dakota and Montana. Miss Olive
Risley Seward, the daughter and for i
many years the. secretary of William
H. Seward, is President of the Board
of Regents. Ground is to be broken
shortly, and the ceremonies on this
occasion will be of an imposing na
ture. Trinitv Hall, for so the ml.
lege will be called, will be conducted
on the lines of Vassar, Wellesley or
Bryn Mawr.
The commencement season has
closed, and with it a great many
young men and women have been
lyunched on the world fitted to. look
out for themselves. The most notable
of all always is that at Nazareth, the
dear Alma Mater of so many Louis
ville girls. The one this year was
unusually fine, and, added to the
presence of Bishop McCloskey, who
always graces the occasion there was
the appearance of Monsignor Conaty,
rector of tip university at Washing
ton, who addressed a few well-chosen
words to the graduates. The, Xav
erian brolhers, the Presentation
Academy -and Our Lady of Mercy
came in the front rank of those in the
city. Among .he parochial schools
St. John's is among the first, this year
only adding to its already justly estab
lished reputation.
Another Division of the Ancient Order
of Hibernians Organized nt tlio
Capltnl TJ
1 nt 1 1
A new statue of Our Lady of
Lourdes is to be blessed at the 10:30
o'clock mass to-day IJuly 3 at the
church of St. Louis Bertrand. The
statue is a work of art and is do
nated by Miss Marshall, a convert
to the faith. The grotto at this
church is a resort of the pious, and
carries one's thoughts to that scene
in France where our Blessed Lady
appeared to Bernadtte, the lowly
shepherd girl. It is a faithful repro
duction of that now famous scene,
and the new statue will complete the
The shrine of Our Lady of Per
petual Help at the church of St. Mary
Magdalene, is to be enlarged and
beautified. This is a devotion dear
to the heart of Father Deppen, and
he has determined to make the shrine
one of the finest in the country.
The last mass at the Dominican
church during the summer months
will be at 10:30 instead of 11 o'clock.
It will also be a low mass, the choir
.having been dispensed with in the
heat of the day. On the resumption
of the Sunday school in the fall the
mass will be changed to the old time.
On Sunday, July 10, Rt. Rev.
Bishop McCloskey will confirm the
children at. the Dominican church at
3:30 in tfievafternoon. This rite was
postponed from June 19 on account
of theillness of the Bishop.
- The Rev. G. A. Vantroostenberghe,
of St. Charles parish, Marion county,
was in the city this week, an inter
estesnectator of the'coramenrpmftni
of St.jXavieVs College. Father Van
always attends these exercises, being
an old pupil of this order in Bruges
before he finished his education at
In the celebration of the Fourth
this year the Irish-Americans will be
to the fore. An Irishman will al.
ways retain within his breast the love
sf Vim mnrhnr stimtnr Kttt oViAirn Knf
will be found the love of his Adopted
country. yln witness of this see how
many Irish names are on the' rolls of
the army, and navy, especiallyUmong
the Volunteers. Brave as held ways
ibernians, anu
their desire was accomplished last
Sunday, when John J. Barrett, of this
city, who is acting as State Organizer
during the absence of State President
Martin Cusick, accompanied by W.
T. Meehan, James P. Taylor, Robert
Mitchell, David O'Conn.ell, T. M.
Sullivan and R. G. Cunningham,
slipped quietly up to Frankfort and
organized the new division.
The Frankfort boys had made all
arrangements to receive the delega
tion and spared neither pains nor
money to have them enjoy their trip
to the capital city. The delegation
lett Louisville over the C and O. all
8:30 a. ' m. Sunday and arrived avi
Frankfort at 10:15 and were escorted
to the Church of ihe Good Shepherd.
After an elaborate spread at the
Capital Hotel the visitors were shown
the principal points of interest about
the place.
At 3 o'clock the meeting was called.
Chairman John Barrett stated the
object of the order and the benefits
derived from membership and ap
pointed the following officers to as
sist him in the work of organization:
P. Taylor, Vice President; F. G.
Cunningham, Recording Secretary;
W. T. Meeham, Standing Com.; D.
O'Connellj Treasurer; Robert Mitch
ell, Sergeant-at-Arms; T. M. Sulli-
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Will be a first-class weekly journal,
issued and mailed after this week on
Fridays, so that its city readers may
take advantage of the announce
ments it contains and be directed
to rotus-w Lueir Bacuraay pur-
mi - . -a - - . .
. mis win result m great
V to our advertisers.
lit me
-Boston Globe.
van, sentinel.
Twenty applicants were initiated.
The division elected the following of
ficers: D. J. McElligott, President;
Jerry Corbett, Vice President; D. J.
McNamara, Recording Secretary; Pat
rick Coleman, Jr., Financial Secre
tary; Patrick O'Brien, Treasurer;
James Lilhs Sentinel; Owen Roth,
After the newly elected officers
were installed Rev. Father Major was
introduced, and in the course of his
remarks paid a high compliment to
the fidelity and nobility of the Irish
people, and concluded by saying that
wherever he had the. good fortune to
have a division of the A. O. H. in
his parish he always felt confident of
the assistance and support of a ready
ana capaoie iriena.
1 he newly' organized division will
close its charter with a membership of
about 100. The Louisville boys will
never forget their trip to Franfort on
June 26,
Wns the Lust Meeting omivlslon No. 9,
A. O. II.
. The last meeting of Division No.
A. O. H., was well attended. Th
meeting night of Division No. 2 has
been changed to the second Thursday
and fourth Friday in each month.
After the business was concluded
an open meeting and social session
was held. A gramophone enter
tainment offered a world of mirth and
amusement to the members, Mr.
John J. Barrett presided at the grani
ophone. County President John
Murphy and Mr. John Hennessy!,
President of Division No. 4) attended
the meeting, and each made a brief
address. Delegate James Coleman
and Mr. John J. Barrett also made
brief addresses for the good of the 01
, jine omcers ot tnvision jno, 2 are
"William T. Meehan, President; J KM
Campbell, Vice President. J. Charles
Obst, Recording Secretary; John
Keaney, Financial Secretary; Owen
Keiren, Treasurer.
Among those present accompanied
by their wives were Messrs. James
Coleman, Thomas Cody, Owen Kei
ren, Jerry O'Leary, Robert Mitchell,
Harry Brady, Mr. Hannan, Misses
Mamie Hannan, Maggie Murphy,
Alice Obst, Maggie Worth, Winifred
Dulaney, Julia Kirk, Nora Stanton,
Mary and Nora Minogue, Mayme
Brennan, Henrietta Schwenke and
Mrs. B. Kelly; Messrs. William M,
Lawler, C. J. Ford, William and John
Kenney. Dennis and Martin Minogue,
John Connors, T. J. King, William
Flynn, James Cain, F. G. Cunning
ham, Martin and Jerry Sbeehan, Pat
rick Cronin, Tohn Keaney, Martin
and Michael Finneoan, Dennis Ken
nedy, Thos. Langan and John Glenn.
Spend the Fourth at Phosnix Hill,
Will be onlJ
ably in advan
sum we promise'
BrlgRtest, Cleanest, (ewsl
Irish American n&wsuapers print!
in the United States. We will en
deavor to furnish our readers a fear
less, liberal and honest publication
one that may be relied on for its
every word.
Boys and Girls
Are requested to canvass for sub
scriptions. A list will be kept of all
subscriptions secured by each from
the first issue, so that when we an
nounce our list of premiums each
will receive due credit for what he
or she has done. Now is the time to
begin. Do this during the vacation
and secure a handsome prize.
Will serve their interests by sending
in their copy as early in the week as
possible. They will find that adver
tisements placed in this paper will
be productive of the best results, as
it will have a very large circulation
among the best class of our citizens.
Address all correspondence and business
communications to the
Kentucky Irish American,
Third and Green Sis., Louisville, Ky.

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