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Devoted to the Moral and Social Advancement of all Irish Americans.
Entered at tlto Louisville Postofflce os Second-Class Matter.
Address all Communications to the KENTUCKY IRISH AMERICAN, 326 West Qreea Street.
Christmas! What word inspires
more of expectation to the young.
of preparation to the middle-aged
of recollection to the old, of joy to
all? The little folks look forward
to it with all the eagerness of their
hearts, picturing with all their
power of imagination the pleasures
the surprises, the good things;
hoping their fondest yearnings may
be realized, yet fearing they may
not be.
The middle-aged, anxious to as
fully as possible gratify the hopes
of the young and give pleasure to
the old, mingle their joyous antici
pations with calculations and plans
self-denials and labor, to enable
them to provide the things needed
their task, and yet their greatest
enjoyment of the feast contribut
ing to the pleasure of the children
and bringing joy to the hearts of
the need not without much of
worrv and reeret that they are
unable to do all they wish. But,
after all, as they witness the glee
of the little ones and the smiles
upon the faces of the elders, their
enjoyment of Christmas is complete
in the realization that their efforts
and sacrifices are fully repaid.
And what recollections does
Christmas bring to the old? Back
through the vista of years what
scenes of pleasure, of sadness, of
prosperity, of adversity, of trials,
of mature years, of youth, of child
hood? Their manvChjwUiiasesl
Some recall sai
fluence, Great Britain, one would
naturally expect, should feel pleased
at her dear friend, Uncle Sam, hav
ing control. But such is not the
case. Their interests are not iMpm.
At Christinas time in Ireland the holly
urancues iwme
In stately halls and cabins old and trrav.
And red among the leaves the holly ber
ries Dnguuy suine
At Christmas time in Ireland far awav.
But brighter than the berries are the
1.!T- 1. 1 .
Kincuy Jinsu eyes,
And friendly are the greetings of the
day .
The greetings and the blessings from the
uisn neun uisu rise
At Christmas time in Ireland far away!
At Christmas time in Ireland you can
hear the chapel bell
A-ringing at the dawninsr of the day:
You can see the people thronging over
neiu ana over leu
To the "early mass" in Ireland faraway.
And saintly are the soggarths that before been in is on duty again
And faithful are the flocks that kneel
City Assessor Dan Murphy, who has
and pray;
Miss Antoinette Hayes entertained a
And God must' surely shower his dearest Partv, of friends nt diune"r Wednesday
blessings on the land. evening.
At Christmas time in Ireland far away.
At Christmas time in Ireland there is
feasting, there is sone.
And merry the pipe and fiddle play;
tical when the United State only is And Uythe"ni lSSeM
to be benefited. British interests At Christmas time in Ireland far away.
must also be hauled along.
It seems like
There is light and there is laughter, there
is music, there is mum.
And lovers speak as only lovers may.
I. I 11 S ..!.! f.. ..
Detective Martin Donahue is on duty
again. He has been ill of the grippe
since last Friday.
Mr. Phil Kavanaugh, with Bridgeford
& Co., has been spending the past week
at Elizabethtown.
Mr. Henry Cassiu, Deputy United
a coincidence tint AnI tuere s notlunS faalf so sweet in any States Clerk, has'Vecovered from a slight
Midi I 1n1 am nnttli I . m . a
- - tvuik.11 uuvc lUUUcU I vuiiuida uuie ill xiciauu 101 uwuy
be delighted to learn that her physicians
declare her condition greatly improved,
and her young associates are hopeful of
her soon appearing in their midst.
Mr. Willis T. Burgevin, the well-known
lawyer and writer, accompanied by his
wife, left Monday night for New Hamp
shire, where they will remain some time
as the guests of Heury Burgevin.
The many friends of Mr. Robert
Mitchell, a prominent member of the
Ancient Order of Hibernians, will learn
with pleasure that he is fast recovering
from a severe attack of the grippe.
The many friends of Daniel O'Coiinell,
the saloonkeeper at Fourteenth and
Main streets, will regret to learn of his
serious illness of kidney trouble, at his
home, Nineteenth and High streets.
Mooting of Catholic Knights
and Ladies at St. Cecil
ia's Hall.
Branch 5 of the Catholic Knights and
Iidies of America had a largely attended
meeting this week, nearly two hundred
members being present. This was owing
to the fact that the election of officers for
the ensuing year was to take place, in
which there was a lively interest. The
following were elected:
Spiritual Director Rev. A. J. Brady.
President Mike M. Hobau.
Vice President Mrs. Dalton.
Recording Secretary Rena C. Weis-
Financial Secretary Nellie Burns.
Treasurer Mrs. Mary A. Monahan.
Trustees Misses Mary A. Connors and
Kiltie Stanton and William Dalton.
Sergeant-at-Arms William Andriot.
Secretary John L. Niland,
What They Have Been Doing
the Past Week deneral
News Notes.
We wish you a merry Christmas, one
and all!
The annual reception and hop of Divis
ion 3 of Baltimore was very successful.
The Hibernians of Bridgeport, Conn.,
are making arrangements for holding a
fair Win. :.. i. ...
... ,,..jr hui. ,j, mis cilyf
In President Taylor and Secretary
Kavanaugh Division 3 has two officers
that any body might be proud of.
The Ladies Auxiliary of Bridgeport,
Conn., have completed arrangements for
a grand concert and soiree to be held
February 8.
The Kentucky Irish American is try
ing to procure a picture of the Hibernian
Knights. They are a soldierly look?
Mike Cavanaugh, the popular h. & N.
employe, has been laid up with the
P. F. McCarthy, the all-night wire grippe for the last several dav3. There
Enirland's "fripnrlQluV'fnr Aw: At m...v. ,: : ti.i 11 j. Mr.
wi .mwiia . wuioiuiaa kiuic in jiciuiiu tucie i i . . - ... ... , , . ,, ... i . ,
sadness, too, for those I tmcl ul u,c western union, is connnea many imjumca us 10 ms conuuion
Who, far from home, in exile sadly to Ins bed with the grippe. and many especially from the ladies.
and yearn for an Anglo-American
alliance, have been silent on the
protest and blatant threats of the
Canadian Orangemen against the
American ladies' monument to
Montgomery at Quebec, and have
And many a tear in silence for a friend
beloved flows
At Christmas time in Ireland far away.
But always 'mid the sorrow is a hope that
comtort bears,
That God may bring them safely back
some day,
soutrht to lwHm nA .w To know arain the hanniness that lorn Holidays with His mother, on Sixth
- VJ.V Ui I lit I " . "
0 I arm wan tmrim
Mr. Augustus IJ. Willson will enter- John Kilkenny, of Myrtle street, has
tain the Harvard Club Thursday evening, been confined to his home by illness for
December 29, with a smoker. the past two weeks. His condition is
,., , a , . greatly improved and his numerous
Stnnnifnrn Keller haa retitrnnH fmm . t . .. ...
" . . : " . . . " . xnenas nope to see nim aoie to resume
the movement for the American
children's monument to Lafayette
at the Paris Exposition. They
praise everything English, have no
use for the Irish, and
ago was theirs
At Christmas time in Ireland far away.
D. A. McCarthy, in the Pilot.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Margaret
Cunningham, whose unexpected death
Miss Agnes Dugan will arrive from St.
Louis today, to spend Christmas with
Mr. and Mrs. M, J. Dugan, 1037 Sixth
street. (
Morris Hyland, a well-known member
John Murphy, the well-known L. & N
fireman, who was thrown from his cab
Wednesday evening, was reported seri
ously injured. His friends are glad to
learn that he was only bruised, and will
be able to resume his position.
T l . TT T17-1 I 1
W 1. 1 .... I ,..00 .l .t.. .1 I f rv,,n n t t :., ; K,l I wcuer, wnu was imureu
iin.s uic ricucu, DOUOW, even It tne """" wmumuuucu u..v wuu... w,.j, tb WiaTmanfL of hisdutvaoa
. . . ' Ratnrrlnv r.v5 f,, Gf Oili.'Jtn till, lioan tnl 1 snfffHnrr from ntiMi. WUHe lue penormance 01 UlS UUiy as a
insnana French did fight for the U"'l ' w ,.5 ' : Uonia. r r patrolman, has been appointed to a place
liberties the AmenVan n,nn100JMMfn thBrnntnf i,cn,,i u in the department. This will be pleasing
i - ' i it. i? t rxMHi n. ina -tnA i news i f i ma iBrvp niimiipr ni nrniininT.
is deservedly
i . rjit. attTi t . Air. i. Li, Lronic. wno uas been con- iw iu ma mrge huoil
joy, and have ever been ready to do LJ and "crate fined to hh home by an attack of grippe, ances, with whom he
o! . by Rev. Fathers O'Brady and Crane. . . i....,...,.,.... Un,,ir
"6"'" uudiuai -UfUUlalm. at anv I n. i . t.. tj-.i I "u u rctovcreu as 10 uc uuic 10 uc ui ..
rate I , .i.,, f! t his oliice
Crane preached a touching funeral ser-
Jack Cavanaugh and "Bill" Cunning-
r. ,orJ mon, in wmcn ue paid a glowing trioute The friends of Andy Meagher and John nam are spending the holidays with their
AiiereisauogetUertoomuchfac- to the many Christian and charitable Doolan are frrowln nuite susnidoui of friends, having just arrived from Naza-
tionalism in the City Hall. City qualities of the deceased. Mrs. Cun- u,eir frequent trips in the same heigh- reth Academy, where they have been
borhood, down town.
We regret to announce the serious ill-
officials are . ekctcd ad paid .""ZS Z.
UgUC OUt tlie Quarrels or fnrtlior DODular ladies in the West End. never
the interests of individuals or oar- haPP'er t,,an wlien performing a kindly ness of Charles He'rrns. the well-known
, , " act or relieving some unfortunate in dis- and popular printer, who is confined to
ttucuu 10 municipal tress. She was a prominent member of his home on Goss avenue.
business for the best interests of the Catholic Knights and Ladies' of
i , t .... Ameriennnrl otl,er M,nr5fai,i n,aj.a- Green McGrath has gone
uic peopie. i,ess ot SCtieming for k, r , V , f , . tended triD throutrh the East.
liic ucceasea innv is survii'pn nv
employed all summer. Jack says that
Bill is now able to lead in prayer after
his enforced retreat.
Michael Russell, of Twenty-second
street, is the proud father of a handsome
little maid that arrived at his home this
week. He is the popular gate-keeper at
Oreen TVfrfirnlh hn trntie for nn eT
Uess Ot SCUeming for t,nno j i a.. j t... tended trip through the East. He will the Seventh-street deoot. and the above
. . ulvwialu muy as auiviv U. U I . . . . , 1
ine supposea vantage of position her husband, Patrick Cunnineham. and u,aKe several sl0?s wuu ms menas re will account for his recent gayetyand
and kicking up campaign thunder a Brwn son, Frank Cunningham, with lurmn& atter the !ys' fnendship for everybody.
"m"uau MISS UUgeilia Goldstein, daughter Of The euchre of the Alumnae of the
le L.,
anxiety, but in :
something of brightness, of good,
for which they are thankful. Once,
too, they were children, and as they
P . 1 . . . ! w O ' O I A MW VUkUIW ilMUUiab VI IUC
K'jgP"1,0. P Adolphus Goldstein, left for Chicago Academy of Our Lady-oQ Mercy will
hends andacqnairitances. Tfirrerflains ftM t tn innr- f.-rrTr .... ..... . . t
U acquaintances. Thr remains Hh s week to snri-the winter will
ere louowed to bt. Louis cemetery by a mav hf.P APu,t i .oeietu there
1. 1 e 1 I " J
iuic uuiuuu ui uiuurning reiaiives.
The officers, nearly all of whom were bodv of mtn-
complimented by re-election, will be in- There will be a large attendance at the
stalled at the first meeting in January, first. meeting of the Young Men's Divis-
at which time the annual reports will be 'on 5,1 the new yea which takes place
submitted. This branch has done a vast " tl,e first Tuesday in January,
amount of charitable and other work The Providence divisions have appoint-
during the past year and is very popular ed committees to confer with a view of
in the West End. holding a course of lectures elnrimr t,
winter, the
SPORTY ITEHS. charity. ' " "c 10
President McCarthy, of Division P.
Tt.tl.K.. 11 ,. .. t 1 -. i . 1 ... I i ... . . .... . '
lyyuu iius uccu luuicueti wuu 3uv-i.ccus in inaKing it interesting for his
Jack Root. constituents. He declares the Young
John Gaffney will be appointed one of RIen's Division should have at least 600
the League umpires for next season. He I,a,ues on its roll.
is a good one. Division 3 had a very interesting meet-
The Pittsburgs will go to either Ar- in8 Wednesday evening. Pat Higgins
kansas or Virginia for their preliminary aMed another name to the list of mem
spring practice. bers. He is one of the most zealous
The Buffalo ball club franchise and workers the order,
players can be bought for $20,000. And Division 42 of Boston had a large
Buffalo is a large city. attendance at its last meeting, when Mr.
Two leading colleages are after Hugh cllarles O'Ferrall, the Celtic scholar, read
Jennings' services as coach for the an nMv PrePared paper on the "Irish in
spring practice of their ball teams. the War of t,le Rebellion."
Cincinnati still regrets the trade by MiJitary Division 57 held its first an
which Bill Hoy and Ritchey became mial bal1 in Boston last week, and it was
Colonels in exchange for Pitcher Hill. a gra"fying success. A concert preceded
The number of players who have put 1 aanc,nS. a,ld about mid night supper
their signatures to contracts are fewer was servea "e party was a very en joy
than they have ever before been at this one'
season of the year. he election of officers by an Eastern
Chic Frazer.who is working in Chicago, !!ivision this ,nonth has been declared
has announced his intention of quitting lU.eSa, Slnce tlle consolidation of the
base ball rather than remain with the ",be.nnaus throughout the world the
Colonels another year. elections must be held in June instead of
The Ryan-Franey bout did not meet ....
the expectations of the Cincinnati sports. . Vsuors 10 ",benuan "all are loud in
aiayoe they were playing for another f'""" l"u B" woric none by
money making exhibition. lue aaies Auxiliary. has been sug-
Sharkey has gone into training for his f"'"! "al oard and divisions
...:.t. nr-r-.. ,t..-i- ...... tender them a complimentary rerenfinn
' , ..
fight with McCoy. While there has been
no betting, the indications are that
Sharkey will be the favorite.
Oscar Gardner and Dave Sullivan will
ina twenty-round contest JanuaryD. The Sv? '?
after the holidays.
The Literary and Entertainment Com
mittee of Division 4 have arranged an
interesting programme of exercises for
" m.MM-iumm Unicoi, miiuarv y. 1.11c I 1 .
little Irishman stands a good chance to JZL Several
We regret to announce the death of
The Louisville ball club has hppti Miss Mamie Willis, which occurred
look into the beaming faces and hear Ly ft . . . . Wednesday, at the residence of her
r . uy luc uauy news" mother IfiOn West Mnin ctreet Qlie,o
tne merry snouts 01 uie inue ones, p durin . . - t r- ' "--77; "
. . j . J !. " . . j lu, uuu uuuut. 1.
now meir minu revere, auu " miny imagine we will be without
seems as but yesterday when tliey tenn thics menn r u and mends, who will miss her from their and will spend the holidays with her
1 w-""""' t ivuuiu huij- 1 ;.ii
o 1 uiiuait
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Gallagher are now
at home to their friends at 1309 Seventh
street, where they have furnished a cozy
home and gone to housekeeping.
Miss Irma Bailey returned Wednesday
from St. Margaret's School, Brooklyn,
take place at the club rooms m the Aqui-P""? '
nas Union, Sixth street, next Wednesday. Jim Corbett feels confident that
This will undoubtedly prove a pleasant Sharkey will defeat McCoy. He said to
social event. The proceeds will be used the former one day last week that he
for the purpose of providing free scholar- would be at the ring to cheer him on to j
jj I u.vu.uvu u laic .11I.1U Ul 1C1U11VC9
The funeral took place from St. mother at 311 West Walnut street
rowing and mourning friends.
. .. . r . . . l ji i
in me innocent joy oi gest to the fans that they save thdr Patrick's church yesterday morning, and
greeted ennstmas morning. monev and he!n sustain th u,u was attended by a large throng of sor-
Many of our readers will recall management. When the season
the humble hut, the poor but clean- opens j;ouisvine wm be fouud doin
ly little hamlet, the green hills and busilless at the 0,d stand &
vales, the little cliurcn witn us str0ng ball team.
celebration of midnight mass; their
happiness amid all these lowly sur-
Mr, and Mrs. Edward D. Hannan,
of Paducah, accompanied by Masters
Emmett and William, will spend the hol
idays as the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Hannan, 2015 Payne street.
new features will be introduced.
The one hundredth anniversary of the
uprising for Ireland's independence will
be commemorated in Boston by Division
50 next Thursday evening. The pro
gramme will comprise an entertainment
of Irish music and an address on the
men of '98.
port, who recently received severe in
juries on the leg from a falling stone,
Mrs. Mary Gaughan, a lady of very will be able to be out in a few days.
John Mansfield, living in Shipping- They were formerly residents of this city.
. . I Hf TT 2. . . if.. 1 1!
high standing in the community, passed
away Saturday morning at her home,
1420 Seventh street. Some time ago she
fell, sustaining a fracture of the hip, and
Whatever the views of our read- this' C0UPled with uer advanced age, re-
t-uu I..i.jj i j it. tt e
roundings and the meagerness of ers on the question of expansion piace Monday morning f torn the Domin
their Christmas feast, but a heart au& retaiuiug the Philippine islands. icar church, and was largely attended.
full of joy they can never know few will agree with Congressman Ther.emains were 5ntcrred in st-uis lar Cindnnatian, has been announced.
Edward Ferro Crowley and Bob
Churchill have on hand a monster en
tertainment and dance, which they will
spring on their friends next month.
John B. Day says that when the New
York club was organized it was a success
from the first. The yearly profits were
from $30,000 to $60,000, the last year
being 1888.
The way the Chicago team closed up the manual
rrrAiiml 4 4t 1. f 1 1 f I .
j ., lng and sll0Uia be witnessed bv more
proved its position warrants Chicago en- L.Lbers of the order y
thusiasts in behevine that the Ornhans ..
Many Louisville people can testify to will be nearer the front next year. , ?' Thomas M Camfield and J.
Mr. Hannan is at present the leading
plumber in Paducah.
Friday night Company A. Hibernian
Knights, devoted two hours to
The company possesses several fine tac
ticians, which accounts for its proficiency
inese drills are interest-
Clia3. Obst, the committee to whom wi.n
e puDiisnmg tne rPrPrr r .
statement that old man Anson is after the X;"r " 7... f TS 'or a
I tiuumi in at. ljOuis ceineterv fn
members of the Ancient Order f tt:.
The daily papers are publishing the
control of the St. Louis base-ball club
Williams, of Mississippi, who in his
the hearty and hospitable welcome they
receive at Big Clifty, Ky., from those
two true sons of the "Emerald Isle"
Mike Tully and Jim Nevils. The good
old-fashioned welcome their city friends
The encatrement of Miss Lucv Meehan. receive from them makes them feel as if I , i. t... ,. r
w w B j v 1 i i wtio .a ict uui uy iiic uiuiiagculCIiL OI
one of tins city's most winsome young they would like to make their home in the New Vnrt einh
ladies, to Mr. Carroll Brookfield, a popu- that pleasant spot forever. Here's luck The twi.tltv nllf1 nnt ,,,., T Tbe f,cers a,l members of Division 3
from their many friends, hopiwr that ri t.i j . , . i 7 Pad a nice compliment to Messrs
the position of manager of the team in 1, nexet o? t '
Board. '
Col. John Whallen, who has been con
fined to his home by illness during the
The one day in the Mpeech against expansion suggests L 7. P. inS. the well-known
year whCa aorrowjs forSoeo, u- we Seli or cede ,e na SSTZZK 11 STS ZfStSt Zj5Zl
! f 1-!J il. . 1 1 I trt TTnnrlnn1 -r- I nriiocla.. Mo ...no n l.:,.l.1.. I 1 i J
worries oi me iaiu ubiuc, vue nam- '"f'""f ucnuauy or r ranee, I " ...Buir-iti.Jjcv.n;u ery,
c ... i.- c.,. the nrefprPtiPA fo T? oermaii-Amencan, ana leaves a wile and
uc ui uui ucoi uiiia m iijrmjja- r bivtu lu -"B" eitfht children
they have many prosperous and happy " ! " "cCue, Thomas Moore and Mike Hoban
venrs hefore tlietn . t. uu v.iuu jamuij- u, wllo comnrise the Rel.Vf r J..
J w
thy and affection; and we all strive 'an(i
to exemplify -peace on earth" ana The namintr of the npro . t. r ,"
,, w.x.. i miwuaci a tciucicry.
The funeral took place.
Thursday morning from St. Mary's
church, and the interment was in St.
"good will to men."
May Santa Claus bring all the.
Mr. and Mrs. Jalnes Murphy, of Eight
eenth and High! streets, will have a
Christmas celebration in honor of the
arrival of a pretty little girl at their
home. '
They Will Treat Their Friends
Royally During the Holidays.
Down town people, especially those in
the vicinity of Boone Square Park, will
on au Iivan's Tlnnrl niinUo
. " ' MissMavme Karins. daughter of M.
mrbor, after Sereeant Willinm Mrs. Martin Cusick. who has been in-
Children lots of pretty and good Jasperj is the onIy instance on rec. Wednesday at the residence of her disused, has so far recovered as to be able be gratifie at tUe announcement' that
things a switch to none, tor there 0rd in the countrv of n W hinrr moiner' U1U 1UU street Her funeral Li ".I "t ' , , . wmBe the Messrs. Lawler, Nineteenth and
"""fa tooic place yesterday morn last from the vu mat muys many n.lnRln trt. ni t
are no bad children.
Tnv rtlrl nrr I i c.
j naraea atter a non-comm ss otnvl
young enjoy, ana the tortuuate aid officer. Serireant Tn-r T,,no
their less fortunate fellow-creatures
to enjoy to the fullest, a merry
910 Fifth street. Her funeral lo mve aoout her home.
took dace vesterdav mornintr from the Pleasing news to that
Dominican church. A large number of
t-l .1 f .1 1 1 . r i v .
"7 T ( uc.7a,ns a uu John Nevils, the bustling young Re.
has been advanced one week, and will TheV we The reeinien, 'T.T;
come of, on Jamiary 3. The change in A ZLl ' 1 m l- f a s,JbstantiaI
date is owing toThe fact that Kid M 23T as S L ' no
and Tom Sharkey have signed tomeeta't Tmberst SunTanTwhTre? fa,thfU,
the Lenox on January 10. .. . . ""
Peddler Palmer defeated Billy Plimmer nrZ T3 .Ancl!?t
for the bantam-weteht chamnionshin " "t PMgn, ill..
w - L -f
aiouday night before the National Sport
ing v.iuo, oi i,onaon. rummer was
knocked out in the seventeenth round.
Billy Rotchford, of Chicago, is still in
England, and will meet Palmer during
the month of February.
closing their doors, and will be prepared
prfOi pj-idH, I. -.id I? .- NeT, The nox Athletic nTuTl
The funeral of William L. Barrett, who ?" f a s e oun- - - bid for the match, and if Arrangement.
... . . j!..ii..i , Cil thnt ia in tlie n T.n..t,1. uairous. . .
HKe music and lcula" ween, wok piace ounaay morn- ewnnt t,,rt. can be made the international match will
' 'Identical interests' ' is constantly
used by politicians and after-dinner now
speechmakers in the United States smff w,u appreciate it, and please
and Great Britain when referring a11 who lnav hear em render it.
to these countries, says one of our The Bandana Club made no mis
exchanges, but when it comes to take in Se,ect. M). , . .
be tested we instantly find that the ler for one of hs y. PrJ. .
While he is a Democratic wheel-
To those who
very few do'not-we call attention J5"61 part church, aud was
, . .,A, , u attended by a vast number of sorrowing
to our feature nf'tlio lin..i;r,.i r. . . "
vui.iiui suu incnus ami relatives, ine deceased was ham
the anniversary of the Manchester martyrs
"M icuraicu wuu great enthusiasm.
Hon. James M. Graham, of Springfield,
spoke for nearly two hours against an
Anglo-American alliance before an audi
ence which was evidently much in sym
pathy with his sentiments ir. ujj
,- -,. . i- .... w MMmiuni
Duncan streets, will keep open house . ueorSe u,xon nna "vouug nuto," the the essential difference between monarch-
from December 24 to January 2 without AUSlral,an cuampion, who signed articles ial and constitutional governments, and
, and will be prepared !? meV ,n a 'wenty-round contest in San argued that the alliance would necessarily
commit America to the support and
defense of England, and therefore if
entered upon might prove to be finally
the breaking down and destruction of the
V that those who can play and John CoOK- They are accompanied by Those of our n
latest and greatest experiment in self-
interests and advancement of the
United States are considered inim
ical in Great Britain unless the
interests of Great Britain are also
eqally benefited by the actioaof the
republic. A case in point is the
is in the nert Rennhlienn
lunch to callers on Christmas eve and con,e ofI some time in February.
Mr. and Mrs. Barney Bush, of 814 Old- Christmas day, and on the evenings A telegram from Loudon says: Unpre-
24 and 31 music will be ceaentea secrecy obtains as to the condi-
a first-class orchestra. tlons of tl,e construction of the Sham-
readers who would ke to rocK lae cnauenger :or the America's This veur the .,t.nA r .
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age, one of the best-known young men , O'Malley," published in this issue, can cautions taken to prevent a leakage of mark in Irish history DuriW "it ti?
in the East End. died at his home, 713 - Wrs- J0 Foley, of Indianapolis, do so by calling on the Messrs. Lawler the details of her construction, but even Irish language has been revive.lt! i
Wenzel street, Thursday. He was of f?frmf f 83 Hannah O'Brien, of this on the above days. This will prove a the place where she is being built is kept an extenf Sit its SLtui W "1 J
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outcome of the Sharkey-McCoy contest, fallen into a condition of half oblivion
JAMES CAIN HERE. Privates Joe Roogers and Harry Cas- "The neoole of Louisville ou.ht to feel , uJemse.lves af nfi" 0e more become the themes of
tor, of Company H First KentueW M.si ....j. t " ..i., ucul win.uug, anu uieir preliminary poets and orators. Theeravesof m.nv
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uorbe, mere are none but have the " JT1CS r; e. 01 .tue. mo" iaelr comrades in that company a mill- Chief Haager this.week to a reporter. "I Zl" '"I L . m1 " .7
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xue Dest evidence that Colonel Hon 01 aDor' wnere ne was one of the jfuuugoaai set 01 tue on stores alsobeine worked bv lue Sl0ry tnat 60016 01 t,le National Aoove an, an organization-the United
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proper ntnetfa. of the Nlca- Haager is efficient .nd capab.e PSKXTSKSSS'SK iJSS
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immediate sphere of American in-
Martin Sheehan,
in search of Lit .t.. .'1.: - 1....- 1- . ganizatioii of two eieht club leatrues. as in for the definite and sole nurnoer 1.....
the city bv the detectives and the nolice. th? when the American Association K the land restored to the people. In
I have received reports from many sted 19 uc'iR revived. As a matter of year also the Irish people are rapidly
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a vuuuk man very
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tue situations neid oy tne machine tend- un i... k.. , . : j ' record in TUvil1e l.at them nil w C1UD leaKuei signed six years ago, can not unequivocal degree of unity will prevail
wevi iu m mm our. soon. wuiki wum uuk unv c uccu nuuiumuuni .
While here he will endeavor to form a
We wish you a merry Christmas!
course, could not have been accomplished Lonaent
without vigilance unon the nart nf the
Ttxt many friends and acquaintances officers and men. Each one deserve. There are some men mean enough to whereby we look at our virtues through a
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crcuii, x am proua oi me iorce. Rod Y "a iuc .iuw.m-ww aim men com- wuaout jcnowiiu' t
union of the photo-engravers, and will be
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