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IkfT lIa P 1 1
Office tfoun Iron 8 to s Sun
SHndy 1
Greatest Gathering of Hiber
nians Ever Assembled in
Southern Indiana
Eloquent Addresses Delivered
by State mid County
The Good Work Done by a
Number of Energetic
Last Sunday waaVa gala day for the
Hibernians of New Albany when the
I largest1 gathering that ever assembled in
Soutttirn Indiana met in l Holy Trinity
C Ha1tt1s i t Division 1 of that city in
the c terndi o iiltfng fitysix memo
i bersD U the Diiiky and Daisy lines
t were c boiitell d tb run extra coaches to
nccotin idaWt1i throngs that attended
from Ihdtf f hdjefre Rvl11e There
waif noKa sfd tp dvsioh in Jefferson
j Bounty pr Floyd couuiy Indi that was
not wellf prented t
Some thud ago it was announced in
these columns that the New Albany Hi
bernians had received a letter from their
State President urging them to renewed
effort to increase their membership In
response thereto a special committee was
appointed early in December to carry out
President OHaras suggestions and how
I well they performed their duty was dent
onstrated Sunday afternoon when as fine
n body of men as could be found any
where were admitted to the order and
from this event wtl1 < date a new era in In
diana Hibernianism
Holy Trinity Hall which was taxed to
its capacity was handsomely decorated
in colors suitable to the occasion with a
magnificent portrait of St Patrick hang
ing over the chair occupied by President
Dan Walsh
Committees met the 2 and 230 oclock
> trains and escorted the visitors to the
hall when President Walsh ascended to
1 the Presidents chair and called the meet
ing Jo order Routine business was dis i
L posed of with dispatch and then Martin
licit State President of KenC ky was
introduced as the first speaker He was
given a hearty greeting but owing to the
great amount of work that remained to
be done he would consent to say only a
few words congratulating the New
Albany brethren not only on the immense
crowd on the inside but also the large
number on the outside waiting to gain
admission He demonstrated how living
np to the laws of the order would make
each one a better and more highly re
spected citizen and laid particular stress
upon the many fraternal advantages to
be derived from membership in the An
cient Order of Hibernians
James Coleman State Secretary for
Kentucky was the next speaker and he
dwelt at some length upon the noble pre
cepts of the order friendship unity and
true Christian charity and also the beau
b ties of the ritual Secretary Coleman is
a forcible speaker and his remarks were
not without leaving their impression
County President Patrick Kennedy
and John Morgan assisted by President
Patrick Sullivan and John J Barrett
then presented the fortyslx candidates
for initiation The ceremony was made
interesting i by John Barretts exemplifi
ratIon of the motto of the order during
which he complimented the candidates
and urged them to be zealous in their I
work for the society President Dan
Walsh hereupon adminsted the obliga
tion in a most impressive manner and
the occasion will live forever in the
memory of each and every one
County President John A Murphy was
4 next introduced and made one of his ex
cellent talks particularly addressed to
the Hew members and his reference to
the Boers aroused much enthusiasm
r president William Reilly and John
Kenny of Jeff ersonville also responded i
to calls and much regret was expressed
that James Dougherty could not remain
it tb address the meeting
f Prudent John Hennessy extended
cordial invitation to his New Albany
brethren to vjsit Division 4 He was fol
lowed by Patrick Sullivan whose de
scription of his hobbies created much
nprdent Frank Cunningham also ad
dreMed hinwelf to the young men just
admitted quoting sever l apt sayings of
President John Keating
David OConn ell exCounty Presi
dent of Jefferson county though Jilt
dbwtt on the programme made one of
the bits of the day He declared that for
q once be found hinwelf without anything
to uy and then proceeded with the de
0 Hyery of an unusually eloquent and witty
ddrcM during which he told of what a
Stood school the Ancient Order of Hiber
aUus WM for ita i inenben He eoa
eluded with a Mary that conyuUed liii
hearera with laughter and Pt down
mid round of ppplauce
oTfaere er na calls for John J Eagau
w ho rept1ed briely 11 did aaveral
Secretary John Flynn for the dlrWioB
acknowledged the iervices Of i the Mem
bership Committee in a spirited addtCM
a compliment deserved bestowed He
also paid a glowing tribute to the Ken
twcky It kh Amwi a oomn ndJng it to
iePI cc tz IUtVIdCS4
the following which was adopted by a I
I rising vote
Whereas We the members of Division
I A 0 H of Floyd county Ind ap
preciate the presence of Brothers Martin
Cusick State President of Kentucky
State Secretay James Coleman County
President John A Murphy County Presi
dent James Doherty Presidents William
T Meehan Patrick Sullivan John Hen
ncssy and Frank Cunningham of Louis
ville Williaitt Tidily of Jeffersonville
William M I ifarins I of the Kentucky
Irish American and the many dis
tinguished brothers from Louisville and
Jeffersonville in this initiation therefore
be it
Resolved That we extend to them our
heartfelt thanks for their presence this
afternoon and cordially invite them to
visit our division whenever possiblet li
When the visitors were leaving the re
ception committee passed around a box I
of excellent blue label cigars which were
greatly enjoyed
It would be out of place to attempt to
particularize among the members of the
New Albany division for the purpose of
bestowing credit for the marked success
of their undertaking but mention must
be made of County President Pat Ken
nedy County Secretary James OHara
County Treasurer John McBarron Presi
dent Dan Walsh Vice President John
Winn the Messrs Higgins Russell Con
tractor OHara exSheriff John Thornton
and John J Lyons to whose efforts is
mainly due the glory of the most success
ful and enthusiastic meeting of Hiber
nians held for many years in any of the
Falls Cities
John Egan will prove an invaluble
addition to the New Albany division
Will Schnell and Mike Flahive brought
up the rear Sunday but managed to
arrive on timeI I
Nothing will promote the growth of
the order as rapidly as frequent meetings
like that of last Sunday
Division 4 had the largest delegation
lest Sunday This made President Hen
nessy smile long though not loud
John J Lyons is not only the biggest
but the jolliest Hibernian in New Albany
and visitors should always meet him
Thomas Cleary the popular Firststreet
saloonist procured the rabbits foot and
bestowed it upon State president Cusick
All regretted the inability of Tom
Keenan the genial President of Divi
sion 1 to attend the New Albany exer
The Higginses of New Albany would
form the nucleus for a good division
There are nine of them > HKnibers ofDivl
slonir t <
Secretary John F Flynns handsome
recognition of the Kentucky Irish Amer
ican was heartily appreciated by its
I many friends
While Col Joe Taylor could not spend
the entire day with his Indiana friends
they were pleased with his presence and
I encouragementJohn
John Egan furnished much amuse
ment and his pronouncement on mar
riage was mirth provoking You wont
catch him napping
Dan McDonald of Division 4 headed
a lively delegation destined to keep to
the front the fact that the Mcs and Os
are as numerous as ever
Division 3 was represented over the
I river by Its President Joe Taylor John
Cavanaugh Phil Cavanaugh Edward
Malone and a large following
ExSheriff John Thornton came all the
way from Edwardsville to be at themeet
ing last Sunday His presence was
greatly appreciated by the members
Edward Malone of Division 3 one of
the old guard was one of the most inter
ested visitors to New Albany He sets a
worthy example for the young men for
which he deserves special recognition
President William Meehan John Bar
rett Con Ford John Kinney and Secre
tary Kenney certainly held up the repu
tation of Division 3 They added mate
natty to thepleasure the trip over the
John Cavanaugh Secretary of Division
3 is as well known across the river as in
Louisville His reception was a warm
one a crowd surrounding him all the
time There are few Hibernians more
popular than he
Jeffersonville was largely represented
In addition to the officers mentioned
elsewhere prominent among the delega
tion were Peter Madden Will Shea and
John Kenney who marshaled their forces
in excellent style
Division 1 furnished a representative
delegation in Mea John Mulloy Peter
Cusi k Thomas Cleary Louis Perranda
Patrick Listen James Keaue Tipi Lyons
the pioneer and the Hibernian reporter
foe the Kentucky Irish American
Among those who accompanied Presi
dent Hennessey were noticed Lieut
Jerry Halllhan Tom Lynch Harry
Brady John Helton Pat OHern
William Atwbro Edward Rafferty John
Glltoore Pat Burke Charles Callahan
and lat Kaue
Messrs OHara and Lee the well
known New Albany outwctor hut
week began the conelritction a twitch
that will ooaaect theJX I railroad
with the Hardwood Beat Works in i their
city The contraetIa big one and will
give employment toa number pT men
forht next two WeaL They have say
eral other in view sad the iadlc tioiM
ale that they willget the most important
work to be done thi season in Southern
A yougni girl is aePr too
The Irish Brigade With the
Boers In the Slcgo of
Liulysinithis I
s j
Americans Are husky Young I
Fellows From the Mid
die West
Red Necks Will Not Be Hot to
11 IK i ii
Bush Against the Green
The following letter l has just been reo
celved from James F Dunn a former
IrishAmerican resident of Lowell Mass
low a member of the Irish Brigade in the
Transvaal army It will prove interest
ing reading to the many who sympathize
with the Boars in their struggle for liber
ty because it bears the stamp of truth
I dont know whether you have heard
any news from here since the war start
ed and I ought to give you some of the
real facts of what is occurring This let
ter will reach you by way of Lorenzo
Marquez by the German mail line No
letter can go out of the Boer republics
through British sources as the letters
are opened read and destroyed The
English control the cables and I have
no doubt from what we hear in our
camps that the real condition of things
never reaches the outside world
When the war broke out most of the
mine owners speculators managers and I
even paid officials of the Rhodes clique
ran off to the Cape just asquickly as
trains could carry them The foreigners I
German French Irish Scotch and
even English who are called Outlanders
have joined the Doer army You must
remember that these are the men the I
British pretended they wish to help to
rescue from tyranny and all that and
yet they are in arms against the so I
called liberators
The fact is that all tire nonsense about
the wrongs of the Outlanders was cooked
up by the Rhodes gang for the English
papers I have lived here for two years
any wrongs political religious commer
cial or any other The men who wronged
and threatened and bulldozed the miners
I mean the working minerswere the
Rhodes crowd fellows of the Hammond
stamp who were getting fat salaries for
working the mines and the papers for
I their English bosses It < was d1 great pity
so far as humanity and liberty i rf were
coiicernedthatjaweson ii4ithd and
the rest of them were not strungup after
the raid
When the war broke out brigades of
foreigners were organized at once The
Germans have a brigade of 2000 men or
more nearly all men trained in the army
in Germany and commanded by men qf
their own country trained officers
There id a mixed brigade of French
Scotch and English who have their own
officers and they are doing good We
have an Irish brigade of over2600 the
majority of whom are men fromCalifornia
and the West with quite a sprinkling
I from the old country and the Cape Our
commander is Col Blake a West Pointer
who used to be in the regular cavalry at
home and a jim dandy a fighter and a
tactician that West Point maybe proud of
We are getting new men everyday
they come in from Lorenzo Marquez
and are from every country in Europe
and the States The Americans are
mostly husky young fellows from the
middle West who have served in the
Spanish war and the regular army and
we have quite a few from around Boston
New York and Philadelphia All these
fellowsIrish German and Yankget
into our brigade for they feel more at
home with us under officers and men
who have followed the old flag and they
are giving the Red Necks as the Boers
call them plenty of fun
It was our brigade we had about 1200
on the firing line that daythat scooped
In the Irish Fualleera at Dundee and
bad the Boer contingent had more ex
perience in military matters we could
have got the whole of Yules bunch horse
foot and wagons for I never saw a worse
beaten demoralized crowd than that
same British army They are mostly
pushing the Scotch and Irish regiments
against us and we are able to take care
of them They may have English regi
meats but they keep them balk in re
serve for we havent seen them though
we are red hot to get a crack at them
Gen Joubert is a foxy old chap and
refuses to let us take any chances that
are uacertatu and he is dfad agaiaat
nay EiillUry grand stand tactic He
wpat allow any charge or attack pa
fortified places ibe makes the BrUiU Op
that bwlittel and then he soaks them
The coMoqttence to bet ibe Ka li4i toe
five men killed and WOU Hd I where we
lose only one
The EuglUh artillery fc fairly good
though their guns lire not up to our but
their infantry and cavalry cant bit a
flock of foruti We ttrf now Intrenched
around L dy mUh with a strong force
down at the ford of the Tugejn intrench
lag and waiting for that advance of the
BrfHab we are prptaued and we him I
I Iota of cbramaadoa chasing dwz tbrptah1
Natal takeeD the fl1od QIii Sssv i
I We hivWhk n4 nbs tdOO5 i
< lf > >
cooped up in LadysJKiitb and we will get
the whole bunch asMre Shooting We
have the hills ovatlooking the town
which i is doyn in aMk 1 fortified and we
shell the place occafienally to keep them
guessing but we plaej reliance strongly
on dirt disease ami hunger to capture
them r
The town doesnt < nount to anything
but the Johnnies bare about 5000000
worth o arms mtilJtipns and supplies
tight place and hisvamp is tough heat
Bust rain mud a4 anxiety are our
allies and they are badly demoralized
They used to mate sbrties and rush
hills but we had ojders to drop back
and let them rush fend when they got
tired we occupied bSr old positions and
soaked them as lt y limped back to
camp They werei e ring themselves
out Afewdaysingd they came out in
strength and wheajtbe Doers retired
Blake held to our portion and we waited
for them running rt the green flag to
make them raw The Boers dont carry
bayonets the Irish brigade does
They shelled our position for an hour
dropping shells per laud beyond us but
doing no particular bgrm Blake passed
the word along t hel life t io wait and give
them a good fight 1
A real English retfjment came at our
position and thelr lifficers called and
urged them on I 1itt Cassidys COw
pany he is an Arizona man and we
have half a dozen fellows from Tucson
who are dead shots We lay low squint
ed over the breastwdckfl while our Tuc
son fellows tumbled over officer after
officer r
When they reached thefoot of the hill
Bake ordered us to Cease firingy and told
a few men from each company to yell
jump up and pretend to run away This
encouraged the Johnnies to cheer and
they came up thethlll panting and
shooting wildly When about 100 feet
from us we let them have it from Mau
ser Mannlicher andSMaxim and Blake
yelled f
Now boys give ihem a taste of the
reaMhing I
The cheer that we Wt pp could be heard
a mile off and we wit qver the Intrench
ments at them with the bayonet
Surprised You rfiver saw anything
like it A volley pont blank and then
the metal We weaj at them in good
Irish fashion and soq of the Yanks and
Ohio chaps were wilier than the Turks
The redcoats wouldnjt Stand for it but
went down the hill 0 a break and out
into the open sprintiNgijke greyhounds
We marched back about onesixth of
them 3Hd tbere iIY suauledlot I
lyingrcrsd thstttJatEag
Li ifle3 se prlto
let them have the bother of doctoring
They wont be very hot to rush a hill
with a green flag over it again imagine
The regiment was Gloucestershire or
some other such ilameI dont recall it
just now andif they dont get any better
material than that to fight us the English
are more likely to mar into the Indian
ocean than into the Transvaal
I suppose the English are rushing in
all the men they can get hold of but as
we have our backs to the mountains and
they have tocome at us over our own
fortified po itlpns they will need a quar
ir i of a million men to do the work
Counting those we have in the field
those at Pretoria and around and the
meitt who have come from Europe in two
months we can count up almost a hun
dred thousand men and we have supplies
tp last two years Our people are all
over the colony and we get all the news
there is to be had The accounts sent
out by the English come back to us and
the fellow that runs the intelligence de
partment and Bends out the news is a
star the noblest liar of them all You
want to take no stock whatever in him
we are all right The only thing we are
short of is doctors and medicines but we
blight to have a better staff of physicians
and an arnbnlande corps and I suppose
they will be organized JDjaS these
things are to arrive from Europe
The siege of the town drags along and
it may be two months before it surren
ders We are going to move down to
ward Colensb in a couple pf days leav
ing about 500 of our brigade as support
fptthe siege train The Boer commandos
and recruits from Natal will l be put on
duty here to watch White for we can
b9ld them with green men while the
seasoned fellows go down toward the
Tugela The German steamer sails In a
couple of d ysandUtisJ letter will go by
that if It catches ttaerindisi boat in sea
son you ought to get it by the new year
write again Address we at Pretoria
Casaidys company of Col 8 lakes com
mando aDd Ill get it in good time if
Iln alive JAMES F DUNN
capt Hike UwJ r the wellknown
contractor who was in the city for a ref
days this week has returned to Aurora
lad where he baa a large force of men
employed building new bridge for the
B 0 S W lUHway Company tonf
fig tlie last three HWtrtlw Mr UwlerlMls
rebuilt several bridgM for the JI O s1
W In Indiana and has contracts IbM
will hap Wta libel may wm buiy uU
the Close of the yew lioo some of them 1 j
ninninf well p in the tndUMndi Hei a
4 practical workman himself End Jii
many riend here are gratified over his
RB mmfi
The Dominican father sic taking a
religion census oi their congregation
number of comma niattte pewholden
etc They hope b i bring into the fold
a great taftttyof j t who 1v lin
Olivers Who Will Guido Lead j
ing Catholic Societies
This Year
4 > >
Branch 2 Catholic Knights
and ljtrIW ssHllII1
i if thoXead Q
Annual Reports Wore Encour
aging and Membership
V s
During the past two weeks tbejnany
Catholic fraternal societies inInsville
held their annual meetings and installed
officers for the ensuing year It is grat
ifying to note that in each case a sub
stantial and solid growth has been
reported both numerically and finan
daily There are few if any fraternal
organizations that pay sick and death
claims with the promptn ss which dis
tingulsbes the Catholic Knights and Cath
olic Knights and Ladies Of America
The two organizations also provide
various forms of amusement and enter
tainment for their members which add
much to their popularity and the benefits
Branch 2 of the Catholic Knights and
Ladles of America still continues the
banner branch of that order with over
400 members in good standing Effort
will be made to increase the number to
500 ere the semiannual reports are due
The report of the Treasurer Miss Mary
Hayden who was recently assaulted and
robbed by Harry Marks showed the
branch to be in better financial condi
tion than ever before There was a large
attendance to witness the installation and
the occasion was a pleasant one The
following are the officers for the ensuing
year PresidentrPatrick Holley
Vice President John J Reilly
Recording Secretary Miss Mary i Slier
idan j I
Financial Secretary Jamea Coleman
Assistant Miss MaryCorcoran
Trisst1rerMiss Ma Hayden iit i
i 11
t > Y
The annual meeting of Branch 96 of
the Catholic Knights and Ladies of
America was alsoan unusually interest
ing one with a large attendance of memo
bers The reports of the officers were
very encouraging and the suggestions
contained therein will when carried out
add many new members After the
installation the members were pleasantly
entertained Officers were installed as
President Michael Lyons
Vjce President D McDonald
Recording Secretary Miss Annie Sul
livan Financial SecretaryThomas Con
TreasurerMrs Robert Mitchell
Seargeantatarms Bob Mitchell
Branch 23 of the Catholic Knights of
America installed the following officers
at its last meeting
PresidentPatrick Flaherty
Vice PresidentJohn T Lyons
Recording Secretary P Holley
Financial SecretaryThomas Henley
Treasurer William McDonald
Trustees George Burkholder William
Corrigan and Thomas Kennedy
Sergeant torms Thomas Tierney
Sentinel Michael McCoy
After the installation there were sev
eral interesting talks for the good of the
order by leading members and the large
attendance pronounced the meeting the
most satisfactory held for a long time
The new officers all pledged themselves I I
to an earnest effort to increase the mem
bership which has been enjoying a steady
Inventor of the Electric Block
Signal System and
I Author
iWHllam J Murphy who was recently
made General Managerof the Queea
Crescent railway system ind the In
v ntoti of the electric block signal system
seems destined to become one of the lead
ing railroad men of the country Besides
befog an inventor 1eJ js becoming famous
as an author two of his productions oae
of them Three Yanks Abroad having
btett published in nearly all the leading
Recently he baa written a book on
Instructions ts Railroad Meitandhla
WggwUons are Wtag adopted by all I
roads and will shortly come Into general I
I Manager1 Xtttyfay Hfe ift only aaether
1tuatrat1ono1 wltatI hpIa 1calld perM
verttnce cen accomplish when pfoperljr
applied Jor niany yearf beltaa uI ed
in Lexington but iii ta new duties will
n cealtBte hiIi removal to Cincinnati
much to tb v regwt of the Lexing siLiis
u p
The new night watch ayrtem ha Lint
eridt t unqaefltionably a vt improve
uwnI on gki order but it ill a q
1M h L2My tQ
Hpay the piper over the first battle in
which the force was trainwaysF F
scheme for the introduction of tramways
evoked considerable heat and excitement
In the city and in the interest of peace
and good order it was necessary to pre
vent unlimited admission to the Council
chamber For the purpose a number of
the night watch were placed on dutyat I
the main entrance William OBrien of
Shanagolden sought admission and states
he received from the guardians of the
door some nasty cuts on the head It is
not denied that he was so Injuredthere
was too much physical proof of the fact
but it is alleged that at the time a mob
stormed the door and in the melee be
tween the watch and the besieging party
OBrien unfortunately got injured The
Councils law agent has advised that in
that circumstance no action can be
brought against the council Mr Moran
solicitor and memberof the council has
on behalf of OBrien served a writ for
damages on the council The case will
involve some rather interesting points of
law as to the legal status of the watch
Views of Ireland and Boer
land and Lecture at
Library Hall
The sale of tickets for the illustrated
lecture on Ireland and Boerlnnd by Rev
Father Eugene Sheehy of Limerick Ire
land at Library Hall on Tuesday even
ing January 30 has assumed large pro
portions Letters calling for tickets are
being received daily from the surround
ing towns and the indications are that
his audience will be a brilliant one
Father Sheehy will present between
300 and 400 views embracing an epitome
and history of Ireland born of a special
knowledge of locality and traditions
and will dissipate many false concep
tions The Ireland of today is not the
Ireland of thirty years ago She is now
progressing rapidly onward and upward
in every corner and county
His views of Ladysmith Kimberley
Pretoria Mafeking and the Transvaal
will J furnish a vivid realistic and inter
esting history of the Godfearing Boers
and their country surpassing anything
of the kind ever seen in Louisville
Father Shechys sympathies are with the
Boers and a rare treat is in store for the
friends of Oom Paul Kruger
In addition to the foregoing several
vocal and instrumental selections will be
rcmlercd hiy prominent tieiiibers of the
1 t45C1iWOddThCfH1lPKi5flii1iCI
will be fovmd itfpur colutnnsJiext eekTil t I
Reserved seats have been placed on sale i
at the stcre of John MUlloy in the
Library Hall building Fourth avenue
Mother of Rev Patrick M
Kolleher Dies In
The fatal news came to Rev Father
Patrick M Kelleher the beloved assist
ant pastor of St Patricks church that
his mother had departed this life on
Wednesday morning January 10 in Ire I
land Our readers can well imagine his
grief over his great affliction and lieI I I
hearts of the entire congregation go out
to him in sympathy in losing one whom
he loved so dearly I
Mrs Elizabeth Kelleher was an ex emI I
plary lady her life like unto a flower
sweet and beautiful yet humble and unostentatiOus
unI I
ostentatious Her church was the only
hope she would place any confidence inI I
and was the foundation of her life She I
was a devoted wife and loving mpther i I
and is now enjoying the reward of her j I
Heavenly Father which she so richly
deserved I I
A solemn requiem mass was sung MII ti i I
day morning at St Patricks for the re
pose of her soul by Rev Father Kelleher I
assisted by Monsignor Gambon and i I j
Father Mlnch The church was crowded t
and a glance showed the sorrow that was I I I
felt for the celebrant It was a sight
1 I
most beautiful and the services were
wersI I
very impressive Father Kelleher has I j
our heartfelt sympathy in the loss of his I
mother who Is now cnjoying a glorious I
reception with the angels in her new but
brighter home
wib 1
Has Resumed Its Enjoyable J tt I I
Literary Entertain
The Aquinas Union reopened its liter
ary entertainments last Monday evening
with a very enjoyable programme ar i
ranged specially for the occasion The i
many friends of this popular Limerick
organization will hail the announcement
ihat their literary sessions will be held I
every month hereafter and the officers of f i
the union will make an extra effort toI I
talent obtainable Ths
procure the best i
following programme was rendered last t
Monday evening I
Introductory President John J CroUy
Piano Duet Mise Rose and Fannie
AddreseReY B P Logan
Vocal Solo with violin obligate and I
piano acc l11lwt MWM Myrtle Pi
nut and laezjBradabaw sod Ralph Pol l
11 AallN John Clotty
Vocal 8olo Ml9 Row Twnptitt
Artdrm Hon Matt OOoherty
An election of Director wUl take place
fobdair wmlnK The mzt kursry meet
ing ilhi be be1tfn4wuar7
We kM M Mrcr Mtow
isever1lowOur I
curtains at zee a pair gives el
tire satisfaction Work calM 1
for and delivered Firstclass
serlce MAD BABBY 625 Sec
pad Sf Telephone 2W1
St Cecilias Branch Initiates
First Lady Member in
the Order
Last Meeting Will Live Long
in the Memory of Those
Pleasing and Witty Address
Delivered by Miss Mari
The last meeting of Branch 14 of the
Catholic Knights of America held in St
Cecilias Hall was a rousing and enthus
iastic one which will live long in the
memory of those present Supreme Trus
tee C W Smith State Secretary Veene
man and a number of visiting Knights
were present After the routine work of
the branch was completed came the la
stallation of the newly elected officers
under the guidance of Supreme Trustee
Smith who acquitted himself with that
grace and dignity for which he is pro
verbial He read the ritual to the newly
elected officers after which they assumed
their respective stations and Secretary
Hamel announced that the initiation of
Miss Mary Louise Fackler the first lady
to be admitted to the Catholic Knights
of America in Kentucky was in order
That charming and accomplished young
lady at once advanced to the presiding
officer when her certificate of member
ship was read and signed Supreme Trus
tee Smith then conferred the degree of
knighthood in his happy style followed
by a neat little speech in which he stated
that St Cecilias branch was the one he
first visited upon being elected to the
office of First Supreme President wish
ing to read his letter of acceptance to
Rev Father Rock then pastor of the
church This branch was one of the
oldest in the order and it is but meet
that in the natural order of things this
initiation should prove as great a success
as that which their noble order had at
tained Trustee Smith declared the con
iMKawiBy ffiim lie is1 degree on the first r t Iv
Ji Lik 0 Ui
agreeattlc act lie hail beei n yet called v °
Ita perform As many were aware he had
been opposed to the admission of females
at the beginning of the movement but
was now the champion of their cause
and hoped to sec many wives daughters
and sweethearts enroll themselves under
the banner of the Catholic Knights of
America He concluded his remarks by
congratulating Miss Fackler
Miss Fackler responded in a few well
chosen words which were well received
and made a most favorable impression
Among other things she said
Brother Knights In response to the
very cordial welcome you have given
me in becoming a member of this
order I must say that aside from the
lucrative value of the question it is cer
Ilucratlvc pleasure to me to become a mem
ber of this esteemed order of Catholic
Knights Knights yes such you are
and in as praiseworthy a way as were the
Knights of old The Knights of Romance
who fought so gallantly for their lady
loves the Knights of the Crusades and
countless others battled and struggled
manfully for ends which regarded In
the light that Catholicity views your
noble cause were little more than paltry
Edmund Burke says the age of chivalry is
past but as among other courtesies you
hold out to us women the prerogative of
knighthood itself I feel convinced Jto
the contrary
IThe necessities of the age have made
many of us breadwinners and you in
recognition of our ability in this position
hold out to us when that ability fails
the benefits of a membership in your
noble order Yet after all it seem to
me the order would have never reached
its perfection without this crowning
accomplishment the admission of wo
men for from sundry outbreaks or
intrusions perhaps I glean that there
must bave been tnuruiurings in the Eve
less Eden and I rejoice to think that the
true significance of our Saviors word
has at length dawned upon you that it
is not good for a man to be I0I1t1
Upon the conclusion of her rewarkr
she was warmly applauded
State Secretary Veeueman also tee
mined the branch with pertinent remarks
for the good of the order which were ap
predated Before adjourning a delegate
to the State Council which meet re
in September was chosen Fjire candi
dates were placed in nouiijwtfdn but ail
withdrew and the election of Loute
Hamel was made by acclamation The
proceedings were then brought to a close
the members all congratulating Miss
Fackler and the new officer Winning
Friends of Charlie McCarthy the pop
ular jail turnkey are congratulating him
because of the arrival of a bouncing little
baby boy at his home 720 OUlham street
lat Wednesday afternoon There i tl
quite a lively competition for tiiejpriv
a P of being thi cl1i1dGcxUalherwit h
M a t McAluiffe JiiB Ross and Jimmy
IJHeffernanclpaely bunched fdrUie honor
I Savages wear nose rings Civilied
I women wear earrinjp

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