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F KwrUcKY nu a iixcw c
If nn
t Devoted to the Moral and Social Advancement of all Irish Americans
RHtered at the Louisville Postoftlco as SecoNd Class Matter
Miwsa1l < C lllII slcatl nl to the KENTUCKY IRISH AMERICAN 326 West Qreei Street
The Kentucky Irish American
has eschewed partisan politics lea n
lug the politicians to their fight
It is only when partisanism has de
veloped into bigotry or personal in
justice or sought to mislead our
people into a course unjust and de
trimental to themselves that we
have interposed to expose the
falsehood or defend the individual
We are the organ of no political l
party owe none of them anything
and expect nothing from them
indePendene e t t
as a hog on ice Weave fully aware
that politicians and those whose
interests are political or whose par
tisanism blinds their judgment and l
blunts their sense of right have
disapproved and even denounce I
r our course For this we care noth
ing except so far as they may tend l
to influence others in their effort to t
serve their political masters though I
he whose only argument is denun
ciation generally has a poor case
Our defense if it can be called a I
defense of Col John H Whallen I
has been criticised to some extent t
by indiyivuals who not content t
with disapproving our course have
exaggerated misrepresented and l
added thereto and heaped abuse
upon us and Col Whallen Now I
we know that many of those zeal
ous advocates of the cause of those
under whom they hold their petty
political offices contracts or jobs
owe their all to the friendship and
ofCo1 Whallen in days
a tl
It 111 elr enmclln
= of him only prove themselves in
grates as well as subservient tools I
to those who have no love for the
Irish and will apply a vigorous i
kick when they have no further
tote for them Of this they will in due
time have indisputable proof as the
scheme is already under way since
the new allies of their masters must
be rewarded by something more
than has been done for them
But as to Col Whallen In poli
tics he Isa politician as shrewd as
the shrewdest So long as the
attacks on him were political it was
none of our affair and we did not
interfere But the present effort to
besmirch and injure Col Whallen
r while due to partisan politics is not
politicainor prompted by politics itI I
is bigoted malice undertaken toI I
gratify the antiIrish element re
cently brought into the camp of theI I
v Democratic 0 managers of this
city This element which for a
time controlled the Republicans I
locally and was kicked out after
floundering around have landedI I
and cs is developed by investiga I
tion played an unsavory part in
the election in this city Whal
leu they hate and delight in any
thing to his detrimentnot because
dfot hiii politics but because of his
1natIcns iUty and religion It is time
the Irish regardless of politics i
should know this
Col Whallen has no interest I
whatever in this paper He owes I
us nothing We have not always I
agreed with him politically But I
politics aside Col Whalleu as a I
man a citizen in business in I
o charity in his relations with his J
fellow men is the peer of any and 1
in integrity worth and benefit to J
the community is the superior of 1
r noxsmalf number of his traducers 1
but he is Irish and that is enough 4
to fuatify any assault upon him if J
he dares to differ with and refuses
to aid the schemes of those who 4
now denounce and would persecute
him though not Jo lq they
sought his advice and assistance in 4
every undertakingp i
There may be grounds for the I
charges against Col WtutUoi bat 1
the courts will settle that and Col
Whallen is as he has always been I
anxious for a speedy trial The
animus has been shown by his ene
lilies in exaggerating and misrepre
senting the case and in striving in i I
every way to defer a trial deprive
him of every right and opportunity
under the law and to hound and
humiliate him Their charge of
bribery has after hearing only the
prosecuting evidence resulted in an
indictment for conspiring to at
tempt bribery a misdemeanor
and his bond reduced from 10000 I
to 1000 But even with this he
is denied a trial till next Thursday
and it is now known it will not
occur then
The same effort and every tech
nicality that able attorneys could
devise have been applied to defer
even an examining trial of Senator
Harrel whom Whallen is charged
with attempting to bribe and whom
Whallen charges with obtaining
money under false pretenses His
hearing is set for the 27th but it is
not likely to occur them The whole
scheme is plainto subject Col
Whallen to the humiliation and
odium of a criminal under charges
without the opportunity to prove
his innocence or the guilt of the
man who accused him and all for
the sake of gaining some political
advantage and gratifying the bigo
try of the new recruits who are
also led to expect to fill the posi
tions held by some of those Irish
men now joining in condemnation
of W allenro iti c
CLw a
> fR
We hope not but it is just such
action on the part of employers that
causes most of the serious labor
troubles We allude to the arbi
trary refusal of the Louisville City
Railway Company officials to meet
and confer with representatives of
their employes concerning matters
mutual between themdespite all
assumption to the contrary as much I
the business of the employes as of
the company for both are interested
therein The employes presented
their request as to hours wages
etc in a respectful way and the
reply of the company was equally I
so So far so good But the sub
sequent refusal of the companys
officials to meet the representatives
of the employes who do not con
sider the answer satisfactory is not
only improper but it is unjust to
the employes who have been faith
ful have conducted themselves or
derly and respectfully and it is
wrong from every standpoint in thisI I
country and contrary to every sense
of right of the American people
President Minarys reasons which
he states are those of the Directors
are not sufficient to justify their I
position nor their course They
claim that their duty is to manage
the affairs of the company for the
stockholders who elected them
True and they properly exercise
the right to speak and act for the
stockholders While not specifically
denying the right of their employes
to organize and act jointly they do
so in effect when reusing to meet i
and confer with representatives selected
lected and authorized by their em
ployes The Directors rightfully
protest against interference with its
business by outsiders but an emJ J
ploye is not an outsider and r is fully
entitled by law and justice j to a
hearing and a voice so far as his
relations with the company are con 4
cunedI I
Tie denial of that right tb at J
ways erased trouble becmode it it
denying a legal and Just j right It j
is a tOIl of law if not in I > letter I
in spirit and such lawlwaMtt ob J
the 1t of mnptoytfli > his otped J
tJ f <
i J
f of
resorts to violence and is the chief
impetus to the spread of socialism
and anarchy and the sentiment
against corporations which enjoy
privileges under the law and use
their power to deprive others of
their legal rights The right of the
employes to be heard through their
representatives is precisely the same
right on which President binary
and the Directors speak and act for
the stockholdersthat they have
been selected and authorized to do
so If President Minary means that
the employes have no right tp select
and authorize others to represent
them then he denies to them a
right exercised by the stockholders
of the company utterly ignoring
the law which makes no distinc
tions but recognizes all men as free
and equaland in this country all
employes are men with rights equal
to the employer This point has
sentiment of the public is con
cerned It is true it has cost much
of money hardship loss of proper
ty life and limb but after all it had
to be conceded by those who denied
it and we are indeed sorry to note
ethat the officials of the Louisville
City Railway Company are among
those antiquated behind the times
and still refusing to see and under
stand the progressive phase of the
labor question based upon justice
and reason resulting in peace mu
tual respect and cooperation of em
ployer and employe but prefer to
adhere to the ancient idea of master
and manthe man silently and pa
tiently subservient to the masters
We hope the railway officials will
be induced to forego their ultima
tum and treat their employes with
the courtesy and justice they de
serve If their requests are un
just or unreasonable or would be
injurious to the interests of the
company a friendly conference
will easily demonstrate it the re
quests will be modified the griev
ances explained away or remedied
all trouble avoided and the rela
tion of the company with its emr
P ioYesbecoitiecordi1 h4eel tttk
their interests are mutual confident
that each will treat the other fairly
and there will be harmony and
good will with a sense of security
against strikes or lockouts the
cause for which will be removed
There can be no harm come from
the company agreeing to receive
and confer with representatives of
its employes and amicably settling
differences Much harm not only
to the company but to the city and
its people may come from its per
sisting in its refusal to do so the
entire blame for which will rest
upon the officials of the railway
company And with all due regard
ation they have not the right
to force a strike with
its attendant inconvenience loss
disturbance of the peace and men
ace to life andproperty of the com
munity merely to carry out their
idea that their employes must
accept what is given them without
Poor old England Having spent
IOOOOQOOQ and lost 10000 men
with only disaster to show for it in
the Boer war she now calls for an
other 100000000 and recruits
And having accepted volunteers
from Canada and Australia she will
accept more colonial volunteers
and Canada is called upon to ap
propriate 3000000 to equip and
maintain her volunteers
A rumor that a part of Butlers
force has crossed Tugela river has
set London wild with enthusiasm
It takes little sometime to enthuse
a fallow with the blues Further
results may prove that it would
have been better not to cross Tugela
river it was o the other time Bui
her sent a force across that river
Most of them failing to rttara
TM in gucti m of British acre
cesses in South Africa0 has worn
off and fail to revive the depression
in London stock market Nelnr the
censor reports jw news from day
to day and the stock speculators
are on the ragged edge A red
British tfefegy it aiitfciUifl now
Just wait till thi t yeomanry get
to Africa those dwSelets who claim
proficiency as horsemen in fox hunts
and as marksmen ia shooting snow
birds Each of them has an outfit
of clothing and toilet articles that
suggest a pleasure trip They will
prove novelties fot the Boersif
the yeomanry ever get in reach of
the enemy N
Father Sheehy should be greeted
by the largest audience ever assem
bled in Library H 1on Tuesday
evening January 30 None have
endured more hardships for love of
the old land than be who was im
prisoned for his devotion to the
national cause His views of Ireland
and Boreland make one feel they
were there again
The Kentucky Irish American
was honored with a call from
William Mahone national Presi 1
dent of the Amalgamated Associa
tion of Street Railway Employes
He is an honor to the organization
he represents and we sincerely
trust his mission here may be
crowned with success
Even Italy calls England down
for seizing an Italian ship loaded
with sulphur claiming sulphur is
not contraband a point so decided
in the late Spanish American war
when Spain had to eliminate it from
her list of contraband ssubject to
The turnout of Hibernians over
the river last Sunday will remain a
pleasant memory in the minds of I
all who participated Our Hoosier I
brethren did nobly May their suc
cess continue
There are some city officials in
Frankfort trying to swear away the
vote of Louisville in the last elec
tion who may find it hard for them
to get that vote in the future when
they want it
Those who fail to hear Eugene V
Debs this evening will make a ser
ious mistake His lecture on Labor
and liberty can gbtbe equaled by
n 1 btieootJ 19u bUtt
An interesting article from the
pen of Col R M Kelly on the his
tory of the famous Irish Brigade of
one hundred years ago will appear
in our columns next week
If you toot your little tooter and then lay
aside your horn
Theres not a soul in ten short days will
know that you were born
The man who gathers pumpkins is the
man who plows all day
And the man who keeps ahumping fa the
gent who makes it pay
The man who advertises with a short and
sudden jerk
Is the man whO blames the printer be
cause it didnt work
The gent who gets the business has a
long and steady pull
And keeps the local paper for years and
years quite full
He plans his advertisements a thought
ful honest way
And keeps forever at It until he makes it
He has faith in all the future can with
stand a sudden shock
And like the man of Scripture has his
business on a rock
Kfngsley Times
One secret of a sweet and happy Chris
tiara life is learning to live by the day It
It the long stretches that tire us We
think of life as a whole running on for
us We can not carry this until we are
three score and ten We can not fight
this battle continually for half a century
But really there are HO lOng stretches
Life does not come to ue all at one time
it comeS only a day at a time Even to
morrow is never outs till It becomes to
day and we have nothing whatever to do
with it but to paM down to it a fair and a
good inheritance iu todays work well
done and todays life well lived It is a
blessed secret this of living by the day
Any one can carry hid burden however
heavy till nightfall Any one Call do
Ids work however hard for one day
Any one can live gweetly patiently lov
ingly purely till the sun goes down
And this Is all that life ever really means
to is tone little day Do todays
likty fight todays teuijptatlona ami do
not weaken and dfartraci yourself by look
lag forward to things you can not see
cud could not uad irUnd if you saw
them God givM ns nights to shut
down the curtain of darkMM on our little
days We caa not nee beyond Short
liorkon make me eskr and give iii
me of the UeMed tocfcka of brave true > I
Ltfiy Jiving
Thu Till IO
Obi Angelica if > w only knew liverY
lOve yov you would not be 10 formal with
me Call me tad daring call me
bat ii its t 7 > ta tQ stall
c < I
John Kerberg spent the week in Bards
town mingling business with pleasure
Miss Bettle Cook spent last week visit
ing Miss Eleanor Wickliffe in Bardstown
IMiss Mary Agnes Mattlugly of Bards
town was here this week visiting friends
Miss Ida Raidy was one of the lucky
prize winners at the euchre given by Trin
ity Council
James Reagan the popular saloonlst
paid his first visit to West Baden Springs
this past week
Henry Brown has this week been en
joying the benefits to be derived at West
Baden Springs
The Cromwell Club will entertain Its
friends with another enjoyable dance
Thursday evening
Richard Tafel the wellknown jeweler
11was among the Loulsvilllans at West
Baden Springs this week
Miss Carrie Fitzgerald will leave next
week for a protracted visit with friends
in Richmond and Chicago
Miss Allis Moore one of Midways
prettiest girls was here this week visit
ing her sister Mrs Joseph Bryan
Jack McQucse was in Limerick Suuday
afternoon visiting his friends If be
missed any Jack has not heard of them
so far
Miss Daisy OBrien who has been
spending the winter with friends in this
city has returned to her home in Mil
Officer Mike Hogans friends say that
he is always anxious to watch a particular
beat because of a pretty little widow who
lives on it
Miss Mildred Kelly one of the society
favorites of Pittsburg spent the week
here as the guest of Miss Mary Agnes
The Ladies Auxiliary of Mackin Coun
cil are preparing a dance for the near
future that will be the event of the West
End social season
George Dehler Jr the successful
hardware merchant and several of his
friends paid a visit to West Baden
Springs this week
Miss Marguerite Burke left Tuesday
for her home near Jeffefsontown after
spending several weeks with Mrs Robert
Burke in Portland
The many friends of Mrs Van Roenn
will regret to learn that she has been
confined ho her residence on Portland
avenue owing to illness
iLiljioSchrdibcrwaselecteal Pres
ident of the Indies Auxllary of Mackin
Council Monday evening She will
carry the honor gracefully
Mr B J Dawson has returned from
New Haven where he went to be present
at the wedding of his cousin Richard
DaWson which occurred Wednesday
Those of Fred Dettllngers friends who
were willing to bet a short time ago that he
would always be a bachelor are now try
ing to hedge and bet the other way
Mrs Thomas Cody of West Jefferson
street spent the past week in Lexington
as the guest of Mrs William J Murphy
wife of the General Manager of the
Queen Crescent
Mr and Mrs Dennis Shanahan and
son are in Chicago the guests of Mrs
Shanahans parents They will visit Du
luth and other cities in the Northwest
before their return u
Thomas Cody the popular representa
tive of theSenn Ackerman Brewing
Compauy returned this week from Lex
iugton where he spent several days visit
ing friends and former associates
Miss Marie Louise Fackler the first
lady member of the Catholic Knights of
America was recently presented with a
handsome gold ring fittingly Inscribed
as a memento of the pleasant event
Will Schnell and Mike FJahlve will
have a hard time losing their brother
members the next time there is a Hiber
nian greeting in New Albany as those
two slipped away from the crowd last
Sunday to call on some young ladies
Mrs Ben Corrigan Underhill street
has returned from Philadelphia where
she spent the last six weeks visiting rela
fives and friends Mrs Corrigan was the
recipient ot marked social attention sev
eral receptions being held In her honor
The Ladies Auxiliary of the Leo Club
will give a euchre at Music Hall Wed
nesday afternoon and night January 24
The proceeds are to be used for a worthy
ease Handsome prizes will be awarded
There will be a dance after the night
Dude Rumor has it that Charles Krc
mer of Jeffersonville will shortly wed
OHC ef the prettiest Irish girls in New
Albany The lucky groom tObe is as
sociate with Ike Norman find is popular
witk tile uwrcliauts and all others doing i
btuiMM in the vicinity of Fourth and
Maim streets I
MiM Karwc Fjbfrtrick DM of the I
pettiest and most popular young ladies
m the Wt End contemplates leaviag
far the Et tartly for the purpose of
Mpleting her muikal education the
ktke poMWMor of a voice of exceptional
fern and beady and iq iIw per
iammtf of ntra ability
The Record iajrfl MrtGarrett Zee gave
a bowline party Thursday evening ia
honor o < tree M JMcCl ak y of this
city who SMBt t the week u dill cala i
tt so acrd toShslb 1 Abort
sent a dall had a delightful time A
palatable supper was served after the
completion of the bowling contests
Cards are out for the wedding of Miss
Cecilia Beatty and Edward Andler which
occurs at the Cathedral on Wednesday
afternoon January 31 at 4 oclock The
brideelect is the daughter of Mr and
Mrs Patrick Beatty West Chestnut
street noted for her charming manner
and amiable disposition Mr Andler is
one of the leading young men of Sedalia
Mo where they will make their home
after February 16
That was an enjoyable evening Mon
day January 15 which was spent by a
few friends at the pleasant home of Mr
James Wolfe Eight and Oldham Music
and song added their charm and the
festive hours on golden wings sped
rapidly away Mrs Wolfe is a superb
hostess Nothing is left undone for her
friends to have a truly delightful time
and these small reunions are to those
who participate in them bright and
cheery spot in the journey of life
The marriage of Miss Bertha Bachmann
and John Moeller will take place at the
residence of the brides parents Wednes
day afternoon The brideelect who is
the charming daughter of Councilman
Bachmann is quite a favorite in East End
German society circles Mr Moeller is
one of the firm of Moeller Bros at Han
cock and Gray streets and the announce
ment will be read with pleasure by his
large number of friends A reception
and wedding dinner will follow the cere
mony after which the newly wedded
couple will leave for the East where
they will spend their honeymoon
England says Im dying fast
Sighs the Shan Van Vochtl
That my days of strength are past
Sighs the Shan Van Vocht
For my sons no more unite
In the sacred cause of right
But are weary of the fight
Says the Shan Van Vochtl
Oh wishes are not facts
Laughs the Shan Van Vocht
Oh intentions would be acts
Says the Shan Van Vocht
IINot for Englands loud applause I
Not for dread of penal laws
Would they eer forsake my cause
Says the Shan Van Vochtl
Until freedom lose her charm
Says the Shan Van Vocht
And slavery its alarm
Says the Shan Van Vocht
Young blood shall run as high
As in Brians veins gone by
When he forced the Danes to fly
Says the Shan Van Vocht
True the wind of heavens breath
Sobs the Shan Van Vocht
Oftentimes seem charged with death
Sobs the Shan Van Vocht
Even now it may bestow
11j ttaitors kiss otwoei 4 gu
On the plains of fair Mayo
Sobs the Shan Van Vocht
But I know the day must break
Cries the Shan Van Vocht
When for motherlands dear sake
Cries the Shan Van Vochtl
All mine exiled sons shall stand
Hearts on fire swords in hand
To do battle for the land
Of the Shan Van Vocht
As sensible men and women give more
and more time and thought to the care of
their health walking steadily grows in
favor There is only one way to keep
well and that is to exercise rationally
And of all the forms of exercise walking
gives the best results with the least in
terference with those mental activities
which are or ought to be the chief occu
pation of every civilized being A man
who eats two meals a day going out at
midday not for luncheon but for a
walk will not have a family physician
If a dish of cold water is kept in a
cake box it will keep the cake clear and
moist The water should be renewed
every twenty four hours
Never scald woolens Wash in warm
soap suds rinse in lukewarm water twice
Stretch lengthwise repeating at Intervals
while drying to prevent shrinking
To prevent rugs front curling at the
corners bind them on the under edge
with a piece of narrow webbing like that
used to keep furniture springs in place
The finest of manicure acids is made
by putting a teaspoonful of lemon juice
in a cupful of warm water This removes
most stains from the fingers and nails
and loosens cuticle more satisfatorly than
can be done by the use of a sharp instru
meutEggs contain a large amount of nutri
ment in J compact quickly available
form Eggs especially the yolks of
eggs are usefnl in jaundice Beaten up
raw with Migar arc used to clear and
strengthen the voice With sugar and
lemon juice the beaten white of eggs is
used so relieve hoarseness
Gloss for shirt fronts is made as fol
lows Pound two ounces of fine white
gum arable toa powder put It in a
pitcher and pour over it one pint of boll
lug water Carefully pour from the
dregs into a clean bottle Cork it and
keep for use One tablespoon stirred in
to a pint of starch produces a lovely
glass on linen and is quite harmless to
the materials
Get a large sheet or tablecloth and a
MUll feather Haw the company take
hold of the edge of the sheet and form a
ring Then some one blow the feather
into the air and all moat do their part to
keep it In the air and not let it touch
any one and aoit is bloat from one side
to another while the effort made to
keep it floating are very funny Some
time In the excitement of keeping the
feather tin sonic onejtiU fet all about
holding the sheet pgi then man
I excitement and Jnn
Stro off
Matinee daily at 215 Night at 815
Popular Prices lOc 15c 25c 35c and
50c No higher
i Matinees Bnndty Monday Wednesday 8aturd r
Buries u e rsi i
And a real burlesque with funny
comedians new ideas new
songs aifd new dacesi i
Saturday Evening January 20
at 8 Oclock
I EVOf7manandwoman
EVOf7manandwomani i
trialfmodom0 Subecct
trial froodom SnbJect
Wo haro board threo of the firo great
orators of tho world Bryan Cochran
and lebu and the greatest of these
i Dob8AnlC ArturEvinlnf Tints
Tickets 25 Cents
No extra charge for reserved seats
eet + ww
629 Eighth St and Highland and
Baxter Avenues
Vanilla and Lemon per gal 76c
Fruits and Chocolates per gal 85c
Coffee and Banana per gal 86c
Almond and Macaroon per gal 100
Bisque and Tuttifnitti flOO to 125
Bricks and Euchre100
Sherbets and Ices A 475o
Finest Fruit Cake per lb 20c
All kinds of Fine Cakes made and or
namented to order Candy Pulliugs
served on short notice
A specialty It is the purest and best
Telephones 2144 and 2588
8Special rates to hotels dealers and
large orders
Walsh the Tailor
Complete Linei i
N W Cor Nineteenth and Duncan
Fine Lunch and Music Saturday Night
Private Dining Rooms Open Day and
Night Best of Wines and Cigars
1907 Wt Main Stntt louiiyillt
itJ1iQfo eNfnstksd P1JrtIaA
JOHN K 1 tcwis Y
Telephones 10971840

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