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Hibernians Will Celebrate in
Ills Honor at Masonic
Large Company to Present the
Great Irish Drama Rob
ert PJmmet
Proceeds to Be Devoted to
Equipment of Boor Hos
pita Corps
ULet no man write my epjtapb for as
no man knows my motives nor dare now
vindicate them let not prejudice nor
ignorance asperse them Let them and
me repose insilence ami my tomb remain
uninscribed till other days and other
men can do justice to my character when
my country takes her place among the
notions of the world Then and not till
then let my epitaph be written
Such were the closing words of Robert
Euimets address to the jury on the day of
his trial at the New Session House
Dublin in the year 1798 over one hun
dred years ago and time has but added
to their charm and beauty and year by
year the memory of the martyred Irish
patriot is more and more honored Espe
daily is this the case in our country
where his name and fame are household
words in the homes of the descendants of
the Emerald Isle
The Ancient Order of Hibernians hold
his reputation and glory in high esteem
and encourage the singing of his praise
and eulogiums of his noble martyrdom
and in order that the public and rising
generation may better understand his life
and death the Hibernians of Jefferson
county have decided to commemorate his
memory in a special manner this year
For this purpose they are going to pro
duce the celebrated Irish drama Robert
Emmet or the Martyr of Irish Liberty
at Masonic Temple Theater on Sunday
I night March 18 in honor of St Patricks
o day and for the benefit of the Boer bos
rlat bi v tts
an1 s ctt l X
s nce on this day will be worn the sham
rock of old Ireland So too will the
shamrock be the binding link of the cel
ebration inasmuch as the stem shall rep
resent the Ancient Order of Hibernians
a society of freemen loving freedom for
all mcn One leaf shall lbe the memory
of Emmet whose honor will be more
honored the second leaf the proper and
grand observance of the patron saints
day and the third leaf substantial assist
ance to the Dutch nation far over the
waters who are now so gallantly strug
gling for liberty agaittst that archenemy
t of freedom Great Britain
The drama is a splendid one the plot
and climaxes being well worked up The
plot is laid in Maynooth in 1794 at the
time of the uprising and after portray
ing Emmets attempt at freeing his coun
try His being betrayed by Kernan ends
with his execution in Dublin In 1798
I While the sense of the play is sad and
serious the humorous side has not been
overlooked and there is plenty of good
rich comedy interspersed and cleverly
brought out
The Hibernian Dramatic Company has
been actively at work rehearsing for some
time past and everything points to a
splendid production of the play The
character of Daniel OLeary the old Irish
patriot will be in the hands of David
OConnell the star of the Trinity stock
company and a good actor
Tom Kelly a popular young Irishman
of fine ability will be seen as Patrick
Dowdall the friend of Emmet
The role of Kernan the traitor to the
cause is deep and serious but in the
hands of Joseph E Hill will be well por
trayed He is a splendid actor and adds
much strength to the company
S Sergeant Topfall of the British army
is a good character and will be cleverly
presented by Martin Fitzgibbons who
needs no introduction to our readers
I Darby OGaff who is going to start all
the fun and most of the mischief will
introduce Joseph Copncy than whom no
better selection could be made as he is
a natural comedian whose conception of
Irish humor is of the highest type and
sure to please Corporal Thomas who
has not much to do will be played by
Joseph Jefferson
Miss Adabelle Childress who is hand
some and talented has been assigned the
character of Sarah Curran Emmets
sweetheart Miss Childress is the pos
sensor of a beautiful voice and will pac
tray the feelinga of the part in a splendid
manner Judy ODougherty who is at the other
end of the fun with Darby OGaff will
give Miss Katie Barrett ample room to
display her talent Her preliminary
work has been most satisfactory and the
members of the company predict for her
a grand success
r The leading character of the drama
Robert Emmet will agalu bring before
the public talented and popular prank
U Cunningham and his selection for that
important role w1 1 ozs Th
entire performance wilt be under fats
direction which of itself assure a first
clasti production
Other in tile cut are Member of the
Hiberaka Kafchta the local IriIh taW
tary company among whom will be seen
the following
Capt Joe Breen Lieut J Hallahan
Joe Taylor James Keane
Tim J Sullivan Robert Mitchell
Martin McNally P J Meehan
Joseph Curran Mike OBrien
John Dolan Con Hallahan
Joseph Gushing Dan OKeefe
Joe McCarthy Tim Riordan
Tom Noon William Murphy
Con Leban Tommy Keenan
The following young ladies will also
take part in the play
Blanche Walsh Sarah OBrien
Katie Delaney Maggie Carroll
Mary Murphy Minnie Minogue
Annie Kearney Rose Moran
Ida Mitchell Bee Dillon
Georgia Beatty
The costumes will be an attractive feat
ure of the performance The dresses for
the ladies will be furnished by Miss Mary
Goss of this city Col Meffert is having
special scenery painted for this produc
tion and the scenic effects and stage
setting will be up to the Temples excel
lent standard
The celebrated dueling scene between
f Kernan and Emmet will be spirited and
sensational both Messrs Hill and Cnn
ningham being expert swordsmen having
taken special lessons from practical fenc
ing masters
The play promises to surpass anything
of the kind ever attempted here and
combined with the worthy cause for
which it is to be produced ought surely
pack the Temple to its utmost capacity
The general admission will be twenty
five cents with ten cents extra for re
served seats Tickets will be sold only
at the theater box office
Famous Southern Irish MIII
tary Company In the
Boston Parade
In the coming national parade to be
held in Boston this spring the most not
able body of men will be the Jasper
Greens of Savannah Ga who will come
on the invitation of the First regiment
Ancient Order of Hibernians of Suffolk
county At a recent meeting of the lat
ter an invitation was extended to the
Jasper Greens to take part in the parade
and they have accepted
The Jasper Greens is the oldest body of
Hibernians in America Its history dates
JiV back to 1776 and it was named after the
iitf i s
Greens have been in continuous organiza
tion ever since and are a regularly organ
ized body of State militia They are
attached to the Fifth regiment They
dress in handsome uniforms of green and
make a fine appearance Their com
mander is Capt Gleason They are a
welldrilled body of men and have taken
prizes on a number of occasions
They will come to Massachusetts as a
regular State company of militia bearing
arms A requisition is to be made by the
Governor of Georgia to the Governor of
Massachusetts to allow them this privi
lege and there is no doubt it will be
granted They will act as an escort to
Past President Patrick J OConnor of
Will Go To South AfricaCan
dldates for the Mayo
Michael Dayitt who resigned his seat
in the House of Commons as a protest
against Great Britains policy toward the
Transvaal will start for South Africa
next week In an interview with a repre
sentative of the Associated Press in Lon
don last Sunday he said My resolve
to go to South Africa has absolutely no
political significance but my doctor or
dered a change of climate and I am
going where everybodys thoughts are
centered to see and learn what every one
wants to know about the unequal strug
gle which has been going on since Octo
ber No matter how the struggle ends it
will raise the blgges international prob
terns of this century in Europe while the
varying fortunes of the combatants are
certain to exercise a marked influence on
the Presidential election in America
Whether as a victor or vanquished Eng
land is about to face a momentous crisis
the political outcome of which may rad
ically affect the whole fabric of her em
pire I intend to visit Cape Colony and
the Transvaal and learn the real facts
regarding the racial fight between the
British and Afrikanders The final issue
of the war will have to be fought out in
the Transvaal and I hope to reach there
before the great old President and the
heroic little republic launches the blow
which is to stagger humanity
John ODonnell and Major John Mc
Bride the latter commanding the irregq
lar brigade in South Africa have been
denominated to fill the vacancy in the
House of Commons for South Mayo
caused by the resignation of Michael I
Davitt Irish Nationalist M a protest
gainst the Boer war
warI I
The lockout of workingmen engaged
in the building trades in Chicago has
tbowt collapsed and those who have been
solicited to iMye jLouiiylile with the
promiM ef regular employment an urged
to remain here There 5s a temporary
aolwor p that city it pres
ent aad the contractors who iiuwg Q ratei
utpw d tQ i
Degree of Knighthood Con
forred Upon Sixty at
Supreme Deputy Pat McArdloj i
Conducted the Exemplifi
cation Work
OReilly OConnor Sweeney
Mooney and Eagan
Last Sunday Indianapolis Council of
the Knights of Columbus initiated sixty
members into the order and the event
will be long remembered by those upon
whom the degrees were conferred There
were two hqndred visitors present to
witness the ceremonies from New York
Chicago Cincinnati Louisville Fort
Wayne Cleveland Columbus Lafayette
and Terre Haute this city sending the
largest delegation
The first and second degrees were con
ferred in the morning under the direction
of Patrick McArdle of Chicago and the
third by John Ward of New York The
visitors and members were entertained at
a banquet at the Denison House in the
evening at which Mr A M Sweeney
acted as toastmaster and eloqunt reo
sponse were made by Rev Father Mc
Cabe William Money of Cleveland and
Hon Edward J McDermott of this city
Father McCabes patriotic address was as
The Catholic American I never wrote
a dictionary and I know little about the
use of synonyms but I wish to say that
Catholic citizenship and American citi
zenship are one and the same thing
There is no distinction between them
They are united never to be divided
Before this gathering of the flower of
many cities I do not want to be misun
derstood but take away from American
history the names of those Catholic
Americans who now shine on the pages of
the nations story and what remains
Upon = the Am ricancitizenslrlThp ids
t > i l
American soldiers are patriots and it
is upon their achievements that the des
tinies of the whole world depend We
may be expansionists or antiimperialists
but we should never forget that we are
American citizens There was a grandeur
in the remark made by St Paul when he
said I J am a Roman citizen but if St
Paul were here tonight he would say with
more majesty than on that occasion I
am an American citizen There is no
prouder title outside that of child of
God than that of American citizen
Our doctrine is that the heart that does
not love its country is too cold to dwell
with God Our church and our country
are entwined together in our heart
They are married and there is no dis
tinction between the love we owe one
and the other I speak not to the gal
lery gods I address myself to your
intelligence Upon the Catholic of to
day depends the future of the nation
We are here by ourselves and what
is to be gained by mincing matters
Alter all what is it that appeals to the
conscience It is the church and its
influences A politician once said the
church was the thing that enabled those
in control of the government to keep the
laws unbroken and maintain the respect
due to the nation I make no reference
I to the Irish Catholic the German Cath
olic nor any other Catholic except the
real American Catholic who is willing to
do anything to further the interests of
Ills country and church
That the Louisville Knights had a good
time goes without saying as can be
gleaned from the following account over
heard by our reporter
The last of the Louisville Knights of
Columbus delegation returned Monday
evening on the Big Four from Indianap
olis and to say that they were pleased
with their reception and treatment is put
ting it very mildly They were so to
speak simply carried away with the mag
nlficence of the degree work as well as
the bounteous hospitality of the Indian
spoils Council
Sixty candidates were initiated into
the beautiful work peculiar to this order
and in a manner second to none ever
given within the knowledge of those
present The Indianapolis Knights are
deserving of all the bouquets showered
upon them by their visiting brethren
particularly Sir Knights OReilly OCon
nor Sweeney Mooney and other prom
neat members of that progressive council
liThe personnel of the candidates was
above criticism Grand Deputy Patrick
McArdle of Chicago being in his glory
in the exemplification of the work that
was assigned him He was ably assisted
by Dr OKeefe also of Chicago Supreme
Deputy John Ward and Frank ROM of
New York with a corps of expert assist
ants gave the finishing touches to the
degrpe work SOme of the candidate
made good timber for Brother Ward
versatile talents Brother Ross won the
everlasting gratitude of Dennis Eagau
a prominent citfwnt foctbl kindness
shown nfra during the w rkr All of the
candidate eveii the two undertakers
were loud ic their pniMi of Wind and
tltt bfttqott MTttxJ lot tt ptniMn
iJ r M +
f Y
House was a masterpfeaef of the caterers
art Brother Cttlletfy srtainly knows
what the inner man ewecially Knights
of Columbus need uiost 1
Rev Father McCwe of Indlanap
olis delivered masteJr response to the
toast The American CithoHc
Hon Edward J Mruott of Ours
as usual dliiiugulshedjljiimself and did
I credit to old Kentuckyp response to the
toast Higher Educifepn It was a
I masterpiece eloqueaeeand good hard
I sense Brother Q lnit Jpf Terre Haute
also addressed the guefianilelectrified
his hearers with his fier eloquence He
was as warm as BrothenEagan
Several of our Lounville ladies also
graced the banquet witlj their beauty and
presence A number pf the Louisville
brethren derived some profit together
with the pleasure all members enjoyed
Fear of consequences ToSly prevents the
meuhon of their nanite Let the guilty
ones trembletheir conscience shall be
their accuser Long litand prosperity
to the Indianapolis Cocil
Messrs Ward and Kgss who had been
invited to this city as Hw guests of Lou
isville Council were jcjSSpelled to return
to New York City to fee present at the
exemplification of the 9W i fourth degree
which was conferred 11200 Knights
Thursday h
Popular Candidate for County Treasurer
of Clark Coin ty Ind
I 1
Father Lamber ith Noted
Missionary aftst Mary
< Mugrala
1 r Father Lambert the notedand
eloquent missionary priest will open a
spiritual retreat in the Church of St
i Mary Magdalen Brook and College
streets tomorrow morning at the 10
oclock mass which will be brought to a
close the following Sunday
The retreat is intended jis a spiritual
I preparation for the holy season of Lent
and the principal feature will be a special
course of conferences jot ladies and
men During the week there will be
mass and instruction every morning at 6
and 8 oclock The conferences foi ladles
will begin tomorrow afternoon at 4
oclock and will be continued daily at
that hour Those for the men will be
held at 730 oclock every evening and
the men are specially urged to attend as i
live questions will be ably discussed
Rev Father Murphy feels deeply in
terested in the mission and there is no
doubt that his efforts will be fruitful of
gratifying results Father Lambert is too
well known to need any further intro
duction to our readers and those who
can do so are cordially invited to visit St
Mary Magdalens next week and hear
Tobacco growing experiments in Ire
land have been attended with great suc
cess The plants flourish luxuriantly
and the net profit per acre is about SOO
The product errs on the side of strength
being twice as potent as the strongest
tobacco sold and containing an abnormal
proportion of moisture and nicotine A
great difficulty surrOt1t1 the develop
ment of the industry arises from the
necessity of excise supervision owing to
the heavy duties ThiS new industry
which has been mentioned in these
columns heretofore know attracting
much attention in Lotuleti
The many committee making the pre
liminary arrangements < fer the Confed
crate veterans rewnkm that will take
place here next May are greatly encout
aged with the cordial support received
from the general public The subscrip I
Ions to the fund are Steadily increasing
many being recciyedat the Commercial
Club dally
This reunion will bring as many people
I to Louisville as did that of the Grand
Army some years ago Mid allare Urged to
do their hare sad iJwtsiWe make the
reunion the gret t Wrlwkl t I
The members of tip Aquinas Union I
will be addressed Mdtttar night by James
witlheatldreaU known young
attorney who enjoy the reputation of
being one of LotiisviZIi most finished
orat nthe subject rf his discourse hat
not yet been annouer4 bat those who
attend will feel gnat Aid after hearing
him An unnstiMy food musical pro
gramme has been m nged for > the sees
I ion and President lojin Crotty extends
I cordial invitation t4 the friend of the
Union Wrbe lWut
Peace and Quiet Mark the
Return of the States
The Senate Presided Over by
John Marshall and Sen
ator Carter
Detectives Still Without a Clew
to Senator Gocbcls
Special KentuckyIrish
Irish Americanl
standing all predictions to the contrary
no trouble or bloodshed has marred the
peaceful serenity that has prevailed in
the little city among the hills Last week
the return of the Legislature to Frankfort
on Monday was looked forward to with
apprehension as it was thought a clash
between President Pro Tern Carter of the
Senate and the de facto Lieut Gov John
Marshall was inevitable But again the
wise prophets with bloodwading ten
dencies were mistaken and the real and
usurping officers sat sidebyside during
the session of the Senate on Monday last
the Democrats recognizing only Presi
dent Carter while the Republicans recog
nized Marshall who is laboring under the
delusion that he is Lieutenant Governor I
of Kentucky Both gentlemen smiled
and conversed pleasantly President Car i
ter wielded the gavel while Marshall was
forced to content himself with using a I
small penknife The ratification of the i
action of the Legislature in deciding the
contest in favor of the late Gov Goebel
and J c W Beckham on Tuesday last
first separately and then in joint session
of the House and Senate assembled took
away from the de facto Governor the last
prop the usurper had to lean upon Even
then he refused to vacate and says he
will fight it out in the courts The true
Democracy in Kentucky builded better
than they knew when they selected as
their regresentatives such men as Speaker
1Iipef Jii1iir t I
ttve Campbell Clnfimroif Scolt Repr5 i
sentative Terrell of Trimble Senator
Carter of Anderson President pro tern
of the Senate and since Gov Goebels
death Acting Lieutenant Governor of
Kentucky Senator Welch a strong per
sonal friend of the late Gov Goebel and
Senator J E Allen the brilliant young
lawyer from Lexington who has made
one of the most zealous workers in the
upper house and a member of the Goebel
Taylor contest committee There is ex
cellent Congressional timber in Senator
Allen and it would not surprise his friends
to hear of his entrance into the race next
fall and he would undoubtedly have a
large following Col Percival Haley has
made one of the most efficient Sergeant
atArms of the House that the aforesaid
body has ever had Perhaps no man in
Kentucky has felt more keenly the mur
derous assassination of the noble leader
of Kentucky Democracy than has Col
Haley a strong personal friend of the
late Governor and closely associated with
him during his memorable campaign and
battle for the cause of lithe great com
mon people of Kentucky No man is
better able to judge of the many sterling
qualities of that matchless leader and
man of destiny William Goebel than
is Col Haley who was Secretary of the
Democratic Campaign Committee and
State Central Democratic Committee
Since the return of the Legislature the
town has taken on a new appearance
The detectives are still here and are liable
to remain some time If they have dig
covered any clew they have not yet di
vulged it and are on a still hunt after
the assassin of Gov Goebel In the
meantine the usurpers on the Square
continue to hold office pending the de
cisions of the State Election Board and
the courts Wednesday two more com
panies of soldiers came to Frankfort by
order of cxAdjt Gen Collier who fol
lowing the lead of his friend Taylor still
refuses to vacate his office and allow Gen
Castleman to take charge of same
The Democratic and Republican attor
neys have reached an agreement for con
solidating the three injunction suits now
pending affecting the offices of Gov
ernor and Lieutenant Governor and for
uniting in an effort to secure a speedy
decision of the cases Under the agree
went the consolidated cases are to be
tried in the Jefferson Circuit Court by
Judge Emmet Field and the pleadings
are to be made by Tuesday February 27
or sooner if possible Upon appeal to the
Court of Appeals all parties agree to unite
in a request for an immediate hearing
and a similar agreement covers any ap
plication for a writ of error to the Su
preme Court of the United States should
either party Apply for such writ and If
such a writ siipMld be secured all parties
will unite f application to the
Supreme Court ID j d nce the case
The military l fin MJM duty here was
again reduced Ifynidftr Two hundred
were ordered h < BElp C boot 100
for guard duty til > n
Miss Rose S len het JU11 fr iu
a visit to Louisville t
John Sullivan wb l iS vbog
his mother MM ettafll
I dAa KitI iI
+ 1
returned this week to her home in Ander
son Ind She made many friends dur
ing her visit who regret her departure
Mrs James Gibbons arrived home from
Cincinnati this week after a pleasant
visit with her daughter Miss Katie
Mr Frank Heeney is now in the East
purchasing his spring stock of staple and
fancy dry goods
Col J T McNamara of St Paul spent
several days of this week in this city
Ht left for Lexington Covington New
port and Cincinnati on Thursday
The opera that was to have been ren
dered for the benefit of the choir of the
Church of the Good Shepherd was post
poned from February to April shortly
after Easter
Social events of all kinds have been
indefinitely postponed D J M
Mack Raldy Wins the Ken
tucky Irish American
Over two hundred couples took part
in the euchre given by Mackin Council
las Monday afternoon and evening and
a handsome sum was realized for the
building fund Those present were
pleasantly entertained and spent an en
joyable evening There will be no more
social functions by this popular organi i
zation till after Lent The prizes were
numerous and elegant
Mack Raidy won the Kentucky Irish
American prize for which there was an
interesting contest The following were
also winners of prizes Mesdames Toe
Kevin Weigelman Ulrich A C Prepho
Bickle Clarence Zook and Misses Har
ney and McAtee Messrs Brooker
McNally Kline Jansen and Adams
The officers and members wish to
extend thanks to the following persons
who donated prizes and assisted in other
ways in making the affair a grand suc
cess M J Gathof Bro Mrs Shelley
Mrs Galway A Wagner Miss Rose
Cunningham Mrs Prepho James T
Shelley William Kerberg Mrs Patrick
J Raidy Mrs John Dignan Mrs Ulrich
Mrs Semonis William M Higgins and
the Kentucky Irish American Mrs
Thorpe and the Young Ladies Sodality
of St Cecilias church S
A Popular Selectlon by the
JJi i
R ttL op 3
J D Wood who was elected First
Vice President of the State Federation of
Labor recently organized in this city
was unable to accompany the miners
delegation to the convention The na
tional convention of the United Mine
Workers of America being in session at
Indianapolis at that time he was com
pelled to remain there as he is President
of the Kentucky miners
Mr Wood highly appreciates the honor
conferred upon him by the State Federa
tion and will do all in his power to ad
vance the movement He has great
influence with the miners of the State
having been elected SecretaryTreasurer
of their district organization at its first
meeting which office he held until elect
ed District President
He has always been elected without
much opposition and he will certainly
do much toward affiliating the miners
with the State organization He is also
a member of the American Federation of
Labor and has taken an active part in the
organizing of all wage earners
Preparing for the State Con
vention to Be Held In
There will be a great meeting at St
Boniface Hall Monday evening of repre
sentatives from all the branches of the
Catholic Knights of America The prin
cipal business to be transacted will be
the reading of reports of subcommittees
and the adoption of measures for the
proper entertaining of the State Conven
tion of the order when it meets in this
city next September
This convention will bring thousands
of visitors to Louisville and the local
branches have been hard at work for
some months past perfecting arrange
ments for the occasion that will be pleas
ing to all Ad yet no demand has been
made upon the general public to render
any assistance but many will no doubt
respond liberally should they be called
upon The meeting promises to be a large and
busy one as interest in the affair is in
creasing daily
The friends and relatives of Mr and
Mrs Louis Kriel of 1329 Story avenue
will be somewhat surprised to hear of the
arrival of twin boys at their home last
Sunday night Both mother and babes
are doing well while Papa Kriel is busy
day and night receiving congratulations
and callers The proud father is I the
popular drummer for the Louisville Pack
ing Company
Will Whallens numerous trips out
Preston street of late t are attracting the
attention of his fellowwwken at the
Packing Companys BsM Bud plant
with whom bela very popular One was
orcrbtard jziring lisle bit o j adric
Look eat Will CkaiivMte Dm sever
m theWed
Hibernians Have Passed the
Century Mark and Are
Still Booming
Ringing Resolutions of Sympa
thy and Support for the
Bravo Boors
Will Keep Open House for Their
Friends on St Patricks
Division 1 of the Ancient Order of
Hibernians of Jeffersonville held the
most enthusiastic meeting in its history
Tuesday night at their new hall In the
Pfau building all the leading Irishmen
of the city being present Every chair
was occupied when President Will Reilly
called the meeting to order and the
announcement that the division had
I passed the century mark in membership
elicited warm applause
Three new members were initiated
Messrs John B Murphy Sr Charles
Kerrigan and John B Murphy Jr and
several applications were received and
The cause of the Boers was discussed
after which Messrs Dennis Gorman
Barney A Coil Martin Fogarty John
Kenney and William Reilly who had
been appointed a committee for the pur
pose presented the following ringing
resolutions which were unanimously
Whereas England in her greed of gold
lust of empire and a thirst for revenge is
waging an unjustifiable war against the
Dutch republics of South Africa for the
purpose of depriving the Boers of their
liberty and the sacred rights of selfgov
ernment and
Whereas England instead of remov
ing the distrust and unrest in South
Africa caused by the clumsy diplomacy of
Chamberlain and repressing the mis
chievous organizations beaded by that
colossal grabber and manipulator Cecil
Rhodesahe uses these baneful forces for
andis now striving i to force her nTg o
empire upon the free and liberty loving
people of the Transvaal and Orange Free
State therefore be it
Resolved That we the members of the
Ancient Order of Hibernians Jefferson
ville Indas citizens of the Land of
the free and home of the brave a land
that produced Washington and a Lin
coIn express our sympathies for the
Boers in their gallant fight for their lib
erty their God and their country and
we also express the hope and belief that
the right which in this war is altogether
on their side shell in the end prevail
Resolved That we protest against the
seizure of American food supplies in tran
sit to a neutral country as an act of inhu
manity and a breach of international law
Resolved That we deprecate the action
of Canada in sending troops to defeat the
Boers and we are opposed to any part of
this continent being used as a base of
operations for the conquest of a free
Resolved That we are emphatically
opposed to any AngloSaxon alliance
believing the same to be against the tra
ditious and sentiments of the people of
this republic
Resolved That the Hibernians of Clark
county Ind take steps to raise funds
for the maintenance of the Boer hospital
corps and to provide for the lovea ones
of those who may fall as martyrs before
the dum dum bullet and the lyddite shell
Secretary John Kavanaugh of Divi
sion 3 of Louisville was among the vis
itors and upon behalf of the County
Board of Jefferson county cordially
invited the Jeffersonville brethren and
their friends to witness the presentation
of Robert Emmett for thebenefitof
the Boers on the night of March 18
The division decided to give a compli
mentary social entertainment to all
Hibernians and their friends on the even
lug of March 17 St Patricks day at
their hall and will give a hearty welcome
to visitors from Louisville and New
Albany The affair will be in good hands
and enjoyable time is anticipated
Great interest is felt among the Hiber
bernians in the race of Barney Coil their
State Treasurer who is a candidate for
County Treasurer of Floyd county His
opponent is Rube Daily the newspaper
man who is now making a can vase of
the county with a phonograph Mr Coil
is a well known business mane wn0e
integrity and qualifications eminently fit
him for the position and his popularity
with all classes should Insure his nomi
nation and election
Michael Campbeil another yell known
Hibernian has announced himself as
a candidate for Township Trustee of
114r 1 I Edward Tracy pf Indlb
was here visiting relatives this i w ilr 1
I 1 Peter Goss brother of Maitim Qqw
the well known Ibemian who in
I seriously injured W A railroad acddent
at Birmingham AM iI ttportid 4a 0
fairway to recover v >
r Ernest Tracy has Meowed Jkom His
recent even spellof sickness and hiJ IJ
dany friend are glad to see him out
gainMessrs Richard Flood and John Hogn
are both still confined to their homes by

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