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c u
oral and Social Advancement of all Irlsfc Americans
ILLXAl 1 HIGGINS Publl11er
Entered at the Louisville Postolllco as SecondClass Matter =
Udiera all C 1lllllualaUodS to the KENTUCKY IRISH AMERICAN 32 West OteCB Street
The City Council should turn
down the proposition to sell the
citys gas stock under any circu arY I
stances It is one of the few city
investments that yields a profit
besides it enables the city to com
pel the Gas Company to keep with I
in the limits of its charter and 1
give the public light and fuel in i
all parts of the city at reasonable 5
rates Finally it is but the precursor
cursor of a scheme of speculator
to gobble up all the good invest 1
ments of the city If successful it 1
will be followed by an effort to
have the city sell its water stock
turning the waterworks over to a
syndicate and next the Louisville
Nashville and other railroad
stocks owned by the city Aside
from the protection to the people
by the city being a stockholder in i
these public utilities these enter
prises are getting past the non 1
dividend stage and beginning to
pay a profit which will increase
year by year Hence speculators
want them now The people who
for years have paid taxes to obtain
this stock for the city are entitled
to this profit and also to the pro I
tection from extortion likely if those
concerns become the property of in i 1
dividual owners Squelch the
scheme in its incipiency
There is one provision of our
tariff laws of which no one has dis
approvfed lIfor
ure te = = u
retaliation o na
lion and unequal tariffs against t
American products and goods im
ported to other countries The
cause of this was the stringent in
spection laws of France and Ger
many that excluded American I
pork from the ports of those coun
tries because of the panic due to
the prevalence of trichinae pro
dated it was claimed by diseased
pork Pork being one of our leading
exports and its exclusion seriously
n affecting pur foreign trade the sub
ject was soon forced to the atten
tion Of the Government President t
Cleveland formally protested and l
warned France and Germany that
the inspection laws must be modi
fled so as not to exclude American
meals or this Government would
jretaliate by excluding from our
ports French wines etc and Ger
man sausage beet sugar etc Such I
action on the part of our Govern
ment would practically deprive the
merchants and producers of those
countries of the American market t
and their Governments of large
revenues derived from exports
Both Governments promptly prom
iaed to modify their inspection laws
and France did so at the next meet
ing of its National Assembly
the German Government urged
Its Parliament to amend the inspec
tion laws but it failed to pass
President McKinley was about to I
put into effect his predecessors i
plan of exclusion but on the ear
nest pita of the German Govern
ment and commercial bodies de
f the matter to give them an
5 t other > opportunity to amend the in
spection laws That the Govern
ment and merchants and manu
factonm did make an earnest ef
l fort to comply with the American
demand is true but Parliament 1
ro again rejected the bill The lfiI I
cultwriftto and butchers of Germany I
who because of the exclusion of
Americaya meats enjoy a monopoly
fought the measuret t
Now the German Govterument I
and business intererts of Crtrmanf i
who fully realize the loss of Amen 1
can trade should German export I
be excluded from the United States >
are again pleading with our ron J
ernment through the United State 15
Minister at Berlin and thcdr Am
1Uhar at
course will be pursued by the
United States is not known but
whether or not summary measures
are adopted the German discrimi
nation against American shipments
t1must cease and such shipments ad
emitted on equal terms with those
from other countries
After six months of war strain
ing every resource with over 200
000 men at the cost of millions of
money and fully 20000 men the
English have broken the monotony
of defeat with one victory over thee
Boers Gen Cronje surrendered
to Gen Roberts last Tuesday morning
ning with about 3000 men after re
sisting for ten days the attacks of >
40000 troops with ten batteries
This seems also to have forced thee <
easeBoers to raise the siege of Lady
smith which was relieved by Bui l
ler last Thursday It was never
then re
was cause for English jubilation n
because the tide of disaster hade <
sebeen checked if nothing else The <
anticipated results of this victory
however are not materializing and
the jubilation first followed by
surprise now with apprehension i
The Boers are not demoralized or
disposed to give up because of this
reverse have not abandoned im
portant positions vGenv Roberts h as
not been lli a to followup lire Vl
tory by any other move being reo
sisted by intrenched Boers at every
In fact Cronjes desperate stand i
with a few thousand men holding
Gen Roberts army back for two
weeks seems to have been the most
effective strategy of the entire war
Through Cronje and his army were
captured the Boers gained time to
concentrate forces fortify positions
and prepare to resist any further
advance and of this they seem to
have taken the fullest advantage
and present a line of defense which
means continuous fighting for every
inch of advance for the British i
forces however powerful they may
aid d
fortified it before he was surround l
ed He held it despite bombard l
ment and investigation since t heby
surrender reveals that his loss was
small and that his surrender was
caused by a rise in the river tender
ing his position untenable it being
in the bed and under the banks of
a bend in Modder river so located
that the English heavy artillery fire
was almost without effect The 1
surrendered force is about 3000 I
with 5000 small arms only four
cannon of small caliber few officers
and none of Cronjes staff That
he had a larger force with several
batteries of artillery when first at
tacked is known and they escaped
in spite of the cordon of English
What is to be the next move what
the force of the Boers that Roberts
and Buller must now meet are the
uncertainties That he can not
make a move without heavy fight j
ing against a Spree fully deter
mined and better prepared than
ever to resist is ° the only think i
knows Ior four days he ball not
attempted to do what was intended
and expected march to and occupy 1
Blpemfontein I
The American Newspaper Pub J
lishers Association at their meetinr tt t
in New + e York decided to endeavor i
to settle presentkbor l troubles and I I
prevent them in future by arbitra II
a 1
tion and to that end appointed a I
standing National Committee of
Arbitration composed of Alfred
Cowles of the Chicago Tribune M
J Lowenstein of the St Louis Star
and Herman Ridder of the New r
York Staats Zeituug This is a
step in the right direction and If I f
honestly carried out will be pro
ductive of benefit to publishers and
employes alike There are but few
open ruptures now pending between
newspaper publishers and their em
ployes and these were caused by
the refusal of the publishers to ar
bitrate The move of the associa
tion will meet with the appro
val and cooperation of the Inter
15national Typographical Union t heto
principal labor organization in
atvalved which has been striving f or
ears to induce publishers to do
yearsJust what the newspaper associa
stion has decidedagree to settk
all grievances by conference and
arbitration Where the union has
succeeded in inducing local pub
selishers to accept such agreement
differences are peacefully and satis
factorily adjusted there have beet
no strikes or lockouts and pub
lishers and employes are mutually
benefited by the good order and
harmony prevailing
1YThe real soldier honors bravery
ein his foe and treats him with reid
idspect when vanquished It is such
nonfighters at a safe distance from
danger as the cockney editor of the <
CourierJournal who advocate a dif
ferent course both cowardly and
ebrutal Referring to the Germany
officers surrendered with Cronje
this blowhard suggests These
gentry who have such a keen de
sire to fight that they insist on tak
oning part in other peoples quarrels
Idought not to be treated so inconsid
erately as to be sent to the rear withy
the other prisoners Could not Gen
Roberts rise to the courtesy of put
ting these rambunctious fighters inn
the front ranks of his own firing
orlines hereafter Gen Roberts is
sa soldier and not likely to accept t
the suggestion That the English
asGovernment tuffghtldo ° sbif it der d
is notx ou tet1 u ranason
s < i °
1 V
Wiljiewouid object and ihis grand I
mas Governmont desires above all 1
things to avoid foreign complica
It is admitted by the London
authorities that hundreds of Ger
m n Dutch French Belgian r
American and Irish recruits for the
Boers and supplies arms and atn
munition are pouring into the
Transvaal by way of neutral terri
tory Though the English author
ties are fully aware of this they
are powerless to prevent it without
violating neutrality laws provoking
trouble and possibly war with other
yIt develops that the anxiety oLd
England to recruit 45000 quickly
for home defense to maintain the
prestige of the empire ds caused
by the massing of Russian troops
near Herat on the border of India
ISThe garrison force in India has
been tP °
South Africa and these are to be
Ifreplaced besides other points are to
be strengthenedif the recruits cane
be obtained
rndltOl of Kentucky Irish American
forts to expose the duplicity of the Brit
ish Government anent the Boer war meet
L1with my hearty commendation All
lovers of human liberty should assist you
and your co laborers I have taken the
11which I hope may be of service
We Britons are bewailing our troubles
just now
But weve cheered up a little since wes
heard as how
Lord Roberts won a battle that we needed
very bad
Our victories up to then had bees fakes
by gad
The odds west five to fifty mayhap a I
little > More
For It take ten English to whip one
PJt > fziN0
Mrs Charles Edl u wife of the well
known West Bud druggist was taken
seriously ill 4n JefTft mwJk Monday J
evwiibgi < while at a reception given i by
her aiater Mra McNamara She is at
til home of bet father Mr standee
Coll 1aabIe to be removed to tar home t
in this city 11
A sprinkling of ground coffee Will keep
gome sweet for several claysa j B
Miss Hatinu Ma4pon left for Chicag
I this week for a short > visit to friends i
Miss Kate Murray fs visiting in New
Orleans the sues tthe Misses Flynn
W R Moneybag among the Louis
villians visiting WestBaden Springs this i
weektY 1l
Thomas OMaJ Mae returned to Will 1
iamsburg after JpeacHag several days ii i
the city ffi Ki
Miss Harriet Sweeaey has been spend
ing the week with Miss Iula Bickel New
Broadway vjg tf
Mike Millea Ip has been ill at his
home at Sixth andAt was this week able
to resume work 4i
Mrs Mr V McCann of Jeffersonville t
oris in Indianapolis visiting her daughter j
Mrs Frank Burke >
Miss Josephine Vathen will leave next
week for Florida where she will remain
until about Easter d p
Miss Beerle Hannon left Wednesday y
for New York CIt fwhere she will reo
main for two weeks
Miss Bettie WeSt has returned to her
home in Charlestown after a short visit
with Mra Amos Coombs
Miss Annie McGill left for New York
City Wednesday afternoon She will be
lYabsent about three weeks
Mrs M OMara of Keokuk spent th e
past week with her parents Mr and Mrs
Maurice Coll in Jeffersonville
Lewis Hardy returned Tuesday from
New Orleans where he bad been visiting
his sister Miss Katherine Hardy
Mrs Frederick joy who has been
spending some time with friends in New
York is expected home next week
Miss Estelle Doherty has arrived home
in New Albany from Salem where she
anhail been visiting bliss i Edith Donahue
Mike Hackett thepopular Monon con
ductor has resumed his position after a i
months illness at his home in New Al
banv 1
Miss Kate Connelly and George Ack
ley wellknown aii popular with a large
circle of friends were united in marriage
this week
nMrs Jack Murphy who has been the
guest of Miss Fanny Herndon for the
past ten daysl left for her home in Allan a
last Thursday 1
isMiss Jennie King who has been U h e
charming guest of Sheriff Rave and wif e
in Jeffersouville left Monday for he r
home in Dallas liid
c V 253 > ti
Wltaw lliiller ular gtnplbye of
the u s v I a viiIeailro t l
riiI <
with friends in NertOrleans
Madame Dough ty the wellknown
modiste left Thurt day for a twoweeks
visit to New Yor City She was ac
companied by Miss Nellie Lyons
Master James Sb < alley and Miss Louise
Shelley gave a happ y bal masque to about t
one hundred of tb eir young friends at t
Hampton College T uesday evening
The many friend of Patrick Dulaney
will be glad to kin w that he has recov
ered from his sever injuries and will re
1turn to the Illinois Central next week
The members of he E O T Euchre
Club were tendered a delightful reception
Tuesday evening 1 > y Ms6 Minnie Me
Kibbon at her horn on West Main street
Patrick GUUgata friends will be
pleased to learn what his condition is
greatly improved i ifter a months illness
at his home Thirte nth and Pirtle streets
Pat Owens who tree been confined to
his home at Eigh h and Churchill for
some time past is r ported convalescent t i
and his physicians think he will soon be I
able to be out
Miss Fanny WI llama of Versailles i
who was here as tl ie guest of her sister
Mrs James Lisle left for St Louis last
Tuesday where si ie will spend several
weeks with friends
Mrs Coll sater ned a number of her
friends at euchre Mpaday afternoon at
her residence on East Chestnut street
Jeffersonville Ti prizes were excep
tionally handsome Md valuable
Luke Finn a pr atperous young bus
ness man of Gra ey Center Neb and
his mother Bn L icy Finn of Indian
apolis were here week as the guests
of Mrs Speak Jjtyjftpte street j
1Awoug tboerwl ijt jtf t last Sunday to
witness the Maw j IHW festivities at New
Orleans were Mw Atwie Shaffer and her
pretty niece Miu wie Dalton They
eswill return the f of next week
Miss Mary Heajty well known and
popular in local JlHaiir American social
circles whg kM 5 gMn spending several
months with friawAs and relatives in l
Boston will n itkto this city next
monthThe j J
LT1teLadiil Sary of the New Al
bany Young MMfalfMtUute J rJj entertained i
a large number a at euchre Tues
day evening at tHi br04 on Ninth I
street tbia atii 1 > a the close of a
aucceaaftil soelal by this popular
ockty > fie
JteV Father ttile dlittaguiahecl
paMor of St Antfesanra church Jefferson I
Tilte who fettiiiiji rob his lag ionic
wka ago sad bean confined I
lAthe > Merey bas nude good
profwaa jotNlld may epos
be out again 1
Mt 1 Sbaup o left thus city I
alai week ago ft > poaition with
the Barney Smith Car Conipany Day
ton 0 writes his friends here that his
new situation and surroundings are most
satisfactory His vacation during July
will be spent here
The Sons of Veterans have selected for
their sponsor at the coming Confederate
reunion Miss Clara Haldeman This is
the second time that honor has been con
ferred upon this young lady who is one
of the most beautiful and brilliant women
in Kentucky and is universally admired
James Barry has been suffering from
1an acute attack of rheumatism for the
past three weeks at his home on High
street The many friends of this popu
lar gentleman will be pleased to learn
that his condition has greatly improved
and his physicians think he will be able
to be out next week
The marriage of Miss Blanche Smith
and M A Skees was solemnized this
week at St Charles church Rev Father
Raffo performing the ceremony Miss
Flaggie Young of Springfield was maid
of honor and Eugene Kelty best man
A host of friends wish them a happy and
ztsuccessful journey through life
Mrs Silberg entertained at euchre
Monday evening at her home Thirty
second and Portland in honor of the
Young Ladies Aid Society of St Ceciliai
church There were a large number of
guests present and the occasion was an
enjoyable one Vocal and instrumental
selections were rendered and an elegant
luncheon served
Mr Edwin L Andriot a popular
member of brachia Council and a well
known musician of this city whose visits
to Jeffersonville have been quite frequent
during the past year is said to have won
the heart of one of the most popular
young ladies in that city In Mr Andriot
the Bachelor Club loses one of its best
The Cecilian Circle met Tuesday even
ing with Miss Ida Thickstun at her home
ewThe West Market street Jeffersonville
The reception and entertainment pro
vlded by the fair hostess was highly ape
predated and was perhaps the most en
joyable one of the many given thus far
this season This will be the last social
affair until after Lent
Michael McGillicuddy entertained quite
a number of friends Monday evening at
his home 2010 Duncan street in honor
of the Messrs Prising two wellknown
Indiana musicians The occasion was age
most enjoyable one with vocal and in
strumental selections as features The
guests were served an elegant supper by
hethe charming hostess
One of the most pleasing events of theta
past week was the celebration by his
many friends at his home on Hull street
of the twentyfirst birthday anniversary
eof popular John Sexton with the Louis
rwere treated to a sumptuous supper and
vocal and instrumental selections altd
dancing re featuresirSext nas
th reCflent ota numbs of men silt
of the hap occasiou i
Miss Hannah Maguire and Thomas
Stradley surprised their many friends in
Jeffersonville by being quietly married
Tuesday evening at St Augustins church
Rev Father OConnell performing the
ceremony The young bride is one of
the most attractive and popular girls hut
Jeffersonville Her husband is a promi
nent and successful lawyer After the
ceremony they left for St Louis where
they will spend their honeymoon
Mr and Mrs Tom Quinn were the i
recipients of a delightful mask domino I
euchre party at the home on Baird street
Monday evening After the games the
party was entertained with vocal and
instrumental music and Mrs Quinn
ctserved an elegant luncheon The prize
winters were Misses Agnes Laven and
beAgnes Sheridan and Messrs George
Shea and Otto Griggs Among those
present were Misses Anna McFarland
9Mary Long Agnes Laven Nellie Long
Agnes Sheridan and Lizzie Murphy
Messrs George Shea Edward Dalton
Will Phalen Tom OBrien and Otto
Mr and Mrs Edward Garvey this
week entertained at euchre and luncheon
at their residence on St Catherine street
Those present were lasers and Mes
dames Will OConner Dennis OConnor
Tom Garvey George Blau Misses Lily
Callahan Anna Rihn Katie Flahtve
Julia Crowley Lizzie and Maggie Calla
han Clara OConnor Agnes and Aileen
atClemegts Clara Blau Mayuie Cavanaugh
and Babe Duan Messrs Tom Callahan
Will Leutsch Jim Carey Reginald Clem =
eats John Garvey John Callahan Ed
ward Crowley Jim Thomas Moore Green
and Callahan The prizes were won by
Edward Garvey and Miss Agnes Clements
John Garvey and Miss Maggie Callahan
Mrs Theodore Schene entertained a
number of her friends Tuesday evening
with a delightful lotto party at her resi
dence Thirteenth and Walnut streets in
honor of Miss Florence Smith and Will
iam Smith of Denver After the games
refreshments were served The prize
winners were Misses Florence Smith
and Nettie Schene and Charles Parsons
and Hugh Higgins Those present were
Misses Nettie Scbene Florence Smith
Mamie Scbene Ella Lucas and Carrie
Hutti Messrs Harry Nevitt William
Smith Fred Schene Charles Parsons
Pleas Brooks Ben Hutti Hugh Higgins
land Muter John E Black Mrs Phil
Schene Mrs John Black and Mr and
Mri Theodore Schene
Edward Xerin who has been with the
Louisville Electric Light Company I nceI I
a boy has accepted responsible position
with the Henry Vogt Machine Company
and bit friends are congratulating him 1
upon his anoceat J
Whn Bkiog tea if the kettle should
have boiled pour a cup of cold rhiI
and let it boil up again before making J
and you will find the tea t will be u nice I t
again J
j c
> J I
uuuuu uuuuuu
St Patricks Day Celebration t t
TUTT T BE T > t > TCWX11 r T1V TETT T i
flDGient order ol mmm f
lYhtsoln3o Temple Theater
Admission 25 Cents Reserved Scots 35 Cents
Another of Maggie Mitchells great
successes will be presented by the Temple
Stock Company next week Lone or
the Artists Dream will prove almost
entirely new to the present theatergoing
public The scenes are in France and
the principal figures are a famous artist
and a beautiful peasant girl It will be
magnificently costumed and the stage
settings will be picturesque The story of
this drama the most dramatic in all
Maggie Mitchells renowned repertoire
is intensely interesting It powerfully
depicts the result of the union of a beau
tiful country girl and fie citybred artist
reflecting in strong situations the actual
life as well as illustrating the contrast of
what might have been The actual is
shown in the first and fifth acts The
contrast is a drama aud constitutes the
other three
The American Burlesquers will be next
weeks attraction at the Buckingham
They are favorably remembered as being
one of the strongest on the road last
season and scored an emphatic hit here
The company this season is an excep
tionally strong one being headed by that
prince of comedians W B Watson
who has become famous the country
over for his delineation of the Hebrew
Americas Anna Held
character Miss Jeannette Dupre known
as the American Anna Held and the
cleverest comedienne on the vauderville
stage today will be Mr Watsons able
assistant throughout the action of the
two burlesques and will appear with
him in their original travesty Why We
Summer at Saratoga In conjunction
with those two clevea artists the company
will also present the Spencer Brothers
makers of Irish comedy Sherman and
Rallston in their comedy sketch Who
is Who Marie Bartlette the Cuban con
tralto Mildred Murray the charming
fashion plate the Sisters Monroe
dancers George Diamond singer and
views and Watson and Dupre The two
burlesques are said to be replete with
funny situations sensational Parisian
dances elaborate scenery and costumes
The attraction for next week at the
Avenue will be Hoyts A Black Sheep
another sterling comedy drama Here
Hoyts types are quickly recognized and
appreciated Everyone knows the edi
tor of the Arizona Tombstone Inscription
In Hoyts A Black Sheep
so funnily enacted b y the creator of the
part William Devere known as Big
Bill Dev reThc rough and ready
toughIIot Stuff who swallows his
liquor at a gulp and is continually beset
with a desire to devour any one who may
be so raah auto get in his way is 1 also A
fJvorite character <
Uptodate bosJueis men should aM the
advantage of par Bt Patricks day odldon
and send in arf advertisement ju it to kt I
the Irish know they ore in business hi 7
Lonisrille and when to find them
1 t
Maggie Mitchells Famous Play
Or tho Artists Dream
Matinee daily at 215 Night at 815
Popular Prices lOc 15c 25c 35c and
50c No higher
Htttntei Sunday Monday Wednesday Batnrdar
Headed by the Prince of Comedians
w B W atson
And the Clever Comedienne
w + w
629 Eighth St and Highland and
Baxter Avenues
Vanilla and Lemon per gal 75c
Fruits and Chocolates per gal 85c
Coffee and Banana per gal 85c
Almond and SuitingsMARS 100
Bisque and Tuttifrutti f 100 to 125
Sherbets and Ices n 76c
SweetCreamv t i jfiQp
Finest Fruit Cake per lb fTi 20c
All kinds of Fine Cakes made and or
namented to order Candy Pullings
served on short notice
A specialty It is the purest and best
Telephones 2144 and 2588
OSSpecial rates to hotels dealers and
large orders
Walsh the Tailor
Examinei i
Complete Line
I WinterI I
B Suitingsi i
538 Third St
Repair Work a Specialty I
Wiring of all Kinds
Telephone 1865
Brown Leghorn Eggs
2422 St Xavier
Ifow Brown Leghorns Lay Twelve
hens and pullets laid 1233 eggs in 1899
Jan 12 Feb 20 March 187 April
133 May 142 June 118 July 137 Aug
lone Liquor Pe d KI1 aid 9tala I
N JT Or > r Seventeenth unit Portland 4N
M J SWEENT t Prop c
Private Dinteg RooMa Ojm Bay and
7Night i Unit 01 WiaeaQ4 Cigars

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