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svetefl (0 tbs Social io Msr.1 UvisceaemMl ! Irish Amerlcsm nd Ceiholki
Officially Indorsed by Ancient Order ol Hibernians, Young M.n'i
Institute and CatboHc Knights of America.
a4sr.s all Cs.asalcatltst KENTUCKY
For the alxth time The Lamp la
cues Its call for the observance of
the Church Unity Octave from the
feast of 6t. Peter's Chair at Rome,
January 18, to the feast of the Con
version of St. Paul, January 25.
Every year the importance of ob
serving this octave increases because
every year it becomes more impera
tive that all Christians should clearly,
recognize the Chair of Peter as the
divinely constituted center of unity
and that the Separatists of the East,
as well as the Protestants of the
West, instead of any longer fighting
against God by opposing the Papacy,
should return to communion with
the Apostolic See and thereby give
such a demonstration of Catholic
unity that the whole world would
believe and, prostrate at the feet of
Christ, cry aloud with St. Thomas,
"My Lord and my God!" The Church
Unity Octave has received the
sanction and blessing of the Holy
Father, Cardinals, Archbishops,
Bishops and priests. The way In
which it may be observed la by
prayer and daily or frequent holy
communion on the part of the faith
ful generally, offered to the Sacred
Heart for the fulfillment of his
' prayer, "That all may be one."
The last issue of the Extension
Magazine carries the seventh annual
renoTt of the President of the
Catholic Church Extension Society
An Impressive item in the report i
that which announcea the building of
ninety-three chapels by the society
in Its past fiscal year. Since its or
ganization seven years ago the
society has been instrumental in
erecting 630 chapels, mostly in j the
South and West. The President of
the society In his report makes a re
mark the truth of which must be
felt by ewyone who has noted the
T Skfrtmtonarv BDlrit in
the United States in recent years
The society, he says, has done some
thing which can not he measured
dollars and cents. It has awakened
the missionary spirit on the part of
our veonle and made them see t
necessity of supporting causes other
than those under their eyes. Every
missionary cause in the United States
was benefited by the establishment
of Church Extension. The enthuslas
tlo way we went at it put greater
enthusiasm into them, to the ma
terial benefit of the causes Tepre
sented. So that the last seven
vears in the history of the Catholic
church of the United States have
teen the greatest seven years for
v missions. The Extension Magazine,
which has become one of the great
organs of opinion in this country
end whose assistance has been of
Incalculable value, is deserving of
the encouragement now heing
accorded it.
Publlo sentiment against contract
labor in prisons Is growing. The
Booher hill, which provides for the
abolition of such labor in Feleral
nenitentlarles. is now pending in
rnnrrwu nd will probably be
favorably reported by the Judiciary
ittee of the United States
Senate. It is likely to pass. Wher
ever there has been a radically
honest investigation of contract
labor in prisons this has been con
demned. As the Catholic Columbian
polntii out, it tends not to reform
the convicts, hut to brutalize them.
It saps their strength to make
profits for the contractors. It
places them and their welfare sub
ordinate to the interests of the
outside business that has contracted
for them like so many machines.
Their health, their right to humane
treatment, their self-respect, their
hope of reform arc all subordinated
to the greed of the contractors to
make more money.
A correspondent of the Omaha
World-Herald Bays, anent the vary
ing translations of the Bible about
which the sects are now disputing:
"The Lutheran and other
churches will not accept the 'Im
proved Version.' The Danlbh Bible
has also been reviesd and is ueed by
the Lutheran church. The Danish
n.nii.t fhnrih Daner accuses the
i ) a l' L I D L w .1 ' .
translator, of knowingly translating
tutors oi 'u"'"V.;,":be 'lin
rong and urges their members
it wi
not to ute and distribute it. When j
..hnri-h finds something in the
li!b! that la contrary to it par
ticular doctrine they call it an
'.authorized addition or liiti-rpolu-i
wrong tratiblution, or wroug
punctuation, and s6metlmes make
out a passage to mean the opposite
of what it. reads. An outsider will
ask? 'Which is the true and In
spired word of God?' "
Just so, says Rev. Father Gannon
In the True Voice. And who but an
Infallible church can tell these poor
gropers after divine truth which , is
the true and inspired word of God?
The Catholic church settles this
Uatter in her doctrinal pronounce
ments. But evidently it has not
occurred to the warring sects to
consult the one authority that could
settle this dispute.
Father Phclan. of the Western
Watchman, is an earnest advocate ot
healthful and innocent amusements
There never was a time in this coun
try, he asserts, when people wero so
bent on amusements as now. And
tho character of the amusements
offered is on the whole healthy and
Innocent. Ho also insists it is one
of the first duties of civilization to
minister to the joys of the people.
The Catholic church has c.lways
fostered 'innocent popular amuse
ments. The history of the growth
and prosperity of the church in this
country is intertwined with parish
festivities. In the good old days
pprisb.es had their festivals and.
bazars, and all classes of the people
took part In th5m. Then for a quar
ter of a century there was a lull and
the parishes did not come together
as of yore to have a pleasant
evening. Commending the general
disposition manifest to make parish
entertainments uplifting as well as
popular, the venerable St. Louis
priest editor adds:
"For several years past the people
of the parishes have been singing
and dancing together on-an average
of once a month. We never had,
even in the palmiest days of our
parish festivities, anything like the
number of festivals that are now
being held all over the city. And
we hear on every hand that good
has resulted. Young people meet
each other under conditions favor
able to honest and honorable
courtship, and the number of mixed
marriages is on the decrease in con
seauence. The bond of a common
faith Is strengthened, and the out
look for happy domestic Catholic life
is broadened and brightened. As
the theaters have felt the ruinous
competition of the picture shows, so
now the picture shows find their
recelptr seriously impaired by the
prevalence of the parish festivities.'
At the beginning of the new year
the leader of the once great and
powerful English Tory party, Bonar
Law, is a general without an army
because be still stands upon the
ancient ways of protectionism, and
even proposes to revive under the
name of imperial federation the
mutual Interference of England and
the colonies with each other's busi
nees which nearly a century and a
half ago lost England the United
States, and which, if carried out to
day, would certainly result
in the
loss of England ot her great ove
seas dominions The conservauva-n
party today is like a defeated and
routed army trying to gather its
troops in new positions under the
violent fire of the enemy, for the
radical press ot course is fully aware
of the confusion in the other camp
and makes the most of it. As to what
the Tory platform for 1913 will be
it la verv hard to make a guess at'
the present time. Certain it is only
that Bonar Law's days as leader are
numbered, and that the only thing
which keeps him in the saddle is the
fact that the real leaders realize the
truth of the old saying? "Don't swap
horges while crossing a stream.'
And all this portends to home rule
for Ireland and the rights and
liberties accorded Canada and Aus
tralia. The Christian Year, our Coving
ton contemporary, ably edited and
always lnterecting, has entered upon
its second volume. May every
succeeding year Increase its circuly
tlon and prosperity.
nr Alfred CI Mortimer, the leader
Lf iho mnveinent to change the name
- ,
of the Protestant I.P -copal church
this country to the "American
v,,, i, iK week dn-
l)0sed Trom tlie, itnlntiy by Bishop
Khlnelander, of riitladelphla. Ev
idently tl)B Doctor DCCHI11B fcU Jlir-
ociuiiled wi'li impropriating another
r. a in e for
neglected to
too J uaiiie
ii'n church that he
take care of hid ow
Mlaa Mary Giles hss been the
guest of Mlsa Jessie HIU at Carroll-ton.
Jerome Ohligschlager has returned
to the- Catholic University at Wash
ington. Miss Mary Malone left Sunday to
resume hr studies at Manhattan-
vllle, N. Y.
Miss Sylvia Sands has returned
from a visit to Mlsa Lucille Greene
at Springfield.
r and Mrs John Morits have
moved into their new home
Roberta avenue.
mimi Ruth O'Connor has been vis
itlng in Indianapolis, the guest
Miss Florence O Connor.
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Gleeson,
Slaughter avenue, have gone
Chicago for a ten days' visit.
Mlsa Mareuerlte Kautt returned
Sunday to Nazareth after spending
ten days with her parents in me
Misses Helen and Elizabeth
Malone and Clara Angermeier, who
were here for the holidays, left Mon
day for Nazareth. ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Walsh and Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Ryan were among
those from this city spending last
week in New York.
Miss Marie Glover will be hostess
at a theater party this afternoon
honor of Misses Louise and Sara
Gibson, of Baltimore.
A Inn ATI HA Ohlleschlager left Sun-
tn. Tmr TM Y. ..to resume his
studies at Rensselaer, after spending
the holidays with his parents.
Mm. W. O. Head has been the
rf her brother. Eldrld Bean
at Danville while the Mayor has
been on a hunting trip in Florida
Richard Wathen and his two
daughters, Misses Lizzie and Eula
-Rnrristown Junction, are
here for the -remainder oi me wmic,
Thomas Cook, the well known
tobacco man of Taylorsvllle, was
hero Wednesday on a business trip
and reports a prosperous season in
the tobacco business.
r orM Mm Frank J. Kelly, of
KL1 , mau -" - - -
D.h,iii, wm who SDent tne
holidays with their parents, Mr. and
M-o Tnhn illV KellV. 8Z3 BOUIU
Eighth street, have returned home.
-ri. TOnoolliia Delanev. who has
l., anomMnar the holldSV SeSSOn
.ecu f h " " " "-" . .. wr
.i.v. i, TiarentR Mr. and Mrs. w
S Ackley, 1707 High avenue, has
returned to Mt, Sion Academy to re
sume her studies.
Mrs. John J. Morits entertained
mil week In honor of Mrs.
Eugene Braun, who was here for
hniirinv visit. Her guests were Mes-
dames Eugene Braun, Koy wnarwn,
F. Erhart, Charles Borntraeger and
The Young Men's Social Club will
give the next of their series of select
dances next Thursday at Utopian
Hall, and this sterling young or
ganization's simple, announcement is
an advance guarantee or a pleasant
Thnmna m Havden. the genial
Superintendent of the K. and I., is
,.iniMnr nver a. visit from the Stork,
who on Monday left a fine baby boy
at his home. 2614 West Main street
Tom says the new arrival has it on
all the other boya in the West End.
n, WDlah Herman Ensllnger,
rcimer Ritter .John Flynn, Thomas
(ip.r.th and John McBarron, stu
dents in St. Meinrad's Academy, who
had been spending the holiday vaca
tion at their homes in New Albany,
..tnvn.ii Mnndav to resume their
A most welcome New Year's vis
itor has come to the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Vance Kennedy, 842 Speth
fniirt. who will be named Thomas
h la christened to
morrow. No one feels prouder of
th little fellow than the grand
father, William Kennedy.
fa niimher of voung people com-
prms a jony ineaier vfiu
Keith'a this afternoon followed by a
lnnrheon at Klein's. In the party
.,m k. muwi Ruth nTonnor. urace
Ma.7nni Clara Dannenhold, Rudina
Bauer, Eva Beck, L,unan .-Nevin,
Corynne Mazzonl, Florence Storch,
Edna Tierney, Mary t.uen aiicnaei.
Jeunette Dannenhold and Mis.
Wilton Preis. yC
affair of the oast we
- -- - - - , -, .
Tr(.i.'. k vira w P. Bannon in
i . t Miaa Marin Bannon. fol-
lowed by luncheon at Meln s. airs.
V. -
J. V. Thompson, Miss ttose nnu
u-. n II Mnnra cnaDerouci
party, which included Misses Cath
erine Bannon. Jessie iiaiuiuu,
Ellen Campbell, Josephine Burkley,
a.iio stark. Constance Casailey,
. , 1 chininlvr. laauel
Florence O Hryan. Blanch O' Bryan,
chnaMurhun Mary McGuire,
Rose McGuire, Mary Flyun. Angela
Flynn. Angela HuDer, iiraneu.
Dempf. Julia Kyle, Margaret Beas-
lpy. Irene Flsuer, leucine
Henrietta Bannon ana .Maim "
'Wedneaday evening a large num
ber of friends and relative assem
bled at the Church of Our Lady lu
Port.and to wlltieas the marriage
Uld l i) WUliet 111" ,,iw...ev
Annii Louise Gillooly and
iu.....a T Galvin. the itev. riu
r... ..iff nerinrmlna the ceremouy.
-t-l. .. i .i.i. iha ilanuhter of Capt. o
i li n ui .un - - - - I
nd Mrs. John F. r.Ulooly auu is an
xoeutiunally attractive ana tnariu- n
in voiina woman. ine -groom n
oimected with the Illinois v.enui
railroad in this city and is quite
pupular. Following the , church
v iiii.ru WH a retention ai
, ' home of the brld'S parent at P
'V UHrik street, after whiill the I A
happy couple left for a bridal trip.
Upon their return they will make
their home at 2928 Rank street.
f'nnt Ollloolv. father of the bride, la
In charge of the Louisville Life Sav
ing Station. A veteran In the serv
ice, he is yet In his prime, though a
rranrif nther AnA la th tirniirl head
of a family of ten children, including
twins nineteen monms oia a xam
lly to challenge the admiration even
of a Roosevelt.
rather McGovern's Splen
did Work During Past
Prior of St. Louis Bertrand's church,
read ms nnanciai statement ior me
rear 1911 at all the masses la
Sunday and every member of the
congregation was more man pieasea
witn me. spienaia progress maae to
ward wiping out the debt, which has
been standing for many years.
Father McGovern's , report showed
that at the beginning of the year the
total debt amounted to $25,623 and
that 812.025 had been paid on this
amount, leaving a debt of $13,698
at the beginning or the present year.
This amount the reverend pastor
hopes to decrease greatly or wipe
out entirely this year and therefore
urges the congregation to work
faithfully to that end. Father Mc-
Govern has been untiring in his
labors and has the satisfaction of a
record year in the Dominican parish.
Popular and Loved Priest
Transferred to St.
The Rev. Robert Craney. who is
well rememhered as an assistant to
the lamented Father Lawler at St.
Patrick's church, this city, but lor
quite a number of years the beloved
pastor of St. Anne's congregation at
Morganfleld, has been transferred to
St. Cecilia's church to fill the
vacancy caused by the death of Rev.
Andrew J. Brady. Father Craney
was ordained twenty-eight years ago
at the same time that the Very Rev.
James P. Cronln, present pastor of
St Patrick's rhnrch and Vicar Gen
eral of the diocese, was ordained. He
is fifty-three years or age. While
his former parishioners regretted his
departure they are rejoiced that he
comes to a larger and more impor
tant charge. His last mass at St.
Anne's was largely attended and
Father Cranev'a farewell sermon was
very touching, especially when he
referred to his affection for his
people and called attention to the
fact that a large per cent, of them
have received from him all three
sacr; ments of baptism, communion
and marriage. He has recently
caused to be erected there a large,
handsome day school, a dream of
many years, father Rehm, a native
of Stlthton, but for some time past
stationed at T.phannn has been sent
to St. Anne's by Bishop O'Donaghue
and tne people win rejoice over nis
appointment. Father Craney will
at. nnre take eharpe nt fit. Peetlla'a.
and will likely celebrate mass there
Only Ten States Have Had
Honor of rilling
Tn onlv An reftnert ran Vlrelnla
still be properly called the Mother
of Presidents only as to the number
of years Virginians occupied the
executive office, not as to the num
ber of residents of Virginia elected
to the Presidency or succeeding to
the Presidency. Since the beginning
of the Government Presidents have
been taken from only ten States
Virginia. Massachusetts, Tennessee,
New York. Ohio. Louisiana, New
HamDshire. Pennsylvania. Illinois
and Indiana. There have been five
from Virginia. New York and Ohio
three from Tennessee, two from
Massachusetts and Illinois, and one
from New Hampshire, Louisiana,
Pennsylvania and Jndiana.
It was a remarkable fact that at
the end of President Roosevelt's
term, March 4, 1909, New York had
had the Presidency about nineteen
veara out of the twenty-eight since
the inauguration of President Oar-
field in 1881 the period covered by
the White Hnnae service of Arthur.
Cleveland and Roosevelt. Still more
remarkable is the fact that at the
end of President Taft's present term,
March 4, 1913, New York and Ohio
will have had the Presidency thirty-
... nf ha thtrtv-alx veara since
the Inauguration of Hayes. Probably
"most remarkable of all is the fact
that Virginia, New York and Ohio
have held the residency seventy
three years of the 124 since the be-
inning of the Government.
The Catholic Woman's Club an
nounces a reception at their quar-
. - .i r T i ..-. . Walnut .trupl nn
Sunday afternoon, January 19, from
3 to 8 O cIopk. an irienus ui m
club are cordially invited to attend.
Ruma anatalned while she was at
tempting to extinguish the flames
that enveloped her daughter. Mm.
elite Nuttinan, on Christmas eve,
caused the death Friday rilgni or
Mrs. Kllen McDonough at her home,
1922 Lytle street. Septicemia had
eveloped. and her great grief at the
ur.riuiJTu, . ' ' mo. p- - " r - -
death of her daughter tended to re
rd a successful combat against the
aease. She was elKlity-two years
id. Mrs. McDonough leaves one
m, Patrick McDonough. Her fu-
ral took ulace Monday niomiug
oin St. Patrick's church.
Henry O. Moeiner, former State
rtii!ent o1 Vie Catholic Knights of
in-:.-.' I well known litre in
j we!l
If You Wont o He
Sure to Hnve Money
for Xmna Join the
Make small weekly -deposits for
50 cents and get it all back, with
Interest, two weeks before Christ
mas. Seven classes; join any
one or all of them; in your own
name or for anybody else. Bring
or MAIL the first week's pay
ment and become a member.
Open dally until 5 p. m.; Sat
urday until 7 p. m.
Kentucky Title
Savings Dank
, and
Trust Co.
Louisville, has been again honored
by the Knights of Newport. At its
last regular meeting Branch 626 of
that city elected the following offi
cers: Spiritual Adviser, Rev. H.
Schmld; President, Henry O.
Hoemer; Vice President, George
Ochs; Recording Secretary, Louis
Hunteman; Financial Secretary, J.
A. Miller; Treasurer, James Dieter
man; Sergeant-at-Arms, John
Feilen; Sentinel, George Vonder
haar; Trustee. John Fleisch.
Will Name 2,179 Precinct
Committeemen Jan
uary 18.
Under the terms of a resolution
that became a part of the organic
law of the Democratic party at the
State convention in this city last
May new County Committees are to
be chosen in each of the 120 counties
of the State on Saturday, January
18. The Democratic voters in each
of the 2,179 voting precincts of the
State are to meet at 2 o'clock in the
afternoon of the date specified. The
retiring Precinct Committeeman or,
should there be a vacancy existing,
some qualified Democrat designated
by the County Chairman, will call
the meeting to order and state the
purpose of the meeting. The Pre
cinct Committeemen so selected by
the voters are to serve until another
State convention ehall specify when
and how their successors shall be
chosen. On the Monday following
their election, which will be January
20, the Precinct Committeemen will
meet at their various county seats
and organize by selecting a Chair
man and Secretary. In those counties
containing more than one Legisla
tive district the Precinct Committee
men for each Legislative district will
organize by selecting a Chairman
and Secretary. Calls for the precipct
meetings are now being circulated by
the various County Chairmen.
Has Been rostered toy Vat.
lean Since Tlf teenth
The Vatican printing office, which
has been equipped with the latest
Mergenthaler linotype machines,
from which were printed the first
edition of the "Psalterium Brevlaril
Romanl," is one of the most perfect
to be found. Follow'ng is an inter
esting bit of history of the office and
its institution sent the Mergenthaler
Company by Slgnor J. Nelson Banks,
manager of the Socleta Linotype
ltallana, whose office is at Milan:
"The Tlpografia Pollglotta Vati
cana was founded by Pope Sixtus V.,
who, thus became one of the earliest
Introducers ot the printing art into
Italy. The first printing office,
however, was not in the Vatican,
but was Installed in a convent at
Subiago, near Rome, and it appears
that it was there that two German
brothers, apprentices ot Gutenberg,
first taught the art of printing, under
the protection of Sixtus V. Shortly
afterward the printing office was
removed to the Vatican and installed
over the Pontifical law courts,
where it remained until the acces
sion of the present Pope Plus X. The
latter, recognizing the necessity of
modernizing the institution, had the
present building erected, equipped
it with the latest and best machinery
and appliances, and placed it under
the able management of Comm.
Pasqualj Scotti. The library or the
printing office 1s most interesting,
and its exhibits form a complete
chain In the. progress of printing
from the fifteenth century to tne
present day. Here may be seen, tor
Instance, boohs printed on nana
presses from type held together by
a poker passed through each sep
arate character."
D.i, T T Vtaanev Y P Pregl-
nt Annlnna fuller at ColUIU-
bus. Ohio, and well known here In
ii'lKvlllo' leaves shortly for an ex
tended vacation trip abroad. He
I tour various rureign countries,
ludiug Rome In his itineracy, and
i ,.iwi ..iii,l.Ttilrt limn In the
ily Land. During Kuther Meaney's
( n Ki'V. O. A. wynn. U. f ., win
ve charge at th college.
Jan. 15
For Benefit of St. Lawrence Institute.
Four Celebrated Soloists, 300 in Chorus, Twenty-five in Orchestra.
Sunday, 8:15 P. M January 12, 1913, Masonic Theater
Grand Euchre and Lotto
St. Aloysius Church, Pewee Valley
Games Called mt 2:30 and 7i30 p. m. TICKETS 10 CTS.
Hekefc pod for ctim mi cikf, r ticks I ms IS cists holder admlstin ti gamis. COOD MUSIC:,
Diligtrtfid Unci will Sims' frw S t 7 I. .
The personally conducted sale of Fine Cloth
ing now in progress. Don't spend a dollar
until you see what this means to you.
Men's and Toanft Men'a Exclusive Clothes Shop.
1 Posad for.,
2 Pounds ior
3 Poanda lor ,
Psoas IJJ. tim
Ira It Catholics Preparing
for Great National
Catholics of Ireland have received
with pleaaure the announcement that
with the approval of the Arch-
blbhops and Bishops a great national
pilgrimage to Lourdea is about to be
organized and will take place next
September. Many Irish Catholics
have of course joined in the annual
pilgrimage to this famous shrine in
the South of France, but this will be
the first national pilgrimage spe
cially organized from Ireland. At
their last general meeting . the
Bishops unanimously approved of
the project and Cardinal Logue has
stated that he hopes to accompany
the pilgrims. Already an Organising
Committee, representative of every
diocese in Ireland, has been formed
and there can be no doubt that the
project will be warmly supported by
Irish Catholics..
Trinity Council, Y. M. I., Social
Club wih give the secoud of their
series ot seloct dances at Trinity
Hall, Baxter and Morton avenues,
.nursday, January 23, and the com
mittee of arrangements are prepar
ing a pleasant surprise for those
night Itev. Thomas Y. KetiuJy7
rector of the American Collect in
Home, now visiting lu this coil try,
Classes 1 nml 1A
You pay lc the first week. So
the second week, and so on, or
5flo the first week, 49c the sec
ond week, and so on. At the end
of 60 weeks you get hack $12.75,
with Interest added.
Classen 2 nnd 2A
fou pay 2c the first week, 4o the
second week, and so on; or $1
the first week, 98c the second
week, and so on. At the end of
60 weeks you get back $25.60,
with interest added.
Classes 5 and 5 A
You pay 6c the first week, lOo
the second week, and so on; or
$2.60 the first week, $2.45 the
second week, and so on. At the
end of 60 weeks you get back
$63.75, with interest added.
Class II
You pay $1 a week for 60 weeks
and get back $50, with interest
Mulloy's Special Coffee
Starting Sunday Matinee, Jan. 12
Cohan & Harris Will Present Here With
big Cast at Popular Prices
The Fortune Hunter
Perfect production of the best written
and most delightful comedy of tbs sea
son. Clever and novel throughout.
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Mat
nees 25c.
Nights and Sunday Matinee, 25c, 35c,
v7as la Washington the past week
ami entertained by Mgr. 8hahan at
the Catholic University.

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