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scjaasrarrjosrr irisk ajskexsbx&ax
rwti to the Social and Moral Advancement o! Irish Americans and Catholics
Officially Indorsed by Ancient Order of Hibornians. Young Men's
Institute and Catholic Knights of America.
Entrrrd at the Loulivllle Poitofflce af Second. Clan Matter.
iiirttt til Communications to tho KENTUCKY IRISH AMERICAN, 319.321 Wait Qrean St
To the Democrats of Kentucky:
IRELAND'S answer.
Opening of tho Sinn Fein Parlia
ment in Dublin last week and tlio
declaration of Independence of .Ire
land may prove to be the right step
In getting the peace conference to
consider Ireland's case. We are,
however, like tho True Voice, none
too sanguine about that. Thero Is
little news from Paris to Indicate
what the peace delegates are consid
ering. The fact that there are
given out only official bulletins re
garding matters which tho confer
ence has agreed upon closes tho
door to all publicity. Undoubtedly
It Is the" hope of the Sinn Fein
leaders to bring the conference to
consider their plea for Independ
ence by setting up a form of gov
ernment. That plan may succeed
and it may not.
The fact that the whole proceed
ing in Dublin was permitted to pass
off as If it meant no more than a
club meeting indicates that Eng
land feols sure of .er ground in
her plan to prevent consideration
of the Irish question. Also the fact
that tho people of Dublin tobk the
meeting of the Sinn Fein Parlia
ment so quietly Indicates that the
people of Ireland have little hopo
that Independence In fact will be
achieved by the declaration. We
can only wait and see what will
como of it all. At any rate thers
will be no more participation in the
Drltlsh Parliament and no asking
further favors from English states
men. Ireland is to stand or fall by
her own efforts.
There is one danger In the new
plan of campaign adopted. The hot
heads may gain control of the
movement and precipitate an armed
revolution. That would be disas
trous. As long as the plan of ab
stention from Parliament and pass
ive resistance to British rule Is
maintained, force can not be in
voked against it and officialdom Is
fanatics, was backed by the Social
ists. The Bolshevikl. the I. W. W.
p.nd our anarchistic bomb throwers
spring from tho Socialist ranks. Tne
bitter fight against tho Catholic
tellglon is promoted by these be
cause the Catholic church Is tha
strongest bulwark in tho world
against Socialism, Bolshevlklsm and
The editor of the Baptist World
Is Indignant because President Wil
son called on the Pope and wants
reform In the Government attitude
to the Catholic church. The worthy
editor might begin his reform tac
tics on the Rev. Boyce Taylor, at
Murray, Ky., tho Baptist minister
and moderator, who has defied the
courts and the State Board of
Health, and In an incendiary speech
in the court room Wednesday said
he and his church were above the
law. County Judge Phillips fined
the defiant Baptist leader ?100.
The opera-bouffe setting given
the Sinn Fein Parliament' in tho
inspired dispatches from Dublin has
made no friends for the Associated
AVING an ambition to servo
the people of Kentucky In
tho high and honorable of
fice of Attornoy Goncral,-I hereby
announce myself as a candidate for
'the Democratic nomination for this
office at tho August primary, 1919.
I favor tho Stato and Federal Pro
hibition Amendments, good roads!
an efficient school system; rigid
economy in tho fiscal affairs of our
ii i MM
It. W. 1.JaNtfIBY
.State; a nonpartisan judiciary; ef
iflciency In office; and whntever will
.redound to the betterment of our
'State; and it nominated and elected
I pledge my best endeavor to tho ef
ficient handling of the affairs of this
office. The Princeton Bar Associa
tion is kind enough to say of mo as
"As members of tho Prince
ton Bar Association and In be
half of R. W. Lisanby, a fellow
member, In his raco for the
Democratic nomination for At
torney General, we beg to say
that Mr. LIsanby has success
fully handled much of tho im
portant litigation in thla section
of our State for several years;
he has successfully appeared In
oral argumcnt-boforo our Court
of Appeals of Kentucky, In a
number of cases; In 1915 a case
ho successfully handled, Franks
vs. Smith, appeared In the Law
yers Reports Annotated, select
ed as a leading caso In point In
our nation, about forty pages of
this great publication being
given to this caso with citations
to other similar cases; all of
which Is a record of which a
graduate of Yalo or Harvard
might well be proud. Mr.
LIsanby Is diligent, resource
ful and persevering In his pro
fession and business affairs, and
If nominated and elected to this
high office we believe ho will
fill tho sarao with honor and
distinction. Wo pledge him our
ioyal support."
SSURING you of my high ap
preciation or your support
and pledging hiy sincere ef
forts to faithfully dlschargo the
duties of this office If nominated and
elected, I beg to remain, yours sin
cerely. R. W. LISANBY
Princeton, Ky.
January 20, 1919.
February 2 Comedy drama,
"Lighthouse Nan,' by Choir Club
of St. Martin's, In hall at Shelby
and Gray.
February 4 Euchro and lotto
for St. Aloyslus church, Pewee Val
ley, at Gambrlnus Hall, afternoon
nnd evening.
February 24 Five hundred party,
euchre nnd lotto In Holy Cross
school hall, evening only.
"February 24-25 Social gathering
at St. Paul's church hall, Jackson
street, with usual games and amuse
ments, afternoon and evening.
Ing tho movement In Ireland Upon
tjjelr sanity and constancy depends
tho success or failure of the wholo
movement. It Is a now departure
In Ireland. It Is tho answer of the
Irish people to the repeated treach
ery of British statesmen.
One of the well known and most
beloved women of the Cathedral
congregation passed peacefully away
at her home Sunday night when tho
Immortal spirit of Mrs. Mary J.
Cllnes, widow of the late Thomas
P. Cllnes. was called to partake of
the bliss of an eternal life in
neaven. niough the summons camel Mrs. William Bauer has been vls-
suuaemy atter an illness of brief Itlng at Frankfort, the guest of her
duration, it came not in the phase sister, Mrs. Georgo Stohlln.
or an unprovided death, for, Ilka
to the watchful virgins of tho Dr. J.-J. Connally and Mrs. Con
Scripture, In the soul of Mrs. Cllnes nolly were visitors last week at
theie was ever burning the brilliant Prestonla.
light of faith and hope and love, I
a light that Illumined not only her Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McDcvitt
own life but which lent its happy left Tuesday night for a stay at
ladlance to the lives of those Tound Hot Springs.
about her A crown of three-score! '
or more years was upon her brow. Mrs. John P. Hanley is-at Paris
. .....- uuujfuuuy or youtn was in visiting Mrs. Dennhy-DnndtHT and
First and third Fridays, Hibernian
Home, 1818-1820 Portland.
President Tim O'Leary.
Vice President Walter Murphy.
Financial Secretary John Brod
erlck, 1850 Portland avenue.
Recording Secretary John A.
Treasurer D. J. Dougherty.
Sergeant-at-Aims Martin Sheo
han. Sentinel Thomas Noone.
i. . ,, . .. ' ., ..Itho heart that never grew old be other .relatives- 2.1
lathQg tojuJ?EregJttfIfiha,djieath .Ibo .slght-of-time- andther 3 - ; " T
u u iieiii up iur inontus wun
the. backing of the friends of Ire
land in America and elsewhere
there is hope. A great deal de
pends upon the men who are direct-
and lovlngr wife nnd the devoted,
self-sacrificing mother; in the wide
circle of friends that claimed Mm
prlvilege of knowing and loving her
unu care or lire. in herl Miaa Tjmian -,, mw,Vo ',,.;; ,
Hfo she was ever the true moirni imuc) nf'v t t..i, ..
her home at Prestonla.
Speaker Champ Clark voiced the
sentiments of the American people
and of tho boys "over there" when
ho scored Gen. Dupont, who said
our boys would bo kept overseas
for another two years to tear down
tho barbed wire and to police Eur
ope. Speaker Clark said: "If tho
Belgians and French want the wire
ilown they can take It down them
selves. After we licked the Ger
mans for them they surely can po
lice Europe themselves. The most
sensible thing President Wilson has
said was that he was going to bring
those soldiers home." That has the
right ring. Bring our soldiers home
at the earliest possible moment
Even at that It will be long weary
months before they are all home
-Mts. J. Ryan and Miss1 Anna Ryan
Rnanf n nloncfint Qnmlotr nttmmtm
Was nnd Is a lastinr? fivnmnln ,n. nr a ' t mi - t.
nf nil rl.ot I .,,.. "J" t j ' .",l" """ ' " vU"" "I rrus-
- "ivoi. uuiuireu in lonia.
woman. Mrs. Cllnes' character was,
liSB!,rw,mert w!th, ,deei, .T1 Mlss Marguerite Ryan enjoyed a
nn "?, J1 inherent ln, o !'? delightful week-end visit with her
mrpd r,n XL c, v",cn ?,no cousln' Mra- G"y Vinson, Highland
riaced her origin. She was Mls3 Park
Mary Manning before her marriage,
?As r,.fl0h wty ,n, 18C6, S,? Mr" and Mrs- Edward Howell,
I SiVwfiP in tni nfd 7omen ",' South. Luoisvllle,, had as guests last
ijouisvuie In Irish literature and nr,. ,i -r.. tj.j ...,,
poetry, and many years ago was va7 of Macon "
a leading spirit ln the Irish Laudf
hnn.?UL.,,lIrS;1 "nSS. W beon l? Mls3 Kathryn Drlscoll. of Hamii
though not conflnoTl ' o"C; i ' ale.nH?' . cverlng
Bl, le o..M,i...i i. IV.1Z. ",:,.,"" ""'" "e' tt-L-eni niness aim
X . jum.cu uy inree ciuiaren, out in a tow dnvs
ibo Grand Knight of Louisville'
Meets second and fourth Mondayt
Bertrand Hall, Sixth street
President John J. Barry.
Vice President Mark J. Ryan.
Recording Secretary Lawience
D. Meany.
Financial Secretary Thomas J.
Treasurer John F. Burke.
Sergeant-at-Arms Patrick Con
Sentinel M. J. McDermott.
SemiAnnual Sale
of Men's
Suits and Overcoats
$15 Suits and
Overcoats. . .
$20 Suits and
Overcoats. . .
$25 Suits and
Overcoats. . .
$30 Suits and COR 7K
Overcoats ymV,ld
$35 Suits and CQQ 7R
Overcoats 4fc.O. U
$40 Suits and tTOq 7C
Overcoats $00ltJ
will be
and Mrs.
Council. Tfni?o 7 r""i,'".'. -V- "oyu. Acewer lias, returned
John Af PiitiM rii i .!. i t0 New York after an extended stay
jonn .u uines. who Is with the ...m, t,d- nnrnnia nny ,, ,J
ZS ZV" C.: CharleT P.Dehler.
" .UtllJ lIIUtll, WJ1U
resided with her mother. Solemn
nign mass or requiem was
ntnrori 'niAeiim, .ntnn. ... .,.
Cathedral by Rev. Francis O'Con- Pco' an? ?m,1& hm returned to her
nor. assisted by Father Hill, of St, , llomo at Now HaTen-
Miss Beo Quinn. aged seventy.
died Tuesday night of pneumonia
at tho home of her sister. Mrs.
ITtni, HrnMllHn T...11... 1 IT T HAmn Hftl fl,nf1 wna liAlil
ce'e' the guest of her uncle, Martin Mc-lThursda morning from St. Charles
liiiiHaW: ? -MuaiH3HiiH(
n' .iiB!WBB
Let Your Money Work
Many Large Fortunes Have Been Made From Oil
No Other Investment Offers Such Quick Returns.
No Greater Risk Than Other Investments.
The oil business in proven fields Is not chance, luck, fate or gamble. It Is just common sense,
foresight and ordinary ,,business reason. No matter where you place your Investments, whether In rail
road bonds, farm mortgages, manufacturing enterprise's, niercantilo business or banking, you tako
some chance of loss of your Investment, .with far less opportunity for large profits than In the oil
The greatest element of success of any enterprise is practical experience, conservative management
and business Judgment. Oil Is a natural product with a ready market, and today crude oil commands
tho highest price ever known. Fair profit can bo made in producing oil at 60 cents a barrel. You
can imagine for yourself what profit can be made when oil Is selling at from $2. SO to $4.00 a barrel
as It Is today. A
Who WaB Stationed in London With
the Aero Squadron. Now
Out of Service.
We believo that President Wilson
Is making good progress at the
t peace conference In his advocacy of
a league of nations. That is tho
only point that ho considers vital
to the peace of tho world now. In
dications are that if he wins this
point ho will leave Euorpo to settle
boundary, linos and details of the
peace treaties. In this, the True
Volco believes, he Is right. Euro
pean statesmen know moro about
affairs across the Atlantic than we
do. All that we arc interested in
over thero Is to secure a Just peaco
that "will hold out some liopes of
being permanent for a generation
or so. The league of nations may
last longer.
Anns; j-atner Donahue, of St.
Paul's, and Father Murray, chap
lain at Camp Zachary Taylor. Her
body now rests beside that of the
misnanti in St. Louis cemetery,
emetery. i u
7- v
Sergeant L. Sherley Cunlff. who
was operated on at Camp Taylor,
Is getting along nicely and' is nble
to sit up and receive callers.
Martin J. Nllest. after snendlnc
seven ninnthn lit Frannn with tho
A wedding of much Interest Coafit Artlllery, has been released
throughout the Bluegrass region from the anny and has returned to
was that of Augustus J. Welsen- n,s home-
mrger and Miss Ann Egallte, of
Lexington, solemnized last week at
Kentucklans enjoying themselves
Pt. Paul's church. Rev. Father do !n New York last week were Q. A
Waegenaoro officiating. After the Ortiun, of Louisville; John R.
ceremony the happy couple left for Sowor' of Frankfort, and T. J.
Pittsburgh, where they will live. Walsn- of Lexington.
Among the out-of-town people who! - ,
attended tho wedding wero Mrs ' JI,SS "''nces Corrlgan, who has
Mary Kaltenbrun and daughter, of twJen spending tho winter with her
Many friends tender sympathy to
Louis and Mary Ellman, 2110 High
avenue, whose 'homo was rendered
jlesolato when death claimed their
two-year-old daughter, Mary L.,
whose remains wero tenderly laid
to rest In Portland cemetery.
uiis city, wno visited relatives ln
iranicrort berore returning home.
The one awful failure of a nation
Is to fall from her ideals, to give
up striving, to sell her soul to
power and avarice, or aught that
aunt, Mrs. R. J. Wollmuth, In
Buffalo, has been called home by
the Illness of lier mother, Mrs. Cora
B. Corrlgan.
Corporal Harry J. Hennessy
writes from NIxIevllle, France, that
he and his Louisville comrades,
Paul Bowling and John Donnelly,
Berves the sordid sway of pride and 1 aro stl11 together and anxiously
passion. That Indeed is failuro awaiting tho call to come homo,
which succeeds at the nrico of '
virtue and honor. Ireland mleht Mf- and Mrs. Martin O'Connor
Raymond W. Piazza, tho ten-yoar-old
son of William and Elizabeth
Piazza, passed away Monday even
ing at the family home, 420 North
Clay street, and for tho boreaved
parents there la felt the fivmDathv
of many friends. Funeral services
wero held Thursday morning at St.
Martin's church.
Robert McDowell, aged thirty
one, beloved husband of Loulso Mc
Dowell, 734 East Broadway, passed
Into eternal rest Monday night,
leaving ev wide circle to mourn his
death. Tho funeral took placo
Thursday morning from St John's
church, of which ha was a dovout
- Tho W. C. T. U. met this past
week and, after listening to
harangues from former salaried
prohibition orators, declared war on
tobacco and tho cigarette especially.
The prohibition coffers
The Columbia Athletic Club will
nominate officers jind directors for
tllS PTlKlllntr VPir nt tfin montln.r
marrlago of) next Monday night, the annual
nave been rich and "favnroil. wriron have announced tho
Rev. Terrenco J. Shealv. s. J. snn their daughter, Miss Ruth Daniols1. piontinn in taira tOo , m.
might have merged her Identity and J CorP- F,rankJ- Carroll, Motor .lowing Monday night. February 10
The time to Invest ln any business enterprise,
and especially "in an operating oil company. Is
jor sale and nerore'iarge dividends ire paid. " As
Moon at- a company begins " paying dividends the
stock will sell In proportion to tho amount of
dividends paid. But if you make your Investment
before the company reaches this point you have
a .nuch greater opportunity to reali.o a profit, '
not on.y from the dividends paid but from the
iniTi asp (n tho value of your Investment.
You are now offered an opportunity to Invest
In the Thonipson-Mahoney Oil Company at the
verj llrst price at which Its stock has ever been
1 fte red. This company has every element neces
sary to make It a thorough success, able and
eNperlenced management, operating on proven
kases, now producing and shipping oil, the Invest
ment of a large sum for machinery and xjqulp
tuent, low cost of operating and drilling, an I
conservative capitalization. The stock Is now
offered at par, $10.00 per share.
A short time ago this company brought In Its
fifth producing well with an Initial production or
50 barrels per day. This well was found at the
remarkable shallow depth of 200 feet, and from
present Indications will flow without pumping.
The company has two sands from which oil Is
produced, one at tho depth of about 200 feet and
the second sand at about 400 feet. It Is confi
dently expected we will obtain even larger wells
than this as drilling operations continue.
The deeper 1 well Is drilled the more It
costs. This company has a great advantage from
tho fact that the wells are obtained at a shallow
depth, and therefore cost very little compared
to oil wells In other fields. We are particularly
fortunate In having our leases located adjoining
the railroad tracks at Oil City, where we own
the property opposite a elding for unloading
freight and loading oil. Our leases aro all under
cultivation and easily accessible. These facts
make tho operating expenses of this company very
low, which adds to the profits to bo made for tho
We aro rushing the development of our
leases as fast as possible. Two rigs are drilling
tduljionjUjHcllB, pipe .line construction Is under
wav connecting all of our leases with our storage
tanKs on tne Tauroad. It is tlio Intention to add
three drilling rigs to our equipment as soon as
possible. It is for this purpose that we are offer
ing our treasury stock for sale.
The business affaire and the practical opera
tions of this companyajo in the hands of men
of long and successful experience. Tho President
of the company, J. F. C. Hegewald, Is a business
man well known throughout Kentucky. He Is at
the head of large commercial enterprises In Louis
ville and nearby cities.
J. E. Thompson, Secretary, has had fifteen
years practical experience as an oil operator, as
well as having conducted other business enter
prises with success.
Paul J. Mahoney, Vice President and General
Manager, Is probably one of tho best known oil
men ln the United States, having operated and
drilled In nearly every field In the country. Ho
has had upward of thirty-five years' practical
experience in the oil business. His ability to
locate wells successfully Is almost uncanny, and
oil men unite In saying "what he does not know
about drilling an oil well is not worth knowing.-'
should make big profits for Its stockholders. Its
capitalization Is low, $200,000. Its cost of com
pleting its wells Is small compared to other fields.
The grade nf oil Is, as far as known, tho highest
speciric gravity In the State. One-hundred-barrel-per-day
production should enable tho company to
earn 50 per cent, on Its entho capital. One-hun-drcd-and-flfty-barrel
production will represent
about 75 per cent, profit, and two-hundred-barrel
will mean about 10Q per cent, profit. One well
may give a two-hundred-barrel production, an
such wells are known ln this locality. Tho time
to make your purchase of stock in this company
is now beforo our rapid developments Increase
tho valuo of the stock, as any dny may see either
the stock take a Jump or not to bo offered at any
price. " '
her faith In- an alien empire and
alien worship. But sho foUght and
died; she starved and agonized;
and In defoat she has conquore'd.
Hher spirit still lives on.
Transportation Company, Newport
News, Va.. on January 20, at St
Patrick's rectory, tho Rev. James P
Cronin ofilclatlng.
Tho monthly euchro and lotto
Dartv of Hift Snwlmr RruIrv nf St
Anthony's Hospital will tako placo Charles Schmuck, father
next- Wednesflav at th rinmlrni muwiur, lonueriy mil
must be These gatherings are for charity and Schmuck, of this city,
are always very enjoyaoio.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schenk, of
Owensboro, aro rejoicing over the
arrival at their home of a hand
somo baby son, Carl, Jr. Prouder
than the parents Is Grandfather
of the
mother, formerly Miss Josephine
Despite tho war and tho manv mem
bers with the forces ln France, this
club has had a very successful year
unci us airnirs wore well conducted.
All members aro urged to attend
these meetings and hear tho reports
Tho Socialists are the main sup
porters and financial backers of tho
A. P. A. movement and testimony
in the pt allowed that the Menace,
irpriso to
Jr groom was
marringo thatrcamo as a sur-
frlends of both brldo and
solomnlzed Tuesday at
Tomorrow nlirht at St. MartlA'a St. Patrick's church, the contracting
Hall, Shel-by and Gray, the Choir Parties being W. J. Armour, widely
uiuo ot xnat paris-n will present Known m local musical circles, ana
"Lighthouse Nas," a strong: three- Miss iMollie Boone, daughter of Mrs.
act comedy drama. The company Jessie Boone, of Bardstown. Mr.
Is one of much ability and a high- and Mrs. Armour will reside at 90S
- -tjie mttd-gutter organ of the dug production seams MMured. .South Fourth street.
'According to a wlrelesa dispatch
from Rdme tho first of the week
Pope Benedict desires to maintain
strict neutrality as regards the
Irish situation, the Vatican an
nounced ln a statement In which it
denies that the noly Father has
given instructlona to the Irish
episcopate and clergy. The Vatican
further denied reports to the effect
that Mgr. Cerettl, nov in the
(Jnked States, wag entrusted with
a mission to confer with the Irish
Act Now Or You May Be Too Late.
This company offers you a conservative Investment that has an opportunity to make a large profit
quickly. We are noyv a success, aro producing and shipping oil, have a largo sum already invested,
operated by practical business and oil men and expect to begin paying dividends In a very short time.
You can buy now at tho very first price at which tho stock has been offered if you act at once. Our
next well may bo 200 barrels. Fill ln tho coupon below for the amount you wish to purchase and
mall today, or ln any case fill in tho Information coupon and let us keep you posted as to our further
developments without cost or obligation.
1917 Inter-Southern Bldg. LOUISVILLE, KY.
Date 10IO.
Inter-Southern Building, Louisville, Ky.
Plcaso scad 111c full information about your
company and your weekly bulletin, -without obliga
tion to inc.
Name ..
Intcr-Southem Building. Louisville, Ky.
Dnto. IOIO.
I hereby subscribe for shares of
stock in your Company ut $10.00 per sluiro.
Inclosed find...... . dollars In payment
of same.
.Vnmo ...
The consistory which was
f nounced for December has been
postponed until after peace has been
an- signed. The Pope wants to have
Cardinals from all parts of the
world present when he convokes a
meeting of the Sacred College.

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