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Ml Hmt 412 iHlffih, Kr.
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Kentucky Irish American
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See Victory Ahctul It Jackson Dem
ocratlc Club Resolution is
, t Adopted.
Iloss.Ches Scnrcy Finds Notldng but
Trouble. in Republican
Nogro. Republicans Demand Social
'Equality From White Itosi
dents and Neighbors.
The Jackson Democratic Club,
-with a membership ot over 1,700
active Democrats, went orr" record
"Wednesday evening In favor or. the
primary method for deciding con
tested nominations. The matter
was brought to the attention! of the
Democratic voters by the oft-repeated
contention in the colunms of
the Kentucky Irish American that
a convention could never fairly Bet
tie contests between candidates.
wnw rtViA .Tnokjion Club, as a treDre-
sentatlve body of Democrats, has
Indorsed that view, and following
speeches by .Judge Muir Welssinger,
Dr. H. E. Mechling, Col. J. Hk
Haager, Edward Early ,and others
the club approved the appointment
of a committee to notify the City
and County Committee of Its action.
It. was suggested that the conven
tion nominate for those offices
where there is hut one candidate
and alse "select the nominees for
the General Gouncll. The con
tested offices at present are Sheriff,
County Judge, Bailiff of Police
Court, Prosecuting Attorney of Po
lice Court, County Clerk and a few
others. These can be settled fairly
and squarely in the primary in a
manner that no defeated candidate
can. resent. It is (recalled that a
primary gave ois Ollle James, a
great Senator, after he had been
discriminated a.gainst Jn a proposed
Again it will eeTve as a mode ot
training for white women voters
for the November election, and
furthermore many women can ,be
enlisted as election' officers,. Which
wosM-guaraHtee aVpriHiaryelsetios
without the slightest euspiclori of
fraud. Following the announce
ment of the City and County Com
mittee that they approve of this
action decks can be cleared for
action and a start made with 'har
mony prevailing In every quarter.
In discussing the possible Mayoralty
candidates -on the Democratic ticket
one hears ottener ot Attorney Rob
ert L. Page, and it Is significant
that hls selection seems to be pop
ular with all classes and factions ot
Democracy. "Bob" Pago la a type
of the younger Democracy who
will Inspire support if chosen as the
standard bearer, and It elected
Mayor will bo a tearless and effi
cient executive who will wear no
man's collar. It is to be hoped
that the Democratic leaders can
persuade Mr. Page to lead the fight
for a cleanup In city and county
government and a greater and bet
ter Louisville.
What a heap of woe, trouble and
misery has fallen on Boss Ches
Searcy's Bhoulders since 'the death
ot A. T. Hert. The., Republican
State politicians are not in awe of
Searcy as they were ot Hert and
they have already gone gunning
for .the post of National Committee
man and a sucoessor for Searcy as
State Chairman. On top ot this
Btruggle for political power in' his
own party Boss Searcy Is finding
troubles galore. This week As
Blatant Secretary Bllncoe, of the
Republlacn League headquarters,
who is twenty-eight years of age
and weighing 200 pounds, distin
guished himself by assaulting Mr.
Jonnard, owner of the Realty
Building, who Is sixty-five years ot
age and weighs 125 pounds. Mr.
Jonnard was badly beaten by the
Republican League Secretary. The
row started because the Superin
tendent of the building objectod to
negro poltlcians cure tog and Swear
ing in front of white girl stenogra
phers while riding up and down oh
the elevators. Negro politicians,
men and women, are frequent vis
itors to the Republican headquar
ters, and filled with their own. im
portance as aides to the "reform."
admJnlstrtalon, strut and sneer in
front of the common white folks
' w!h liavcn't got votes in their
pocket. Of course Boss Searcy
"tailed" a little and told the ki
dignant Realty owners and the pub
lic that he would run the horrid
iBlincoe away from headquarters.
y 'M for -the negro trouble nothing
-was Mid about curbing their tactics,
and the Searcy-Chlltoa maehke te
nniding trouble in trying to keep the
negroes in bounds, The negro
gamblers and tough element cause
ho trouble to the Republican ma
hetaie and. "reform" administration
ra the negro political Header parcel
out the gambling games, while the
negrtf 'holdups' and burglaw who
vote the "reform." Republic ticket
are immune from arrest becaase of
the Keystone comedy police. It to
the blh-row darkles and "aqual
Ity" negroes wtoo make life mtoer
able for the earfcy-ChlHon leaders.
Two year ago1 tbi element rb
f Warley for ithe Tgilatwr and
alter rotlg dtead, nttorfo RBd
Frankfort cenVtet the machtne wa
abV t waJprKy
Warier ot etgW-etaW- rote. Now
the uM4tmUm"UlN..t!fe7wr.
.The legroee announce a Candidate
for th LKiloture in the Tenth
ward where 85 per .cent., ot.the
voter are negroes, end the Seaivy.
Cliiltbn machine plans to knock the
negro out, even considering tho fact
that only 5 per cent, of the Tenth
M-artl voters are wliito Ilcpuhllcaiis,
Here's an example of how the
negroes ot Louisville, encouraged
by tho Republican party, demand
social equality. As contended be
fore in those columns, tho "equal
ity" negro wants to force himself
bn the white people whether or no.
The Quaker Maid chain of groceries
announced some time ago that the
, stores would1 close every Wednesday
and a boat excursion je given. lor
benefit ot the patrons. One or two
bf 'these enjoyable affairs were held
and then the "equality" negro
came to the front. The Quaker
Maid people were told that negroes
must be allowed on these boat ex
cursions or Oiq Quaker Maid sfores
would bo boycotted. The negroes
did not anneal for separate excur
sions for negroes, hut wanted tick
ets tlint would entitle them to pass
age with tho wliito people. Here's
the secuel as published in the News,
a negro newspaper: "After hiring
the boat, they (tho Quaker Mold)
learned about tho discrimination.
Tho Qunker Maid Company 1ms cut
tho boat rides out." Thus it can
be seen the Searcy-Chilton machine
dreads the encroaching demands of
the negro Republicans who want
to force themselves on white peo
ple. Attorney Beckham Ovenstreet In
an address at the Jackson Club ex
posed the inconsistencies ot Helm
Bruce, a noted leader and worker
for the present "reform" adminis
tration, Mr. Overstreet said that at
tho mass meeting held at tho Gypsy
Smith Tabernacle recently Mr.
Bruce excused the failure of the
local admtnlstrtaton, to stop gam
bling and corruption on the police
force, and' ihad no criticism for the
city officials or the men higher up.
But when our reformer, Mr. Bruce,
came to criticising the race track
he directed his fight on the owners
und operators, or In other words
the men higher up. Tho Bpeaker
made tho point that if he was con
sistent Mr. Bruce would have
blamed race track gambling on the
jockeys as he does the police, and
not the Republican bosses and city
and county officials. By the' way,
what are they doing to near Mayor
Smith? Twice this past week It
was announced that Hizaoner would
issue a long statement about gam
bling under his administration, but
each time some one must have put
on the lid' as nothing has appeared
yet. Many wonder how the near
Mayor can issue a long statement
about the gambling situation when
tho world knows he and tho city
bosses have nothing in common.
Honor to wjiomt.honor is due and
the Kentucky trfeti AwHcaiWwJints.
against the slight offered' those two
prominent Republican leaders,
Thomas W. 'Filbon and B. Bert
Baker. For several years the JjOU
isvllle Herald, tho machine organ
of the Searcy-Chilton gang, always
referred to Messrs. Fllben and
Baker as those two staunch and
sterling workers for "reform."
Week in and week' out the Herald
political writer would refer to their
activities In the Cresley Club, and
then the Herald editor would tell
the citizens and taxpayers how
fortunate they vt'ere in having young
Republicans' like Fllben and Baker
working for "reform" and a better
city .government. Now here's tho
slight. Last Friday Fllben. and
Baker were Indloted by the grand
jury for keeping a disorderly house,
and Saturday morning's Herald in
mentioning tho indictment said two
men named Fllben and Baker" were
Indicted', but never told its readers
that these wore the same .two gen
tlemen wlio wcro always advertised
In its columns as right liand bow
ers of Chcs Searcy and workers
for "reform." Friends of Tommy
and Bert are Indignant at the slight
of the Herald and eay that their at
tempts to liven up tlte neighborhood
have never been appreciated-. Others
say theer 'was no real -harm meant
and that some ot the stunts were
intended for movie comedy rehears
als. One would have to see the
playful little comedy ot throwing
the woman bodljy through the
screen door to appreciate It, and
Doug Fairbanks and Fatty Arbuckle
will have to look to their laurels if
Tommy and Bert are given tree
Some of the curious neighbors
want to know what became ot all
ot tho prisoners that Night Chief
Griffin and his aldos arrested in the
three time raids made on. thft
"House ot Hilarity." Those that
can not appreciate Keystone com
edy hihk that the Night Chief
ought to glv.e an account of his
prisoners, and that some report
ought to be made for the beacflt of
tho police and the public at large.
But this latter class doesn't seem
to understand the methods of the
Keystone police. If they catch an
offender he finds it eay to fool'
them and get away, and It ent to
jail or the Frankfort penitentiary
he or she can. ileave whenever they
care to. Poselbly Night Chief Grif
fin's wagon lead secured t Tommy
and Bert's escaped from the patrol
wagon en route and are playing
April fool with the Keystonere.
Who knows?
At the meeting of Division1 4,
A. O. H., Monday, eventa In Ber
traad HaH, PreWftt Jo. D. Hen
nev appointed complete, eommit
teee to ake charge of the, pleine
and outlas to be iheld at Scminere'
Park, on Sunday, June 26. Ju.mm
R, MTeTitWe wiU be General Obalr
inu and lie promfcwd a H $
amusements for tbt day that wffl
pteaae -young nd old, Ax ai
part ot the programme aJ aerie of
cMldren'su 'wow have been:, ar
ranged, ton bdya and gh-la ot U1
ages and fcamkQMipriH will b
awarded. Dan MeKeona, -Bdward
Byrne and M. J, MeDermott will
have charge of. the different oonce
etona. President Henoessy Io an
nounced that the proceed of th
Louisville's Keystone police aiftljtiitck;' firemen, will have tali
stories of their city experiences. :'$?
lot and tho coming picnic Will be
used to secure a new home for the
division, immediately. A special
meeting will be held next Monday
This has been an eventful Veelc
at Nazareth Academy, Kentucky's
famniia tfwtnn-Hrwna1 4ntstlifii.t Inn fn
ul iut .aiumnae .Association ana toe
commencement exercises served to
draw a distinguished gathering
that continued for three days. The
Jubilee celebration continued
through Tuesday and Wednesday
and was largely devoted to the
business and 60dal features of the
event, which were numerous and
gratifying in results.
Thursday was the big day, a
special train carrying a laTge del
egation of relatives and friends of
the graduates and Sisters from this
city. The commencement exercises
began at 9:?0 o'clock and are, re
ported to have surpassed any ever
held at this great center of learn
ing. Many interesting papers were
read, but the feature was the ad
dress ot Dr. James J. Walsh, Med
ical Director ot Fordham Univer
sity, School of Sociology and Pro
fessor of Physiological Psychology
at the Cathedral College, New
York. Dr. Walsh took "Dante" tor
hjs subject, and that he did' MJ
justice was the unanimous verdict.
In .taking his leave Dr. Walsh
"Remember, young ladies, that
you have your opportunities within
you and that if you are to do work
worthy of the education that has
been given you it must be because
your minds and hearts and souls
impress themselves upon those
around you and not any mere ma
terial interests of yours. That
ceems an eminently impracticable
thing to say, too old-fashioned tor
ordinary use, but let us no"t forget
that the people who are remem
bered are not those who get things
for themselves -but those who give
things to others. Olve of what te
b$st in you and then you wl not
be. sorry at the end of it all tor it
Is more blessed to give than to
receive, and life will have beeri
better for all those whom, you have
touched because you have lived.
That Is the meaning of life on the
curtain off eternity as Dante would
have expressed it."
After launching a campaign for
$50,000 for a gymnasium sind. swim
ming pool the Alumnae elected of
ficers as follows:,
President, Mrs. Chiles: Vlea Pres
ident, Mrs. Mary 1. Burkley, Louis
ville; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs1.
Florence Nugent, Loutevllle; Re
cording SecretaryrMrs. Ethel Land
Hanson, iLexlngpton, and Treasurer,
Mrs, Nora 'W. Hancock, Jeffentoa
Tomorrow moratag after the
.hthmw ,the cloning exerctoteot
another aucceaef wt year of the
naroehlal oehool wdll be held' at
Sacred Heart church, Seventeenth
and Broadway, when Rev. Patrick
Watah. the paetor, wM prerfde a
fthe dtetrtb tattoo, of medal , bonora
and eertNHMMB. There are a goodly-
number we- have nwiehed', the
eighth grade. d over thfrty wHl
be, given diploma in the comnwe
cW eourM.
A hnWme new. flag hm raided
Tuesday tnpralng at Holy Trinity
paroehttf cbol. New AlMwy, m
a part-of in Flag day proanwam
held, by tb, puptte. Prntrtotle ms
were aung' by: the chiMren. grouped
about the flag" stair. , The pro
gramme concluded wKta Cte atmfltvg
ot the "Star Spangled Btuswr."
.H .-
Confident Time is NMrlWhek TJiero
M,Ht Jutt
ftwlauj 1
icin t
rressure of America and Rest
tho World Will Compel
Thus Far
Nothing That is Worth
I am .taklnjr back to Australia a
message to, the people and can sav.oveniues that probably are closed to
with confidence . that it there are me. They eay, "Give them full Do
dreadtul happenings In Ireland at minion Home Rule anything at
the present moment, these crimes
and teutreures are not to be nut to
the discredit or to the blame ot the
Irish people. I can tell them that
in a day there could be neace in
Ireland. We hear a great deal
aooui peace, ana I snouia say I am
at close range with inoat of these
peace talks and of these peace1 ne-
gotiations, whether they come from
one side or from the other, but I
know that in a day if England
wants peace she can have peace,
and the conditions are very simple. I partition. England does not say to
The day that England ceases from Australia that she should be carved
British crime and British aggre-up according to the sweet will of
sion In Ireland, there can be peace the people 1n Downing street, Lou
that afternoon. Nothing stands be-j don. Australia Is a unit within the
tween England and peace with Ire- British Empire and nobody in Eng
land nothing stands between the land would dare to eay that he
British Empipe and peace with that would partition or cut up Australia
little island' but British pride and Into sections. To those people,
aggression,' That I, repeat. j therefore, who talk about giving
I will be able to tell the Austra
lians that the Irftsh people are look
ing for nothing accept what they
are justly entitled to; that they are
asking for nothing except for that
seif-determlnatied to which nations
gret and. email were declared to
have an absolute right during the
war. Ireland, is only asking Eng
land to foot: the Mil. Ireland te
only asking the Bngliah to fulfill
their promise. Ireland has aeked
for a Republic. Ireland claims the
right to have a Republic, ancL.Ire
land is tlte only one, and. .the Irish
people the enly people, that hvea
right to what) Ireland wants
ami' what Ireland. WiH be Battened
with. 'White that Is quite true,
fundamentally, the eseentlal thine
te that when the Irieh people have
the right admitted and granted and
" & themelve rule for
,.tne wxw- or, ifmna iney snouia m
be interfered with, from' outside.
Whether in. leefariatoin or economies
orm any other way. So far aa b
to: powibie for. any natSon "to be rW,
of ny Interference from qutelde
and Ji "to not poaalble, abe-luUrty
Ireland ha tjM same right.' ait any
of the. other? The sesentiai thing
fe tht Ireland' right to complete
and full aetf-determlnattoa ehoirid
be admitted,
It Ireland, want a RepubMc, tba
is Ireland' bueinees. Itetand te
looking for a RepubUc; hut It he
were to chwige to-morrow and iy
be preferred a Kingdom,, Ireland'
right to elfJeternilnak , would
be found' m the .Kingdom, juet a
well aa in the; Republic. There
for' anybody who ha any special
wttipaitnr t a Reupblic anybody
who bmes his opposlikm to Ire-
land's claim upon, any particular
form ot government that Ireland;
has adopted that man is trying td
hide the real fundamental dssue.
Does he; admit or does he not that
Ireland has a. right to rule herself,
like Belgium or Poland? Pla him
dow,n to that. Don't discuss the
merits of a Republic as against a
Monarchy, or .an. Empire, or any
other form. of. government. The
main thing Is to Ket them to face
ymrxBf'mrxriterssmen'T the"
right or Ireland, like Poland or
Belgium, to rule herself, just as
these countries rule themselves.
In Australia, in America, in
Scotland, or anywhere I have gone
my claim has been and is, that Ire
land has this right, and until it is
granted there will be no -peace In
Inland; there will be no peace be
tween ireiaau aoa rugianu, ana x
hdpe there will he no genuine
friendship between England and
and anybody who can endeavor by
withholding friendship, to make
England do her duty They will
rn 4aa iltni nil A .0 r T)rvntiltll A
f-g'et Anything sto ants
-anything at all. That Is what!
we hear wihlspered about by those
that are suDDOsed to be in the ln-
ner circle and are able to exnlore
all within the Empire." Now I
refer to this simply to say that,
so far as I know, there has been
no clear, firm offer of anything
I don't say worth taking, but any
thing worth considering absolute-
iy noining worm consiaenns- .up to
the present moment.
They talk ot Dominion homo
rule. Well', Australians know what
Dominion home rule is. They
know, first of all, that in Dominion
home rule We have nothing like
Dominion home rule we put the
questoln: What about the Partition
Act, or are they going to stand, by
partition or not? I would like a
clear answer to that. I would like
to ask them also when they speak
ot Dominion home rule do they
mean that Ireland would have an
absolute right to make hew own
lawji without interference from
outside? When they talk of the
Irish Parliament, do they mean
tht it would have exactly the same
right to. legislate for Ireland tbaft
the Parliament of Australia has to
legislate for Australia? Perhaps
they mean that, but I am not sure
that they do. I would like an an
swer (to another question also.
Australia h&a an army and navy of
her own. When they talk of giving
Dominion home rule to Ireland, do
they mean that Ireland &ko 13 to
have her own armfcr and navy?
I don't think Ireland to very
anxious to rule iix eae. I am not
sure thai she wsnte to set up a big
navy; but the' fact to that AuetraMa,
that has no Imperial ambHon
either, ha her navy and her army.
The 'Engltah should go straight
to the only people that can, talk
tfkight to them. There thtey.wiW
get their ainwer, whAbever it to.
.If they are able to. agree there wilt
be peace soon between the two
eouatriet, but it hey.are not, then,
deplorable though it roy be, the
present struggle, I suppose, has to
go on, until aaotAer opening cornea.
But X am hopeful, and indeed
confident, that w are approaobiog
a time when tkere must be paaee,
when the- pressure .of tho wWole
world 'America and the rest of
the world win compel the, British
people to listem to Ireland's case
and understand it, and knowing it,
then to do justice to Ireland, and
make such arrangeemnts as will be
consonant with tho principles they
preached during the war, and con
sistent with the demand of full and
complete nationhood, and at tho
same time provide for the security
of tho British Empire, so far as se
curity can bo maintained .
Details of the assassination' ot
the Rev, James O'Callaghan, a pop
ular young parish priest of Cork,
Ireland, by Black and Tans, have
Just been received here, although
the attack which xesuletd in his
death was made on May 17, as ho
stepped from his bed. All facts
concerning the assassination of the
young priest were suppressed' by
Dublin Castle authorities, none of
the foreign correspondents being
permitted to cable news of thei at
tack to their American newspapers.
Father O'Callaghan was spending
the night at the home of Alderman
De Rotate, member ot Dail Elreann,
the Congress ot tho Irish Republic.
At 4 o'clock on the ntorning of
May 17 a gang ot armed and dis
guised Black and Tans demanded
admission to the house. Mrs. De
Roiste refused to open the door
and the Black and Tans scaled a
trellis which reached to the win
dow of her sleeping room. They
forced entrance in that manner.
One of the Black and Tans walked
up two flights of stairs. His ap
proach was heard by Father O'Cal
laghan, who wa3 asleep on the top
floor and., who had been aroused
by tho commotion below stairs. He
stepped from the bed and started
for the hallway. As he did so, and
without a word, the Black and Tan
took aim and fired. Father O'Cal
laghan fell mortally wounded, one
bullet having passed through tho
ehoulderblade, while two Dthera
took effect in other parts of the
body.- Ho was rushed to a hos
pital but died within a few (houre.
The murder ot Father O'Cal
laghan recalls the assassinations bf
Canon Magner of Dunmanway, and
Father Griffin, of Galway, both of
whom were victims of the Black
and Tans. There are also a num
ber of priests In British prisons
and internment camps. Father
Dominic, O. S. E. C, is serving
three years penal servitude in an
English convict prison; Father Bur
bage, C. C.,. is in Ballykinlar in
ternment camp; Father Smith, C,
C, is in Curragh internment camp,
while Father Delahaunty is serving
two years for his alleged Repub
lican activities.
The- latest. additions to the lists
of priests- arrested and sent to
.nrisQnbxytk&jJft!.ils& .Crownf orces
are Father Gaynor and Father Mc-
Kenna, of County Clare. Both
priests were arrested following a
raid upon the parish house. The
Black and Tans charged they found
two documents in the house. Tho
two priests were court martialed on
June 8, and each was sentenced to
bIx months imprisonment without
hard, labor.
That enthusiasm, continues for
the cause ot Ireland was forcibly
demontsated at tho meeting in
Holy Hosary aHll of Robert Emmet
Branch of the American Association
for the Recognition ot tho Irish Re
public. Rev. John O'Connor presided-
and called attention to tho
changes in the Tules enacted by tho
national convention at Chicago,
Which were concurred1 in without
dissent. A pleasing feature was tho
musical nroEramme rendered by
three young ladies, consisting of
vocal numbers and violin and piano
solos, all artistically rendered.
Aftef tho membership reports had
been received and other business
transacted Rev. Patrick Walsh was
called upon, and 'In a short address
ho reviewed' the existing conditions
in Ireland and made plain the!
m-ooosed Dominion home rule and
partition. Parliaments do not in any
way .guarantee the people their
rights or freedom. Father waisn
reviewed the recent election re
sults, which show that the people,
Catholic andi Protestant, are firm in
their demand and struggle for
lustlce. and in verification of this
pointed to tho last utterance of
President De Valora, who said that
"as long as the British Government
mako3 the surrender or . ireiana s
rltrht to Independence a necessary
'preliminary, as long as it Insists
on regarding the representatives of
Ireland as the represencatavee
merelv ot a subordinate and de
pendent nation, as long as Eng
land relies, not on rlgnt ana mu
tual interest, but on the superior
forces at iher1 command to dfctatle
the political relationship between
the peoples of Ithe two islands, so
long will negotiations remain pur
poseless and talk about them be
lacking in a foundation ot sin
cerity," Other speakers were Attorney
Thomas Walsh and John A. Doyle,
who explained the difference in
the Dominion home rule offered
Ireland ami that existing in Can
ada, and Australia. Miss Mary Cor
coran told of the work being done
In Kentucky and the Interest
aroused throughout the State,
Which Hotted hearty applause.
Graduation exercises, Were held
Tuesday morning in the .Convent
chapel ot the Academy of Our Lady
of Mercy, 1176 East Broadway.
Mwsee Mary Louise iryoc, Mary
Evelyn Quire, Geneva Elisabeth
Clephas and Margaret Broear re
ceived diptomas; also the laurel
crown of merit ad he gold medal
for literary honors. The following
member lot he junior class re
ceived second Hterary honors:
Mtosea 'Louisa Clark, Mary Alice
Gregg, Angela Crietoni and Christine
Rammers, Ttie Rev. Father Xa
vtep Sittt' al C P.. delivered the
commencement .address, hto subject
being ''The Value of Bdueatioa.''
Increasing in tho United States
Tlirco Times Faster Than is.
tho PopiUatlon.. - '
Tho Causes of Tills Hidden Malady
Pointed Out by Father S
, Muntsch. "
Violation of God's Law a Prolific
Dource or uio urokca
Writing for the Press Service ot
the Central Bureau cf the Central
Verein, the Rev. Albert Muntsch,
S. J.,' deals with the striving to
undermino tho basis ot society and
"We' are confronted with the
fact that divorce is increasing in
tho United States throe iimes as
Fast as the population, and that ap
proximately one out of every
twelve marriages ends im divorce'
So Bays Dr. Towne in his "Social
Problems," referring to the "Re
port on Marriage and Divorce"
census ot 1909 as his authority.
The intervening years have not
brought about any improvement.
Tho. causes of this hideous mal
ady are numerous. Among them
sociologists list the changing Btatus
of woman, lack of preparation on
tho part of ithe woman for homo
duties, higher standards of life,
the weakening of tradition and the
lessened economic interdependence
of husband and wife. But there is
a prolific source of broken homes
and of violation of God's law with
respect to the sanctity of marriage,
which is not given the prominence
It ought to have in discussions of
"the national evil ot divorce." This
Is the pagan teaching ot so-called
"scientific" sociologists and other
scientists who preach their per
nicious views with the assurance of
Infallible masters.
A notorious example of suchi de
structive attacks upon, tho sanctity
of marriage, and therefore upon
the 'home and the family as ( the.
foundation of civil society.- is-' fend
inTXrT'BHnrok'r-"The Basis" ofSbt- ""?
cial Relations." On page 95 of
that work we read: "Students of
primitive conditions have reached
the conclusion that neither Bex in
the human species is inclined to
permanent sexual unions. They
point out that among savage tribes,
and indeed in various advanced
religions, ceremonies and customs
ate in vogue to expiate such at
tachments as contrary to the divine
ordinances. They further show
that tho forms of marriage were
Instituted either for selfish pur
poses on the part of tho male of
for property reasons, o,nd that in
a condition ot freedom and ad
vanced culture neither sex is in
clined to regard them as durably
That the last assertion is true
we need not be told by Dr. Brfn
ton. The scandalous proceedings
of the divorce mills In the coun
tries of "advanced culture" is only
too eloquent on this point. But
what about the social misery, tho
broken homes, the suicides, the hu
man wreckage that follow inevit
ably In the wake of this manifesta
tion of "advanced culture" in all
the cities of our land?
A howl goes up when a "radical"
preaches revolution and anarchy as
the safest means of escape from
some ot the iniquities ot tyrannous
government. Quite frequently he
is clapped into prison. But when a
much' more dangerous anarchist
bpenly advocates the. grossest of
sins, and condones crimes which
pave the way to destruction of the
home and of social peace, he is
lauded as a "learned anthropolo
gist." Dr. Brlnton goes on to say that,
"with progressive enlightenment,
bringing with it, as it must, the
freedom ot woman from civil dis
abilities, divorces Increase and only
those marriages are stable in' which
both parties are satisfied. The re
sult ot this is constantly beneficial.
Facility of separation is a potent
stumulus to connubial harmfony."
This is a new law, very acceptable
no doubt, to the "modern" man
who has outgrown. Christianity, We
see the fruits of such Btatementa
in the wonderful historic "dtecov
ery" .of Margaret Sanger, that
"Ohrlstnanlty lias sot back the
progress ot women by a thousand
Who shall come to the aid of the
poor multitudes deceived by such
false prophets?
Following their custom ot resder-
ftig aid in national emergencies, the
Knights of Columbus ibave gone to
the rescue ot the affWcted la the
.Colorado floods and the Tutea dto-
iturbances. Wttliam J. MoGtoUey,
Supreme Secretary, announces thit
the K. of C, "in response to a re
qut from Tulsa Knights, have for
warded money from their prvtote
funds for the relief ot homeless tve
gro children, who vslM be eared for
by the 'local K. of C. Sum-eras Di
rector John H. Reddin. of Denver,
hats advised national headquariara
of the K. of 0. that the! Colorado
Knbrhts are. oo-operattng with waal
author 'and' reltef aganeles h
kUtig flood vietofm. OonncH
homes of ,tb K.-of"C, mavtowao i
thrown open to areor the loste-lessand'tojwred.
j i
- , - ( A ' ' ' '-'

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