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Special Xmas Silk Ties
(Watod to tkaSecUr and Motil' Advueemcat ol Itbfc Americans tad Catholics
Offialalfy Indorsed by Ancient Order of Hibernians. Young Mea's
Institute and Catholic Knight iQf America.
Some very extra values that we can
offer atthis very low price because we
bought fifty dozen of them. Many
patterns ......."
Bntcred at the LouUvllla PuatoHlce aa Second. Cli Matter.
Uttm AH CtMMftkalieM to tke KENTUCKY IRISH AMERICAN, 319-321 Wist Ufetrty SUxt.
Make a nice present. We have them in all sizes and
colors at this figure.
tffWADES fipg?) COUNCft
K Y1L .
Ubs,' '
klkkkkW r Tm.
wm -
Peace between Ireland and Eng-land-pthts.
Is the best news trfnee
America's entry Into tine "World
War, tor as -wo have pointed out
Ireland was tho one weak Bpot In
England's defensive and diplomatic
armor. How tho peace terms will
.suit those of us -who desire no con
nection whatever -with England re
mains to be seen Summarized the
terms, at this -writing, appear to be
that Ireland is .to be known as tho
Irish Free State; that she Is to have
a status like Canada and Australia;
that she will have complete control
of' her own finance; that she will
-assume some part of the national
debt; that she will give reasonable
guarantees to the Unionist minor
ity. If this summary bo correct,
then however much It may fall short
of what wo would wish, wo must
still concede that the victory won
has been a great victory, particular
ly when we consider tho tremendous
odds against which tho Irish have
had' to contend. Besides wo should
remember that It is those who have
borno the heat and burden of, tho
day of strife those who risked all
and dared all for their country
who only have the right to say what
terms of peace will be acceptable.
They know their strength and Its
limitations, and If they find It ex
pedient to "bring .tho war to a close
on. any favorable terms, we on this
side of the Atlantic, who have ex
perienced nono of the horrors of tho
savage warfare which England
waged ini Ireland, have no night to
disapprove of those terms, however
much wo may dislike them.
posscsB within her natural terrl
tories, and how great has been tho
Irish victory a victory for right
and justice.
Tho LoulsvITlo Herald la mailing
out thousands of copies of a puzzle,
which it asks citizens to answer, but
many of tho recipients would profeT
to Tocelvo the Herald's answer to
that more Important puzzle, why it
injected the religious question into
tho recent political campaign. How
proud the Herald must bo of tho
effusive praise from tho Torch, tho
out-orJtown mudgutter organ, for Its
conduct during tho recent campaign.
i ' ii ml
Hats off to the Olan MHirphy! In!
a recent report of the War Depart
ment on family names in tho World
War the name of Murphy led all tho
rest. What's la a name? A good
deal, and it is a foregone conclusion
that a man with the grand old Celtic'
patronymic of Murphy or Kelly or
Burke or Shea will bo grabbed up
quicker by tho recruiting sergeant
than, a merer Smith, Brown.' or Bob
inon, or even a Sims or a George
'Arvey. Tho Murphys have proved
it. The Torch and Junior Order
might well ndte this. , ,
Th approach of Christmastldo
Ktarts most people thinking about
what they will give tor Christmas.
Wis and practical men and women
now mako out a list of friends to
be remembered and bestir them-
iel-ves to select suitable gifts. They
fear, ahove all things at this season
ol the year that sdmo worthy friend
may be in advertency omitted front
their lfet of Christmas benefactions,
This fine old custom: of remember
ing others at Obiristm&s rightly un
dertsood and rightly practiced)
springs from tho very soul of tho
feast. For Christmas is tho feast of
the love of God for man and of man
for God, a lovo that is very fittingly
expressed by gifts. The feast of
God'a lovintg generosity to us be
comes the 'feast of our loving gen
erosity to Him. But 3di needs
nothing, we can give Him' nothing.
However in his divino wisdom Ho
has provided for all this. Ho points
to all those -whom Ho has taken for
his brothers) and sisters ini this"
Christmas mystery and declares to
us that whatever we do to the least
of these, his brethren, wo do It unto
Him'. Hero is both the Inspiration
fpr the feast of Christmas and tho
opportunity of .being generous to
God Himself in the- persons of those
around us.
"Even whilo'the ,blazo of Irish
glories is at this moment throwing
its splendor over tho memory of us
all, I believe in my soul that the
Parliament of regenerated Ireland
will achieve triumphs more glorious,
moro lasting, more sanctified nnd
holy than any by which her old
Parliament Illumined (the annals of
our country, and our race." Thus
spoko Isaac Butt in 1878.
Lord High Chancellor Birkenhead, who is said to have devised tho
form of the oath of allegiance: wh ich was accepted by the Irish Ro-
pubKIcans at a moment when a peace breakdown seemied certain be
cause' Dublin envoys rejected Premier Lloyd George's formula for
swearing loyalty to tho! King.
December 18-20 Turkey disposal
auspices of Columbia Athletio Club,
621 East St. Catherine,
December 22 Christmas enter
tainment by pupils of St. Philip
Neri's school iln Windthorat Hall.
December 22 Christmas enter
tainment of children of St Philip
Neri School, Windthorat Hall.
December 29 Social afternoon
and evening, Altar Society of St. Ce
cilia's church, in school hall.
J OUU11- 1Y.
Samuel Compere rightly contends
that the people of the world demand
freedom irolva. the burden of arma
ment and they demand a world or
ganized for. peace. Tho people of
tho world do not want an excuse for
failure rtlhoy do not even want a
reason for failure.
When England recognizes the
"Irish Free State" by treaty, that
means a recognition of Ireland as a
separate nation under all interna
tlonal law.
Oulside of dally and nightly stories
bootlegging, mm running, drunk
en. CflTOHSa!r-vf (TVKA rvfrJV,,IVilHn
... 1VVL5 3- " '-l' l""".wv.
7laTOmtot3-ti,titty WoU enr
J forcsd. JTiTa latest 'phafee is the dis-
coveryVof rq manyamateur moon-
. Miners, and kltcji jn Bomo sections
"iiaoui moojjifejne still equipments
are very jafw
There are some features of tho
settlement which show bettor than
anything else tho character of the
autonomy Ireland shall possess1 we
refer to thloso; relating to an army
and navy. Under the poaco treaty
Ireland can havo on army as great
in propotrion to tho popualtlon as
Great Britain. The latter has ten
times tho population of Ireland,
therefore Ireland's military arm
would be under tho treaty one-tenth
of that of Great Britain. The pres
ent army of England numbers seven
hundred odd thousand men with
four hundred thousand territorials,
this would give Ireland over Beventy
ihouteand regulars and forty thou
sand territorials or .milltja, which wo
think is a greater number than Ire
le&A would car to provide for. The
trty o provides1 fchfct Ireland
ma bT a navy for comMI dftteose,
"Wt 4ae to be determined svftr. flr
jwm by a eommiMoa rp-e(n
bejkjfc oouatriM. New thus r pro
rmm wtotah IttdVemU bow WMntote
wlft U
The feast xxt Christmas Is essen
tially one of generosity. Christian
people the world over, In order to
remind one another of the generos
ity of God towards man, are in the
habit of giving Christmas presents
to those who are near and dear to
them. God's1 Christmas gift to tho
world Is peace, that true peace dt
heart and mind which can come only
from hils presence among us nnd
within our souls. For hundreds of
years before his birth the people
longea lor mis coming; tho prophets
had foretold the time and iilaco of
hfa birth, and among many other
things concerning his advent Into
tho world, told of the pefctco which
would ho the pi'ocioufc 'gift of the
new born Babe. .At his birth angels
hovered over the crib and an
nounced to the world tidings of
groat joy, heralding tho birth of tho
Prince of Peace. What must have
been the Joy and hanDiness caused
in tho hearts of all who heard those
woraa or tno angei7 But wo, too,
shore in "this happiness. With tho
whole Christian world we rejoice on
this day at tho outward manifesta
tion' of our Divine Lord in liis tem
poral birth at Bethlehem. We ex
press our good wishes to one an
other, exchango mutual tokens of
lovo and 'friendship and show in
overy way wo can a spirit of peaco
and .good will to all men.
But with the glad tidings which
the church annonuces to ua during
this holy season wo know that the
fullness of peaco can not be attained
in this life and that Christmas day
Will Qeave us with many disturbing
trials and troubles to underco.
Chritsmas for Christ was -a day of
great joy. Ho shared in happiness
watn tno angels wnen they an
nounced (tidings of groat joy, but Ho
Buftorcd discomforts , in hl3 rude
cradle and foresaw all that Ho
would undergo ifrom tho time of
birth to his death. The kind re
membrane of frionds and tretatlveg
will show their lovo and devotion,
but tho memory of purely material
gifts will BOon'pas3 away. Like the
shepherds of old, wo must go to ths
crib or the newborn Savior and re
ceive thero within our hearts .that
iruo peaoa ana' mappinoss- whlcit
Christ gay to tho world as his
priceless gift,
tft Is announced in, Chicago that
the coAMemUoa. of lUght Rev. Bd
ward T.- Xotan, a Auxiliary Bishop
of that Atoeaate, wM takd ntee oh
th tnM InfMd .n Daapmfear Jl.
Mrs. MatHe Kelly was last week
tho guest of frionds at MjWdletown.
Mrs. Bert Menno entertained her
luncheon-bridge club at her homo
on Frankfort nvenuo.
John P. Langan, of Halo avenue,
yrfho had been dll for some time, Is
now Improving rapidly.
A. Fitzgerald, who visited Mr.
and Mrs. Clifford Staples, has re
turned to Mammoth! Cave.
Mrs. John P. Coll entertained last
Saturday at 500 at hor home on
East Maple street, Jeffersonville.
'Miss Elizabeth Quinnv of Fort
Thomas, has been visiting Mrs. Wil
son Reynolds, 212 Collins Court.
Mrs. Edward Dalton, of Jefferson
ville, is at San Antonio, Texas,
where she' will' spend the winter.
Mrs. Russell Sheridan-, Ciltton, en
tertained as visitors laBt week Mrs.
W. 'Morgan and Miss Emma Gentry.
Alexis J. Schulten, Jr., will re
turn tomorrow from Andover, Mass.,
where ho is a student at Phillips
Dr. John R. Wathen left Sunday
for Pinehurst, N. C, to attend the
meeting of tho Southern Surgical As
sociation. .
Mrs. 'George Zlx lof fc Wednoteday to
Bpend tho Christmas (holidays with
ber daughter, Mrs. Allen Long, and
Mr. Long, at Petersburg, Va.
Passing the week in New York
City .were IR. M. Hamilton, M. B.
Moumtjoy, P. B. Sharp, M. J. Jo
seph and F. C. Harvey, all of Louis
ville. "William B. Kelly, who has been
attending Yale University, arrived
yesterday to sperid tho holidays with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James B.
Joseph P. Hlnes, of Washington,
will arrive home today to spend the
holidays witlh) his parents,. Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas H. Hines, of Sixth
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Blanford,
Orescent Hill, havo returned from
Springfield, where they attended a
ruouse, party given by Miss Pattle
Edward J. Hackett, who has been
confined to his homo, East Market
street, New Albany, for tho past two
weeks on account of illness, is great
ly improved.
Miss Mary iLouiso Moloney will be
guest of honor at a theater party
on tho afternoon of December 31
at Macauley's, followed by a tea
at Benedict's.
Ensign John F. Rees, U. S. N., of
tho Arkansas, will orrive tomorrow
to spend tho hollidays with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John N. Rees,
1271 South Brook street.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. earner a
children, New Albany, will leave
nexi wook ror Freenort. Ill,, in
spend tho holidays with Mrs. Car
ney's motner, Mrs. Crowley.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Heffer
nan announce tho engagement of
their daughter. Miss Viola Heffor
nan, to Earl A. Harmon, of Jackson
ville, 111. The wedding will take
place in January.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J, Montogmery
and daughter Margaret and Misses
Purdio Blanford and Ireno Warren.
of Springfield, were here last week
visiting Mr. and Mm L. A. man-
rora, uroscent Hill.
Miss Mary Virginia Preuss enter
tained her 500 party and" luncheon
club Saturday. Those present were
Misses Mary Elizabeth Savage,
Christino Elvln Charlotte Elvin,
Elizabeth Holland, Mary Katherine
Hurte, Gladys Grate, Nora Treton,
laftbel Tneatoav Agcee MeNamee,
Lo-ulse Jacobs, Eiaaaori Koefale-r,
Mary Vteyiivia Pruaas,
Mr. d Mh.'Mk T, Ktim, of
71 G West St. Catherine tsreet, an
aounce tho marriage of their daugh
ter. Miss Virginia E. Kerins, to Bert
Baker, the ceremony taking place ait
St. Louis Bertrand's church on
Wednesday, December 2. Miss
Kerins was connected with the ofllco
force of tho National Bank of Ken
tucky and was quite popular in
Catholic social circles.
Mr. and Mrs. -Sam T. Spalding,
1311 South iFourth street, on Wed
nesday witnessed the marriage of
two .of thair daughters. Both cere
monies occurred at their home, the
Rev. Father Robert G. Lyons, of
St. Louis Bertrand church, officiat
ing. Miss Mario Berenice spalding
was married' to Bernard Russell
Hughes, of New Orleans, at 9
o'clock in, the morning, while hor
sister, Miss Josephine Kathryn
Spalding, was married to John Hum
phrey Powers, of Huntington, W.
Va., at 7:30 o'clock in the evening.
The hours: for masses on Christ
mas day at the Church of Our Lady,
3511 Rudd avenue, will bo at 5:30.
7:30 and 9:-30 o'clock in the morn
ing; Tho first mass will bo tho hlgM
mass, preceded by tho singing of
"Silent Night" belore tho handsome
crib. Services will bo especially Im
pressive anil all members are spe
cially invited to approach tho sacra-,
ments. Holy communion will be1 ad
ministered at all the masses.
What Men Like For Christmas
Silk Shirts,
Fur Caps,
Initialed Handkerchiefs,
Wool Socks,
Cuff Buttons,
iB' tlrnV r.ni.,-,.iis-
.ano mcrva rurcmanirtua
Oculists' Prescriptions.
Fourth and Chestnut.
C25 South Twenty-Sixth Street
Sh&waee 1986 Was ISMa
The Rev. Father Borgias Lehr,
pastor of St. John's church at Car
rollton, who Is a patient at St Jo
seph's Infirmary, whore ha under
went an operation for appendicitis,
Is now recovering nllcely being able
to be up and about his room.
Announcement will bo made to
morrow in all the churches of the
Louisville diocese of tho annual col
lection for the orphans, to be taken
up at all tho masses on Christmas
day. This is a co'llectloni that should
appeal to everybody and the inmates
or tue orphan homes are praying
that all will be generous.
If there is a Christmas shortage
of turkeys here It can bo charged to
Vic Ecker, Adam Schneider and Ed.
Mueller, who aro rounding up a big
supply of the birds for Trinity
Council's turkey disposal, which
lanes place at the club- house. Bax
ter and Morton avenue, next Wed
nesday evening.
K. OP O.
Lecturer William Q. Hume, of.
Louisville Council, K. of C, an
nounces 'for' Wednesday night's
mooting "Theological Baseball." with
ftn invitation to the members tie bo
present and find out.
The Queen's Dausrhtersf announce
that 'having many articles Jeft over
rrom itholr Christmas Shoppe. due to
the extremel inclement weather, the
sale will be continued overy Wed
nesday until Christmas "from 10 a.
m. to1 4 p. m. at the rooms of tho
organization, 205 Republic building,
Fifth and Walnut streets.
Rfglit Rev. Monsigntor Joseph! O.
Plnden Vicar General of the Dio
cese of Marquette, has been appoint
ed Bishop of Superior, to succeed
Right Rev. Joseph M. Koudelka,
who died last Juno.
The sudden death of Miss Ida
Shannon, who was killed in an auto
mobile accident Sunday afternoon,
Was a distinct shock to her many
friends and acquaintances in St.
Louis iiertrana's parisn, wnero sne
was a life-long and faithful mem
ber. Miss Shannon was a step
daughter of Patrick Purcell, of 1134
Seventh street, and besides her
stepfather is survived by two ste-
tern, Miss Agnes Shannon and Mrs.
John Fa'hey, of Bay St Louis. The
funeral took place from St Louis
Bertrand's church) Wednesday morn
ing. T
Many friends and admirers are
mourning the death of M'lss Delia
Conners, daughter of the late Ed
ward and Catherine Conners, fol
lowing an illness of heart trouble.
Fortified by the sacraments of her
religion, she was fully prepared for
the summons Into eternal life. She
is survived by two brothers, Edward
and William J. Conners, with whom
she lived at 711 East Kentucky
street. Funeral services were (held
Monday morning at St. Paul's
church, of which she was a most ex
emplary member.
Mrs, Mary Kelleher, seventy-three,
widow of Timothy Kelleher, died
suddenly of heart trouble Monday
afternootD at her homo, 1637 West
Market street. Sho is survived by
a daughter, Mrs. Margaret Kelly,
nnd two sons, Fred and John Kelle
her. Mrs, Kelleher was a native of
Ireland, came to Louisville while a
little girt. Her fnucral was held
from St. Patrick's church, where she
was a regular communicant.
The sympathy of many friends
has been extended to Miss Mary T.
Kenteally In the loss of 'her mother,
Mrs. Mary Ellen Keneally, widow of
the lato Hugh Keneally, her death
occurring Sunday afternoon after an
Illness of some time. Tho funeral
took .place from .the residence of
Mrs. Mary Phaleni, niece of Mrs.
Keneally, Tuesday morning at 8:45
and from St. Louis Bertrand's
church, at 9 o'clock.
Mbnday morning tho funeral of
Mrs. Catherine Watson Shelloy, be
loved wife of Thomas Shelley, 1924
Stevens avenue, took place from St.
James church. Sho was seventy-nvo
years old and had lived an activo
and well spent life. Besides her
husband sho leaves a sister. Sister
Geraldlne, of the Sisters of Charity,
Mrs. Margaret Ford, widow of
Michael Ford, died Saturday at her
homd In Cincinnati. She was fifty-
iwo years or age and until two years
ago a resident of this city. Sho
is survived by two daughters. The
remains were brought here and the
funeral took place Monday after
noon ffom the Cathedral.
Irv-fgtf4rrHLr-U'--' "Vk - . .' ..wt4
Toys for the children
We have toys for children of all sizes and tastes,
From rattlers to midget golf sets, from blocks to
B-B guns and miniature victrolas.
Bring the children in. Let them enjoy themselves
in this veritable Toyland. Both stores entire
second floors.
Gifts for the young people
We carry hundreds of items that would make
delightful gifts for young people. For boys there
are bicycles, footballs, sweaters, golf sets, tennis
racquets and balls, baseball gloves and supplies,
boxing gloves, rifles, sleds, games, etc. For girls
there are basket balls, sweaters, bicycles, tennis
equipment, kodaks, etc.
Gifts for Mother and Dad
There arc many useful electrical gifts that Mother
will appreciate, such as percolator, toaster, grill, iron
and also thermos bottles, lunch kits, coat sweaters,
fountain pens, Evcrsharp pencils, portable phono
graph, etc.
For Dad there are shaving sets, pocket knives,
flashlights, cards, poker sets, fountain pens, watches,
golf equipment, hunters' supplies, etc
sh for the Christmas Catalogue It lists all theza
cifts and hit drcds more
220 S. Fourth Two Stores 449 S. Fourth.
Right Rev. Tliomaa J. Walsh.
Bishop of Trenton, .lism twpAvaa
from the Kine of Itnlv thn Cirnaa f against
Italy, a decoration which was i)o-'un,ons & flSht for a closed' shop for
Ktowieu as an acKUOwjeagraent or "" mure wm oo no rest unui
In discussing tho present economic
situation whilo stopping ofT at Rich
mond, on his way to Baltimore,
Archbishop Curley mado the follow
ing pregnant statement regarding
tn state or war between capital
anu laoor:
"Economic conditions sometimes
give tno advantage to one, and then
to the othor, and neither has hes
itated to use this advantage to the
utm'ost, regardless of justice. There
is.no more fairness la the efforts of
capitalists to fight for a closed shop
unaons ttoan It was for
dl'f AA Opens a Savings Account at the Largest and
ipl,JJ Oldest Bank in the State.
National BanK of Kentucky
Tha Goose on Wrapper Is Assurance That
Magic White Naphtha Soap and Magic Flakes
Are the Original. Manufactured By
1201 Story Avenue. Louisville, Ky.
the Bishop's work In behalf of the
spiritual and temporal welfare of
tho Italian residents of lib diocese.
both Toallz tho necessity of basing
their relations upon the fundamental
Christian principle of treating the
other fellow as you think h.o should
trea.t you."
AThte short paragraph gives a clear
diagnosis of the industrial disease
-O O A J steaU
We are miners and distributors of the best Eastern and Western Kontwcky
Coal produced, and can therefore furnish your requirements with the bst satis
faction and lowest prices. Consumers will benefit by the purchas of their coal
NOW. Let us nave your oraer iuuak
W.e operate three retail yards at Louisville and also ship anywhere. SpWal"
reducod prices on car load shipments.
Yard and Elevator, Fopo and Payne Streets.
Yard 1G0O S. First Street. Yard Fifteenth and Magnolia.
Main 033. City 1450. Main Offlco 411 Starks Building.
All canned meats and fish should
be removed fr'em the can a soonnow affecting thfcj c'ouatry, and pre
as opfMed. . , , , t scribes a eure ewe. . '
Weekly Savings Club
South Louisville Bank
Fourth and Central AvOawe,
Oil and Grease
Keatacky Oaaasaaers Oil
LoHkrlUe Keatwferr
Jjjjjjjfa&!j)& t&h&fc

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