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VOLUME TUT. Entered at the Pott Offlce in Lancaster, Ky., at Second Class Matter. NDMBER 43
Larpst Stick
Lancaster, Ky.
Col. W.G. Welch.
W. I. Williams,
Attorneys at Law,
All business attended
to promptly.
Successor to Lackey & Gulley.
First-Class I
Wh.u Owe Me
To call and settle. My bills in
the city are due and I must have
what is due me. Please remem
ber that I mean this card for all
who owe me.
Robinson & Hamilton Agts
Office over Post Office.
Lancaster, : : : Kentucky.
I have purchased the
Walker stable and am
j prepared to furnish the
Very Best Rigs
j on the shortest notice. .
I! Special attention given
Commercial Travelers.
TnatU Alt.H mil nTfrgptplf with
Work a. specialty. Office over J. R. Haselden's
hardware store, ucjv iu wiun ouuac, uukh
ter, Ky.
d E .
08 a.
5; -
0t " D
-S Sa
Fix the square.
Type writer
letter heads at this
All accounts due January 1st JL A.
S. T. Evans handles the Nig Spencer
200,000 trick for sale. Greening &
Pence, Stanford, Ky.
Lookout for the big auction of la
dies' cloaks on the street county court
11 ease Itc-iiil.
I would like to do your plain sew
ing and dyeing. Mrs. Ophelia Dunn.
Murdered at Marcellus.
The expense account of farmers, by
grinding plow points at C. K. Poindex
ter's. nov-25-tf.
For Kent.
The tollgate dwelling on Danville
pike, near Lancaster. For particulars
apply to J. W. Miller or J. S. Robin
son, tt
Pay cash and save money. You
have no idea what a difference we
feel when we see the money, just
can't "weigh light" R. A. Stone, a.
Iluiirltun Steam Laundry.
Miss Olivia Sweeney is agent for the
Bourbon Steam Laundry. Leave your
orders at Sweeney's store. tf
All accounts not pail by January 10
will be placed with an otlicer for col
lection. ..ocwl money, and you
know it. It A. Stone.
Corn AVnutvtl.
If parties wishing1 to sell corn will
bring- it to me at once, I will buy same.
I. W. Miller, Mgr. Pilgrimage Dis
tiller'. 1-7
Come and see my furniture and get
my prices before buying. A surprise
is in store for you. 1 hey are so cheap.
New lot just received. R. A. Stone.
An exchange says: Don't effervesce;
don't forth, but come out Hat-footed
and tell the public that you have some
thing which it needs and for which it
can pay easily, and the results will
prove the wisdom of your action.
From my pasture, on House place,
about Dec 15, one red j-earling steer,
weight about i33. L:beral reward for
return. Leave any information with
T. It. Walker.
E. T. Pence. .
Taken Up As Kstray.
Two horses. Came to my place last
of Decembar. O wners can have same
by proving property, paying for feed
and this notice.
Jan. 17, "07. J. II. West,
Hyafsville, Ky.
Card of Thanks.
I desire to thank my many friends
through the columns of your paper
for their kind assistance in selling my
goods. I certainly appreciate the fa
vor and this kindness shall ever be re
membered. Respctfully,
Miss. Sam Bruce.
Deputy Clerk Noel.
vi. i. ioei nas ujen sworn in as
deputy county clerk. He will make
headquarters at Buckeye where those
desiring to sign and acknowledge
papers can do so without coming to
town. 3t
For Kent.
lwo story brictc store house, on
Southeast corner Public Square, for
merly occupied by W. R. Robinson &
Bro. Also ware room on lot adjoining
National Rink.
Dec 17 tf Mrs. W. R. Robinson
New Hotel Managers.
Misses Sallie and Martha Tillett
have taken charge of the Lancaster
Hotel and will run the house strictly
on first-class principles. The table
will be kept supplied with the best the
market affords, and the best attention
accorded the patrons.
Look At This.
Boots and Shoes mended on the
shortest notice, For Cash, by T. J.
Of all the trades from East to West,
The Cobbler's pass contending, '
He's like in time to prove the best,
Who every day is mending.
now great bis praise, bow he can mend,
The soles of all his neighbors.
lie's always watchful of his eud.
And to bis last be labors.
Lancaster Building and Loan.
The' Lancaster Building and Loan
Association, at its annual meeting
elected the following officers: W. H,
Kinnaird, pres'deut, J. C Hemphill,
secretary, S. C. Denny, treasurer.
The beard of directors is composed of
the following gentlemen. John E.
Stormes J. -C. Thompson, T. Currey.
R E. McRoberts and W. J. RomaasT
Secretary Hemphill tells Tub Rec
okd that he never knew the concern
to be in better shape than at present.
It being a home institution the people
have perfect confidence in it and it is
growing every day.
Take Laxative Brorao Quinine Tablets. All
Druggists Tefund the acmey Hit laili to Care,
tae iu.iowiu.
ire.tie'uifcu. o m
j Swine', J tl- Tuompson, TUurrey;
The Public Square is one vast
Frjsh fish and oysters daily at Hen
ry Perkins. tf.
Towels and Queensware at cost at
& T. Evans.
January 1st, '93 and after, I will sell
strictly for cash. R. A. Stone.
Wanted, Veal Calves. ' Will go to
country and buy. H. B. Northcott'N
Cheapest house on earth. S. T. Ev
ans. Call and try him. Richmond
street. '
Dr. II. M. Grant and family have
moved to the Fisher property on Lex
ington street.
Don't fail to see my all wool suits at
0.50, and overcoats at 87 and S3.50.
M. D. Hughes, Agt
The oldest inhabitant does not re
member of seeing any rock spread
upon the Public Square.
A negro namod Floyd has been
lodged in jail charged with assaulting
a colored woman at D ivistown.
Henry Duncan's Old Stand.
Over C. D. Powell's, is the place to go
for a neat, stylish hair cut, a clean
shave or shampoo. We make a speci
alty of honing and concaving razors.
You can get your grinding, both for
fatuity use an I feeding purposes, done
at Leavels mill. Crushed corn and
meal always ou hand for exchange.
Also mixed feed of corn and bran for
milk cows. tf.
have i'e Your Laundry.
I have agency for the Troy Steam
Laundry, with headquarters at' Jo-
seplrs store. Will call for work, de
liver it promptly and appreciate your
kindness. Leslie Herxdon. tf
Butler Fox
i the Kloudvke.
is now connected with
M. A. Archer, and
produce, furs, hides,
the firm of
those taking
chickens, ducks etc., to him Hiy they
get prices which beat the now famous
Klondyke gold finds. Try hiuri.
On Saturday, June, 22, L D. Current
will sell a lot of stock, farming imple
ments, corn, foJder, household and
kitchen furniture at his residence on
new Danville pike. He is preparing to
move to Arkansas.
Often those who should grow fruit
in most abundance must buy it or do
without it No farmer can buy fruit
as cheaply as he can grow it No one
is going to grow it at less price than
cost and sell it to him. It is a fact
that but few farmers grow strawber
ries even for their own tables.
for Pulling a Gun.
Louis Leavell, of color, was before
Judge Burnside Monday charged with
drawing a pistol on R. W. Fletcher,
the colored iuhool teacher. A jury
was asked for, which returned a ver
dict of 50 fine and twenty days in
iaiL We understand the case will be
appealed to the circuit court.
Scripture Quoting.
Ben Guinn, a colored employee of
'Jiik Record office, went to a funeaal
not long since and came back loudly
praising the sermon. One of the boys
asked him what the text was. Ben
scratched his head, studied a few
minutes and replied: He read out of
the bib'.e "Let him that never done
nothing wrong throw de fust rock."
Premium Office.
The neatest office we ever saw, is
that of Miss Elisa Lusk, county super
intendent of schools. The walls are
as clean as a new pin. and are adorned
with pretty pictures and calendars,
while a new carpet covers the floor.
The other furniture has been rubbed
up and we will wager dollars to dough
nuts that a more neatly kept county
office can not be fo ind in the state,
nor a more polite and accommodating
officer be found.
Carl Hermann.
The concert given by Carl Hermann
in this city a few evenings since was
highly enjoyed by those who braved
the inclement weather to hear him.
He is certainly a master of the violin
"the queen of instruments," and many
were the compliments heard coming
from those competent to judge He
not only charmed those who admire
classical music, but mixed the program
so as to catch the entire audience.
Warrant Against Prof. Fletcher.
Emma Johnson, a good looking col
ored girl, swore out a warrant Satur
day against R. W. Fletcher,- principal
of the colored public school, charging
him with the paternity of her child
which was born several months since.
Fletcher says the move is made and
brought about by some of his enemies,
whom, he claims have been fighting
him for some time and been trying in
every way to annoy and antagonize
him. He has been quite a leader in
local pslitics, and his outspoken man
ner has caused, many cf his own party
who do not agree with him to sour on
him; ,The case hag not yet been tried
of UKtiuio.-e 1 patfhu.ie.iou.1 eiiiirgsug
him H'h thtf paternity oi her child
u l , ' ... S r in A w
S. T. Evans will deliver goods to
your door.
Oae Minute Cough Cure cures quick
ly. That's what you want! Stormes'
Drujr Store lm
Union Meeting.
Eld. Gowen will preach the sermon
at the union meeting in the Christian
church Sunday evening at 7 o'clock.
New Blacksmith Shop.
On Danville street Horses shod,
03 cents cash. All kinds of repairing
2t Ned Burdett & Co.
To the Fubllc.
I wish to announce to the public
that I will run,, the Lancaster Hotel
this year, and solicit a liberal share of
patronage. Miss Martha Tillett.
The theory of advertising is that it
helps business. If the theory is wrong
a business man ought not to spend any
money at any time for advertising. If
the theory be true the time to spend
the most money is when business needs
the most help-in the dull season. Ex.
William Cook, of color, came up
from Louisville this week to see about
his lot opposite Judge Burnside's on
Richmond street He wants to sell
the property. This is a desirable place
and can bo bought very reasonably.
For particulars call on J. C Thompson.
Miss Allie Hughes, Norfolk, Va.
was frightfully, burned on the face
and neck. Pain was instantly re
lieved by De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve,
which healed the injury without leav
ing a scar. It is the famous pile rem
edv. Stormes' Drug Store. lm
I have served my connection with
the firm of Northott & Co., and will
in the future be with M. A. Archer.,
ready to pay highest market price
forE'gs, Chickens, Butter, Furs Beef
Hides and produce of all kinds.
Butler Fox.
rw I'rics.
We are still ordering -11 wooi sujts
at S0.50, 8, 9, and 10, and ovew.,,s at
S7, 8 and 10.50. Low prices, superior
quality and good tits will bring them
. They come to save money.
M. D. Hughes, Agt.
Itig Tobacco Sales.
A tobacco buyer from Louisville,
named Bryant, made the following
purchases in Garrard within the last
ew days: Three crops off Ed alkers
place, Graves crop 10,000 pounds at 13
cents arotind; another crop of 12,000
pounds at 8 1-2 cents, another crop of
10,000 pounds at 8 cents; Billy Gooch
crop ot I3,uuu pounas at iu cents
around; A. K. Walker crop of 6,000
pounds at 9 1-4 cents; Wade Walker
crop of 8,000 pounds at 8 l-2c; Bob
West one crop of 6,000 pounds at lCc;
same another crop of 0,000 pounds at 8
cents; John A. Sanders 8,000 pounds at
8 cents. '
Maj. Jas. BarnsiJe, who is the best
posted tobacco man in Central Ken
tucky, tells The Record that the 13
nts paid for the Graves crop is the
best price paid in this county since
Week of Prayer.
The week of prayer was observed at
the Presbyterian church and many
persons attended. The different mm.
isters in town took turn about m eon
ducting the services, in' which much
interest was manifested. The last
meeting was held Sunday right, when
Rev. T. II. Campbell preached. It is
regretted that the inclement weather
prevented a large number from vhear.
ing LUIS seruiuu, us lb wan, iuun.,
timely one. The speaker was on the.
subject of this going to church co
Sunday and being mean and mdolg
int? in rascalitv throuerh the week.
He scored "dress parade religion
severely and tpuched up the "Sunday
Only" christian in a manner in which
such hypocrites should be. There is
no class of beings on earth for whom
we have a greater contempt than those
who go to church Sundays with long
faces, bawl out gospel hymns with
the grace of a scrub calf, and then
spend the remaining six drys of the
week trying to beat and run down
other people. Such people have an
overwhelming raajjrity in perdition.
The Banks Elect Directors.
At the regular election, the follow-,
ing gentlemen were chosen to serve as
flirentors of the Citizens National
... , . . T
13 UK ior wie emug year. u. .
Hi rginbotham, Lswis Y. Lsavell, J. S.
Johnson, T. M. Arnold, H. C Arnold,
jr., is. r. uuason, A.ex. uidus, j.
Walker, Jacob Y. Kobinson. Ungton Pike Co.. and tha Fiscal Court
The same ofHcers were unanimously (m.t ana wcro not long in making sat
chosen to serve. They are J. M. Hig- jfcfactory terms of sale. The deal is
ginbotham, president; L Y. LeavellJis: The county buys the 16 miles
vice president; B. F. Hudson, cashier; j lying in Garrard county, including
W. O. Rigney, assistant cashier, and) toli houses, and half the big tridgj
Dave Walker, book-keener. Jover Kentucky river for 814,000. For
The National Bank re-electei iUrthis a note, bearing 4 per cent is ghen
, . , . , . Ifor navm nt of purcnase money, on
same Doara oi airecwrs, wnicn is wi,, annuai payments will bj made
follows: Sim'l D. Cochran, Jas. Spil -w:th the 25 cants levy now allowed by
man, Alex. R. Denny, A. C. Bobinsonlaw. It is stipulated and agreed that
W. R. Ccok, L. Davidsoiu )Mkml. V question ot issuing oonas pe suo
j. .T: : 'iir biitted at the election next fall, and.
Biormes. xney aiao aecuM "
mously to retain the same jfi
v"z: A. R. Denny, presiding JmJI
Stormes, vice president, W. Wia 7 6n,B. "u V
. . Z . "ISLvDhe committee recently 'appo.nted.
naira, casaier, o. uanny hiiiiii. R 0n Wednesday the court again met
cashier, J. F. Robinson, Jr., wmjt- Uid closed a deal with the New Dan
keeper, R. T. Embry. assist Wt-Wile pike company. The county, bays
keener fl8 miles lying in the county, for
Both institutions are iaexcellet
condition and rank second to none inJ
Kentucky. ..t t .
j W
a S e --VS. .. M
R. ol, U- d'X 5 hn fc; X
An Error.
An aggravating error occurei in the
local about the colored public school
last issue. It was plainly written "the
trustees action was approved by the
superintendent," but the love-sick
compositor made it read "the teacher's
action," which placed an entirely di"
ferent meaning on the article.
Deserved Promotion.
At the directors meeting of the Citi
zens National Bank, Mr. W. O. Rigney
was promoted to the responsible posi
tion of Assistant Cashier. Mr. Rigney
has been in the bank for many years
and it would be hard to find a more
competent and painstaking official.
His legion of friends and The Record
extend congratulations to Mr. R. on
his deserved promotion.
Coughs and colds in themsalves are
not serious maladies. The most triv
ial coujh or cold if neglected, may
lead to asthma, bronchitis, or consump
tion. The righs time to treat a cough
or celd is right away. Delay means
danger. Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-IIoney is
a quick cure, a sure cure and a safe
cure. Druggists sail it
Fine Machinist.
One of the best engineers and ma
chinists in Kentucky is Wes. Z inone,
who has charge of the large engines
at the Lancaster Mills and Electric
Light Plant Ho can build an engine,
and fix any kind of machinery in les-
time than it takes to tell it He did
some repairs on one of our presses
this week which could not be excelled
at the foundry. In addition to his
fine mechanical qualifications he is a
sober, steady gentleman and as clever
a fellow as one cares to meet
To College Without Cost.
The Cincinnati Commercial Gazette
(weekly edition of the Commercial
Tvibune) offers to pay the entire ex
penses for a three-months' term of in
struction in college for any poor
young man or woman who is unable
to defray their own expense? getting
an education. Write a postal card for
a copy of weekly edition qf the
paper and find a full explanation of
the plan. - w:s i- one of the boldest
strokes of modern jouui:,t;c enter.
Itev. Ritchie Drops Dead.
Rev. E. Ritchie, pastor of one of the
local cole rod churcnes, was found
dead near the K. C. railroad Sunday
morning. He had been ill for several
days and some parties had staid up
with him. He left the house about
four o'clock, and not returning a
search was made, his dead body being
found as stated above. Coroner Green-
leaf held an inquest, the jury deciding
that death was caused by heart dih-
ease. A large concourse ot eoioreo.
people attended the funeral Tuesday
Growing Wheat Crop Sold.
A special from Danville says the
fir-it deal in the growing wheat crop
of 1893 has taken place in Boyle county
between Anderson & Spillman, the
miller--, and Jerry C Caldwell,. one of
the largest farmers of that section,
Mr. Caldwell sold the millers the
wheat on 400 acres of ground at seven
ty-five cents per bushel, to go at
threshing time. This time last year
the growing crops were being pnrchas
ed at from flfty-five to sixty.five cents,
but now the farmers are not so anx
ious to sell at seventy-five.
The Balders Get In Their Work on the
Danville Double Gate.
As stated in last issue of Tins Rec
okd, the gates on bath the new and
old Danville roads were replaced and
toll collected. Saturday night a num
ber of men rode quietly to the gates
and proceeded to chop them into
kindling wood. Gate keener Ball
poked his head out and was in'ormed
by the raiders that if he persisted in
collecting toll ha would be taken out
and thrashed. He could not recog
nize any of them and says there were
probably twenty-fiva in the gang,
.though only three did the work. The
two companies filed affidavits before
the county judge Monday and six
guards were allowed, four for the dou
ble and two for the single gate. The
stockholders are pretty hot in the col
lar and say they don't propose to bj
bluffeJ. The gates have been replac
ed and toll is being collected the
as usual.
Fiscal Court Closes the Deal and The
, Koads nQW FreJ
As predicted in last issue of The
.)Recobd, the committee from the Lax
f. game carry, then the note is to be
Qfff takes up and canceled at
Qiice, stopping the interest. The pi ice
as mentioned above for the Lexiag'
Wanted, car load of Iron, Bones am
Rags. H. B. Northcott. -
No Officers Vet.
Owing to the illness of Mr. T. Cur
rey, the City Council has not yet elect
ed city officers.
Teacher's Money,
Miss Elisa Lusk tells The Record
that she will be prepared to make a
payment to the teachers tomorrow,
Big School
Prof. Ben F. Evans has charge of a
large subscription school at Edenton,
Madisan county. Jim is a fine teach
er and gives good satisfaction wht r
ever he teaches.
Born to the wife of G. M. Austin on
the 9th, a fine boy. Both mother and
baby are doing nicely, and the father
is rej jicing over the prospects of a
substantial democrat.
Certificates of Graduation.
Miss Lusk, county superintendent,
informs us that an examination will
be held at her office on the last Thurs
day in this month for those wishing
certificates of graduation from the
common school course.
Burglars entered the residence of
Mrs. Margaret Gill Wednesday night,
by prizing open a shutter. The house
was completely ransacked, bureau
drawsers broken open and everything
torn up, generallj, though a small
amount of money and owo rings is all
that has been missed. The table in
the dining room showed that the
thieves also partook" of a good lunch.
The residence of W. B. Mason was al
so entered. "Kegs" clothes were tak
en from near his bed and the pockets
gone through. Fortunately he had
left no money in them, but his hand
some goia watch was taken. The
clothes were taken into a front room
tnd a lamp lighted which the parties
left burning.
As usual, there is no clew to the dar
ing work. There ie only one thing for
our citizens to do, havinjr no nitrht
protection, anl that is to get a shot-
un and load it with buckshot The
time has arrived wtiti tli nonnle will
e.tfr"have to defend their own prop
erty or leave it wholly at the merey
of midnight sneaks. When some of
the culprits receive a good charge of
shot, it will certainly check the devil
A Tempest in a Tea Pot.
It was reported on Wednesday that
the County Judge's office was vacant
because Circuit Clerk Hamilton, refus
ed to accept Judge R. A. Burnsides'
bond, on the ground that it was offer
ed too late, the statute requiring it to
be made on the first Monday 'in Janu
ary. The report created quite a sen
sation and the p .rties mentioned and
county attorney Owsley, went to Stan
ford to con'er with Judge Saufley. We
understand that he advised the clerk
to accept the bond if the parties sign
ing it were good, and there was no
question about that. The bond had
been signed several days and the Judge
had neglected to offer it to the clerk.
It is said that Judge Saufley said
that there is a conflict between the
constitution and the law requiring the
bond to be made on the first Monday;
that no one could declare the office
vacant without proper legal proceed
ings, in which the question would be
involved, and that he could hold un
der his old bond until another had
been given. Whether or not we have
been correctly informed pn these opin
ions, be is still county judge and is
likely to remain so unless a vacancy
occurs by death or resignation. All
sorts of rumors were afloat the breez
es ran high, but the storm has subsi
ded and a calm prevails over the
troubled waters.
We do not object to the use of all
proper means to secure an election, by
either party, but we do doubt the pro
priety of removing men', who have
been elected and qualified, on mere
technicalities. It is true that the
bond should have been 'filed sooner,
but it does not seem that this alone
should disqualify the officer, as, we
learn, the higher courts have decided.
We do not blame the young cleric for
seeking information on the subject
M . a
ppLici.es on tciese
Farm Si
.. R.
Office at National-Bank,-
unlicies ovl these iti.
The Royal is the htfbest grade bakuM
Mini. Actual tests skow it jmmu aa
tWrd fartaer Um aay oUwr braaC
Absatattty Pure
A new girl came to Mr. Colson's a
few days ago.
E. B. Wallace is making preparation
to erect another dwelling house on
Main Street
C. M. Baker, of Versailles, Ohio, but
formerly of Wallaceton, informs us of
the arrival of another daughter in his
Thomas W. Soper has taken charge
of the store of Wallace & Soper, and
is giving away mora politeness, and
selling more goods than has been dis
posed of at that place since the new
partner, J. E. Soper, used to clerk
The select school being taught here
by Miss Bettie Hendrickson, is report
ed as moving along nicely, with a good
attendance, which is still increasing.
An increase in educational interest is a
good indication in any community.
Mr. Caldwell, of Jackson county
and father-in-law of our blacksmith,
A. J. Wilson, has bought of A R.
Guinn, a house and lot here for 400,
and will engage in the mercantile bus
iness. Mr. Wilson is having his store
house enlarged and he and Mr. Cald
well will form a partnership.
During the past year no boom has
struck our town, but yet, in spite of
all the grumbling and other means of
'ng time, business has increa"'' ?n
every ... . ,,." exception
of loafing. Each of the three stores
has enlarged its stock of goods. The
lumber business has made a decided
improvement Our mechanics and
common laborers have had employ
ment. We have been conneciel with
the outside world by telephone, and in
fact, most of the ordinary professions,
exeapt the doctor and lawyer, arc rep
resented and doing well. As for the
doctor, he is sometimes want.'d, but
we simply call for him by telephone.
eithsr at Paint Lick or Berea, and he
soon arrives, but as to the lawyer, we
don't need him, don't want him, won't
have him; and if one comes to town
and remains more than one night on
any other business than to see how
well we get along without him, we
would have our drummer. Mr. Thos.
Robinson, to "drum him out of towu"
G. W. Saddler and family have mov
ed on Susar Creek, and W. T. Pherigo
and family have moved into the house
vacated by Sad Her.
Miss Flora Moberley has gone to
Lancaster to attend school.
Miss Ida Kelley, of your city, has re
turned home, after spending a week
with relatives here. Mis Nora Saun
ders visited Miss Minnie iVearen the
latter part of last week. M. Coy, of
Madison, was the guest of J. A. Walk
er last week. J. T.Hardin, who has
been in Williamsburg, I1L, for two
yeirs, is at home with his father, A.T.
Hardin. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Wearen.
and little son, of Bourne, are visiting
the family of P. G. Warner.
J. B. Sandidge has gone to Lancas
ter to take possession of the Sheriffs
office. His many friends and neigh
bors regret to see him leave.
Miss Susie Sandidge gave an elegant
party last Friday evening in honor of
her visitor. Miss Lou Moore, of Junc
tion City. A lovely supper was served
at 10 o'clock. The number present
were seventy-five.
Mr. Zachariah Simpson, of Rich
mond, and Mrs. Lucy Ann Lane, were
married the 30th ult. at the home of
the bride. Rev. T. II. Campbell per
formed the ceremony, after which,
supper was served. Many friends and
relatives were present They will live
at the home of the bride at present
arris .

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