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Entered at the Post Office in Laneatter, Ky., as Second Class Matter.
CW. Public Square and Danville Avenue.
fLOOvtr Year iu Advnuc
Barb wire, smooth, wire
Hay "bailing wire &c.
Pence Ratchets staples
and fence springs. Draw
tiling and flue tiling.
Grate mantles and iron
hearths, fire "brick, fire
"backs and fire clay.
Washing machines, wringers and
tubs. Guns, locks and cuttlery.
X,oaded shells, shot and powder.
Tin, granite, enameled and delfs.
Cooking utensils. Blacksmith,
wood workers and builders sup
plies. Pumps, deep and shallow,
well pumps, cistern pumps and rain
water filters.
Wheel Barrows, ropes and grind
stones. Bath tubs, squirrel cages,
bird cages and a full line of flower
Tin roofing, Steel roofing, gut
tering and repairing.
A complete stock of hardware.
In fact, every thing that is car
ried by a first-class hardware house.
Col. W.G. Welch.
W. I. Williams.
Attorneys at Law,
All business attended
to promptly.
iJllllllllLI Of lilt
For the launching of the Battle-ship
"Kentuckj-" at Newport News, Va.,
the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway will
make the following1 low round trip
rates from points named:
From Lexington $12.00
" Winchester, 12.00
" Mt. Sterling 12.00
Paris 12.00
" Frankfort 12.75
" Richmond 12.25
Lancaster 13.00
" Stanford 13JJ
and correspondingly low rates from
all other Central Kentucky points.
Reduced Hotel Rates.
Reduced rates have been made at
the Hotels at Newport News and at
Old Point Comfort, which is only a few
miles distance and connected by Elec
tric Car service.
No other trip ever offered as many
as does this one.
People from Inland Kentucky have
the rare opportunity of witnessing
combined A: my and Navy life at the
inosthistoric spot in the United States.
The landing place of the Jamestown
settlers, the Pocohoatas and CapL
John Smith, incident, Cornwallis sur
rending his British forces, the battle
of the Monitor and Merrimac, and
last, but in the same class, the launch
ing of the
Most Powerful Battle Ship
of cur Navy, and it will be called
Kentucky" Think of it!
As soon as the date of Launching is
settled on, it will be given wide pub
licity in the papers.
Through sleepers will run from Lex
ington. For detail information write or call
on any agent, or
t p J. HOOD,
Ofice over J. C. Thompcn'i jewelry store
tVftBTllle street.
Fix your sidewalks.
Dix River is on the war path.
Very few drunks here Monday.
Three cakt s soap for 5a R. A. Stone.J
I!ay your tinware from S. T. Evans
Fresh fish and oysters daily at Hen
ry Perkins. tf.
Dried peaches at R. A Stone's at 5c
per pound.
R. A. Stone win pay 7c per pound
for green hides.
The best two horse wagon on the
market at G. S. Gaines'. "
Wanted, car load of Iron, Rones and
Rags. IL R. Northcott
Wilbur's hen food makes the hens
lay, for sale at R. A. Stone's.
Cheapest house on earth. S. T. Ev
ans. Call and try him. Richmond
street. -
5.00 rocker for S3 00. Call and be
convinced of the truth of this state
ment R. A. Stone, y
Please Kead.
I would like to do your plain sew
ing and dyeing. Mrs. Ophelia Dunn.
Mr. John Shea has sold to Silas Ash
ley the house and lot on Stanford and
Crab Orchard streets for S1.203.
Hoy's Watch Free.
For particulars drop a postal card
to The Advocate, Danville, Ky. 2t
All accounts not paid by January 10
will be placed with an officer for col
lection. I need money, and you
know it R. A. Stonev
New Iilacksinilh Shop.
On Danville street Horses shod,
C) cents cash. All kinds of repairing
2t Ned Burdett & Co.
Still They Work.
Burglars continue to get in their
work about town. The Record still
contends that there is but one way to
stop them and that is to use a gun.
In Lots of Ten.
The Boyle circuit court turned loese
t;n newly-l:censed lawyers upon the
people at D inville last week.
Sale of Property.
E. W. Arnold has purchased of Silas
Ashley, the house and lot on Stanford
street, opposite Mrs. Farra's for 81,000,
and will move to same in a few days.
O. P. S.one, of Stone post office,
made an assignment to A. D. Ford.
Assets $2,000, liabilities SJ.500. Going
security caused the assignment His
many friends hope that he will soon
be on foot again.
New Dentist Shop.
Dr. B. F. Walter is in Cincinnati
this week purchasing an entire den
tist's outfit and will open an office
over Ballou's store. He was accompa
nied to the city by his handsome son,
Union Meeting.
Despite the bad weather, a large
crowd attended the union meeting
Sunday night Much interest is taken
in these meetings and all should go.
It will be held in the Presbyterian
church next Sunday evening begining
promptly at 7 o'clock.
A Sad Mistake.
He wears a sad and haifhted look,
He is the prince of martyrs:
He bought one girl a prayer book
And one a pair of garters.
But trying things will come to pass
And bid our bright hopes scatter;
He got those presents mixed, alas;
And now the devTs the matter.
Here's something to think about A
man owed $1 and had but 75 cents. He
went to a pawn broker and pawned
the 75 cents for 50 cents. He met a
friend and sold him the pawn ticket
calling for 75 cents, for 50 cents. He
thus had two fifty cent pieces, $1 in
fact, which he paid the debt Was
anybody out and how much?
Burglars Again.
When one of W. B Mason's children
went to close the front up-stairs shut
ters Tuesday night, she saw a man
standing on the top varanda. She
raised an alarm and the fellow, who
was a white man, ran down through
the garden. It's mighty near time
the city fathers were putting on a
night watchman.
Furnaces Fixed.
The furnaces in the Presbyterian
church have been fixed and the hous2
can now be kept comfortable. We
heard a party say he didn't go to meet-
ing Sunday because the room was
cold. We have seen that same man
s'.t on the sharp back of a Court House
bench and listen for hours to some
cymling-headed politician get off stale
jokes, lie on the opposite party, and
tell what he didn't know about the
affairs of the country. In the .unmis
takable, though not altogether elegant
language or Sam Jones, "you old red
nosed devil, go to church.
Kraut 5c qt at Evans.
Land for sale. See ad.
Too much mud on the square.
Much fencing was blown down
Evans sells goods cheap for cash.
Prunes 7 l-2c per lb. R. A. Stone. )d
Typewriter letter heads at this
S. T. Evans will, deliver goods to
your door.
Towels and Quecnsware at cost at
S. T. Evans. v
S. T. Evans will have cold storage
beef next Friday. vj
200,000 brick for sale. Greening &
Pence, Stanford, Ky.
i wm sen you pacicnge corree at iuci
Sugar at cost, for cash. T. Currey. "
Buy your goods from Evans on Rich
mond street, opposite Mrs. Hardens. V
Clover, oats, timothy, bluejrrass and
orchard grass, always on hand at
Gaines. pC
Don't fail to see my all wool suits at
0.50, and overcoats at 7 and 33.50.
M. D. Hughes, Agt
New lot furniture just received.
The best made, at prices that will as
tonish you. R. A. Stone.
Bourbon Steam Laundry.
Miss O'.ivia Sweeney is agent for the
Bourbon Steam Laundry. Leave your
orders at Sweeney's store. tf
Business in the Police Court is duller
than ever known before. Judire Brown
can always be found at his office and
gives the evil doors a trial as quickly
as they want it
Whooping cough is the most di -tressing
malady; but its duration c in
be cut short by the use of Oae Minute
Cough Curp, which is also the best
known remedy for croup and all lung
and bronchial troubles. Btorines'
Drug Store. lm
'Contingent" Fee.
An Irishman defined a contingent
fee as follows: "An' it's the mean in'
of a contingent -ee ye're after knowin?
Sure, l'il tell ye. A contingent fee
means if yo lose the case tho lawyer
gits nothin'; if you win you git nothin'. "
Deputy Clerk Noel.
W. T. Noel has been sworn in as
deputy county clerk. He will make
headquarters at Buckeye where those
desiring to sign and acknowledge
papers can do so without coming to
town. 3t
Ike Current's Sale.
A good crowd attended L D. Cur
rent's sale and fair prices were real
izad. Mr. Current and family will
leave for Arkansas in a few days and
they have the best wishes of many
friends for success in their new home.
Broaddus Boy Better.
The young man, "Boy" Broaddus,
who was accidentally shot last week,
is very much better, and the physic
ians, Dr's. Herring and Kinnaird say
he will get well. The wound has
caused him intense suffering, and he
says it will be many a day before he
goes about anyone fooling with a gun.
Cash Paid for Produce. V
I have severed my connectioir with
the firm of Northcott & Co., and will
in the future be with M. A. Archer,
at Hunley Singleton's old stand,
ready to pay highest cash price
for E'gs, Chickens, Butter, Furs Beef
Hides and produce of all kinds.
Butlek Fox.
Many Telephones.
The telephone exchange is rapidly
spreading its wires all over the coun
try. Five new instruments have been
put in during the last week, and more
orders are waiting. By the way, Som
erset and Stanford, are bragging over
the number of calls their operators
had in one day, the former claiming
422 in one day. Pshaw, our operator
had 46D Monday and it wasn't a good
day for 'em, either.
Peter Norton, a well-known citizen,
of this county died last Thursday at
the residence of John Gastineau, and
was buried at the West graveyard, in
that neighborhood. He was in his 09th
year. His son, Mr. John Norton, of
Raccoon, Ind., came to the funeral.
The latter is a staunch friend of The
Record and paid his subscription np
to 1893.
Bro. Barnes.
Intelligence from Rev. Geo. O.
Barnes is to the effect that he and
family are nicely domiciled in their
winter home on Sanibel Island, Fla.,
and that he is busily engaged in writ
ing a book. He had promised the
Lord to write it before he died, but
kept putting it off till he was taken
with a malady that threatened to soon
end his days. This forced him to keep
his promise and since be has gotten
down to work all signs of the disease
have fled, at least that is oar informa
tion. Interior Journal.
Big crowd in town Monday.
Eerybody has electric lights.
Fresh line cabbage at Evans.
Evans will pay 15 cts cash for eggs
S. T. Evans handles the Nig Spencer
G. S. Gaines is headquartors for all
kind of see Is.
17 1-2 lbs granulated sugar for 81.00
at Evans.
Fancy home-grown hemp seed for
sals at G. S. Gaines'.
Ha3' anl corn always on hand at Cy
rus Easons, for retail. 1-28 4t
Wanted, Veal Calves. Will gq to
Country and buy. H. B. Northoatt"'
I have two silver mounted show
casss for sale, one 9 feet and the other
10. J. G Thompson. "
Murdered at Marcellus.
The expense account of farmers, by
grinding plow points at C. K. Poindex
tcr's. nov-25-tf.
J. A. Beazley & Co , headquarters
for furniture carpets, mattings, wall
paper and window.ahades. y,
Door bolts, Sash locks, Pad locks
and Door locks, at J. R. Haseldens'
Hardware store
Henry Duncan' Old Stand.
Over C. D. Powell's, is the place to go
for a neat, stylish hair cut, a clean
shave or shampoo. We make a speci
alty of honing and concaving razors.
Just So.
A rooral, backwoods country gal, .
Wid teef cz white ez pearls,
For beauty, health an' fun, iz. wuff
A hun'red city girls Ex.
Land Sale.
I. D. Current sold to Bob Hamilton
the old Bland homestead and 78 acres
last week at 20 per acre. Mr. Hamil
ton will moye to the place in a few
From my pasture, on House place,
about Dec. 15, one red yearling steer,
weight about 553. Liberal rewar.l for
return. Leave any information with
T. 1J. Walker.
E. T. Pence.
School at Beechmout.
Miss Mary D. L2avell wi.l begin a
subscription school at Bccchmont,
this county, next Monday, the 31st
Miss L.eavcli is one of the best teachers
in the county and it goes without say
ing that she will have a large number
of pupils.
You can get your grinding, both for
family use an I feeding purposes, done
at Leavels milL Crushed corn and
meal always on hand for exchange.
Also mixed feed of corn and bran for
milk cows. tf.
Save 21 e Your Laundry.
I have agency for the Troy Steam
Laundry, with headquarters at Jo
seph's store. Will call for work, de
liver it promptly and appreciate your
kindness. Leslie Hehndox. tf
What pleasure is there in life with a
headache, constipation and bilious
ness? Thousands experience them
who could become perfectly healthy
by using DeWitt's Little Early Risers,
the famous little pills. Stormes' Drug
Store. lm
Uncle Joe Hopper.
"Uncle Joe" Hopper began a meet
ing in tho Floral Heights Presbyte
rian Church in Parkland Friday night,
preaching to a large congregation.
Everybody loves Uncle Joe who has
been truly pious all his life, even from
his earliest kilt days. Lexington Ar?
After years of untold suffering from
piles, B. W. Pursell of Knitnersville,
Pj., was cured by using a single box
of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. Skin
diseases such as eczema, rash, pimples
and nbitinate sores are readily cured
by this famous remedy. Stormes'
Drug Store. lm
A serious position is that of a person
who through neglect of a seemingly
trivial cough, or cold is threatened by
that dread destroyer of mankind con
sumption. Do not neglect a cough or
cold, however trifling. It is a menace
of consumption, and consumption is
pronounced incurable by all honest
physicians. Dr. Bell's Pine Tar Hon
ey is the best cough and cold cure.
Nothing else is "just as good.."
The wind Saturday night night was
stronger than ever known in this sec
tion. It blew down many chimneys
about town, uprooted trees and smash
ed in window sash in many places.
Our people thought a cyclone was com
ing, and we suspect that many began
patching up a tale of woe to give in to
St Peter. Hemp shocks in the county
were blown down and scattered pell
mell, and much loss will result Ed.
Arnold loses his entire c -op, as it now
lies a tangled mass all over the field,
making a total loss of abont 8150.
lany other similar cases have been re
ported, but none so great as Mr. Ar
nold's. Reports from all over the
state tell of great destruction to tim
ber, barns and fencing.
Fresh oysters for sale at Northcott'.,
Kig Mason has never found his
For sale, Corn, by bushel, hay by
. ale. H. B. Northcott t tf
. !
We print typewriter letter heads on
excellent band paper.
Wanted! furs, hides, tallow. See us
before selling. H. B. Northcott
Several Lancaster parties attended
the Clay Clement performance at Dan
ville Wednesday evening.
Corn Wanted.
If parties wishing to sell corn will
bring it to me at once, I will buy same.
J, W. Miller, Mgr. Pilgrimage Dis
tillery. 1.7
February McClures.
In McClures's Magazine for Febru
ary, Mr. Herbert E.- Hamblen, author
of ''On Many Seas," will tell the story
of his own experience as fireman on a
locomotive. As it was an experience
full of rare and romantic incidents,
the story is bound to be a good one.
It will be illustrated, with pictures
drawn from lifo.
County Court.
Nothing was done in the Countv
Court Monday except the probating of
the will of George Donny. Mr. Denny
died some time sin e, and the will
was only found recently nmonsr some
other papers It b queathes to his
wire all property and requests that at
her death she make an equitable dis
tribution "between the three children
we have raised, viz: E. D. Walker,
Jane Faulkner and George Luslc"
County Attorney Owsley Hurt.
While coming in from home Monday
night, Cqunty Attorney Letgher Ows
ley met with a painful accident It
was very dark and two men on horse
back ran into the vehicle, completely
demolishing it Mr. Owsley's ear was
badly lacerated and he was badly
scratched and bruised otherwise. The
shaft struck one of tlje horsemen,
named JJaiL in the leg and made an
ugly wound. Mr. Owsles' will be
housed for several days, but is very
glad to escape with a whole hide.
The county court has ordered elec
tric lights placed in the Uouet House,
as suggested in The Record. They
will only be paid for when in actual
use, consequently will cost far less
than lamps, th'mneys, oil etc. It is
the rule with the Electric Liht Co.,
to charge for lights at so much per
month, bnt in this, case, it vory wisely
and kindly consented to deviate from
the rule. We understand the court
voted unanimously for the improve
ment, and they are entitled to a vote
of thanks from the people for rca'sing
so great an improvement
More Improvements.
The county court, at its December
meeting, decided to tear away the old
work house, as it wa found a'ter ex
amination that it would cost more to
rerair and put it in decent shape than
to build a new one. Bids were opened
a few days since and the contract
given to John Hill. For the sum of
SI, 373 35 he is to remove the old eye
sore and erect a two-story brick
building with cells and office below
and living apartments above. He will
be permitted to use all lumber in the
present building which is opproved by
the court's committee and has, given
good bond for the faithful fulfillment
of the contract The plans and speci
fications are for an excellent and
handsome building, and it looks like
the fingers for its construction are ex
ceedingly low. Work has been com
menced toward removing the old fire
trap and the new house will be pushed
rapidly. The town is not "in it" on
the work and the place will be used
exclusively for county prisoners,
A Tony Affair.
The leading social event of the sea
son was the hop given at Masonic
Hall Wednesday evening. The young
ladies never looked lovlier nor were
the boys ever on better behavior. The
costumes of the young ladies were ox
tremely handsome and tasty and we
never saw a prettier lot of girls in one
assembly. The immortal Henry Sax
ton was on hand wi.h his superb or
chestra and the music furnished was
the best, by far, ever heard in our city.
None of the many bands can touch
Saxon when it comes to dance music.
The large hall, newly papered, was il
luminated by many electric lights and
when the grand march was given the
scene was one beautiful to behold.
The merriment was kept up till nearly
three o'clock, when the shutting down
of the electric light plant forced the
happy party to take a reluctant leave.
Following is a list of those present:
From Stanford, Misses Pearl BurnsiJe
and Annie Bronaugh Engleman, Mes
srs. Rowan and Jim Saufley, McRob
erts and Bruce; from Richmond, Mis
Turley, Crutcher HockerJy, Mess. Jen
nings, Speed, Francis, Watts, Turley
and Crutcher; from Lancaster, Misses
Carrie Currey, Julia Mae Gaines, Mary
Miller, Altie Marksbury, Jennie and
Bessie Burnside and Patsy Beazley;
Messrs. Farra, H. and Ben. Hern
don, Marksbury, Doty, Walker, Ows
ley, Logan, Joe and Harry Robinson,
Shugars, and many others. The chap
erones were Messrs. and Mesdames R,
Kinnaird, J. E. Stormes, J. Fleece
Robinson, Chas. W: Anderson, G. D.
Robinson and Louis Landram.
Meet, Klect O Hirers, Appoint Commit
tees and Buckle Dunn To Business.
The new City Council met in adjjurn
ed session Tuesday afternoon. The
meeting had bean postponed on account
of illness of Mr. Theodore Currey, one
of the members. It being a full meet
ing, the election of otlicers for the en
suing year was hell. Mr. Wnu H.
Wherritt was re-elected clerk, E. M.
Walker, chief of polics, and W. 'O.
Rigney, treasurer, all without opposi
tion. When the selection of an attor
ney came up, the names of W. I. Will
iams and Joe E. Robinson were nr
sented. The vote resulted four for
Williams and two for Robinson. Mr.
Williams was the attorney last year.
-ihe following committees were then
J. E. Stormes and J. M. Higginboth-
J. C. Thompson and W. J. Romans.
J. C. Robinson anl 'Iheo. Currey.
J. M. Iligginbotham.
It was determined to make stron"-ef
fort to secure bitter sidewalks and to
take all reasonable steps to secure the
building and repiirinjr of not onlv
those on important streets, but all
over the town. In this, The Record
voices the sentiments of ninetv-nine
onc-hundreths o: the people ia saying
Amen '. Ihe walks on all the streets
are bad and some are a disgrace to the
The annonymous letters received by
several members in regard to appoint
ments were produced and read to the
meeting. It was decided to spread
them on the minutes and a committee
was appointed to draw up resolutions
denouncing the writer. The latter
have not yet been prepared, but they
will te red-hot from start to finish.
The Council is very iustly indignant.
aot only from recoiving the letters,
but to think that anyone is fool
enough to believe that they could be
influenced by any such low tricks.
One of the members told a Record
man he was satisfied he knew who
wrote his letter, but would remain
quiet on the matter and treat it with
the silent conU-mpt he has for the
As the town is without a suitable
work house, a committee was appoint-
d to confer with the county officials
and make arrangements whereby they
could build the new work housa j jint-
y, thus saying expense to both town
and county. There is no reason why
this c Juid not be done, as the prisoners
could then be placid in charge of one
man, thus making another saving.
J he statement of the financial con
dition of the town is not quite com
pleted, but will soon be published, as
required by law.
As we have previously stated, the
present board is composed of excellent
business men, men who have the
town's interests at heart, and our peo
ple will receive a just, economical and
care.ul administration.
Under-handed Work.
Several members of the City Council
have Jeceived annonymous letters in
regard to the appointment of city offi
cer?, which were to be made by the
body. We understand the members
have a good idea of where the letters
came from, but will only treat the
matter as it should be with silent
contempt Resorting to such methods
so sneaking and cowardly as the an
nonymous letter never does much good
for the writer of the contemptible
epistles, and if left unnoticed and
given enough rope, the writers will
hang themselves every time. A great
many such documents are received at
this office, and scarcely anything oc
curs that some "Friend" does not ad
vise The Record to publish. The
stove-door, instead of the columns of
our paper, awaits such communica
tions and they are placed therein with
out giving them a minutes' thought
Life is too short to waste any time
over such miserable cowards as the
annonymous letter writers.
Take Laxstive Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
Druggists refund the money if it fails to Cure.
25 cents.
Prepare for Cyclones!
By Insuring your Houses.
Insure your Hemp!
And Take No Risk of Loss.
We write these Policies
General Insurance, Lancaster, J&y:
The Royal is tse highest grm4e brtif ftwim
UMwa. Actual teats show it fmrnm
tfcird fsrtaer Uaa mmy ottsr braa&
Absolutely Pure
The council of ministers in Cuba
have decided to send Rafael Argulo,
who is the manager of a New York
Cuban paper, to Washington to nego
tiate a treaty with the United States
on the basis of reciprocity.
The cigarette trust is sa!d to be con
siderably exercised over the anti-cig
arette bill, as the chances for its pas
sage are good. They are sunoosed to
have a lobby at work, in a sly way,
aomg every possible thing todefeat it.
"Kid"' McCoy has deposited 83.000
with a New York sporting paper as a
forfeit to fight either Corbett or Fitz-
simmons for the heavy-weight cham
pionship of the world. Corbett only
laughs at McCoy's nerve, while Fitz
has never replied.
The Kentucky House passed the bill
permitting husband and wife to testify
for or against each other in divorca
proceedings and certain other actions.
It also passed the bill forbidding dis
crimination against any employe be
cause of membership in a labor organ
ization, as
People coming out from the Klondike
country say there is plenty food at
Dawson to last till navigation is open
ed. Government relief is also declared
impracticable. A committee is on it
way to Ottawa to ask the Canadian
Ltovernnaent to revoke the rovaltv
Three men were killed and four in
jured in a collision of freight trains at
Upton, near Ehzibethtown, on the
mam Una of the Louisville and Nash
ville, Tuesday morning. All dav i.nd
night the wreck blocked the track,
and caused a suspension of traffic.
Lngineer William H. Miller. Brake-
man Lee Elstone and Thomas Dalton,
a tramp were killed.
Ex-Chief Justice Thomas H. Hines.
one of Kentucky's most distinguished,
sons, died Saturday morning at his
home m i rankfort The funeral took
place in Frankfort Monday afternoon.
Ihe remains were taken to Bowline
Green for interment. Judge Hines
was a Captain in Gen. John Morgan's
brigade during the civil war. and one
of the most daring and successful offi
cers in that famous command.
Saturday the Directory of the Cin
cinnati Zoological Gardens filed a pe
tition in the Superior Court for a re
ceiver and the Court acting1 in accord
with the prayer, appointed George
Ha.'er and Albert Fisher. The reason
given for the assignment is reduced
income owing to lack of patronage by
the public since the hard times to
gether with hard pressure by creditors.
Xhc corporation has an authorized
capital stock of 300,003 whereof &J31,-
000 is paid up.
The members of the Legislature and
the State Officers, on the invitation of
the Faculty and Trustees of the State
College, assisted in dedicating the
Natural nistory Building, just com
pleted. There was speech-making' and
other ceremonies appropriate ' to the
occasion, and a good time generally.
The visiting statesmen were enter
tained by the authorities of the Luna
tic Asylum with a most bountiful and
beautiful collation. The visitors had
every reason to be gratified with the
hospitality shown them, and we un
derstand that they so expressed themselves.

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