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Entered at the Post Office in Lancaster, Ky., at Second Class Hatter.
Cot-. Public Square and Danville Avenue.
MM per Year in ddranct
Cannot get through your doors
if you will put on our substantial
locks. Neither can they
Force Open Windows
if the latter are supplied with our
excellent Sash Locks. They may
succeed m
Tearing Away the Roof,
but will not do so if you put on our
substantial tin shingles. They
will not
Steal Tinware & Cooking Utensils
as we sell these articles so cheap
they will do better to buy them.
If you want to
Make it Hot For Them
buy one of our handsome and dur
able stoves. We sell 'em cheap
and guarantee satisfaction. We
keep everything in the hardware
Be On The Sale Side
by getting our prices before pur
chasing elsewhere.
Col W.G.Welch,
W. I. Williams.
Attorneys. at Law,
All business attended
to promptly.
Laiclii of tie
For the launching' of the B.tttle-ship
"Kentucky"' at Newport News, Va..
the Chcs-.ipeake ami O.iio Railway will
mike the following low round trip
rates from r.o'nts name 1:
From Lexington $12.00
" Winchester, 12.00
" Mt. Sterling 12.(0
Paris 12.00
" Frankfort 12.7."
" Richmond 12.25
Lnncaster 13.U0
" Stanford 13.2"
and correspondingly low rates from
all other Central Kentucky points.
Reduced Hotel Rates.
Reduced rates have been made at
the Hotels at Newport News and a:
Old Point Comfort, which is only a few
miles distance and connected by Elec
tric Car service.
No other trip ever offered as many
as does this one.
People from Inland Kentucky have
the rare opportunity of witnessing
combined A: my and Navy life at the
most historic spot in the United. States.
The landing place of the Jamestown
settlers, the Pocohontas and Capt
John Smith incident, Cornwallis sur
rending his British forces, the battle
of the Monitor and Merrimac, and
last, but in the same c!ass, the launch
ing of the
Most Powerful Battle Ship
of our. Navj-, and it will be called
Kentucky" Think of it!
As Soon as the date of Launching is
settled on, it will be given wide pub
licity in the papers.
Through sleepers will run from Lex
ington. For detail information write or call
on any agent, or
r J. HOOD,
Office over J. C. Thompson's jewelry store
0 l Danville street.
Who Dwe Me
To call and settle. My bills in
the city are due and I must have
what is due me. Please remem
ber that I mean this card for all
who owe me.
Garrard Lodge No. 29, Knights
tl1 of Pythias, meets every Thursday
night in Odd Fellows hall. All vis
iting Knights are fraternally invi
IJ. E. Robinson, K. R. & S.
More snow this week.
Three cakes soap for 5c. R. A. Stonej
Nothing new in the turnpike situa
tion. S. T. Evans handles the Nig Spencer
tobacco. -
17 1-2 lbs granulated sugar for S1.00
at Evans. X
S. T. Evans win have cold storage
beef next Friday.
200,000 brick for sale. Greening &
Pence, Stanford, Ky.
For sale, Corn, by bushel, hay by
bale. II. B. Northcott tf
We print typewriter letter heads on
excellent bond paper.
Statement of the town's financial
condition on page 4.
A goo 1 letter from Hubble came in
too late for publication.
The fight for the post ofice is in
about the same shape as was reported
in last issue.
5.03 rocker for S3 00. Call and be
convinced of the truth of this state
ment It. A. Stone..?.
Postmaster Hamilton's term expires
March, instead of February, as
stated in last issue.
J. A. Beszley & Co , headquarters
or furniture carpets, mattings, wall
paper and window-shades.
Please Read.
I would like to do your plain sew
ing and dyeing. Mrs. Ophelia Dunn.
Hoy's Watch Free.
For particulars drop a postal card
to The Advocate, Danville, Ky. 2L
New Goods.
I have added to the old stock, a new
line of seasonable goods which I will
sell low for cash. Call and see me at
the old stand.
-4 J. C. Robinson.
From my pasture, on House place,
about Dec 15, one red yearling steer.
.veiirht about 550. liberal reward for
return. Leave any information with
1'. 15. Walker.
E. T. Pence.
Please look on the corner of your
paper and read the Yellow Label, and
,ee if you dont owe us something. If
you do, please send the money to this
ifhce or the collector, Erne it G.
The Recokd received a good letter
from Paint Lick this week, but as no
name was s'gned of course we could
not publish it. We do not want to
publish names, but it must le signed
;or our own protection. We hopj
ubscriber" will sign next time.
The Cake Walk.
A big crowd attended the colored
cake walk at the Court House and the
lodge cleared a little money on their
venture. The first prize was awarded
to Milton Sneed, the polite painter
and musician, who bids fair to win a
Frog Eye reputation.
l'lf uty of Heat.
The new furnaces put in the Presby
terian church worked so well Sunday
that several windows had to be lower
ed to ccol the perspiring crowd. If
hry could only warm up the heart
and religion of some as well as they
Jo the body, what a blessing they
would prove.
New Undertaker.
Mr. Jas. A. Bcazley, the furniture
dealer, tills The Record he has pur
chased a handsome and expensive new
hearse and complete line of underta
kers' goois He will run the business
in connection with his furniture store.
His hearse will arrive in a few days.
Mrs Ida Clayton died in th:s city
last Thursday, after a protracted ill
ness of consumption. She was widely
related in Garrard county. She was
the widow of William Best and was
married to J. M. Clayton, of Lexing
ton, who with one child survives her.
The remains were interred in the Lin
cister cemetery.
Mr. J. N. Onstott and Miss Ellen
Littrell, of the Buckeye neighborhood,
eloped to Indiana Monday night and
were married. The groom is 2 years
of age and the bride only 15. Oa ac
count of her tender years, the parents
of the bride objected to the match.
Both are prominent young people and
of the best families in the county.
Where Is Dora?
What care we for Cuba's strife
To gain tie freedom sought,
Why shed a tear because the life
Of working men is not
All strewn with roses. What care we
If silver or if gold, or both
Should be the nation's standard, free
Coir.eJ, unlimited or not; for, troth,
The question to our mind will come'
And cause our hearts to swell
Is Dora Clay, this week, at borne
Or with her brother dell ?
Dover Citizen.
Maccabees tonight at 7.
Evans sells goods cheap for cash.-
Prunes 7 l-2c per lb. R. A. Stone.
Fresh oj'sters for sale at Norlhcott's.
We have the best court house in the
Dried peaches at R. A. Stone's at 5c
per pound.
Fire at Maysville Monday caused a
losof S5J.000.
G. S. Gaines is headquarters for all
kind of see.ls.
The best two horse wagon on the
market at G. S. Gaines'.
Wanted! furs, hides, tallow. See us
before selling. II. B. Northcott.
Hay and corn always on hand at Cy
rus Easons, for retail. 1-28 4t
Cheapest house on earth. S. T. Ev
ans. Call and try him. Richmond
street. A
' V
New lot furniture jast received
The best made, at prices that will as
tonish you. R. A. Stone.
Petty thieves are causing much
trouble by carrying away fencing or
anytning they find lying around loose.
Old Maids, Attention.
A rehersal will be htild at Court
House Saturday inoruing at 9 o'clock.
Get your knitting and be there.
Rev. T. H. Campbell was the only
minister in town Sunday except Eld.
Gouen, and was pressed into the har
ness both morning and evening.
Don't annoy others by your cough
ing, and rijk your life by neglecting a
Cold. One minute Cough cure cures
coughs, colds, crjup, grippe and all
ihroat and lung troubles. Stormcs
Drug Store. lm
line Outfit.
Dr. B. F. Walter has received his
new dental outfit and opened an office
over Ballou's store on Publ.c Square.
All his ou.fi o is brand Lew, and the
chair is especially tine, being the very
latest pattern.
For Sale or Kent.
I will either sell or rent my resi
lience. It is in good repair ana in a
ojd neighborhood. For particulars
call on citner W. 1L Kinnaird or my
self. Mary Jv. Weisiger.
Saw His Shadow.
Maj Jim Burnside, who enjoys a
national reputation as authority on
such matters, says the ground hog saw
a is shadow Wednesday morning. His
poriclets will now remain in his hole
six weeks longer, as we will sure have
that much more cold weather.
liajouet Still In lioyle.
Soldiers still guard the toll gate
near Danville, and it appears to be a
game of freeze out. The court has
taken no further steps and owners of
the roads icfuse to budge, so it seems
the present state of affairs will last
No Tollgate News.
Nothing new has developed in the
turnpike situation in Garrard for sev
eral weeks. The three roads, Stan
ford, Crab Orchard and Richmond,
continue to collect toll without the as
sistance of guards. The court offered
the committer's, valuation, as it did all
other road, the companies refused it
and thus the matter stands.
How's This?
For unadulterated gall this takes
the bakery: A fellow, who docs not
even subscribe for The Record, sint
in a windy puff of himself, written on
a letter-head printed in Cincinnati
and asked that we publish it How
some people manage to lug around
such immense quantities of cheek is
hard to conceive.
The Concert.
The Old Folks concert is given in
honor of our older citizens. All per
sons over sixty-five receive a compli
mentary ticket. If you did not receive,
one, it is because you do not seem so
old. Report at this office and you will
hava one. All youn j people are asked
to come and enjoy the evening with
us. Admission 25c. Reserved seats
Saddle Horsn Association.
Members of the national Saddle-
horse Breeders' Association from Ken
tucky, Missouri, and Illinois assem
bled at Louisville Tuesday in annual
session. A Louisville, daily says every
man of them reported the best trade
in years at rapidly advancing prices.
All agreed that good gaited horse3 are
very scarce. This means a notable re
turn to bree ling this coming season
Saddle horses have held their values
steadily through all the decline in
speed horses, but improved commercial
conditions have resulted in stimulating
the demand very materially, and the
trade thus far this winter has baen
unprecedented. Hence this pleasing
condition was dnly celebrated by the
members at tne-renaennis club. col.
Jno. B. Castleman was re-elected pres
ident and A. JS Hundley, of Dauv.lle,
a director.
Burglars still plenti.'ul.
The old work house is a thing of the
Typewriter letter heads at this
Work in the graded school is pro
gressing nicely,
Wanted, hens. Will pay 5c per
(pound. B. Fox.
Wanted, hens. at 5c per pound. II
B. Northcott.
Judge Brown fined George Wallace
S2o for selling liquor on Battle Row,
Wanted, Veal Calves. Will go to
country and buy. II. B. Northcott.
I will sell you package coffee at 10c,
Sugar at cost, for cash. T. Currey.
Clover, oats, timothy, bluegrass and
orchardvgrass always on hand at
Rats, as grey and long-beared as
Rip Van Winkle after his sleep, were
found in the old work house.
Lost, a pair of jeans pants, between
Dr. O'Neal's office and the toll gate on
Lexington pike. Return to R. A. Stone.
Door bolts, Sash locks, Pad locks
and Door locks, at J. R. Uaseldens'
Hardware store.
Murdered at Marcellua.
The expense account of farmers, bv
grinding plow points at C. K. Poindex
ter's. nov-25-tf.
Save Mo Your Laundry.
I have agency for the Troy Steam
Laundry, with headquarters at Jo-
soph's store. Will call for work, de
liver it promptly and appreciate your
kindness. Leslie Herndox. tf
Whooping cough is the most dis
tressing m ilady; but its duration can
be cut short by the use of O.ie Minute
Cough Cure, which is also the best
known remedy for croup and all lung
and bronchial troubles. Stormes'
Drug Store. lm
Wall Paper.
I have secured the agency for a lead
ing manufacturer and have samples ol
an elegant line of Wall Paper, and
will beglad to order any amount par
tics may desire. Call at my residence
and get prices.
t: Mrs F. L. Austin.
Send Them Something;.
The local agent h vs received notice
that the Louisville and Nashville rail
road will, until further notice, trans
port, free of charge, either to New
Orleans or Mobile, donations of food.
clothing and olher necessaries contrib
uted for the relief of the suffering peo
ple of Cuba.
The Merry Mardl Graft.
Mardi Gras festivities of the most
elaborate character t lis year at New
Orleansland at Mobile. Ihe Ri-yal
Road is the Queen & Crescant. Vesti-
buled trains Cincinnati to New Orleans
in 24 hours. Excellent through ser
vice. Only line running Cafe, Parlor
and Observation cars. Oae fare round
trip for the occasion, from all points.
The Queen & Crescent W. C Rineak
sotf, G. P. A., Cincinnati
Great Improvement.
The electric lights in the Court
House make the grandest improve
ment yet put on the handsome build
ing, it is now neat, comiortaoic anu
safe, and does not cost as much as the
dirty, smoking, dangerous coal oil
lamps. How anyone, with a thimble
ful of sense, can kick on this improve
ment is difficult to understand, but
there will ba a few who will comment.
Such drawbacks and stumbling blocks
to civilization should be chased back
to the brush and briars where they so
justly belong.
More Kalils Ii.Itoyle.
Raiders have chopped down every
toll-gate in the extreme western sec
tion of Boyle county, leaving only one
gate standing west of Danville. Six
gates in all were visited. No violence
was attempted beyond the use of the
axi s on the poles and no threatening
language was employed toward the
gate keepers. The gates destroyed
surrounded the town of Perryville.
Guards were asked for for all of the
gates destroyed and the gates will re
sume business under either the pro
tection of the county or the State. As
the raids were on the opposite side of
Boyle, we presume the usual cry, "the
raiders came from toward Garrard"
will not be raised this time.
Mrs. S. B. Mitchell died at the home
f T. S. E kin on Monday night at 11
'clock, after a lingering illness, in
the 73rd year of her age. Funeral
services were conducted by Eld. Geo.
Gowen, at the residence on Tuesday
ternoon, and the bo ly was laid to
rest in Lancaster Cemetery. Deceased
was a native of Montgomery but she
had lived the greater part of her life m
Indiana, where her husbmd died. She
came here some time ago to spend her
last davs with her niece, Mrs. Elkin,
who ministered to all her wants until
the hour-of dissolution arrived. She
...an a A arrttA TTi c m Tv t- nf thft Phrtstlin
church, a noble type of pure woman
hood, and died with an abiding faith
in the fulfillmsnt of the rich promises
t those who have lived the life of the
Buy your tinware fr;'in S. T. Evans.
Entertainment at Baptist church
Towels and Quecnsware at cost at
S. T. Evans.
R. A. Stone will pay 7c per pound
for green hides.
Eggs wanted. Will pay highest
cash p ice. B. Fox.
Fancy home-grown hemp seed for
sale at G. S. Gaines'. r
Work at K. P. lodge this, Thursday,
evening. Knights, be there.
Wilbur's hen food makes the hens
lay, for sale at R. A. Stone's.
Buy your goods from Evans on Rich
mond street, onnosite Mrs. Hardens
Wanted, car load of Iron, Bones and
tl If ,.,. I
J. C. Thompson can furnish you
with all kinds of valentines from lc to
Si. 00.
I have two silver mounted show
cases for sale, one 0 feet and the other
10. J. G Thompson.
I am selling my stock of groceries at
cost, to make room for a spring stock.
T. & Elkin,
Hourbon Steam Laundry.
Miss Olivia Sweeney is agent for the
Hourbon Steam Laundry. Leave your
orders at Sweeney's store: " tf
Corn Wanted.
If parties wishing to sail corn will
bring it to me at once, I will buy same.
J. W. Miller, Mgr. Pilgrimage Dis
tillery. 1-7
' No Certificates.
Miss Eiisa Lusk, county superinten
dent, tells The Recouu that only om
party came up to be examined for
raduate's certificate, and this one
back out at the eleventh hour.
What pleasure is there in life with :
headache, constipation and bilious
ness? Thousands experience then,
who could become perfectly healthy
by usinj Do Witt's Little Early Risers,
the famous little pills. Stormes' Drug
Store. lm
Alex. Gill better known as "Bugg.v
Horse" and another colored man
named Graham had a shooting bee oi.
Battle Row Saturday afternoon. S )mt-
six or eight shots were fired and it i
claimed Graham was wounded, but he
disappeared and has not yet been lo
cated. Graham is a Danville negro.
Kid. Gowcn 111.
Eid. George Gowen was taken ill
last Friday and was confined to his
bed for several days. He is ranch bet-
er and wJl be able to fill his pulpis
Sunday m irning. He could not preaei
Sunday morning nor at the union
meeting Sunday evening.
It. W. Fletcher In Court.
The trial of Pro'. R. W. Fletcher, on
the charge of adultery was called be
fore Judge Burnside Monday morning
The circuit court room was well filled
by men, both black and white, who
crowd in and sit for hours listening to
every detail of the trial of such cases
here were five or six lawyers in the
case and every inch of ground was
hotlj' contested. 'I he jury after de
liberating, returned a verdict of not
uilty. The case created much inter
est among the colored people, owing
to the prominence of the parties.
The old Masonic lodge had made and
framed likenesses of prominent mem
bers. These pictures are in handsome
walnut frames, about 18 x 24 inches.
ind, when the lodge broke up several
3'ears ago, they were taken by rela
tives to care for 'til the lodge was re
organized. As they are still the prop
erty of the lodge; and are now badh-
needed, those having them should re
turn them at once. Out of probably
eighteen or twenty of the likenesses
only four have been returned. Thost
Those having these pictures should
not delay in sending them back to the
room, as they are the lodge's private
property. It is known where ssverai
are and if they are not returned, they
will be sent for.
Old Maid's Convention.
A new, novel and attractive enter
tainment will be givin at the Court
House on Monday night Feb. 14, by
homs talent in which old maids join
the Convention and, by passing
through a rejuvenating machine and
conforming two certain requirements,
are made young again and the bloom
of youth is fully restored. No more
gray locks, furrowed" brows or hollow
cheeks are to be seen and they at once
become successful matrimonial can
didates. Miss Georgie McMillen, a
prominent elocutionist of Richmond,
will also give a reading. As a mirth
producer and a fun provoker the play
is very popular, and has drawn large
crowds wherever it has been render
ed. The affair is under the manage
ment of Miss Amanda Anderson, which
will insure a success.
Miss May Hughes will preside at the
piano. Reserved seat 35 cents, on
sale at McRoberts Drug Store. Gen
eral admission 35 cents. Begins at
m.l.. T ...II.. 1Mmn rinlnltiA TaKlata All
Dranriits refund the money If it falls to Core.
36 cents.
Land and a Living
Are best and cheapest in the New
South. Land 3 to $5 an acre. E sy
terms Good schools and churches.
No blizzards. No cold waves. New
illustrated paper, "Land and a Liv
ing," 3 months, for 10 cents, in stamps.
W. C. Rixearsox, G. P. A., Queen &
Crescent Route, Cincinnati
Death or Joseph Aldridge.
Mr. Joseph Aldridge died at his
home, near Marksbury, Wednesday
morning. He had been in poor health
for some time, though his death was
not expected so soon. Mr. Aldridje
was one of the most widely-known and
highly respected citizens in Garrard
county and had many friends. He
was an honest, upright citizen and en
joyed the respect and esteem of every
body who knew him. His family is a
large one and all are among our fore
most people. He was in his CSth year
and was a remarkably healthy man all
through life. Mr. Aldridge was a
good friend of The Record and was a
frequent and welcom visitor to our
office. The funeral will be preached
this (Friday) morning at 11 o'clock at
the Christian church, by Eld. J. L.
Allen. Interment in Lancaster Ceme
tery. Heath of Mrs. Fox.
Mrs. Eliza Hunton Fox, aged eighty-
seven, died Sunday morning at Dan
ville, of heart failure. The funeral
took place Tuesday aitornoon; burial
n the Danville cemetery. The deceas
ed was the widow o: Judge Fontaine
V. Fox, one of the most celebrated of
Kentucky's great lawyers, who died
ten 3ears ago. She was a woman of
remarkable physical and mental vigor,
and one of wide acquaintance and
relationship. Hunpreds of old stu
dents of Centre College who came
.vithin her motherly influence during
-heir school days and who are now
scattered throughout the South and
Vest, will learn of her death with
lecp sorrow, for many men now in
public life repeatedly told her that
.hey traced their right living to her
.food counsels. Seven children sur
vive her. Mrs. Fox was born in Al-
oemarle county, Va., in 1S03, came to
Stanford, Ky., in 1S1G and moved to
Danville in lS'M, having for twenty-
ieven years lived in the room in which
,he died.
Cheaper Freight.
The Recokd learns, from good au-
:hority, that an enterprising young
man, of Jessam'ne county, has under
taken a plan which will be a great
olessing to the merchants and citizjns
f Lancaster. It is this: He has pur
chased all of Curley's large wagons
ind mules, will erect a large coal yard
it the big Kentucky river bridge and
laul No. 1 Kentucky river coal to Lan
:aster, delivering it to our deale -s for
everal cents less per bushel than is
iow charged. Me-ehants cm have
;he:r goo is shipped from either Cin-
jinnati or Louisville by boat to Hick-
nan, aud the hustiing young man will
ay them right at the Lancaster man's
loor for one-third less than the rail
road now charges. This, at first
bought, sounds unreasonable, but it
nust be remembered that boat rates
ire the cheapest in the world and, as
there are no toll gates, all the expense
would be for team and driver. The
Curley wagons are about twice or
three times as large as the ordinary
farm wagon, and the large mules have
oeen used in pulling these full of whis
key to Nicholasville depot. The hill
on other side of river is much steeper
.han the one on this side, and if four
nules could draw a load of whisky up
t, they can, of course, draw a load of
nerchandisa up this side. At present
the freight on a car of coal is much
more than cost of the coal, and a deal
er tells us it takes right at 30 to get a
ear here from the nearest mine, and
hen you have to wait the rail road's
pleasure in bringing it.
The new lock at Hih Brilge throw
tide water to the Hickman bridge the
ear around and a Louisville boat will
negin making the trip twice a week in
t short time. We are informed that
mother line of boats will ba put on
from Cincinnati to Hickman and this
vill m'ike the boat rates still lower.
We are not at liberty to give the
tamo of the young gentleman at the
baek of this venture, but he has the
money, the push and enterprise to
naue it a success.
Prepare for Cyclones!
By Insuring your Houses.
Insure your Hemp!
And Take No Risk of Loss.
We write these Policies
General Insurance,
the Royal is the highest grade bakiag fomtt
eown. Actual tests stow it goessM
tfcM farther tfeaa say other htmmt.
Absolutely Pure
The following program will be ren
dered at the Baptist church this (Fri
day) evening:
1. Chorus, a. Old Folks nt Home, b. Mary,
Mary Children.
2. Guitars and Mandolin
Mrs. Gowen, Mioses Shumate. Luslc.
Gaines and Mr. Slingara.
3. Solo Bessie the Maid of Dundee
Mrs. Logan.
4. Recitation A Fishln
Katie Lee Denny.
5. Solo Mollie Darling.
Miss Olivia Sweeney.
6. Quartette
Mrs. Loan, Miss ItnrusMe, Messrs.
Shngars and Owsley.
Solo Annie Laurie
John Farra.
8. Recitation Granny
Elizabeth Anderson.
9. Solo Ben Bolt
Miss Addle Burnside.
10. Solo Then You'll Remember Me.
Miss Ellsa I-usk.
11. Duett .Silver Threads among the Gold.
Miss Addle Burnside and Mr. John
12. Readings, a. Old Aunt Mary's, b. A Song of
the Airly Days
Miss Alice Hudson.
13. Quartette, Tenting on the OldCamp-ground
Mrs. Logan, Miss Lusk, Messrs.
Shugars and Owsley.
14. Song and Pautomine. Coming thro the Rye,
Cora Ward and twelve lassies.
13. Chorus Far Away.
A carrier pigeon will bring the re
port of the launching of the Kentucky
to Lexington.
The House killed the bill extending
to police judges the power to perform
the marriage ceremony.
An adverse report killed the House
bill to make mothers co-guardians with
fathers in the control of their children's
persons and property.
Warren county teachers will hold a
meeting next Saturday to discuss the
various school bills pending in the
Legislature and to take some action
Bob Blanks, the negro who assault
ed the daughter of Mrs. Gertie Bailey
at Mayfield, Ky., January 12, is be
lieve I to be under arrest ul at Brook
lyn, 111.
The O!iio law providing that conn
ties must pay 3,000 to relatives of a
person lynched has been declared un
constitutional by Common Pleas Judge
Duston, of Urbana.
Nearly 30,000 Louiiville citizens have
s:gned petitions describing as unwisa
the measures to abolish the executive
boards and calling upon the Legisla
ture to reject them.
Labor Commissioner Wright has re
ceived a letter from Samuel C. Dun
ham, who was sent to Alaska as an ex
pert. He writes from Circle City that
while the food situation is grave it is
not desperate, and that food supplies
can be reached, as trails are open.
John W. Sherley was acquitted of
forgery at Lebanon, Saturday. When
the verdict was read Commonwealth's
Attorney Sweeney declared that the
Masons had cleared Sherley. Some
one denounced Sweeney as a liar, and
a fight was averted only by the prompt
action of bystanders.
Lucille Blackburn Lane, daughter
of ex-Senator Blackburn, who acciden
tally shot herself with a small revol
ver two weeks ago, is again in a serious
condition. After a period of improve
ment her relatives and physicians are
apprehensive lest the wound with new
complications, which have set in, may
result fatilly. An abscess indirectly
traceable to the wound formed nuer
the wound, and has cused her intense
t Lancaster, Ky.

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