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Successor to Lackey & Gulley.
:Pirst3t las
I have concluded to sell str:ctly for
cash, and will not deviate from the
rule, lly having1 no outstanding ac
counts or bad debts, I will be able to
sell much cheaper and devote more
time to my customer's wants.
It Will Be Done Eight
If you Uring- Your
work to
at Arnold shop on Danville street.
Scientific Horseshoeing, 11-pairing of
Wagons, l!ujgies, and all kinds of ve
hicles l'iomptly and Substantially
All parties linving claims against the assign
ed L-btate of O I, stone this day aligned to
me will present the :-ame to me nt Stone, Ky.,
or my uttorney, J. Mort Kotlnvell. at Lancas
ter, Ky., on or before April 1st, iKKS.
This Jan. ISth Ifjs.
A. I. FOKD, .
-It Assignee O. I. Stone.
Teeth filled and extracted with
out Haiti. Crnvvn mid Ilriilei
ork a specialty. Ollice over J . R. llaselden V
hardware store, nest to Court House, Laucas
ter, Ky.
FIRE angAlt C Ej
of msw yokk.
Robinson Hamilton Agts
Office over Post Office.
Lancaster, : : : Kijxtuckv.
Should know t!iat the
Old Time" Kemedy,
Is tho l-t fnrFcrrsleTWKcs. Corrects nil
lrreKUlaritlos la Female Organs Slioulrt bo
taken for Chicle ol Life arul before Cbiid-Birth.
Planters "O.d Tine" PecsJies liave stood the
test for twenty years.
Mad? only liy Wir Spencer M.-dieine Co., Chai
tur.ooa, Te:inesee.
jrorsaleby R. E McRobarts, Lancaster
Garrard Lodge No. 29, Knights
of Pythias, meets every Thursday
night in Odd Fellows hall. All vis
iting Knights are fraternally invi
ted. G. B. Swixebroad, C. C.
J. E. Robixsox, K. R. & S.
world like
it American hats no American it
... r
"ilr lints like
Stetson Hats
J Stiff and Soft Felt Hats fore-
4 most for quality and wear.
5 Nevv Spring Styles on sale.
$ Mil! Patriotism?
"4 w( I andgd t
f iW l sense go I
jf M'Jj ! J together in
Wt' li' li choosing
V 1 hats- No t
"A mm hats in the ?
I have concluded it will
U3tomers to sell for Cash. Will sell to every-
ne alike for Gash.
No Time, JJoBad Debts, Tfo Fancy Profits.
All Rock-Bottom Cash
FRIDAY, February, 18, 1898
Mrs. II. M. Hallou !s visiting' in Ean-
Mr. Cabh Pumphrcy is quite ill with
Mr Tom Scot', of Jessamine was in
town til's week.
Miss Sue Sutton, is the guest of Mrs
J. I. Hamilton.
Mrs Geo Farris is in Frankfort visit
ing1 her hu iband.
Mrs Fisher Gainc?, of Danville, is
visiting- relatives here.
M:ss Marie "Warren has rcturnei to
her home in Stanlb.-d.
Miss Pearl IJurnside is the guest of
Miss Jennie Burnside.
Miss Kate Denton is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Victor Lear.
Miss Pattiiiu Hallou is visiting her
rindfather, in Stanford.
Miss Miy Robinson has bsen the
gaett of Miss Mabel Royston.
Miss Lizzie Thompson has as her
aest Miss Rourne of Huckeye
Mr II A. IS. Marksbury was in Lex
ington this week on business.
M's Carrie Woods was the guest
of MNs May Hughes this week.
Miss Anna King is being entertained
by Mrs Win. Berkcle this week.
Mr and Mrs Merriman, of Illinois
have been visiting Mrs T. J. Hammond.
Miss Enir.i. Wai.kkk, of Garrard, is
vi.iting Misses Pearl and Nora Philips.
W. R. Gaines and wife, of Spencer,
arc vis'.ting Mr. W. 15. Gaines this week
Miss Jannic S. annate vi-it3il re"-
a'ives ia Danville Saturday and Sun-
Miss Lillie Sutton, of Lower Gu-
rar.l, was one of the visitors here this
Miss Rella Arnold has returned from
a visit to Miss Reula G.inies in Lower
Quite a crotvd from the surrounding
cities attendeJ the Old Maid's Con
vention. Mr and Mrs Elwin Arao'd have
moved into their new horie on Stan
ford Ave.
Mrs. A. S. Ford is visiting her par
ents, Dr. and Mrs. Evans, on Rich
mond avenue.
Mr Wm Price, of Danville, was here
the first of the week to see his mother,
Mrs Susan Price.
Misses McCormack and Carrie Woods
attended the "Old Maid's Convention"
Monday evening.
Miss Mary Robertson of Elizabeth
town , has arrived and will be the guest
of Mrs. W. R. Coolc.
Messrs Jack Route and Rowan Sauf
ley come over from Stanford to the
Old Maids Convention.
Miss Annie Pranaugh Engleman, of
Stanford, was entertaiued by Mrs.
Walter lleaz'.ey this week.
Miss Alice Hudson will leave in a
few days for Staunton Va, where she
will visit iter former school mate. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Geo Campton and
son, Hansel, of lad ipendence, Mo., are
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jas. I Hamilton."
Col. George T. Mason, of Ch'cago, is
here this week visiting his mother and
brother. The olonel loo'cs hale, and
We are Now Prepared
To Take Your Measure
Having received a Complete Line of Spring Samples from Three of the Lead
ing Tailors of America. These lines embrace all the Latest Novelties of the
Season. Suits, Made to Measure, from $12.50 to $35. Pants, to measure,
from $4. to $10. A perfect fit guaranteed. Don't fail to give us a look be
fore placing your spring order.
be best for me and my
Bargains for the year
Moody Hardeu.
Mrs M. A. Uollins, after pjnding the
winter with L: n as'er 1 datives le.'t
today for her home at Thibadeaux,
Mrs Margaret Dunn and Miss Mar
garet Mason have returned from a vis
it to Henderson, both very much im
proved ia he ilt'i.
Miss Liz.ie and JJmce PumDhrey
have- returned home after a pleasant
visit to her sister, Mrs. llatt'o Tankes
le', of Silver Creek, Ky.
Mb T. T. BmtDHTT and family, o'
Garrard, have moved to this county
and arc at present living at Sink Ar
nold's. Stanford Journal.
Mr. T. J. Hatcher is much better
thin week. He was much worse than
was generally known, but he said
nothing to his friends about it.
Miss Mary Welch left last Tuesd y
for an extended visit to her brother's,
Drs Geo. E. and II. C, Welch, located
at Palatka and Welaka, Fla. Nicholas
ville Journal.
What pleasure is there in life with a
headache, constipation and bilious
ness? Thousands experience them
who could become perfectly healthy
by usin,' De Witt's Little Early Risers,
the famous little pills. Stormes' Drug
Store. lui
Mrs. Manervia and Pettic Pullins
went to Richmond ths week on a visit
to relatives.
D. C Pu'.iins is overhauling his grist
mill and will be ready for grinding in
a short time.
From the number of tobacco beds
that are being burned, a large crop of
the fi thy weed will be raised in this
A horse fell down with W. 15. Adams
ind threw him over its head and ho
was considerably hurt and has been
suff iring a great deal. Put the doctor
thinks he is not seriously hurt
Our clever merchants, the Lackey
Brothers, of Paint Lick, have sold
their stock of goods to Sam Joseph
and R. L Jennings, of Lancaster. It
is a good place for business and the
gentlemen have made a good inves.
Your correspondents name sake,
Batler A lams, rode a cow fortj miles
bare back. His father sent him to
Laurel county after the cow and she
would not drive and the little fellow
bounce 1 on her back and rode her
through. The Lancaster correspon
dent for the luterior Jouraal is about
right, you cant down a Butler.
There are three little things which
do more work than any other three
little things created they are the ant,
the bee and DeWitt's Little Early
R sers, the last being the famous little
pills for stomach and liver troubles.
Stormes' Drug Store. lm
The KosL-btul Socloty.
The Central Record kindly gave
spaci in a recent issue to a poem re
printed from the Franklin Elucator
of some j'ears ago. I sent a copy of
the paper to Mrs. W. A. Yantis, now
living in Parozould, Arkansas, who is
former principal of the Rosebuds, sup
plies the blanks not filled out in the
first article.
Tne roll-call as embodied in the poem
reads thus: Lida Jennings, Lizzie Jen
nings, Abbie Yantis, Frank Yantis,
Nannie Grant, Fleecie Cook, Charlie
White, Willie Cooke, Nellie Marrs; Let
tie Carson. Mollie Hicks, Li ja Selvidge,
Lula Chaires, Maggie Curry, Ad die
Folger, George Potts. Allie Dunn, Ma
mie Olds, Napoleon Price, Sallie Elkin
and Mary Currey.
Of these Rosebuds death has remov
ed Lida, L:zzie, Nannie, Lettie and
Lula and perhaps others not known to
the writer. E. D. P.
mum mu uiuuiiiuilui
There are fl.OOD, 003 acres of original
forests in West Virginia.
The ruling price for dogs in the
Klondike is 250.
J hero arc eleven stallions and six
geldings in the 2:0j pacing list
The Journal says fat cattle are in
demand in Jessamine.
O. T. Layton bought at Stanford
court, Monday 20 heifers at 3 3-4e.
E. T. Minor sold to Dave Prewitt, of
B jyle, IS shoats at 3 cents.
B. F. Robjison bought of J. B. San
ders, 10 123 lb. shoats at 3.10.
C. W. Anderson bought of Jno Col
lier a small bunch of shoats at 3c.
W. S. Beazlcy bought of Lincoln Co.
parties CO shoats averaging 80 lis. at
3 1-4 its.
Robinson & Morgan shipped to Cin
cinnati market a load of 100 hogs av
eraging 12i lbs.
C. V. Anderson sold to B. F. Robin-
son, 20 shoats averaging 00 lbs. at 3.10
per hundred.
W. McC. Johnson, bought at Stan
ford court Mondaj-, a bunch of calves
at $12.00 per head.
Cole Gulley bought 2D head of cattle
from $iler at 3 3-4 ctsj and 12 head from
Hwinebroad at SIS.
J. F. Ware has sold 100 lambs to J.
C. Johnson for 23th of July delivery at
5c. Harrodsburg Democrat
Col. W. S. and R. A. Beazley sold to
Simeon Weil, of Lexington, for con
sumption there, a load of heavy hogs,
averaging 211 lbs. at 3 3-4 cents.
Your turkej's for breeding purposes
should be well care I for this winter
and 3-ou will be repaid when yoa sell
your next Hock of birds.
The latest in fruits is a Maryland
peach without any fuzz, and the grow
er says that in another year he will
raiso peaches with a skin that otn be
emovod like the pool of an orange.
The value of all the live stoe'e in the
country on January 1, 1S97, was esti
mated to be Sl.SSO.OoO.OOO. Cn Jann-
ary 1, 1S9S, it was estimated at 2,037,
012,00!), showing an increase in value
n one year of S15'i,053,000.
It is announced that James A. Mur
phy will take S:ar Pointer and Gui
nette (one of the most promising-candi-
dates for rec ird honois next season) to
the Continent next fall and give Earo-
peans a ylcw of a high-class side
wheeler. 0 In case of scours, in a suckling foal stir
a pint of wheat 11 jur into a half pail of
water and give it to the mare to drink;
nside o 43 hours the colt will probably
be all right Treat nearly all ails of
the suckling colt through the mother's
milk. Ex.
Mr. Dal to 11, of Lincoln, bought of A.
B. Ilstridge, of Paint Lick, a bunch of
IS yearling steers at S3.75 per hun Ired.
Messrs. Griggs, of Madi-,on, pissed
through this week with a bunch of
nrxed cattle they bought in the moun
tains. While this is the era of invention, it
is but the beginning of better thing?.
The day is not far distant when the
machine for cutting fodder and ear
corn and putting it into any condition
the farmer may desire will go from
farm to farm just as threshing ma
chines now do.
The Harrodsburg Democrat icports
the sale of a bunch of hogs at S3 15. a
pair of mules S105, twenty hogs at 3
cents, 100 lambs for July delivery at
5 cents, banch two-year-old steers at
3.40 cwt, a lot of dry cows at 3 cents,
15,000 pounds white burley tobacco de
livered in Versailles at S9 S3.
If oats are fed to horses on the farm
it is worse than useless expense to
thresh them. They make a better and
more wholesome feed if stalk and all
is run through a cutting box. The
waste will be generally very small. If
mixed in with a bran mash there will
be no-waste at all.
The Richmond Climax says: ''There
is a better outlook for mules in this
section, prices are better than for some
time. J. B. Norris, of Maroa. Illinois,
is here buying a lot of good ones for
the Illinois market He has purchased
a number at prices ranging from 50 to !
P1IHf0tt CUBAN OIL cures
r iMlllvl Cuts, Burns, Bruises, Rheu
matism and Sores. Price, 25 cents.
South side Public
SH5. Charles Griggs, of College HilL
1 c .1 xt :.. c r u 1
mu iu nuiru iv, urns ouu extra, large
mule at SI 15. Few months ago that
amount of mone3 would have pur
chased a pair of fair grade mule-.
Stock raisers are feeling better over
the outlook and growing prices.
Lincoln Notes Dr. C. Fowler so'd
to J. H. Baughman &. Co., 4 JO bushels
of wheat at OOe. Mark Hardin bought
o' Kindrick Alcorn a banch of 110 lb.
shoats at 2 3-4c G . A. Sw i lebroad sold
to various parties yesterday 5 J stock
cattle at 3 1-2 to 4 l-4e. T. J. Culton
sold to J. C. Hays nine heifers an 1
two steers at S13. 10. J. C. Lynn sold
to John A. Wood tt4 sheep at 5. O T.
Layton bought of G. A. Siler 20 heifers
at 3 3-4c, Interior Journal.
The tan.'ord Journal says a big
crowd attended county court Monday
and there were between 500 and 033
cattle on the market There was con
siderable demand for gool cattle, but
they were not as high as they were
January court, the highest price real
ized Monday bjinj abaat4 1-2.:.
The ruling price for steers was 4 l-2c,
heifers 3 !! to !l S-4 and calves $0 to
17. Butcher stuff was slow at 2 to 3
Horses and mules were dull at any
A cholera-proof hog of big-bone
Berkshire stock, which was brought to
Tennessee from abroad before the war,
died near Faloon, In that State, age 33
years. For 25 years the hog had not
been sick, but latterly it had been
toothless, and its owner had the food
for it boiled. T ie profits of its proge
ny has paid for a farm, and its owner
buried it on his place and set up mem
orial stones to mark the grave.
There is an encouraging increase in
the exports of corn from the United
States the past few years. Here are
the figures: In 1S01 the exports amount
to only 31,000,000 bushels; in 1S92, 77,
000,003 bushels; in 1S93 5.V003.030 bush
els; in 1S94, 42,030,000 bushels; in 1S95,
01,000,000 bushels; in 1S90, 110,00,OQG
bushels; 1S1J7, lSi,00Q,003 bushols. The
exporth for the present year will
no doubt be'still larger. The increase
is due in good j art to the greater use
of meal as food. Foreigners are at
last beginning to learn the value of
this diet
"I have traveled north, south, east
and west for oattle, " said a leading
trader to the Glasgow Times, and I
tell you they are not in the country,
and not even money can find them.
Even the calves are bought up, and at
big prices at that Mi', prediction is
that cattle will go skyhigh in the next
year or two, and I would not be at all
surprised to see the present prices on
the Lousvide market doubled in the
next six months. The whole countrj
is on the verge of a beef-famine, and
it will be on the public Le ore a great
many know it"
Getting Serious,
There are now twenty-nine cases of
smail-pox in Middlesborough and three
at Mingo mines. Mingo mines have
been quarantined, no one being allow
ed to pass except the mail cani.-r.
Men with Winchesters have been
placed on top of Cumberland Moun
tains by Virginians to keep all Mid
dlt sborough people out of Lee county.
All the schools are closed and all the
doors of the s;.loons have b.cn locked.
No loaf.ng is allowed iu the post-jtlice,
d-.-pot or other public places, and cit
izens arc no: allowed to stop on the
streets, lut are compelled to move or.
It is said that merchants and others
who depend on the country people for
their vegetables, etc., are much alarm
ed, as none of the natives will c mii to
town while the disease rages. Nearly
every citizen has been vaccinated, and
other methods of precaution have been
taken to stop the spread of the disease.
The state board of health has sent
out circulars, part of which is as fol
lows: Qhis Board feels that it is its duty
to warn the people that prompt action
may prevent its further spread in this
State. Fortunately prevention is as
certain and safe as it is cheap and easy.
Vaccination and re-vaccination, prop
erly done, with reliable virus, is a cer
tain preventive and is entirely free
from danger. Qhis is the conclusion
of the health officers of the world af
ter years of patient investigations, and
is now an accepted truth in preventive
medicine. Notwithstanding these
facts, about one third of the people of
Kentucky have never availed them
selves of this protection. Our people
n .
mean3 pain, danger and
in-line ueatn ior some
wives. For others it
means practically no
discomfort at all. There
is no reason why child
birth should be a period
of pain and dread. Sev
eral months before a
woman becomes a
mother 6he should
prepare herself for
the critical ordeal.
There is a prepara
tion made -which ia
intended for this
purpose alone.
Tho name of
this wonderful
preparation 13
It is a
to be ap
plied ex
ternallv. It relaxes
the mus
cles and re
lieves the
gives elastici
ty to every
organ con
cerned in
childbirth, and
takes away nil
aangor and
nearly all Buffer
incr. Best results
follow if tho
remedy ia used
during the whole
period of preg
nancy. It is the
only remedy of the
kind in tho world
that is endorsed by
1 per bottle at all
drug stores, or eent
by mail on receipt
of prico.
Free Books r re
taining invaluable in
formation for all worn pn .
will bo sent to any ad
dress upon application to
The BradHeld Regulator Co.,
Atlanta, Ga.
should not wait fcr orders frcm boards
of health in the presence of an epi
demic to force tlu-in to an evident dutv.
Every cit:zen should see to it that uot
only himself b tt everyone for whom
he is responsiblo is vaccinated at once.
Nq child shoald be admitted to any
pubi c or private school who has not
been vaccinated, and all factor e.?, rail
roads and mines should make the same
requirement This is especially im
portant in view of the threatened dan-
er. The operation fchoul I be done by
a c impotent phj-sitian, under proper
aseptic precautions, and he should see
the person r. ccinated from time to
time so the result may be certain. Im
perfect vaccination gives a false and
often fatal sense of security. Reliable
virus cm be obtained from the Nat
ional Vacclno Farm, Washington, D.
C, or their agents, the Henry Phaim
acle Company, Louisville, Ky.
In addition it is urgently requested
that all boards of health perfect their
organization at once, if they have not
done so, and take every precaution to
prevent the entrance of the disease in
to their jurisdictions, or, failing in
this, be ready to stamp it out by strict
ly isolating the first case, and vacci
nating and rc-vacinatiny every person
exposed to it All funerals should be
slrictly private. This Board hoi 's it
self ready to give any assistance in its
power at any time.
By order o! the B. ard:
J. M. Mathews, M. D , President.
J. N. McCormack, M. D., Secretary.
Bladder Troubles.
The bladder was created for one pur
pose, namely, a receptacle for the
urine, and as euch it is not liable to
any form of disease except by one of
two ways. The first way is from im
perfect action of the kidney. The sec
ond way is from careless local treat
ment of other diseases.
Unhealthy urine from unhealthy
kidneys is the chief cause of bladder
troubles. It is comforting to know
that Dr. Kilmer s Swamp-Root fulfills
every wish in quickly curing bladder
and urinary troubles. It corrects ina
bility to hold urine and scalding or
stinging pain in passing it, or bad ef
fects following use of liquor, wine or
beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to get up
many times during the night to urin
ate. The mild and extraordinary ef
fect of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is
soon realized. It stands the highest
for its wonderful cures of the most dis
tressing cases. If you need a medi
cine you should have the best. At
druggists fifty cents and one dollar.
You may have a sample bottle and
pamphlet, both sent free by mail. Men
tion Central Record and send your
a IJress to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingham
ton, N. Y. The proprietors of this pa
per guarantee the genuineness of this
offer. (6)
mm, 1 ( J m
Loss SatisfactGrilj HOjiistel an!
Money Promiitly Tail
Brvastsvxlle, Kr.
To the members of the Kentucky
Growers Insurance Co., and to whom
it may concern:
O.ving to the many icquiries rela
tive to the loss of my dwelling by fire,
I wi-h to say for the benefit of those
interested, that the amount due me
under my polici' in case of a tot il loss
was determined when I made my ap
plication and as shown by my policy.
Owing to my absence in Virginia my
Ijss wes not certified by Mr. G. T.
Higginbotham, Chairman of Garrard
caunty board. t- tha cimpany for pay
ment until Nov. 221, and in less than
sixty days thereafter I received the en
tire amoant insured for. For solvency
and cheapness every farmer should
consider our company before insuring
elsewhere. Yours trulv.
N. Noe.
The above speaks for itself and those
desiring protection to their property
against fire, lightning and wind at a
price in accord with the cost of carry
ing it, should con cr with D. JW. Dunn,
Danville, solicitor for Boyle county.
Jesse Djty, HyattsvIIIe, solicitor for
Garrard county, H.C Baughman, Stan
ford. 15. 15. KenJall, General Manager,
Lexington, Ky. Jan. 2S, 3t
9 XSf tXtJLJUJUag, t
I have purchased the
Walker stable and am
prepared to furnish the
I Very Best Rigs I
on the shortest notice, ffe
Special attention given ,fc
r : 1 rr i l
v-uinuierciui jl luveieis,
jnr 'rzrry rrt 'i i 1 1.-' J
Insurance Agency
Representing Over
- 357,000,000 -
In the following Fire Insurance
.Etna or Hartford.
(JuceH of America.
National of Hartfort.
Fhenix of Brooklyn.
Hartford of Hartford.
Manchester of England.
Connecticut of Hartford.
Noith British and Merchantile.
German American or New York.
Liverpool and London aud Globe.
I also represent the old reliable
New York Life Insurance
I desire to sell privately part of my farm on
Dix Uiver. about lj - miles from Joel Walkei
bridge. The tract contains from CO to 70 acres
to suit purchaser, all lies in one boundary
Excellent land, well fenced and plenty of
water. Easy Terms.
Jan. 23, "JS. JERRY P, BLAND.
K. C. Branch,
ionth-b'nd Mixed, passes Lancaster, 3:40 r. m.
North-b'nd Mixed, " " 8:00 a.m.
Knoxvllle Branch.
North-bound Mall, passes Stanford, 12:37 P. m
North-b'nd Express, " " 3:13 a.m.
Sonth-b'nd Express, " " 12:04 p.m.
Sonth-bonnd Mail, " " 127 m.
Queen Crescent Route.
Number 10 (Dally except Sunday). ...6:09 a. m.
Number 6 (Daily 1:41 p.m.
Nnmber4 (Dally) Flag 331a.m.
Number 2 (don't stop) 3:50a.m.
Number 1 (don't stop) 11 :55 a. m.
Number 5 (Daily ) 11 22 a. m.
Number 9 (Dally except Sunday) 8:10 p. m.
Number 3 (Midnight flag) Dally II 5 p.m.

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