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Bix Months. " fO
Three " " .... a
FRIDAY, March -4, - 1898.
Havana is quieter now than she has
teen at any time since the Maine dis
aster in her harbor. The first week's
work of the Naval Court of Inquiry is
at an end, and is now in session at
Key West Every bit of testimony to
be obtained in Havana bearing on the
Maine exnlosion. it is believed, has
been gathered. It is not probable
however, that the Court's report wji
be made public at present At the di
rection of Consul General Lee the
Court heard the evidence of several
persons as to the supposed existence of
a. plot against the United States battle
fchip 'J he evidence came principally
from Cubans.
In line with the plans of Mr. Mc
Kinley, Secretary of State BJierinan
yesterday, in conversation with sever
al Senators in Washington, said that
if the explosion which wrecked th
Maine was not in the interior of the
battle ship Spain would be held res
ponsible, and that an indemnity would
be demanded. Mr. McICinley still be
Jieves that the affair can be suttled
through the medium of diplomacj'.and
has declared himself opposed to war.
To meet emergencies wh'ch may arise
however, precautions will not be re
laxed. fcteps are being taken to
fctrengthen the defences of New York
city by submarine explosives. Ex
perts say the cily is now fairly safe
but rap:d fire guns are needed
and the supply of powder
low. Secretary of the Navy Long has
ordered the monitor, Terror, to pro
ceed from Hampton Boads to New
York Harbor and remain until further
orders. It is proposed that the moni
tor Amphitrite shall be placed to pro
tcct Charleston and Port Royal, the
Pur.tan to protect Baltimore. Wash
mgton, Kiclimond and Norfolk, and
the Mianhonomoh to protect Philadel
Measures have been taken to replen
ish the magazines of the meL-of-ivar,
and an appropriation which would be
sufficient to obtain a large supply of
coal has been asked for. It seems
however, that the 1,500 men requested
by the Navy Department will not be
forthcoming for a week or more yet
Justice Harlan, of the United States
Supreme Court, in a lecture in Wash
ington advised coolness in the pres
cnt situation. If the Maine disaster
turns out not to have been'accidental,
he said that "we will not hear any
more of North, South, Eastor West;
no more of republicans, democrats or
populists. We will hear only pf Amer
icans. "
El Tiempo, of Madrid, prints an ar
ticle pmrporting to have been written
by Lieut Commander Sobra', while
he was naval attache of the Spanish
Legation in Washington. In it he
says: "The United States covets the
naval supremacy of the Caribbean Sea
and the Gulf of Mexico; in the for
mer, to obtain absolute control of the
future Nicaraguan Canal; in the lat
ter, in order to have a free road from
tne Mississippi to the Atlantic. How
could they maintain a fleet in the wa
ters of Caribbean without ownine an
island which would serve them as a
base of operations?"
A special cable to the New York Iler
aid from Madrid says that a Ministe
rial atatement declares that the dis
aster to tne Maine, even if caused by
a malicious hand, is not a good cause
for disturbing friendly relations be
tween Spam and the United States.
The Ministers are jubilant over the
outlook, and are awaiting good news
from Cuba, the tenor of which they
already know. The news from Ha
vana published in the United States
causes much surprise in the Spanish
Gov. Bradley, having been officially
not.fi id in regard to the launching of
the battleship Kentucky, has issued
the following proclamation, which is
"Having been definitely notified
thtt the great battleship Kentucky
will ba launched at Newport News on
the 24th of March next at 10 o'clock a.
m. the people of Kentucky are now
reqiestel to show by their patriotic
action on that occasion that they are
not unmindful of the compliment bes
towed on them and the State.
William O. Bradley,
"Governor of Kentucky."
All I ills that go to the Governor af
ter today will be at his mercy, as
Prepare for Cyclones!
By Insuring your Houses.
Insure your Hemp!
And Take No Risk of I nS
We write these Policies
General Insurance,
thert. would uotlii time to pass -them
over his vato, aad he is said to Jiave
put an unusualy keen ela oa tin? ve
to ax. Of the important bills still
pending the bill to abolish the .Louis
ville Executive JJjards and the Chinu
Pure Food Bill are still in the orders
of the day in the 11 usj, and both have
yet to pass the Senate; theChiun .School
Book Bill, or the Bronston substitute,
has just passed the senate, and the Orr
Leaf Tobacco Bill is tied up .in the
Asked bp a Washington leporter for
his views on the Main horror. Con
gressman D-ivison said: "All I know is
that the Maine was blown up. Whether
by accident or otherwise, 1 am uuab'e
to say. I think the Administration is
full3' com petent to handle the matter
and throughly understands interna
tional law and the precedents in audi
cases. I have no doubt that it will
have the courage to maintain the na
tional honor and if necessary defend
It is stated ut Washington that the
protests from G. A. R, posts and from
ther sources against the appointment
of Leslie Combs as Pension Agent at
Louisville have induced the president
to subject the matter to a futher con
sideration, although it had been fully
determined that Combs should be ap
pointed. Hox. Fontaine 1",ox Boshiit, of Crab
yrcnard, who represented Lincoln
purity iH lu Legislature some years
ago, has announued his g.indidacy for
the Deuiocraie nomination for Con
gress in the Eight district, on condit
ion that e,vlov. James B. McC
does not make the paco,
ANOTHER MayfielJ negro has been
taken in hand by a mob. This one
l-i',;u " wiijpping ma a war
ning to leave town. Since the hanr
ing of a negro burglar at Mavfield
last Wednesday night about twenty-
nve negroes have been warned to leave
the town and have done so.
nnooping cojigji is the most dis
tressing malady; but its duration can
be cut short by the use of One Minute
cough Cure, which is also the best
known remedy for croup and all lung
and uronclual troubles. Stormes
Drug Store. im
J. T. Cecil sold J. W. Poor a nice
bunch of hogs at 3 l-4c per lb.
Nelson Bogie, of East Hickman, has
moved into the house vacated by Mr.
Leslie Pollard and wife has moved
into Miss
Ruth Aldridj
e's tenant
The farmers in this community have
engaged tKeir lambs for 3 50 per head
and for 5c per lb.
J. T. Cecil has moved to the house
on Andrew Rice's place, adjoining the
land he purchased from J. C. Boner.
Last week a son of Bean Burnside,
while splitting shingle blocks was so
unfortunate as to amputate his foot
with an ax.
Miss Georgia Henry; of Lancaster,
visited Miss Annie Perkins, last week.
Alfred Boner, of Danville, spent Sun
day with his parents.Mr. and Mrs. J.
C Boner. Miss Mary Chesnut, of
Boyle, is boarding with her sister,
Mrs. Charles Burdett, and attending
school at Mason sohool house. Messrs.
P. T. Pettusa.d K. Stewart, of Crab
Orchard, attended church at the Fork
Sunday, and were entertained at Mr.
F. K. Sutton's. Misses Florence and
Marie Dunn, who have been visiting
friends and relatives near Teaterville,
returned to their home last Mondar.
Miss Bertha Ham and brother, of Jes
samine, visited their cousin, Miss Flor
ence and Marie Dunn, Haturda' and
Sunday. Mr. Chas. Kuhlwan, of Camp
iseison, visited his parents a part of
last week.
v. ii. fcurrsold a calf to J. C. Fox
for $24.80.
Dow Parks and sister", Susie, have
returned from Williambur ' school.
Jonn Merryman and family of Illi
nois, have moved to their old place
near nere.
We are having some nice weather
for plowing and the farmer are mak
ing good use of it
Mr. Hutchings, of Pittsburg, Laurel
county, has bought the old Henry
homestead near here for SI, 000.
James nankins, of Cartersville, has
moved into W. H. Furr's tenant house
and will run a blacksmith shop.
Don't annoy others by your coufh
ing, and risk vour life bv npirWrirto- n
cold. One minute Cough cure cures
cougns. coids, croup, grippe and all
inrot and lung troubles. Stormes
urug ore. im
Lancaster, Ky
W. H. Tate Files :i Suit for SI
H' at Louisville.
Lorisviu.n, K, i'eb. 0. W. I.
Tate filed suit Friday afternoon for
125,000 damages. The defendants are
the Drumnioud Tobacco Co., of St.
Louis; Wilson, McNally it Co., Liggett"
fc Myers, P. J. Surg & Co., and the
Harry "Weissinger Tobacco Co.
The plaintiff claims he was compell
ed to close his tobacco warehouse in
this city because of a boycott of the
defendants, who compose the Manu
facturers, and Buyers' association,
which contf'ojs. the trade in leaf and
manufactured goods, te claims that
before the dofondunta combined
against him his business gave him a
profit of SJ5.000 annually.
An Attempt to t'orco lis J'a;:s:p In the
Home liesullcd lu Loss ot Friends ui
the Measure.
Fi!A.S)!'oj;r, Ivy., Feb. 30. At the
afternoon session of tlje hpusp an at
tempt to abandon the regular order of
busitiG.vt and foroo the passage of the
double election or ''force" bill rosnlturt
in the loss of two of the friends of the
measure. On a test vote 51 of the 100
members voted against the measures,
fin entities do Jiot believe they fan
prevent lh passagu lytiny diiys longer
but they believe it is killed or can bo
killed by more waste of time and by
expiration of the session before it can
bu'prto&tt'i over a- Fto. and put into ef-
Will Put a Quietus on the Itallroad Freight
Kate ljilj,
FlJAXKi-onr, Ivy., jfeb. SS. The Mer
Chord railroad freight rate bill will be
vetoed by Gov. Bradley Monday.
Tl9 information is not iven
Out by tlip jjoveynfjr, but thera
is no doubt about its rcliabilitj-.
The opponents of the measure say
there i no chance to pass it over the
veto in the senate, us it only received,
IS votes originally, and two of those
will vote against overriding the veto,
and it takes 20 votes to knock out the
Veto, The ISronston prison commis
sion bill will be vetoed Tuesday, but
it is believed it can be pat&ed over the
Kentucky 1'ensioiiers.
Wasiiixgtox, Feb. S. The following-
pensions were granted to Ken
tuekiuns iSatunlay; Original tiecrge
ISorntraeger. Louisville, 0; Jtifdiiird
Williams, Bowling Green, SO; Lewis
Williams, Paducah. S; Harvey 15. Gill,
Cumberland, $10; Win. Noland, Louis
ville, 0; Daniel .Mario w, Lot, 0; Win.
C. Vonover, Owensboro, S'J. Restora
tion and Increase Charles Hedge, Lud
low, to 12. Original Widows, Etc.
Koihronia Uoodmaa, Meeting Creek,
Quarantine at 1'enitentlary.
FjtAXKFOirr, Kj, Feb. 25. The peni
tentiary officials are preparing to take
steps to quarantine iigriinst prisoners
sent here lrom Lausel and other cabU
ern Kentucky counties, where small
pox prevailsT Dr. Bruner. penitentiary
physician, Thursday night wired Lau
rel count' oflicials to withhold a batch
of prisoners who were to be sent here.
It is also probable that the city will
be asked to quarantine against the
counties mentioned.
Surrerclernl to the Authorities.
Mt, Sti:i:i.ixo, Ivy., Feb. 20. Millard
Anderson, who knocked Henry Haw
kins in the head Wednesday evening,
nearly killing him, surrendered to t(ie
authorities. The examining trial was
continued until Monday, March 7.
Hawkins is in a dying condition. An
derson's plea will be self-defense, be
cause at the time he struck Hawkins,
the latter was attempting to draw a
Mall llelil lVmhiijj a Decision.
Lexixotox, Ivy., Feb. 2S. The mail
of the defunct Bluegrass Building and
Loan association is being held by Post
master McChesney pending Judge
Barr's decision as to whether it shall
be turned over to President J. W. Por
ter, representing the new board of di
rectors, or to Bishop Clay, who was
made assiJni;e by the old board.
Offer Srrvipes lo tiovernnient.
FiiAXKi'oitT, Ky., Feb. 25. Gov. Bradr
ley Thursday received letters from
Francis B. Douglass, a lawyer of Dan
ville, and Robert W. Wooldy, formerlv
of Lexington, but now connected with
the New York Sun, asking that their
pn.mc.5 be enrolled on the first company
pf volunteers organized in this state in
the event of war with Spajn.
Argument in the Contempt Cate.
Fkaxkfop.t, Ky., Feb. 4-0. The Cov
ington contempt cases were argued ic
the court of appeals by Judge O'Hara
and Charles II. i lske lor the council-
men and Judge Charles J. Helm for
Judge Tarvin. A decision is not ex
pected for several da3"s.
Sunday 11111 Defeated.
Fkaxkfokt, Ky., Feb. 20. The bill
to prohibit Sunday baseball playin
except in cities of first and second class
.was defeated in the houss Friday.
Appointed to a CadetKhln.
Versailles, Ky., Feb. 2S. Walter
Smith, of this city, has been appointed
to a cadetship at Annapolis by Con
gressman Settle.
Still In the Race.
Lexington, Ky., Feb. 25. Maj. P. P.
Johnston, wlien asked what founda
tion there is for the report that he
would abandon his race for governor,
said: "The talk about my getting out
oMhe race for governor is an inven
tion of those who would like to see me
out I am in the race."
Murder In Clay County.
Pineville, Ivy., Feb. 20. Timothy
Asher, a farmer of Clay county, re
ports that Arch Baker shot and killed
Amos Belcher on Red Bird creek, Clay
county. Whisky was the cause. Baker
lied and has not been arrested.
Dropped Dead or Heart DUeaie,
Bahdstown, Ky., Feb. 28. A. P.
Thompson, a prominent citizen of this
county, dropped dead at his home in
t airfield. He was for a number of
years magistrate, and has held other
cfliccs in the county. His death is at
tributed to heart disease. '
Cigarette Mil Passed.
F BANKFOivr, Ky. . Feb. 25. The house
at its afternoon session passed the
Watkins cigarette bill, which prohib
its the smoking, sale, barter o- loan of
cigarettes in this state and fixes a pen
alty for having any cigarette material
is one possession.
; -s -s -s -i -j -s -3 -3 -3-s C; -3 -5fc7"
tS 3 tS t
At MayflcM Administer Lashes to a Num
lier ir sro Clia racter.
M.wriKi.D, Ky., March 1. Since the
lynching of Dick Allen last Wednesday
night there has been much excitement
over the mob question. There seems
to be a determination to run out a
number of colored characters to whom
warnings have been senL
Saturday night a mob of 20 men went
to tlie home of Noah McRcynolds, a
Negro yuuth, and administered 20
lashes with a whip. After the whip
ping the mob told their victim to leave
immediately, which he did.
Other Negro homes were visited, but
the men could not be found, Seveva
oilicers have been placed on night duty
to prevent further trouble.
Wa It Jlurder or Suicide?
NnwronT, Ky., March 1. The front
room of the cottage, 71J Ann street,
this city, was the Scene pi a probable
tuurucr at somo hour Sunday after
noon. The victim was John Abers
feller, 5.0 years of gj Wll Wfls oiely
lioted through a report that he carried
large sums of money on his pcrsou.
Not since the Pearl Bryan murder have
the authorities been si mystilied as to
whether a .terrible crime has been com
mitted or whether the- yio.tim. ni-'t death
ut his uyn lianits.
The IJ'l:s Passed by the House.
Fi:axkfoi.t, Ky., March 1. The
house .Monday, under a suspension of
the rules, took up a spnato gefrj
jiuindei: bills und forced their passage
through the house. They will get back
from the governor in time to be passed
over a veto. They make the Third and
Klghth conjrre.Nsional districts artd the
Third appellate court district more
certainly democratic.
Street Hallway Sold.
Bowling Gnr.LX, Ky., March 1. Thp.
Bowling Gropii street vaita'ay was sold
Monday afternoon at the sale of the
master commissioner, the Fidelity
Safety Vault and Trust Co,, of Louis
ville, liceomlng the purchaser. The
price paid was S2!3,:;r0. The trust com
pany had a mortgage lieu for almost
twice this amount.
Lexington's New Courthouse.
Lexington, Ky., March 1. The Fay
cue county uscai court .lonuav atter-
noon accepted the plans of Messrs.
Lehman & Smith, of Cleveland, O., for
the reconstruction of the courthouse..
The plans are for a S150.000 fireproof
building. The Canton (().) !ridge po.
will, it i.i said, get the iron and steel
Jiegro Pardon fct.iinN Up tor Sp'tin.
Louisville, Ky., March 1. Pastor
Caddie, of the colored Baptist church,
in his sermon, urged the Negroes to
light for Spain instead of America,
because, he said, Negroes are not well
treated li re. Iu n. confirmatory inter:
view he says he would kill an American
in preference to a Spaniard.
Child liurned to Death.
Randolph, the fix-yenrold daughter
of Joint Randolph, residing ne'ir this
city, was burned to death, her clothing
having caught lire from an open stove,
Hear which she was playing. She
lived but a few minutes, lu places the
ilesh peeled from the bones.
K!ection 1'itl P.issei the House.
Fn.YNKFOKT, Ky., Feb. 2S. 15y the
decisive majority of 15 the Goebel
election bill was passed through the
hcu.ie Saturday, alter a long and ex
citing session.
Postmaster a Ma Held, Ky.
Washington, Feb. 20. The president
Friday sent the name of W. S. Mason
to the senate to be
lield, Ivy.
postmaster at May-
Indication of Foul V':i)
WiLLIAjiSBUTio, Ky,, Feb. 20. Win,
Kllison, an old settler and one of Whit'
ley's most prominent citizens, started
hunting, and when he failed to return
lit night, search was instituted. Fri
day morning his body was found in a
deep ravine. Indications are that there
has been foul play. It is said that
there were several contusions on vari
ous parts of the body.
To Abolish the Hoard ot Initialization.
Fkaxkfokt, Ky., Feb. 25. The
house Thursday passed the bill abol
ishing the state board of equalization
ly a big majority.
Jilted Lover's Suit.
Louisville, Ivy., Feb. 25. In the
city court Thursday Mrs. Geo. "Wheeler
was dismissed on the charge of obtain
ing goods in the shape of presents
from her lover by false pretense of
ended marriage. Thp charge wqs pret
jerred by her lilted lover, llenry Mey
ers, Murder at Ford, Ky.
Richmond, Ky., Feb. 25. At Ford,
near here, Wednesday night, Alex.
Pence killed James Smith by striking
him on the head with a pistol. Ofl'.cers
ure searching 'for Pence who is evad
ing them.
Parly Canca Will A rain He Itesorted to
in Piisliiii" .iio till4 to r;.sz.
FitA.MvFt iu-. March a. Sux vra The entan
Elenjcnts oer the v.rlous imporUmt party
mcasuies pending in the legislature are Le
comins inure complica'.cd every li ur. The
fates of the Mi-Chord railroad bill, the Ilun
ston prison bill, and the Goebel election bill
.fire all s-o interwoven that no one can
toll the outcome. They may all' be de
feated or they may all be passed over the ve
toes. It depends on the action of the caucuses
that u-e bclnjf called on the two lh-st named
bills. Ihe resolution providing fcr payir.s;
idiot claims for the tlpic elapsing between the
expiration of the hint inquest rerlod and the
time the new hiQue.it was held was adopted.
The bill to require assessors in cities of Hrst
and second classes to assess intangible prop
erty and franchises for taxation was pas.scJ.
House -The bill to appropriate &W,000 for
building a seweraso system for the Lexlnston
asylum was pass d by a vote of 7J to II. The
bill to adopt Barbour and Carroll's edition of
tho Kentucky statutes was defeated by 18 yeas
to 07 nays. The senate substitute for the
Chlnn school book "bill was reported to the
house Tuesday. The .substitute is reararded as
a nuliitler of tho origipal bill and a bit' victory
for the American BjoU Comern. Ily a vote,
of 6J to 25 tho house refused to concur lu
the substitute. This -virtually destroys all
hope of passing any school book bill
to cheapen the price of books this session.
Tho bill to better protect property owner
alnst contractors by requiring subcon
tractors to give persons building houses du3
notice of claims they intend to make, was
passed yeas, 72; nays, 2. The Stout bill mak
ing distilled spirits subject to taxation like
other property was passed with an amendment
providing for the collection of back taxes oa
aid spirits. Somo cf the friends, of tho bill
pelicyp tho amendment will render tho bill un
AIaiaIaua CUBAN RELIEF cures
fl(inivr$ CoIic Na'ralgia and Toothache
vIn five minutes. SonrStomach
and Summer Complaints. Price, 25 Cents.
Of is Breast
Mr. A. II. Cransby, of 158 Kerr St.,
Memphis, Tenn., says that his wife
paid no attention to a small lump which
appeared in her breast, but it soon de
veloped into a cancer of the worst type,
and notwithstanding the treatment ot
the best physicians, it continued to
spread and grow rapidly, eating two
holes in her breast. The doctors
s o o u pronounced
her incurable. A
celebrated New York
specialist then treat
ed her, but she con
tinued to grow worse
and when informed
that both her aunt
mw1 itritlilmAllmrlio.l
'2?'3vdied from cancer ho
lli'ftf " Someone then re-
' commended S.S.S,
and though little hope remained, she
begun it, and ail improvement was no
ticed. The cancer commenced to heal and
wueu sue iiau uikcu scvuuu ooities it
disappeared puiirely, and although sev-
the diseass has ever returned.
A Real Bloc4 Remedy
S.S.3. sftiarantced purely vegetable) 1
is a real blood remedy, and never fails
to cure Cancer, Eczema, Rheumatism
Scrofula, or any other blood disease.
Uur books
will be mailed,
free lo any ad
flress. Swift
Specific Co.,
Muta Ga..
The following editorial, clipped from
the Courier Journal, sums up the pi ins.
jf the United Slates iu case o war
with Spain;
In snite pf the hot war fever it is sur
prising how few have any delinite idea
lio.v a war with i-p.iin i-, to by carried
on. '1 hi3 is the more worthy o.' notice
b -causo as a iu e, a war, Hue a news
paper, is something which every body
Knows how to conduct except tne me.i
actually assaying the task.
It is generally assumed that it would
be miinly a naval war, but this not
so certain, It i taken for granted
that Spain would not undertake to
land troops in the U.iited States, with
a view of penetrating into the interior,
because oi the practical certainty th.at
they would never get back. This
would not prevent attioks upon weak
nouns in r near tne coast, prav.ded
-nemy were not Kept too buv.
cisawhere to permit him to indulge in
h it sort of pastime. The ditficuity in
o nveying troops across the ocwui in
the face of a hostile Ueet might pre
vent any invasion of Spa:n by our
troops, lint with Cuba the case is
dilfe ent
'ihe distance from Florida to Cuba is
so small, that a lew hours' steaming
would pertn't the landing of American
trojps on the island under tlu pi-jteet-i
n of cur warshins. The Kn.-minnU
uau aireuuy au wiey can do to hold
men own viieve against tne insur
gents, and tne coming of our troops in
any considerable numbers would make
tiiv; ium i iuu uut iu iiom lii.'tn. ix iva-
na would necessarily fall either as the
prey four fleet, assaults from the
land side or both combined. This ac
complished, the war would probablv-p-ocress
on the ocean until one or the
cth r nivy was hors du comb.it.
Sj far conjecture is easy enougli,
uuuga n migni possibly be very lar
ii in iuii, woutu actually Jiapren.
Hut the question how the tyo "navies
w ul I be handled is ono ? im littl..
so L-i .u le. Would tlie Span: li navy b
conn -ntratid at Il.iv.ma, or about th
coast o: Cub:i, to fiiriit it out with nr
ships, or to prevent the landin"- f
troop-,? It is not so certain that Spain
would do that. She mu'ht have the
sagacity to perceive that Cuba could
nqtbeeit'eatuatlv protected, and might
profer to order her navy to prey'on
our commerce, or attack such of our
seaboard cities as appear likeh' to of-
icr out a leebie resistance. Our for-
'n commerce carried -undor Hi..
American 11 1' is not verv extunsiv
b t there are sfll a numb'er of steam
ships that would make valuable prizes
it the Spaniards could eatoh thojn
Upsides the entire coastir.ir trad is
u .der the American fl ig, and that in
the aggregate must amount to :i crnn-I
deal. The number of cities that could
b destroyed by bombardment bv a
II 'et. or put under contribution in
avoid such a fate, is a disagre a'lle
subj et to contemplate, without going
into pavtiyulars. O. course, oar ppnst-
def.- nse vessels an 1 such other portions
of the navy as were not nee I id for
other purposes would do th-.'ir ba,t to
head olt nn such attacks, but our
s'lips could not be evervwhero, and
the Spanish ships, if thev eluded our
navy, wonl I be ablj tosleot their
own points at whjeh to strike.
Tho notion that Spnin would be
aidtjlbyany otliT European rower
is rather far-fetched. Franc to which
Spain has been looking, already has
chestnuts enough in the fire; so have
(Jermany and Russia.- barring con
tingencies of an inprobable character,
ti e fight would be between Spain and
the United States. Of the ultimate
res'ilt there can be no doubt, but it is
quite possible, even nrobablp. thnl.
this country would sustain verv great
losses, it may be added that Spain Is
too roor to piy an in lninity except
uy ueii.uy lliua.
Trees, Plants, Vines
The Blue Grass Nurseries offer
everything for Orchard, Garden
and Lawn. No Agents.
Strawberries and general nursery
Catalogues on application to
Lexington, Ky.
Telephone, 279.
Market Quotation.
Corrected weekly by II. B. North-
ECKS .- dull. 8 and 0.-
Cblckcus 5 to o'Xc
nuuotviu o DOHC
Old Koosturs 2c
Turkeys 6' to 7c
Old Gobblers 5 to 5'c
Ducks 5 to 5c
Geese $3.00 to $4 00 per doz.
Hides, Greeu G to 7c
Butter' ioc
Feathers, fine wlUto geese 28 to SOc
" " irruv " ai to 27
Duck feathers ....20 to 24c
Rags 15 to 20c per hundred.
Iron 8 to 15c
Bones...., 20 to 25c
Calves, veal ... , $2.50 to $5.50 per head.
A New
p 0 T sMUOffv DflflFC1
Orders taken for all Foreign orDomisUc 31m
12. W. Lillaril.
i g
Stationery, Paints, Oils, Stc.
To tha People of Lancaster and Garrard Cgu
For Much of
and we appreciate it.
We Guarantee Satisfaction. Send to us for
ti BHS3
as for
t ormsfi
Leading Bhns andFurnisMngHnuse
Danville y Ky.
For CasM
I have concluded to sell strictly for
cash, and will not deviate from the
rule. Ily having no outstanding ac
counts or bad debts, I will be able to
sell much cheaper and devote more
timo to my customer's wants.
3 ?i5
I Successor to Lackey & Gulley.
iF2?srt las
( J65.ooo.oo.
A. R. Denny. President.
Jso. E. Stormks, Vice President.
Wm.H. Kinkaied, Cashier,
a. C. Denny, J. F. Robinson. Jb,
Assistant Cash'r. Book-keeper,
fi. T. Embby As3't Book-keeper.
Sam'l. D. Cochran, Jas Spllman,
Alex. R. Dennr. A. C. Robinson.
W. R. Cook, L. Davidson,
J no. E. Stormes,
It Will Be Done Right
If you liring Your
work to
at Arnold shop on Danville street.
Sc icntific Horseshoeing, Repairing of
Wagons, Hujgies, and all kiuds of ve
hicles Pioinptly and Substantially
Line of
Variety ot
:i:n:es or Ite'.v.spail
Jho. 15. Stout.
fail to call on us.
If I
Teeth ailed aad extracted with
Work a specialty. Office oxer J. R. Haselden's
hardware store, nen to Coar: House, Lancas
ter, Ky.
Surplus, Fund
Careful and Prompt Attention Guaranteed
J. M. HiaoiNaoTHAM Presldccc
Litwia Y. Leavzll Vice-President
B. F. Hudson Cashier
W. O. RlQNEY Ai.Ufnnt P-ialiV.
C. D. Walker Bookkeeper
Lewis Y. Leavell,
T. M.Arnold,
B.F. Hudson.
J. 9. Johnson.
H.C. Arnold, Jr.
Alex. Gibes,
no9misoh a aoovr
K. C. Uranrli.
ionth-b'nd Mixed, passes Lancaster.
3:40 r. x
S:0Oa. North-b'ud Mixed,
Knowille ISrancli.
orth-bound Mall, passes Stanford, 12
r. m
Korth-b'nd Express,
3:13 A.M.
12:01 p.m.
Iri7 p.m.
3outh-b'nd Express.
South-bonnd Mail,
Queen & Crescent Koute.
Number 10 (Daily except Sunday) CrflO a. m
Number C (Daily 3 :il p.m.
Number 1 (Dully) Flag 331 a. m.
Number 2 (don't stop) 30a. m.
Number 1 (don't stop) 115 3. m.
Number 5 (Daily ) n a. m.
Nnmber 9 ( Daily except Sunday) 8:10 p. m.
Numbers (Midnight Has) Dally 115 p.m.
Copyrights &c
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
qalcklr ascertain onr opinion free whether
Invention U probably patentable. Cummunln.
t ions strict 1 j- confidential. Handbook on l'juc"t-i
sent'lreo. Oldest neencT for securing paieirn. -
Patents taken throueh Mann & Cu.tek
tpteial notice, without chnrcc. in tho V
AjandsomelT lIltLttrated wceklr.
Ijirrest rtr-
Tprms. Kt a
culatlon or any nclenuae Journal. Terms. $3 a S
year- f our raontbj, L Sold by all newsdealer
MUNH&U0.M,Bm New Tori
11 ran cu uincs, to t si., asnington, u. L.

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