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Entered at the Post Office in Lancaster, Ky., at Second Class natter.
Cor. Public Square and Danville Avenue.
Chilled Flow
NO. 2 0.
THE AMERICAN is made from
the best brands of car wheel iron
and chilled by the latest and best
method. No pains are spared to
make this the best and strongest
Chilled Plow on the market. Try
it and 3'ou will be convinced. All
parts interchanged with other
makes of the same numbers.
J. R. Haselden.
Lancaster, Ky.
Col. W.G.Welch.
W. I. Williams,
rm & mm,
Attorneys at Law,
All business attended
to promptly.
and dealer in
Furniture, Carpets,&c.
Lancaster, Ky.
We are going
ft A
I 1
Sore arms are numerous
Fresh oj-sters for sale at Northcott's.
J. A . Bjazley & Co., headquarters for
wall p i per.
New liuj Calicoes at S. T. Evans
See 'em. "
Wanted, 1,000 hens. Will pay 5c per
pound th5s week. B. Fox.
I will sell you package coffee at 10c
Sugar at cost, for cash. T. Currey.
Wanted, Veal Calves. Will go to
country and buy. II. B. Northcott j
- II. F. Walter, Dentist, will be at
Bucna V s'a Wednesday, March 10th.
Clover, oat', timothy', bluegrass and
orchard grass always on hand at
J. C. Thompson has just received
t"vo casi s of new clocks waich .we are
selling very chean. S
A collection for the stv :ral Boards
will be taken at the Presbyterian
church Sunday morning.
Corn Wanted.
If parties wishing to sell corn wtyl
bring it to me at once, I will buy same.
J. W. Miller, Mgr. Pilgrimage Dis
tillery. 1-7
Aunt Mary B'.and, widow of Elbert
Bland, died at the old home place
near town Tuesday. She was widety
known among theo'.der citizens of the
county, and highly respected.
Miss Annie Walter, assisted by Mrs.
M. C Walter will dressmtike at the
home of the latter. Children's work
carefully attended too. Call on us
oace and you will call again. 2t
Old Paper.
Benton Ashley showe.l us a newspa
per bearing date June 20, 1VJ0. It's a
cariosity and he has been offered S10
fo.- it bat hopes to get a better figure.
j:iK Court.
The March term of the Garrard Cir
cuit Court convenes Monday. Follow
ing is the docket: SO o'.d equity cases;
215 equity appearances; 10 old common
law cases; 2S common law appearanc
es CD commonwealth cases. 'J he
doc cet is very light and it is not be
lieved that more than two weeks time
will be consumed to dispose of it.
of Lancaster and Surrounding Country this Spring Sea
sou with LOW PRICES. We havt: bought and are
now receiving the Largest and Most Complete line- of
Spring Clothing, Shoes,
ever shown in the city. We are going to put forth all of
our energies to make this the banner season of our expe
rience. In buying our Spring Goods we
Fought the Prices Down!
with King Cash and want the people of Lancaster and
surrounding country to have the benefit of it.
It will be money in your vest pocket to SEE US this
season before buyia your Clothing, Shoes, Hats, and
Furnishing Goods.
Big Court next week.
v Veal calves wanted. Butler Fox.
Typewriter letter heads at this
Some of the restless have begun
work in their garden.
1 he best Disc Harrow on the mar
ket, at G. S. Gaines'.
The best two horse wagon on the
market at G. S. Gaines'.
Largest line Plow's and Plow gear.
J. 11. Haselden.
Flower seed in bulk. Sweet peas
only 5 cents, an ounce ::t Thompson's.
Wanted, car load of Iron, Bones and
Rags. II. B. Northcott
Wanted, geese, ducks and eggs
Highest market price. J I. B. North-
?" Yv
Murdered at Murcellus.
The expense account of farmers, bj'
grinding plow points at C. K. Poindex
ter's. nov-25-tf.
Bourbou Steam Laundry.
Miss Olivia Sweeney is agent for the
Bourbon Steam Laundry. Leave your
orders at Sweeney's store. tf
Salt! Salt!.
I have just received a car of barrel
and sack salt that I am selling Cheap,
for cash. Store near depot.
3-4-3-t J. J. Bakton.
Fur Sale or Kent.
I will either sell or rent my resi
dence. It is in good repair and in a
good neighborhood. For particulars
call on either W. II. Kinnaird or my
self. Mary K. Weisiger.
Goose and Duck Errs out of Sight.
Until April 1st, 1S9S I want all your
goose and duck eggs, will pay 35c for
gorse eggs and 15c for duck eggs.
Bring them in and get the cash. Of
fice on Public Square, in Archer's- meat
shoo. Buti.ek Fox. J
James Najlor.
Mr. Jas. Naylor, one of Garrard's
most prominent and popular young
men, died at his home several miles
from town 1 hursday, and was buried
in the Lancaster Cemetery Friday. He
was in his 25th year, lie was an hon
orable young man, and well liked
by all who knew h m.
Fresh gard n s-'- d at. S. T. EvansCV
Wanted, hens at 5c per pound. II.
B. Northcott.
200,000 trick for sale. Greening &
Pence, Stanford, Ky.
Northern seed Irish potatoes at SI
per bushel at Gaines'.
All varieties of Landreth garden
seed, in bulk, at Gaines'.
Rev. Faulconer will preach at the
Christian church Snnday night.
Beginning with Feb. 10th our terms
will be cash. J. C. Thompson.
Hay and corn always on hand at Cy
rus Easons, for retail 1-2S 4t
S. T. Evans will have .the largest
line of buggies and phaetons ever
brought to Lancaster. Save your or
ders for him.
White French Artichoke will pre
vent hog cholera. Seed for sale at
one dollar per bushel by G. Craddock,
Marksbury. Ky. fll-2t
Next Week.
The post office will probably change
hinds next week, Mr. West taking
possession. It will be moved to Gov
Bradley's room on Lexington street.
Wanamakcr & Brown are giving
each customer from S3 to 5, in the
price of suits, as the customer sites
that much and gets a perfect fit
M. D. Hughes, Agent.
Children and adults tortured by
burns, scalds, injuries, eczema or skin
diseases may secure instant relief by
using DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. It
is the great Pile remedy. Stormes'
Drug Store. lm
A. B. Itobertsou & Ilro.
The old and reliable firm of A B
Robinson & Bro., the Danville dry
goods firm, come out in a big ad. in
today's IlECOHi). Read every word
of it.
City Council.
The City Counc'l met in regular ses
sion Monday evening but did nothing
of importance. The question of com
pulsory vaccination came up, but no
such order was made. It was decided
that in cases where parties wanted
the work done and could produce sat
isfactory evidence tint they were ur
abie to pty for same, the town would
settle for such opera f.on.
To Get Pointers.
County Judge Burnssidc and 'Squires
Dann and Myers went to Lexington ,
Carlisle and several other counties
this week to see the manner in which
the pikes are kept up and to gather
tuah points as would assist in the
matter here in Garrard. The problem
of keeping up the pikes is both knotty
and expensive, and the officers are
wise in getting all the inforriafoa
obtainable before taking any perma
nent steps.
The owners of the Pilgrimage Dis
tillery, Messrs. Levy Bros., Cincinna
ti, ordered 300 extra copies of The
Record containing our write-up of
their plant. We are so used to having
people complain because we do not
praise them a little higher that Levy
Bro's. appreciation of our humble ef
forts came like a clap of thunder from
a clear sky. An exhibition of grati
tude is a rare occurence these days.
Smash Up.
A horse attached to a rockaway be
came frightened near Joseph.s store
Tuesday, and dashed across the square
at frightful speed. When in front of
Gaines' grocery the runaway came in
contact with Mr. Gaines' delivery wag
on, causing it's horse to break loose
and run, and Mr. Rigney's undertak
er's wagon was slightty damaged. The
rockaway was smashed into kindling
wood. The turnout belonged to Mr.
E. Dunn.
Ready For Jtuttiness.
Having bought the stock of Lackey
Bro3., we are now open for business.
Will keep constantly on hand a first
class "stock of dry goods, groceries,
shoes, hats, hardware, queensware.and
in fact, everything kept in an "up-to-
date" general merchandise store. Also
a nice line of furnitu e and Undertak
ers goods. Our terms are cash, or will
take in exchange for goods all kinds
of country produce, for which we will
pay the highest market price, and will
sell goods as cheap as you can buy
them in the country. It will be to
your interest to see us before ouying
elsewhere. Give us a call. Very res
pectfully, R. L. Jennings & Oo., Paint
Lick, Ky.
The Small Pox Scare,
The excitement created by the dan
gerous approach of small pox has
about died out in Lancaster, though
the doctors are yet doing m ich vacci
nating. Sore arms are thick as hops
and, if you want to get knocked down,
just grab the average Lancaster man,
woman or child by the left arm. While
there is no immediate danger, yet it is
no bad ilea to have the operation per
formed. Reports from Middlesboro
say the disease Is fast dying out there,
but here are yet enough cases to
spread the disease all over the state if
a strict watch is not kept.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
Druggists refund the money if it falls to Core.
35 cents.
Tickets for the Launching.
On account of the Launching of the
Battle-ship Kentucky at Newport
News, Va. 1 hursday March 24th at
ten o'clock a. m , the Chesapeake and
Ohio lly. will sell round trip tickets
from Lexington, Winchester and ML
Sterling (and correspondingly low
rates from all Central Kentucky
towns) at S12.00 for both trains of
Tuesday March 22nd. Tickets will be
good seven days from date of sale.
Trains leave Lexinjrton at 11:2 a. m.
and 8:53 p. m. an I arrive Newport
News 11:30 a. m. and 5:30 p. m. next
day. Berth rate S3.50 through for
double berth. Send in your names to
undersigned at once for sleeping car
space. Special rates at the hotels.
Geo. W. Baisxev, D. P. A.
C. & O. Ry., Lexington, Ky.
Straiulug at a Gnat.
One of the most rediculous thiags
we have heard of lately, is the disposi
tion of some people to take exceptions
at part oi the Old Bachelor's show. In
the initiation of the candidate, a long
and foolish obligation was given, the
party administering it making the af
fair up as he went along. Being a
member of several secret orders, he
naturally wound up with "so help me
God, and may He keep me stead ast"
Now some are tearing their hair over
this great sin and want Lewis Walker
to sit in sack-cloth and ashes over the
unpardonable sin. Of course it was
not exactly right, but if those raising
the howl arc so perfect and pure that
this sin is offensive to them, they have
no business in this wicked world; their
place is up with St. Peter. Such ideas
of religion make us very, tired.
Ilachelor'it Convention.
The Court House was crowded Fri
day night by people f.om all oyer the
county, who came to witness the Old
Bachelor's Convention. The first
scene represented a barber shop with
the well-known bachelors of the town
and county making ready to go to the
convention. This part was first-clash
in every particular. The second scene
was the convention proper, which was
presided over by Lewis L. Walker,
representing J. Crafty Burnside. 'Ihe
bachelors were represented by youny
men aDoui town. .Many trood hits
were made, though some of the parts
were exceedingly tame and fell fiat.
Five or six members told their experi
ence well, but same, we regret to say,
showed grct lack of study and prep
aration. Some of the hoys seemed to
think that all they had to do was
"mj.ke up" and get on the stage, put
ting no work on what they were tc
do or say after having made their ap
pearance. Joe Robinson's aidres
(repreientiug Pony Beaz'ey), was veiy
good, and took well with the audi
ence, though he was interrupted by
some Smart Alex in the audience, wht
tii.-d to "kiu" Joe. Tne aforesaid
Alex was "called down"' successfully
by Mr. Walker.
At the conclusion of the convention
a minstrel show was given by several
young men, assisted by the Lancaster
band. Lewis Walker acted as inter
locutor, with Charley Anderson and
Letcher Owsley on the "ends." An
derson and Owsley are certainly first-
class minstrels and their work was
highly complimented by every body
who saw it. Their "gags" were all
new and were sprung on popular,
home people, which, of course, made
them more enjoyable. The singing of
John Farra, Ode Shugars, Virge Kem
per, Owsley, Hughes and Anderson,
was well up, and one of the most en
joyable features of the evening. This
in a great measure was due to the
lovely piano accompaniments played
by Miss May Z. Hughes. This charm
ing little lady very gracefully agreed
to help the boys by playing, as they
had no orchestra, and had it not been
for her kindness, the musical part of
the program would have been a flat
By far the best and most appropri
ate part of the evening's entertain
ment was the tableau, 'ihis repre
sented America standing between lit
tle Cuba and Spain. The latter, wkh
drawn knife, was striking at Cuba,
when an officer of the U. S. Army (in
full uniform), grabbed Spain's strik
ing arm. America was represented by
Miss Lula Robertson, a beautiful and
lovely young lady, of E'.izabethtown,
now visiting Mrs Ellen Owsley.
If every Kentucky colonel could
raise a regiment to march against
Spain, what a vast army would be but
in the field by the grand old Common
wealth. The other States of the
Union wouldn't be in it. Georgetown
Tke Royal ia the highest grade baMeg powder
fcaawa. Actual tests show it foes eae
third farther taaa aay ther fcraaC
aovM. BAKme rowan eo., new yosk.
4 s rruT Trm Z
Having pure-hashed of W. T. West his stock of
Dry Goods, Motions, Clothing, Hats, Furnishing
Goods, Boots and Shoes At a Big Discount, enables
us to offer you goods in this line at Remarkably
Low Prices
Game Early and
Bet First Choice.
This stock must be closed out At Once in order
to make room for our Xew Spring Stock. It is
our purpose to close out the stock of Clothing and
Shoes and convert the business into
Dry Goods House! g
We will carry TJp
Press (Boobs,
and, in fact, everything that goes to make up a
First Class Dry Goods House. In doing this we
ask the support and patronage of the people of Lan
caster and Surrounding Country. With your aid
we can build up a business that will enable us to car
ry a well selected stock in this line. We promise
at all times to do the best in our power to merit
your favors We propose to
By doing this we can bring to the consumer
prices that will at all times enable them
to supply their wants close to the
Manafacturer's cost.
The Logan Dry Ooods Co.
The Logan Dry Goods Co., hcvj re
ceived a sh'pment of Spring Goods.
Bro. Campl;ll will preach at the
Baptist church Sunday morning at'd
i?ht at the usual hour.
All my customers, of last season, can
come in on Tuesday and get tickets for
the pants to be given away.
M. D. Hughes, Agent.
Old Vets, Attention.
Please be at Masonic Hall promptly
at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon. We
must be getting ready to attend the
encampment, which will soon meet in
Cincinnati. James Dilon.
Prison Commissioners.
A telegram from Frankfort says the
prison commissioner fight ended in the
appointment of Henry George, of
Graves county, J. M. Richardson, of
Barren, and Edmond Finnell, of Har
rison. A leading farmer s id to The Rec
ord: "The indications are that wheat
will advance much higher, although
we may have declines, but that will
only le temporary, and it will certain
ly reach the dollar mark here, and
go higher."
At the Minstrels.
End Man. Say, Mistah Johnson, can
jou tell me why Mr. Jack Rout, of
Stanford, is like one of these here di
vers what goes down in the sea?
Mr. J. No, Bones. Why is it?
End Man. 'Cause he's always -hunt
ing for Pearl.
Pretty Storeroom.
The store room occupied by The Lo
gan Dry Goods Co., has been refitted
and made into a strictly up-to-date es
tablishment. A new coat of paper
and paint has added a pretty and in
viting appearance. Mr. Logan gives
hi; undivided attention to the busi
ness and has put in .a stock of up-to-date
goods second to none in Ken
tucky. Pleasant Affuir.
Ihe social given at the Christian
church Wednesday evening was a very
enjfyble affair in every way. A
great many of the members assembled
about 7:3J o'clock and passed several
hours in social conversation, singing
and partaking of elegant refresh
ments prepared by the good ladies.
Sach entertainments are calculated to
do much good in any church, as they
bring the members closer together, in
terest them in the church's welfare
aad, in fact, have a good influence ev
ery way.
- - To - Date lines of
Crimmtngs, x
2Tottons, x
I would like to do your plain sew
ing and dyeing. Mrs. Ophelia Dunn.
Death of Iahum Merriman.
Isham Merriman, a former citizen of
Upper Garrard, died at Versailles,
Tuesday, and was brought to Paint
Lick for burial Wednesday. He was
widely connected in Garrard and well-known-
all over the county. He was a
single man and probably fifty years
of age.
IVillard Memorial.
A service in memory of Frances E.
Willard will be held at the Christian
church Sunday night week, the 20th.
All ministers of the town will take
part and the local W. C. T, U., will
assist. An interesting program will
be prepared and all are cordially in
vited to be present.
On the State Medical Board.
Gov. Bradldy sent to the Senate the
name of Dr. W. S. O'Neal, of this city
to be a member of the state board of
health. Senator Gjorge Farric ob
jected to the confirmation and the
name was referred back to the com
mittee. We understand today that
Mr. Farris has withdrawn his objec
tion and that the doctor will be con
firmed. B. G. Fox & Rice have just shipped
to Atlanta a car of horses which they
bought at 50 to 100. B. G. Fox &
Rice, sold to F. E. Grifin, of Atlanta, a
-year-old ay mare by Happy Day,
of the darof Dave Rowland 2:17,
for d00; and to W. S. Barrier, of Shel
by, a five-year-old harness horse for
100. E. W. Lee arrived home Satur
day morning from Atlanta, where he
had been handling mules. He sold
over one thousand head on commis
sion. Mr. Lee says prices were about
as good as usual, but there were not
quite as many sales. He was well
satisfied with his trip in every way.
Danville Advocate.
Buffalo Boiler Mills.
Paint Lick, Ky.
It cost money to advertise and we
do not advertise for fan or pastime,
but mean business, strictly. We do
believe that we are in shape to give
you as good flour in exchange for your
wheat as can be made and as most all
wheat that was raised in 1S97 was good
it is a rare exception that we fail to
give our customers 34 lbs. of our fault
less flour and 10 lbs. bran for every
bushel of wheat. If you will try us
with a wagon load of wheat we are
sure you will come again. We are pre
pared to exchange flour every day ex
cept Sunday. We guarantee our flour
jest like we do when we sell it. - If it
is not good return it aad we will satis
fy you. Bueuam & Rccxxb.

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