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VOLUME VIII. Entered at the Pott Office in Lancaster, Kv., at Second Class Mazier. NUMBER 50
Cor. Public Square and Danville Avenue. Lii.IN J.iD A Hi XX, JVl., J T lUii I , 113lXVX1, lO. LO.O. ll.MuerFearfnJdioi.ee.
New Departure.
. We now have the cel
ebrated Florence Farm Wagon
Which is made with springs. They
are made to hold up about 1,000
pounds more than the old style
wagon. It adds to the life of
wheels, bed and gear. Call and
see it.
J. Br. Haselden.
Lancaster, Ky.
Col. W.G. Welch.
W. I. Williams,
WM 8 IK,
Attorneys at Law,
All business attended
to promptly.
and dealer in
Furniture, Carpsts, &c.
Lancaster, Ky.
1898. SPRING. 1898.
In Gentlemen's Attire.
Every Department Blooming with the Newest and
Nobbiest of Spring Novelties.
Hats and Shoes that are Creations of Art. Gentlemen's
Clothing and Furnishings that Cap the Climax
of Domestic and Foreign Handiwork.
Suits for Boys and Children that are surprisingly Beau
tiful. All marshaled "before the public at prices
that defy any and all competition.
Mens All Wool Suits at ... . $5.ooChildrens Suits from 75cts to $5.00
Better Ones at $7.50 1 Boys and Youths from $4. to $12.00
A Great Line at $10. $12 and $i5Beautiful line of Boy's Hats Cheap.
All the Latest Novelties of the season in Ladies1 Fine
Foot "Wear. Ladies' Shoes and Oxfords with Silk
Vesting Tops are the Latest. Don't fail to see
our Line before buying your Spring Shoes.
"We give with every Child's Suit, FREE, from $2.60 up
a Base Ball, Bat, Cap and Belt. Bring your boys
to us. "We will clothe them correctly.
Childrens Department. . . .
"We have many
nile Styles. Some exquisitely smart little things in Boys and Chil
drens Clothing. They are worthy of inspection and will stand com
parison in Quality, Fit and Price.
for the Professional Man, the Mer
chant, the Mechanic and every Gen
teel, Up-to-date Dresser.
Veal calves wanted. Butler Fox.
Fresh garden seed at S. T. Evans'.
New line Calicoes at S. T. Evans
See 'em. X,
J. A. Boazley & Co., headquarters for
wall paper.
The best two. horse wagon on the
market at O. S. Gaines'.
I will sell you package coffee at 10c.
Sugar at cost, for cash. T. Currey.
Wanted, Veal Calves. Will go to
couatry and buy. II. B. Northcott
II. F. Walter, Dentist, will be at
Buena Vista Wednesday, March 16th.
Wanted, car load of Iron, Bones and
Rags. IL B. Northcott.
My fine Jersey Bull, Garrard Signal,
out of a tested dam, will stand at my
farm at 2. the season. Money due at
time of service. J. S. Robinson.
1 he revenue collector's office is be
ing moved from Richmond to Danville
and will be reaedy for business Mon
day morning.
Pretty Store.
J. E. Stormes is having his drug
store repainted and given a thorough
cleaning. It will be a beauty when
the job is completed.
To the Country Patriots.
All country boys, between the ages
of IS and 25, will report to me for ser
vice against Spain, in case of war. I
want only patriotic country boys. No
town duJes or mama's darlings desir
ed. J. P. Dotv, Captain.
White French Artichoke will pre
vent hog cholera. Seed for sale at
one dollar per bushel by G. Craddock,
Marksbury, Ivy. fll-2t
M!si Annie Walter, assisted by Mrs
M. (I Walter will dressmake at the
home of the latter. Children's work
carefully attended too. Call on us
once anl yon will call again. 2t
For Sale or Kent.
I will either sell or rent my resi
dence. It is in good repair and in a
good neighborhood. For particulars
call on either W. IL Kinnaird or my
self. Mary K. Weisiger.
new creations of Fine Juve
5TT? TKTm. XT A rp.ca "l
Hold Off a few days on your Spring Shoes, Soys.
We closed a deal Monday by telegraph with the Assignee of The Mason Cobb Co.,
for 300 Pairs of Men's Sample Shoes at a Big Cash Discount. These shoes range in
price froini$4.oo to $7.00. We will give you CHOICE OF THE XOT FOR $3.00.
Therefor it can readily be seen that it will be to your interest to wait a few days.
Northern seed Irish potatoes at gl
per bushel at Gaines'. ..
All varieties of Landrcth garden
seed, in bulk, at Gaines'.
Ihe greatest Disc Harrow on the
market, at G. S. Gaines'.
Wanted, 1,000 hens. Will pay 5c per
pound th:s week. B. Fox.
Beginning with Feb. 10th our terms
will be cash. ' J. C. Thompson.
I would like to do your plain sew
ing and dyeing. Mrs. Ophelia Dunn.
Wanted, geese, ducks and eggs.
Highest market price. II. B. North
cott. y
J. C. Thompson has just received
ktwo cases of new clocks which we are
selling very cheap.
Murdered at AInrcclIus.
The expense account of farmers, by
grinding plow points at C K. Poindex
ter's. nov-25-tf.
S. T. Evans will have the largest
line of buggies and phaetons ever
brought to Lancaster. Save your or
ders for him.
All my customers.of last season, can
come in on Tuesday and get tickets for
the pants to be given away.
M. D. Uuonrs, Agent.
Goose and Duck Eggs out of Sight.
Until April 1st, 1898 I want all your
goose and duck egg, will pay 35c for
gocsa eggs and 15c for duck eggs.
Bring them in and get the cash. Of
fice on Public Square, in Archer's meat
shop. Buti.kk Fox.
Children and adults tortured by
burns, scalds, injuries, eczema or skin
diseases wa7 secure instant relief by
using DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. It
is the great Pile remedy. Stormes'
Drug Store. lm
New Spring Goods.
One of the prettiest lines of Ladies'
Misses' and Children's shoes ever
brought to Paint Lick. Also a new
stock of D-y Goods. Costs you nothing
to come and see them. Bring your
produce and come ahead.
R. L. Jenxixgs & Co.,
2t Paint Lick, Ky.
Our Furnishing Goods
Deprrtment is brim-full of all the" La
test productions of the Season. See
our line Colored Shirts at socts.
Circuit Court.
The March term of the Garrard cir
cuit court convened Monday morning,
with Judge M. C Saufiey on the bench.
The following gentlemen were select
ed as
II. C. Arnold,
J. B Kemper,
John Davis,
Wright Kelley,
Wm. Broaddus,
Alex. Lay ton,
A. B. Brown, Sen.,
Joe Francis, Sen.,
Curtis Pearc?,
J. T. A lams.
They were given a lengthy and
timely charge by Judge Saufiey, who
pointed out their duties in his usual
clear and concise way 'J he following
were then chosen to mage up the
J. B. Aldridge, C. W. Mitchell,
Samp Arcqer, D. M. Lackey,
J. W. Vanderpool, Zack Simpson,
J. II. Bourne, Ab. Hughes,
G. B. Robinson, G. T. Iligginboth'm
Cyrus Saunders, W. G. Anderson,
James Clark, Ed. Price,
James Jones, W. B. Lee,
James Guinn, Hiram Bay,
S. D. Rothwell, John Marsee.
Perry Naylor, Wm. Totten.
Ansel George, P. W. Spencer.
As stated last issue, the dockets arj
light and nothing of much importance
will be tried.
Frank Wiley, horse stealing, two
The usual loafers hang about the
court room.
Jim Floyd, unlawfully detaining a
woman, dismissed.
George Kennedy, carrying conceal
ed woapons, not guilty.
Sam Owsley is on hand, loo'cino- af-
tir the Commonwealth's business.
Commonwealth vs. Geonre Mukes.
striking Mark Jenning., dismissed.
S lerifi Saunrers has as his deputies
ni. Ward Wm. Broaddus and Alex.
Tom Wren, colored, oarryinsr con
cealed weapons, default judgment of
25, and ten days.
Charley White, a.negro. rlead fruity
to stealing a hrg and was given two
years in the penitentiary.
Wm. Buckner for obtaining money
under false ..pretenses two years, aUo
for grand larceny one year.
A little boy named Aaron Simpson,
probably about 14 years of age, plead
guilty of petit larceny and was seat to
jail for thirty daj's.
Jim Hamilton applied for license to
practice law, was duly examined and
given his sheepskin. He wilJ. no
doubt, make a good 'un.
Joe B. Haselden was examined and
granted license to practice law. At
torneys in Lancaster are almost as
thick as violinists in perdition.
It does not look "natural" in the
court room without Keg Mason as
clerk. Keg has been clerk since the
memory of man runneth not to the
Deputy Sheriff Wm Ward orenel
court by crying, "Oh, Yes! Oh. Yes!
The circuit court for the 13th Judicial
district of the Commonwealth of Ken
tucky and county of Garrard, is now
open for business. God save the Com
monwealth and this honorable court.''
The Grand Jury returned an indict
ment Wednesday against Whltaker.
for murder, and his trial is set for
Wednesday of next week. Whitaker
is the man who cut his step-father,
John Grady, to death near the Bock
castle line about two weeks ago.
Mike Turner was summoned as a
witness in a case Wednesday and fail
ing to appear an order of arrest was is
sued. He was under the influent nt
liquor when brought into the court
room and Judge Saufiey imposed a
fine of $30 and twenty-four hours in
jail. The judge will tolerate no fool
ishness. Shooting.
Friday night John Kersey shot an
other negro named Henry Beazley at
the former's home in Duncantown.
Kersey was drunk and Beazley, to
gether with, several other neighbors,
were trying to get him into the house.
Keskey, in his frenzy, went in the
house and brought out an old army
musdet. His friends, Beazley amcng
the number, continued pleading with
Kersey to go in the house and quit
i aising a disturbance. Without a word
of warning Kersey turned and fired at
Beazley. Judging from the enormous
hole torn in his breast, the gun must
have been loaded with slugs. The
charge entered Beazley's right breast;
cutting of a finger of the right hand
wh'ch was thrown up as the gun was
leveled, and passed into his lunj a,
Beazley is still alive but physicians ay
there is no chance of recovery.
Kersey fled, but gave himself up
Saturday morning, when he was lodg
ed in jail without bail. The men had
always been friends, and Beazley was
only doing what he- thought to be his
duty in taking care of a drunken
neighbor. Kersey is a peaceable n-
gro, wljen sober, but a terror when
rdrjnkingi Ther-s was not a harder
working, or more honest darkey in
town than Henry Beazley, and hewas
never in any trouble. He went along
in a peaceable, quiet way, ' and attend;
ed.faithfully to any work given him
Duncantown is on the opposite side
of town from Battle Row and is an en
tirety differeati settlement The coN
or'ed ' people living there are hont st
and uprignt, and a disturbance of any
kiad seldom ocean there.
Dies at Ills Home In this City after a
llrlef Illness.
ATter about one week's illness and
intense suffering, Dr. W. S. O'Neal
died at his residence, on Lexington,
street, Tuesday afternoon at 4:33 o'clk
He had been subject to attacks of
asthma all his life, and at times the
suffering was great, but the last spell
was dec'dedly the most severe he ever
had. He was on the streets Friday
evening attending to some important
business and became overheated. He
went home and suffered greatly thro'
the night. Saturday he was ab'e to
go to his office, some fifty yards from
the house, but that night was taken
much worse and the disease went into
bronchial pneumonia. Those who
attended him say they never witness
ed such agony as he suffered. He grew
rapidly worse and was delirious at
times until the end came.
Dr. O'Neal was born at Verona
Boone county, Ky., sixty-two years
ago. He graduated from the Ohio
Medical College in bout 1SC1. In 18S5
he located in Lancaster where he has
since practiced his profession success
fully. He was an unusually attentive
physician to his patiants and nev
gave up a case while there was the
least ray of hope of saving life. He
was one of the most sympathetic and
kind-hearted men it has ever been our
pleasure to know and wc can soy,
from personal experience, that he put
his whole soul into his work when
waiting on the sielc. fcevcral j-ears
ago he remained with the writer of
this article one entire night while we
were down with t3'phoid fever, and al
though unable to find a pulse on our
bo.ly for eight hour, he never gave
up, and worked with untiring energy
until he succeodea in bringing us
out We merely mention tl.is fact
as a speclm -n of his zeal and plucl
as a physician.
He was a Baptist and a leading fig
ure in the management of the local
church. He gave close attention to
his own affairs, and it can be said of
Dr. O'Neal that he never dabbled in
other people's business. He was
Mason, but not affiliated with the lo
cal lodge.
ne leaves a widow and one daugh
ter, Mrs. F. L. Hubble. He has four
brothers and one sister. They are
Mrs. Dr. D. M. Bagby, Walton, Ky.,
CoL Weeden O'Neal, Covington,
George, New Richmond, O., Benjamin
and John, Verona, Ky.
Funeral services were held at the
Baptist church WednesJay afternoon,
conducted by the pastor. Rev. T. U.
Campbell, assisted" by Elder George
Gowen, after which the remains were
interred in the Lancaster Cemetery.
Southern Baptist Convention Nor
folk, Va., May 5-12, 1893 Tickets on
sale via the Queen & Crescent Route
at the rate of one fare for rouud trip
from all points on its line to Norfolk
Va., on account of the Southean Bap
tist Convention which meets at that
point May 5-12, 189a Dates of sales,
May 2nd to Cth, good to return 16 days
after date of sale. The most attrac
tive route to Norfolk is Via the Queen
& Crescent Route.
Tickets for the Launching.
On account of the Launching of the
Battle-ship Kentucky at Newport
News. Va. 'Jhursday March 24th at
ten o clock a. m , the Chesapeake and
Ohio Ky. will sell round trip tickets
from Lexington, Winchester and Mt
Sterling (and correspondingly low
rates from all Central Kentucky
towns) at 12.00 for both trains of
Tuesday March 22nd. Tickets will be
good seven days from date of. sale.
Trains leave Lexington at 11:25 a. m.
and 8:50 p. m. anl arrive Newport
News 11:30 a. m. and 5:50 p. m. next
day. Berth rate 150 through for
double berth. Send in your names to
undersigned at once for sleeping car
space. Special rates at the hotels.
UEO. VV. liARNKY, U. V. A.
C & O. Ry., Lexington, Ky.
Ike Royal is the highest grade hahto powder
keews. Actam tests shew it flees eee
Ur4 ferther Use, ear ether bra;
Having pure-hashed of W. T. West his stock of
Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing, Hats, Furnishing
Goods, I3oots and Shoes At a Big Discount, enables
us to offer you goods in this line at Remarkably
Low Prices
Came Early and
Bet First Choice.
This stock must be closed out At Once in order
to make room for our Xcw Spring Stock. It is
our purpose to close out the stock of Clothing and
Shoes and convert the business into
Dry Goods House!
We will carry TJp-To-Date lines of
Press (Boobs, trimmings,
Cables' 5urmsf?m35
and, in fact, everything that goes to make up a
First Class Dry Goods House. In doing this we
ask the support and patronage of the people of Lan
caster and Surrounding Country. With your aid
we can build up a business that will enable us to car
ry a well selected stock in this line. We promise
at all times to do the best in our power to merit
your favors We propose to
j By doing this we can bring to the consumer
f prices that will at all times enable them
Y to supply their wants close to the
J Manafacturer's cost.
I The Logan Dry Goods Co.
Fresh oysters for sale at Northcott's.'
Go to the launching
of the Ken-
We print typewriter letter heads on
excellent bond paper.
Wanted, hens at 5c per pound. II,
B. Northcott.
200,000 trick for sale. Greening &
Pence, Stanford, Ky.
For 12c per gallon you can get the
best headlight oil on the market at G.
S. Gaines'.'"
Clover, oats, timothj, blucgrass and
orchard grass always on hand at
New lot of Sterling Silver Spoons.
A set of six spoons from 2.50 up, at J.
C. Thompson's. A
Egcs fur Hatching.
From prize wining Black Minorcas
15 eggs for 1,03. R. L. Elkin
Bourbon Steam Laundry.
Miss Olivia Sweeney is agent for the
Courbon Steam Laundry. Leave your
orders at Sweeney's store. tf
Salt! Sail!.
I have just received a car of barrel
and sack salt that I am selling Cheap,
for cash. Store near depot.
3-4-3-t. J. J. Baktox.
The government is trying to pur
chase the battleship O'Higgins. We
like that name. It sounds like a fight
er and Uncle Sam should get her.
Post Office Chances Hands.
W. T. West took formal charge of
the Lancanter post office Wednesday
morning. lie is being assisted by his
Look To Your Interest.
Best home-made buggies oh the mar
ket at J. B. Ely's Paint Lick, Ky. Gen
eral repairing and horseshoeing a
specialty. Give us a trial. 3-18 3m.
Wanamaker & Brown are giving
eac:i customer from o-J to 5n, in ine
price of suits, as the customer sives
that much and gets a perfect fit.
M. D. IIvghes, Agent.
Off To The War.
Joe Gaines, a relative of Grocer G.
S. Gaines, or this city, left this week,
for Cincinnati where he joined the reg
ular army to fight Spain. Mr. Gaines
is 0 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 183
A lot of new shingles; boards
lumbtr, at S. Morgan's for sale.
Miss Fann'e Austin opened a select
school at Baz!ey's school house Mon
day, March 7th.
Miss Nannie McCarley went to Paint
Lick last week to open a select school.
Master Pool Perkins was quite sick
last week but is much better at this
Rev. R. B..Mahoney will preach at
the Baptist church Sunday evening at
3 o'clock.
W. P. Dishon and son, T. E., have
gone to Lexington to spend some few
days with relatives.
Miss Bessie Doty is visiting relatives
in Stanford.
Mr Ernst Montgomery went to Bar
gin on business.
Mr. Simuel Salter and wife ara vis
iting Miss Leavy Dunn.
Miss Cjliste Simpson is the guest of
Miss A. E Scott this week.
The sick of this community arj im
proving some at this writing.
Mr. Prewitt of Mercer Co. was in
this vicinity to-day hunting a farm.
Mr. Kinnaird Warner and wife went
to Stanford where they will locate for
the present.
Mr. Dannie Scott and Timothy Ford
delivered a load of hemp at Burgin last
week at S3. 03 per hundred.
Misses Celeste Simpson and Edua
Scott spent from Friday until Sunday
with Mrs J. A Clark near Danville-
Mr. J. B Biurne, ha I a large barn
to burn last Tuesday afternoon, burn-
in; 1 093 lbs. of hemp, 93 bu. of hemp
S2el, some hay and cjrn, a big wagon,
spring wagon, and bugjy and num-
urous other things. The origin of
t'ia fire is unknown. He had no insur
ance. WnETHER we have war or not, the
present situation will have a great
tendency toward uniting the north
and south and wiping out, to a great
extent, the ill-feeling between the
two sections. Let ns pray for the day
when this feeling will be entirely
wiped away. It is kept alive now
mostly by stay-at-homes, the old sol
diers seldom mentioning it.
The best Western corn weigh mora
bushel than does the Eastern pro
duct. The dent corn has deep kernels.
They are not so solid as the flint, and
the shelled grain does not weigh so
heavily, bnt it is less liable for that
reason to injure stock.

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