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LOUIS LAXDRA3T, Publisher.
8lX MONTH8. "
... .25
FRIDAY, March 18, - 1898.
In obedience to the requests of Democrats In
verv jiatt oftlie Eighth Congressional Dis
trict! and In accordance with my desire to he
of service to the Democratic party and the
countrv. in critical and important times, 1 an
nounce tavself a candidate for Congress, sub
ject to thenctiou of the Demoaratio partv.
As a loval Democrat. I have always support
ed the nominees and platforms of the Demo
cratic party and I now support the p'atform
udopted by the last National Democratic Con
vention, held at Chicago.
I am slncerelv grateful for the cordial sup
port given me by the Democrats of the Kighht
Congressional District in the past, and I have
tried to show rar appreciation of their conll
dence and kindness, by unceasing efforts, to
be a faithful and ellicient Kcprescntative.
If honored bv the nomination, I believe, I
can with the aid of mv brother Democrats, re
deem the district, and in the future as in the
past my best efforts shall be given to the faith
ful discharge of all duties required of me.
JAMU3 b. Mccreary,
March 15, 1893. KIchmond, Ky.
Akmy and Xavy men have for many
years been clamoring for the coast
jdiI Navy improvements now being
hurriedly made. Those posted on
such matters have gone be 'ore con
gressional committees for the last
twenty years, and, with tears in their
eyes, predicted that Uncle Sam would
be caught with his breeches down, but
the national houses, being composed
chiefly of burr-tailed backwoodsmen,
paid no heed, and now that trouble is
at hand, every improvement for de
fense has to be made in the twinkling
o! an eye and thrown together in an3'
way to get it done. Nearly every man
sant to congress puts in his undivided
time working for re-election. A
law should be passed making them in
eligible, and then probably the inter
ests of the country, instead of those
of the member, would be looked after.
COL. S. M. IJcitDETr, correspondent
of the Chicago Chronicle, thus sizes up
the situation:
'J he best opinion here all trends in
one direction, which is that war is im
pending. Even if this Government
should be satisfied with an indemnity
Spiiu will decline to pay it President
McKinlcy will not consent to arbi
tratc the question of Spanish respon
sibility if the decision of our naval re
pDrt is definite and unanimous. The
JJoard of Inquiry report will probably
go to Congress in about one week, ac
companie 1 by a special message from
Mr. SIcKinley. A demand upon Spain
for indemnity or a declaration of war
against that Government will be made
within a few hours after all the facts
arc laid before Congress.
We haven't much faith in the fight
ing abilities of the men-of-war. While
they cost millions of dollars and much
study is given them, yet what they can
do has only been figured out on paper.
If one small sub-marine mine can, in
twinkling of an eye, wreck one of the
finest ships afloat, what other and
more powerful apparatus could do
would soon put to the bottom of the
sja every war vessel in both navies.
We are of the 07 inion that the navies
of both the United States and Spain
amount to not much more than so ma
ny washing tubs, that both will be de
stroyed in a few weeks' fighting, and
the oi l, reliable rifle will have to be
called into service to whip the Dons,
if our men can only get at them.
The old saw, "A gooi ginning
has a bad ending," proved true with
the recent session of the legislature.
The body started out by proposing
some excellent and badly needed leg
islation, but soon became demoralized
and the latter part of the session was
spent in passing extreme political
msasures, fist fights, personal quarrel,
and time killing. It seems impossible
for a session of the Kentucky legisla
ture to meet, and attend only to bus
iness which is of any value to the Com
mon wealth. The past few sessions
have been perfect burlesques.
The Madisonville Hustlergives good
advice in the following: "Whether or
not there will be war, we are not at
present able to say. But we would
suggest that the farmers go ahead and
plant their crops, that the merchants
keep trying to sell goods and that oth
er business be conducted as in the
past, or at least until the guns begin
to fire. There is one thing certain, no
one can make a living by sitting
around talking about what the United
t tites is going to do for Spain when
she gets a chance."
1'uiii.isiiKits of newspapers receive
all kinds of offers in payment for ad
vertising space. A recent letter to
The Recokd off jrs to "cure any friend
from the disease of stuttering." Our
printers decline to accept this as pay
for their work, so the offer has to be
declined. But if any inventor will
guarantee to cure some of our ac
quaintances from lying, we will give
him in return the entire front page
for a year.
Uncle Sam should take considerable
silt with these intimations of help
s;nt by foreign countries. The same
rules among individuals will and do
apply to nations and if this country
gets into trouble she will have to hoe
her own roe single-handed and alone.
"A friend in need" is a scarce article
these days.
Wim all the pistol-pulling, bristling
up, and stormy words in the recent
legislature, nothing was killed save
lots of valuable time.
ftflBf PrS Colic, Neuralgia and Toothache
In five minutes. Sour Stomach
and Swuer Complaints. Price, 25 Cent.
Karrowly Averted nt Lrbinou, Ky. Loss
Near 840,000.
Lebanon, Ky., March 12. One of the
most disastrous fires that has visited
Lebanon in years broke out at 11:30
o'clock Friday night in the Lebanon
Steam Laundry, and defied the efforts
of the fire department for more than
an hour, notwithstanding there wen
four streams of water playing
upon it. The region of the fire is
in the heart of the town,
and includes the Lebanon Steam
Laundry, Creel, Stallard & Ito
bey's furniture and undertaker
house, J. & W. S. Edmunds' dry goods
store, Davis' grocery and Endland's
blacksmith shop. The loss will bo be
tween S30.000 and 40,000. No estimate
os the insurance can be given at pres
ent. The strong fire-proof walls of the
People's Roller mills on the one side
and the opera house on the other saved
the square. The fight against the fire
was a hard one, and great excitement
prevailed. The fire was under control
at 1:10 Saturday morning.
Guarded Hy Armed Hen That the Newl
Klected Officials Slay Not Get Control.
Fkaskfokt, Ky., March 12. It is a
fact given out Friday night by some
of the penitentiary officials themselves
that the entrance to the Frankfort
prison is guarded day and night now
by men armed with Winchesters to
prevent the new democratic commis
sioners from having a chance to take
actual possession of the prison. They
believe that possession is nine points
of the law, and do not propose to
surrender peaceably to the new
regime. Warden Hancock, who has
been sick at his residence just one
square from the prison entrance, was
taken to the prison hospital Thursday,
and will remain there and direct the
management of the prison from the in
side, where he can not be reached for
the purpose of serving notice or pro
cess on him to give up the prison. The
new commissioners have no idea of
using any force to secure possession of
their rights, but the prison officials
think so, and are preparing to meet
force with force.
Almost Destroyed by an Early Morning
Fire Hut Four Hulldiiigs Now ICemuln.
M0NTICEI.1.0, Ky., March 12. This
town, the county ssat of Wayne coun
ty, was till but destroyed by an early
morning fire, the court house, the jail,
two hotels, half a dozen storehouses
and a number of dwellings being de-stroj-ed
before the flames could be
checked. Hut four buildings now re
main of the once thriving little vil
lage. The fire originated in an empty
storehouse about 4 o'clock Friday
morning and raged until 10 o'clock.
The loss can not be accurately esti
mated, but it will amount to over
A Preacher Talks War.
Louisville. Ky., March 14. Rev. E.
L. Powell, of the First Christian
church of this city, said in his -sermon
Sunday night that Christians should
go to war. He said: "Legitimate war
is an act of the state and not of the in
dividual. Every Christian must be
obedient to the laws of the state.
Force is permissible for punishing evil
and redressing wrong. The lessons
taught by the lives of Christ and Paul
are that war on the part of Christians
is just and right."
Geo. L. 'Willis Appointment.
Fkankfokt, Ky., March 14. The
governor sent to the senate Saturday
the nomination of George L. Willis, of
Franklin county, to be a member of the
state boardof equalization, vice R.C.Mc
Michaels; deceased. The appointment
was confirmed without objection. Rev.
"Anse" Hatfield, of Pike spoke in be
half of his fox, wolf and wild-cat bill.
The bill was given its second reading
nt once and referred to the committee
on religion and morals.
W. J. McXamara KilU John Keller.
Lexington, Ky., March 15. W. J. Mc
Namara Monday night shot and killed
John Keller. McNamara is a magis
trate, and has been for years promi
nent in democratic politics. There
was no witness to the tragedy. Mc
Namara immediately surrendered him
self to the authorities. He says that
Keller attacked him with a knife.
Keller was unmarried and worked as a
gardener for Bernard Fotsch.
Stock and Crops In Kentucky.
Fisankfokt, Ky., March 15. In his
monthly report Lucas Moore, commis
sioner of agriculture, states that wheat
has been damaged somewhat The per
cent, of old crop in the hands of farm
ers is 19. The price is 91 cents. Forty
four per cent of the old corn is still in
the hands of farmers. Live stock is in
good condition. There is little hog
Killed lly an Emery Stone.
Paducah, Ky., March 15. nenry
Ware, son of J. P. Ware, a prominent
citizen, met a terrible death at Beck &
Baugh's sawmill, ten miles from this
city. Monday, near Woodville. He
was engaged in gumming a saw, when
an emery stone broke and the piece
struck him over the head. The victim
lived three minutes.
Reward Offered.
Mt. Sterling, Ky., March 14. Ev
ery effort is being made to apprehend
the parties who blew up the Owings
ville pike. The turnpike company has
offered a reward of 8500, and Saturday
the county added 8200 more and the
state 500 to this.
President IugalU' Courtesy.
Louisville, Ky., March 15. Presi
dent Ingalls, of the Chesapeake & Ohio
railroad, 'has invited the members of
the board of trade to go on a special
train to the launching of the battle
ship Kentucky at Newport News on
March 24.
Want the Interest Paid.
Louisville, Ky., March 11. Objec
tions are being made to the plan to
pass interest on $3,500,000 worth of
Louisville city railway common stock
due April 1. The plan to pass the in
terest is recommended by General
Manager J. T. Minary, on account of
franchise tax suits now pending
against the company.
Will Coach Center College Team.
Louisville, Ky., March 14. Pitcher
Bert Cunningham will leave Monday
for Richmond, Ky., where he will coach
the Center college team. He will be
there two weeks.
Judse Wyntt S.iys the County Will Not Iay
for Guards, aud They Are Withdrawn.
ItAKiiouitviLl.K, Ky., March 14. Dr.
L T. Catron, who was dispatched to
East Jellico coal mines by the board of
health of this county, came in Sunday
evening in response to a letter from
the secretary. Dr. B. F. Herndon, stut- j
ing that County Judgo Wjatt had de
clared that the quarantine guards
would not be paid by the county. Dr.
Catron also brought with him his
guards sent there from this city. Dr.
Catron says the proprietors of the
coal works were very sorry to see him
leave, and offered every inducement
possible to have him stay.
The people of this city are greatly
excited over the return of the doctor
and his guards to this city, as they all
have been exposed to the smallpox.
Dr. Catron and Dr. C. G. Herndon,
members of the board, have tendered
their resignations to the secretary, Dr.
B. F. Herndon.
Dr. Catron reports that a genuine
case of smallpox exists at East Jellico,
and thinks the disease will reach this
city within the next few days, as all
members of the health board refuse to
enforce the quarantine because of
Judge Wyatt's statement that the
guards will not be paid by the county.
The guards who were on duty at
East Jellico mines were refused ad
mission to their homes by their pa
Gov. Bradley Disapprove I he Gerrymander
1U11 Post Mortem Salary Denied Juiijje
Dennett's Heirs Both Hills Passed Over
the Veto.
Frankfort, Ky., March 15. The
governor Monday sent to the senate
two more vetoes, and has another
ready for Tuesday.
The first disapproves of the resolu
tion appropriating SI, 300 to the widow
of ex-Chief Justice Caswell Bennett,
the amount of the salary of his office
from the time of his death till his suc
cessor qualified.
The second veto message disapproved
the gerrj'mander bill taking Whiteley
county out of the Third appellate
court district to make it democratic at
next fall's election. The governor
holds that the legislature, having com
pletely reapportioned the state into
appellate court districts in lS'Jl, it, un
der the constitution, can not do so
again till the expiration of ten j'ears,
and if it has no right to redistrict the
whole, it has none to change only a
The senate passed the vetoed bill
gerrymandering the Third and Fifth
appellate court districts.
The senate also passed over the gov
ernor's veto a resolution appropriating
Sl,o00 to the widow of ex-Chief Justice
Bennett, and the house is expected to
do the same.
Lawyers Engaged to Fight the Uronstsss
Measure in the Courts.
Frankfort, Ky., March 11. The re
publican state officials have retained
ex-Chief Justice W. S. Fryor and Judge
W. S. Holt to fight the Bronston
prison bill in the courts. The
commissioners elected at Wednesday
uight's democratic caucus Thursday
drew for terms. Fennell drew the
long term, Richardson the middle and
George the short term. They will de
mand possession immediately and will
be met with injunction proceedings on
the part of the present officials, whieh
will not be settled for months. Repre
sentative Geo. H. Bishop, of Newport,
is tipped for deputy warden of the
Frankfort penitentiary in the event
the prison 'grab" is declared constitu
tional. Representative Petty, of
Grant, will be chaplain, and several
other legislators are thought to be in
line for jobs. Trimble, of Frankfort,
claims a cinch on the wardenship of
the Frankfort penitentiary.
Claims It Is JllackmalL
Louisville, Ky., March 11. Jas. E.
Barnhill, a dealer at the Bourbon stock
yards, was arrested Thursday night on
a charge of betrayal, the complainant
being Miss Sylvia Meyers, of Lima, O.
The woman alleges that Barnhill is
the father of her two-year-old child.
An effort was made by Barnhill to set
tle the matter out of court, but the
woman would not listen to this unless
he would marry her. The accused says
it is a case of blackmail. He was re
leased on bond.
Senator Lindsay's Home Burglarised.
Frankfort, Ky., March 14. Burg
lars entered the residence of Senator
Lindsay, on Wapping street, Saturday
night and ransacked the house. It is
not believed that anything of value
was taken, as they were frightened
away by a servant. The adjoining
residences of Postmaster S. B. Holmes
and Mrs. Orlando Brown were also
visited by thieves.
Epworth League Meeting.
Mayfield, Ky., March 15. The Ep
worth league and Sunday-school con
vention of the Methodist church met
here Monday for a two days' session. A
large number of delegates and visitors
will likely be in attendance. The open
ing sermon will b preached Monday
night by Rev. H. B. Johnson, of Padu
cah. Louisville Tobacco Market.
Louisville, Ky., March 12. The
market was strong for Friday. The
offerings were common as is the rule
on this day. The breaks were generally
of a low grade. Manutacturing types
were scarce. Medium and good red
leaf showed the greatest strength
while bright tobaccos were strong.
Gerrymander BUI Passed Over the Veto.
Frankfort, Ky., March 14. In the
senate Saturday the governor's veto of
the Third and Eleventh congressional
district gerrymander bill was debated.
The bill was passed over the veto by a
party vote of 23 to 10.
Contract for New Courthouse Let.
Lexington, Ky., March 12. The con
tract for building Fayette county's
new courthouse was awarded Friday
afternoon to- Messrs. Clark and How
ard, of Lexington. They, agree to put
up the house in 13 months and are to
receive therefor 9134,100. Contracts
for elevator and electric light plant
are to be let separately.
Organizing a Company at LonlsvlUe.
"Louisville, Ky March 14. Society
men of Louisville, headed by Gen.
John B. Castleman, have taken steps to
.organize a military company to be at
tained to the Louisville Legion.
Mrs. Wm. Bradshaw is quite sick,
but is better at this writing.
Little Elz'e Burdctt has been quite
sick for several days.
T. I. Herring sold to J. A. Woods 50
sheep at $5 per head and threw in the
Farmers take notice. Don't give
any order for wire fence or fencing
machines until yoa see L. B. Hughes,
who handles the best on the market
Call on or address L. B. Hughes, Marks
bury, Garrard County Ky., or leave
orders with J. R llaselden Lancaster,
Kentucky. O-L'4.
Mrs. Tilitha Hughes died March 9,
at the advanced age of 82 j'ears, at the
old homestead where she has resided
all her life. The deceased was the
daughter of Daniel an I Mary O'Ban-
non, and grand-daughter of Judge
'lhompson. She is the last of a very
prominent family. She leaves three
sons and three daughters to mourn
her loss. She united with Pleasant
Grove church early in life, was a wo
man of most beautiful Christian char
acter, accepting with thankful heart
the sunshine, and bearing patiently
the burdens of a long and useful life.
Her door was always open to all the
orphaned, widowed and the friend
less. It may be truly said of her, that
she always thought of others before
herself, and was ready when the
summons came. She was laid to rest
by the side of her husband in the cem
etery at the Fork, after funeral servi
ces by Rev. W. M. KuykendalL
Dear one, thou an gone to rest;
We will not weep for thee;
For thou art now where oft on earth
Thy spirit longed to be.
Thou art gone to rest;
And tbls shall be our prayer.
That, when wc reach our journey's end
We all shall meet thee there.
Mrs. Collins, of Lexington, is visit
ing Mrs. Wm. Lear. Mrs. Mollie Huff
man, of Lexington, is visiting friends
in this vicinity. Henry Parks is visit
ing friends in Washington and Nelson
counties this week. Misses Owen and
Mary L. Mock, of Danville, spent part
of last week with Miss Hallie Rice.
Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Bogie spent Sun
day with her father, Mr. Hicks, who
is quite ill at Danville. Miss Lillie
Sutton returned from a visit to Miss
Sallie B. Raj-, at Buckeye, Sunday, ac
oompanied by. We will not men
tion his name as he comes every Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Naylor, o
Beuna Vista, visited his uncle, Reuben
Naylor, Tuesday. Malcolm Aldridge
is visiting friends in this county.
Whooping cough is the most dis
tressing malady; but its duration can
be cut short by the use of One Minute
Cough Cure, which is also the best
known remedy for croup and all lung
and bronchial troubles Stormes'
Drug Store. im
The deputy sheriff came up a few
evening's ago and arrested three of
our colored citizens, George White,
Zeke Royston and Rrolla Maret, charg
ed with shooting at church in Lowell,
a few weeks ago. They gave bond of
one hundred dollars each and went on
their way rej )icing.
Jack Adams was kicked on the
shoulder by a horse and was pretty
badly hurt. He was out in the field
where the hands were at work, his lit
tle boy, Charley, was riding behind
him. Jack got off for something, the
horse got scared and began to jump,
he ran up to take Charley off and that
gave the horse another scare, he then
jumped and kicked with all vengeance
and threw the little fellow clear over
a rock fence, but fortunately he was
not hurt
It seems that people don't always
sometimes practice what they preach,
They cry out in thunder tones, "Pat
ronize home institutions, do your .tra
ding with homefolks, and keep your
money at home." Our attention was
called to this recently by our merch
ants at Paint Lick sending out the ir
flaming posters, scattering them here
and there over the county, and telling
the people of Garrard of their many
bargains, and asking them for their
patronage. After we got through
reading the posters we cast our eye
down and at the bottom of one was
a Richmond imprint, and at the
bottom of the other was the Moun
iain Echo, imprint Now, Mr. Merch
ants, do you think this is right? Ask
the people of Garrard to patronize
you, but you go off to neighboring
towns to have your printing done. We
have a first-class printing office in Lan
caster, and they are prepared to do all
kinds of printing there, and will do it
as cheap as any body, and, further
more, the office is run by Louis Lan
dram, one of the cleverest boys in the
county. Practice what you preach,
and patronize home-folks.
PjHf amaNUBIAN TEA curcs Dyftpep-
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gestion. Regulates the Liver. Price, 25 cla.
Prepare for Cyclones!
By Insuring your Houses.
Insure your Hemp!
And Take No Risk of Loss.
We write these Policise
General Insurance. Lancaster. Ky.
It is impossible for the system
to withstand the demands mado
upon it just at this season, with
out the assistance of a good puri
fying and strengthening tonic.
The changes which Nature decrees
shall take place each spring are
so severe that a breakdown is
almost sure to come. It i3 wise
that all possible assistance be
given during this period, as upon
this purifying process depends the
health for the entire summer.
Everybody just now should take a
thorough course of Swift's Specific
which thoroughly cleanses the
blood of all the accumulated im
purities, tones up and strengthens
the entire system, and aids Nature
in renovating and renewing the
body so as to render it healthy and
strong. Those who purify their
blood with b. b. b. at this season
are well fortified against the many
forms of disease so prevalent dur
ing the dreaded heated term, for
it has been demonstrated that tho
system that is thoroughly purified
in the spring is well prepared to
resist disease all summer.
No other remedy on the market
is equal to Swift's Specific as a
spring medicine, because it is the
only purely vegetable blood rem
edy and is guaranteed absolutely
iree irom potasn, mercury and all
other minerals. It cleanses, pun
fies, builds up and strengthens
Insist on S. S. S., for there is noth
ing half as good.
Airs. J. D. Gulley is with her moth
er, Mrs. John Lackey, who is very sick
with pneumonia. Miss Venie Wilson,
of Nicholasville, and Mis Sallie My
ers, of Wilmore, are the charming
guests of Miss Irene Simpson. Tom
Martin, of Stanford; was the guest of
K. Lt. Warner, Monday. Mr. and Mrs.
W. O. Hardin visited Mr. and Mrs.
Will Long, at Marksbury, the lattar
part of last week. Miss Lillie Lee
Pre witt, of Kirksville, has returned to
her home after spending a week with
relrtives here. Miss Altie Long visit
ed Miss Maggie Saidler last week and
attended preaching at Buckeye.
The relatives hero of Mrs. Lou.
Brown, of Shelbyville, received a tele
gram from there stating she was very
sick with lever.
M. II. Forbes leaves for Mt Hebron
in a few days to reside.
Two of our citizens, W. F. Henrv,
Sr., and R. L. Kelley, are confined to
their rooms by sickness.
Don't annoy others by your cough
ing, and rhk your life by neglecting a
cold One minute Cough cure cures
coughs, colds, croup, grippe and all
thro t and lunj troubles. Stormes
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Kahn Brothers and the Riverside Tail
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clothing houses in the nation. Supe
rior work' and satisfaction guaran
teed before payment is male. "All
Wool," "Imported" and "Made-to-measure1"
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Competition invited in prices and
quality. M. D. Hughes, Agent
A New
Also a Variety of
Orders taken for all Foreign orDonustic Magizincs or Newspapers.
E.W. Lillard.
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our return call and make jour choice.
Successor to Lackey & Gulley.
First-Clas .
a b
faoo.ooe.oo ) ( J65,oeo.e.
A. R. Dinky. President.
Jno. E. 8TOBMX8, Vice President.
Wm. H. KiifNAiRO, Cashier.
S.C.Dsmnt, J. F. Robinson. Jb,
Assistant Cash'r. Book-keeper.
S. T. Embkt Ais't Book-keeper.
Sam'l. D.Cochran, Jar SpllBsan,
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Line of
11 Boies ai Tales
Jno. B. Stout.
& Sionz,
-A I M
Teeth filled and extracted with
nn nnln fpnwn .ml Il.t,,
Wort ft anpHnltv nffi 1 t ii.,..i...
hardware store, next to Court House, Lancas
Capital, - . $100,000
Surplus, Fund 15,000
Ourcfal mad Prompt Atteatloa OaanaUMI
J. M. Higginbotham President
Lswm Y. Lmatslim Ylee-Presldeat
B. F. Hudson Cashier
W. O. Ribnbt Assistant Cash'r.
CD. Walxbb Bookkeeper
J.M.Hiosinbothax, Lbwis Y.Lbatbxl,
J. 8. Johnson, T.M.Abnold,
H.CAbnold, Jb. B.F. Hudson.
K. C. Branch.
Jonth-b'nd Mixed, passes Lancaster, 3:40 r. M.
North-b'nd Mixed, 4 S :00 a.m.
KaoxvlIIe Branch.
North bound Mall, passe Stanford, 12:37 7. M
North-b'nd Express, " " 3:13 a.m.
South-b'nd Express, " " 12:04 r. m.
Sonth-boand Mall, " " lS7r. M.
Queen Jt Crescent Koute.
Number 10 (Dally except Sunday).. ..6:09 a. m.
Number 6 (Dally 1:41 p.m.
Number -4 (Dally) Flag 331 a. m.
Number 2 (don't stop) 3:50 a.xa.
Number 1 (don't stop) 1I:S5 a. m.
Number 5 (Dally ) 11 Ala. m.
Number 9 ( Dally except 8nnday ) 8 :10 p. m.
Number 3 (Midnight fla) Dally 11:55 p.m.
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Patents taken tbroash Maaa Jt Co. recatra
Scientific Jmerkm.
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Terms, as a
year-1 oar months, SI. Bold by aH newsdealers.
year four month. L Sold by aH newsdealer.
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