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I.OVXS ZAXDRAiT, Publisher.
SOne Yfar, in advance
Six Months. " ....
These " "
. . J25
FRIDAY, April 1, -
I11 obedlcure to the requests of Democrats in
m-rv nart of the Kiclitli Congressional DIs
trictl nnd in accordance with my desire to be
of service to the Democratic party and the
country, mention una important times, 1 an
liomice tnvself a candidate for Congress, sub'
ject to the action of the Demoaratic party.
A a loyal'Democrat, I have always support
od the nominees :ml idatforms of the DeniO'
cratlc party and I now support the p'atform
udopted ly tne las; itationui Democratic uon
vention, held at Chicago.
I- am slueerelv rriitefiil for the cordial sun
port given me by the Democrats of the Highlit
Congressional District in the past, and I have
tried to nhow my appreciation of their confi
dence and kindness, by unceasing efforts, to
be a lattlilul ana eiucleut itcprcseutative.
If honored by the nomination. I believe, I
can with the aid of my brother Democrats, re
deem the district, and In the future as in the
past my best efTorts shall be given to the faith
ful dit-charge of all duties required of me.
jAMus b. Mccreary,.
March 15, 1S9S. Richmond, Ky
Latkst developments indicate that
the limit of congressional patience has
been reached, and that by to-morrow.
and, perhaps today, war will be de
clared unless Spain recedes from her
position and grants absolute inde
pendence to Cuba. Nothing short of
this wil be tolerated, as indicated by
congressional proceedings Tuesday
and Wednesday when a flood of reso
lutions for intervention or war poured
in, and by a conference of fiftjr Repub
lican members of Congress held. Dis
patches say President McKinley can
no longer delay the crisis, and his
chief ally, Speaker Reed, for once
finds himself a Samson shorn of hit
locks. Resolutions for immediate in
tervention or declaring war against
Spain came thick and fast in both
houses of Congress from Republicans,
Democrats, silver Republicans and
l'opulists. All think the day of reck
oning and time for decisive action has
arrived. Representative Marsh in his
resolution used the language of the
resolution declaring war against Eng
land in 1812, substituting Spain for
England. Senator Foraker's resolu
tion was brief and pointed, recogniz
ing the independence of Cuba and de
claring for intervention. It authoriz
ed the President "to use the entire
land and naval forces of the United
States to put them into effect" Oth
cr equally ns not resolutions were
showered in both House and Senate.
McKinley is showing his teeth to
the mad congress that wants to fight
him. He has announced to members.
who have demanded immediate actioi.
and making threats, that he is Presi
dent of the United States and will fol
low the course he thinks wise. Ht
has told them that if congress desire
to head off all negotiations that max
lead to the freedom of Cuba withou
the shedding of more blood, it has th
liht to do so, but that he felt it hi:
duty to tell the American people t
exhaust every honorable means o
b-inging about the independence o
the island without war. He has au
thorized the correspondents to so state
that he is unalterable in his determi
nation that Cuba must be free, and il
that freedom can not be accomplishec
by agreement with Spain, it will be
enforced by that war for whJch prep
arations are so 7 gorously made.
Matters at the capital are at a white
heat, and there is no telling what ai
hour may bring forth.
The Richmond Pantagraph man hat
been studying up on the pronuncia
tion of Spanish names. Ia the Span
ish, as in all other languages, propei
names are not always pronounced ac
cording to rules, but in most case
they are. The Pantagraph editoi
says: A has the sound of ah, e thi
sound of a, i the sound of e, o is lonr.
as in pole, j the sound of b, and a a:
in yule. A double 11 sounds like ly in
Z has the sound of th. Yhas thesounc
of long c. C. frcquentlyhas the sounu
of th. and so does s. X often has tht
h sound. The stress is usually on tht
second syllable or next to the last
when more than one syl"able. Thu
we have in lilanco, ltlonko. De Lome
is Day Lo-Ma, licrnabe is Bayer-XAH-bay.
Gomez is Go-mayth. Garcia it
Gar-the-ah. l'ando is Pahn-do. Vis
caya is Veeth-ca-c-ah. Sagasta, Sah-gahs-ta.
Telayo, Pay-lah-e-o. Al mi
ran te Aquendo, Ah-may-rolu-tay Ah-kane-do.
Infanta Maria Teresa. Een-fahn-tah
Mah-ree-ah Tay-ray-sah. Don
Antonio Ulloa, Doan Ahu-to-ne-o Ule-lo-yah.
Infanta Isabel, Eeen-fahn-tate
Eees-ah-bale. Castilla, Cahs-teel-yah.
Chihuahua, She-wah-wah. Al
miranto Aquendo, Ahl-me-rahu-tay
Ah-kane-do. These rules properly fol
lowed give the correct pronunciatioi
except in cases where custom give
some other.
We were told in Washington by a
democrat, who is one of the. most con
servative members of the Senate, that
the only reason of delay in declaring
war. was that this country was short
of ammunition. We have the ma
chinery but the explosives are short
It is in order to lay in a supply o'.
these that so much time' has been lost
in making demands upon Spain. He
said it was easy enough to get into
the fight, as we had all justifiable
groands for it, bufSpain would be
hard to down, our ammunition was
s'lort and it would be absolute folly
t engage in hostilities until we were
safely prepared. We were told this
'with 'the understanding that the pres
ident wanted the matter kept quiet,
b it Saturday's papers told of a cym-
I KMI VlS CoUc Neuralgia and Toothache
in five minutes. Sour Stomach
and Summer Complaints. Price, 25 Cents.
We print circulars.
bling- - headed congressman giving
away the matter, ami it was publish
ed to the four winds.
Probably eight thousand enthusias
tic people saw the grand ship, Ken
tucky, glide into the ocean at Newport
News Thursday. As per nrosrain.
Miss Christine Rrad'ey, the beautiful
and accomplished daughter of our for
mer townsman, Gov W. O. llradley.
smashed over the vessels prow a bot
tle of pure water taken from the spring
on the farm where Abraham Lincoln
lived. A band ot music played "Old
KentuckyHome",the Kentuckians yell
ed and, altogether, the ceremonies are
considered the most enthusiastic ewr
witnessed at a launching. A big re
ception was held, at which Gov. llrad
ley responded to the toast, "Kentucky."
The Governor's speech is highly com
plemented by the press and is indeed
a fine one. The dispatches say that
many flasks of old bourbon whisky
were thrown at the ship 'by supersti
tious and enthusiastic Kentuckians.
Kkntuckiajjs' love for the cup that
cheers is the subject for many so-call
ed joke writers to work off their stale
productions. The eastern press is now
straining its orain to work off some
thing funny over the report that when
Richmond, Va., was reached by the
Kentucky excursionists to the launch
ing, not a drop of water was found in
any of the ten Pullman cars The
railroad employes made the discovery,
mere navmg oeen no complaint from
the passengers. If Kentuckians have
the price and want a drink, it's nob')-
ly's business, and the jab at the colo
nels by those who do not drink sim
ply because they are too stingy to buy
it, are getting to bo both stale and
uov. oitTiiiNGTON vetoed the ci
garette bill, saying it was unconstitu
tional. If there was any chance of
the bill checking the use of the little
coffin nails, it ought to have stood,
constitutional or unconstitutional. We
do not object to how many cymbling-
headed dudes they kill, but we would
like to have the vile odor abolished
from public places. We would rather
have a live skunk pitched into our of
fice than for a puffing, stinking cigar
ette fiend to enter.
E had the pleasure last week of
traveling in company with Mr. Green
R. Keller, of the Carlisle Mercury,
who was on his way to the launching
of the ocean bull-dog, Kentucky. Mr.
Keller is a gentleman exceedingly
well-versed on prominent men and
matters, and it would be hard to find
more congenial company. He has
bjen in the newspaper harness all his
life and there is no branch of the
xvork upon which he is not thorough
ly posted.
We talked with many prominent
and conservative men in Washington
last week and all were of the opinion
that the United States would have
just a little harder time whipping
'apain than most people expect.
Uxcle Sam had better not be too
sure of licking Spain. Over-confidence
.s a bad article to have around.
It will not hi as easy to thr ash
Spain as it is to roll off a log.
Children like it, it savjs their lives
We mean One minute Cough Cure, the
infallible remedy for coughs colds,
croup, bronchitis, grippe, and all
throat and lung troubles. Stormes
Drug Store. lm
Miss Katie White is still quite sick.
The washing rain? have done great
damage to the plowed ground in this
Mr. El White was in our vicinity
Saturday and Sunday. Miss Katie Wal
ters spent Saturday and Sundar with
her parents, and attended preaching.
We were glad to see her in Hubble
igain. Mr. and Mrs. Price Sutton,
and Miss Bettie Alexander, of McCrea
ry, were here for a day or two the
first of the week visiting friends.
Many fear that early fruit will be
injured by freezes later, as peach trees
have already bloomed.
The little son and daughter of Mr.
James Smith, spent last week with
their aunt. Miss Sallie Smith.
The wheat crop of this section is
better than for several years, and the
prospect for a big crop is flattering.
Mr. Verge Rice- happened to a very
serious accident Sunday. While re
turning home from church his horse
oecame frightened and did great dam
age to the buggy, but did not hurt
Little Maggie "WTmot is rapidly re
covering. She was badly hurt by be
ing thrown from a mule two weeks
Mrs. W. H. Bland has received a
supply of premium goods from her
ompauy in Cincinnati, and will com
mence the delivery of same this week.
E. & Young and brother Joe, of
Cumberland county, lotted 35 yearling
heifers ever Sunday, with S. M. Spoon
amore, which they disposed of on the
Lancaster market Monday, at fair
The 70 acres of land advertised by
J. P. Bland for sale, was bought by
his son, W. H. Bland, Monday at Lan
caster, at S20.10 per acre. He will
likely build and make it .his home.
Thousands of sufferers from grippe
have been restored to health by one
Minute Cough Core. It quickly cures
coughs, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia
grippe, asthma, and all throat and
lun ' diseases. Stormes, Drue Store.
Wanamaker & Brown are giving
esc'i customer from $3 to $5, in the
price of salts, as the customer saves
that much and gets a perfect fit
If. D. Hughe?, Agent,
Mrs. Mary Harlan is suffering with
lv g.-ippe.
Mr. George Bright is quite sick at
C. A. Robinson's with pneumonia.
Mr Andrew Popi, of Hoyle, was at
the b idside of his sister, Mrs. Harlan,
N. II. IJ.igie, our enterprising mer
chant is receiving new goods every
day, and is now ready to supply all
Rev. W. Kuykend ill left Sunlay for
Waddy, where ho will hold a two
weeks' protracted meeting.
Misses Georgia Henry, Rella and Al-
lie Arnold, of Lancaster, were the
guests of Mi&s Sallie Herring, Sunday.
A. D. Hughes and Mrs. Katie Aldridge
returned Tuesday from the funeral o.
their aunt, Miss Sophia Hughes. Mr.
and Mrs. S m Parks and little daugh
ter, Waddie Lee, of Bryan tsville, spent
Tuesday with the family of II. D. Aid
A little boy asked for bottle of "get
up in the morning as fast as you can
the druggist recognized a household
name for , 'Dd Witt's Little Early
Risers." and gave him a bottle of those
famous little pill for constipation sick
headache, liver and stomach troubles.
Stormes' Drug Store. lm
The rains of the past week have put
the roads in a very bad condition.
Noah Marsee, who has been ill with
pneumonia, at Frankfort, returned to
his home.
Rev. J. L Wills was again in his pul
pit at this place Saturday and Sunday,
and delivered two excellent sermons.
Eugene Borkele bought a calf from
Jas. Crawford, at 15.
Miss Ida Duncan, who has been
teaching a three month's school at
High Bridge, returned to her home
here Saturday.
The good sisters of ML Hebron
church, having finished one of the
quilts for the benefit of the church,
brought it forward Saturday. After
services it was sold to Rev. J. L Wills
at five dollars, 'the other one will be
sold at the next church meeting.
Geo. Huffman, who was sentenced
four yoars ago to the penitentiary for
seven years, was pardoned a few days
ago by Lieut Governor Worthington
and is at his home near here.
Thirty-five years make a generation,
That is how long Adolph Fisher, of
Zanesville, O., suffered from piles. He
was cured by using three boxes of De-
Witt't Witch Hazel Salver. Stormes'
Drug Store. lm
A number of our people were vacci
nated last week.
There was one case of small pox on
Posey Ridge, Madison county last
week, but was taken to the past house
at Richmond Saturday night.
The news went out last week that
Buckeye had a case of small pox, but
happily there was more mischief than
truth in the report
Aunt Paulina Beaumont, as she was
familiarly called by all who knew her.
was laid to rest beside her husband in
the old family Beaumont burial
ground, Sunday afternoon, aged
A large number of friends and rela
tives were present at the burial.
Died, on the 29th inst, Mr. Freeman
Lane, burial the following day at
Buckeye. The bereaved family have
the sympathy of the community.
We had a big dog fight in which sev
eral dogs were engaged on our street
Monday, and was very enjoyable for a
time, judging from the amount of
hissing and laughing done by the spec
tators. A drove of 50 cattle passed through
here Monday, belonging to John and
Newt Hendren, of Madison, which
they had bought at Lancaster court,
paying $20 per head.
Allen Teater bought at Lancaster
court 15 cattle at $15 per head.
John Lee Ray, of Stanford, visited
his parents here Sunday, accompanied
by Dr. Barge, the optician. Miss Lei
la Hendren, of Madison, made a flying
visit to Miss Hattie Jones, Saturday.
James Gulley, who has been sick, is
better at this writing. Mrs. Harrison
Ray is on the sick list Mrs. VV. G.
Jones is still confined to her bed.
Investigation shows that men who
succaed are men of brains strong
nerves great will-power. Ordinary
food cannotsuply the vital forces which
people with active brains and bodies re
quire. Bicola Pills feed the nerves
make the mind bright, muscles strong
make flesh and blood and give per
fect health to Men and Women. The
Turners of Philadelphia make Bico
la Pills.
J. E. Buckey, Chief Clerk National Hotel,
Washington, D. C. testiBes that he was all run
down was a shadow of his former self Bico
la Pills gave him wonderful relief he gained
over twenty pounds after using them.
Lancaster agent, B. . McRoberts, Pharma
cist. Turners' Little Liver Turners A very
small pill. Turn your liver. Cure Sick Head
ache Billiousness Indigestion.
More rain, more mud.
W. H. Furr sold two calves to Thos.
Collett for $44.
Thomas Worrell bought a hog from
Charlie Leavell for $6.
Milton Grayson returned from the
mountains a few days since with some
cattle for sale.
Wm. Coldiron sold his hogs a lew
days since for 3 1-2.
Ammy Parks sold some hay to Jake
CIoubb for 45c per hundred.
Ben Calico spent Sunlay with Jas.
Hawkins James Nay lor spent San
day at James Miller's.
Sunday school has convened at Good
Hope church.
We print price lists.
Wm Land and family have been vis
iting their mother, Mrs. Payne. J aek
Mullins, of Brodhead, is visiting his
grand niece, aunt Bettie Cummins.
Miss Maud Siler hasreturnel home
from Williamsburg, where' she has
been attending school. Woodard Lit
tle, of Dallas, Texas, is here on a visit
to old friends. He preacTTed at the
Methodist church Sunday and Sunday
night. Misses Annie Suda and Wadie
Thompson, of Mt Vernon, are visit
ing at the home of their une'e, A. J.
. Morgan bought Sjveral hogs here
last week from different parties for
3 1-4 cents.
Mat Sil r has returned from the
mountains with 50 head of cattle and
some sheep.
W. P. Durham, of Corbin, is here on
business and will build a new store
house for J. LHutchins while here.
Ben j. Hobbs sold a horse to Mr. Hor
ton for $40.
James Thompson, son of J.J.Thomp
son, and Miss Lottie Oldest, daughter
of S. W. Harber, elope 1 to Jefferson-
ville, Ind., and was made husband and
wife. Congratulations to the happy
Will Elmore sold a cow to Dick Rob
inson, for $24.
Office of State Hoard of Health.
Bowling Green, Ky , March 25, 1898.
To the officials. Physicians and Peoule of
This Board again gives warning that
an epidemic ot smalt-pox. Grave con
ditions already exist-in Bell. Whitlev
ana Madison counties, and cases are
reported in Knox and Mason counties.
So far the disease has been almost ex
clusively confined to negroes, but this
exemption of the white rate cannot
long us hoped -for if it continues to
In spite of repeate I and continued
warnings from this and county and
municipal boards, each community so
iar atiacKea was unprepared, a large
per cent. 01 ine population was unvac
cinated, and dangerous and costlv de
lays occurred before the character of
the disease was recognized, and hospi
tal and other provisions could be made
lor tne sick and exposed.
Under our laws this expense must I e
1... V, J . .
tu. yj uuc ujuuuuauuciuea anectea,
and it can only be made small by prop
er preparation before a case annears.
Had Middlesboro and Bell couutv been
thus foreheaded and roady to care for
the first cases, thousands of dollars
would have been saved in actual out
lay, very many thousands in loss of
business, and the officials and commu
nity the mortification of clamoring for
outside aid to do what they were am
piy ame 10 ao ior themselves.
In view of these facts, the Board ad
vises that each town and city at once
pass and enforces a comnulsorv vac
cination ordinance, beginning .with
me coioren race, Dut reaching every
body; that isolation hospitals or tents,
and suitable ground for their location.
he secured; that visiting and strange
negroes oenuntea out, vaccinated and
kept under observation, and especial
ly that physieians practicing amongst
uejjrues ue lustruciea as to tne uimcui
ty of recognizing mild -eases of small
pox and varioloid in this race, and of
the importance of calling in experi
enced counsel in every doubtful or
suspicious case. Those having this
work in hand should deal firmly, but
kindly, with every one, advising that
this work is being done for their pro
tection as well as that of the commu
nity. Quarantines against in'ected places,
the first resort of unpreprred towns,
do much acturl harm by giving rise to
a frlse sance of security, thus retard
ing the work of vaccination and prepa
ration, and, if rigidly enforced, are
much more expensive than the pre
cautions herein advised, besides caus
ing much financial loss by interference
with travel and commerce. No quar
antine can be legally established with
out the consent of this Board, and this
will not be given unless the circum
stances are very exceptional. Commun
ities maintaining unauthorized quar
antines are liable to persons suffering
injvries or damages therefrom.
At this time every person in Ken
tucky should be vaccinated or revacci
nated. If properly protected it will
not take, and if it takes there is need
of it. The vaccination should always
be done in three places about an inch
apart by a competent physician, wtth
clean hands and instruments upon a
well cleaned arm, by scraping off the
scarf skin without drawing blood, and
should be allowed to dry thoroughly
before the sleeve is put down, ana
should be protected for a few days
with a clean cloth or absorbent cotton.
This will give the best chance for a
successful result, with much less sore
ness and suffering.
Fresh, reliable virus may alwavs be
had from the National Vaccine Estab
lishment, Washington City, or from its
agents, The Henry Drug Co., of Louis
ville. Vaccination from the arm of a
child known to be healthy is equally
This Board holds itself in readiness
to aid local boards to the full extent of
its powers, but little aid will be need
ed from it if each commuity will intell
igently prepare to take care of itself.
By order of the Board.
J. M. Mathews, M. D.,
J. N. McCormack,
D14MamNUB!AN TEA cures Dyspep-
IWIIIVI v uia, Constipation and Indi
gestion. Regulates the Liver. Price, 25 cU.
Prepare for Cyclones!
By Insuring your Houses.
Insure your Hemp!
AndFTake No Risk of Loss.
We write thse Policise
General Insurance, Lancaster, Ky.
It is true wisdom for every
body to take a thorough course of
Swift's Specific just at this season
of the year. The blood is sluggish
and impoverished, and the system
is full of impurities which should
ho eliminated. In addition to
thoroughly cleansing the blood,
and toning up the system so as to
avoid loss of appetite and a gen
eral run-down feeling in the
spring, S. S. S. so strengthens and
builds up as to fortify against the
many forms of dangerous illness
that abound during the hot sum
mer season. It is a very small
matter to take this precaution but
it insures health and strength all
summer. Swift's Specifio
is far ahead of all other remedies
for this purpose. It is a real
blood remedy which promptly
purifies the blood and thoroughly
renovates the entire system, tones
and strengthens the stomach, and
renews the appetite. It is the
only safe tonic, being purely vege
table, and the only blood remedy
guaranteed to contain no arsenic
sulphur, mercury, potash or other
mineral substance, which is of so
rnjach importance to all who know
the injurious effects of these drugs
Nature should be assisted by na
ture's remedy. S. S. S. Take
S. S. S. and be well all summer.
In Memory of Sim H. Arnold.
I heard this morning at dawn's earliest ray,
By a place so happy, death had called that
My heart sped on wings to the home of the
I thought how gladly some help I would lend
But I am as helpless as those who weep
By the bier of the son who lies asleep.
While whispered by those who knew him in
Heaven pity the family, poor Thomps and
his wife.
We know it was God who called for your son
Even from this we shriek ever and anon.
The decrees of a Master are hard to obey.
When they are ours who fall in the sickles way.
Why was he called In the Spring time of his
Reason oilers in his stead a sage.
The oak and the rose are exposed to this toncl.
Manh;od and youth must surrender as such
All who live mnst share his fate,
Twixt the morn of life and the evening late.
He was honest, manly and his word was good,
Not one of these, would I change if I could.
Be guided by this onward tread,
The cloud will move, you will see ahead,
Look beyond the grave to the home of his God,
Meekly bow and kiss the rod.
Written in memory of poor, dear Sim,
By a friend who loved him, and his name is
It is a great leap from the old fash
ioned doses of blue-mass and nauseous
physics to the pleasent little pills
known as De Witt's Little Early Risers.
They cuse constipation, sick headache
and biliousness. Stormes' D.ug Store.
Acetylene Gas, The light ot the future.
Why not be independent and own
your own little gas plant which will
give four times more light than ordi
nary gas or electric lights at one half
the cost? Applicable for use in church
es, stores, factories, hotels, residences
and country homes; safer than ordi
nary gas or kerosen lamps. Approved
by all the Boards of Underwrites
throughout the United States. We
want a first class agent in every town.
Write for catalogue and prices.
The AcETYLEne Gab Machine Co.,
Akron, Ohio.
To the Klondike, Alaska, North and
Northwest, First-class service via the
Queen & Crescent Route, with thro'
Pullman Sleepers to Cincinnati, Louis
ville and St Louis. Vestibuled trains
from New Orleans, Birmingham, Meri
dian, Jacksonville, Atlanta and Chat
tanooga. Ask your railroad agent for
particulars, or write to O. L. Mitchell,
D. P. A., Chattanooga, Tenn.
Mastic Mixed Faint-
White Lead and Oil.
We are Glad to Sell Either.
Orders taken for all Foreign or Domestic Magizines or Newspapers.
E. W. Lillard.
Stationery, Faints, Oils, Stc.
WE lliE TO S
That will Fit and Please You.
Skoes, Hats and FurmsMag (goods.
Leading Shoe and Furnishing House
Danville, Ky.
I have a new line of
Chiflons, Mouselines, all of the latest
colors. Next week I will go to the
cities to purchase a full stock for
Spring and Summer. Miss Lanra
Smith will go with me to assist in se
lecting all the newest novelties. On
our return call and make your choice.
Successor to Lackey & Gulley. I
Fir st-C las'
mm mm.
( $65,oeo..
A. R. Dummy, President.
Jno. . STOBXE8, Vice President.
Wm. H. Kinhaibd, Cashier.
8. C. Dim mt, J. F. Robinson. Jb,
Assistant Cash'r. Book-keeper.
R. T. Embbt Ass't Book-keeper.
Sam'l. D. Cochran, Jas Spllman,
Alex. R. Denny. A. C. Robinson.
W. S. Cook, L. Davidson,
Jno. K. Stormes,
It Will Be Done Bight
If you Bring Your
work to-
at Arnold shop on Danville street.
Scientific Horseshoeing, Repairing of
Wagons, Euggies, and all kinds of ve
hicles Promptly and Substantially
LbbbbW TaW
Wholesale Distributor.
Jno. B. Stout.
ju ZQ1SLZ,
Teeth filled and extracted with
nnt Tftin frnvn urtH RrfricrA
1 Bridge,
i urns specialty, umce over j. k. iiaseiaei
&raware store, next to Court House,
Capital, - - $100,000
Surplust Fund 15,000
Garafal aad Prompt Attention Guaranteed
J. M. HieoiNBOTHAM President
Lbwis Y. Lbavbll. Tlee-Presldeni
B. P. Hudson Cashier
W. O. Riqnxy Assistant Cash'r.
CD. Walxbb Bookkeeper
J. 8. Johnson, t. M. Abnold,
H. C. Abnold. Jb. B. F. H udson.
Albx.Gibbs, J.J.Walxm
Jacob T. Robinson.
K. C. IS ranch,
ionth-b'nd Sllxed, passes Lancaster, 3:40r. sr.
Nor th-b'nd Mixed, ' 8 :00 a. it.
KaoxvlIIe Branch.
North-bound Mail, passes Stanford, 12:37 r. x
North-b'nd Express, " " 3:13 a. x.
Bouth-bonnd Mail, 127 r.&.
Queen & Cresceat Boat.
north bound.
Number 10 (Dally except Sunday).. ..6:09 a. m.
Number 6 (Daily 1:41 p.m.
Number 4 (Daily) Flajr 3:31 a. m.
Numbers (don't stop) 3:50a.m.
Number 1 (don't stop) 11:55 a. st.
Number 5 (Dally ) 11 33 a. m.
Number 9 (Daily except Sunday) 8:10 p.m.
Number 3 (Midnight flag) Daily 1135 p.m.
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