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Sec ad town lots at auction.
Saturday, April 9th, I will have my Spring and
Summer opening, at which time I will display
as fine assortment of trimmed goods as was ever
shown in town. My stock is now complete and
I invite all of my customers to come and inspect
FRIDAY. April, 8, - - 1898.
-DT?I?CrXT vt T
jir. Charles Frisbie was in Stanford
E. C. Gaines has returned from a bus
iness trip to Louisville.
Miss Mary Miller entertained a few
friends Monday evening.
Commonwealths Attorney, John Sam
Owsley was in town this week.
Mrs. Eliza Eason was called to the
bedside of her brother in Missouri.
Misses Ellen and Stella Ballou were
visitors of Mrs. II. M. Ballou Sunday.
Mrs. E- W. Ilarris and daughter,
Miss Florence, were in Danville Sat
urday. Dr. and Mrs. Walter Beazley visited
relatives in Crab Orchard the first of
the week.
Miss Lena Briirht has recovered suf
ficiently to be among1 her many friends
Mesdames Jno E. Stormes and Geo.
D. Robinson were in Danville last
week shopping.
Mr. Howard Bruce, of Danville, was
the guest of his cousin, Miss Mabel
Royston, Sunday.
Miss Ilellen Thurmond his returned
to her home ia Stanford after a visit
to Miss Katie S:mpson.
Misses Inona and Mollie Douglass
have moved to Versailles, where they
will reside through the summer.
Mrs. E L. Ows'ey will go to New
York next week to be the guest of her
brother Mr. Benjaminc Letcher.
Mr. J. C. Thompson has been slightly
under the weather this week, but is
able to be back at his jewelry estab
lishment. Col. John B. Brewer, Lebanon, was
in town this weelc Col. Brewer is one
of the most popular drummers on the
road and is always a welcom visitor to
this, his old home.
Miss Mary Welch returned yesterday
morning at -J a. in., from a vcy pleas
ant trip to Florida. She was met at
Chattanooga by Mr. Liuis Spc:.ri and
Miss Bessie Chrisman, of this county,
which made a deliphtf ul party to Nich
olasv'.lle. Nicholasvitle Journal.
The Falmouth Tendletonian says;
Mrs. W. L. Wayts, wife of our new
Baptist minister, is still confined at a
Lexington hospital. She underwent
an operation a few weeks since and her
recovery has been slow. Mrs. Wayts
was Miss Mirion Wolford, a beauti
ful girl and brilliant pianist, of Lan
caster. Her father was the gallant
Kentuckian. CoL Francis Marion Wol
ford, who fell in the civil war.
Call at my store and we will ex
plain how to
Get One of tee Boasters Free!
I now have on hand
tie Best Garden Seeds in Bulk.
A. & B. Coquet and Proctor Knott
Cigars. Best in the market.
We handle only the Best Goods
and strive to please.
Morgan Denmark.
Morgan Denmark is a bay stallion, 1C hands
high. He is splendidly bred, as a glance at bis
pedigree will show. He will make tbe present
season of 189S at our stable, on the new Lan
Lancaster pike, 5 miles from Danville,
At $5.00 to Insure a Living Colt.
Care takan to prevent accidents, but not re
sponsible should any occur.
Lien retained on colts for the season money.
Mares traded before fact Is ascertained makes
season money due.
Morgan Denmark was foaled in 1889. He is
by On Time, son of Stonewall Jackson; 1st dam
Lady Morgan, by Stonewall Jackson ; 2nd dam
by Virginia; 3rd dam by Matchless; 4th dam
by Transby.
Morgan Denmark is one of tbe best bred sad
dle stallions In Kentucky. Has good mane and
ta.il. and good, long, rangy neck. Don't fail to
see him Will also stand ONE GOOD MULE
JACK at .U to insure.
I S3 6t. Danville, Ky.
Dr. B. F. Walter, dentist, office over
II. M. Ballou's grocery.
New stock of french lambrequin tis
sue pap;r at Thompson';..
J. A. Beazley & Co. have a large and
handsims linetwf wall paper. Prices
to suit the people.
A daly mail has been established to
Marcellus. This will be quite a con
venience to the patrons of that office.
Speed Yoang, a negro, was tried be
fore Judge Burnside Wednesday for
stealing meat from Mr. James Ste
vens, lie was held to the grand jury.
You can see the best, cheapest and
largest line of vehicles ever seen in
Lancaster at W. J. Romans Carriage Co.
I was reading an advertisement of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhoea Remedy in the Worcester Ea
terprisa recently, which leads me to
wiite this. I can truthfully say I nev
er use-1 any remedy equal to it for col
ic and diarrhoea. 1 have never had to
use more than one or two doses to cure
the worst case with myself or children.
W. A. Stroud, Popomoke City, Md
For sale by It. E. McRoberts Lancas
ter, Ky.
Itoud Supervisor.
The Fiscal Court has elected Robert
Whitaker as supervisor of the various
roads in the county. He is to receive
SO per mile per year. There are now
about seventy miles of free pikes in
ihe county. When the other roads are
purchased Mr. Whitaker is to receive
the same amount additional for them
lie is a good man for the place and
will see that the work is done prop
erly. Southern Baptist Convention Nor
folk, Va., May 5-12 1S93. Tickets on
sale via the Queen fc Crescent Route at
the rate of one fare for rouund trip
from all points on its linu to Norfolk,
Va., on account of the Southern Bap
tist Convention which meets at that
point May 5-12, lS'JS. D ites of sales,
May 2nd to Gth, good to return 10 days
after date of snle. The most attrac
tive route to Xorf jlk is via the Qaeen
vt Crescent Route.
Rids AVautt'il.
Wanted, bids on 4 new stone cros
sings to be S to 10 inches thick and IS
inches wide. Romans and Thompson,
street committee.
WauteJ, bids on tile for one culbert,
3D inches in diameter, about3J ft. long.
Romans and Thompson, street con.
Wanted, bids on laying tile culbert
33 ft- long and building stone wall at
mouth 4 ft. high, C ft. long. Romans
aid Thompson, street committee,
Sheriff James Saunters u'prised
his many friends Tuesday, by taking
unto himself a wi'e. The young ly-
dy's name was Miss Sallie Arnold,
daughter of Mr. II. Clay Arnold. The
ceremony was performed by Elder
Bailey, of Richmond, at the residence
of the bride's father. The bride is a
strikingly handsome lady, and a true
type of pure and noble woman. Mr.
Saunders has won for a wife one who
will always be a joy to him. The
Rkcord extends congratulations, and
wishes the happy couple smooth sail
ing o'er life's tempestuous sea.
'Will Volunteer as Nurses.
In case of war with Spain any num
ber of patriotic Lexington j-oung la
dies will take up the cause of freedom
and horns and volunteer as nurses.
The Lexington Argonaut says a young
lady of that city, Saturday, while read
ing the war bulletins in front of the
Argonaut office, declares that if war
was declared she would go as nurse
and do all in her power to whip the
hated Spaniards. This is patriotism
of the right stripe, and the young la
dy will no doubt be jined by other
Blue Grass beauties who will lend
their pleasant countenances in reliev
ing the sufferings of those fighting for
their country and their homes.
A Beautiful Poem.
Read by Eld George Gowen at the
funeral of Miss Minnia West.
II I should die tonight
My friends would look upon my quiet face
Before they laid It it its last resting place,
And deem that death had left it almost fair
And, laying sno -white flowers against my hair,
Would smooth It down with tearful tenderness,
And fold my hands with lingering caress
Poor hands, so empty and so cold to-night;
If I should die tonight
My friends would call to mind with loving
Some kindly deed that my icy hands had
Some gentle word the frozen lips had said;
Errands on which the willing feet had sped;
The memory of my selfishness and pride,
My hasty words, would all be put aside,
And I should be lov d to-night.
If I should die to-night
Even hearts estranged would turn once more
to me.
Recalling other days remorsefully.
The eyes that chill me with averted glance
Would look upon me as of yore, perchance,
And soften, In the old familiar way;
For who could war with dumb, nnconcions
So I might rest, forgiven of all, to-night.
Oh, friends, I pray to-night,
Keep not your kisses for de id, cold brow;
The way is lonely. let me feel them now.
Think gently of me; I am travel-wor.i;
My faltering feet are pierced with many a
Forgive, ob, hearts estranged, forgive, I plead;
When dreamless rest Is mine, I snail not need
The tendernesa for which I long to-aight.
Jim Hamilton's residence ciugkt
fire Wednesday, but the flames were
extinguished without much trouble.
Mr. AVame Kcttcr.
1 he Lancaster friends of Mr. M. T,
Warne, o Eaton, l'enn., will be de
Hghtel to learn that that gentcman
has recovered from his recent illness,
and is again able to get about. lie
will probably visit Lancaster this
Ten Dollars Reward.
During the last week, the'.ves .have
stolen absut twenty-five chickens from
Mrs. Pattie D. Gill. Mrs. Gill asks
The Recokd to state that she will
give ten dollars reward for informa
tion that will lead to the arrest and
conviction of the theives.
A Chance fur Investors.
Messrs. Owsley & Shanks advertise
elsewhere in today's Record that they
will sell their lots in Lancaster at
auction. This is a golden opportuni
ty for some one to buy the lots and
erect buildings which will pay big in
terest on the money. Now's the chance
gentlemen, to show how public spirit
ed and hustling you are.
Public Sale or Town Lots.
On Monday, April 25th 189S, being
county court at Lancaster, we will sell
at public auction on the premises four
(4) lots, situated on the South East
corner o.' Public Square, in the town
of Lancaster, Ky. Terms made to suit
the purchaser. Sale to begin at 2
o'clock p. in.
Owsi.ey & Shanks.
Prices Lower than Ever.
Tailor made suits at 12.50 to 30.
Satisfaction or no pay. You hava paid
S12 for ready-made suits that were not
as good as Wanamaker and Brown's
suits at S3, and their suits at SJ.5) and
11.50 are equal to other 15 suits, ba-
lng all-wool and beautiful in design
and finish. The suits at 13.50 and 15
usually sell for SI8 and S20, and their
20 suit is the same of quality, such
suits usually selling for 2". A com
parison of goods will prove that you
will save some dollars by eiv.nt me
your order.
ftl. U. Iiur.iiEs, Agent
Story of the Mischievous Boy AVho Plays
with Hearts.
1. Cupid or Amor is the Roman name
of the God of Love.
2. Cupii is represented as the son of
Venus and his father either Mars, Jup
iter or Mercury, and pictured as a
beautiful winged boy bearing a bow
and arrows.
3. Cupid's power over all animated
nature is described often as riding on
the backs of lions and other wild
beasts which he has tamed. He often
appears blindfold and bearing a bow
and quiver full of arrows.
4. Psyche, the youngest of the three
daughters of a king, it is said, aroused
by her bjauty the jealousy of Venus,
Cupid's moter. Venus, as a punish
ment, ordered Cupid to inspire Psyche
with a love for the most contemtible
of mortals. Cupid, however, when he
met Ps3che fell in love with her at
once. Psyche's sisters persuaded her
that Cupid, whom she had never seen
except at night, was a hideous mon
ster. And at night she arose and look
ed upon Cupid and to her delight saw
tha most lovely 01 faces, but a drop of
oil fell from her lamp and awoke Cu
pid. She fled and arrived at the palace
of Venus, who kept her as a slave.
l or her urntle obedience and silent
attention Venus consented to Psyche
becoming united to Cupid. Leisure
WhioTi is riRftar. to thoroughly
cleanse and purify the blood just
. if i:ui
now, or muKo yuuiBtJii jiuuiu w
the , many dangerous ailments
which are so prevalent during
summer? Impurities have been
accumulating in the blood all
winter, and right now ia the time
to get rid of them. A thorough
course of Swift's Specific is needed
to cleanse the blood and puri
fy the system, toning up and
strengthening it all over. Those
who take this precaution now are
comparatively safe all summer;
but to neglect it is to invite some
form of sickness which is so com
mon during the trying hot season.
It is now that a course of Swift's
will accomplish so much toward
rendering the system capable of
resisting the evil influences which
are so liable to attack it during
the summer when sickness is so
abundant. It is the best tonic
and system-builder on the market,
because it ia a real blood remedy
and is made solely to search out
and remove all impurities, and
nnTvnlvn.n abundance of'DUre. rich
and red blood. S. S. S. is made
exclusively of roots and herbs,
finrl ia Nature's own remedv. It
is purely vegetable, and is the
only blood remedy guaranteed to
contain no potash, mercury or
other mineral. Be sure to get S.
S. S. There is nothing half as
In Ms
We have on our floor two car
loads of the finest and most com
plete line of
ever shown in Lancaster. Our
prices are lower than can be found
anywhere. Our guarantee is bet
ter. We can save you from
5 to $25.00
on any vehicle 3-011 buy.
We also have a complete line of
.Harness we aref.offering exceeding
ly low.
Come and see ns. No
trouble to show goods.
W. J. ROMANS tamp Co.,
The members of the Baptist church
arc putting a new fence around their
church, so as to have things in good
shape by the first Sunday in May,
when the house will be dedicated.
Mr. Logan Thompson was here Tues
day on business.
Will Elmore sold a fat hog to Frank
Thompson for $5.53.
Bryant Bros., from Texas, were here
the first of the week looking for a
farm with the intention to buy.
Rev. Dave Iloltzclaw was here Mon
day on business
Mrs. Vessie Cummins will close her
school here this week.
J. L. Hutchins has the frame for his
store house up, and will finish in a few
Mrs James King is in poor health
and has been for some time.
Will Elmore sold a horse to G. A .
Siler for S2G.
Billic Ballard has gone to Missouri,
on a visit, Rev. J. S. Ragan is visit
ing his home folks this week. Mr.
Joe Pettus has returned to Lebanon.
Mr. and Mrs John Bingham went to
Walnut Flat Sunday.
Not Always Understood.
A fact often overlooked, or not al
ways understood, ia that women suffer
as much from distressing kidney and
bladder troubles as the men. ihe
womb is situated back of and very close
to the bladder, and for that reason any
distress, disease or inconvenience man
ifested in the kidneys, back, bladder
or urinary passage is often, by mistake,
attributed to female weakness or womb
trouble of some sort.
The error is easily made and may be
as easily avoided by setting urine aside
for twenty-four hours ; a sediment or
settling is evidence that your kidneys
and bladder need doctoring. If you
have pain or dull aching in tbe back,
pass water too frequently, or scanty
supply, with smarting or burning,
these are also convincing proofs of
kidney trouble. If you have doctored
without benebt, try Dr. .Kilmers
Swamp-Hoot, the great kidney remedy.
the mild and tbe extraordinary effect
will surprise you. It stands the high
est for its wonderful cures. If you
take a medicine you should take the
best. At druggists fifty cents and one
You may have a sample bottle and
pamplet both sent free by mail, upon
receipt of three two-cent stamps to
cover cost of postage on the bottle.
Mention The Central Kecord and
send your address to Dr. Kilmer & Co.
Bingbamton, N. Y. The proprietors of
this paper guarantee the genuiness, of
this offer. (3(
Womens' and Misses' -Garments.
Go to Mrs. M. D. Hughes' and see
the latest styles, and Wanamaker and
Browns' samples, for Womens' tailor-
or-made suits, waists, skirts, also
Misses' Jackets and suits, at Philadel
phia prices. Perfect fit guaranteed. I
also have boys' suits in the latest
style, atgrerlly reduced prices.
M. D. Hughes, Agent
Whan the hens are laying and sing
ing, and cocks are crowing, then you
may know that they are in good health;
but when they seem restless and are
constantly picking their feathers, look
for lice.
Many people gather thorns by fail
ing to heed tbe warning sent out by
d seased kidneys-coated tongue-parched
skin feverishness dull dragging
pain general feeling of weariness is
sure evidence of kidney and bladder
trouble. Take Utah Kidney B;ans at
oace they will cure you they have
cured thousands of others. 'IHE 1 URN
ers of Philadelphia make Utah Kid
ney Beans.
E. B. Samuels, County Clerk of Hickman
ennntv. Clinton Kentucky, testifies, that he
suffered for yeaas with horrible pains in the
back, kidneys and bladder was treated by
many physicians they Rave him no relief be
(tot so mat ne coma naraiy (una aione ui.nu
Kidney Beans, he says, completely enred him
He gladly recommends them, to all sufferers,
Lancaster agent, R. E. McRoberts, Pharmacist.
Turners' Little Liver Turners A veiy
small pin. Jtum your uyer. a ime iusuvs,
am BHurnuuucr put.
Shot and Killed by Harvey Sanders at
Crittenden, Ky.
Chittenden, KyM April 4. Harvey
Sanders, of Crittenden. Ky., and Dave
T. Franks, of Mt. Zion, Ky., had a
quarrel Saturday afternoon at Crit
tenden over some former trouble.
Dave T. Franks went to his home,
about three miles away, for his shot
gun, and on his return met Sanders in
Sechrist's saloon and renewed the
quarrel, when the barkeeper put them
both out and shut the door, when four
shots were heard, and going out he
found Franks lying dead in the street
with a bullet hole behind his left ear.
Franks' shotgun and Sanders both have
disappeared. Franks leaves a wife
and six children.
For the Equipment of the Kentucky Na
tional Guard Volunteers.
Frankfokt, Ky., April 2. Bills of
lading were received at the adjutant
general's oflice Friday for a consign
ment of new guns which are being
shipped from Indianapolis for equip
ment of the state guard. Other sup
plies are also being provided. Al
though it was stated at the office Fri
day that this is merely an annual cus
tom, there is no doubt that it is beinr
done to a more complete degree this
year because of the probability of
Adj. Gen. Collins' mail daily brings
dozens of letters from patriotic Kcn
tuckians who volunteer their services.
Wholesale Milliner, of Louisville, Ky.,
Makes an Assignment.
Louisville, Ky., April 1. Wm. II.
Byers, doing business as Cannon &
Byers, wholesale millinery, at 517 West
Main street, assigned Thursday to
John M. Byers. The assets are be
tween 50,000 and SG0.000, while the
liabilities are between 800,000 and 70,
000. The bulk of the creditors are in
the east. The failure is caused by the
fact that Mr. Byers has been ill fcr
some time and has been unable to per
sonally attend to his business, together
with the big slump in the millinery
business all over the country.
Lesingtoii After the Home.
Lexington. Ivy., April 1. William
Lindsay, of Owen ton; John S. Gaunt,
Carrollton, and Thomas J. Atkins, of
Paducah, a committee appointed to se
lect a location for the proposed wid
ows" and orphans home, to be erected
by the odd fellows of Kentucky, were
expected here Thursday. Wednesday
they visited Bowling Green and rriday
they will go to Millersburg. More
than Sl'J.000 towards the proposed home
has been subscribed by Lexington and
Fayette county.
Four K.lled in an K.ip oilon.
CAMri!Ki.i.svn.Li:, Ky., April i Fri
day morning the steam .shingle and
grist mill, four miles north of here, on
the Lebanon pike, belonging to Batliff
it Wright, exploded. Her boiler total
ly demolished the entire mill and kill
ed outright Thomas Batlill", Clarence
Ratlin", Dock Wright and Thomas New-
comb, all white, three of them mar
ried, and fatally wounded Bud Katliif.
There were only these live at the mill,
and no one left to explain how the ex
plosion occurred.
Five IVrsonn Drowned in Green Klvcr.
OwKNsr.oKO, Ky., April 4. A report
has reached this city that John Har
ris, two men named Hicks. Mm. Har
ris and her infant were all drowned
shortly after leaving Spottsville, on
tirecn river, a few days ago. The
party left Owensboro about two weeks
ago for Spottsville, intending to iloat
from that point to Arkansas. The re
port states their boat became unman
ageable on account of high water in
the Ohio.
Doesn't Fear ll.iiders.
Fraxkfokt, Ky., April 1. There is
evidently one county in the state that
has no fearof a visit from the turnpike
raiders, as articles of incorporation
were filed with the secretary of state
Thursday for the Independence Turn
pike Co., of Grant county. The cap
ital stock is $2,500. This is the first
turnrike company organized since the
raiding began two vears ago.
Prof. Graham Keidgiis.
Lexington, Ky., April 4. The ven
erable Prof. Cobt. Graham, of the Col
lege of the Bible of Kentucky univer
sity, has formally resigned the chair
of philosophy, which he has held since
the foundation of the college, 'Jl years
Store Destroyed by Fire.
Owexton, Ky., April 1. J. S.
Goodrich's store, house and stock of
merchandise at Gratis were burned
Thursday morning at a Joss of 4,000.
The origin of the lire is unknown.
Showers Gets L.fe Imprisonment.
Eliza uetiitowx, Ky., March 31.
The jury in the Showers murder case
found a verdict of manslaughter and
fixed the punishment at lift; imprison
ment. No appeal will be taken.
Mrs. aicdelland'a Purchase.
Lexington, Ky., April 1. Mrs. By
ron McClelland, widow of the noted
turfman, Thursday became owner of
one of th'j most desirable locations
in Lexington. She paid S'-O.OOO cash
for the Siebrecht property at the cor
ner of Short and Upper streets.
Wants SS35,00O Damages.
Paducah, Ky., April 2. Mrs. May
Derrington filed suit in the circuit
court against the Nashville, Chatta
nooga and St Louis Railway Co. for
825,000 damages. Her husband was in
the employ of the road and was killed
last December.
Dentil of Failax.
Lexington, Ky., April 2. Failax,
four-year-old bay colt by Imp. Deceiv
er, dam Lady Hamilton, the property
of H. It Ward, of Cynthiana, Ky., died
Thursday night at the Lexington
track. The "colt was in J. D. Stevens'
stable and had just been brought here
from New Orleans. Pneumonia caused
Wealthy Farmer Dead.
Owenton, Ky., March SO. John Mar
ston. one of Owen county's wealthiest
farmers.died Monday night at his home,
one mile from town, of consumption.
He leaves a wV' asd five children.
rMHtvl -Cuts, Bums, Bruises, Kheu
matism and Sores. Price, 25 cent
We print Invitations.
Ceil m Ac" Dic!nrelY7ncontitutional by a
Lou Hviile JuJe.
Lorisvii.i.K. Ky., April 5. Judge
Emmeit Field Monday morning de
cided that the census act in regard to
public schools passed hy the leg.slature
is unconstitutional. The decision was
rendered in a test case, brought by
thu Louisville school board, which
opposed the act as baing a criminal
indictment of every resident of Louis
ville. Judge Field held that the
preisont act relates almost entirely to
the. city of Louisville and the county
of Joirerson anil excludes certain
classes of children in this district that
are not excluded in others in the di
vision of the school fund. The. case
will go to the court of appeals. If sus
tained it will save the school board
50,000 per annum.
Three Men. Injured in the L.ttnnla Dis
tillery at Milld.iie.
Milldale. Ky., April 5. One of the
big mills in the Latonia distillery
burst at noon Monday. The injured
John Keller, leg broken; badly cut.
John Zolor, leg broken; bruises.
Ernest Griilin, bruised and cut.
A huge millstone broke, and frag
ments of iron and stone were sent
crashing about t-ho three men, who
were at work cleaning up the debrisof
Sunday night's lire, which caused a
lo,s of 55,000 in the millroom. It is
fcupposed that the heat of the fire
caused the stone to crack.
Doctors, who were hurried from
Covington, said they could not tell
how badly Keller and Zolor are in
Asked to Pray For the Safety of Consul
General I".tzliuli Lee.
Fkankfokt. Ky., April 2. At the
opening services at the Catholic church
Fridai night Uev. Father T. S. Major
'God loves a brave man. and it is
right for good people to pray for a
brave man when he is in danger.
There is a brave and a good man in
danger to-night, and I hope every one
in this congregation will pray for his
safety. I refer to Gen. l'itzhugh Lee.
In my opinion, if war is declared be
fore Gen. Lee leaves Havana, his life
will not be worth a pin."
It was an impressive scene when the
big congregation bowed their heads in
silent prayer for this noble man.
Important JieciHion.
Lexington, Ky., April 5. Merrick
Lodge of Odd Fellows, seeking to en
join the collection of state, county and
city taxes on its property, brought the
case before Circuit Judge Parker, who,
Monday, decided that the property is
not exempt from taxation, holding
that the funds of the order derived
from this property is not "wholly"' de
voted to public charity. The case will
be taken to the court of appeals.
S'x Skeletons Sitting in a Cave.
Uniontov.w", Kw, April 4. While
plowing in a field near this place Hen
ry Jackson, a farm hand, uncovered a
slab of stone. live feet square. Under
the stone were six skeletons in a sit
ting position. The grave was lined on
all sides with huge sand stones. Sev
eral pieces of quaint pottery and In
dian war implements were also found
in the grave.
Named II is Assistant.
Fkaxkkokt, Ky., April 2. E. E.
Wood, of Whitley count3 was ap
pointed assistant secretary of state
Friday by Secretary of State Finley.
Mr. E. D. Gulfy, former assistant sec
retary, resigned to become chief dep
uty in the ollice of Surveyor of the
Port Bennett, at Louisville.
Saw Death Ap-iroachlns:.
nAi:i:oisr.ui:o, Ky., April 4. Edgar
Sledger. a Cincinnati Southern brake
man, was fatally injured at Burgin.
lie was switching and his foot became
fastened in the frog. As the ear slowly
came down on him he bent over his
full length and his leg was cut off at
the thigh.
" New Case in liell County.
MiDOLKSiionorGit, Ky., April 5. No
new casss of smallpox here. The daily
inspections by the new corps of in
spectors are. thorough, and it is not
thought that any further new discov
eries will be made. No information
can be obtained as to time of revoking
the quarantine orders.
Henderson Assistance.
HnxnEiisox, Ky., April 5. Over S400
in money and groceries have been col
lected by Mayor Thompson and a few
other citizens. The mayor left Monday
evening on the 6 o'clock boat for the
scene of the Shawneetown disaster.
This city will give SI. 000 or more.
I.' xiiiS' oil's Court House.
Lexington, Ky., April 5. The con
tracts for all the work of rebuilding
Lexington's burned court house have
been let and work will begin in a few
davs. There was no competition for
the work, it not being let to the lowest
and best bidder.
Peaches Killed.
Bakbouiisville, Ky., April 5. Re
cent frosts have killed the peach crop
and greatly damaged the apple crop.
Whisky Revenue.
Lawken'cebut.g, Ky., April 4. The
internal revenue collections on whisky
at this point for the month of March
were S142, 779.50, as against 90,413.0-3
for the same month last year. This is
an increase of S20.S70.19 over the pre
ceding month of this year.
Patriotic Youusr Ladies.
Ludlow, Ky., April 4. The young
ladies of the Presbyterian church m
this city, have formed a nursing
school for tha purpose of fitting them
selves to act as nurses, and will volurr-
tee their services should hostilities
break out
Richmond Is Free From S mallpox.
Richmond, Ky., April 4. City and
county authorities condemned some ol
the houses occupied by Negroes when
smallpox appeared here and some have
been burned. The .health board is
preparing to issue a proclamation to
the effect that the city is entirely free
from the disease.
Jicky Stup Perkins Fined.
Lexington, Ky., April 3. Jockey
"Soup" Perkins was fined in police
court Friday afternoon for being
drunk and assaulting Kate Singleton.
Soup filled up on bad whisky and tried
to carve Kate with a razor.
means pain, danger and
possible death for some
wives. For others it
means practically no
discomfort at all. There
is no reason why child
birth should bo a period
of pain and dread. Sev.
eral months before a
woman becomes a
mother she should
prepare herself for
the critical ordeal.
There is a prepara
tion made which ia
intended for this
purpose alone.
The name of
this wonderful
It is a
to be ap
plied ex
ternally. It relaxes
the mus
cles and re
lieves the
gives elastici
ty to every
organ con
cerned in
childbirth, and
takes away all
danger and
nearly all Buffer
ing. Best results
follow if the
remedy 13 used
during the whole
period of preg
nancy. It is the
only remedy of the
kind in the world
that is endorsed by
$1 per bottle at all
drug stores, or sent
by mail on receipt
of price.
Free Books con
preparation is
Moinsr s
taining invaluable in
formation for all women,
will bo sent to anv ad
dress upon application to
The Bradleld Regulator Co.,
Atlanta, Ga.
Played Haroe "V7;;i Truir.
Fi:ankfoi:t, Ky , April 0. A driving
snow, which reached a depth of over
an inch, fell in this section in the
early hours of Tuesday morning, play
ing havoc with the fruit crop. Tel
egrams from neighboring counties in
dicate the same result, and the crop is
badly damaged all over the state.
Wheat does not appear to bo injured.
She Returned Home Penitent.
Lexington, Ky., April 0. Mrs. Ray,
who left the city 10 days ago, returned
to Lexington Tuesday, seeking to re
establish home-like relations with her
husband and children. Ray, however,
has turned a deaf ear to her entreaties.
He has placed his three little ones in
the Children's home, and says he will
never again live with his wife.
May Oppose Colson.
Richmond, Ky., April G. It is au
thoritatively stated here that should
Hon. John Henry Wilson, of Barbour
ville, fail to receive the appointment
of deputy district attorney for Ken
tucky, he will enter the race for con
gress in the Eleventh district against
Congressman D. G. Colson.
Commodore Schley's Farewell.
Louisville, Ky.. April C. Chris
Schley, a butcher of this city, received
a letter Tuesday from his uncle. Com
modore Schley, of the Hying squadron,
telling him good-by. The commodore
says in his letter that war is inevitable
and he expects to be in the thickest of
the fight.
Frost lll.-v.ted Fruit Blooms.
Stanfokii, Ky., April C. A blizzard
struck this part of Kentucky Monday
night, and snow several inches deep
now covers the ground, and the ice is
a quarter inch thick. Peach, plum
and pear trees were in full bloom, and
every bloom is killed. Other fruits are
Killed hy Falling Slate.
Coixv, Ky., April 0. At the Tom's
Creek mines, Coeburn, Va., near the
Kcntuck3" borderline, Henry Williams,
formerly of Cincinnati, was killed be
falling slate Tuesday. This is the
sixth accidental killing that has oc
curred at Tom's Creek since March L
Death or Clarence Rate.
Louisville, Ky., April C Mr. Clar
ence Bate, chairman of the populist
state central committee of Kentucky,
died late Tuesday night in this city.
Mr. Bate was one of the leading men
of his party, and was a candidate for
governor several times.
Tolmcco Plants Injured.
Myehs, Ky., April 0. A blizzard
passed over thispartof Kentucky Mon
day night, with sleet, followed by
snow to the depth of four inches,
which will doubtless kill all tobacco
plants. The peach crop will alsa be
Oil! cor Drops Dead.
Lexington, Ky.. April C Patrolman
Thomas J. Haley dropped dead in Shu
binski's billiard hall Tuesday a'ter
noun. He had gone there to subpoena
Charles Cook as a witness at police
Four Inches of Snoir.
Richjioxd, Ky., April 0. The heavi
est snow of the season fell here Mon
day night, reaching a depth of four
inches. The frost has destroyed
peaches, plums and cherries.
Heaviest Snow of the Season.
Richmond, Ky., April 0. The heav
iest snow of the season fell here Mon
day night, the fall being four inches.
This makes the "fruit outlook in Madi
son county gloomy.
Cold Wave and Snow.
Elizabeth towx, Ky., April C A
cold wave struck this county Monday,
Tuesday morning a hcav- snow felL
All small fruit is killed, as well as to
bacco plants.
Dr. Dallance is Reported SaTe.
Sax Francisco, April C Dr. W. P.
Ballance, of New Haven. Ct., who was
supposed to have gone down with the
wreck of the bark Almy off Golden
Gate, did not perish. Instead of start
ing for Alaska on the Almy he sailed
on the schooner Thomas F. Negus, and
the fact of his safety was learned when
that vessel put into port for supplies
Monday night.
lleary Fire Loss at V.cksbnrg.
Vicksbukq, Miss., April 6. Fire
which broke out at 1:30 Tuesday morn
ing destroyed the Piazza opera house,
Pitt's drug store, Piazza harness fac
tory and buggy warehouse. The loss
will approximate 5125,000, only par
tially covered by insurance.
Woolen Hills Destroyed.
Clahksville, Tenn., April 6. Wool
en mills and pants factory at Peacher
Mills burned Tuesday morning. Loss,
815,000; insurance, S10.000. Unknown
origin. Forty workmen are thrown
President McKinley did not go to
church Sunday, but wis busily en
gaged. Quite a number of executive
clerks were also at work during the
I day.

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