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VOZ,ZTMEJX. Entered at the Pott Office in Lancatter, Ky., at Second Clasi Matter . NUMBER 3
New Departure.
We now have the cel
ebrated Florence Farm Wagon
Which is made with springs. They
are made to hold up about 1,000
pounds more than the old style
wagon. It adds to the life of
wheels, bed and gear. Call and
see it.
J. R. Haselden.
Lancaster, Ky.
Col. W.G.Welch,
W. I. Williams,
iu - mm,
Attorneys at Law,
All business attended
to promptly.
and dealer in
Imilure, Csiftts, &c.
Lancaster, Ky.
Always alert for the benefit of our customers and friends, and on the
lookout for the best bargains in Shoes for the money, we have made a
purchase of the Assignee of The Mason Cobb Co., for
300 Pairs Men's Sample Shoes
at a big Cash Discount. These shoes range in price from $4. to $7.
"We will give you Choice of the lot for $3. These shoes are TJp-to-Date
in every Respect. Come early and get first choice. This
line consists of
ITici Kid in Black and Tan, Willow Calf, Box Calf,
Black and Tan Patent Leathers, All Styles Toes and Lasts.
Besides this large line of sample shoes we have bought largely of
Florsheim & Co., of Chicago, and The Geo. E. Kurt Co., of Campello Mass.
."two of the largest builders of Mens fine footwear known to the shoe trade.
Chocolates, Tans, Vici Kid, Box Calf, Black and Tan Patent Leather.
1 Never in the history of our business experience have we been so well
fixed in
as we are this season. Come and look through our line!, we can certainly '
please you in styles and price.
f m i h 1 1 mi i in i ii 1 1 m 1 1 ii n i r in 1 1 1 r
Wanted, hesat 5c per pound. II.
B. Northcott.
200 bushels fancy, cultivated hemp
seed at G. S. GainesVv
Tube rose bulbs for sale at J. C.'
Thompson's. v
The best two horsejwagon on the
market at G. S. Gaines'. -
Wanted, car load of Iron, Bones and
Rags. Hr B. Northcott
Palms and flowering plants just
from the green house, at Thompsons.
Cheapest line of furniture ever ex-
hibited in Lancaster at J. A. Beazley
& Co.
Clover, oats, timothy, bluej-rass and
chard grass always on hand at
J. A. Bea zley & Co. have a large and
handscme line of wall paper. Prices
to suit the people.
Eggs fc Hatching.
From prize wining Black Minorcas
15 eggs for 81,00. R. L. Elkin
You can sec the best, cheapest and
largest line of vehicles ever seen in
Lancaster at W. J. Romans Carriage Co.
Sam T. Evans has the largest
line of buggies and phaetons ever
brought to Lancaster. Save your or
ders for him.
My fine Jersey Bull, Garrard Signal,
out of a tested dam, will stand at my
farm at $2. the season. Money due at
time of service. J. S. Robinson.
My fine redDurham Bull will make
the season of 1 893 at my place one
mile from Lancaster, . at $100. Money
due when services are rendered.
Geo. W. Evans.
Hello, Harry!
The new telephone line from Dan
ville to Hubble is nearly completed
and, when finished, will give us two
direct connections with Little Brittian.
Last Notice.
All persons indebtel to Lancaster
Graded School, for taxes or tuition,
must come and settle same, as time
for collection, has passed.
E. W. Harms,
Treasurer and Collector.
l' ini 1 1 in i il 1 1 11 m i m . m. " iff
Maple shade trees for sale 'by J. C.
2 he greatest Disc Harrow on the
market, at G. S. Gaines'. . '
New stock of french lambrequin tis-
sue papar at Thompson's. X
All varieties of Landreth garden
seed, in bulk, at Gaines'
Large line of fine harness cheap, at
W. J. Romans Carriage Co.
Produce taken in exchange for goods
at The Logan Dry Goods Co.
Wanted, Veal Calves' Will go to
country and buy. uf B. Northcott.
Djnt fotget the sale of the Opera
House lots Monday. They go at auc
tion. Headquarters for Deering Binders,
Mowers and threshing machines at G.
S. Gaines ,
Cal Nevius' hen hatched 175 chickens
this week. '1 his sounds like a lie, but
Cal can prove it.
Deputy Collector Thos. Austin des
troyed a moonshine distillery in Jack
son county last week.
The store room destroyed by fire
Wednesday night belonged to Mr. A.
G. Scott, of Phoenix, Arz.
W. J. Romans Carriage Co. are turn
ing out buggies and all kinds of ve
hicles cheaper than ever offered in
Lancaster before.
Light on the Cupalo.
John M. Farra made up enough
money Tuesday evening to pay for a
large electric light to be placed oa the
cupalo of the Court House. This will
throw light in every nook and corner
and will be a stumbling block to prow
lers. Bids Wauted.
Wanted, bids on 4 new stone cros
sings to be S to 10 inches thick and 18
inches wide. Romans and Thompson,
street committee.
Wanted, bids on tile for one culbert,
SO inches in diameter, about SO ft. long.
Romans and Thompson, street com.
Wanted, bids on laying tile culbert
30 ft long and building stone wall at
mouth 4 ft high, 6 ft long. Romans
and Thompson, street committee,
Latest War New.
Louisville, 2 p. m. Apr. 14.
Lancaster, Ky.
No sensational developments in war
situation up to 2 p. m. Testimony of
Consul General Lee before Senate Com
mittee made public show that Spanish
officers blew up the Maine, that Wey-
Ller letter was genuine. Conservative
senators have decided to make fight
for house Cuban resolutions directing
president to act at once and intervene
in Cuba. Quick action by the Senate
is being urged. The people of Spain
clamor for Weyler to save country's
honor. Twenty-fifth colored infantry
from Montana passed through Ky., to
day for Chickamauga.
Gentleman just from Washington
tells me Lucien Young expects to be
given command of war vessel in casj
of Naval fight.
Danville Steam Laundry.
Smith & Currey, Agents for Danville
Steam Laundry. We ship every day.
We send to-day and deliver to-morrow.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Work called
for and delivered. tf
Fixing It Up.
In order to get the track in first
class shape for the new trains, the
railroad company has put a force of
ten additional hands on each section of
this branch.
Can It Be?
Depot Agent Patterson tells us there
is now talk of running all the Living
ston trains via Lancaster. Should this
prove true, we will have the best rail
road facilities of any town in Central
Opening Day.
The store room of the Logan Dry
Goods Co., was crowded Saturday, the
occasion being the grand opening of
spring goods. This up-to-date firm has
bought and put on display an elegant
line of good and they are fresh new
and clean. All the stock is splinter
new, no old goods in the house. The
very latest noveiities in ladies' wear
can be found here, and you can get
them at city prices. Mr. Logon's long
xperience as a traveling min e,oab les
him to get the very latest and at the
lowest prices. The store Saturday was
a scens of beauty, and if you have not
yet done so, go at once and see the
beautiful goods.
Phorieto Crab Orchard.
Dr. Kinnaird, of this city, and Mr.
J. E. Carson, of Crab Orchard, have
succeeded in making up the required
amount of stock and will naxt week
begin the erection of a telephone line
from this place to Crab Orchard. The
line will have instruments at Sweeney
Morgan's, Preachersville, Mr. Carson's
and probably other points along the
route. This line is one of the most
badly neeJed and will prove not only
a great benefit to our town but will be
of inestimable valua to our friends
along the route and at Crab Orchard.
We will yenture the assertion that
Garrard now has the best telephone
system of any county in the state.
Our people may be a little slow in get
ting started, but when they go a cat-
in' they go a catin'.
The Ladles' Day.
The good ladies were out in full
force Saturday, and the largest crowd
ever seen on similar occasions witness
ed the millinery openings. The busi
ness houses of Mrs. Moody Harden and
Miss Sallie Tillett, our local dealers.
had bsen beautifully decorated and
the large lines of handsome and tasty
hats, ribbons eta, were arranged in an
artistic manner which was beautiful
indeed. All day long both stores were
crowded and many purchased their
new head wear for spring. We will
venture the assertion that no milli
nery establishments outside the cities
can surpass those of Lancaster in
keeping up with the styles and giving
reasonable prices. Both of the Lan
caster dealers visit the eastern mar
kets every spring and every fall and
put in a week or so ascertaining
the new ideas and fashions. 1 hey se
lect their goo Is right at the wholesale
markets and, by doing so, get better
bargains and can afford to sell cheaper
than those who buy from drummers.
Lancaster people are proud of their
millinery stores and stand by them
The stock on display here this spring
are far more elaborate and varied than
ever before, and those ladies who could
not come in Saturday should lose no
time in seeing the many beautiful de
signs before they are all picked over
The Kayl to the Mghett trade haUmf fw4r
Imm. Act I twU rtow ft aees in
third forth teas my Mkir tree
Lancaster is to Be Given
First Class Railroad
. Service.
Trains Direct to Louisville and Cin'ti.
As stated in last issue of The Rec
ord, an engagement was made by the
committee of Lancaster citizens to
meet Mr. Metcalf, general manager of
of the L & N. railroad in Louisville.
Friday night the following persons
went down and held a conference witi.
officials Saturday: B. F. Hudson, cash
ier Citizens' National Bank, S. C Den
ny, assistant cashier National Bank,
J. W. Miller, manager Pilirrimasre Dis
tillery, R. Kinnaird, J. M. Farra and
Louis Lindram. The plan stated in
last issue were explained to the rail
road people, but they could not agree
upon all of it. After discussion they
decided, however, upon a plan which
is far better than the one originally
asked for. They agreed to take the
two night trains now running from
Cincinnati to Livingston, via. Bcrea,
and run them to Stanford instead.
This will make close connection at
Stanford with the night trains both
ways. This is a passenger, express and
mail train, and will pass Lancaster
about two o'clock in the morninsr.
reaching Cincinnati about seven. Re
turning, this train will lcve Cincin
nati at 7:33 in the evening, pass Lan
caster about midnight and connect
with the Stanford trains (both north
and south) giving c'ose connection to
and from Louisville and Knoxville. A
stated above, these trains will carry
the mail and will give us mail sen:
from both Louisville and Cincinnati
the niht before, at 7 o'clock the next
morning (7 o'clock is the time for open
ing the Lancaster post office.)
In addition to the above change, the
officials will reverse the present da3
train and it will come from Richmond,
passing Lancaster about 11 o'clock a,
m. , making connection with Louis
ville trains at Stanford and returning
after arrival of Louisville train, pass
ing Lancaster about two or three
o'clock. This change will put Cincin
nati, freight here four hours earlier,
and give us a splendid express service,
beside putting Louisville fre:ght here
several hours earlier. It will put thi
evening mail about one hour earlier,
and give until eleven o'clock in th
morning to send out our mail, instead
of ten, as at present. One objection
to reversing the day train was that
one engine might not be abie to pull
out the freight and stock. The eagini
now in use is a small, six drive-wheel,
but by putting on a regular, eight
wheel engine all can be pulled easily.
This change will be a great advantage-
to stock men, as it takes out stock all
the year around at 3 o'clock in the
evening, reaching Cincinnati early
next morning. The track of this
branch is in good shape, only needing
some ballast to make it first-class. The
night trains carry Pullman sleepers,
and parties going to Cincinnati, Knox
ville and Louisville can take a berth
and enjoy a good rest all the way. As
stated above, we will have direct con
nection with both Louisville and Cin
cinnatL Oae can leave here in the
night and be in either city at 7:30 the
next morning, have all day to attend
to business and leave the city at 7:30
the same evening.
This change has so many advanta
ges that we have not the space to give
them, but, when established, our peo
ple will wonder how we ever did with
out it. The change will be made the
first of next month, as the company
will then inaugurate its spring sched
Oar people are delighted with the
idea of being given first-class railroad
accommodations, and it really sounds
too good to be true. Mr. Metcalfe is
an exceedingly pleasant gentleman,
and received the committee in his pri
vate office and talked the matter over
deliberately. He said he had been
studying for twenty years on, how
to give the good people of Rich
mond and Lancaster first-class accom
modations, and now believed he had
hit upon the plan. He has certainly
done so, not only for Richmond and
Lancaster, but Stanford also. The
latter folks are compelled to go to
Junction City and wait several hours
for a Cincinnati train, and new they
get a first-class, fast train right from
their front door. A for Richmond,
she gets the same advantage we do in
regard to Louisville travel (she has al
ready first-class Cincinnati trains). At
present our Richmond friends go to
Louisville via. Winchester, or over
the R. N. L & B., which takes all day.
Under the new arrangement they can
go through in day time, or take a train
at midnight and be in Louisville at 7
a. m. We could fill every column o.
Tuk Rbcobd with advantages this
change will give the people on the
line from R'chmond to Stanford, bat
will let them wait 'till the first of
next month when these things will
"be proven.
Look To Tear Interest.
Best home-raide buggies on the mar
ket at J. B. Ely's Paint Lick, Ky. Gem
eral repairiBr aad norsesaoelag a
Don't Fail to ask to see our Line of
JlLL d00L
Our Line of
line of CORSETS. We have a short
waist corset which
Pur tock op Jablb
"We have a few Ladies and Misses Nice Oxfords
in Zeigler's make which we are closing out at
Sanger Over.
The Register satfs the small-nox has
about died out in Richmoad and that
ill danger is past. This is goed news
and we hope there will be no new
cases. Our clever Richmone friends
have had quite a siege.
Helped Us.
Owning to sickness in his family,
Col. Walton, of the Interior Journal
could not go with the rail road com
mittie to Louisville. He sent long tele-gram-to
the general manager however
urging, that official to grant our re
Hon1) This One?
A certain man came in The Record
office this week and discontinued his
paper, saying that we had "offered to
print advertisements for horses and
jacks" and he didn't want his family
to read such. This is almost too re
diculous to believe, but it's an actual
fact. We never said ono word, for
fear the old fellow would faint at
coming in contact with the naked
Look Before Buying.
The store room of J. Joseph is now
chock full of the latest creations in
dress goods and ladies' fnrnishings.
Mr. Joseph only recently returned
from the Eastern cities where he
scoured the maikets and picked up
great bargains in goods for all the de
partments of his Lancaster store. He
makes aspecialy of fine dress goods
this season and defies competition both
as to quality and prices. His stock of
hosiery corsets fine shoer, ribbons, and
ladies funishings of all kinds can not
be surpossed in Central Kentucky. Um.
brellas, trunks, valises in great vari
ety. Their aim is to please their cus
tomers. Years of experience in the
business enables Mr. Joseph to buy his
goods at such reasonably low figurera
that he can afford to sell them at low
er prices. All tney a sic at josepn s
store is for yon to look at the goods-
e :amine the quality and get the pneer.
Then if you are not thoroughly satis
fied, you are not expected to purchase.
3 hey extend a cordial invitatioa to all
to call at their store and take a look.
nf ti fine disnlav. """"J
In 1888 my wife went East aad was
attacked with rheumatism. She receiv
ed no relief until she tried Chamber
lain's Pais Balm. Since that time we
have never been without it We flad
it gives instant relief in c ues of burns
aad scalds and is never failing for all
rkeaaatic and ae-ira paias. D. C
Brant, Saata Ynez,iCaL For sale by
-v V V-
is a popular seiier.
J,inbns, JTapxins and
We print horse bills.
riants , Plants, lMuntx.
I wil? have the earlest and best var
ietys of tomatoes and Cabbage plants
is soon as thj weather will permit
there being set out. Geo Smith, tf.
Wanamaker & Brown are giving
each customer from 3 to $5, in the
price of suits, as the customer saves
that much and gets a perfect fit.
M. D. Huuiie?, Agent.
Considering the hard work done lo
get the train service, and the fact that
such an improvement is absolutely
necessary, the City Council should
place an arc light at the depot. Such
a light is needed as badly as are the
ones in the Public Square.
Poor Outlook for Fruit.
A press telegram from Frankfort
says that Commissioner of Agriculture
Moore, has thoroughly investigated
the result of recent frosts and freezes.
He says that the peach, cherry, and
pear crops of the State are completely
killed, and that all nncovered tobacco
beds are ruined.
Public Sale of To wo Lots.
On Monday, April 25th 1893, being
county court at Lancaster, we will sell
at public auction on the premises four
(4) lots, situated on the South East
corner of Public Square, in the town
of Lancaster, Ky. Terms made to suit
the purchaser. Sale to begin at 2
o'clock p. m.
Owsley & Shasks.
Steamboats to Sugar Creek.
The steamer Falls City on Sunday
made an excursion from High Bridge
to the mouth of Sugar creek, eight
miles above Hickman landing, on the
upper Kentucky river, the 'highest
point ever reached by a packet steam
er. Nearly 200 persons from Central
Kentucky and the environs of Cincin
nati were aboard, and enjoyed the
magnificent scenery, which was never
viewed from a steamer's deck before.
Your premiuaa is givja this season
in low prices aad extra quality of
yoar suit of goods. Prieea aa low as
in low tariff days. A redaction is giv
en from ordinary prices. The object
is to sell aad we are doing ii. Come
and save a few dollars. Satiefaetiea
guaranteed ia it aad quality. No
freight, charges aad goods at citv pri
eea It takes 3,000 clerks, an amy of
salesmen aad a capital of f l,eo,M9 to
sapply Waaamaker aad Braira'i cus
tomers. .
M. a HMD, AfMk
specialty. Give hs a trial. 3-18 3m.
I K. B. IfeBoberta, Laeaater Ky.

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