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My stock is complete and up to date, come
get your hats, we can put them up in
style and price to compete with any
town or city.
FRIDAY. April, 15, - 1898.
Mr Bruce Taylor, of Nicholasville,
has been here for a few days.
Miss Mary Dunn, of Danville, is vis
iting Miss Uugenia Bush.
Miss Mary Burnside entertained her
cousin at tea Friday evening.
1 Mr. John Anderson, of McKinney.
was here a few days this week.
Messrs. George Pa'mer and Charles
Frisbie, visited Danville Sunday.
Miss Anna Austin, of Crab Orchard,
is the guest of Miss Katie Simpson.
Mrs. Gresham left yesterday for Lex
ington to spend the summer months.
Miss Letitia Simpson Brown, of Lex
ington, is visiting relatives in our city.
Miss Carrie Woods is the guest of
Miss Mary Miller on Danville avenue.
Mesdames Dick and Hoffman, of
Crab Orchard, were in town shopping
Miss Clare Ilayden, of South Elk
horn, attended the Beazley-Baughman
Miss Jennie Dunn, of Hustonville,
has been visiting her cousin, Miss Sal
lie Tillett
Mrs. Fisher Gaines, of Danville, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Theo. Currey.
Mrs. William Bruce, of Dapvill has
been spending a few days with Mrs.
Mattie Frisbie.
Prof. B. F. Evans has closed his sub
scription school in Madison, the term
having expired.
Miss Patsy Bcazley entertained her
bridal party Monday evening, at a
five o'clock dinner.
Misses Maggie and Mary Noel, of
Stanford, have been visiting their
aunt, Mrs Jack Hyatt
The Cincinnati Tribune of Tuesday
says IL B. Northcott, of Lancaster,
was a visitor on 'Change.
Miss Jenni-s Parks of Paint Lick,
was here a few days this week, the
guest of Mrs. J. S. Robinson.
Mr. D. M. Lackey has been quite
s'ck, but we are glad to say is some
what improved at this writing.
Mrs. Ilattie B. Tankersley, of Madi
son is visiting her parents, M. and Mrs.
J. W. Pumphrey, Danville avenue.
Miss Sallie Lou Myers has returned
from Florida, whtre she spent the
winter with her sister, Mrs. Graham.
Mrs. Mattie Duncan and brother
Cabell Dsnny, attended the Lackey
Bailey wedding at Stanford, Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sim Slaughter, M-.md
Mrs. Ben Slavin, Mrs. Nannie Jones
and little daughter, of Boyl. attend
ed the Beazlev-Bauffhman wedding
Tuesday evening.
Mr. J. Randolph Harris has accept
ed a Dosition at El D jrado, Ark. He
will leave next week for his new home.
The Record wishes him unbounded
Mrs. Alex West and pretty little
Miss Lillie V. spent from Friday un
til Sunday in Lincoln with Mrs. West's
mother, who has been suffering with
a sprained limb.
Mr. James Bcazley is in Cincinnati
taking a course at the school of em
balming. He will be there probably
ten days, and will take a thorough
course before returning.
Hon. J. Sam Bruce and wife Messers
Tom, Will and Miss Jennie Baughman,
Mrs. Sallee, Mr. an I Mrs. DoJd Pope,
Eocene Pope, of Danville, attended
the Beazley-Baughman wedding.
Misses Anderson gave a violet tea
Saturday afternoon from two to four
o'clook, in honor of Miss Patsy Beaz-
ley. A large number of guests were
present and report an enjoyable time.
Capt. W. J. KinnairJ has returned
from Cincinnati very much improved
in health. His foot is healing rapidly,
and the clever Captain will soon be
able to walk without the aid of his
The Record office was honored Tues
day by a call from Mr. Will J. Price,
of Danville. Mr. Price is circuit clerk
of Boyle, and possesses the happy trait
of making his presence that of enjoy
ment to all, which is so characteristic
of his noble father, Mr. W. C Price.
Miss Mary Miller was the charming
iostess at a progressive Cinch party
"Mondiy evening. An elegant lunch
-was served. The guests of the club
-were Misses Carrie Woods, Mae Z.
Hashes. Altie Marksbnry, Messrs.
IPostel, Swinebroad, John Lear, Chas.
Triable and John Farra.
James Gruntley Saunders.Esq , of the
-TT&rrodabare Democrat, was in the
'-city Sandjy looking as sweet as
fall-blown rose. While be claims to
eosae to aee Lancaster folks yet his
real point of destination is a Lower
Garrard farm, where Jim's heart has
mzioff sines he workei on The
gacosD. Mr. Loais Wood, loremaa of
-tke Harrodsbarg Sayings, came along
Miss Mary Bruce Pumphrey is spend
ing the week Aiith her friend, Miss.
Mae BroAin, of LiwelL
Mrs Fannie Parks, of Paint Lick is
the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Joe Robin
son. She has been spending the win
ter in Texas.
Miss Sallie Steele, of Nicholasville,
is visiting her friend, Miss Alice Hud
son, and was an attendant at the Beazley-Baughman
Mr. and Mrs. Churchill Yager, Mrs.
Dolph Rice, Miss Annie B. Engleman,
Messrs. Roberts, Dillehay and Wm.
Dunn, were Danville visitors at the
Beazley-Baughman wedding.
While in Loaisville Saturday we met
a number of the Lancaster folks now
living in that city. Hunter Irvine is
head book-keeper for Bonnie Bros.,
wholesale liquor dealers, and has a po
sition which is both responsible and
lucrative. Sara B. Harris is also a
book-keeper in this concern. Jim Cur
rey has been promoted several times
since going to work for the Jno. C
Lewis Co., and now has one of the
best jobs in the house. Burt Spencer
has been with the Fourth street hat
ters, II. D. Smith & Co., for several
years. The head of this firm died not
long since, and the fact that Burt was
appointed administrator of the estate
which amounts to probably $50,000
goes to show how well the Lancaster
lad stands with his employees. Judge
Wm. McKee Duncan is one of the lead
ing lawyers of the Falls City. When
met on the street he was stepping like
a dog in high rye, having just been in
formed that he was a "grand-pa." J.
A. Anderson is still in the government
service and is enjoying good health.
Armp Elkin has an important position
."eCcLr Journal. Prof. J. L
Irvine is in the insurance business and
Bob Irvine is a book-keener. Bob
Hughes and his charming wife are
boarding at 5th and Chestnut streets
and are as happy as larks. Bob works
on the Commercial and is kept hust
ling from 3 p. m. 'til the wee 'sma
hours, but he loves newspaper work so
well that a little thiag like staying up
all night doesn't bother him. Tim
Huffman works at one of the leading
retai. dry goods houses. Millard Her
ring has a clerkship with one of the
largest millinery establishments and
Clyde Herring travels for the same
firm. Clyde was just starting on his
southern trip. Clyde was always
delicate fellow when living here, but
city life agrees with him. He looks
better than we ever saw him. Eb Hig-
gins has left Louisville and travels for
St Louis firm. Toach Anderson,
Lancaster colored man, runs the el
evator at the Board of Trade buildiner
and Bill Uiok bas an eatiotr establish
ment. Judging from the number of
questions these folks ask about Lan
caster, they still have a warm spot in
1 i r L ! i i i
their hearts for their old home.
Rheumatism Cared.
My wife has used Chamberlain's Pain
Balm for rheumat'sm with great relief,
and I can reccommend it as a splendid
liniment for rheumatism and other
household use for which we have found
it valuable. W. J. Cuyleb, Red Creek,
N. Y.
Mr. Cuvler is one of the leading mer
chants of this village and one of the
most prominent men in this vicinity.
W. G. Pihppin. Elitor Red Creek
Herald. For sale by R. E. McRoberts,
Lancaster' Ky.
The local "Cuban Junta" has taken in
several new members recently and if
the organization continues to grow
they will soon have to hold their
nightly meetings the circuit courtroom
Uhere is talk among the boys of invit
ing Col. Hill, the able and distinguish'
ed Stanford lawyer, to deliver an ad
dress to the Junta, 'litis would be
rare treat and we hope the enthusias
tic Cuban sympathizers will invite him.
I have just received a new and com
nlete line of Sorincr and Summer mil
mery and would be pleased to have
my friends and customers call and ex
amine them. Uespt
Mrs. A. S. Haselden.
Apr 1, lm Bryamsville, Ky.
Call at my store and we will ex
plain how to
Get One of these Boasters Free
I now havejon hand
tie Best Garflen Seeds in Bulk.
A. &B. Boquet and Proctor Knott
Cigars. Best in the market
We handle only the Best Goods
and strive to please.
Beautiful Wedding.
The Christian church was never .more '
prettily decorated than it was Tuesday
evening, nor was there ever a larger
crowd assembled therein. The occa
sion was the marri'g.5 of Mr. John
Smith Baughman, of Boyle county,
and Miss Patsy Beazley, of Garrard.
The wedding was the society event of
the season, as the contracting parties
are widely-known and very popular.
The pulpit was a solid bank of palms
and evergreens, no blooming flowers
being used. In a cosy nook sat the
organist, "Miss May Z. Hughes, and a
quartette composed of Mrs Ju'.iet Rog
ers, Miss Adtlie Burnside, Messrs.
Frank West and J. C Hemphill. The
ushers were Messrs. Gun Hayden,
Nicholasv.lle, Robert Salter, W. J.
Price, W. S. Lawwill, Hickman Carter
and J. B. Nichols, of Danville. The
party entered the church from the
front door. The ushers came in first,
followed by the bride's maids, Misses
Letitia Brown, Lexington, Sallie Steel,
Nicholasville, Alice Hudson, Mattie
Elkin, Lancaster. The bride came
down the le.'t aisle, leaning upon the
arm of her uncle, Mr. Luther Gibbs.
They were preceded by two little flow
er girls Misses Margurite Kinnaird
and EJna Mason. The groom came in
by the right aisle, accompanied by his
brother, Homer. The party formed a
pretty sami-circle at the altar where
Rev. T. H. Campbell, in a few well-
chosen remarks pronounced them man
and wife. The entire party left the
church by the left aisle. As they en
tered, the wedding chorus from Lo
hengrin was sung by the quartette.
As they left, Miss Hughes played the
Mendelssohn march. The bride wore
hite organdy over white satin, with
bridal veil and carried a shower boquet
of lillies of the valley. The bride's
maids wore white organdy, with green
sashes and carried Easter lillies. The
two maids of honor, Misses Allie An
derson and Jennie Burnside, wore
white organdy with white sashes and
also carried Easter lillies. The little
flower girls were attired in pure white
and carried handsome baskets of cut
flowers. The groom, best man and
ushers wore the conventional full
dress suits. The ceremony over, the
party took carriages and were driven
to the home of the groom, in Boyle,
where a handsome reception was given.
The bride was one of Garrard's most
popular society girls and by her
charming manners and lovely disposi
tion, made friends of all with nhr."
she met. Old and young alike admire
her and no bride has ever started upon
the matrimonial voyage with more
well-wishes than does she. Mr. Baugh
man, while a citizen of Boyle, has a
very large number of relatives and
friends in Garrard who heartily con
gratulate him on winning one so pure
and lovely for a helpmeet through life
He is an industrious, thrifty young
gentleman and will never give his fair
bride the slightest cause to regret the
tep she taken. Mr. and Mrs. Baugh
man will reside in Boyle county, where
he will continue to look after his farm
ing interests.
Who Is He?
The Louisville Times sa3s Robert
Hazen, of Garrard county, near Lan
caster, who came to Louisville to en
l'st in the army, was " touched" for his
watch, pocketbook contaning $5.80 and
overcoat. He told Chief of Detectives
Sullivan that he thought he would be
better at home than in the army after
his adventure, and refused to stay to
see whether the property could ba re
It is impossible for the system
to withstand the demands made
upon it just at this season, with'
out the assistance of a good puri
fying and strengthening tonic
The changes which Nature decrees
shall take place each spring are
so severe tnat a oreaKaown is
almost sure to come. It is wise
that all possible assistance be
given during this period, as upon
this purifying process depends the
health for the entire summer
Everybody just now should take a
thorough course of Swift's Specific
which thoroughly cleanses the
blood of all the accumulated im
purities, tones up and strengthens
the entire system, and aids .Nature
in renovating and renewing the
body so as to render it healthy and
strong. Those who purify their
blood with S. S. S. at this season
are well fortified against the many
forms of disease so prevalent dur
ing the dreaded heated term, for
it has been demonstrated that the
system that is thoroughly purified
in the spring is well prepared to
resist disease all summer.
No other remedy on the market
is equal to Swift's Specific as a
spring medicine, because it is the
only purely vegetable blood rem
edyand is guaranteed absolutely
free from potash, mercury and all
other minerals. It cleanses, puri
fies, builds up and strengthens
Insist on S. S. S., for there is noth
ing half as good.
We print jack bills.
Northern seed Irish potatoes at 81
per bushel at Gaines'.
Produce taken in exchange forgocds
at The Logan Dry Goo Is Co.
I would like to do your plain sew
ing and dyeing. Mrs. Ophelia Dunn.
Salesman to sell Lubriciting Oils
from samples on commission. Liberal
terms. 'lhe Euclid Oii Company.
Cleveland, Ohio. It
The second week in May will be a
banner week in Louisville. The Mu
sic, Festival, the Commercial Conven
tion, and the Races will attract large
crowds on May 6, 10 and 1L Oae fare
rates have been arranged on all the
Thirty -five years make a generation.
That is how long Adolph Fisher, of
Zanesville, O., suffered from piles. He
was cured by using three boxes of De
Witt't Witch Hazel Salver. Stormes'
Drug Store. lm
Court Day Dinner.
The ladies of the Methodist Church
will serve a dinner Court Day in the
room formerly used as the post office
Everything good to eat will be serve 1
and only the small sum of 25 cents will
be charged. Patronize a good cause
and get a first-class meal. 2t
A little boy asked for bottle of "get
up in the morning as fast as you can."
the druggist recognized a household
name for , 'De Witt's Little Early
Risers." and gave him a bottle of those
famous little pill for constipation sick
headache, liver and stomach troubles.
Stormes' Drug Store. lm
Fair at Danville.
Will Danville have a fair this fall?
A great many persons are asking this
question, and there appears to be some
prosp?ci oi an exhibition, it crops
turn out well and sell high, with gen
eral good times and money more plenti
ful, there may be a fair, with trotting
features added. There will be no fairs
at Harrodsburg or Richmond. Advo
M. L. Yocum, Cameron, Pa., says
was a sufferer for ten years, trying all
kinds of piles remedies, but without
success, DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
reccmmende I to me. I used one
box. It has effected a permanent cure.
As a permanent cure for piles DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve has no equal.
Stormes'D.-j r Siore lm
To the Klondike, Alaska, North and
Northwest, First-class service via the
Queen & Crescent Route, with thro'
Pullman Sleepers to Cincinnati, Louis
ville and St Louis. Vestibuled traius
from New Orleans, Birmingham, Med
ian, Jacksonville, Atlanta and Chat
tanooga. Ask your railroad agent for
particulars, or write to O. L. Mitchell,
D. P. A., Chattanooga. Tenn.
Special Kates.
Special rates to Norfolk, V, for the
Southern Baptist convenion. On ac-
ount of the meeting of the Southern
iptist Convention at Norfolk, Va, on
May the Cth to I2th inc. the Chesa
peake and Ohio Ry will sell round trip
tickets to Norfolk from all stations at
one fare rate, good going xuay 2nd to
0th inc., and good to return in fifteen
daya The return liaiit is subject to an
extension of fifteen days additional by
depositing ticket with C. & O. Agent 'n
Norfolk. Remember thrt the C. & O.
is several hours quic'.cets rout from
all Central Kentucky points, two lim
ited trains daily each way-scenery un-
surpass. In order that arrangements'
can be made for sleeper service send
in your maile to the undersigned, stat
ing what train and dato you will go.
Write for any information wanted.
No trouble to answer questions.
G. W. Barney, D. P. A.,
Lexington, Ky.
Southern Baptist Convention Nor
folk, Va., May 5-12 189S. Tickets on
sale via the Queen & Crescent Route at
the rate of one fare for rouund trip
from all points on its line to Norfolk,
Va., on account of the Southern Bap
tist Convention which meets at that
point May 5-12, 1898. Dates of sales,
May 2nd to 6th, good to return 1G days
after date of sale. The most attrac
tive route to Norfolk is via the Queen
& Crescent Route.
I was reading an advertisement of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhoea Remedy in the Worcester En
terprise recently, which leads me to
write this. I can truthfully say I nev
er used any remedy equal to it for col
ic and diarrhoea. 1 have never had to
use more than one or two doses to cure
the worst case with myself or children
W. A. Stroud, Popomoke City, Md
For sale by R. E. McRoberts Lancas-
r, Ky.
Worse than Small Pox.
The fact that the committee succeed
el in getting a good train service
going mighty hard with some of the
loafing, croaking, drawbacks who laid
around stores and public places and
said nothing would be accomplished
These pesky nuisances and space-occupiers
now entertain their fellow gas
bags by predicting that the service
will not be kept on long. There is on
ly one thing for those who want the
town to proiper to do, and that is to
freeze out this class of cattle. All
communities are infected more or less
by objectors and goods-box orators.
but it seems that Lancaster's pests are
thi most persistent on earth. They
gaj about matters they know absolute
ly nothing about, are thoroughly con
versant upon the private affairs of ev
erybot y in town, and would not hesl
tate to tell the Great Power how to
run the earth. Some of these so-call
ed statesmen should be put to plow
pfattf AfiftNUII AM TEA cares Drupep
rMHItl ua, Constipation and Indi
gestion. Begul&tes the Liver. Price, 25 eta.
Every expectant mother hat
a trying ordeal to face. If she does not
get ready for it,
there is no telling
what may happen.
Child-birth is full
of uncertainties if
Nature is not given proper assistance.
Mother's Friend
Is the best help yon can use at this time.
It is a liniment, and when regularly ap
plied several months before baby comes,
it makes the advent easy and nearly pain
less. It relieves and prevents " morning
sickness," relaxes the overstrained mus
cles, relieves the distended feeling, short
ens labor, makes recovery rapid and cer
tain without any dangerous after-effects-Mother's
Friend is good for only iif
purpose, viz.: to relieve motherhood c
danger and pain.
One dollar per bottle at all drug stores, or
sent by express on receipt of price.
Fkeb Books, containing valuable informa
tion for women, will be sent to any address
upon application to
AtUata, Om.
Music lovers will have an opportuni
ty of hearing some of the greatest ar
tists of Europe and America at the
Louisville May Festival on May 9, 10
and 11. No expense has been spared
to make the five concerns of the Fet
as attractive as possible.
Hlg Fire.
About 12:33 o'clock yesterday morn
ing, the large store room on Richmond
street, occupied by S. T. Evans was
discovered to be on fire. The alarm
bell was rung and a big crowd was
soon on hand, but the heat and smoke
made it impossible to save anything.
Mr. Evans left the building about 11
o'clock, and says everything was right
and he is unable to say how the fire
originated. He carried a general
'O"1" consisting of jrroeeries". 3rv
good3, clothing, harness, and, in fact
d almost anything one could call
for. He valued his stock at $2,503, but
nly carried 81,330 insurance. Mr. Ev
ans is an energetic young fellow, and
ad built up a good trade. Oar peo
ple sympathize with him in his loss.
He's not the kind that will give up,
but will take a fresh hold and come
Given Uirth to by a Lincoln County
Stakfokd, April 14. Dr. W. B. 0'-
Bannon has just told me of the horri
ble experience of a young marrle I wo
man of this county, the details of
which are as follows: Sometime ago
number of neighbors gathered at
farm house in the Southern end of this
county to spend the wiutry evening
in social converse. One of the gues'.s
told a snake story, another gentleman
fol owed suit, finally a rivalry was got
ten up as to who could tell the most
thrilling actual experience. An old
gray hai.'ed man squared himself in an
arm chair and related his experience
in his younger days with an immense
his hearers could almost see the riar -
ing eyes and protruding tongue as t e
serpent was wrapped around the old
man's body, while he grappled with it
in the unexpected combat, finally kill
ing it with his bowie knife. The young
married woman mentioned above lis
tened with rapt attention during the
narration and before its conclusion
was trembling like an aspen leaf, fin
ally fainting and falling prostrate on
the floor. Four months and a half la
ter Dr. W. R O'Bannon was sent for to
attend her, when she gave birth to the
most hidious looking reptile ever gaz
ed upon. It was five and a half feet
long and flesh-colored." On account o:
the high standing of the family and
their great distress at the horrible oc
curence, it na3 Deen Kept a proiouna
secret, only the family and the physi
cian knowing a word about it
Should know that the
"Old Time" Kemedy,
t ttia best --- .n corrects all
Irregularities InFemale Organs. Should be
tan en ior iimo lob snu uwu """V".'"'
PImim "OM Hat" have stood the
test for twentygrears.
Xsde only by New Spencer Medicine Co., Chat
tanooga, Tennessee.
For sale by R. E. McRoberts, Lancaster
WomeHs and Misses' Garments.
Go to Mrs. M. C. Hughes' and see
the latest styles,, and Wanamaker and
Browns' samples for Womens' tailor-or-made
suits, waists, skirts,., also
Misses' Jackets and suits, at Philadel
phia prices. Perfect fit guaranteed. I
also have boys' suits in the latest
style, atgreily reduced pricei
M. D. Hughes, Agent
We print shipping; tags.
We print typewriter heads.
Indictments V. ..t Stand and They Musi
U.i to Tr'al Compromise Offer itejt-ctecl.
Fbankfokt, Kv., April 9; The hun
dred odd eorpo. ins indicted for fail
ure to report to ie state wero called
in circuit court Friday. Nearly as
many prominent ntorneysas there are
indictments are .r;sent
The demurrer to the indictments was
argued by M. D. Shaw, of Covington;
Senator C. J. Bronston, Lexington;
Judge W. O. Harris, Louisville, and
others for all the corporations. The
latter are said to.liave offered to Com
monwealth's Attorney Franklin a
wholesale compromise in the shape of
a confessed fine of S100 each. This
offer has been declined. The state's
counsel insists on trials. These will
follow if the demurrer-shall be over
ruled, which, it is expected, will be
Murder and SuicMr.
Princeton, Ky., April S. Price
Baker, an aged farmer, shot and in
stantly killed his son-in-law, Bob
Thomasson Thursday and then com
mitted suicide. There had been trouble
bet'veei' iraker and his son-in-law and
the K t went to the home of the
lr '. jr and ieked up a shotgun and kill
.J Thorn without warning. The
mir'ip.j ii went to the home of
, li "I'.aker, and after tell-
t . iai. ly nry him well, put a
"XUcm .suol through his brain.
- ..net Son Waylaid unci Killed.
M. .jIestkr, Ky., April 9. A. B.
Howard, ex-sheriff of Clay county, and
his son Will S., were waylaid and
killed. Howard is very prominent A
terrible feud has been raging between
the Philpots, Bakers, Campbells and
Howards for the past year, lwenty
men have been killed during thai
time mostly from ambush. A reign
of terror exists in many parts of Clay
Cattle Market at Lexington.
Lexington; Ky., April 11. The proj
ect of central Kentucky cattlemen to
establish a live stock trading market
and yards in this city is expected to
take definite form Monday, when there
is to be a meeting of cattlemen at the
Second national bank. It is practical
ly certain that the yards will be estab
lished and J. F. Cooke, of Lincoln
county, will be superintendent
Kentucky Pensioners.
Washington, April 8. The following
Kcntuckians have been pensioned:
Restoration and Increase William II.
Dobbins, Gallup, 5S to S14. Increase
Zach T. Humphreys, Renaker, SO to Sb.
Reissue and Increase William W.
Wolfe, Walton, S10 to Sl4. Original
Widows, Etc Minors of Hildreth A.
Bray, Rumsey, 820; special March 23,
Nancy E. Adams, Stanton, S3.
Can Defeat Spain Kaally.
Louisville, Ky., April 11. Lieut J.
B. Milton, of the United States navy,
who has been stationed at Mare Island,
off the coast at San Francisco, arrived
in the city Sunday. He has been sum
moned to Brooklyn, where he will be
in charge of a vessel. He thinks the
United States could defeat Spain with
out any trouble.
Lost Mind llrooding; Over Disgrace.
Pkestonburg, Ky., April 9. Morgan
Turner, alleged forger and mail rob
ber confined in jail here, is insane
from brooding over his disgrace. He
was arrested as the perpetrator of
many mysterious mail robberies which
ba tiled the authorities for years. He is
a member of a prominent family in
this end of the state.
J. S. Harris Acquitted.
Lexington, Ky., April 8. After be
ing out 20 hours the jury in the case of
J. S. Harris, for killing his wife's lover,
Thos. II. Merritt, last summer, brought
in a verdict of acquittal Thursday
night. He was acquitted by Judge
Falconer under the "higher law" at
the examining trial, but the recent
'l grand jury indicted him for murder.
Fruit Kilted.
Frankfort, Ky., April 11. Commis
sioner of Agriculture Moore has thor
oughly investigated the result of re
cent frosts and freezes. He says that
the peach, cherry and pear crops of
the state are completely killed and
that all uncovered tobacco beds are
To Vote on the Turnpike Question.
Bowlino Green, Ky., April 9. The
fiscal court Friday afternoon decided
to submit the free pike question to a
vote of the people at the next Novem
ber election. The vote was 7 to 1. It
is believed that the proposition will
carry by a good majority.
Constable Dies Suddenly.
Uofkinsville, Ky., April a Chas.
W. Armstrong, for eight years con
stable in the Crof ton district, died sud-
denlv of heart trouble. He was 45
years old and leaves a wife and ten
llannon Indicted for Murder.
Paducaii, Ky., April 11. Thomas H.
Hannon. who killed Will Hall some
time ago, was indicted by the grand
jury on the charge of murder.
Woman Burned to Death.
Louisville, Ky., April 8. Mrs. Wm.
Resch, of this city, was burned to
death Thursday. Her clothing caught
fire from a stove.
Vaccinated ia the Mouth.
Richmond, Ky.. April 7. Henry
Lusk. of Paint Lick, accidentally found
a vaccine point lying on the counter in
Fish's drug store, ana, winning is was
a toothnick. nicked a decayed tooth
several times with it He is now a fit
subject for a hospital, his mouth being
swollen so that tie can narniv suea.
K. of Ps. for War7
Lextsgton, Ky., April 9. Phoenix
lodge. Knights of Pythias, passed, res
olutions Thursday night recommend-
ine a vieorous policy toward Spain,
demanding freedom for' Cuba and in
demnity for the loss of the Maine: it
offered its services in the event of war.
' Prices Lower than Ever.
Tailor made suits at $12.50 to 830.
Satisfaction or no pay. Yon have paid
$12 for ready-made suits that were not
as good as Wanamaker and Brown's
suits at S3, and their suits at $3.53 and
$11.50 are equal to other $'5 suits, be
ing all-wool 'and beautiful in design
and finish. The suits 'at $13.50 and $15
usually sell for $t8and$20, and their
$20 suit is the same of quality, sack
suits usually selling for $35. A com
parison of goods will prove that yon
will save some dollars by giving me
ymt order.
T If. D. Hughes, Ag-tat
In a It'ch S"iitT Yi!l in .Shrlby County
A V'uirm niiUs t.cnm:iiU
Shkusvv.llk. Ky., April li The
la-st wilt an.i testament of Miss Ann
Miihr, tha wealthiest woman in Shelby
county, who died several weeks ao,
Hu.i probated in the county court Moa
t.ay. Her fortune is estimated at over
SlOo.OOJ. and her bequests range from
S10.000 to S100 each. The instrument
was the most voluminous ever pro
baled in the county, and the legatees
number over 100 persons. No contest
will be made by any of the devisees to
break the will, as one clause absolutc
ly rovokts any bequest made to any
one who institutes such action. Miss
Miller was an aged maiden lady, and
left no heirs except very distant rela
tions. She gavo largily to llaptist
churches, orphanages and seminaries.
Six Store i I'tirm-d.
Makiox, Ky., April 11. Six stores
were destro3ed by tire Friday night.
The losers arc I. D. Jenkins, grocer,
R. 15. Gregory Grocery Co., L. E. Cook,
jeweler, Nina Barnes, millinery, A. C.
Gilbert, saddlery, and M. E. Fobs,
tailor. Total losses are 510,000. There
is very little insurance. J. II. Clifton i
& Sons and the Pierce, Yandell it Gu-S
genheimer Co.'s houses and stock were,
slightly damaged. J
Dt-ath From Morphine.
OwKNSiiouo, Ky., April 11. W. G. 1
Driscoll, an old and onw prosperous
citizen, was found dead in a shed at
Hurl's livery stable. One full bottle
and one-half bottle of morphine were
louml in his pockets. The coroner's
verdict was death from an overdose of
morphine administered by the de
ceased. Driscoll came to Daviess
from Nelson and loaves a large rcla
tiunshio. Jud;o Clark I'ar.tlyzrd.
B.YKKOCUVILI.K, Ky., April 12. Cir
cuit Judge A. II. Clark,who was strick
en with paralysis Saturday, eight
miles from here, while on his way from
Leslie county, was reported Monday
morning to be no better. Doctors say
that there is no chance for his recov-
ery. James U. liiacic was eiecteu .Mon
day morning to hold term of court
here, which began Monday.
Police Chief Will Recruit.
Shelby ville, Ky., April 12. Chief
of Police Bon F. Pemberton, of this
place, who was captain of Company G,
Kentucky state guards, mustered out
several j-ears ago, and who still retains
his commission, will in the event of
var-.v.ith -SpaiD , xosisa his place as
chief, recruit his old command and"
place it at the disposal of the govern
ment Quarantine Officer Leaves.
Riciimond, Ky., April 12. Dr. Smock,
of the state board of health, who has
been in charge of smallpox patients
here during the past three weeks, left
for his home in Louisville Monday, the
situation having improved to such an
extent that all quarantines have been
raised. Richmond has outlived the
Situation Much Improved.
Richmond, Ky., April 12. The small
pox situation was very much im
proved Monday. All the pest housa
gu vds. with the exception of two, have
been discharged. Saturday was tho
first day for several weeks that the
merchants have had any trade. The
JL, N., I & B. trains resumed Monday.
Llshtnin? Strikes Buildings.
Elizabethtown, Ky., April 12.
Lightning, which accompanied the
storm, struck the barn of James Fow
ler, near Tunnel hill, and killed two
horses and struck the residence of
James Ilogan, of this place, doing in
all 51,000 damage.
Soldiers Stand Up for Roberts.
Lexington, Ky., April 11. It having
been reported that the old soldiers
were dissatisfied with their treatment
by Collector of Internal Revenue Sam
J. Roberts, 15 veterans ot tne iatewar
issued a statement in controversion of
this story.
Letcher County Company Ready.
Colly, Ky., April 11. Letcher coun
ty has 200 men who are ready to enlist
and fight for Cuba's Ireeuom. aney
comprise a sturdy, brave set of eastern
Kentucky mountaineers, wno wm
fight like wild cats."
Woman Doctor Offers Services.
Frankfort, Ky., April 11. Mrs.
Flora Mastin, a doctor of this city, has
written Gov. Bradley offering her
services as a surgeon on board of one
of the American battle ships in tno
event of hostilities.
Sturgls Opera. House.
Sturgis, Ky., April 12. H. L. Mos
grove, editor of the Opinion, will fit up
an opera house for dramatic enter
tainments and conventions. It will bo
ready for occupancy by May 3L
Comniercal Convention.
Louisville, Ky., April 12. The call
for a state commercial convention to be
held in Louisville has been officially
made, and the dates May 11 and 12 have
been named.
Tramp Crushed Under a Train.
Franklin, Ky., April 12. Charles
Anderson, a colored tramp, was crush
ed to death under a train while steal
ing a ride.
The Soldiers Ready.
Fort Thomas, Ky., April & Prepar
ations go forward here for an emer
gency. There was an inspection of
new fatigue uniforms Thursday. Am
munition was distributed, and every
thing to be left behind was packed so
that the troops can move at a moment's
Damage ia Meade County.
Concoedia, Ky., April 0. The cold
snap of the last two days has destroyed
all the peaches and pears. The apples
are supposed to be safe yet The flood
has damaged the wheat crops in the
river bottom.
Don't Like Blind Tigers.
Ckittesdes, Ky., April 8. James
Evert, of Bracht, Ky., erected a build
ing at Flingsville, a small town three
miles east of this place, for the pur
pose of running a blind tiger. The
natives of Flingsville did not seem tc
approve of this, so Wednesday night
a bomb was placed under the building,
and it was literally destroyed.
Tat via Elected PrssMeat.
Covixgtos, Ky., April & Jadge Jas.
P. Tarvin, of this-city, Thursday wai
elected president of the Ohio Valley
BimetaUic leagae at its session ia
m cak -Skinny.

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