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VOLUME JY Entered at the Post Office in Lancaster, Ky., as Second Class Matter. . NUMBER 5
This season, and have one of the
best and most complete lines ever
shown in Lancaster. We keep ev
erything in this line and can please
you in both price and quality.
Call and examine this line before
purchasing elsewhere.
We also have an elegant line of
To which we invite an inspection.
J. R. Haselden.
Lancaster, Ky.
Col. W.G. Welch.
W. I. William?,
Attorneys at Law,
All business attended
to promptly.
P urnilure, Caijets, &c.
Lancaster, Ky.
Come in and look at our stock of Hats, Shoes, Clothing and Gent's Furnishings which
embraces the NEWEST and MOST COMPLETE assortment and LOW PRICES ever
seen in Central Kentucky.
has not commenced "but our
$5.00, our lot of $7.50 suits French
I faced and satin piped, our $10.00
I line, our $15.00 and $16.50 suits
which embody the quintessence of
Commadore Dewey has
But our prices in shoes have dropped within the reach of all.' Patent Leathers, Wil
low Calf, Light colored Tan ("the very latest), all can be "bought in FINE
QUALITY at low prices at our house. Shoes "bought from us
$2.50 up are shined by us; Free.
Manila Has Been Bombarded!
and we-can show you a most complete stock of Straw Hats ranging in prices from
:: Our
soft "bosom with detached
Wanted eggs? l-2c per dozen. II. B.
Northcott. v
G. S. Gaines handles tli3 genuine
Urown Cultivator.
Sjc J. IS. .Jennings' line of shirts and
neckwear before you buy.
See .1. B. Jcnningo' line of samples
before you have your spring suit madev
Headquarters for Decring Binders,
Mowers an 1 threshing machines at G
S. Gair.es.
V.gs rc Hatching.
From prize wining Black Minorcas
15 eggs for 1,03. R. L. Elkin
Wc arc daily receiving a handsome
line of furniture, cheaper than ever
shown to Lancaster people. Jas. A.
IJeizley & Co.
T.iiol; To Your Interest.
Best home-made buggies on the mar
ket at J. B. Ely's Paint Lick, Ky. Gen
eral repairing and horseshoeing a
specialty. Give us a trial. 3-IS 3m.
Danville .Steam Laundry.
Smith & Currcy, Agents for Danville
Steam Laundry. We ship every day.
We send to-day and deliver to-morrow.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Work called
for and delivered. tf
For Sale or Kent.
I will cither sell or rent my resi
dence. It is in good repair and in a
good neighborhood. For particulars
call on either W. II. Kinnaird or my
self. Marv K. Weisiger.
JSusiuc.ss Change.
Messrs. Warren Slavin and John L.
D ty have bought the stock of goods
of W in. Wallace at Point Lcavell, and
v. i'J continue the business at the old
stand. The new firm is compossd of
h lers who will run an up-to-date
Si-i ion.- Kimatvay.
A handsome gray mare, driven by
Rice bengf, rjn away on the Public
Square this afternoon, throwing Mr.
Bcnge violently to the ground antl
breaking his left leg. lie was remov
ed to his residence on Depot street
wlure the physicians arc now attend
ing him. At this writing the doctors
have not ascertained whether it will
be necessary to amputate the leg. T..e
b:eak was below the knee and is a bad
one. The mare and bugy were uninjured.
Cannonading against high prices has, and as
an inspection of our ALL WOOL suits at
M the
Monarch Shirts
puffs will come in naxt waak,
til you get d look at them.
Wanted, hens at 5)c per pound.
B. Northcott. v-
Wanted, all the eggsl can get, at 8c.
per dozjn. It. A. Stone f
Large line of line harness cheap,
W. J. Unmans Carriage Co.
A fine line of Harness and Saddlery
at Haselden's, at lowest prices.
J. A. Beazley & Co. have a large and
handsome line of wall paper. Prices
to suit the people.
Rev. George O. Barnes has offered
his hcui3 on Sanibol Island, to the
government for a hospital.
ISoui-hon Steam I.aumlry.
Miss Olivia Sweeney is agent for the
Bourbon Steam Laundry. Leave j'our
orders at Sweeney's store. tf
War map, 2Sx21 inches of Cuba, the
World, West Indies, &c, 20c each, if
by mail 22c Send for one. J. C.
Tnompson. N .
Judge Burnside discharged Lem
White, ''Frog Eye," the colored toy
who shot his step-father for whipping
"Frog's" mimmy. The wounded ne
gro is getting well.
I have just returned from the city
with a complete line of Summer Milli
nery and will sell them as cheap as any
town. Please call. Mrs. A. S. Has
elden, Bryantsville Ky.
Wanamakcr & Brown are giving
each customer from S3 to $5, in the
price of suits, as the customer saves
that much and gets a perfect fit
M. D. Hughes, Agent.
l'libllc Sale of Town Lots.
I will on the 10th day of May
for sale several nice building
Terms made known on day of
Sale begins at 10:30 o'cl ock.
B. F. Walter.
Kvent of the Season.
The Music Festival to be held
Louisville on May 9, 10, and 11 should
b3 well patronized by the people
Kentucky and Southern Indiana. It is
an enterprise that commends itself tos
all lovers of music, as well as to those
who are interested in the general de
velopment of Louisville and the sur.
rounding territory.
seeing is
perfection, will be overwhelmingly
convincing. With Children and i
Boys suits over $2.50 we give a cap,
"belt, "ball and "bat.
Spanish Fleet
sd hoj3 save your orders un
The Latest.
The Lancaster company has been
ordered to leave on the 8 otcloe'.c train
tomorrow (Friday) morning. They will
march to the depot, headed by the Lan
caster band. A large crowd will be
present to see the boys off.
Key West, 11 a. m. The American
forces while landing Cuban supplies at
one of the Cuban provinces this morn-
g were attactel by the Spaniards.
he insurgents fought in conjunction
with the Americans and route 1 the
Spaniards, killing 50 and wounding CO.
1 p. m. Hie cab'.c to Manilla is still
severed and no tidings have been re
ceived from Dewey. Several relief
ships arc being loaded with coal and
other supplies to be sent him.
1:30 p. m. It is believed that Samp-
son s licet wnicn weni 10 1-010 liico
ill bombard the Spanish fleet and at-
mpt to carry out instructions of the
ashington war board to annihilate
Spain's fleet before invading Cuba.
Contest in Elocution, Stan ford June 17.
Dr. Grant
will Le at Buckeye, next
Fine Tennessee strawberries at II.
Northeotts Saturday.
The best two horse wagon on the
market at G. S. Gaines'. ,
Fresh fish received daily, no charge
or cleaning. II B. Northcott;'
Wanted, car load of Iron, Bones and
Rags. II. B. Northcott
Ii. Jennings is headquarters for
s', ladies' and children's fine shoes:
Wanted, 20,000 pounds of wool, will
pay Highest maricot price. 11. u.
Northcott X
You can sec the best, cheapest and
largest line of vehicles ever seen in
Lancaster at W. J. Romans Carriage Co.
Marshal Walker says the negroes
ere on a general teas bunuay ana,
ju Iging from the foregoing items, he is
about right.
I will close out my entire line of
children's knee pant suits at net cost
Call an I see them before buying.
J. B. Jennings.
Sam T. Evans has the largest
me of buggies and phaetons ever
brought to Lancaster. Save your or
ders for him.
Company at Danville.
Lapt. li w. LiUard is organizing a
company of State Guards at Danvdle
and is receiving many enlistments.
Eph is an old state guardsman and
.ie millitary man. lie orgainized the
Owsley Rifles in Lancaster several
years ago and had it ranknig among
the firit in the state.
Held In $500.
It took all of Saturday to hear the
proof in the case against Porter Wear-
en charged with the killing of Grant
Leavell, wh!ch occurred last county
court day. A great many witnesses
were examined and the testimony con
fl cted on several points. Wcaren was
hs.d in the sum of SjOO, which was
promptly given.
In the last ten days Battle Bow, Lan
caster's negro settlement, has certainly
been on the war path. Since last Mon
day it" has been the seme of a killing,
a serious cutting, a shooting, one wo
man kneeled insenible with a beer
bottle, and anothers eye knocked out.
To say that this is a disgrace to any
community is putting itmiddly, indeed
If commodore Dewey could shell this
settlement it would hs a gods-send for
Not 'Til the 15th.
1 he new train service will not be
put on until the 15th. A general
change o' time will go into effect all
over the L & N.J on that day and that
why the delay In jrivine us the
trains was made. We had no way o
finding out about the trains as no one
withint reach knew anything about it,
and we published the statement that
they would be put on the 1st from ru
mor. We hive written to headquar
ters, and the next information will be
New Telephone to Danville.
The new telephone line to Danville
was put in operation luesaay, ana
Col. llugheF, of the Gilcher Hotel
called up J he Kecokd oflico and ex
tended us an invitation to take dinner
with him. This gives two excellent
lines to Danville, and we can now
stand in our office and converse with
the go 3d people of Little Britain.
These connections are of inestimabl
value, as a vast amount of business
transacted betwocn the two cities.
Kalderg In Boyle,
The toll-gate nearest Huston ville, on
the Danville and Husfonille turnpike
was raided Friday night, and the ra
ers left a note threatening to use dyn
amite should the gate be replaced,
Some one has suggesjed that the
raiders be esBtared and sent to the
Caban war.' bat 'twould be foolish
do this. People who will sneak cbout
at night ;te accomplish their purpose
School Klectlou.
An election will be held Saturday
(tomorrow) for the purpose of select
ing two trustees for the Graded School.
the time of Messrs Ward and llerndon
plring.- The vote will be taken at
the school building and will begin
atone o'clock in the afternoon. We
ave heard of no opposition to these
gentlemen, and there should be none.
They arc thoroughly competent and
attended to the duties faithfully.
Prices Lower than Ever.
Tailor made suits at S12.50 to S30.
Satisfaction or no pay. You have paid
812 for ready-made suits that were not
good as Wanamaker and Brown's
suits at S3, and their suits at S'J.53 and
$11.50 are equal to other $15 suits, be-
all-wool and beautiful in design
and finish. The suits at $13.50 and $15
usually sell for $18 and $20, and thru
$20 suit is the same of quality, sucl.
suits usually selling for $23. A com
parison of goods will prbve that you
ill save some dollars by giving me
your order. M. D. IIuoiiks, Agent.
District AV. C. T. U.
The annual meeting of the Eighth
District W. C. T. U. will be held in
an caster on the 17th, 18th and 19th
of this month. Wc will have Volney
Cushing, the celebrated lecturer, from
Maine, for night of 19th. Mrs. Beau-
clnmp, state president, will be pres-
t and deliver an address during the
A grand gold "medal contest, the
first ever held in the state of Ken
tucky, will take place one evening du
ring the meeting.
Bailroads will grant reduced fare.
full delegation is earnestly desired
and a cordial invitation extended to
the public in general.
Mrs. May R. Patteksojt, Pres't.
Mks. Rob't.. Ei.kix, SecV.
Sunday on "Battle Row."
Sunday Belle Griffin and Mary Den
ny, two soiled doves of Battle Row,
had a bifllenlty in which the latter
as badly slashed with a knife. 1 he
ounded woman is in a precarious
condition. The Gritlin woman is
il and will not be tried until there is
c.iangc in her victim s condition.
On the same day Theodore Young
shattered a beer bottle over the crani
um of Liza Ried, also a denizen of the
Jhute." The woman is a terror to
the other negroes living down there
and no one seems to blame Theodore
or smashing her.
Stewart Humber and his wife, also
f this same notorious settlement, were
n joying a pleasant jag and Humber
struck the woman in the head with
something, almost knockiug out an
Greatly Discouraged.
The band boys are very mr:ch dis
couraged over the tact that the peo
ple would not patronize the Heywood
entertainment and thus help them to
buy uni.'orms, and other necessary
equipments for their organization
he band has never refused to plaj'
for anything the people wanted, and
uring the summer time has given one,
and sometimes two, free concerts a
week. The bjys have invested
much in the first-class instruments
they use that they do not feel like sink
ing any more money in the band. They
lost about $15 on the Hey woods, and
arc now deliberating as to whether
they will throw up the sponge and
quit. Had the Heywcol show been
fraud, the boys would not feel sore,
but as they made a heavy guarantee
to get it, knowing its superb ranking,
they can't help but feel that their ef
forts count for naught.
Patriotic Lancaster Girls.
We, the ladies of Lancaster, who so
licited subscriptions to purchase
Company Banner for the brave boys
who enlisted for the Cuban war,
having baen informed that the flag
would be of no practical use, and
wishing the entire company (both ofli
cers and privates), to share alike the
funds which represent our efforts in
their behalf, have deemed it both wise
and expedient to place to the credit of
said company, in the Citizens National
Bank of Lancaster, to be known as
reuet Junu, tne amount oi money
which has been contributed to be used
for the relief of the unfortunate sick
or wounded. Hoping to thereby estab
lish a nucleus which will be liberally
supplemented by the citizens of the
various counties represented by youn
men in said company.
Misses Dove Harris, Jennie Burn
side. Alberta Anderson, Maggie Tom
linson. Altie Marksbury, Nell Marrs,
Mary Burnside, May Hughes, Mary
Miller, Committee.
The Royal is tb highest grade btkiaf pawJf
Iumwsv Actual tests show it goes
third farther tfcsa aay ethar hr aat
Our line of "Wash. Goods, consisting of Organ
dies, Dimities, &c. is very attractive. We are
showing many handsome patterns and you
would do well to call and examine them "be
fore making your purchases.
We are showing a very extensive line of Rib
bons, "both, in plain and fancy, suitable for
trimming and sashes.
We have nice line samples of Carpets and are
selling them very cheap. We can take your
orders and deliver them on short notice.
We have quite a large line of premiums on
exhibition at our store which, we give away
with $5.00, $10.00, $15.00 and $20.00 pur
chases. Call and See them.
Go to the depot with the boys.
Nic3 lot of shades jus t received. R
A. Stone.
From this date 1 must sell for cash.
R. A. Stone.
Summer Lap Dusters and Whips, at
Large line of carpet samples Come
and get choice. R. A. Stone. V'
The greatest Disc Harrow on the
market, at G. S. Gaines'.,
Wanted, Veal Calves. Will go to
country and buy. H. B. Northcott.
Telephone to Danville.
Office at Lancaster Exchange. Prompt
service insured.
The City Council should send for
Commodore Dewey and have him bom
bard Battle Row.
Remember the main part of business
5o tn nnv vnnr accounts at the "end"
of the month. R. A. Stone. X
The ladies of Bettis neighborhood
will eive a supper, at Herrings school
house Saturday May the 14th. Admiss
ion 15 and, 25 cents.
A man sold 1,500 b ushels of wheat at
$1.03 per bushel (on a credit,) he was
worth 81.500, but didant leave a cent.
Do you "catch on"? Solution: I need
what you owe me, even though it bj
only $1.00. See. R. A. Stone, x
A Growing Business.
Compare qualities and prices and
bay a suit of me. I have goods, kveby
tubead being wool, at $8, 810 and tip
to $4 J. My sales are growing every
season. W. JJ. hughes, Ag u
O. & C. Change.
A new time card went into effect on
the Queen and Crescent Sunday. All
ccommodations were taken off on
Sundays and on that day the fast
trains will do the local work. The
evening accomodation now arrives at
Danville fifteen minutes earlier, ana
the noon accommodation from the
north ten minutes earliar. There are
nr. nthnr material chan?ea The cor
rected schedule is as follows:
Number 10 (Dally except 8nnrty)....69 a.
riamoer o except cuuuujj.... a .-w y.
Numoer ivuiyj sia-
Number 3 (don't stop) 4:17 p.m.
Nnmber l (don't atop) 11 :4 a.
For the Army.
Several Government officials were
here this week and accepted about
twenty-six horses bought for Uncls
Sam by Robinson & Hamilton. Tl e
prices ranged from $50 to $30.
Contest at AValnutta.
A trold medal contest will b3 held at
Walnutta, Tuesday evening. May 10th.
Good speakers will take part and a
ively contest is expected. The Paint
Lick band will furnish music. Doom
open at u:oU o ciock. i.escrveu seats
on sale at Fish's drug store, Paint
Lick. All tickets are the same, 25 cts.
but by buying your ticket in advance
you secure your seat.
Turnpike Contracts.
The Fiscal Court convened on Mon
day, and opened the bids for putting
metal on the several sections of turn
pike, as previously announced. Many
bids were opened at prices ranging
from $4.25 to $7 05 per rod. The low
est bid accepted was $4.25 and the av
erage about $0 per rod. The prices
are low enough, and the roads will bj
kept in good condition.
The lleywootls.
The Hey woods appeared at the
Court House Saturday night, and eve
ryone present says they gave the best
entertainment ever presented in Lan
caster. Mr. ney wood is far above the
average in his line, and is a whole
show by himself. The violin solo by
Miss Dresher. the singing of Mr. De
Bray, and the piano playing of Miss
Steele was pronounced by competent
julges to be of an unusually high or
der. The Record takes great pleas
ure in recommending the Heywoods.
They give an entertainment which is
worth double the price they charge.
JaclcAstor, Esq.
Recently the ministers and congre
gations have been trreatly annoyed at
the nnion meeting by young men get-
tin up and leaving the house after the
services had commenceed. Sunday
night Etd. Gowen spoke of this nuis
ance. He asked the congregation to
paraded oat and see the peculiar shape
rt !' ltaaarl Hn sairl tlipw fil Intra
have long ears which flop backward
and forward when they walk. The
Record has secured a splendid like
ness of one of these fellows. Here ha
could aei ke pulled into a war with
team 'of ex en.
soval MNM reweea eo., mhr
Nassber 9 (Osily exeept8m4ay )..... 7 5". p. m.
i jisnmaer a ijuasusut Bag; ia j.

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