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1,0 VIS Z,ASJ3RA.V, Publisher.
Six Months.
Thkee " "
.. .&
. .2."
FiUDAY, May 0,
McCREARY. We arc authorized to announce
Hon. James P. McCbraky, of Madison
county, a candidate for Congress In tin
Mh Congressional District, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
THOMPSON We announce J. B. Thompson a
candidate for re-uomiuation by the Dem
ocratic party for Representative iu Con
gress from this the 8th district.
Tiik Spanish gunners should consult
an occulist.
The Spaniards are expcrs as liars.
What splendid American politicians
they would make.
Tin: Spaniard possesses all the points
which go to make an up-to-date poli
tician. These requisites arc lying,
treachery, ingratitude and selfish
ness. Tin: passports riven the Snanish
Minister at Washington, said that gen'
tlemcn was "about to travel in for
eign countries." Uncle Sam should
now isnc one stating "the Spanish
a: my an I navy is about tcl travel
in a hotter country."
Every American soMier who goes
to Cuba will wear an aluminum tag
for identification, bearing his name,
command and home address. This
precaution is taken against the possi
bility of unmarked graves down there.
The aluminum tag will also serve as a
valued memento of the war in Cuba.
One of the wisestacts of Mr. McKin-
lcy was the appointment of General
Fitzhugh Lee as a Brigadier General.
The President should appoint only
men of military learning and training,
and not place the lives of our men in
the hands of broken down politicians,
who, more than likely, ought to be in
the penitentiary.
It is amusing to read reports of the
alleged prominent positions occupied
by newspaper boats in the recent na
val engagements. Some of the dai
lies lie about this almost as recklessly
as they do over their circulation. The
reports of the fights are splendid, it is
tru, but to read the reporter's story
of his whereabouts would almost lead
one to believe that the battleships had
toj steam around the quill-1 river's
washing tub in order to get a shot at
the enemv.
The threatened practice of making
commanding ollicers out of a lot of
broken down politicians and others
who have no qualifications for the
place whatever, is, indeed, both dan
gerous and disgusting. The placing
of some one, who has no military
knowledge whatever, to command
soldiers, is almost murder. Now "mur
der' is putting it pretty strong, but
say these soldiers get into an engage
ment; they will have to do what the
politician-officer says; the latter has
never studied military maneuvers.
and commands the men to take some
step by which they are nearly all kill
ed by the enemy what is that but
murder? Any one with a thimbleful
of sense knows this is not right l$ut
those possessed with appointing pow
er are most always under the thumb
of politicians and are mere tools.
Hexry Wattkrson thinks war with
Spain will be worth all it costs this
country. lie made this observation in
the course of an interview, in which
he commended the resolutions adopt
ed by Congress, writes a Chicago cor
respondent of the St. Louis Glob;
"War will get us out of the rut in
which we have been for 3'ears," he
said, as he settled back in his chair,
arranged his unconventional smoking
jacket, crossed his legs and began dis
cussing the crisis which the "peace-at
any-price" people so feared. For years
wo have discussed the financial ques
lions. We have listened to those who
have offered a panacea for all evils
and, in a word, listened to plans
whereby we could hye without work
ing. War will bring great men to the
jront The civil war produced a gen
oration of powerful men. War with
bpam will do the same. We are at
present in a rut There are not more
than half a dozen really eminent men
ia Congress. Many great men do not
care to give up their time for the small
satary 01 iongressmen. Lio you sup
pose that Reed would have the picnic
he has had with Bailey if there were
such men as Beck in the House? How
different would it be if Blaine v
"Who do you consider, then, the re
ally great men in the Senate?"'
J ho editor laughed. "There are 60
few that it is scarcely worth while
enumerating them. War will stir
things up. The next President may
le a man whom no one at this time
ever thought of. This war may bring
to the front some new unknown men
to lead both parties. Gen. Lee is to-
day probably the most popular man in
this country. He is able, brave and
"brillant But I do not see in him the
man who can unite the Democratic
party. If our party is united it will
not be by any one man's ambition; it
will bs the union of many forces. My
iriend, Maj. W. H. Thomas, here,
wrote me some time ago, saying: 'The
next President of this country will be
the Yankee Admiral who will sink the
most Spanish ships,' and I agree with
War Bulletins.
The State W. C. T. U. petitioned Gov.
Bradluy to allow no whisky sold in or
near the camps at Lexington.
Col, Gaither, commanding the Sec
ond llegiment, has been presented
with a magnificent war horse by the
citizens of I'arrodsburg.
Every man between the ages of fif
teen and fifty has been proclaimed for
millitary duty in the province of Santi
ago de Cuba, under penalty of death.
It is stated by military men in a po
rtion to know, that the mobilization
of the Kentucky troops at Lexington
will bring not less than S30D.030 to
that city.
The Spanish soldiery has now assunr
ed a bullying attitude and threatened
to kill every Cuban man and to outrage
everv Cuban woman left in Havana
when the bombardment begins.
Leading diplomatic representatives
of foreign countries say Spanish de-
reat at Manila is not likely to ha-ten
European intervention, and that Spain
must take her medicine or sue for
The Senate has passed a bill to en
list 10,000 yellow fever immunes to co
operate with General Gomez in driving
the Spanish from Cuba. These will
probably be among the first troops to
invade the Island.
A little boy asked for bottle of "get
up in the morning as fast as you can."
the druggist recognized a household
name for , 'De Witt's Little Early
Risers." and gave him a bottle of those
famous little pill for constipation sick
headache, liver and stomach troubles.
Stormes' Drug Store. lm
An exodus has begun from Santiago
the Spanish soldiery threatening to
kill Every Cuban man and outrage
every Cuban woman left thers when
the blockade begins. Large stores of
food in private hands have bceu seized.
Fourteen hundrcn soldiers are iu the
hospital. New defenses are being
added in the harbor.
The Queen Regent of Spain has ap'
pealed to the Czar to assist Spain in
the conflict with the United States.
The Czar replied that while he sympa
thized with Spain, he does not consider
the time yet ripe for Russian diplo
matic or millitary interventian, but
that he will do whatever is possible at
the proper time.
Three noted Sioux chiefs have offer
ed to each lead a regiment of their
young men against bpain. 'Iney say
they want to pay Spain back for dis
covering America and taking their
country from them. All they ask is
for the government to take them
across the gulf and turn them loose.
The Sioux will do the rest
Secretary Quesada, of the Cuban
Legation at Washington, says Gen.
Blanco's effort to raise Cuban con
scripts will prove futile. It is believ
ed that the seat of the Cuban Civil
Government will be established at or
near Matanzas soon with a view to
advancing recognition of indepen
There has been a decided change in
the tone of the German papers in the
last few days. From radical hostility
they have adopted a distinctly friendly
tone towards America and the gov
ernment assures Uncle Sam that strict
neutrality will ba observed. Most of
these papers, however, predict a long
If the State Guards enlist as regu
lar troops the pay of officers and men
will be as follows: Major, S-,500
year; Captain, $2,000 a year; First
Lieutenant, 81,030 a year; Second
Lieutenant, $1,500 a year; First Sirg
ant, S-5 a month; and other Sergeants
318 a month; Corporal, $15 a month
Privates, $13 a month. The Chaplain
will receive $1,500 i er annum.
Advices from Manila state that Com
modore Dewey opened a strong can
nonade against the Spanish guarding
the harbor Sunday morning. After
severe -fighting he retired to place his
wounded in safety, then returned to
the attack. After gaining a decisive
victory he retired in the offing, with
out the loss of a vessel, though his list
of killed and wounded is said to be
heavy. The cruiser Don Juan de Aus
tria was blown up and her commander
killed. The cruiser Maria Cristina
was burned and several smaller ships
of war were sunk. The Spanish admi
ral, Monte jo, was compelled to trans
fer his flag from the Cristina to the
Isla de Cuba. The Spanish fleet was
practically annihalated and Manila is
The clothing for a soldier in the ar
my that will invade Cuba will cost
about $35 complete. For this expedi
tionary force suits of cool twill-like
stuff will be furnished, and one of
these will come to $9. The men must
have a cape overcoat, which costs $S
a campaign hat at $1, a forage cap at
75 cents, a pair of shoes at $2.50 a flan
nel shirt at $2.10, and two suite of un
derwear at $2.50 each. In addition to
these necessary articles, he will have
a rubber blanket, made in "poncho"
fashion, - with a hole in' the middle to
put his head through. This costs the
Government $1.40. He will be provi
ded with only one blanket, in place of
the customary two, because the cli
mate is so warm; but this will ba
very fine article of its kind, Uncle
Sam paying $2. 83 for it It would cost
au ordinary citizen about The
War D-'partc e it has advertised for
100,000 pairs oc sho s.
Blanco at Havana is said to bj pre
paring f r at least one despsrate bit
tic before giving up. -The population
is on the verg of revolt.
1 he situation in Madrid and through
out Spain has become serious. Reports
have rcache l (Jibr. liar that in spite of
martial law the mobs have become
desperate, that Morjt, ".he Colon a
Minister, has bicn threatened wi h
assassination and that Sapasta has
en compelled to take rifuge in a
foreign embassy. While these reports
lick confi-mation, the direct news
tat is allowed to come from Madrid
shows a serious state o; affairs.
M. L. Yocum, Cameron, Pa., says "I
was a sufferer for ten years, trying all
kinds of piles remedies, but without
success, DaWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
was recommended to me. I used one
box. It has effected a permanent cure.'
As a permanent cure for piles DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve has no equal.
S tormes' Drug Store. lm
Henry Parker sold to II. D. Aldridge
five shoats at 3 1-4 cents.
Cyrus Daly sold to C. A. Robinson 3
hogs at $3 25 per hundred.
News is scarce in this community.
with the exception of war news. A
number of our brave boys have enlist
ed in the army, and many mothers
and sweethearts are sad.
Farmers take notice. Don't give
any order lor wire fence or fencing
machines until you see L. B. Hughes.
who handles the best on the market
Call on or address L. B. Hughes, Marks
bury, Garrard County Ky., or leave
orders with J. R Haselden Lancaster,
Kentucky. C-24,
M. L. Aldridge and son, Joe, of
Rrodhead, visited relatives here last
week Mrs. Susan Johnson, of Bur
gin, visited her neice, Mrs. James Her
ring, last week. Mrs. Wm. Anderson
of Oklahoma City, Ok., is visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kemper.
Mrs. O. S. Williams and Miss Eliza
Williams, of Burgin, visited Mrs. H
D. Aldridge, last week. Rev. W. M.
Kuykendall left Tuesday for Norfolk,
Va., to attend the Southern Baptist
Conventior, which meets at that place.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Burdett, srea
Sunday with their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. T. D. Chcsaut, of Boyle. Mr. and
Mrs. F. K. Sutton, Miss Lillie and Mr.
Booth, attended the dedication of the
Baptist church at Preachersville, Sun
day. Mr. S. S. Yantis, wife and son
Elijah, of Winchester, and Mrs. W. M
Gulley, of Lexington, returned home
after a pleasant visit to Mr. and Mrs,
Wm. Lear.
Another Case of liheumatlsm Cured by
Chamberlain's Fain Ilalni.
My son was afflicted with rheuma
tism which contracted his right limb
until he was unable to walk. After
using one and a half bottles of Cham
berlain's Pain Balm he was able to be
about again. I can heartily recom
mend it to persons suffering from
rheumatism. John Snider, Freed, Cal
houn Co., W. Va. For sale by R. E.
McRoberts. lm
Frying chickens are on the market,
Some of our farmeis are through
planting corn.
Joseph Simpson sold to J. B. Robin
son, a ouncn oi suoats at $3.15 per
The long looked for steamboat cam
at last, to the mouth of Sugar Creek,
Sunday, taking passengers to High
Bridge and back for 50 cents.
R. L. Brown, cf Waddy, visited rela
tives here this week. Mrs. John Train
er and Miss Georgia Hunter, of Nicho
lasville, were guests of Miss Sallie B.
Ray, Sunday. Mr. Trainer left Mon
day for the war. Ebb Dickerson at
tended the dedication of the Baptist
church at Preachersville, Sunday. Mr.
and Mrs. John Adams visited W. M
Burton and familv, Sunday. Miss Liz
zie Tomlinson, of Buena Vista, attend
ed church at Chapel, Sunday, and was
the pleasant guest of Miss Hattie Bo
gie. Rus Smith, of Burgin, was in our
village Saturday. Miss Hattie Jones
visited Miss Minnie Hendren, of Mad
son, Saturday and Sunday. Miss Nell
Ray, is with her aunt, Mrs Lena
Dunn, of near Lancast r.
I have been a sufferer from chronic
diarrhoea ever since the war and have
used all kinds of medicines for it. At
last I found one remedy that has been
a success as a cure, and that is Cham
berlain's Cholic, Cholera and Diarr
hoea Remedy. P. E. Grisham, Gaars
Mills, La. For sale by It. E. McRob
erts. lm
News items are scarce ia this vicin
Mr. Nicl: Hutchings gave a cow and
calf and $13 to Milton Grayson for
young mare.
M. T. Taylor, oil man of Waco, Mad
ison county, spent Saturday night
Sunday and Sunday night, at VY. H.
Thirty -Gve years make a generation
That is how long Adolph Fisher, of
Zanesville, O., suffered from piles. He
was cured by using three boxes of De
Witt't Witch Hazel Salver. Stormes'
Drug Store. lm
Low rate cccisions Queen & Crescent
route. Grand Lodge of Kentucky,
O. O. F.; Lexington, Ky., May 18, 1698.
Agents in 'Kentucky only will sell.
Jinignts or the Ancient Essenic Order
Cincinnati, O., April 20-May 1, 189&
Western Drawing Teachers' Associa
tion; Detroit, Mich.. May 4-6, 1698.
Western Gas Association; Detroit,
Mich., May 18-30, 1898. East Tennesee
Sunday-School As s' n ; Norriatown
Tenn., June 2-3, 1893. Agents in Ten
nesee inty wut sen.
Bii ill hi liiniSBlSM
Capt Sam M. Duncan.
On April 13, Slid MtKee Duncan, of
Bradley to raise a company of volunteers
in the war with Spain. In less than
Duncan had received more than enough
company, rue company was oruereu to
and will leave on a special train for that
Mr. Duncan will e elected Captain, John
"Wherritt 2ud Lieutenant. The non-commissioned officers will be appointed
later on. The compay will be lettered
lowing is a list of those composing the
Aldridge, Hugh 23 Lawrence, Geo B 33
Barclay, J. M. 22 Leforce, Wm 22
Benge, Andrew 25 Lynn, Joe G 21
Bouer, Speed F. 18 McKlnms, Thos 27
Bourne, Wm 23 McGrath, R A 19
Bi ackett, J W 29 Marksbury.Wm 29
Buckley, R T 30 Moore, Richard 23
Burdett, Nelson 32 Mullins S M 23
llunn, Jas 21 Napier, Isham 21
Burnside, A L 42 Newland, A L 23
Carter, J M 25 Parks, Clarence 25
Cates, Henry 19 Parsons, Frank 2G
Cheatham, Jeff 22 Preston, Harry 21
Cooley, Wm 20 Preston, II T IS
Cordier, Jno ' 25 Pritchett, Jno II 20
Frank, Jas 27 Pritchett, Oliver 22
Creed, Tyra ' 22 Purcell, J D 37
Davis Lewis 22 Raines, U G 23
Daly, Tilden 21 Reynolds, EX 27
Davis, Nelson 35 Roberts, Jas 22
Duncan, E 24 Robinson, Harry 19
Dunn, Lenord 19 Root, A D Jr 2C
Fielder, Major 27 Rucker, Wm B 23
Fish, Egbert 26 Saufley, Rowan 22
Forbes, J W 30 Shearer, CM 3)
Forester AS 20 Sheares, Jno B 27
Frazer, S II - 31 Sherrow, Jack 25
Gaines, Joe 21 Simpson, Marion 25
Gallaher, J C 19 Slaughter, Jno W 20
Gooch, L C 20 Smith, Clarence 18
Hale. Robt 25 Smith, Luther 20
Hall, V II Sutton, Harvey 23
Hall W C 20 Thorpe, G II 37
Howe J W 24 Terpen, Wm 19
Howe W L 29 Walker, C J 23
Hurt, Ed 20 Walker, Wm D 23
Hutchius, Milt 22 Warren Ashby 19
Jackson, Jno 19 Wheeler, Edgar 2i
Kerby, Kirk 25 White, Harris 21
Kinnainl, Herbert 18 White II D 35
Kuhlraan, C T 21 Wood, Jesse 21
Young the Sole Survivor of the
Battleship Huron.
Lieut. Lucien Young, a Casey county
boy, of the United States Navy, is the
sole survivor of the wai s tip Huron,
which was wrecked at Nagg's Head,
off the coast of South Carolina, Nov.
21th, 1877. The big man of war was
swept into the breakers during a ter
rible gale, and w hen she went to piec
es over a hundred men went down to
death, which made it the m ist disas
trous accident in the history of the
American navy.
In the height of the storm, Lieut.
Young, an officer named Conway and
the quartermaster risked their lives in
a catamaran to carry a line ashore.
The cigar shaped boat was simply a
toy in the boiling surf, but after swim
ming -and pushing it the tired men
finally reached land. Notwithstand
ing their exhausted condition they
broke into a life-saving station, man
ned a boat and succeeded in saving a
few men. When the Huron went
down Lieut Young walked until he
found a telegraph station and sent the
details to Washington. Naturally the
news created a tremendous sensation,
and Young was the hero of the hour.
His native State, Kentucky, sent him
a splendid sword in recognition of his
services, and his congressman succeed
ed in having him promoted 30 numbers
for his heroism.
Lieut Young is naturally a fighter,
and some years later electrified Wash
ington society by threatening to whip
a well-known embassador. The di
plomat went to the navy department
for certain official data, which he wish
ed to send out out on the next steam
er. As . a favor Lieut Young volun
teered to secure it, and when the mat
ter was in shape went in search of the
minister. Not finding him at the em
bassy or at his home, he hied himself
to the club, thinking that the import
ance of the affair warranted the in
trusion. But the minister was furi
ous. "What do you mean, sir," he de
manded, "by coming here? " This isn't
the place for business."
This discourtesy threw Young into
a rage. He flung the papers into the
face of the irate diplomat and vehem
ently promised him a thrashing if he
would come out from the sacred pre
cincts of the club. After a sharp ver
bal skirmish the men parted without
coming to blows, but cordial relations
were never restored, and the ambas
sador experienced a sense of personal
safety when the big Lieutenant went
to sea. Semerset Paragon.
Whooping Cough.
I had a little boy who was nearly
dead from an attack of whooping
cough. My neighbors recommonded
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I did
not think that any medicine would
help him, but after giving him a few
doses of that remedy I noticed an im
provement, and one bottle cured him
entirely. It is the best cough medi
cine I ever-had in the house. J. L.
Moore, South Burgettowm Pa. For
sale by R. EL McRoberts. lm.
First Lieutant
this city, received authority from Gov.
to j iin the regular army for service
forth - eight hours from that time Mr.
signers to his master roll to form i
Lexington, ma piace oi mooiiizj.iiun,
point early this (Friday) morning
M. Farra, 1st Lieutentaut and C. G.
"C" and be in the Second regiment Fol
company, and their ages.
An Interesting Story of His Frednmina
ting Characteristic as told by
, A Stanford Lady.
Stanford, April SO. These days of
wars and rumors of wars are bringing
to the surface rominescences from m
ny old people who encountered the
high-rolling waves of tha fathomless
sea of trouble given rise to by the
bloody civil war, which will remain in
their memories as long as life lasts. It
is a frequent occurrence to read in the
daily papers a story relating to "about
the time the war was in progress.
and now "Aunt Mollie" Nunnelley
the estimable wife of Lincoln's big
trader, Phillip P. Nunnelley, tells with
infinite pleasure how the late lament
el Judge Mike U. Owsley upon one
occasion rescued her from a perilous
situation in the midst of the war times
of the '00s. Mr. and Mrs. Nunnelley
were residing in Pulaski county, two-and-a-half
miles this side of Somerset
on the farm where a Mr. Lewis now
lives. Col. Frank Wolford's daring
regiment of cavalry, of which Judge
M. H. Owsley was the Captain, was in
camp in the suburbs of Somerset, as
was also CoL Bramlett's troop. One
day a soldier of tne latter regimeat
sneaked out of camp and went, prowl
ing through the country, like a soar
ing lion, seeking whom he might de
vour. He was, a frightful looking
specimen of humanity and was consid
ered the toughest and most desperate
character in CoL Bramlett's army. He
finally reached the country residence
of Mr. Nunnelley, who was absentand
his wife and Mrs. Ike Cowen were
there alone. Eatering the house, with
a drawn sword, this desperate soldier
loudly swore that he was going to
commit some fearful crimes, and ad
ded: "I will then kill you d d de
fenseless creatures I'm a bad man!'
The two ladies were terrified. The
warrior bold was staggering drunk
and they managed to keep out of his
way, frightened almost to death, and
it seemed that no help was near. How
ever, a horsemafi passing by, had tak
en in the situation and on his flying
steed had hastily informed Capt Miko
Owsley, and with ten subordinates
that officer was soon at the home of
Mr. Nunnelley. The soldier defiantly
told them that he would die before
leaving the premises and brandished
his weapon high in the air. Every ef
fort was made to get to him and take
him alive, but he handled the sword
dexterously and finally slashed a sol
dier on the shoulder, producing a fear
ful wound, and like a demon straight
from hell, he at the same time made a
charge on the 11 men, when the cry
rang out, ''Shoot him down!" and I
relate with pleasure that he tumbled
to the racket I did not ask .Mrs. Nun
nelley where they buried him, nor do
I care. Any demon in human form
who will take advantage of defense
less women ought to be speedily sent
where the worm dieth not and the fire
is never quenched. With the dignity
characteristic of him, Capt. Owsley
then allayed the fears of the tremb
ling ladiesjind assured their future
protection. Though he sleeps in the
grave of the valiant, and is remembe in
hered by admiring thousands as a bril
liant statesman, brave soldier and
true friend, in no breast ii there a
warmer feeling for the memory of
Jud?e Mike Owsley than ia that of the
lady who told me this story.'
Mastic Mised Paint.
White Lb ad : ; Oil.
We are Glad to Sell Either.
Orders taken for all Foreign orDoimstic 3Iagiz:nes or Newspapers
E.W. Iallard.
Stationery, Faints, Oils, Etc.
Danville, Ky.
Whether You Buy Or Not.
Tali, women
Should know taat tJio
"Old Tlmu" Remedy,
r .,- a m.
ST1 f
: Is tho fcont for Vfrsi't 7ril;s. Co .top' ? a
Mrre.TCl.iritlesinrcuiril.Mans. ft.ou- K
taken f:r;.bsa;iuiLf:a'iit Iwfo Cii'.j-: !'
I'lantcrs "Md Tit:" SixrUIiS Iu.v . SIOO- l'.. .
" tost for t wont v year-?,
"laCfi'.ryby Ncwrfp icprl'ml oCo ".t
For sale by E. R McEoborts.Lancaster
EverytMna: new aii flesiraMe in
Miss Sallie Tillett,
Successor to Lackey & Gulley.
1 mi tfrza
All parties having claima against the assign
ed estate of W. A.Todd will present the sue
to me at Wallaceten, Ky., or my attorney, Wat.
McC. Johnson, at Lancaster, Ky.. o or safer
May 1st, 1893. This Feb. f5rd, 1888.
it Assignee W.A.VeM.
All persons knowlsg thesasalves- indebted to
the estate of the sat Dr.W. 8. O'Neal will
pleate call and stti-wii&L.F HubUlb and
greatly oblige me.
i Apr 96 St, - Administratrix.
Jno. Ji.Stout.
Teeth filled and extracted with
out pain. Crown ami Kri.lie
Wort a SDeclaltv. Office over J. K. llaaelden i
hardware store, noxt to Court House, Lancas
ter, Ky.
Surplus Fund
Careful and Prompt Attention Guaranteed
J. M. Hiqgin-botiiam President
Lrwia Y. Lkavsll Vice-President
B. F. HUDSOM Cashier
W. O. RIOXZT Assistant Casli'r
CD. Walkik Bookkeeper
J. 3. Johnson,
B. F. Hudson.
H.C. Arnold, Jb.
Jacob Y. Robinson.
Morgan Denmark.
Morgan Denmark Is a bay stallion, 1G hands
high. He Is splendidly bred, a n glance at hN
pedigree will show. He will make the present
season of 1S93 at onr stable, on the new Ijiii
Lancaster pike, 5 miles from Danville,
At $5.00 to Insure a Living Colt.
Care takan to prevent accidents, but not re
sponsible should any ocenr.
Lien retained on colts for the season money.
Mares traded before fact Is ascertained make
season money due.
Morgan Denmnrk was foaled In 1SS9. He 1
by On Time, son of Stonewall Jackson; 1st dam
Lady Morgan, by Stonewall Jackson : 2nd dam
by Vlrgiuluj; 3rd dam by Matchless; -Ith dam
by Transby.
Morgan Denmark Is one of the best bred sad
dle stallions In Kentucky. Has good mane and
tall, and good, long, rangy neck. Don't fall to
see him Will also stand ONE OOOD MULE
JACK at $3.00 to Insure.
25 Ct. D.mvllle, Ky.
A. R.Dinnt. President.
.Jno. E. Storm ks. Vice President.
s Wm.H. Kinnaibd, Cashier.
J aDJlWJiY, J.F.Kobinson. Jb,
AltnSCash'r. Book-keeper.
Ass'C Book-keeper.
tBm&lfBjC J Spllsaan,
AIecB.wT. A. C. Robinson.
L. Davidson,

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