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VOL T7MJB JX". Jfntered at the Post Office in Lancaster, Ky as Second Class Matter: NUMBER 9
Cur. Public Square and Danville Avenue. Li.IN J0 JCjIX 1V.1i, JJ -LfcA-LAtt. X 9 X 9 l. lOtO. flM per Year in Advance.
Screen Doors, Coolers
Ice Cream Freezers.
Lancaster, Ky.
Col. W.G. Welch.
W. I. Williams,
welce mm,
Attorneys at Law,
All business attended
to promptly.
Furniture, Carpets, &c,
Lancaster, Ky.
1 KflPairs
In order to clean up this lot of
Samples we offer the entire lot
for $2.50. Don't miss this op
portunity to buy shoes.
- These are First Class Goods -
We are offering a
Ladies, Misses, Childrens Oxfords
Hot Weather Clothing.
We have everything in this line in
keep ymi cddI. Crash suits $2.5Dtn $5
Iiargeline all wnnl Crash, suits, 7.50
Black and Blue Serge Coats andVests3 $3.50 to $4,50
See our New line of Pearl Eats at $1.50 and $2.50. The Latest out.
Hot Weather Underwear from 50cts to $2. a suit.
Logan & Robinson.
oooooooooooooooooooaooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 00000
Stanford contest, June 17th.
Strawberry supper at Pleasant Grove
tonight. Go.
Buy "ice from Northcott and it will
be delivered daily.
I would like to do your plain sew
ing and dyeing. Mrs. Ophelia Dunn.
New stock shirt-waist studs, shirt
waist sets and belt supports at J. C.
Thompson. .
Headquarters for Deering Binders,
Mowers and threshing machines at G
S... Gaines.
Spanish Tobacco l'laiits.
Zinmer's Spanish, the finest tobacco
known. Plants for sale. Sim 1$. An
derson, Lancaster, Ky.
No driving will be allowed in the
Cemetery on the afternoon of Decora
tion Day. This order will be strictly
enforced. S. 15. Henry. Supt.
Rev. E. 1$. Mahoney will preach at
Mt. Tabor the first Sunday and Satur
day afternoon preeeeding in June, and
will also preach at Preachersville on
the Second Sunday and Saturday be
fore. Strawberry Supper.
Don't forget the strawberry supper
to be given by the ladies of the Grove
church tonight. Admission only 25c
and you will be g'vjn all you can eat.
Patronize a noble cause.
Ilamleoinc Map.
The L. & N. railroad company has
issued a handsome and excellent map
showing its lines and connections, and
also a splendid map of Cuba. This of
fice is under obligations to the passen
ger department for a copy.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Taxes are now due the City and all
are respectfully requested to pay same
at once. The penalty will soon be ad
ded and it will be to your interest to
pay j'our tax now,
E. M. Walker, M. a L.
Dauville Steam Laundry.
' Smith & Currey, Agents for Danville
Steam Laundry. We ship every day.
We send to-day and deliver to-morrow.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Work called
for and delivered. if
Men's Sample Qflfl
Shoes left out of OUU
bought of the Mason-Cobb Co
Auburn, Maine, who failed some
time ago, at big discount. Reg
ular price of these goods, is
$4. $4.50 $5. and $6.
big lot of odds and
Bring in a dollar for the Record.
Ice wagons have made their appear
ance. The best two horse
agon on the
market at G. S. Gaine?
See J. B. Jennings line of samples
before you have your spring suit mad
Vacation will soon be here, and th
heart of the small boy teateth mer
rily. Egg's rc- Hatching.
From prize wining Black Minorcas
15 eggs for Sl.03. R. L. Elkin
Look To Your Interest.
Best home-mxde buggies on the mar
ket at J. B. Ely's Paint Lick, Ky. Gen
eral repairing and horseshoeing a
specialty. Give us a trial. 3-18 3m.
Want to Close at Seven.
The clerks about town are prepar
ing to circulate a petition asking the
merchants to close at 7 o'clock in U12
evening during the summer.
Court Day.
The pretty weather Monday kept
the farmers tilling their land and few
came in to court No stock whatever
was on the market, and if any one
wanted to buy, they kept the fact
quiet. The day passed off quietly,
there being no drunkenness or disor
der. S. I). Rothwell Hurt.
While working on a scaffold at Drip
ping Springs last week, Mr. S. D.Roth
wcll lost his footing and fell to the
ground, a distance of ten. feet. He
struck on his shoulder, dislocating it.
Medical aid was quickly summoned
and the injured man made easy. He
is up and about now, but the fall gave
him a jar which will annoy him for
some time.
To Join the Army.
Capt. Mike Salter took ten more men
to Lexington to fill out Capt, Duncan's
company. They tell a good one on
Capt. Mike. It is said that when he
arrived at camp the officers of several
other companies needed recruits and
stole some of Salter's men. None were
in uniform, so Salter had a time in
keeping enough to fill the vacancies in
Duncan's company. He was never
able to find the stolen men and was
pretty hot 'til it was found he had
enough without them.
ends in
from 50c to $1.25
G. & Gaines handles the genuine
Brown Cultivator.
Fine Tennessee strawberries at H.
B. Northcotts Saturday.
The greatest Disc Harrow on the
market, at G. S. Gaines'Ax
To save cost, call and settle with
J. G. Sweeney.
J. A. Beazley & Co. have a large and
handsome line of wall paper. Prices
to suit the people.
Prof. Gowen gives a general review
of his school work here on page four.
lie hews to the line.
I have new tomato and cabbage
plants for sale. Geo. Smith
Stolen, .from Bdous Creek, last Wed
nesday night, a bay Texas mare about
14 1-2 hands high with brands on left
shoulder and hip, also a star in fore
head and foretop cut off. A libsral
reward will be paid for her return or
any information of her.
2t Boones Creek, Ky.
Must Stay Out.
The trustees of the Cemetery have
issued an order prohibiting the drive-
ing of h jrses into the enclosure on
public days. This order will be strict
ly enf ireed. It is a nice move, for the
lots are ran over, grass trampled down
and, leiides if J a horse runs away
there's no telling what damage would
Marshal Walker has been ordered by
the Council to keep the little negroes
off the streets. This is a wise move,
and now if they will issue a. similar
order in regard to loafing white b:3's
and men who lounge about the streets
all day, stare at ladies and discuss oth
er people's affairs, the Council will be
given a vote of thanks by the commu
nity at large Some of the white loaf
ers arc worse than the negro boys.
Soldiers Here,
As soon as mustered into the United
States service, the officers and men are
allowed a shor,t furlough. The fol
lowing took advantage of this oppor
tunity to come home and see the folks.
Licuts. Farra and Wheritt, Privates
Chasand Wm. Walker, Kcl Burdett,
Kirk Kerby, Dick McGrath, Wm.
Marksbury, and the cook, Jim Wiggle.
They all hustled back to camp early
Tuesday morning.
Teachers Examined.
Miss Elisa Lusk tells us there were
fourteen applicants for teachers' cer
tificates examined Friday and Satur-
diy. Or the number, thirteen were la
dies and one man. Until report of the
examination is made, it can not be
stated as to how the applicants came
out, though Miss Lusk says she never
saw .better ex imiuations than the ap
plicants stood. The colored teachers
will be examined today (Friday) and
Soldier Boys.
Several membars of the Lancaster
company cime home on furlough be
fore leaving for the south. They say
reports of their fare at Lexington have
been greatly exaggerated. They have
been well treated and fed. While of
course canary-bird food was not hand
ed them on silver salvors, yet what
they got was as good as any soldier
ought to expect. Their uniforms and
guns have not been issued, 'but these
will be furnished at Chickamauga.
The' Show.
Cooper & Co's. circus drew only a
fair size crowd to town Friday, the
weather bluffing off the people. The
show carries no flja-bitten, dyspeptic
and loud-smelling animals, but gives
it's undivided attention to- the ring
show. The performers were the best
we ever baw, and seme of the feats-
were remarkable Of course the band
was good no circus ever had a poor
band. Those who attended got
drenched by the rain, but they were
amply repaid by the excellent per
Another Circus.
We understand Harris' Nickelplate
Shows are booked to appear here ear
ly next month. We hope it's true.
We would rather see a good, one-ring
circus than attend the finest opera
ever put on the stage. And we believe
the average person feels the same way,
though try to put on airs and make
light of the tented affair. Whenever
a man tails you he has no desire to see
the elephant, watch the trained po
nies, hear the clown or look at the old
gal in soiled tights jump through the
hoop, just set it down right there that
that man is telling you a lie cut from
whole cloth.
Capt. Bottom to Preach.
Captain T. W. Bottom, the veteran
auctioneer, t ills 'J hk Record he has
retired from this pro.'ession and has
been licznsed to preach by the Confer
ence of his church. He will enter the
field as an evangelist He has a tent
64 by 70 with seating capacity of 800,
which he will -spread at Cornishville,
Mercer county, June 10th. About the
20th of June he will spread his tent at
Herring's school house, this county.
and move to Sycamore Valley, on Su
gar Creek, the 5th of July. Capt Bot
tom will be assisted by J. M. Robinson
and E. S. Wilson, of Wilmoce. All are
cordially invited to attend these meet
Its This Way.
When you ask an editor to suppress
an item of news because it does not
suit you, then go and ask your grocer
to exclude pickles from his store be
cause you can't eat them, or your
butcher to quit keeping bologna be
cause it goes against your stomach.
There is just as much fairness in one
as in the other. News is the editor's
stock in trade. So are pickles to a
grocer and bologna to a butcher.
Soldiers Decorate Monday.
The old soldiers, both Coufederate
and Federal, will meet in the Masonic
Hall Monday at one o'clock and march
from there to the Court House where
speeches will be' made by prominent
men. At the conclusion of the speak
ing, the veterans will march to the
Cemetery and decorate the graves of
all soldiers buried there. Those in
charge request all who will contribute
flowers to send them to Masonic Hall
before dinner Monday, and also ask
the good ladies to come then and ar
range the flowers into suitable bo
quets. All old soldiers are expected to
join in and assist in these ceremonies.
In Fine Shape.
Mr. J. Mort Rothwell came down
from Dripping Springs Saturday and
tells The Record that the work of re
building at his resort has about been
completed. All the old houses were
torn away and splinter new ones
erected. The hotel proper has many
large, airy rooms, and broad verandas
extend around the entire building.
Mr. Rothwell has had ten carpenters
at work for some six or eight weeks,
and the work was pushed rapidly. He
has purchased new carpets and furni
ture for the rooms, and no hotel will
be neater or better appointed than
wilMe famous old Dripping Springs.
Mrs. Rothwell will have supervision
of the table, which fact insures this
department to be second to none in
the state.
K. P. Decoration Sunday.
Garrard Lodge, No, 29, Knights o
Pythias, will hold its annual decorat
ion exercises Sunday afternoon. The
members will meet at their hall prompt
ly at 2 o'clock, and at 2:00 sharp
will march to the Court House, where
the usual ceremonies will be held.
Rev. neary Faulconer will deliver the
oration this year. The public is cor
dially invited to witness these cere
monies and hear the oration. At the
conclusion of the Court House exer
cises the Knights, preceeded by the
Lancaster band, will march to the
Cemetery and decorate the graves ol
the brethren sleeping there. The K.
P. ceremonies are beautiful, and the
members are working now getting
each part down nicely.
To Chickamauga.
The second Regiment, of which the
Lancaster c-.mpany, is a member was
ordered to Chickamauga and went to
that point Wednesday afternoon. Ihe
men had not recei.ved their uniforms
or guns, but will receive thes3 at the
new quarters. Lieut John M. Farra,
who was here Sunday, tells us the gen
eral impression is the boys will remain
at Chickamauga for at least three
months and then probably be ordered
to either Marila or Cuba. He says
that if the war is brought to a close
even within the next month, thatU. S.
troops will be needed in Cuba until a
stable Government is established, ne
says our men are all in good spirits
and are delighted at the idea of going
south. He says the boys ae slightly
disappointed at not getting their uni
forms, but they are happy as larks.
Death of Mrs. Palmer.
A telegram announcing the death of
Mrs. J. T. Palmer, at Richmond, crea
ted great surprise among the family's
many friends in Lancaster. Mrs. Pal
mer had been ill only for a few days
and a surgical operation became nec
essary. She was unable to stand the
strain and b.-eathed her last at 12:30
o'clock Saturday. The remains were
brought to Lancaster Sunday after
noon and funeral services conducted
by Rev. Faulconer in the Presbyterian
church. The deceased was a Miss
Cochran, and was born and reared in
this county. She possessed all the
traits which go to make a noble, chris
tian woman, and was a great favorite
with all who enjoyed her acquaintance.
She leave3 to mourn with her bereav
ed husband, two children. They are
Elsie, aged 12, and John, aged 10.
Their heart-broken relatives nave the
sympathy of all in their sad affliction
At the conclusion of the services at
the church, the remains were followed
by a large procession of friends to the
Lancaster cemetery, where the inter
ment took place.
The Myal ia the luffcest fTMle baUaf pawaar
Iiiim. Act I testa aaaw K aaa
tfclrtf farther Umm my ttkw braa.
kwAl Miami rowee oo., mw vsmc
In making your purchases
tickets, which will entitle you to one of
our premiums. The above cut represents
one of the many on exhibition.
alamalaaB.ajai aaal AAA smM
Big Cut in
Ladies', Misses', Gbildrens Shoes and Oxfords
We are anxiou3 to
.... and -will give you
Zeiglers $3. and $3.50 shoes
Men's Boy's ai (Mita's ClolMni at Half Price. .
Our line of Dry Goods is Complete
School Closed.
Miss Ida Mae Kelly closed her spring
school in the Mason district the 19th.
No prizes were offered, yet Miss Pearl
Aldridge was awarded a handsome
gold medal for attendance and schol
arship. The grades of her studies
were as follows: Higher arithmetic 9S,
algebra, 97, rhetoric, 95, botany 90,
physical geography 97. Thi is the
fourth prize and the second gold med
al Miss Pearl has received, and she is
not quite 15 years of age. If she pur
sues her education as steadily in the
future as she has in the past, we be
speak for her much success.
Badly Hurt.
Jas. I Hamilton was seriously injur
ed Tuesday night. He was in a buck
board with Tom Cecil and when near
Hubble drove to a watering trough.
Cecil got out and removed the bit so
the horse could drink. The animal
became frightened and Hamilton, not
knowing the bridal was loose, jerked
up the reins. The horse started to run
and Hamilton rolled out the back of
the wagon. He fell some distance and
struck his head on a rock. A deep
gash was cut in the back of his head
and he was rendered unconcious. He
was brought to town and physicians
worked with him all night. The fall
was severe and blood ran from Mr.
Hamilton's ear nearly all night before
it could be stopped. At this writing
he is resting easy and the physicians
say he will recover. Mrs. Hamilton,
who was visiting in llroadhead, was
telegraphed for and came on the night
Lecture oa Cuba.
Rev. Edward W. Abbey, who was in
Havana at time of the Maine disaster,
will deliver a lecture on "Cuba; ner
Stay and Her Hopes," at the Court
House Monday night Rev. Abbey had
frequent interviews with Counsul-Gen-eral
Lee, Captain Sigsbee and other
officers of the Maine, and watchei the
operations of the divers in recovering
the bodies of the dead seamen. Con
versations with Spanish officials and
Cuban gentlemen gave him rare oppor
tunities of learning the views and feel
ings of both parties in the dread work
of devastation of the Island. Consul
tations with Miss Clara Barton, of the
Red Cross Society, and scenes among
the starving, gave him a vivid insight
into the ravages of-the war. His let
t jrs to the Northern press called forth
from Henry M. Field, the eminent
traveler and author, this editorial com
ment: "The-best appeal we have read
or sees anywhere for pity, for jostle
and for peace." -
Reserved seats on sale at Storates
drug store. General admission, 23c,
reserved seats 35c.
dont forget to call for
for $2. $2.25 shoes for $1.50
S far no arrangements have been
made for; receiving the express and
mail off the night passenger trains.
The train service is excellent and, if
the officials will only have the express
and mail put off, they will soon find
that it will pay both departments.
There is no night agent at the depot
and baggage is pitched off into the
darkness to lie there 'til day. At a
station of this size, it is hard to under
stand why this is allowed. Letters
have been written by shippers, busi
ness men and passengers and this
trouble will certainly be remedied
within a few days. If the express peo
ple only knew what a drawback this
negligence is to them, they would
make hot haste to remedy it.
The Lancaster Boy.
The roster of Company L. of Lancas
ter, Second Regiment, is as follows:
Captain Samuel M. Duncan.
First Lieutenant Jna M. Farra.
Second Lieutenant Not appointed.
First Sergeant Claude G. Wheritt.
Second Scrgeaut Allen Burnside.
Musician Jamzs . Stivers.
Artificer Charles O. Ware.
Wagoner James IL Rains.
Aldridge, Hughes
Bruin, James
Burdett, Nelson
Cheatham, -J. L.
Creed, Tyra S.
Daly, Tilden
Duncan, Everett
Fielder, Major
Foster, Albert S.
James, Joe A.
Ball, Albert
Hall, Wm. C.
Jackson, John
Lawrence, Geo. B.
Marksbury, Wm. I.
McGInnis, Thomas
Moore, Richard D
Mnrpny, Zan
Parks, Clarence
Parsons, Frank
Preston, Harry
Pritchett, Oliver
Purcell, Jonn D.
Reynolds, Ex
Roberts, Robert L.
Root, Addison D.
Scan Ion, Arceie
Shearer, Caleb M.
Shearer, Jack
Smith, Clarence F.
Sutton Harvey
Barkley, James M.
Barklcy, Richard T
Carter, John M.
Crank, James
Curtis. Albert A.
Davis, Louis
Daun. Leonard L.
Forbes, John W.
Frailer, Samaal H.
Gill. John C.
Hall, Victor H.
Hntchlns, Milton
Kuhlman, Chas T.
Ljnn, John G.
Miller, John D.
McGrath, R. A.
Mnlllns. Smith M.
Napier, Isham
Newland, Albert L.
Pennington, George
Pritchett, John H.
Preston, Howard T.
Rains, Ulysses G.
Riffe. Archil M.
Robinson Harry B.
Saofley, Rawon
Shanks, Eugene
Shearer, John b.
Slaughter. JohnW.
Sutton, John '
Sharpe, George H.
Turpln, Wlllam
Walker, Wm. D.
White, Harris
Wlthraw, John
Taylor, Albert
Walker, Charles J.
Warren, Ashby M.
White, Henry D.
Wood, Jesse.
K. C. Bruek
gaath-b'nd Mixed, pastsLsncsstsr.il 36 x.U
Nortk-b'ad Mixed, " " Ar.S
North-b'ad PaM'gr " " 3:38 A.
Soatfc b'sd 1 " "lias A. a.

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