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LOUIS ItANDRAX. Publisher.
50kk yt ab. in advance.
Six Months. "
Three " "
. -.25
Fill DAY, May 27,
McCKEARY. Wc are authorized to announce
Hon. James B. McCruaky, of Madison
county, a candidate for Congress In the
Mi Congressional District, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
THOMPSON We announce J.B.Thompson a
candidate for re-nomluatlon by the Dem
ocratic party for Representative In Con
gress from this the 8th district.
1 iik news, if it may be called news.
received duriac the past week has
;cn simply a lot of reports, followed
by immediate denials of battles on
the seas. Sifted down nothing re
mains worth putting in tj'pe. The
U. S. regulars arc still at Tampa, ex-c-ipting'
a few which were landed with
supplies in Cuba. A large body of
troops hare been sent to Manila, and
jnore are ready to go. The volunteers
c mtinue to pour into Chick a manga,
and about forty thousand 'are now
there, being drilled and equipped for
the field.
The best information obtainable
clearly indicates that Admiral Cerve
ra, and his fleet of war ships are bot
tled up in Santiago harbor by the
American warships. Information to
this effect has been received in Wash
ington. Ccr.-cra will either have to
come out and fight or starve in his hi
ding place.
Tho invasion of Cuba will be delay
ed only until more transports can be
secured. There are now thirty ships
in waiting, but as many more are nec
essary. There will be two divisions of
the invading ar.uy, the first consisting
of the 30,030 troops now at Tampa,
New Orleans and Mobiki, and the sec
ond of 45,000 volunteers. The first ar
my of 30,000 will be made up of 19,000
regulars and 11,000 volunteers.
Thk Buckingham theater, at Louit
ville, is to change management and
name. A notice to this effect says the
clianga is made in order to "secure the
patronage of a 'better class' of peo
ple," and to "elevate variety perform
ances from the dive level." The truth
of the matter is the change is made in
order to get the report abroad that
tho place- is a littlo more decent, so
"more- old codgers can attend and watch
the bandy-shanked girls in tights kick
hih. Every sanctimonious old cuss
that goes to Louisville watches his
chance to slip into the "Iluck," but
"under a new and refined (?) manage
ment" the old hypocrites can walk in
at the front door. The "Buck" has a
wide reputation as a leg show and
nearly every man who goes to Louis
ville attends, and then tells his wife a
lie about it.
The surgeons at Lexington weedel
out so many state guardmcn who were
unfit fer service, that a message was
sent to Washington asking that the
examination be made less rigid. The
request was granted. The cigarette
fiend fared worse than any other class
of the volunteers, and the j'ellow com
plected dudes were turned down by
the dozen. , The ranks of the Louis
ville Legion were thinned greatly, and
many pets of that organization wire
given their walking papers by the
surgeons. The Legion has one of the
best commanders now in the service,
and also has some good men in the
ranks, but many are curley-headed
dudes who ought to be at home riding
stick horses or trotting on mama's
The order of Uncle Sam to suppress
news of the movement of troops and
vj.-s:1s goes a little hard with the
American people, who want to know
the news as soon as it occurs, but the
plan is strictly right Every move
made in this country has been com
mnnicatcd to the Spanish government
in some way. How it has been done
is hard to learn, but the spies certain
ly have means of letting the Dons into
all our movements. The result of this
order is that the reporters arc com
pelled to write sensational messages
without any foundation whatever.
The fact that Ensign Bagley was
the first man to be,killcd in the Span
ish-American war creates a remarka
ble coincidence. His father, Major
Bigley, of North Carolina, was the
first Confederate killed in the late war,
falling at Big Bethel church, Va., just
be ore Bull Run.
Tun Cincinnati Enquirer published
a cock-and-bull story Sunday and had
many readers believing that Sampson
h vd destroyed eleven of the Spanish
s'lips. Some of the daily papers tell a
lie with the ease and grace of a cross
roads politician.
If Admiral Sampson desires to do
effective work he should cut the cable
running to Washington He has for
gotten more about war" maneuvering
thin the whole crew at Washington
ever knew.
Teddy Roosevelt has telegraphed
Roger Williams, at Lexington, that he
(Williams), can't play in his "rough"
riders. Boo, Hoo. Uoo! Tell mama
no him, Roger.
r.vERV fellow who looks like a spy
ought to be hung. Take the chances
on whether or not he is guilty. It
would bo no sin or offense, whatever,
to hang a man that looks like a spy.
If all of his seizures are validated
by the court?, Admiral Sampion al
ready has abru f 103,00) of' prize mon
ey ia sight '
The W. C T. V. Convention.
The beautiful towns of Lancaster ap
peared at its lovelist last week when
the delegates arrived to attend the con
vention of the 8th Kentucky district
of the W. C. T. U. The cordial wel
come which each received from the re
ception committee portended a pleas
ant time which was fully realized as
the days glided to rapidly by.
The convention began Tuesday eve
ning May 17th, with the first Grand
Gold Medal Contest which has been
held in the State. About one hundred
temperance recitations in various parts
of the district prececded this grand
consummation of the contest work.
Young ladies from Madison, Laurel,
Rockcastle and Garrard counties were
in the c Jiitest, which was conducted
by Mrs. R?selind Neabitt, of Mt. Ver
non. The medal was awarded to Miss
Alborta Andcison, of Lancaster.
The convention was formally open
ed May 18th at 9 a. m. in the' Presby
terian church by the president Mrs.
May Patterson, of Lancaster. Devot
ional evercises were led by Mrs. Ward,
of Livingston, after which a constitut
ion was adopted and the following
committee appointed. On Curtesies
Mrs. Romans and Mrs. Robert Elkin,
of Lancaster, Credentials, Mrs. Mar-
gart Gill of Lancaster and Mrs. Mary
Smith, of ML Vernon. Resolutions
Mrs. Ward, of Livingston, Mrs. Nes-
bitt, Mt. Vernon, Miss Ida Tyree,
lttsburg, Miss Amanda Anderson Lan
caster. '
The report of Unions showed much
good work accomplished, reports were
read from Danville, Lancaster, Mt.
Vernon, Berea, Danville Junction,
White Uall. Kirksville, Stanford and
Mrs. Francis Beauchamp, of Lexing
ton, the excellent State president, at
tended the convention from the begin
ing and rendered valuable aid in male
ing the discussions interesting and in
structive. Mrs. Mary Weisiger read a paper on
"Sabbath obserrance" that was greatly
enjoyed, followed by discussions. A
good paper entitled "Local Industrial
work" was read by Mrs. Anna Fay. A
beautiful memorial service was held
Tuesday morning conducted by Miss
Anderson, being opened by Mrs. M. G
Frost, who read a paper upon the life
of Miss Francis E. Willard, followed
by beautiful talks by Mesdames Elkin,
iiansod, Gill, Beauchamp and others.
Mrs. Frost also read an able and
lengthy paper upon "Franchise for
Woman", Mrs. Nesbitt read a paper on
'Our Duties," Thursday afternoon
which delineated some of the cares of
oflice. Miss Margaret Murphy read
paper "Shall we study the child,"
which was very fine and widely dis
On Wednesday evening tho Presby
terian church was well fillel by an at
tentive audience to hear the impres
sive lecture delivered by Mrs. Francis
Beauchamp in her most graceful man
ner. bue held the wrapped attention
of her audience for almost an hour, af
ter which the lovely children of the
Kindergarten class rendered a charm
ing song in which the Stars and
Stripes figured prominently. Miss
Margaret Murphy, their teacher,
should justly feel proud of her charm
ing charges, for the boy of tcday is
the man of tomorrow.
Mr. Volney B. Cushing delivered
temperance lecture Thursday at the
Presbyterian church and one upon
'The Lost Atlantis" at the Court
House Friday evening.
An elegant reception was given the
convention by the "Child's Culture
Club" at the College Thursday after
noon. Mrs. Eikin in her usual charm
ing manner gave a talk pertaining to
the work of the club, Mrs. McRoberts
and Miss Shumate read papers and
Pres. Gowen and Miss Murphy gave
an interesting talk. After discussion of
topics of interest all partook of the
elegant refreshments served so grace
fully by Misses Kinnaird and Shumate,
The officers chosen for next year: Mrs.
May Patterson, president; Mrs. Rob
ert Elkin, corresponding secretary
Mrs. Rosalind Nesbitt, recording sec
retary; Mrs. Sam Ward, 'Jreasurcr.
All went home charmed with the
hospitality of the peope of Lancaster
and. vicinity and persuaded that the
noble work of the W. C. T. U. will not
languish in the district. Give your
encouragement and aid, dear sister, to
this noble work.
My son was afflicted with rheuma
tism which contracted his right limb
until he was unable to walk. After
using one and a half bottles of Cham
berlain's Pain Balm he was able to be
about again. I can heartily recom
mend it to persons suffering from
rheumatism. John Snider, Freed, Cal
houn Co., W. Va. For sale by R. E.
McRoberts. 1m
Mr. George Jennings bought 3,000
two foot boards for S3 per thousand,
from James Uutchings.
Dock Fox, of color, shot himself ac-
cidently in the left hand. He is seri
ously hurt
Mr. John Porter is quite sick at this
Mrs. Robert Boain died the 23 rd
leaving f jur small children.
Mr. John K. West and Rev. T. H.
Campbell spent Tuesday, 24th, at Fiat-
Liitue iom leaveu, oi color, was
climbing after a squirrel, when he fell
from near the top and was badly hurt
Mr. Andy Spangler took dinner at
W. H. Furr's Sunday. Also Mr. J. F.
Pettus took dinner at Mrs. Wbrrel's.
air. nenry Porter and wife, spent
bunday at Mr. Geo. Miller's.
The Cuban question and political is
sues sink into insignificance with the
man who suffers from piles. What he
most desires, is the relief. DeWitt'
Witch Hazel Salve cures piles. Storages
Drag1 Store. . " lm
(Bine Grass Clipper)
This is some of Sam Jones' talks to
the woman of Henderson, Ky:
"When God gives a man a wife and
six children he has done a great deal
for that fallow. But when he gives
him a society woman and a poodle he
has thrown off on him.. These society
women shake hands with rue. I would
as soon shake a dead fish's tail. I
wouldn't give one of your sock darn-
ng women for all the society woman
in the country. Between cutting off
the top of their dress for the ball room
and the bottom for the bicycle these
society women will soon have no
clothes left. A man said to a society
woman: 'I hope I'll see more of you.'
She said: 'Come to the ball tonight'!
Some people sny you shouldn't speak
that way before mixed audiences. You
old sisters wear a high collar, close
around your necks that's modest and
comely But deliver me from the so
ciety women who button their collars
around their waist. You preachers
don't talk that way, do you? You talk
about the sweet bye and bye. You
ought to talk about the nasty now and
Another Cuso of Rheumatism Ciiretl by
Chamberlain's Pain ltalm.
Many old soldiers now feel the ef
fects of the hard service thev eudured
during the war. Mr. Geo. S Ander
son, of Roseville, York county, Penn.,
who saw tho hardest kind of service
at the front, is now frequently troub
led with rheumatism. "I had a severe
attack lately," he says, "and procured
bottle of Chambclain's Pain Balm.
It did so much good that I would like
to know what you would charge me
for a dozen bottles." Mr. Anderson
wanted it both for his own use and to
supply it to his friends and neighbors,
as every family should have a bottle
of it in their home, not only for rheu
matism, but lamo back, sprains, swel
linrrs. cuts, bruises and burns, for
which it is unequalled. For sale by
R. E. McRoberts. lm
Thirty-third Annual Sunday School Con
Paducah, Kentucky, June II, 15 and 16.
The Annul tate Convention of the
Kentucky Sunday-school Union will be
held in Paducah on June 14, 15, and
16. A most attractive and practical
program nas Deen arrangeu. teu
known and experienced speakers will
discuss topics of vital import to Sunday
School workers. The speakers from
abroad are Mrs. W. F. Crafts, of Wash
ington, D. C, the well-known primary
teacher; Rev. E. Morris Fergusson, of
Trenton. N. J.. General Secretary of
the New Jersey S.,S. Association; and
Rav. I. B. Maxwell, of Savannah, Ga.
Colored Field Worker for tho Inter
national Executive Committee.
'iho devotional services will be
charge of Rev. Francis R. Beattie, D.
D., of Louisville. Prominent among
the Kentucky speakers are Rev. E. L.
Powell, D. D. Rev. C. Y. Smith,, and
Rev. Dr. J. H. Eager, of Louisville,
Rev. W. K. Finer of Hopkinsville,
Prof. J. E. Turner of Herschel, Rev.
Dr. J. M. Richmond of Princeton, and
Rev. W. E. Bryce of Shelby ville.
The music will be in charge of Prof.
Charles Davis, who is training a chorus
of Paducah singers.
Delegates. Every Sunday-school in
the State is entitled to one delegate
for each hundred members or fraction
Eentertainment will be provided fcr
all accredited delegates on condition
that their names are enrolled on or be
fore June 13 with Rev. W. H. Pinker
ton at Paducah.
Transportation. All the railroads
in the State have made a rate of one
fare for the round trip on presenta
tion of credentials. '
Credentials may be obtained from
county officers, or from the State Sec
retary at Room 19, Louisville Trust
Building, Louisville.
I have been a sufferer from chroni
diarrhoea ever since the war and have
used all kinds of medicines for it. At
last I found one remedv that has been
a success as a cure, and that is Cham
berlain's Cholic, Cholera and Diarr
hoea Remedy. P. E. Grisham, Gaars
Mills, La. For sale by R. E. McRob
erts. lm
Mrs. L. M. Crutchfield is on the sick
list this week.
Norman Grow bought of Tom Bar
ker a calf at 310.
Hemp seed are selling at SI per bush
el in this vicinity.
John nicks sold a good saddle horse
a few days ago at $65.
Frank Folger bought a sow and pigs
from Elverton Lemay, at $10.
A good many acres of tobacco was
set last week in this locality.
A. D. Ford sold 4 suckling calves to
Eugene Berkcle, at $10 per head.
Rev. Bailey, of Richmond, will fill
the pulpit at S.'Ott's Fork next Sun
Lem Tcater bought'-a bunch of
shoats from Clayton Preston last week.
at 3 1-4 c.
George Grow sold a fat cow to Bcnj
Robinson, to be delivered in two
weeks, at 8 cents per lb.
John Teater bought a bunch of
shoats from Mrs. Geo. Anderson,
few days ago at 3 1-2 cents per pound.
Mrs. Rebecca Scott, of Jessamine,
visited relatives here, and attended
preaching at Mt Hebron last Satur
day and Sunday. Rev Bruce, Of Lou
isville, filled the pulp'.t at Mt Hebron,
There is to be a big fishing party at
the month of Sugar Creek, the" first
Saturday in Jane. Everybody is invi
ted to come. Come, and yon will have
a barrel of fun, and you -will say it was
pood for me. to be. there.
IHIuS Colic waWud Tootfcaeke
in Ave minutes. SourSteMch
CespUata. Priee,-25 Oats.
Corn is worth $2.00 per barrel in the
crib here.
Quite a nnmbcr of hogs have died re
cently with cholera in this vicinity.
Our farmers took advantage of the
season and set out good deal of tobacco.
E. W. Norrls sold his bunch of 65
hogs to Exrnest Woods for 3.70 per
Mrs. C. B. Engleman and children
spent a few days at Bryantsville with
her sister, Mas. J. B. Leavell.
There is, nothing like keeping ia
practice. Some fellow in order to
keep his hand in, passed through Dave
Pullins field andstolc the teeth out cf
his harrow.
Paint Lick is getting on a boom. An
other new store has been opened there
by Mr. W. A. Wallace, of Point Leav
ell, and the people can get goods at
theirown price now.
Mrs. Annie Adams attended the
achers institute at Lancaster Friday
and Saturday and we hope that she
succeeded in getting a first-class cer
tificate for she is one of the best teach
ers in the county She has just finish
ed a three months subscription school
here and some little fellows that did
n't know their letters when they start
ed could read in the second reader
when the school was out
One Minute is not long, yet relief is
obtained in half that time by the use
of One Minuto Cough Cure. It pre
vents consumption and quickly cures
colds, croup, bronchitis, pneumonia
la crrippo and all throat and lung
troubles. Stormes' Drug Store, lm
Nothing of interest has transpired
since last week.
The Lancaster lady who would not
be surprisedto hear of Sarapon's 11 jet
being at three Forks Sagar Creek may
ere long realize her expectation sine
Kentucky River is now running up
stream as far as the mouth of Sugar
Perhaps it is not known to many
that in this county there is a little
lady who is z jhepheraess, In her child
hood when the lambkins were brought
from the field in rough weather she
would care for them and continue I to
do so until finally she asked her fath
er's permission to have a herd of h
ouo. She has been in the business sev
eral years and besides the interest she
has in caring for them she realizes
snug sum of "Filthy Lucre" nearly al
ways receiving a higher price than her
father. Whether or not it is natural, or
acquired I do not know butoveryboiy
loves her for her kindly and lamblike
disposition .Boys she donfc want any of
A little four-year-old boy of Orchard
Grove fame heard some one speak of
the ddgwood tree and tho kind
flowers it produces. A few days later
he came running to his mama with
some white flowers and said mama
here is some dog flowers.
The community is in a solubrious
condition and every one happy be
cause it rains so much. If the rain
continues-, the we ds will be in tl e
lead and thea the lellow who would
n't work will be forced to roll his
sieves, pull off his sox and wade in
and pull 'em.
A number of persons wonder where
Orchard Groye is. If you will be pat
ient I will try to direct you so that
you may easily locate it, z.n when the
fruit is ripe you are welcome to come.
It is not on a railroad, or turnpike,
hence some people are hedge 1 in al
realy; but they are not the ones we
wouldent direct It is not on a hul ,
neither in a valley but go north from
a certain city via a certain turnpike
five miles, turn short to the right on a
dirt road one and one half miles, and
there you are. We will look for you,
come oh, do come, we will be so dis
appointed if you dont
What did John mean when he told
his "little children to sin not" 1 John
2-1. Will some minister answer.
S. M. Geary, Pearson, Mich., writes:
"DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve is curing
more piles here to-day than all oth
er remedies combined. It cures eczma
an 1 all other skin diseases." Stormes
Dru Store. lm
Why is it.
That fools are known by their much
That man will agree to do certain
things and then not do them?
That a certain man employs hands
at a stipulated price per day and when
the work is done faith-'ully andhonest
ly ha wants a reduction of a nickle
or dime?
That an editor knows how to spell,
and what the people would like to
read better than any bodyelse? Be
cause there's so many not en gage t
in the business who know how and so
willing to tell him Ed.
That the Executive Committee of
the Indianapolis Monetary amendment
is sj anxious to have Congress pass a
bill that will get the Money "Question
ant of politics"?
That the people of this, the grand
est country on Gods footstool, The
Unite'd States of America, allow them
selves to be ruled by the "Money
Sharks," "The monopolies' ?
That man seeks to depend his broth
er insteal of loving his neighbor as
Will some one who can; kindly an
swer the above? We want information.
"Whooping Couch.
I had a little b.jy who was nearly
dead from an attack of whooping
cough. My neighbors recommended
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I did
not think that any "medicine would
help him, but after giving him a few
doses of that remedy I noticed an im
provement, and one' bottle cured him
entirely. It is the best cough medi
cine I ever had in the house. J, Lb
Moore, South Burgettown, Pa. For
sale by-B. E. McRoberts.- lm.
Mrs. Bailie A. Harris is quite sick at
this writing with bronchial troubles.
Mrs. Isa Daly has been very sick for
several davs.
J. C. Boner sold to Russei, of Dan
ville, some butcher stuff at 3cts. per
J. W. Pritchctt sold to 11. V. Robin
son some shoats at 3c per pound.
Farmers take notice. Don't give
any order for wire fence or fencing
machines until you see L. B. Hushes,
who handles the best on the market
Call on or address L. B. Hughes, Marks-
bury. Garrard County Ky., or leave
orders with J. R Hascldun Lancaster,
Kentucky. 6-24.
Prof, and Mrs. Evans, of Plneville,
were among the visitors at the lork
Sunday. Mrs. Iluh Leslie, of Mon
tana, is visiting her son, Rev. W. M.
Kuvkcndall. Mrs. J. R. Haselden, of
Lincastcr, and Mr. hughes Aldridge,
of company L. Regiment No. 2, Lex
ington, Ky., spent Monday with the
family of their brother, H. D. Al
dridjre. Mrs. Wm. Anderson has re
turned to the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kemper, from an
extended visit to friends in Preaehcrs-
ville. The boys of compmy L. came
over from Lexington Sund'iy evening
and remained until Tuesday morning.
Their Irien Is were de'i hted to ;ee tl eai
but felt very sad when they bade
them good bye, perhaps for the last
time, if they should be sent to Cuba.
Late to bed and early to rise, pre
pares a man for his home in the skies.
Early to bed anl a Littlo Early Riser,
the pill that makes life longer and
better and wiser. Stormes' Dru
Store. lm
Mrs. Jotih Lackey who has b:ea sick
so long, was moved to her daugh'ei'.
Mrs. D. Gulley last week and it is hop
ed she will recover more rap'dly.
Mm. W. A. Sadler who has been very
sick is some better.
Mr. Lish Forbes has gone to Lexing
ton to see his brother. John, befo-e he
leaves for Cuba. Mrs P. G. Warner
and daughter, Miss Lillie, spent last
week in Stanford visiting rclativvS
Mr. and Mrs. Will Simpson and their
daughter, Miss Irene, are visiting the
family of Mr. Jerdon My res at Wil
more. Mr. Long and wife, of Marks-
bury, visited the latters father, Mr.
M. Harden last week. A. F. Moberley
made a visit to Hubble the latter part
of last week. Mr. Robt Hendren, of
Kirksville, was here Sunday.
"One Minute Oough Cure is the best
preparation I have ever sold or used
and I can't say too much in its praise.
L. M. Kennon, Merchant, Odell, Ga.
Stormes' Dru; Store. lm
Prices Lower than Kvcr.
Tuilor made suits at S12.50 to $30.
Satisfaction or no pay. You have paid
$12 for ready-made suits that were not
as good as Wanamaker and Brown
suits at $S, and their suits at $9.53 and
$11.50 are equal to other $15 suits, be
ing all-wool and beautiful in design
and finish. The suits at $13.53 and $1"
usually sell for $1S and $20, and their
$20 suit is the same of quality, such
suits usually selling for $21. A con.
parison of goods will prove that you
will save "some dollars by giving me
your order. M. D. IIuguks, Agent
nenry Hamilton bought of Jno. Gab
bard a horse for $40.
Some o: our farmers who planted
corn cany are complaining of a poor
stand. That which was planted only
two weeks ago is coming nicely.
Beginning with Monday, the 23rd
inst, we now have a daily mail from
here to Paint Lick, instead of only
tri-weekly as heretofore. The chang
was worked up by our popular clerk
Mr. Thos. W. Soper.
On Sunday morning "Shep," a dog
belonging to James P. Soper, died ve
ry suddenly, it is supposed from poi
son. Seme of the bereaved family val
ued him at $20, but, while he was
good looking dog, we would have pre
fered the twenty dollars.
Catarrh is one of the most obstinate
diseases, and hence the most difficult
to get rid of.
There is bat one wav to cure it
The disease is in the blood, and all the
sprays, washes and inhaling mixtures
in the world can have no permanent
effect whatever upon it. Swift's Spe-
cmc cures jaiarrnpermanentiy,ioritis
the only remedy which can reach the
disease and force it from the blood.
Mr. B. P. McAllister, of Harrodsburg,
Ky., had Catarrh for years. He writes:
"I could see no Improvement -whatever,
though I was constantly treated with sprays
uuu wusncH. ana amor.
ent Inhaling remedies
in fact. I could feel that
each -winter I tras worse
than tho year previous.
"finally it wa
Dronehtto my notlc
that Catarrh was a blood
disease, and after think
ing over the matter. I
saw it wasun reasonable
to expect to be cared by
ledies which onlv
reached the surface. I
then decided to trv
8. B. S., and after a few bottles were used, I no
ticed a perceptible improvement. Continuing
toe remedy, the disease was forced out of my
ystem, and a complete cure was the result.
I advise all who have this dreadful disease to
abandon their local treatment, which has never
done them any good, and take S. S. 8 a rem
edythat can reach the disease and cure It."
To continue the wrong treatment for
Oatarrh-is to continue to suffer. Swift's
Specific is a real blood remedy, and I
cures uuouuHUi, utwp-Beateu uiseoses,
which other remedies have no effect
whatever upon. It promptly reaches
Catarrh, and never fails to cure even the
most aggravated cases.
is Purely Vegetable, and is the only
blood remedy guaranteed to contain no
dangerous minerals.
Books Kailed.frae by Swift Spesifl
Oootpaay, Atiaote, Georgia.
Mastic Mixed Faint.
WMte Lead and Oil.
We are Glad to Sell Either.
Orders taken for all Foreign or Domestic 3Iasizines or Newspapers.
E.W. Lillard.
man m
Stationery, Paints, Oils, Etc.
Danville, Ky.
Whether Yon Buy Or Not
Should know that tho
"Old Time" Remedy,
Is tho best for Fenals TnmMn. Corrects nil
J Irregularities In Female Organs. Should be
I taken for Chance ot Life and before Chili-Birlb.
i Planters "bid Time" Remedies havo stood the
i test for twenty years.
Madn only by Now Spcncpr Medicine Co., Cfcat-
For sale by R. E. McRobjrts.Lancasttr
Everjllii new ani iesiraWe in
Miss Sallie Tillett.
Successor to Lackey & Gulley.
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c
Amrooe sending a sketch and description n
quickly ascertain oar opinion free whether
lriTentloa is probably patentable. Ootnmunl
tavesuoa Is probably patentable. Communica
tions trlotly confidential. Handbook oaPateata
entiree. uiaeet agency tor eeconngpaiems.
Patents taken through Mann & Cu. recelro
ipteial notice, without charge. In the
Scientific jMerkaM.
AaMaomely ulostratM weekly. Largest eftw
"wiletln of way etentlSe loarnat. Terms. SB .
year Toy raontM.fl. Bout By an newsdealers..
Jno. B.Stont.
Teeth filled and extracted with
int imin. Crown and Bridge
ork a spcclnlt '. Office over J. Ii. Haselde n'a
hardware store, next to Court House, Lancas
ter. Ky.
mm raoNAi bank,
Capital, - - $100,000
Surplus Tund 15,000
Careful and Prompt Attention Guaranteed
J. M. Hiogikboth.x President
Lnwia Y. Lxatell Vice-President
B. P. Hudson Cashier
W. O. Rionkt Assistant Cash'r
CD. Walkxs Bookkeerr
I.8.J0HX30X, T.M.AKS0LD,
3.C.AETT0LD, Jr. B. F. Hudson.
Jacob T. Robinson.
Morgan Denmark.
Morgan Denmn.i Is a bay stallion. IS hands
high. He is spiel .dldly brod, as a glance at his
pedigree will sho v. He will make the present
season of 1S9S ai our stable, on the new Lan
Lancaster pike, h miles from Danville,
At $5.00 to Insure a Living Colt.
Care takan to prevent accidents, but not re
sponsible shouM any occur.
Lien retained on colt3 for the season money.
Mares traded b .'fore fact is ascertained makes
season money iue.
Morgan Her mark .was fooled in 1889. He Is
by On Time, son of Stonewall Jackson; 1st dam
Lady Morgan, by Stonewall Jackson ; 2nd dam
by Virginias ; 3rd dam by Matchless ; 4th dam
by Transby.
Morgan Denmark is ono of the best bred sad
dle stallions In Kentucky. Has good mane and
tail, and good, long, rangy neck. Don't fail to
see him Will also stand ONE GOOD MULE
JACK at $6.00 to insure.
25 Ct. Danville, Ky.
( J65.eoe.oe.
A.R.Dennt. President.
Jno. E. Btokxks. Vice President.
Wx.H.Kirnaikd, Cashier.
8. C. Dinnt, J. r. Robinson. Jb,
Assfstsat Cash'r. Book-keeper.
K. T. Iinr Aaa't Book-keeper.
Bam'l. D. CoehraB, J as BpllmaB,
Alex. K. DOUBT. A. C. Robl&soBj
W. B. Ceek, L. Derides,
' jBe.K.Sterme.

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