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nou nun ornav wrvrco
ooo vuHUeis corn wanicu. x
c ' .1 . r f 7 . . rt . .
lire cents per barrel for x,ooo bar
rels of corn delivered at the Pil
grimage Distillery.
Jno. W. Miller, Mgr.
Frank liournc sold E'.kln a nle cow
"at o 1-2
Henry Cox sold Elkln a fat cow at
y 1-4 cts.
Sanders . Walker shipped a load of
200 lb. hogs to Cincinnati this week.
C. W. Anderson sold Ltfnn & Allen of
I.incohn .some good butcher stuff at
3 70.
- V. G. Anderson sold O. I'. Huffman
of Stanford some bntcher cattle at
Lconatu-, the noted old racer, died
IVidav nisrht in Woodford county. He
was sixteen years o'.d.
T. I. Hamilton sent a nice horse to
Lexington this week to go into the
service of U. S as an ofli cr'shorse, for
which lie paid S133.00.
The wheat crop is ripening fast and
farmers will begin cutting early next
week. The crop is unusually good,
hut some little complaint is heard of
smut and chinch bugs.
About a full crop of tobacco will be
raised in this county this year against
05 per cent, last year. The crop is
looking unusuallj- well, notwithstand
ing the dry weather.
Clayton Arnold shipped to Cincinnati
Tuesday S3 hogs which averaged 180
lbs. Mr. Arnold raised, these hogs
himself and expacts them to bring hini
from T.S5.00 toS400.
II. A. B. Marksbury & Son have re
ceived in the last 10 or 12 days over
:;10,000 lbs. of hemp and it continues
to come. This firm has handled this
year one million pounds.
One Minute is not long, yet relief is
obtained in half that time by the use
of One MinuUt Cough Ctarc It pre
vents consumption and quickly curts
colds, croup, bronchitis, pneumonia,
la grippe and all throat and lung
troubles. Stormes' Drug Store, lm
Kvcry 3ear we hear the same cry of
"fruit killed."' This year the voice of
the wiseacre was more vociferous than
usual, and yet we had an abundance
of small fruit; the cherry trees are
loaded and in some parts of the coun
ty peaches arc being picked off to lose
the burden of the trees.
Nora L, the crack mare owned by
Mr. John W. Miller, is in the hands of
fjood trainers in Danville, dud is said
to bi in tlie pink of condition; the
jiiarc- won some good races last year,
and even better may ho expected of
her this season. Mr. G. II. Xevius
will start with her next week on the
rounds of the grand circuit.
McCarley & piwson and Ii. F. Rob
inson have bought and are now re
ceiving in this county about 2,500
spring lambs at prices ranging from
S3 to .r0 per head. The lambs this
season are unusually good, averaging
from SO to ub pounds. They are being
rapidly put qn the market and Gar
rard county lambs are considered
among the best of the season.
We arc informed many of the fields
of wheat, the prospects of which was
so flatteriuy, are now more or less in
fected with smut, and would suggest
as the best method foriandling such
crops is to let it stand until what we
call -"dead ripe" bpfore harvesting,
and either thresh from the shock or
htack it when the wheat is thoroughly
dry as well as the atmosphere, and in
this way make it merchantable.
The farmers are feeling the effect of
the battle of Manila; there is where
we got all our sisal binder twine, and
as the port of Manila is closed, as far
as commerce is concerned, the supply
of this commodity, is, of course, cut
off, and we arc dependent upon the
amount now in this country, conse
quently binder twine is noj way
above par; at this time last year sisal
twine was quoted at 0c per lb., now it
is 10c a 11c and rising at the rate of lc
per day; however, if wheat readies
the goal to which all farmers look for
ward, namely, SI per bushel, what will
he care for a few paltry cents differ
ence in the price of his twini?
kiNCOLX Items. Chas. Dawes bought
of Mrs. Martha Martin a bunch of
shoats at Sc. Albert 15. Florence
bought of Dr. C. A- Cox his horse and
bqggy for S150. Dan Holdam sold to
.1. T. Terry, of Livingston, a bunch oi
butcher cattle at 3 l-2c. Thomas Ba
ker bought in Boyle and Washington
counties a bunch of calves at 9 to $11.
W. M. Mathcny has sold a lot of corn
at his crib at S3. 25. A. S. Ball 'sold a
lot of hogs to Richard Cobb, Jr., at 3
l-2c. Holtzclaw abld to James L
Hamilton a calvalry horse for 80. M.
fc. Baughman and A. C Dunn bought
in the mountains 15 aged work mules
at 55. T. G. Nunnelley bought of R.
H. Cooper yesterday a pair of yearling
marc mules for S110. JoarnaL
Mkiicku Items. D. N. Nichols got a
nickle a pound for his lambs. G. W.
Robinson sold his growing wheat at
HQ cents. A. Sanders bought Al Lit
ecy's growing wheat crop at 83 cents.
B. F. Sanders Sc Co., bought Dr. Pow
eU's and George Robinson's lambs at
from 2 3.4 to 5 cents. G. W. Robinson
sold fifty-ono 1200-pound cattle to B.
Vt Sanders at 81 per hundred, to be
delivered between October 20 and No
vember 15. C. F. Webb shipped" a
double-decker of lambs to Louisville, a
few days ago, and sold them for SC. 10.
He bought them at $4.50. Also sold a
load of hogs at 84. 10. Auctioneer J. J.
McGlnnls reports 75 cattle on the mar
ket, Monday. Sold 9 yearling heifeis
at 15.10, per head; 10 heifers $13.30; 2
cows for $10.50 and $21.75; anotheer
for same $26.25; one mare and mule
colt, both at $45; 1 horse, $21.75; 1 maie
S32.50; 1 ten year old mare, $13.85; and
a pair of goats and little wagon foe $3.
-2 sows, each with ten pigs, were vith
drawn at $39.50. Democrat.
They Will Snppress the Kalcer-Howard
Iul In Clay Conntjc-The "Latter
Hold the Cqunty Scat.
Loxdox, Ivy., June 11. Troops aiV
rived here at 3:30 Friday morning, got
a light breakfast and started for Man
chester at G o'clock in vehicles, piloted
by Jailor Johnson, of this (Laurel)
county, to preserve peace in the Baker
Howard mouutain feud, which has al
ready resulted in the killing of 11 men.
Latest reports from Clay county say
that abou 10 barrels of whisky have
been .stolen from "a warehouse .near
Manchester, and that man' of the
fighters arc being supplied. Jailer
Johnson thinks the troops will not be
molested. He s-nys that.between 75 and
100 men. armed with Winchesters, arc
on each side.
Judge Brown has received a letter
from tlie Baker faction, saying they
will surrender to the law, if guaran
teed protection. The Howards are in
Manchester, and the Bakers are afraid
to come in. The grand jury is sibling,
but has returned no indictments.
Of the guard, 30 men were ordered
from l'ewce valley, under Assistant
Adj. Gen. Forrester, and 20 men from
Louisville under Capt. Jacob.
The Governor Orders Out Troops.
Louisville, Ky., June 10. Gov. Brad
ley Thursday a fternoon- ordered out 50
members of the reserve state guard
and sent them under the command
of Asst.- Adit. Gen. Walter For
rester" to London, Ky., from whence
they will march to Clay county,
where the Baker-Howard feud is in
progress. Tlje troops were ordered
out by Goy. Bradley vpon tlie (urgent
recommendation of County Judge
Brown, of Clay county, 'who says4.hat
great loss df life may follow if the feud
is nqt promptly suppressed and order
A Cousin of Lieut. Ilobson.
Elizaukthtowx, Ky., June 11. '
Lieut. Hobson, whose brilliant achieve
ment in bottling the Spanish squad
ron by the sinking of the Mcrrimac in
the Santiago harbor has made him
famous, is a cousin of Hon. J. 1'. Hob
son, of this place, vh6 is a well known
Jawyer, and a candidate for judge of
the court of appeals. He is also a
cousin of Lieut. V. C. P, Muir, of the
United States cruiser Detroit
Charges Asainst Commissioner Scott.
Skankfort, Ky., Juno W. Charges
have been made out and forwarded to
Washington against Internal Revenue
Commissioner Scott for violation of
the civil service law. The charges are
the result of the Todd-Evans race for
congress in that district, it being al-'
leged that Scott is taking an offensive
part in the fight against Evans. !
Doing Their Best.
Fkaxkfort, Ky., June 11. Gov.'
Bradley," who has been making a vigor
ous kick because tlic Kentucky troops'
have not been paid, received a tele
gram from Adjt. Gen. Corbin Friday
night. stating that every effort was be
ing made for the prompt payment of
all the troops.
Lconatus is Dead.
Lexington. Ky.. June 13. The 16-
fycar-old brown stallion Lconatus died"
Friday night at Runnymcde farm in
Bourbon countj Leonatus was a won-,
derful race horse in his 3-ycar-old
form, and has been at the head of Clay
&. Woodford's establishment for sev
eral years. ,
Recruiting-. (
Bakbouiiville, Ky., Jnno 13. Lieut
tX A. Tinsely, of Troop A, Kentucky
cavalry, and Private Ed Dishman came
on from Chickamauga to enlist 25 men
to fill the troop which was gotten up'
here. Lieut Tinsley reports the boys
arc all satisfied and have received uni
forms. Troops to Protect Blanks.
Fkaxkfort, Ky., June 10. Gov.
Bradley will send troops to May field
to protect Bob Blanks, the Negro
rapist from a mob, during his trial
next week. Blanks is under arrest in
LoHisville, having been qapturcd and
returned from Illinois.
Ijauatlc Hang Himself.
Lkxixotox, Ky., June 13. Rev. J. B.
Richardson, aged 40, from Powell"
county, committed suicide in the East
ern Kentucky lunatic asylum by hang
ing with a towel? He had been an in
mate of the suicidal ward since last
Fattic in Church.
Lexixotox, Ky., June 13. The ceil
ing in St Peter's Catholic church fell
while G o'clock mass was being cel
ebrated Sunday mornjng, slightly in
juring several persons and causing a
panic. '
Goes as Captain.
Lexixotox, ,Ky., June 14. Capt
Gordon Voorhies left Monday night
for Chickamauga, having been assign
ed to the- 3d corps, under Gen. Wade.
Capt A'oorhics was formerly lieuten
ant in the army and resigned a year or
so ago.
Will Not Raise the Price.
Louisville, Ky., June 14. The beer
brewers of this city held a meeting and
decided not to raise the price pf beer
on account of the increased revenue
tax on the beverage.
First Regiment Left tor the SoutM.
Louisvjllb, Ky.4 June 1L The 1st
regiment, Kentucky volunteers
(Louisville Legion) broke camp at Lex
ington at 4 o'clock Friday afternoon
and left over the Cincinnati Southern
for Chickamauga, whbre they will ar
rive at 4 o'clock Saturday morning.
The regiment is 1,350 strong and under
the command of Col. John B. Castle
man. It is the only volunteer' regl
ment in the Unittxl States recruited up
to Hs foil strength under the recent
order of the war department,
" '.j:.-
No Further Trouble Anticipated.
Lonixct Dei'ot, Ky., June 14. No
further trouble is reported at Man
chester. The Bakers nro expected to
come to town Monday, aud a serious
tinvo is anticipated. The report that
Judge Brown has made a second call
for troops is absolutely false, as'lS the
great number of stories about the
leaders of the factions making
throats. They are sensible and
determined men and known that un
der the circumalanccs it would be
bhecr foolishness to make threats.
They are quietly waiting to strike the
final blow. Business is the dullest it
has been for many years. The coun
try people arc staying away. It is re
ported tliat men haye been heard to
bay that Judge Brown had best keep
inside at night or lie would s be shot.
The judge is doing everything possible
to kei-p peace; hopes to close court
without trouble.
Sentei.ced to Death.
Lexington, Ky., June 13. The jury
in the trial of George A. Portwood for
the murder of Richard Purkins, after
bing out 19 hours, brought in a ver
dict of guilty, and fixed the punish
ment at d.ath. An appeal will be
taken at once. Portwood on May 14
shot and killed Richard Purkins, a
paralytic saloon keeper, because Pur
kins had, a year or so ago. had him ar
resti d for disorderly conduct Insan
ity was the prisoner's plea.
Dr. John A. Larrabee Dead.
Louisville, Ky., June 13. Dr. John
A. Lar'rabce, one of Louisville's best
known physicians and prominently
known in his profession all over the
country, died at his home.in this city
Sunday of Bright's disease, a;cd 53
yiXirs. Dr. Larxabcp was a native of
Maine, was a man of wide popularity.
He contributed largely to medical
journals add was the author of many
treatises upon diseases of children.
John D. Taggart's AViil.
Louisville, Ky., June 14, The will
of the late John D. Taggart, president
of the Fidelity Trust and Safety Vault
Co., was admitted to probate Monday
morning. After some small bequests
he devises that his estate shall be held
by the trust company until 1902, whan
it is'to be divided among his six chil
dren. Unless his sons show they are
qualified to care for their share it is to
bo held in trust for them.
After the Gang.
Richmond, vKy.v June 14. Squire
Nathaniel Colton lodged in' jail here
Monday Talbot Gills, James and
George Storj, members of a gang of
alleged robbers, who -it is believed
have for several weeks been commit
ting numerous depredations in the
west end of this (Madison) county.
Writs have been issued for other mem
bers of the gang and officers are now
in pursuit
Soldiers' Aid Society.
Lexington, Ky., June 13." The,Sol
dicrs' Aid society, an organization
formed by leading Blue Grass women,
began a street canvass for members
Mond ly. The membership fee is only
ten cents, and all the money will be
used to buy clothing for the Kentucky
troops. Evcrj'body is eligible. The
ladies expect to raise over S-,000.
Illamcs a Congressman.
Louisville, Ky., June 10. John
Henry Wilson, whose appointment as
assistant district attorney was recent
ly revoked, blames his troubles on Con
gressman I'ugh. He says he knew of
the effort thaf was being made beforo
the order of revocation came. Mr.
Wilson is confident that he will be re
appointed in a few weeks.
New Bank at Sturgl.
Fbankfokt, Ky., June 11. The Bank
of Sturgis has filed articles of incor
poration with the secretary of state,
with $15,000 capital stock. Joseph T.
and W. W. Pierson, G. C. Jones, II. J.
Wallace and T. A. Lyons are the in
corporators. The Brandenburg Nor
mal and High school also filed articles
of incorporation.
Fish Bone Killed II lm.
Louisville, Ky., June 14. McCauley
Stout, a bricklayer, died as .the result
of having swallowed a flsh bone some
years ago. The bone lodged in his
stomach, and despite a number of op
erations for the purpose, could never
be located. Stout suffered great agony
when he died.
Fatal Quarrel Over Craps.
HorinxsviLLE, Ky.,-June 14. Henry
Pattln and. George nopper became In
volved in a quarrel over a game of
craps Sunday night, when the latter
drew his revolver and shot Pattin in
the neck, inflicting' a fatal 'wound.
Hopper escaped and is still at large.
Acquitted of the Charge of Murder.
MoitKiiEAi), Ky., June 11. Finley
Tolliver was tried and ncquitted of the
charge of murder of W. D. Minnick
two years ago, at the term of the cir
cuit court which closed here Friday
Made Ile Iudignant.
Louisville, Ky., June 10. Sadie
Humphrey, who had believed her hus
band dead, found Tuesday that he was
alive. Instead of rejoicing she filed
6uit for divorce against him Thursday.
She thought he had abandoned her and
died. .
Insane on His Bridal Trip.
Louisville, Ky., June 13. H. Lan
ity, 30 yeavs old, was arrested here
Sunday night, charged with lunacy.
Lanity is from St Louis, where he is
employed in a railroad office. He was
marupd a few days ago and came here
on his bridal trip. While walking past
the cathedral Sunday he fell on
his knees' and began to pray. He de
manded that his wife do likewise. She
refused and he assaulted her. It took
eight men to arrest him. Lanity owes
his insanity to. excessive cigarette
gmoking. Mrs. Lanity4s heart-broken.
Kcho of a Bridge Disaster.
Louisvils.k, Ky., June 15. The d's
aster of the Louisville and Jefferson
ville jbridgv of Dwmber 15, 1 93, when
many Jives and much property were
lost, was recalled Tuesday .afternoon :
by a big damage suit which went to
trial in the common picas court Tho
suit is by the Phoenix Bridge Co.
against the Big Four and the C. & O.
Railroad Co., S'25,000 damages being
Surrt-iitl.T-s to tin- TriMiift
London Dei'ot, Ky., June 15. Carl
O. Allen and I!ob Baker, who are con
cerned in the Baker-Howard feud, sur
rendered to the troops Monday. Col.
Forrester had sent them word that un
less they came in the troops would be
sent after them, al the same time as
suring them ample protection.
Troop Ordered to Maj lleld.
Fjiam;foi:t, Ky., June 15. Gov.
Bradley has ordered Company A of the
state guard to go to Maytield to pro
tect Bub BlaiJis, the Negro ravisher,
who is to be tried next week. There
have been si. lynehings in Graves
county in two years and the feeling
against Blanks runs high.
WUI Rejoin Ills Company,
Owknsiioko, Ky., June 15. Former
First Sergt Otis Ford has received
word from Washington of waiver of
physical disabilities and will leave at
once to join Company F, 3d regiment
at Chickamauga. Three colored cav
alry recruits left here for Fort Mc
pherson. Federal Court ntI'rankfort
Fkankfout, Ky June 15. The June
term of the federal court opened here
Monday. The jurios were hnpartcJed
and the fixing of da tee for trial ol
cases completed. The case of White's
executors vs, the Nethcrland Life In
surance Co, was set for Monday.
Karthquakc Sluice nt I'aducah.
Paijucaii, Ky., June 15. A distinct
earthquake was felt here and through
out this part of the state at 0:30 Tues
day morning. Iti'Tomo part of the
Ciy the shock moved dishes and furni
ture perceptibly.
.Tih) Medals Will Be Given.
Richmond, Ky., June 15. (J. C; Hall,
of Louisville', and W. J. Steincrt, of
Versailles, tied for the highest average
in all studies at Central university.
and two medals will be given instead
of one'.
Kurt lujuuke at Fulton.
Fulton, Ky., June 15. A distinct
earthquake shock was felt here at 9:20
o'clock Tncsday morning.
Another Attack on the Fortifications.
Havana, .nine I.j. lucsdny morn-
intr two American cruisers and one
dispatch .boat opened lire against he.
batteries at the Entrance to the harbor
at Santiago -tie Cuba, discharging be
twecn 50 oir.i DO shots ol different cali
bre. The batteries at Castillo del Mor-
ro and Castillo de la Socapa answered
the fire and the American warships
retired. At the Socapa battery three
men were slightlv wounded.
The Transports Have Gone.
Chicago, June 15. Capt Brady, the
chief censor of the government at
Tampa, Fla., telegraphed the Tribune
Tuesday night that the transports had
sailed for Cuba. He was under orders
not to reveal the fact Juntil 24 hours
after the time of sailing. The expe
dition consists of 35 transports, con
voyed by 14 war vessels. The censor
ship has been raised The Ffrst Ohio
infantry has sailed for Cuba,
Brnce's Successor.
Columhus, O., June 15. Hon. W. E.
Bundy. district attorney for the south
ern Ohio district announced here
Tucsdav night that Assistant District
Attorney Bruce, of Cincinnati, has re
signed to make way for his successor.
Mr. Bundy has recommended McPher
son Brown, of Miami county, for the
Will Pass the House.
Washington, June 15. The house
rote on Hawaiian annexation Wednes
day afternoon will show upwards of
250 votes in favor of the proposition.
If all the opposition democratic, re
publican and unassorted is present
and voting, their aggregate strength
will not exceed 111.
Closed a Store.
Marvsville, O., June 15. Sheriff
Robinson closed up a store in New
Dover Tuesday, owned by Dr. F. A.
Vigor and Clarrissa Vigor, on an exe
cution in favor of the United States
Real Estate Co. of Marion, for So50.
Knibarklng for Manila.
S-AN Fjiancisco, June 15. Thirty-five
hundred soldiers embarked Tuesday on
transport steamers which are to take
them tq the Philippine islands. It is
generally expected that the fleet will
sail Wednesday.
May Make a Bash to the Spanish Coast.
New Yokk, June 15. A Newport
News dispatch quotes a naval officer
as confirming the reports that a new
flying squadron is forming there to
make a bold dash on Spain's coast
Schley will command it. it is said.
r.-isB luucrat customs are most pecu
liar. At the death of a person the
family inserts a formal black-edged
announcement in the papers asking
lor sympathy and stating that "he
mourning urn" will be exhibited dur
ing certain hours on a special day. In
'ront of the house where the person
died there is placed a little black table,
covered with a, black clotn"; on which
stands a black jar. kito this .the
friends and acquaintances of the
'atnjly drop little black margined
visting cards, sometimes with a few
words of-sympathy on them.
Prices Lower than Ever.
Tailor, made suits at $12.50 to $50.
Satisfaction or no pay. You have paid
$12 for ready-made suits that were not
as good as Wanamaker and Brown's
suits at $3, and their suits at $9.50 and
$11.50 are equal to other $15 suits, be
ing all-wool and beautiful in design,
and finish. The suits at $13.50 and $15
usually sell for $18 and $20, and their
$20 suit is the same of quality, such
suits usually selling for $25. A com
parison of goods will prove that you
will save some dollars by giving me
your order.' M. D, Huass, Agent,
Lieut. n.u.ri.N, of the army, has de
signed a torpedo for which the torpedo
net of a war shin has no terrors. It
does not e.vpioie ttself, but discharge
another torpedo at such an angle that
the latter dives tinder the net and cx
plodes under the ship.
During the Franco-German war tho
Germans threw 300,000 shells into B.-l-fort,
only killing 00 Frenchmen, or 500
shells to kill one Frenchman. At
Strasburg, in the same war, it took 18
shells to kill every man. And at tho
siege of Paris HO.o'jO shells only killed
10" and wounded 209.
An old man named George Russel,
who has died in Aberdeen, has left
property valu.'d at 13,000. The in.
terest is to be distributed yearly
among the policemen and scavengers
of the city, in recognition of kindness
done by a local constable to the testa
tor's sister 50years ago.
Well preserved flowers discovered
at Dahsourh, in Egypt, in-tombs of the
times of the Pharaohs, have just been
placed in the Cairo museum. The com
monest of these were the white or
blue lotus, the red poppy, the leaves
and flowers of the pomegranate, of tho
saffron and of the crocus.
The only prince of thq royal house
of Spain who is now ifr active service
in Cuba in the cause of his country is
Don Antonio, infant of Spata. He ia
in the prime of life, being only just 32,
and colonol of the ''crack" regiment of
hussars, "El Princesa." He is the hus
band of the Infanta Eulalia.
The hump on the back of the drome
dary is an accumulation of a peculiar
species of fat, whiffh is a store of nour
ishment beneficently provided against
the day of want to whick the animal
is often expose The dromedary or
camel can exist for a long period upon
this hump withput any other food.
The River. Jordan makes the trreat
est descent in tho shortest distance of
almost anj stream.
Women bicj'clists in St Poterdburg
arc" ordered by the. police to wear
bloomc-rj or flatiopal dress, as the
.wijyl blows too capriciously in Russia's
capital for skirt fco bj vvurn w?th de
cency, f
Father DokNEY. of Chicago, the new
chaplain of the Iowa, goes into the
navy with the reputation of being tlso
most populan nriest in Chieago. He isj
not yet o, six leet tail, weighs, over
200 pounds; and is an" 'enthusiastic
athlete and a handy man with boxing
Americans are producing paper cigars-as
an article of commerce, and,
what is more, are being backed up by.
connoisseurs of the fragrant weed.
The cigars are prepared from sheets
of paper which have been soaked in
tobacco juice, and then pressed and
cut into the requisite shape by means
of specially constructed machinery.
Exri:mMKXTS are being made in the
Russian army with tall observation
towers which may be roadily un jointed
and 4tisrrbutcd" among yimenduring
a march. In their driiisvith these,
squads erf GO men can erect, complete
structures in 20 minutes. When not
snpplied with the pieces already made,
they can, by chopping down a few
trees and propijrlf cutting; them, put
npa tower of almost the samekind in
half an hour.
A survey of the powers of Europe
shows that fr"om the beginning of the
century to the end of 1S9G Turkey had
enperienced 37 years of war and 59 of
peace; Spain comes next with 31 years
of war and C5 of peace; France with
27 years of war and 09 of peace; Rus
sia, 24 years of war and 72 of peace;
Italy, 23 years of war and 73 of peace;
England, 21 years of war and 75 of
peace; Austria-Hungary, 17 and 79;
Germany (exclusive of Prussia), 13 and
S"J; Sweden, 10 and 80; Portugal, 12 aud
Si, and Denmark, 9 and S7.
Carlo di Rudini, son of the Italian
prime minister, has been winning
large sums at Monte Carlo. He is an
inveterate gambler, and his father has
tried in vain to reform him. He was.
started on an exploring trip to Africa,
but flipped away at Aden and returned
to Monte Carlo with the money for the
expedition. He was then put up for
the chamber of deputies and elected,
but immediately joined the opposition,
and made his father buy his vote,
whenever it was needed. He is proba
bly the person spoken of as sharing in
the recent concession of coal lands
made by China to an English and Ital
ian syndicate.
in tne English official regulations for
1S9S it is stated that the mean extreme
range of the Lee-Metford bullet may
be taken as about 3,500 yards, although,
with a strong wind, 3,700 j-ards have
been observed. Ihe bullets find their
way through joints of walls, unless
the walls arc made very fine and set in
cement About 150 rounds, concen
trated on nearli the same spot, at 200
yards, will break a nine-inch brick
wall. Rammed earth gives less pi
tection than loose. When fired into
sand, the bullet is found to be alwavs
turned aside after it had entered a lit
tle way.
The Alabama was ttic first war ves
sel to be launched in war times in this-
country for nearly thirty-five years, ,
and in consequence the. event was uni
like the baDtismal ceremonies of other
engines of naval destruction and de
fense. There were no cheering thou
sands to witness tho nlnnse as- when
die Kentucky and K'earsarge glided
from the dock into the water. Only -a
select-and unostentatious party wit
nessed Miss Morgan formally bestow
the name of Alabama upon the tre
mendous hull of what is to be the
most powerful battle ships ever de
signed for the American navy.
Senator Allen, of Nebraska, is de
termined that his son shall not gcrto
war as an officer. If the boy goes at
all, he says, it must be as a private,
The son, who is 20 years of age, was
appointed to a lieutenant colonelcy ol
Nebraska volunteers .And has been
commissioned for active duty. The
senator immediately telegraphed the
boy to resign, and was rolucfcantry
obeyed. lie will not enlist as a pri-
vate in the ranks. Senator Allen says
he is not willing that his son shall be
given preference over other men be
cause of his political influence.
-Tub largest proportion of single
persons is found in Ireland and Scot
land, and the smallest in the United
States. In Ireland C7 per cent, in
Scotland 65 per cent, but in the United
States only 59 percent arc in that con
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Dr A P Taylor. Lexington, Ky
M LDowling, Burgiu. Ky ,
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Maggie Smith, Lexington, Ky
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J D Vurccll, Lexington, Ky ,
J V l'urcell, cLxiugtou, Ky
R B Itutlgr, Harrodsbnrg, Ky ,
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Stookum Gulch Pool, Lexington, Ky
Shookum Guteh Pool. Lexington. Ky
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Shoaknm Gulch Pool, Lexington. Ky".
Shookum Gulch Pool, Lexington, Ky
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Milton Johnson, MaysviUe, Ky
John T Shelby, Lexington, Ky
John R Allen, Lexington, Ky 7..
John R Allen, Lexington, Ky
W W Quinn, Xicholasville, Ky.....
3 V Fry. Lexington. Ky
Geo W Fitzgorland, Georgetown, Ky ,
J H Baker, Levtngton, Ky
1 U Baker, Lexington, Kv
J H Baker, Lexlngtou, Ky ,.
Johnson Sc Xclson, Baltimore, Md
John Lowry.Xewport Xews, Va -.-....,
A. F. Campbell, Fortress Monrpe, Va
Wm II Arriugdala, Xewport Xews, Va
D B Good, Lexington, Ky
White estate, Lexington, Ky
Good &. Co.! Lexington, Ky ,
A L Marshall Lcxlugton, Ky
Dr David Bennett, Lexington, Ky
WD Finch, Danville, Ky 4. ,
W D Flitch, Danville, Ky
A L Marshall, Lexington, Ky
Lulie Sible, Louisville, Ky
D B Good. Lexington, Ky
Johnson, Xclson, & Co., Lcxiligton, Ky
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.... 9.50
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.... a.50
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7... X0
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.... 44X0
f 1,164 00
t i'J.7.:
59. 1 1
.V. 97
.'. I
St. 15
31 17
22 25
15 U0
20 0S
17. II
12 57
120.(50 .
A. SMITH BOWMAN, Secretary

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