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;kverv week by
Six Months.
Three " "
FiMDAY, July 1, - - 1898
McCREARY. Wc are authorized to announce
Hon. James B. McCeearv, of Madison
county, a candidate for Congress in the
Mb Congressional District, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
lie publican partisan. Now, it is well
enough to fire out office-holders and
put in men of the same political faith
of an administration, but to select a
lot of numb-skull politicians and jive
them command over regular army offi
cers, who have studied warfare all
their lives, is a disgrace to a civilized
population. Wc do not believe the
president would have done this of his
own free will and accord. The ap
pointment of these sons-of-fathers, po
litical wire-pullers and heelers were
made simpl because the executive
was under the thumb-nail of a lot of
shysters, of the Mark Hannatj'pe. Mr.
McKinley is not, the onlj' chief execu
tive who has to dance to the fiddle
every one elected to office has to pay
these debts of "gratitude."
THOMPSON We announce J. B.Thompson a
candidate for re-nomination by the Dem
ocratic party for Representative in Con
gress from this the 8th district.
The manner in which Roosevelt's
Rough Riders ran into a trap at La
Quasina, is a fair sample of what may
be expected of a lot of over-enthusiastic,
green soldiers, commanded by an
equally over-enthusiastic and green
c mmander. Reports say these men
rushed pell-mell toward the enemy
without orders, and, more than likely,
agaiust orders. The trouble with the
volunteers is that each one cherishes,
deep down in h:s heart, the hope of
bjing a Dewey or a Ilobson, and his
fondest dream is to accomplish some
thing which will bring his name be
fore the people. In his mad desire the
average volunteer soldier does not
stop to think twicj before going into
anything, and there is where the rub
comes in. We have been told by offi
cers and men of the regular army that
the first lessons taught in the service
are those of taking care of and pro
tecting one's sill. Tae mode of fight
ing and peculiarities of the soldiers of
every nation of the world is next tak
en up. Having thus picked advanta
geous ground, and knowing from
where to expect the enemy's fire, it is
an easy matter to load and shoot.
Roosevelt's, and nine out of every ten
other volunteer commander's men
know absolutely nothing of these fun
damental principles and rush in,
school-boy like, fist and skull, to wipe
the enemy off the earth. Unless these
hand-me-down colonels and generals
are relegated to the rear, it is only a
matter of a very short time until an
other butchery of American braves
will take place.
Tueue is not much stir in Garrard
over the race for the democratic nom
ination for congress. All of the
candidates have warm friends here,
but the usual loud talking and bluster
attending a political campaign is con
spicuous by its absence. U he farmers
are busy, the merchant is making his
emi-annual settlements and the loaf
er too busy talking about the war te
devote much time to the race. Each
man's friends predict a victory. Our
readers know the men, so they can pay
their money and take their choice..
If Gov. McCreary wins tho nomina
tion at Danville on the 12th, he will
owe much of his success to the faith
ful assistance of Mr. W. I Walton, of
the Stanford Journal. It is a hard
matter to choose between friends of
the same household, but the Journal
has stood flat-footed for the Madison
man from the beginning. When Mr.
n aiton docs take a notion to sing a
man's praises, he certainly can do so
to a queen's taste.
If the American soldiers will not get
too enthusiastic when they wade into
the Dons, it will be well. Each man
has been itching for a shot at the
treacherous devils for so long, we
wouldn't be surprised if they took too
many chances when the opportunity
for a fight presents. A cool head is
worth more at all times than any
thing else, and especially so while en
gaged in combat.
The L. & X. R. R. has decided to in
crease the salaries and wages of all
officers and employes on July 1st.. This
goes to show what can be accomplish
ed between capital and labor when the
good-for-nothing "agitator" is ignor
ed by the men. Had they gone on a
strike and refused to accept the cut,
many of them would have been with
out work eyer since. In 1S93, the
times were fearfully hard and the L.
& N. was compelled to reduce expen
ses. Ihe salaries and wages of all
who were receiving 54,000 per year and
over were reduced 23 per cent, and
those receiving less than $4,000 were
reduced 10 per cent On July 1st, (to
day) one-half of this cut will be res-
tored. That is, those whose salary is
Si, 000 and over will be increased 10
per cent, and those under 4,000 will
be increased 5 par cent It is said
that on January 1, 1S99, an additional
increase of 10 and 5 per cent will be
made. The L. & X. can always be
counted upon to do the right thing,
and the employes will lose nothing by
having stood by the road in the hour
of its trouble.
The Kentucky editors meet in Cin
cinnati today to shake hands, console
one another over their ups and downs,
eat big stick candy and watch the ele
phant The outside world has not the
most remote conception of the trials
through which a country editor passes.
He has been very appropriately dub
bed the 'Moor-mat for the communv
ty." It takes every cent lie can rake
and scrape to meet expenses, he walks
fifty miles a day to collect, probably,
thirty-five cents, and racks his tired
brain all night studying up nice things
to say about people who do not appre
ciate them enough to even thank the
poor quill driver. And yet, if he seeks
a few day's rest, some gas-bag says the
editor is getting rich and reckless and
ought to stay at home and attend to
his business. As far as the editdr of
Tjie Record is individuaUy concerned.
he proposes to lose no sleep over what
space-occupiers think, and will contin
ue going about in an humble way at
venuing siriciiy io me wants oi our
readers and letting the tongues wag
as they may.
IiiMAOiXE the feelings of an army
officer, who has devoted his whole life
to studying the manner and mode of
fighting of the different nations, and
given his undivided time to figuring
out military maneuvers, imagine his
feelings when his first opportunity for
fighting presents itself and he is
dcred out under a green, inexperienc
ed politician. It must be about the
most humiliating feeling on earth.
Army officers understand their busi
ncss, as it has been their life work.
If you, dear reader, were an experi
enced mechanic and were working on
a job, how would you like for a street
loafer to be taken up and placed over
you? This is the same way the regu-
lar army has been treated. Volun
tcers are all right in their place, and
we praise the patriotism of those who
shouldered a musket for the defense
of the country, but they should be un
der the command of trained and ex
perienced officers.
We believe Mr. McKinley is an hon
est brainy, conscientious man, but
the way he has allowed himself to be
dictated to and led by the nose in the
nation' present trouble is enough to
make the flesh crawl on the bitterest
The War.
The other day a ragged negro was
fined ten dollars in the police court
for participating in a crap game which
had "up" about twenty cents. Young
Leiter, at Chicago, attracted the at
tention of the whole civilized world by
his gambling, and he was not even ar
rested. It's awful to be poor.
Judging from reports, Lieutenant
Colonel Theodore Whatyoumaycallit
Roosevelt, has more "courage than
discretion. The exercise of a little of
the later would have saved many
American lives in the engagement in
Cuba the other day.
Judging by the way in which Uncle
Sam's bonds have been gobbled up, the
old fellow's credit is still pretty good.
Bad management keeps more people
in poor circumstances than any other
one cause. To be successful one must
look ahead and plan ahead so that
when a favorable opportunity pre
sents itself he is ready to take advan
tage of it A little forethought will
also save much expense and valuable
time. A prudeut and careful man will
keep a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy in the
house, the shiftless fellow will wait
until necessity compels it and then
ruin his best horse going for a doctor
and have a big doctor bill to pay, be
sides; one pays out 25 cents, the other
is out a hundred dollars and then won
ders why his neighbor is getting rich
er while he is getting poorer. For
sale by R. E. McRoberts. lm.
Born, to the wife of George Saddler
a bouncing baby boy, William A.
Mr. Wm Sutton wishes to thank his
friends and neighbors through this
paper for the kindness shown his fam
ily during his recent bereavement
J. D. Hardin while cutting wheat
last week stuck a guard of the binder
through his foot, causing a paitf jl,
but not a serious wound.
Robert Gulley's barn was struck by
lightning Monday night The damage
done was tearing up the building,
somewhat, but killing no stock.
Mrs. Robert Burton, who has been
quite sick with fever is thought to be
Miss Salhe Xave is visiting Miss
Mattie Shiffiet, in Richmond. Little
Maude and Lillie Perrin have return
ed to Stanford, after spending several
weeks with their grand-mother, Mrs.
P. G. Warner. Mr. and Mrs. Lish
Forbes, visited relatives at Mt Heb
ron, last week.
Sunday was a day long to be remem
bered by the young and old, who gath
ered at the home o' Alex Lay ton, for
a surprise to his mother, widely known
as "Aunt Bettie" Layton, to cele
brate her 70th birthday One hundred
fifty guests were present to partake of
the bountiful dinner, which was pre
pared and served in true Kentucky
style. Every one present say they
never enjoyed a better day. Long
may Aunt Bettie live and spend many
more birthday's as pleasantly as this
I was seriously afflicted with a cough
for several years, and last fall had a
more severe cough than ever before.
I have used many remedies without
receiving much relief, and being rec
ommended to try a bottle of Cham
berlain's Coucrh Remedy, bv a friend
who knowing me to be a poor widow,
most gratifying results. The first bot
de relieved me very much and the sec
ond bottle has apsolutely cured me.
have not had good health for
twenty years- I give this certificate
witnout solicitation, simply in appre
:ation of the gratitude felt for the cure
directed. .Respectfully. MRS. MART A.
Beard, Claremore, Ark. For Bale by
a. 12. Mcuooeru. im.
It is understood that the First Ken
tucky Regiment or Louisville Legion
will be ordered from Chickamauga im
mediately, as orders to that effect have
been received. They will go to Tampa
and may probably embark with the
Porto Rican expedition.
The fourth Kentucky Volunteers is
being rapidly organized at Lexington
As stated in a previous issue of The
Record this is to be composed entirely
of mountain men. The first company
to arrive was from Clinton county
The men were marched thirty miles
over the mountains to catch a train
for Lexington.
Information has been received at
Kingston, Jamaica, that every road
and bypath leading into Santiago has
been mined with dynamite V.y Gen.
Linares and that an attempt will be
made to annihilate the advance lines
when the assault on Santiago is begun,
By the end of the present week an
army of about 11,000 re-on"orccments
will have embarked for Santiago One
brigade will be sent from Camp Alger,
and a division, or three brigades, from
Tampa. Maj. uen. IJrooke will pro-
eed from Chickamauga to Tampa
with 15.000 men as soon as the divis
ion of Britr Gen. Snyder leaves. The
army to be concentrated at Tampa
will leavo for l'orto liifo at tne same
time the movement from Santiago
As admiral Camara has sailed for
the Pacific Ocean to destroy (?) Dewey
the Iavy Department is promptly pre
paring to make good its threat to send
a squadron to the coast of Spain, if the
Spanish admiral continues on his way
to the Philippines. Orders for the for
mation of a squadron for this purpose,
commanded by Commodore Watson,
were issued as soon as Camara was
known to be at Port Said. Under these
orders Commodore Watson has sailed
from Havana for Santiago on the pro
tected cruiser Xewark. There he will
form his squadron. Besides the Xew
ark as the flagship, the squadron will
consist of the first-class battleships
Iowa and Oregon, the cruisers Yose
mite, Yar.kee and Dixie and the col
liers Scandia, Abarenda and Alexan
der. Commodore Watson should be
at Santiago Thursday and can sail
for Spanish waters as soon as he col
lects his vessels, all of which are now
in the vicinity of Santiago.
As stated in last issue, tne bpanish
fleet, under admiral Camora, is head
iug for Manila. At Port Said they
tried to coal, but the American min
ister sat up with the authorties and
the ships were refused fuel. It is ar
nounced that he will proceed through
the canal after lying at Port Said for
two or three days. The ships are.
said to be in a dirty, disorderly con
dition. Well, let th m go ahead, for
Dewey is awaiting for just such
snap as Camara will be for him.
The initial fijht of Col. Wocd'
Rough Riders and the troopers of the
First and Tenth regular cavalry which
took place last week will be know
in history as the battle of La Quasina.
That it did not end in the complete
slaughter of the Americans was not
due to any miscalculation in the plan
of the Spaniards, for as perfect an
ambuscade as was ever formed in th
brain of an Apache Indian was pre
pared, and Lieut Col. Rosseyelt and
his men walked squarely into it. Fo
an hour and a half they held their
ground under a perfect storm of bul
lets from the front and sides, and then
CoL Wood at the right and Lieut Col
Roosevelt at the left led a chargi
which turned the tide of battle and
sent the enemy flying over the hills
toward Santiago. It is now definitely
known that sixteen men on the Amer
ican side were killed, while sixty were
wounded, or are reported to be miss
ing. It is impossible to calculate the
Spanish losses, but it is known that
they were far heavier than those of
the Americans, at least as regard
actual loss of life. Already thirty
seven dead Spanish soldiers have been
found and buried, while many others
undoubtedly are lying in the thick un
derbrush on the side of the gu'.ly and
on the slope of the hill, where the
main body of the enemy was located
The wounded were all removed.
The following dispatch sums up th
situation nicely: All official Washing
ton considers that the real crisis of the
war is near and with prospect that the
week's work will be the most import
ant in history in the pending strife.
Santiago is sure to laii at an eariy
d ite, and with it must come the de
structionor capture of Admiral Cer
vera's fleet The result, whether
comes this week or next, the officials
generally agree, will have an import
ant bearing upon the future of the
war, both as to duration and plans
forcing intervention for peace,
Spain may voluntarily sue for peace,
There are some who believe in the
possibility of early peace. On the oth
er hand, the scope of the general war
situation may be enlarged. With Ad
miral Cervera's fleet disposed of, our
fast and formidable battleships and
cruisers will be available for format
ion into a flying squadron for an at
tack upon Spain's home ports. Thi
in turn, may result in Spain recalling
Admiral Camara's fleet, now headed
for the Philippines, for the protection
of her own coasts. .So, any way you
loot at it, many important contingen
cies hinge on the development at
Santiago within the next few days.
A tenant house on the farm of E. W.
Norris, with all of its cont;nts was
rasumed by fire Saturday.
Mrs. C. B. Encrleman has a looking
lass that belonged to her grand fa
ther Marct, that is over one hundred
ears old.
E. V. Norris has gone to Clear
Creek, Bell count', for the benefit of
is health.
D. C. Tullins sold a bunch of 118 lb.
ogs to Tom Hendren, at 3 cents per
Mason Pullins is on the sick list this
The chinch bugs have made their
appearance here and the corn in some
places is literally covered with them.
The whooping cough is shaking u p
the children in this vicinity.
A narrow escape. Last Tuesday
ight C B. Engleman came very near
u raping out of the second story win
dow. He dreamed that his house was
on fire, he got up and ran to the win
dow and was just in the act of making
the leap when his wife happened to
awake and caught him.
Mr. John Bevins, editor of the Press.
Anthon, Iowa, says: "I have -used
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhoea Remedy in my family for fif.
teen years, have recommended it to
hundreds of others, and have never
known it to fail in a single instance
Forsale by TL E. McRoberts lm.
f IdHICrS CoUc- Neuralgia and Toothache
" in five minutes. Sour Stomach
and Summer Complaints. Price, 25 Cents.
Wheat haryest is in full blast here
this week.
The Children's Day entertainment
by the Sunday school at the White
school house was a very enjoyable af
fair, and reflected great credit on all
Mra Jennie Pettus is better than
she has been for some time.
Rev. Ely Godby, from LDndon,
preached at the Methodist church
Tuesday night
J. T. Hutchins sold 28 hogs-to A. J.
Thompson for 3 1-2 c; also 12 lambs to
B. F. Robinson for 3 per head.
Jno. Cress sold to A. B. Perkins 60
head of ewes and lambs for 175.
Richard Robinson sold 30 hogs to J.
C. Fox for S3. 30 per hundred.
F. F. Cumins has been on the sic'.t
list this week, but better now.
Pate Parish sold some sheep and
lambs this week for 3.53 per head.
J. J. Thompson sold two cavalry
horses last week for 90 each.
Bro. Mahoney will preach here next
Dave Anderson's little babe is ii
very critical condition.
Quite a number of the Crab Orchard
folks spent Tuesday with J. J. Thomp
son and family. Miss ivate fayne
made a business trip to Sweeaey Mon
Copper Colored
There is only one cure for Contagious
Blood Poison the disease which has
lompletely baffled the doctors. They
are totally unable to cure it, and direct
their efforts toward bottling the poison
up in the blood and concealing it from
view. S. S. S. cures the disease posi
tively and permanently by forcing out
2very trace of the taint.
I was afflicted with a terrible blood disease,
arliixh was in snots at first, but afterwards
spreau an over my uuuj.
These soon broke out into
sores, and it Is easy to
imagine the sunering i
endured. Before I be
came convinced that the
doctors could do no good.
I had spent a hundred
dollars, which was really
thrown away, i men
tried various patent
medicines, but tney aid
not reach the disease.
When I had finished my
first bottle of S. S. S. I
was greatly improved
and was delighted with
the result. The large red splotches on my
ihest began to grow paler and smaller and
before long disappeared entirely. I regained
my lost weignt, necame stronger, urn iuy of
petite greatly improved. I was soon entirely
well, and my skin as clear as a piece of glass
H. L. Myeks, 100 Mulberry St., 2ewark, N . J.
Don't destroy all possible chance of a
cure by taking the doctor's treatment
of mercury and potash. These minerals
cause the hair to fall out, and will
wreck the entire system.
is pnnET.Y vegetable, and is the only
blood remedy guaranteed to contain no
potash, mercury, or oiner mineral.
"Rnr.Ua nn the disease and its treat
ment mailed free by Swift Specific Com
pany, Atlanta, ueorgia.
The Cheif Burgess of Milesburg, Pa.,
savs DeWitt's Little Early Risers are
the best pills he ever used in his fami
ly during forty years of house keeping.
Thev cure constipation, sick head
ache and stomach and liver troubles.
Small in size but irreat in results.
Stormes Drug Store.
We are too busy fixing up and will give you just a few
I starters for this week.
y I 22 lbs. dark brown sugar for $r.oo
m 21 " light " " " i.oo
iS " Plantation granulated sugar for i.oo
g I 17 " Finest standard " ' ' 1.00
91 Finest New Orleans Molasses at 30c a gallon
p$ Tennesee Crj-stal Syrup at 25c a gallon
Vjjl Finest Sugar Corn, equal to Mammoth only . . yea can
I Rolled Oats 5c package.
1 3 bars extra good laundry soap 5c
S3 6 boxes of good matches for 5c
ri Candles 1 cent each.
Best coffee 9, 10 and 1 ic a package
Fine Teas, 35 antl 4 c a lb
$3 .rure l,eat L,arci ac a id
Tl Unrrm 7 V.C. lb
ll Candies Sc. a lb. Good ciears from ic up. A large stock
of tinware at rattling low prices. Call and see us. All goods are
(53 marked plainly. One price to all. Spot cash and complete sat-
II isfaction guaranteed or money refunded.
E.W. Lillard.
' Lillavd dc
Wheat harvest is now over, and the
farmers are eagerly waiting for the
Rev. J. L Wills was in his palpit at
this place Saturday and Sunu. y
Mr. M.tchell, of Lexington, is in this
neighborhood buying chickens.
Mrs Mattie Montgomery was thrown
from a horse last Thursday; but for
tunately not seriously in j ired.
Thomas Hasty has moved from Jes
samine to his father-in-law's. Jas. Mid
dletbn. Miss Bertha Ham, of Jessamine, vis
ited Miss Belle Allen, Sunday. Samu
el Allen and wife returned to Lexing
ton, Monday. Samuel Morford and
wife visited Mrs. Jackson the latter
part of last week, Misses Nellie Ray,
Celeste and Lula Simpson, of Buckeye,
were the pleasant guests of Miss Edna
Scott, Saturday night and Sunday.
Joshua Clark and wife, of Boyle, vis
ited W. D. Scott and family, Saturday
and S anday. Wesley Walker, of Tea
tersville, was in our midst Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fountain Hasty, are vis
iting in this vicinity.
Mrs. Ball is very ill at this writing.
Mrs. Kat'e Swinebroad has been ye-
ry sick, but is better.
Henry Spoonamore and wi'e are re
joicing over the arrival of a fine boy.
Rev. Goonre Gowen will preach at
the Christian church Sunday evening
and expects a good crowd.
Bro. Matthew will preach at the Mc-
Kendree church Saturday night, Sun
day and Sunday night.
Manv friends were surprised to see
Mr. Henry White in from Chickamau
ga, ana was giau 10 see mm.
Miss Fannie Underwood, of Lancas
ter, was the charming guest of Mr.
Gentry and family, Sunday. Miss
Stella McClary. of Stan.'oid, is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Withers.
Miss Katie White, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. R. L White, passed beyond
death's vale Thursday, about 10 o'el'k.
in the morning. She had gone to New
York, on a visit, but was very low,
when taken worse she telephoned to
her parents, and her brother went to
her. She was brought to Hubble and
services were held by Rev. W. S. Grin-
stead. a!ter which she was taken to
Stanford an-i interred in Buffalo Cem
etery. Many friends were sad, and
God's heart was glad because He had
taken his loved one home, where there
is no pain, no sorrows, and no tears.
She left father and mother, sisters and
brothers to mourn her loss. Misi
Katie was a christian woman. She was
a member of the Methodist chuich.
We leave her in God's hands
Father, mother, brothers and sister?.
Weep not for the loved one gone before,
Only hope and pray to meet her.
On that bright and golden strund,
And gladly. she will welcome jou,
To that fair and happy land.
A face so dear is misslne.
A voice Is low and still,
A place is vacant in her home,
Which can never be filled.
I know you all will miss her,
Much more than tongue can tell,
But she has left this cruel worm.
And gone with, uou to a wen.
There's not a craving of the mind,
Which Jesus cannot fill.
There's not a pleasure she would seek.
Against her .Masters win,
Twas hard, so hard to give her up,
Rut snrelv God knows best.
He took her to her home above,
And know she is at rest.
Jno. B.Stcut.
Stationery, Paints, Oils, Etc.
Surplus Fund
Careful and Prompt Attention Guaranteed
J. M. Higqinbotham President
Levis Y. Lkxvxll Vice-President
B. F. Hudson Cashier
W. O. Kiqnky Assistant Cash'r
C. D. Walker Bookkeeper
J. 8. Johnson, T. M. Arnold,
H.C. Arnold, Jb. B. F. Hudson.
Alex.Gibbs, J. J. Walker
Jacob Y. Robinson.
Lancaster, kt.
A. R. Denny. President.
Jno. E. Storm es. Vice President.
Wx.H. Kinnaird, Cashier.
S. C. Denny,
Assistant Cash'r.
R. T. Embry
J. F. Robinson. Jb,
Ass't Book-keeper.
Sam'l. D.Cochran, Jas Spllman,
Alex. R. Denny. A.C.Robinson.
W. R. Cook, L. Davidson,
Jno. E. Stormes.
Skin Diseases.
For the speedy and permanent enre of
tetter, salt rheum and eczema, Cham
berlain's Eye and Skin Ointment is
without an ecmal. It relieves the itch
ing and smarting almost instantly and
its continued use effects a permanent
cure. It also cores itch, barber s itch,
scald head, sore ninnies, itching piles,
chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and
granulated lids.
Dr. Cadv's Condition Powders for
horses are the best tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. Price, 3a cents- bold by
R E. McRoterts, Druggist, Lancaster
Danville, Ky.
o-T-jL oust us.
Whether You Buy Or Not
Mastic Mixed Paint.
White Lead and Oil.
We are Glad to Sell Either.
Orders taken for all Foreign or Domestic Magizines or Newspapers
Robinson & Hamilton igts
Office ovei Post Office.
Lvvca-ster. : : : Kentucky
Full Faculty of five Experienced teachers. All College graduates.
Enrollment last year 105. Excellent Courses offered in Latin, Greek,
German, French, English, Mathematics, Science, History. Music, Ora
tory and Physical Culture. TERMS, moderate. BOARDING DE
PARTMENT all that could be wished lor Comfort and Convenience.
For particulars and catalogue address the Principal,
i I have purchased the jj
' Walker stable and am 1
J prepared to furnish the j
J Very Best Rigs j
jf on the shortest notice. &
I Special attention given jj
Commercial Travelers.
Bring us
your Job
Successor to Lackey & Gulley.
mo m mini
Teeth filled and extracted with
oat oain. Crown and Brides
Work a specialty. Office over J. R. Haselden'a
hardware store, next to Court Hotue, Lancas
ter. JkX.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to
the estate of the late Sr.W. S. O'Neal will
please call and settle with L. F. Hubble and
greatly oblige me.
Apr 23 3t Administratrix.

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