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VOLUME IX. Entered at the Port Office in Lancatter, Ky., as Second Class natter. - XOitBER
- i ... i ; ; , i ; : tz. .. -. . i - - -
Ire Tou Thinking
About having a Good
Roof put upon your
house? If you are, J.
R. Haselden will be
glad to give you fig
ures. There is no
wear out to a Good
Tin Roof.
J. R, Haselden,
Col. W.G.Welch.
W. I. Williams
Attorneys at Law,
Lancaster Ky.
AH business attended to promptly
Furniture, Carpets, &c.
Lancaster, Ky.
Big Bargains in Shoes,
We have begun our annual Cut
Price Sale of Shoes and Oxfords.
We have now on tables 125 to 150 pairs
Ladies and Childrens Shoes
C ....
r - ."-. 'V
Call at Eltninston's Randy Kitchen.
lu-c Home-made can4iesat Elmins
toa's Kandy Kitchen. I
The best two horse wagon on the
market at G. S. Gaiaes'.i-;
I would like to do your plain sew
ing and dyeing. Mrs. Ophelia Dunn.
Ring 93, the Blue Grass Grocery for
nice, cheap groceries. Prompt deli-
G. S. Gaines will not allow any Ulue
Gnss to grow under Jus feet Come
and see ais prices.
"Will Preach Sunday.
Eld. George Gowen writes Tiik Rkc-
oi'tD from New York that he will be
home in time to fill his pulpit Sundaj'
Teachers Examination.
ihe examination of white teachers
for certificates will be held in Super
intendent Lusk's office July 15 and 10.
The examination of colored teachers
will be held in same place on July 22
Strayed or Stolen.
About May 13, from my places miles
from Lancaster on New Danville pike,
one red heifer, (with black strip ..-)
half alderny, about vear and a half
old. Any information thankfully re
ceived. Mrs Mary A. Sutton.
3t Lancaster, Ky.
The l'ninoiws C. & O.
Many Lancaster people took the C.
& 0. excuis'ons up Eist Everyone
who goes this elegant line says it is
the test they have ever traveled over.
The C. & O. will run a number of ele
gant excursions this summer. Watch
Tim Kkcojid for announcements and
take a trip which will be worth some
thing to you.
Ui:slcnviJIf Fair.
The Stanford Journal says West
E id people tell us that preparations
are already being made for the Hus
tonville fair, which- will be hell three
days, commencing August 10. Big pre
miums will be offered and an attrac
ive program and a good time general
ly is promised all who attend.- The
hospitality of the West Enders is pro
verbial and their latch string.?, as us
ual, hang on the outside. Make ar
rangements to go.
and Slippers worth from $1.50 to
$2.50. We are closing these goods
out at 25c to $1.25. Get first choice.
Logan & Robinson.
. . .
Sand-baggers are at wprk in Dan-
Go to J. A. Beazley & Co. for bar
gains in furniture.
N :w stock ofLrapery paper receiv
ed this wcekjXl J. C Thompson.
ah i.:.i e i: ,1 i
ev(ery day at Edminstion' Kandy Kitch4
en. '
The Old Reliable always on Top in
quilitj' andjfuantity, at the Bottom in
Iii Shape A grain.
The Lancaster band, after a Rip
Van Winkle nap has pulled together
again and will sojn begin giving con
certs in the Park.
The Colored School.
The trustees of the Lancaster color-
el school elected Prof. Charles F. An
derson as principal for the ensuing
term. Prof. Anderson is a competent
teacher and a good man for the place
Fur to Fly Again.
A petition with the requisite num
ber of signatures has been presented
to the County Judge of Madison, call
ing for an election to be ordered in
September on the Local Option ques
ion in Richmond.
150,000 bushels of wheat delivered
at our warehouse. Highest cash price
paid on delivery. Bast lump and block
Pittsburg coal, 9c. Salt, Lime, Sand,
Cement and farming implements.
C. G Glass & Bno.
Camp Nelson, Ky.
Good Tor the lloys.
Nearly every boy abiut to.vn has
found employment of some kind and
'tis seldom one is seen loafing aboi t
the square. Now, if a few men, who
lounge about the street and stare at
ladies, could be made to 4 move on"'
'twould be a great blessing for our lit
tle town.
Hack Home.
Jim Wiggle and Theodore Young,
the colored boys who have been cook
ing for the Lancaster soldieis at
Chickamauga, came home Saturday.
The company having been recruited
to 103 met it was decided to detail en
listed men to do the work. Wiggle
and Theodore each brought bae'e a
good wad of money and a well-developed
Jr .jt J I i
twine always on hand
at Gainesf
25 to 50 per cent saved on the dollar
means a good deal to 3-ou at the Blue
G.-as3 Grocery.
l'ourhon Steam Laundry.
Miss Olivia Sweeney is agent for the
Bourbon Steam Laundry. Leave your
orders at Sweeney's store. tf
Acquitted and lie-Arrested.
Tol Gill was acquitted by Judge
Buraside when arraigned last week
for stealing. He was immediately re
arrested on a warrrant charging him
with stea ing hogs from Leslie Curti
"While Touchers Institute.
The hite Teachers Institute for
Garrard county for the current year.
will be theld at .the Court House in
Lancaster, beginning .Monda-, August
Sth and continue live davs. Institut
instructor, Prof. W. E. Lumley.
tf. Eusa J. Lush, Supt
Honor for Fai-ra.
Lieutenant John M. F.irra, of the
Lancaster company, now at Ch'cka
mauga, has been detailed as Ju lge
Advocate of the Second Regiment.
This position is one of prominence,
and John will have many questions of
importance brought before him. Col.
Gaithcr is a man who appreciates apt
ness and hustle in a man, and we
would not be surprised at his landing
Farra in some still more prominent po
sition ere the war is over.
Itev. C.M.KIed Married
Rev. Chas.M.Ried was married Wed
nesday to Miss Annie Kellcj', of Colo
rado City, Colorado. The groom has
been preaching in that city for some
time and has quite a good situation.
He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. W.
Rit'd, of this city. lie has been i j the
Baptist ministry for a number of vear,
and is a preacher o: much ability. On
behalf of many Lancaster friends Tiik
Ri:coi:d extends congratulations to the
happ3 pair.
Can Ge if They Wish.
Semi one told a number of Lancas
ter darkies that the Government did
not want any of their race in this war,
and immediately several got very pat
riotic. J; or the benefit of these colored
men we will say there are several
recruiting ofiicers now at work in
Kentucky and want all the able-bo-
died-colored men they can get. Lieut
Johnston,, of the V. S. Array, is at
Richmond this week and, if those de
siring to fight, bleed and die will only
notify him, he will gladly come to
Lancaster, examine and swear the
men here and then pay their way to
the front
Andrew Jl, Pope.
Andrew R. Pope died at his home in
Boyle county Sunday evening, in the
01st year of his age. Mr. Pope was
widely connected in Garrard county.
The Advocate says he was born and
reared in Boyle county. In our late
war he was a member of Captain R. D
Logan's company, of Col. J. W. Grigs
by's regiment of cavalry, and was
wounded in a fight at Milton, Tenn.,
a Minnie ball entering his wrist and
coming out at the elbow. He was a
Royal Arch Mason and exceedingly
fond of the order. The funeral servi
ces were held at New Provi lence Tues
day afternoon at three o'clock, burial
in Bellevue cemetery.
The Democratic Convention.
A very large crowd attended the
Democratic Convention Saturday af
ternoon. It met at 2 o'clock, and
county chairman, George T. Farris,
presided. Nothing outside the usual
convention routine was done until the
instructions were readied. It was
the will of the convention to give the
Lxote of Garrard to Mort Rothwell, but
the rub came when the question of a
second choice was reached. Mr. Roth
well wanted the delegation to go in
structed for him. with no second
clause tacked on, but some of the Mc-
Creary men objected and some little
discussion was had. Mr. Rothwell
finally withdrew his name altogether
and the delegation went instucted to
vote for McCreary first, Jast and all
the time. G. Bright Swincbroad was
secretary of the convention and CoL
Jolyi W. Miller chairman of com
mittee on resolutions. Luke Sherrow
and Louie Leavell, two former repub
licans, created much enthusiasm in
the convention by "shaking the scales
from, their eyes" and coming out full
fledged democrats. A vote of thanks
was given Senator Farris for the able
manner in which he represented his
district in the last legislature.
The Royal is the highest grade baking powder
fcaown. Actual tests show it goes one
tkkd further than, aay other braadj
Absoluttly rare
Best binder
Buy ice from Northcott and it will
be delivered daily!
Courier-Journal and The Recokd one
year for only SI. 25.
Take advantage of our Courier-Jour
nal offer. I's great.
Nothing but tin purest ingredients
'..!.....,, I I.'.. I- ... i -.11.,
3 The colore 1 people will hold a three
days fair at Danville, beginning Au
24 h. Jhese colored fairs over there
are always successful.
Colored Teachers Institute.
The Colored Icachers Institute for
Garrard county, for the current school
year, will be held at the Court House
in Lancaster, beginning Monday, Aug
ust 1st, and continue five days. In
structor Wm. D. Thomas.
tf. - Er.is.v J. Lusic, S-ipt
A Fine Crew.
Should the L. & N. decide to run
their passenger trains this way, we
hope Capt. Phil Price, Engineer Hen
ry Lammers and Expressman Rice,
will be retained on a run through
Lancaster. Thess men have been run
ning through here for several years,
and by their polite and accDmmoda-
ting manners have made many
warm friends all along the line. By
strict att jut ion to business, they al
ways are in on time and never hae
an accident Our neoDle know their
ood qualities and hope the L. &. N.
people will let them stay with us.
A Great Context.
The biggest, brightest .and best
oratorical cantest of the season is now
being arranged to be given in this city
about the middle of next month. The
affair will be for the benefit of the
Baptist church and is being managed
iy Miss Julia Reid. The contest is
open to any young man of ability and
the prize will be a years tuition atany
college in Central Kentucky the win
ner may choose. The exact date of
the Conte&t has not yet been fixed, but
will be announced in next issue of
Tun Recoi:i.
Did Good "Work.
Messrs J. F. Ilines and J. B. Pence,
who have been working in this neigh
borhood for Bird, Dew it Hall, Knox-
ville Nurserymen, completed their In-
bors Monday and left for Paint Lick.
The interest awakened on the subject
of planting and caring for fruit trees
will do much good and cause more at
tention to be given this important
matter. Messrs Ilines and Pence are
clever gentlemen and understand their
business. 'J m: Recokd bespeak? for
them a good business wherever they
3Iore Fuss over Toll Gates.
Judge Bnrnside tells The Record
that the thirty days time, for which
two guards were appointed at the
double gate on Richmond pike having
expired, a representative of the road,
together with a lawyer came in and
wanted the guards retained. The
ju lge said that in order to retain the
guards, an alii lavit would have to be
filed stating that t'ie p -operty was in
danger of being destroyed, etc. The
parties then left Burnside's office and
went to Stanford to see Ju lge Saullej-,
upon learning of which, Burnside also
went to see the circuit judge. The
latter said he would hear all partiis
interested and set today for them to
come back b?forc him.
Advises to Hold.
Mr. T. J. Smith, Sr., in an interview
with a Richmond Register report r
recommended that all farmers be ad
vised not to sell their wheat for 00 and
05 cents, as the price is bound to ad
vance. He says there has been a short
crop in California and other parts tf
the West and that, by September, the
market will be at least 25 cents higher
on the bushel. He says that farmers
who haven't the necessary storage
room, instead of Eelling at the low
price now oifered, should haul their
grain to town, where they can get
storage for it at l-2c a bushel per
month. lie thinks that if this advice
is followed Madison county will be at
least $25,000 better off financially at
the close of the year, as this amount
will be kept at home instead of going
into the hands of speculators.
Good Purchases.
S. B. White, of Richmond, purchas
ed of J. S. Collins one pair heavy mules
for 5275, to be used in his coal busi
ness, wh'ch he will open up in a few
days. Also of John W. Baldwin, one
pair mules at $225; of T. J. Douglass
and Dock Herndon, pair gray mules
at $25); of Revenna Harris, one pair at
$225; of Pattia and Annio Dw-atherage,
one pair at $230; of Hi Shearer, one
mule at S130. Good judges say they
are the best lot of mules ever got to
gether by any one man in the State.
Following were the horses bought:
Of Bud Haden, one bay gelding; of B.
B. Million, one saddle mare; of Dill
and Berryman, one road mare; of Joel
Gentry, one road horse; of Taylor Ad
ams, one Wilkes bay mare; of Louis
Lamb, a nice yellow horse; a nice 3-ycar-old
trotter by Emperor Wilkes,
out of a mare by Vatican, and a pacirg
gelding "said to be a wondor, trotted
one half mile in 1:14, on the Fair
ground track, also of A. C. Vaughn, a
nice road gelding. Register.
0 5
We are larcliin
and making
WAS 01
o '
8 Z
and lake
We have
FallandWrnter flaoas
Cuts in some lines.
Visit our store and
See how Cheap
North Side Pub. Sq.
Democratic Convention.
The Sth District Democratic Conven
tion met in Danyille on luesday, to
nominate a candidate for- Congress.
Dr. Ed. Welch, of Nicholasville, was
lected temporary chairman, and
Messrs. Ed Booth, of Anderson, and
Tas. I Ilamilion, of Lancaster, tempo
rary secretaries. upon the recom
mendation of the committee on organ
ization these gentlemen were unani
mously elected as permanent ofiicers.
I'he various committees consisted of
one uetegate to eaca committee lrom
each county. During the wait for the
committees to report, the convention
was e- tirtameu by speeches lrom
Hon. B. F. Peake, of Oldham, Captain
Thorn, of Henry, Hon. W. B. Smith,
of Richmond, and other gentlemen,
who have "axes to grind."
The committee on resolutions was
the first to report, reaffirming allegi
ance to the Chicago platform. Sec. The
committee on credentials then report
ed, seating all delegations, the com
mittee on organization suggested the
permanency of the temporary organi
zation, and recommended that the
Convention be governed by the laws
of the last general assembly, in so far
as they are applicable. They reserved
their report as to the dropping of the
hindmost man until such time as the
Convention should demand it. Qhe
secretary was then directed to call the
roll of counties for candidates. Jes
samine was the first, and Mr. J. Wil
lard Mitchell oifered the name of Hon.
B. A. Crutchcr. Pat Sul'ivan, of Mad
ison, offered the name of James B. Mc
Creary, and Hon. P. Wat Hardin the
name of Mr. John B. Thompson. List
cime S'lelby, and Judge J. C. Beck
ham, of Spencer, offered t'ie name of
'"Spencer's own gifted and illustrious
son, the Hon. George Gllmore Gibson,
of Shelby." Ballotting was Vgun
and the first resulted as follows: Mc
Creary 04; Gibson 51; Thompson CO;
Cruncher 14; necessary to a choice 7S.
No gentleman having received a ma
jority of the ballots, no one was elect
ed. The Convention then adjourned
until S p. m. At the night session
nothing was done further than the ta
king of three more ballots without re
sult. The Convention then adjourned
until eight a. m., Wednesday.
Oa Wednesday morning the ballot
ing was renewed, and all indications
pointed to a dead-lock. Rockcastle's
vote returned to McCrcary. The vote
stood then as on the first ballot, and
continued so until the 4lst,whon a stir
was noticeable among the Jessamine
delegates. This delgat'oi had been
voting solid for Crutchcr. The chair
man arose and cast seven votes for
McCreary, 7 for Gilbert, Mercer then
cast her 17 Thompson vo'.e3 for Gil
T g
c &
J rt
( S
s 33 8
S " 8
( 8
Reduce our Stock
made Bie:
you Can Buy.;
Lancaster, Ky.
bert. These would have nominated
Gilbert, but Mr. C. C Fox, of Boyle,
arose and changed the Boyle vote,
which had been 0 for Gilbert, 0 for
Thompson, and cast it solid for Gil
bert. The vote then stood St for Gil
bert, and lie wasdeclaied the nominee.
Then above the wild howling of the
enthused assemblage wa? heard the
stentorian voice o: Garrard's states
mat:, George T. Karris, casting Gar
rard's vote for Gilbert, and moving
that the nomination be mule unani
mous, which was done, and Saxton, as
only Saxton can, broke into ''Dixie,"
and the crowd went wild. Amid
speech making and the wil lest enthu
siasm, the greatest Democratic Con
vention ever held in Central Kentucky
The Proctor Knott.
The Proctor Knott cigar is having
the run in Lancaster. It holds up
better than any live-ecnt cigar weaver
smoked. Try it.
Meet Touixht.
The City Council met Monday night
and adjourned until tonight when, we
understand, the question of the bank's
ixiswill be diseu.'ssd.
All persons owcing notes or ac
counts to the firm of W. R. Robinson
& Bro. can save cost and much annoy
ance by settling same at once.
J. C. Robinson
for W. Ii. Robinson . Bra
Taken upas Kstr.iy.
Five black and two red hogs, weight
about 100 pounds. Come to my place
June 1st. Owner cm have sane by
proving property and paying charges.
July 15, lS'JS. E. M. Carmack,
3t. Paint Lick, Ky.,
Murderer Caught.
While at Laxington this week, Coun
ty Attorney Owsley heard that Wm.
Mc?oy was in Spencer county. McCoy
killed old man Whitehead, in Flat
Woods, this county, in and has
since been at large. Jailer Ross went
to Spencer today to bring McCoy
back. His crime was a bloody one.
IheL. & X.
An L. & N. Conductor tells The Rec
okd business has doubled on the Row
land branch since the changes were
made. Another trainman said- he
heard a high official say there was a
strong probability of the company
running the day passenger trains,
which now go to Livingston, down
this way. If some inilucntial citizens
would take hold of the matter itmigh
be brougnt around. There's no use
listening to the fogy ideas of a few
stumbling blocks. Intakes hustle,
with a capital II, to get improvements.

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