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I.OUIS I,AXDRAir, Publisher.
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Fit ID AY, July, 15, - 1898
It would be a mighty bitter pill for
the Doas if the Americans save some
of the disabled Spanish ships and use
them in this war.
'FieiiTlXG Bon'' Evaxs' swear words
were roared through a megaphone
during the battle, and the frightened
Dons thought the Vesuvius was cough
ing at them.
Judging from the way juries s
deciding to hang men, the hempen
neck-tie will soon be quite popular in
Kentucky. A more aoproprlate fad
could not be sprung.
We would rather the Americans
won'd capture old Weyler thap any
fifty others in the Spanish army. But
it would be hard to decide how to dis.'
pose of the old cuss'if we had him.
Burninsr at the stake would be entire
ly too good.
Uncle Sam is a modest old soul. All
he wants for paaca is, first, the posses
sion of Cuba and Porto llico. with a
part in the Canaries; second, an indent
uity of 240.000.000; third, the reten
tion of the Philippines as a guarantee
of the payment of the indemnity.
A SQL'in has been troin? the rounds
of the press to the effect that a Ken
tucky editor said silver buckles were
beco.ning fashionable on garters, and
he hoped to see more of them. His
wife sued for divorce, and the only
woman in town who had silver buckles
oa her garters cowhided the poor edi
tor until he was raw as a potato.
The magazines of all the Spanish
ships at Santiago exploded, and the
effect was to blow up the decks and
not completely pulverize the hull or
turn the keel up, as was the case of
the battleship Maine. This is looked
upon as beinjr important, and shows
conclusively that the Maine's death
blow came from the outside.
Ax associated press dispatch from
Madrid says that the hopelessness of
the war is finally recognized in Span
ish official eircles, and that the desire
for peace predominates in the Cabinet
No hope is entertained of relieving
Cuba and Porto Rico, and the authori
ties are convinced that the American
fleet is coming to the shores of Spain
It has been definitely decided that
Commodore Watson's squadron will
sail today, Thursday, to carry the war
into Spain. The battleship Massachu
setts, instead of the Iowa, will be
part of his squadron. If he can drop
a few shells into the sittings of Spain':
pjwers who are urging on this war
the people of even that God-forsaken
cmntry will rise up and call him
Toon old Cervera is entitled to sym
pathy. His country ordered him
make the daring dash which cost him
the fleet, and now they say his people
will kill him if he returns to Spain
The dirty devils have very little sense
and no judgment. Cervera is the
bravest, and by loner odds the best
man they have, and if they had any
sense at all they would be praisin
his bravery and obedience.
A Yankee has at last invented some
thing which will be a boon to the lazy
man, those too lazy to eat. It is
a "bullion capsule," which is to be
washed down with water. 1 he cap
sule melts and its contents, coming in
contact with the water, is immediate
ly converted into enough soup to com
pletely fill the taker's stomach. Thus
the great trouble of chewing and
swallowing is done away with, a lot of
work which greatly fatigues some
Admiral Cervera said when he left
Santiago he knew he was going to cer
tain destruction. Three cablegrams
from the Ministry of Marine had or
dered him to sea. Then came the
fourth peremptory in tone as fol
lows: "No matter what the consequen
ces, go to sea at once and fight the en
emy." Cervera went, and the rest is
known. This goes to show that Cer
vera possessed one of the chief points
needed in a soldier that of obedience.
Only a few deaths have occurred
among the soldiers at Chickamauga.
When you consider the fact that there
are fifty thousand men huddled to
gether there, it is remarkable that
d s :ase is kept so well in check. The
sanitary condition of the camp is well
looked after every day, and but for
this precaution fever and various oth
er d-seases would soon have full sway.
It is said the American is more partic
ular in this respect than any othor
army on the globe.
The Bradley-Castleman newspaper
-war waxeth warm. The two men have
called each other all kinds of names,
and the governor has ordered a court
of inquiry to investigate the Legion
muddle. Among other things, Gover
nor Bradley said it was difficult to tell
whether CoL Castleman thought him
self part of the state guard, orjthought
the state guard, part of himself. Wal
ter Forrester is mixed up in the mess,
as are several other prominent parties.
The gentlemen should wait until the
Spanish-American war is over before
opening their- -fire. The people are
now interested in the big s'iow, end .
do sot care to sec any home-talent ex
Two Murderers awaiting the gal
lows in one Kentucky jail is a welcome
and long wished for sight to all lovars
of law and ordor. Two culprits are
now in the Lincoln jail under sentence
and, if the higher courts do not inter
fere, a two-shooter nech-tie party will
be pulled off in the good town of Stan
ford ere the leaves besrin to turn. Mr.
Walton, of the Interior Journal, has
been a hard worker for law and order
Lincoln, and it is gratifying to see
that that jurors are awakening to the
S2nse of their duty.
Commodore Sen let certainly played
n luck in the big battle with Cervera.
Sampson is jealous of Schley and has
pushed him aside ever sines the war
began. But luck would have it for
the man who was forced to play second
fiddle and the cnem' came while "Big
Ike" Sampson was away, thus afford
ing poor Schley the golden opportuni
ty of destroying the ships and win
ning the laurels. The whole layout,
from President down, has "had it in"
for Schley, bat you can't keep a good
man down.
President McKinlev has refused to
give commissions as second lieuten
ants to two nephews who enlisted, and
the young gentlemen must, therefore,
earn their shoulder straps in front of
the enemy, remarks the Philadelphia
Record. It is a pity that the president
did not manifest the same repugnance
to favoritism and nepotism when Sen
ators, Representatives, Cabinet offi
cers, Governors and politicians with
a "pull" were pushing upon him sons,
nephews and dependants for undeserv
ed military honors. When bronght
home to him the Presi lent, with his
popular instincts and love of fair plaj''
recognizes the scandal of nepotism;
but he should not have permitted in
others the practice of an abuse of
which he would not take advantage
for his relations.
The Cheif Burgess of Milesburg, Pa..
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The War.
Admiral Cervera says he'd rather
lose his ships at sea, like a sailor.than
in a harbor.
Both Admiral Sampson and Commo
dore Schley will be made Rear Admi
rals in the near future,
Sagasta says there are 100,000 men
in Cuba who won't surrender, even if
Cervera's fleet has been destroyed,
Of the 5802,527,991 appropriated at
the session of Congress just closed, the
sum of S301, 788,095 was to meet war
The last American to leave Havana
was Arthur Parkinson, a sailor, who
left Cuba,Mune 7, and has just arrived
in New York.
CoL Wm. J. Bryan's regiment of Ne
braska infantry has been ordered to
join Gen. Fitzhugh Lee's corps at
Thanksgiving servies were held at
many churches all over the country
Sunday in accordance with the Presi
dent's proclamation.
It is reported that the Spaniards are
firing indiscriminately upon the woun
ded soldiers and men wearing the in
signia of the hospitital corps.
Complete reports of battle of July
and 2. Killed, 22 officers and 208 en
listed men; wounded, 81 officers and
1,203 enlisted men; missing, 79 enlist
ed men.
Commodore Schley has had the dou
b'.e pleasure of bottling up Cervera's
fleet and of spilling its contents
along the beach afterwards when
tried to uncork itself.
Gen. Blanco in reply to his Govern
meat's request for his views of the sit
uation, still urges war. Campos also
proclaims that the time for peace ne
gotiations has not yet arrived,
The American troops in the Philip
pine Islands are being greatly hinder
ed by floods in the country districts.
Admiral Dewey has stopped all refu
gees from leaving Manila.
Bob Moore, of LaFayette, Ind., says
that for constipation he has found De
Witt's Little Early Risers to be per
fect They never gripe. Try them for
stomach and liver troubles. Stormes
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Camara's squadron still continues its
funny actions. After passing thro'
the Suez Canal on its way to the Phil
ippine Islands, one of the weak o'd
vessels gave out and Camara turned
back to Spain.
Commodore Watson's fleet will con
sist of the Iowa, OregonJ Newark,
Dixie, Yankee, Yosemite, s:x colliers
and a supply boat He has orders to
go till he finds Camara's fleet and de
stroy it
Admiral Sampson cables the war de
partment that the Colon, Maria Tere
sa and Yiscaya, of Cervera's fleet, can
be saved for service and a wrecking
crew has been ordered to work on the
Schley it was who bottled up Cerve
ra, and Schley it was who fought and
conquered Cervera. When Congress
begins to order medals and autbor'ze j
promotions, Winfield Scott Schley
should not be overlooked,
Lieut Hobson will be compelled to
wait until Congress meets again to re
ceive his promotion. Congressman
Berry, of Kentucky, is blamed for this
oa account of pushing his resolution
to promote and thank Commodore
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acting promptly. O.ie Minute Cough
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The auxiliary cruiser St Louis reach
ed Portsmouth, N. H. ' Sunday with 54
Spanish officers and C3S Spanish sea
men, captured after the destruction of
Cervera's squadron. Though the pris
oners did not know where they were
being taken, the voyage was without
special incident
Few realize how many horses are
required in the United States army.
Each battery of artillery requires
about 100 horses, infantry regiments
about twenty each, and cavalry regi
ments about 1,200 to 1,300. One hun
dred horses are required for General
Miles' headquarters alone; each field
officer is entitled to two.
The Spanish, barbarians don't even
respect the flag of the Red Cross. They
killed and wounded many members
that organization who were taking
wounded American soldiers from the
bloody field around Santiago. The
Spaniard is fast making for himself a
place in history which no other people
in Christendom will envy.
It still appears from accounts of the
recent naval victory that the runs of
Morro are by no means silenced. It
said that as long as the American
vessels were within its range the fir
ing was incessant Morro's gunners
must have more lives than a cat, or
else the fortifications must be impreg
nable on the sea side
"During the hot weather summer :
had a severe attack of cholera morbus
necessitating my leaving my business,'
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bowel trouble." For sale by R. E.
McRoberts. Im
A survey of the powers in Europe
shows that from the beginning of the
century to the end of 1896 Turkey had
experienced 31 years of war and 59 of
peace; Spain comes next with 31 years
of war and 05 of peace; France, with
27 years of war and C9 of peace; Bus
sia, 24 years of war and 72 of peace; It
aly, 23 years of war and 73 of peace
England 1 years of war and 75 of
peace; Austria-Hungary, 17 and
Germany (exclusive of Prussia), 13 and
83; Sweden, 10 and 8C; Portugal, 12 and
84, and Denmark, 9 and 87.
At Chickamauga Col. Gaither reduc
ed to ranks the following non-com
missioned officers for over-staying
their furloughs: First Sergeant Ash
ley C Lillard, of Danville; Second Ser
geant Bruce EJelin and Corporal Pat
terson, all of Capt Sweeney's com pa
ny, from Lebanon. Several privates
were sentenced to thirty days' extra
fatigue duty for similar offenses.
raid was made on crap shooters, and
about 20 prisoners were gathered in
CoL Gaither has determined to stop
all gambling in tents, and heavy sen
tences await all detected so doing.
The captured Spanish prisoners cap
tured off Cervera's squadron, both of
ficers and men, reached Portsmouth
N. H., Monday. Though the prison
ers did not know where they were be
ing taken, the aoyage was without
special incident BefoJe sailing a pa
role was offered all the officers, and
only one a 'Lieutenant refused it
He was placed in confinement The
others were given state-rooms, ate in
the saloon, and practically had the
freedom of the ship. The enlisted
men were quartered in the steerage
and were given the same food as the
Lieut Hobson and his six compan
ions who sunk the Merrimac in the
mouth of the harbor of Santiago and
who surrendered to the Spaniards
flagship, were exchanged on Thursday
and brought into our lines. They
received a perfect ovation as they pass
ed along the lines' of the army. They
report that their treatment was of the
best and that Ad'l Cervera treated them
as well as they could have wished,
Now is the time to return courtesy and
kindness to the captured Admiral and
he is to be paroled and allowed the
freedom of the country and is to be
supplied with every comfort and every
To the third and last demand of Gen.
Shatter for his unconditional surren
der, Gen. Toral sent a reply reiterat
ing his determination to resist to the
last. If the American commander t d
heres to the purpose heretofore an
nounced he will not resort vigorously
to the convincing argument of assault
by a superior force. Maj. Gen. Miles
has now assumed personal command
of the forces and promises to take San
tiago within three days, unless Toral
complies with the last demand for sur
render. A portion of Santiago has al
ready been destroyed by fire caused
by the bombardment With Maj. Gen.
Miles there arrived abouf 4,000 re-enforcements.
Owing to the destruction
of Spain's naval power and the corse
q ient safety of the United State from
attack, orders have been given for the
rt-ntoral of the submarine mines in all
the harbors where commerce is en
dangered. Congressman Davison has asked 1h
War Department to grant an honora
ble discharge to young D-vis, who
went with the Lancaster company to
Chickamauga. The boy hai been sick
ever since enlisting and is now in a
danger out Condition
Born, the wife of C. C. MeWhorter,
on the 11th inst, a 9-lb. girl.
The infant son of "Bud" Bowlin and
wife, died anJ was buried here San.
Miss Kate Wylie left on Tueslay for
brief visit to friends at Gum Sul
phur. Miss Emma Sopar, accompani
ed by Misses Cora and Lila Ward, of
Lancaster, is hera on a two weeks'
visit to friends and relatives.
Wm. Baker, who for several months
has been in very poor health, died
Sunday, from consumption of the bow
els, and, after the funeral sermon
preached by Rev. J. R. Howes, on Mon
day, was buried here. He was thirty
years old and unmarried. He express
ed himself "ready to go."
The Children's Day exercises held
here Sunday afternoon and Sunday
night, was a complete success, as the
hundreds who attended will attest
The house was simply packed during
both services, while many were on the
outside unable to find room inside. Al
though the exercises at night held un
til almost 10 o clock, the order was
simply perfect. Rev. Howes remark
ed at the close that he never saw so
packed an audience give so perfect at
tention. The collection was also sur
prisingly good, being 70 per cent lar
ger than that of last year.
"I have used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in my famiy for years and
always with good results," says Mr.
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small children we find it especially
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The infant daughtesr of L. S,
din died last Friday i lht
Our boys turned out en masse and
attended the Democratic Convention
Miss Annie Stevens, of Lexington
is visiting Jesse Allen. Fred Koehler
is on the sick list
Our water supply is inexhaustible
having three sulphur wells in a radius
of two hundred feet, and the best that
ever went down a fellow's guzzler.
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The editor of the Evans City, Pa.
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children after all other remedies fail
ed." It cures coughs, colds and all
throat and lung troubles. Stormes
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Little Edna Berkelc is quite ill this
Harry Campbell has accepted a po
sition with J. S. Uaselden.
J. D. Cheatham, one of the soldiers
is at home on a five days furlongh,
Alex. Arnold, formerly a Garrard
county boy, who is now engag
ed with Gray & Grim, of Middles
boro, is expected to visited his father,
A. R. Arnold, the latter part of the
month. Miss Nannie Ballard, of Paint
Lick, and Miss Maggie Jennings, of
Danville, are visiting their aunt, Mrs.
A. S. Haselden. Mrs. Eliza Ballard
and Miss Mittie Dunn, were in Lex
ington last week. Miss Alice Dunn
has returned to Danville after a few
days stay with her mother. C. M.Jen
nings and wife were with his mother
Sunday. Joe Haselden, D. W. Dunn
and wife, of your city, were in our
neighborhood on Sunday.
Little Eugene Holcombe quietly
passed o'er death's dark river Wednes
day evening, July 6. Being only a lit
tle over a year old, he was a pet of
two families', greatly loved by all.
Dear parents and grand parents there
is a brighter day beyond where we
shall meet our departed lovel ones.
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PARTMENT alfthat could be wished lor Comfort and Convenience.
For particulars and catalogue address the Principal,
Mrs. Louis Harris opened school
here Monday.
Miss Mary Leavellis teaching school
; Pleasant Hill.
Blackberry jam is all the rage now.
Parties are delivering lambs sold to
B. F. Robinson, a few months ago.
People from all over the county, and
those adjoining, attended church he e
Sunday, but the weather was delight
fully cool, and the large audience
seemed comfortable, and attentively
listened to the excellent sermon, de
livered by pastor Wills, and in the af
ternoon our interesting Sunday school
was made more so by a talk from Alex
Miles, of Nicholasville.
Miss Bertha Burnside, of your city,
was the pleasant guest of Miss Sallie
B. Ray, last week. Miss Hattie Jones
has been visiting relatives in Living
ston and Crab Orchard. Louis and
Miss Marion Ray, and James Land,
who have been on the sick list, are
better. Rev. T. B. Ray and wife, and
little Miss Josephene Waitts, have re
turned to Georgetown, after spending
a while with Dr. W. H. Ray and fami
ly. L. F. Brown and family visited
relatives in Buena Vista, Saturday and
Sunday. Mrs. Alice Ray has returned
from a visit to relatives in Kirksville
and Lancaster. Miss Hattie Bogie has
been at the bedside of her cousin, Miss
Laura Teater of Mercer county if very
low with consumption. W. T. West
and family, of your city, spent Sun
day iu our village.
Thousands of persons have been cur
ed of piles by using De Witt's Witch
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Rev. Scott Anderson, of Crab Orch
ard, will fill an appointment to preach
at the Fork church Sunday, July 17.
In the absence of the pastor, Rev.
Wm. Anderson, of Oklahoma City, de
llvered an excellent sermon at the
Fork, Sunday.
Miss Mary Rout is visiting friends in
Stanford. Miss Eliza Smith will open
school at Mason school house Monday
July 18. Mrs. O. S. and Miss Eliza
Williams, of Burgin, visited relatives
here last week. Mrs. Robert Humph
reys is spending several week's with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Boner.
Rev. W. M. Kuykendall left Wednes
day for Mt Washington, where he
will hold a protracted meeting. Mrs.
George Lawson and little son, Fran
cis, of Hubble, are visiting her parents
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Moore. Mrs. M. L.
Aldridge, of Brodhead, accompanied
by Miss Lizzie Herring, of Stanford
is visiting friends and relatives in this
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Mr. Samuel Johnson, Sr., died at his
home near here, Thursday, July
His remains were interred in the cem
etery at the Fork, Friday, at 3 p. m
Rev. T. U. Campbell conducted the
funeral services. Mr. Johnson was ta
ken sick a few days ago and was an in
tense sufferer until God called him
home. He was in his 65th year and
had enjoyed good health nearly all
his life. He was a man of rigid hones
ty and sterling integrity, and leaves
two children, Mrs. Mary Floyd, of
Boyle, and Simeon Johnson, of Mer
cer, and several grand children. He
was the last of an old Virginia family,
His father was one among the early
settlers of Kentucky.
Persons troubled with diarrhoea will
be interested in the experience of Mr.
W. M. Bush, clerk of Hotel Dorrance
Providence, R. I. He says; "For sey
era! years I have been almost a con
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quent attacks completely prostrating
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Surplus Fund
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M. Higginbotham President
Lzw Y. Lkavill Vice-President
B. F. Hudson Cashier
W. O. BlQMKT Assistant Cash'r
C. D. Walzxb Bookkeeper
J. M. Higginbotham, Liwis y. Lbj.vb.ll,
J. 8. Johnson, T. M. Abnold,
H.C. Aknold, Jk. b.F. IIudson.
Jacob Y. Robinson.
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Office ovei Post Office.
LojA9rsR. : : : Kentucky
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li Walker stable and am 1
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html bank
( J65.ooo.o0,
' mffikPa
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Jno. E. Stormes, Vice President.
Wm. H. Kinnaikd, Cashier.
Assistant Cash'r.
. T. Embbt
J. F. Robinson. Jb,
Asa't Book-keeper.
Sam'l. D. Cochran, Jaa Spllsaan,
Alex. R. Denny. A. C. Robinson.
W. R. Cook, L. Davidson,
Jno. E. Stormes.
Those indebted to me
please call and settle
at once for I need the
money to settle my ac
counts. I MEAN THIS.
Miss Sallie Tillett.
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ont nain. Crown and Rrldra
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