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SEE OUR GOODS AND BE CONVINCED. Toll Sa--recL lO Tirn.es Orex.
Some of our $12, $13.50 $15.00 and $16.50 Suits now for $1 0. NEVER AGAIN WILL SUCH BARGAINS BE OFFERED.
Fine Straw Hats 50c on $1.00. Negligee Shirts. Stacy Adams Fine Shoes. Suits made to order in Danville.
J. L. Frohnian &Co,,
Always this time of the year my desire is to get rid of
all the goods in my line whether I get cost or not and my
customers always reap a great "benefit. This time my bar
gains will he
so first coming will get the Crejim, All goods in the mil
linery line go in this sale.
FRIDAY, July 15, - - 1898
Miss Annie Austin is visiting rela
tives in Crab Orchard.
Miss Theo Hemphill has returned
from a visit to Danville.
Miss Kittie Mason is in Nicholas
ville visiting relatives.
Mrs. Mary Uac'cney, of Danville is
visiting Lancaster friends.
Ben Herndon is in G. S. Gajnes' gro
cery learning the business.
Miss Lillie Noel, of Danville, was
here this week on business.
Miss Cora Peacock is the guest of
her aunt, Mrs Jno. Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. Fisher Gaines were
over from Danville Sunday.
Miss Lillie Dale Grant left todaj' for
a'two weeks' visit to ML Vernon.
Tommy lliughman, of Hoyle, has
been visiting relatives in this city.
Mr. Chas. Fnsby leaves this week for
several month's visit to Michigan.
Miss Anpie Ballou, of Stanfcrl, is
the guest of II. M. Ballou and family.
Misses Louise Kauffman and Olivia
Sweeney visited Dripping Springs Sun
day. Mr. Fred Frisby has been spending
several weeks with relatives in Dan
ville. Uncle Dave Arnold, of Nicholasville.
bas been the guest of his son, Wm. Ar
nold. Miss Mary Folger, of Nicholasville,
is the guest of her cousin, Miss Bella
Miss Lyne Letcher is spending a
week with Mrs. Ike Dunn, in Lower
Mr. Clarence Anthony, of Alabama!)
has been here the guest of Miss Grace
Sheriff J. B. Saundetsand wife have
moved to town and taken rooms at
Dave Ross'.
Mrs. G. S. Gaines and daughter, Miss
Julia Mae, are visiting relatives in
Misses Mollie and Laura Smith at
tended the funeral of A. E. Pope at
Miss Bessie Webb, of Lex'ngton, i
being entertained by Miss Sue Her
ring this week.
Mrs. William It Marrs, of Knoxville,
Crab Jt!
iv-N0 OPEN.
, ,
o5 nnnn t tvtnti. m
For terms address
CPERSONAL.00 0 00 C1
Tenn is the guest of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John Anderson.
Mrs. Emma Kauffman and uaugl
ter, Frankie, have returne I from a
week's stay at Dripping Springs.
Miss Lztitia Brown, after a pleas
ant visit to relatives in this city, re
turned to her home in Lexington to
Mrs. Moody Harden, son Clarence.
and two nieces from Covington are
visiting relatives in Somerset this
Mrs. William Broaddus and son,
Herndon, have gone to Frankfort to
visit her husband, who is in business
Miss Bessie Turley, of Richmond,
and Miss Amy Davidson, are being en
tertained by Miss Elena Hiatt, this
Miss Lula Graham, who has been
in Mrs. Harden's millinery establish
ment, will leave next week for her
home in Ohio.
Master McKenzie Broxvn, a bright
young man of ML Vernon, is the guest
of his grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Breathitt Brown.
Mr. Paul Miller, a mighty good
young friend of The Record's, is tak
ing a pleasure trip through several
northern states this week.
Mrs. Nannie Arnold returned to her
home in Richmond, Ky., after a sever
al days visit to her daughter, Mrs.
Sam Johnston at Marcellus.
Mr. Ed. C Gaines, of Ballou's Model
Grocery, isenjjying a few days rest,
which he is spending in Stanford,
Crab Orchard and neighboring towns.
Miss Bettie Broaddus, of Kirksville,
and Miss ZDnie Walker, of McCreary,
are visiting Misses Ophelia and Nora
Walker ou Laxington pike this week.
Mrs. Waits, wife of Chaplain Waits,
of the Second Kentucky Regiment
was in Lancaster this week visiting
friends and relatives. She will prob
ably locate here.
CapL William nerndon went to Es-
tili county this week to act as special
judge in a murder case. The trial
was postponed and the captain re
turned yesterday.
The following ladies are being en
tertained at a house-party by Miss
Lizzie Beazley, in Crab Orchard
Misses Lizzie Thompson, Katie Simp
son, and Annie Austin.
Mr. G. R. Harden, took the follow
ing boys to Dix river for a camping
party: Clarence Harden, Willie West,
Robert Elkin, Harry Tomlinsor, and
Nat Stephens, the latter of Glendale
Mrs. Scott Hudson has a house party
consisting of Mrs. Lynn Hudson, Mrs
John E Stormes, of Lancaster, Miss
Mary Annie Wilmore and Miss Mary
Welch, of Nicholasville. Lexington
Miss Pearl Holcombe, who has been
the popular guest of Miss Florence
Harris, left Saturday for her home in
Eiizabethtown, leaving several sad
hearts behind, notably one in Tub
Recobd office.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Rice, Misses Al
tie and Bessie Marksbury have gone
to Grayson Springs f jr a two weeks
l,ay. Before returning they will spend
several weeks at a house-party and the
wells at Trenton Tenn.
Messrs Robert Henry, Fisher Her
ring and Sauflsy Hugher, are rustica
ting at Dripping Springs this week.
Each took his horse along and the
party will spead mist of the time
hunting bear and Indians.
While at work loading some wheat
last week, The Records good friend,
Gale Greenleaf, got too hot and was
confined to his room for a daj-or two.
He's all right again and says he will
X2 a little m ire particular next time
he goes to harvest
Misses Mary Arnold and S Rachel
H nry are vi it:ng in Crab Orchard.
Clay Hamilton is b; c c from a trip to
Burgin. where he organized a lodge
of J acc bees.
Mrs. Elbert Pm t, of Jellico, Tenr. ,
is spending a f nv days with her mo h -
er, Mrs. Geo. T. Farris.
Sam Woclridge, of Denver Col., is
here after many years absence, the
guest of his fathei-n-law, Mr. T. W.
Ried. He is now in the employ of a
mining company some two hundred
miles from Denver, but still makes
that city his home.
The following attended the ball at
Crab Orchard Springs Friday evening:
Misses Letitia Brown, Bessie and Jen
nie Burnside, Bessie Webb, Allie, Bet
tie and Mary Anderson, Messrs. nugh
Logan, John Doty, Joe Francis, Will
Walker, Frank Marksbury, Mr. and
Mrs. A. H. Rice.
Miss Theo Hemphill was the charm
ing hostess at a birthday party Mon
day afternoon- All kinds of games
were par i .pated in, and an ele
gant refreshment served. Each
guest remembered the little hostess
with a beautiful present. Among the
guests from a distance were the pretty
little Misses Lillard of Danville.
Miss Dive Harris was charmingly
entertaining Tuesday evening, tha
guests of honor being, Misses Lettie
Brown and Bess'e Webb, of Lexing
ton. Included among the guests
were Misses Sue Herring, Lula Batson,
Mae Hughs-, NjII Marrs, Bsssie Bush,
Fannio Collier, Jennie Burnside, Altie
Marksbury, Mary Miller, Bessie Bum-
side, Lettie Brown, Bessie Webb, Allie
Bettie and Mary Anderson, Alberta
Anderson, Mrs. W. R. Marrs, Messers
Ed Gaines, Jess Sweeney, Kirk Kirby,
G. B. Swinebroad, Xapo Pr!ce, W. S.
Beazley, J. B. Jenningf , Chas. Frisby,
Dave Walker, Jno. Doty, Hugh Loan,
Jim West, Brannon Beazley Will Den
ney, Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Baughman.
Our baby has been continually
troubled with colic and cholera in
fantum since his birth, and all that
we could do for him did not seem to
give more than temporary relief, un
til we tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cho
lera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Since
giving that remedy he has not been
troubled. We want to give you this
testimonial as an evidence of our grat
itude, not that you need it to adver
tise pour meritorious remedy. G. M.
Law, Keokuk, Iowa. For sale by R.
E. McRoberts. lm.
To fatten an old milch cow for the
butcher, begin as soon as she has calv
ed, and feed her as much grain as her
old teeth will grind for digestion dur
ing the t'.mi she is in pasture. She
will gain in milk and flesh, and will
fatten qu'c'cly about the time the milk
ails. This Ll prcc ire the "fat and
lean ".vhich the bu3'er li'ces.
The off jrt to catch the farmers i.i a
hole again with his wl e it will not
work. Farmers in this section, so far
as we have been able to hear, will not
take less than 75 to 65 cents for their
wheat, no matter what Armour and
other bear manipulators at Chicago
may do. They know that as soon as
the crop is on the market, at a reason-.
able price, foreign demand will be
very brisk, and the price will rise.
The tales about the crop being twice
as great as ever before, etc., are all
moonshine, and the intelligent farmer
knows it Harrodsburg Democrat
The earnings of the poultry of the
United States last year aggregated
290,000,003. There are said to be in
round numbers 375,030,005 chickens
and 40.000,000 other fowls, such as
ducks, geese and turkeys in tne Uni
ted States. In 1897 the hens laid' in
round numbers 14,400,000,000 eggs. The
export price at New York averaged 15
cents per dozen, which makes the val
ue of the egg crop S1C5.000.000. The
poultry sold as meat brought $125,000,
000. The hens of America packed in
side the shells of their eggs 650,000
tons of water. Still the price of eggs
is called low and no one can call it
in the summer season. Such things
change wonderfully in a lifetime. A
Buffalonian declares that before the
war of the rebellion he sold eggs at a
cent a dozen and chie'eens at two cents
a pound.
Telephone 136,
Born, to the wife of Roy H. Beazley,
a 10 pound girl.
Miss Motie Nave, of Danville, and
Mrs. Mary Anderson, of Lancaster,
spent last week with Miss Sallic Nave.
Mr. and Mrs Charles White and chil
dren, of Richmond, visited Mr. and
Mrs. Zack Simpson, this week Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. Saunders have gone to
town, and Alex Walkor has taken
possession of the farm. Miss Lena
Sherrow, of Bryantsville, is the guest
of Mrs. Lish Forbes. Mrs. J. E. llan
dibo and two pretty little daughters,
of El Paso, Texas, are visiting their
aunt, Mrs. B.L. Kelley. J. C. Brown,
who has been with relatives here for
some time has returned to Shelbyville.
Mrs. Mary L. Swope and Mr.?. T. C.
Gulley opened schools Monday, for
mer at Teaterville, and the latter at
poonvillc. Morgan Sutton spent a
few days in Hubble last week.
Mr. Reuben Kinder departed this
life last Thursday, and was buried in
the Lancaster cemetery. Uncle Reu
ben was widely known as a good far
mer and respected citizen and a spe
cial favorite with all who knew him.
He was good to the poor, and ever
willing and ready to lend a helping
hand to those in trouble or distress.
He will be sadly missed, but we have
the consolation of knowing he was a
christian, belonging to the Baptist
church. He was 82 years old, and has
been very feeble for several years.
He leaves a wife and two c lildren.
E. C Blanks, of Lewisville, Texas,
writes that one box of De Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve was worth 50.000 to him.
It cured his piles of ten years stand
ing. He advises others to try it It
also cures eczema, skin diseases and
obstinate sores. Stormes Drug Store.
Mead Teater bought of Bee Ray, a
milk cow for ?33.
Farmers have finished st: c':ing
wheat in this vicinity.
George McQuerry sold a bunch of
sheep last week at 100.
T. L. Saunders bought of John H.
Dennis a nice horse at S'-S.
T. L. Saunders bought of Elisha
Murphy two scrub calves at 4 each.
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
C. C. Shear, is very ilL Miss Aider
Preston is very sick with chills.
Mrs. Malinda Preston is very low
with fever. Mrs Mollie-East is on the
sick list
Miss Elizabeth Tomlinson, of Bry
antsville, began the public school at
Locust Grove, Monday, with very good
Elder Neal, of Winchester, will fill
his regular appointment at Scott's
Fork, Saturday night, Sunday morn
ing and Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Tilatha Scrivncr and two little
sons, of Stanford, are the guests of
Mrs. George McQuerry. Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Morford, and little daughcr,
E.izabeth, Mrs. Mattie Roberts and
c'lildren, and Mrs. Rebecca Scott, of
Little Hickman, were the guests of
the latters daughter, Mrs. T. L. Saun
ders, Saturday night and Sunday. A
number of the young folks from here
attended preaching at Buckeye Sun
day. Mrs. Mattie Land, Hinkle Pros
ton and Lafayette Preston, of Little
Hickman, were called to the bedside
of their mother, Mrs Malinda Preston,
Saturday, who is very ilL
Bead .the Scriptures.
If yon are down with hues, read 27
Psalm .
If you are out-of Sorts read the 12th
chapter of Hebrews.
If you feel lonesome and unprotect
ed read the 91st Psalm.
If people pelt you with hard word-',
read 15th chapter John.
If there is chilly sensation about the
heart, read the third chapter Reve
lation. If you dont know where to look for
next months rent, read 37th Psalm.
If you find yourself losing confi
dence in men, read I3th chapter, 1st
If the stove pipe has fellen-down,
and cook gone off on a pet, put up the
pipe, wash your bands, read third
chapter James.
1144am CUBAN RELIEF cares
I lanlCrS Colic- Neuralgia and Toothache
wla flve mlnutes Sour Stomach
and Strainer Complaints., Price, 25 Cents.
, Wallace & Co., will pay you cash
for all your produee and giVcj he high
est price on the market
Wallace & Co., are selling tinware
cheaper than ever. 4 pint cups for 5c.
1-2 Gal. buckets 4a each. 17 qt Dish
pans 15c each.
If you need something to cook your
blackberries in see Wallace A: Co.,
Ihey have saucapans, and stew kettles
o: every discription from 10c. to 45c.
See their enaeneled stew kettles at 20c.
and 45c They are hard to beat
Can You Read This.
A handsome cook range to be given
a way by R. L. Jennings & Co., If you
would save money go to Jenning & Co.
They will not be undersold. Here are
a few of these prices; Ivory soap 3 l-2c-
big" bars laundry soap 5 2 "big'
boxes matches 5c 1 nice box paper
and envelopes 5j. Fine glasses 10c set
Extracts 5c bottle. 2 lbs soda 5c and
other bargains too numerous to men
tion. All summer dress goods, and
ladies oxford will be closed out at "cut
prices." See our clothing at 3.50 to
Mrs. Eliza Holtyc aw, who has teen
quite sick, is improving, we are glad
to say.
Holtzclaw Bros sold to Will Hiatt,
banch of hcrs at 3 l-2a to be deliv
ered 1st of Au 'ust
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Thompson re
turned home last week from a visit o
relatives in Mt Vernon. Miss Nannie
Anderson is yisiting her sister, Mrs.
H. B. Arnold, of Stanford. Miss Nan
nie McCarley opened school at Beazley
school house Monday. Your corres
pondent spent Monday with rolativcs
in Stanford. Miss Rhoda White, of
Mt Vernon, is the guest of Miss Wade
Thompson. Mrs. J. J. Thompson and
daughter, Miss Wadie, accompanied
by Miss Rhoda White, spent Monday
with Mr. and Mrs. Booth Thompson,
of Lancaster.
The corn crops are very good in this
Rev, F. B. Jones will assist R ev.
Mathews in a meeting at Walnut Fla,
commencing on the 3rd Sunday in this
G. A. Siler sold three mules Monday
day for 100.
Richard Robinson bought a nice
mare Monday for 30.
John Cummins, who has been spend
ing the summer in Illinois, has return
ed home. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. King are
visiting relatives at Somerset Wm.
Sutton and wife, of Madison county,
are visiting relatives here this week.
Get One of tee Boasters Free!
Call at my store and we will ex
I am still in the lead with
Goods are all fresh. I can please
I have just received a new
lot of
Lais Bis, Collars, Fan SMrt
- Waist Sets and Pins.
we m ran in hi m.
An exchange says that we should be
careful lest we have a large Bible for
quotation and a very small one for
practice. In these days of neglect of
in. m irizinj Script! rjs wea:e afraid
too many have a very small Bible for
quotation, at least for accurate quota
tion. Go on the
Lv. Lancaster 8 a.m. Ar. Panville 10:3) a.m.
Lv. Danville 2 p.m. Ar. Lancaster 4tZ0 rji.
Makes connection with 4:30 train for
Richmond. Can be found at StodgiL'a
Stable or Clemens HoteL
AH persons having claims against the es
tate of T. L. Harris, deceased, will present
them, properly proven, to Joseph Arnold, ad
ministrator of said T. L. Harris, or to U. II
Tomlinson, attorney, within the next thirty
days. All persons knowing themselves in
debted to satd T. L. Harris, dee'd., will please
come forward and pay same to said admiuis
This July 11, 1S9S Joseph Arnold,
Adm'r. T. L. Harris, dee'd-
Successor to Lackey & Gulley.
ield Fencing.
A fence that always keeps its shape
because it's built that way
Nothing but large size heavily galvanized wire
made of best Bessemer it eel used In Its con.
Structlon same In all the so different styles
made turns all kinds of stock and leaves tho
stock unharmed while the fence stands strong
and sturdy. '
C THIS hinge-joint jnak.es an ad
justable fence and pre
StfMMwmSi vents stay wires from
IVvlr bending
crimp majces as ugnt a
fence in summer as in win
ter, and prevents stay wire
from being displaced.
There's no fence that excels
it; and few, if any, as good -
MimfkcUnd by
ton MU by
J. C. Robinson, Lancaster
Danville, Ky.
CHANGE. Ilualness Houses In town that linve Tel
ephones unit their Numbers.
01 M. A. Archer, butcher.
Z J A Barton, grocery, Patterson
coal oflie;.
9) J A I'cazley, Furniture Ac
6 5 Rillou, II. M., Model Grocer.
45 R'c! ISenge, Livery Stable, J W
runiphrcy, Saddlery.
05 151ue Grass Grocery.
43 Central Record.
2J T Currey, Grocery.
'18 Citizens National Rank.
77 Electric Light Station.
5J T. S. E.kin, Butcher.
47 Cx. S. G lines, Grocery.
40 J. R. Haselden, Hardware.
53 J. C. Hemphill, Hroicer, Tailor & c.
'Si J. Joseph, Dry Goods.
GS Levell Planiny Mill & Coal oflice.
Marksb.iry, Grain Dealer.
"5 Lancaster Hotel.
4ii W II Lackey, Livery Stable.
C2 Logan &. Robinson, Roots and Shoes
91 Logan Dry Goods Company.
07 Mason Hotel.
55 R E McRoberts, Druggist
70 J W Miller, Old Pilgrimage Dis
tillery. loH Ncrthcott & C., Commission
31 National Rank of Lancaster.
82 C D Powell, General Stor.
25 W J Romans Carriage Co.
12 R A Stone, Grccjry.
39 -J E Stormes, Druggist.
17 Jesse Sweeney, DryGooJs.
10 -J C Thompson, Jewelry.
09 Ward & Miller, Flouring and Plac
ing Mills.
Cut this out and paste in your direc
toy foi ready reference.
Every business house in town should
have telephonic connections. Consult
Jesse Walden or Herbert Kinnaird if
you want your house wired for a
'phone, 2t
Garrard Lodge No. 29, Knights
f Pythias, meets every Thtirsday
uight in Odd Fellows hall. All vis
iting Knights are fraternally invi
ted. G. B. Swinebroad, C. C.
J. E. Robinson, K. R. & S.
Should know that the
"Old Time" Bemedjr,
Is the best forPessIs
irregularities lr
taKen lor (j
test tq

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