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Of Up-to-date Merchants.
Our only aim TO PLEASE.
Some of our $12, $13.50 $15.00 and.$16.50 Suits now for $1 0. NEVER AGAIN WILL SUCH BARGAINS BE OFFERED.
Pine Straw Hats 50c on $1.00. Negligee Shirts. Stacy Adams Pine Shoes. Suits made to order in Danville.
J. L. Frohman &Co,
"Witli a complete line of goods, to "wait on the trade.
Call and "be convinced of what we say.
Further notice will he given of our Pall Opening.
Ioel Sisters.
Telephone 85.
FRIDAY, September, 23 1898
Mrs. Alex Denny h-'S been visiting
friends in Franklin, Ky.
Mr. Al. Burnside, one of the soldier
boys, is at home on u. fu-lough.
Mr. Robert Davidson left Monday to
attend Law School in Virginia.
Mias Jennie Wearren, o' Stan'ord is
expecteed this week to visit relatives.
Miss Finnell, of R'c'imoud, is visit
ing her friend, Miss Nellie Diilion.
Rev. and Mrs. IT. N. Falconer have
returned from a visit to Kicholasville.
Miss Annie Francis leaves this week
to attend school at Due West, S. C.
Mrs. II. C Payne, of Lexington, is
the guest cf her sister, Miss Jane II op.
Miss Carrie Currey has returned
from a visit to Uarrodsburg and Dan
rille. Miss Carpenter, of Stanfor', is the
guest of Ler friend, Miss Eugenia
Mr. Edwin Allender has returned to
Lexington after a few days visit to rel
atives. Mrs. Simpson Elkin, of Atlanta, Ga.,
is the guest of her titer Miss Jennie
Mrs. Elizabeth Denncy is visiting
her neice, Mrs. George White, at White
Miss Ilallie Rice is visiting Mr a
Y-'idcn in London, Ky., and attended
the fair.
Mr. Chas. Miller, of Irvine, has been
visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Susan
Messers Wade Rush and Chas. Mori
tz left Tuesday for their home in St
Louis, Mo.
Dr. West and family, after a visit to
relatives here, have returned to Yates
centre, Kan.
Mrs Charlton Elrol, of Louisville,
is the guest of Mrs. Mattic Frisbie on
Danville, Ave.
Messers Herbert Ilommel and Jno.
Johnson, of Danville, were visitors
here this week.
Miss Francis Collier is visiting rel
atives and friends in Chattanooga and
SweetWater, Tenn,
Miss Mary Elkin has returned to
Stanford after a visit to her cousin,
Mm Mattie Elkin.
Misses Pearl Burnside, Susie Wood
end Mr. Jack Rout, of Stanford, were
visitors here Monday
Mr. R. L. Jennings, of Paint Lick,
was in town Monday on his way home
from the eastern cities.
Mr. D. M. Lackey and daughter,
Miss Jennie, have returned from sev
eral days visit to Paint Lick.
Prettiest oods
Ever brought to Central Ken
tucky, have been bought by us
They are now open, and we
would be pleased to have you
Inspect f hecd.
Miss Sallie Tilled.
Messrs. Jordan and Young, of Nich
olasyille spent the latter, part of the
week with Lancaster friends.
Dr. Steele Bailey, of Stanford, came
over Tuesda3r to consult with the local
physicians attending Lieut. Wherritt.
Dr. Walter Beazley, wife and little
son, Eugene, vibitcd his parents at
Crab Orchard Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs W. 0. Bradley, and charming
'aughter, Miss Christine, of Frank
fort, are guests of Mrs. Julictt Rogers.
Misses Laura Smith and S.illie Til
lett have returned from the cities with
a nice Hue of .all and winter millinery
goo Is.
Li i it. John Farra was able to visit
Lexington a few day this week, lie
has about fully rcovered from his re
cent Llness.
Mr. Tin'c Anderson left Tuesdiy
niht for G t to accept a position in a
company which leaves fur Cuba iin
in d itely.
Mrs. James Pump'irey and Master
Clay are spjaiii.ig several days with
her daughter Mrs. llattie Tankersley,
of Madison.
Mrs. Alicj Ray and son, Lewis, of
Buckeye and Miss Sallie Nave, of Mc
Creary, were guests of Misses Totten
and Ray last week.
Misses Lizz'.e and Bruce Pumphrey,
aczompanied by Messrs Jordon and
Young, of Nic".iolasville, attended the
centennial Friday.
Reports from William O. Owsley,
who is at Henderson ville, N. C, says
he is very much improved in health
and is mending rapidly.
1 he following attended celebration
at Nicholasille last Friday: Messers
Chas. Frisbie, E. W. Morrow, Louis
Walker, Joe Ilaselden, Geo. Smith
Herbert Kinnaird, Ben Herndjn and
Frark Marksbury.
Mr. Wm. T. Woolfolk, a former Gar
rard county boy, who now resides in
Lexington and is one of the most pop
ular drummers on the road, visited
friends here several days this wee'.:.
Onr good friend, Mr. John Shea, has
returned from a visit to his sister in
New York city, Mr. Shea is one of the
most industrious men we ever saw and
it is verj' seldom he takes a vacation.
He enjoyed his trip very much and re"
turns much improved in health and
Quite a number of friends and rela
tives visited the family of T. L. Broad
dus last week. Among those from a
distance were Rev. D. T. Broaddus and
wife, of Belle Plain, Kansas, Mrs. Sam
Finnell and little son, of Kansas City,
and Wm. Prewitt, and wife and Miss
Lee, of Kirksvllle.
lapt. bam uuncan is at home on a
furlough. This is the first visit the
Cant has made. Army li o seems to
agree with him as he is in bett:r health
than he has been for several years.
We have it from a reliable scource
he is considered by his superior officers
to be the best Captain in the regiment
Jim Maret says J in his Mt Vernon
Signal: 0a' a trip to Lancaster, Satur
day, we met a number pf old friends,
among them: T. S Miller, J. M. Hig
2in.btham. S.vejaey Mirjan, Robt
Kinnaird, S. C Denny and Eiitor
Louis Landram, of Tur Rkcoud, who
runs the best newspaper Garrard ever
Col. R. P. Jacobs, of Danville, one of
the mcst distingnishad lawyers in the
State, and who was a member of the
constitutional convention, is at the St
Nicholas with his wife from a two
months' sojourn in Michigan. His
friends throughout Kentucky will be
pleased to know that his health has
been much benefited by the lake
breezes. Cin. Enquirer.
Will Walker is at home on a fur
Miss Amy Davidson has been visit
ing Miss Carrie Currey.
Miss Fish, of Crab Orchard, is the
guest of her cousin, Miss Rella Arnold.
Messers Horace Herndon and Fred
Frisbie have returned from a four
weeks' visit to Martinsville, Ind., very
much improved in health.
Mr. Wm. 0. Dunlap, of Lancaster, is
still suffering from malarial troubles
contracted at Santiago. He is the
guest of his aunt, Mrs. George Denny.
Lexington Argonaut
Mr. Harry Giovannoli, of the Dan
ville Advocate, and Miss Carrie Kin
naird, daughter of Mrs. Mary M. Kin
naird, of that city will be married
Wednesday, Oct. 5. The wedding will
be a quiet one with members ot only
the immediate families present
Additional Local.
For Exclui nge.
Fine bicycle to trade for Blickinsde--
fer type-writer. Particulars at this
An imported, bristle clothes brush,
made in Germany, value SI. will be
given with each pair of pants, suit or
overcoat bought of Howard Tailoring
ompany, and satisfaction guaranteed
in pricif, fit and quality.
M. D. Hughes, Agent.
The Dudderar Mill.
I have ren'el the famovs Tulderar
Mill, near Gilberts Creek, and am pre
Darcd t ) .urnish the verv best Hour.
Will m ike a specialty of custom grind
ing, farmers, bring along your wheat
and co n. Satisfaction guaranteed.
10-7 John C. PuTrs.
Dentli of JIrs L,ewis Harris.
A telegram was received here Wed
nesday announcing the death of Mrs.
Lewis Harris, which occured in Lex
ington. Mrs. Harris had baea ill for
some time and was taken to a Lexing
ton hospital last week. The remains
were interred at that city yesterday
afternoon. Mrs. Harris was a sister
of E. B. Allender, who is well known
Good Ouiility, Low IM-iceg.
Our tailor-made suits at S10.75, equal
others at 815.00, and those at 13 and
$15 equal many others at SIS and 20.
Our ready-made suits at SS, S10 and
S13 are posit' vely all wool and very
low in price. Examine the Samples
for yourselves. About 1,000 to select
from. Boys' and young men's cloth
ing a specialty. The best quality of
Furnishing Goods from Wanamaker
and Brown, at Philadelphia prices.
Come and buy a complete outfit at re
duced price. Pants made to measure
at S3 to SS. Perfect fit and satisfaction
guaranteed. Overcoats are priced at
low-water mark.
M. D. Hughes, Agt
Prohibition! Prohibition!!
Col. W. II. Ziegler, Prohibition can
didate for Congress, will address the
citizens of Garrard county at the fol
lowing times and places:
Lancaster, Court House, Monday.
Sept 2Cth, 1 o'clock, p. ra.
McCreary, Mondny evening, 7 o'clk,
September 20 th.
Cartersville, Tuesday evening, 7 o'clk
September 27th.
Marksbury, Wednesday evening, 7
o'clock, Sep. 2Sth.
Bryantsville, Thursday evening, 7
o'clock, Sept. 29th.
Buena Vista, Friday evening, 7 o'clk.
September 31th.
Buckeye, Saturday afternoon 3 o'clk.
October 1st.
Grand Opening.
Over 1,000 of most beautiful, ttract
ive and durable samples ever display
ed in Lancaster, from leading houses,
in close touch with the manufacturers
in Chicago, Buffalo and Philadelphia,
will be ready for display on Saturday
24th, and Monday 26th. I have alrea
dy taken a number of orders from old
customers. Suits made to your meas
ure, and fits guaranteed, at 10.75.
Pants 83 up. Overcoats low in propor
tion. Small profits will bring them in.
Ready-to-wear suits, absolutely all
wool, S, S10 and S12. Paicesand qual
ity unsurpassed. Do not fear that you
will not tret a fit The measure blanks
are simple and we have them down to
a fine point No fit no take; no take
no pay. M. D. Hughes, Agt
Telephone 136,
Jc:ilnny ISrlvrs :i Youuj; Wouiuii to UU1
Her W idmvur l.nvrr ind H:iuy and
Tiitn TuUc Her Own Life.
Louisvii.i.k, Ky., Sept 10. One of
the most terrible tragedies that ever
occurred in Louisville was revealed
Thursday morning at the Enterprise
hotel on east Market street. The oc
cupants of room 4 failing to answer a
call, the door was broken in and on
the lloor lay a C-raonths-old girl baby
dead from poUon. Joseph F. Villiers,
villi his arm about the babe, dead
with a bullet hole in his temple, and
across his body that of a beautiful
young girl, Nellie McCuflin. Every
circumstance indicates that she killed
Villiers and the baby and then com
mitted suicide.
The only apparent motive was jeal
ousy. Villiers waa a motoriuan on the
Seventh street trolley line and the son
of a farmer of Meadow Lawn, Ky.,
also the woman's home. He was a
widower and the baby his daughter by
the dead wife. The trio went to the
hotel at S o'clock Wednesday night
and registered as Geo. F. Villiers and
wife. Meadow Lawn, Ky. The coro
ner's investigation indicate? that the
woman had purchased morphine be
fore going to the hotel. This was giv
en to the baby in milk and Villiers
was sent out on some pretext, while
the dose was administered. She also
took the drug, but it failed to take ef
fect at ouee. When Villiers returned
she evidently killed him and then took
a larger dose and fell across the two
bodies to die.
Chief Justice I'tcturen.
Fraxkfokt, Ky., Sept 17. Capt W.
S. B. Hill is coll cling pictures of all
of the former chief justices of the
court of appeals. They will be placed
in the appellate court room. Among
the pictures of former justices that
nave been secured so far are those of
Senator Lindsey, Justices Holt, Hines,
Pryor, Stitcs, Peters, Hargcs, Bullitt
and Duvall.
Fourth Kt'iituccy ul Aniiiston.
Axxiston, Ala., .v'ent. ltf. The 4th
Kentucky is now comfortably fixed at
Camp fchipp. The 4lh Wisconsin ar
rived Saturday morning from Camp
Douglass, is. Five regiments, includ
ing the o.rTennessec, 2d Arkansas and
8d Alabama (colored) arc now here.
Two more will come the first of next
111 Health the C.nisic
Louisville, Ky., Sept 19. Samuel
E. Hart, a brakeman on the L. & N.
railroad, shot himself, with suicidal
intent, in the oflice of Dr. Wallace, on
Southgate street, between Sixteenth
and Seventeenth streets, Saturday aft
ernoon at I o'cleck. lie had been de
spondent for some time over poor
Gen. I.rcc'xlnr dgo Gov. ISradlry's Guest.
I'jiaxuiokt, Ky., Sept 17. Maj-Gen.
Joseph C. Breckinridge and staff-arrived
here Friday morning en route
from Chiekamauga park to Lexington,
and are the guests of Gov. Bradley.
Lunch was served to the party at the
Executive mansion. They will leave
Friday afternoon for the Lexington
camps, accompanied by the governor.
Will Kedtice C ip'.tal.
Fhankfokt, Ky., Sept 19. The Ex
change bank of Mt Sterling was
granted full authority by the secretary
of state to reduce its capital stock
frcm S100.000 to 550,000. The Guthrie
Clothing Co., of the same place, also
filed articles of incorporation. Its
capital stock is SO, 000.
Klot In J.ill.
IIorKixsviLLE, Ky., Sept 19. While
a number of new prisoners were be
ing ushered into the corridors of the
count- jail Saturday a riot was start
ed by old prisoners throwing things
at them through cell windows. Some
prisoners got loose, and before the
fight could be quelled several were
teriously ii'jurcd. Will Hughes, who
is to be sold for vagrancj-, had one
eye knocked entirely out with a heavy
Fltzpntrlck Sworn In.
Loi isville, Ky., Sept 1C John G.
Fitz:-jatrick, of Middlesboro, Thurs
day morniug qualified as assistant
district attorney for Kentucky. John
Henry Wilson, Congressman Colaon's
choice, was appointed in the spring,
but the appointment was revoked and
Fitz;.atrick finally landed the $2,500
plum. He succeeds Arthur Wallace,
A Printer Attempts Sn c"dr.
Paducah, Ky.. Sept 21. Jam.-s L.
R.ibwrtson, a printer o. this city, at
tempted suicide by taking a small
quantity of laudanum and several
morphine pills, about three and a half
jrrains. as near as could b2 determined.
Despondency and domestic troubles
ire thought to have prompted the rash
Tim Tranylviinlsi Derby.
Lexington, Ky., Sept 21. The
horses entered in the Transylvania
Derby, the annual October contest for
all ages championship, have been
anmcd. It is the greatest field of star
jampaigners ever named and promises
to be the most sensational race ever
jontested on the American turf.
Creek Tiiiibor lioom.
Gi.KXvroon, Ky., Sept 2L Strait
Creek is booming with business. The
hundreds of acres of timber, known as
the bhoup land, is being worked up in
to different Srinds of material and
shipped to eastern markets. A large
hoop factory has been erected, employ
ing a large number of hands.
line Cattle S..ld.
Richmond. Ky., Sej t 21. T. D. Che
nnult sold to Schwartz, Sehild & Co.,
of New York, for export, 200 head of
big cattle, at A cents. Milt Coving
ton sold SO head at 4.00. These cattle
are the finest raised in Madison county
this year, and represent a value of
nearly -20,000.
Gua at 140 Feet.
Wkllshuhg, Ky., Sept 21. The
Brookville Oil and Gas Co., while put
ting in a well at this place, struck gas
Tuesday afternoon at a depth of 140
feet. A match was applied. The gas
is now burning and sending up a blaze
25 feet high, lighting the country for
miles around.
It Hits She Spot.
When suffering from a severe cold
and your throat and lungs feels sore,
take a dose of roley s Honey and Jar.
When the sorenes
will be a t
o f
once relieved, a
iul feeling a n o
parts affected wil
be experien
ced and you will say; "It icels so good.
IT UIXS the aror." It is guaranteed.
A'.ex Doty sold to E. L. Woods, one
car load of hogs at S3. 40 per hundred.
Henry Moore bought of S. D. Coch
ran one car load of wheat at 5Sc per
Mr3. Dr. Ramsey and daughter, Miss
Mamie, have been called to the bed
side o; Mrs. Terrell Kamsej of Aran
sas, who is very ill with fever. Miss
Reese Frank, of Burksville, who has
been visiting her grand father, Dr.
Ramsey, has returned home. Mr. J.B.
Woods, who has been at home for sev
eral weeks, has returned to Cincinna
ti. Miss Minnie Woods, of Iluston
ville, is here this week visiting friends
and relatives. Miss Shanks, of Lex
ington, Virginia, arrived last week at
Mrs. U. M. Lear's, where she begins
teaching Monday.
During the Battle of
The Packers at the Battle of Santiago
de Cuba were all Heroes. Their
Heroic Effects in Getting Ammuni
tion and Rations to the Front Saved
the day.
P. E. Butler, of pack-train No. 3
writing from Santiairo, De Cuba, cn
July 23d, says: "We all had diarrhoea
in more or less violent form, and when
we landed we had no time to see u doc
tor, for it was a case of ruse and rus'
ni?ht and dav to keep the troops sup
plied with ammunition and ration-.
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
were able to keep at work and
our healtn; in fact, 1 sincerely
that at one critical tima this
was the indirect saviour ol ourtrjiy
for if the packers had been unable to
work there would have been i(o way
of getting supplies to the front. There
were no roads that a wagon train
could use. My comrade and myself
had the good fortune to lay in a sup-
Ely of this medicine for our pack-train
e'ore we left Tampa, I know in
four cases it absoluticy saved life."
The above letter svvwritten to the
manufactures of thifT medicine, the
Chamberlain Medicine Co., Des Moines,
Iowa. For sale byR. E' McRoberts.
In articles suitable for Wed iing Presents. Tea Table. Dessert Spoons and
Forks. Also Berry and Salad Spoons. Cream anl Grayy Ladles. Butter
Knives, the highest grade only carried.
Exquisite Cut Glass in New Cuttings.
C. N. McDONNELL, Jeweler and Optician,
Danville, Kentucky.
Call at my store and we will explain
Talk about chenp good-?, when yon bny of
me you know you buy the best. Wo allow no
oue "to uiiderxell us on same Kfide ol koocI
If we lend money we want interi t. If we ex
change goods for dollars, we want a very small
nnirglu. Uuy of us and gut pure groceries.
Call and. Enjoy a Pleasant Chat.
Pleased to see you.
Till Si B
Old books taken in exchange.
A Few Points
Over All Other Heaters.
The Practically
Produces the fcllowinq results:
Perfect combustion of Soft
Coal, consuming all the Fumes
and Gases, gaining just so
much more heat that In other
stoves Is wasted.
The Cross Drafts from the Bowl, causes the heat to
be radiated to the floor Instead of to the
celllng, like other direct draft stoves.
Great Satisfaction in this.
Perfect control of the fire, Qreat Comfort
so an even heat can bo main- .
talned, and a good fire kept jn -JhiS.
over night. !
Will Burn Any Kind of Fuel wltn Equal Satisfaction.
manufactured for O. K. STOVE AND RANGE
For Sale by
, a . A. LACKEY 1
Successor to Lackey & Gulley. -
First-Glas i
Danville, Ky,
R. KiNfiAlRQ'S
Insurance Agency
Rcptcsentlua Over
- 357,000,000 -
n the following Fire Insurance
tna of Hartford.
Queen of America.
National of Harttort.
riicnix of Brooklyn.
Hartford of Hartford.
Manchester of England.
Connecticut of Hartford.
North British and Mcrchautile.
fterana Anisricin of New York.
Liverpool and London and (Jlohe.
I also represent the old reliable
Hew York Life insurance
I will rent publicly at the Conrt llonse Door
iu LunciijCer. Ky.,
September 26th iSqS
'at 11 o'clock shnrp. County Court Day) abont
150 acres of laud in lots of abont 50 aercs each,
in White Lick Creek, all to go in small grain.
Terms made known on day of renting.
I.. K. Ml'KBLK.
Guardian for Humphrey and Lizzie Best.
Unpbeceoenteo Heat-economy,
I have purchased the
Walker stable and am
prepared to furnish the
Very Best Rigs
on the shortest notice.
Special attention given
Commercial Travelers.

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