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VOLUME IY " Entered at the Post Office in Luneattfr, Ky., as Setond Class Matter. " NCStBSK zG
McSherry Disc D rills
J. R. Haselden,
Col. W.G. Welch.
V. I. tti!li:un.
Attorneys at Lav,
Lancaster Ky.
All business attended to promptly
Furniture, Carpets, &c.
Lancaster, Ky.
Just in and ready for your inspection, in Fall
and Winter weights.
Tans, Patent Leather, Vici Kids,
Enamel Calf, all New Style
O I S 4
fifn 7 1-9 Prwm &9 M tn $5 Ml
) V IU I 1 fa I I EUUU Spim IU fVIVV
"Don't fail to see our Buell Bootees, we have
them this season ranging in price from $3.50
to $5.00. For wear and solid comfort there is
nothing better.
x ni u T I
OillJUUIlJJllIU Ul U U 11
LOGAN & ROBINSON, Lancaster, Kentucky.
Doves are scarce and wild.
Partridges will be plentiful-
Wtnt d, vea calves, H. 15. Northcott
All-Wool Suits for 0.51
. C. HemphillSy
Lawn party tomorrow (Friday)
Smoke Proctor Knott cigars and be
happy. "
Many people and little business
court diy.
Fresh Timothy Seed for sale at T.
Carrey's, cheap.
Pure Home-made candies at Edmins
ton's Ivandy Kitchen. Jfc,
Call and see a beautifulline of Rugs
at J. A. Beazloy & Co.
The best two lior.se wagon on the
market at (1. S. Gaines', v
Knights, go to the lodge this even
in"'. You ar wanted.
Lovers of a delicious smoke prefer
the Proctor Knott cigar.
Go to the lawn party at Dr. Herrings
tomorrow (Friday) night
A stray hog at T. Currey's. Owner
casi get same by p yln charges,
I would like to do your plain sew
ing and dyeing. Mrs. Ophelia Dunn.
For Sale.
Forty 010 lb. steers, 10 heifers.
sep-UO T. M and W. McC. Johnston.
Friendship Heart Charms for brsea
lets, in gold and silver, at J. C. Thomp
son's. Notice.
Taxes p?.st due. Tay be'ore" the
penalty goes on.
J. 15. Saxdkks, S. G. C.
Wheat threshing continues. Xcarly
everyday .1 machine crosses the square
en route to a new stand.
Policeman Walker says there was
not a drunken man in town Monday.
Somthing wrong; sure.
Clean out ymr eUtcrns before the
fall rains set in. It may preveut fever
in j'our homes next summer.
In the county court Monday nothing
of importance was done save the pro
m ?r flnni. wnv
bating of the will of Elijah Kelley.
All the latest Novelties in Woolens
for men's wear now in, come and see
them. J. C. IIempnilL
For Exchange.
Fine bicycle to trade forBlickinsder
fer type-writer. Particulars at this
Buy your shoes and furnishing goods
from J. B. Jennings, and get the hand
some new 50 buckbpard that he is go
ing to give away. sept-I!0
Will pay lOe for fresh eggs; 5c for
hens, spring chix Go for large, 7c for
small; young dux 4c, old 3c geese 25
to 30c 11. B. XortheotU
Cut Ros;s and Carnations for sale
Friday and Saturday, fresh from Cin
cinnati green house. Will sell cheap to
start the season. J. C. Thompson..
Trained Nurses.
Parties needing trained nurses would
do well to note ad. of the Pattie A.
Clay Lifirmary, which appears else
where in Tub RKCOitn.
lloiirbon Steam Laundry.
Miss Olivia Sweeney is agent for the
IJourbon Steam Laundry. Leave j-our
orders at Sweeney's store. tf
Sei-il Wheat,
We have some splendid seed wheat
for sale. It has been screened clean,
and uniform grain, call and see us.
H. A. B. Makksuurv.
Dont fail to see my Tailor-Made
Suit for Ten Dollars. It is All-Wool,
and a perfect fit is guaranteed.
J. Q HemphilL '
An interesting letter from Manse
reached this office last Friday. It was
mailed several days before and its
hard to see why it should be delayed
in such a manner.
Lexington Trots.
October 4-15 inclusive. One fare trip
daily, via the Queen & Crescent Route.
G"od until Oct. 10th to retur.i. Ask
your ticket agent for particulars
Yellow jersey heifer, with ar in
forehead, 1 year old, information of
her wherabout, thankfully received
and liberally rewarded.
R. A. Stone Lancaster Ivy.
U U LI U 11 U 11 u
Court of Claims.
The Garrard county court of claims
will meet next Tuesda All parties
ho'ding claims against the county
should have them in before that time.
Bus'ness about the Court House has
baen exceedingly dull lately. County
Clerk Duncan says if work don't p'ck
up soon some of the oflicials will have
to go to plowing again.
The Western Christian Advocate
says: "Mr. Beauchamp sways the emo
tions of a vast audience at will. Strong
sense, keen satire, brilliant repartee,
scathing redicule, and irresistible
drollery are mingled in his efforts.
l'reacliinjr All AVeelc.
Rev. Henry Faulconer has ben
preaching in the Presb3terian church
eve.y night this week. He is endeav
oring to thaw out the members and
crca'.C new interest in the church.
Rev. Clark, the Methodist minister,
has moved his family into the house
on Stanford street recently vacated by
W. McC Johnston. Mr. Johnston and
f unily will move into the Bradley ris
idence on Lexington street.
Telephone Sold.
Mr. J. II. Bastin, of Crab Orchard,
has purchased the controling interest
in the Lincaster and Crab Orchard tel
ephone line He bought ten shares at
Slid, The line does a good business
at d is making money.
Sew Iaw I'irm.
Messrs Ltfwis L. Walker and II. W.
Hatson have formed, a partnership for
the practice of law and will have their
office on Lexington street They are
both hustling young men and will
sgoj build up a lucrative praetive.
Cot. W. II. Zeiglcr, prohibition can
didate for c mgross, addressed a fair
siz'j crowd at the Court House Mon
day. We had the pleasure of meeting
Col. Zeigler and find him a model,
Christain gentleman.
Preached Sunday.
Mr. W. II. Zeigler, candidate fcr
congress on the Prohibition ticket,
preached at the union meeting in the
I5jl.t!.st church Sunday night. He also
conducted communion serv!c3s in the
Presbyterian church Sundiy morning.
Kay l'ous.
The Knights of Pyhthias lolge re-
s lmed its meetings Thursday niirht.
after resti ig through the summer
months. A large number were presei t
and indications point to a big revival
in the order.
To Visit the Schools.
Miss Elisa Lusk, county superinten
:dant, will during the month of S.p
tembjr, viit the schools in the'eaunty.
As this will take up so much time she
will only be at her office on Saturdays
and court dtv during the month tf
Sure Fit.
The wayfaring mm, ithough a fool,
could not err in my miasuiM blanks.
You are sure to get a fit. If you do
not don't take t le suit. Come and
compare prlc;s and quality of goods.
M. D. liuouKS, Agent.
Between Lancaster and. Paint Lick
gold handle pocket knife, t in leather
case. "II. N. Beard'' engraved on han
dle. Liberal reward for return to this
offics or R. Kinnatrd. Knife was lost
about first of this month. sep 10-2t
Arm Kroken.
A high chair overturned with little
C.iristine Merritt Saturday breaking
the girl's arm. Drs. Kinnaird and Grant
attended her. The pretty little Miss,
while suffering greatly, bears up well
under the pain.
Miss Wilkin,' First Good l'lctuces.
The first portraits taken of Mary E.
Wilkins which she has ever liked will
be printed in tho October Ladies Home
Journal. There will be nine of them,
and they will show the famous New
England story-teller at home and with
her friends around her.
Dr. Goldstein Coming.
Dr. Goldstein, the eminent optician
of Louisville, will be at Hotel Wednes
day Oct 5th, that one day only. If
j'our eyes are troubling you now is the
time to correct them with properly ad
justed glasses. Delay is both costly
and dangerous.
The "Wheat.
A great deal of the wheat threshed
early, and in sacks and bins the wee
vil has made its appearance, and in
some instances damaged the wheat ve
ry materially. The white weeyil has
also commenced on the stacked wheat.
Would advise all farmers to give
prompt attention to their wheat to
prevent damage by these insects.
Old Fence.
There are locust posts on Mr. Sim R.
Cook's farm that have been doing s -r-vice
for near 03 years, and are still
sound and good. They were put up by
Mr. C. C. Stormes, for j'ears Garrard's
richest citizen, and who, when a boy,
was an expert at putting up post and
rail fences. Stanford Journal.
Land Sale.
Mr. Tommy Robinson, as agent for
the Columbian Finance and Trust Co.,
sold the ninety-'oir aris of lard ad
vertisel in The Reccbo to Mes.rj. Jeff
Duan and Jchi A. Wood for S3. 520.
I The land lies bo yen miles from-Dan
ville on the Fisher's Ford road. There
is a house and other improvements on
the place. It is known as the Jno. L.
Smith farm.
Lawn Party.
The lawn party to be given at the
residence of Dr. Herring tomorrow
(Friday) evening will be a very enjoy
able affair. It is to be given for the
benefit of the Baptist church. Re
freshments will be served. Only 25
cents admission. Go and help a noble
An imported, bristle clothes brush,
made in Germany, value SI, will be
given with each pair of pants, suit or
overcoat bought of Howard Tailoring
ompany, and satisfaction guaranteed
in price, fit and quality.
M. D. Hughes, Agent
The Hud'derar Mill.
I have rented the famovs Eudderai
Mill, near Gilberts Creek, and am pro
pared to furnish the very best Hour
Will make a specialty of custom grind
ing. Farmers, bring along 3-our wheat
and com. Satisfaction guaranteed.
10-7 John- C. Potts.
Rev. Campbell It. t.ira.
Rev. T. II. Campbell returned last
week and preached at the Baptist
church Sunday. We never knew a
minister to be more unversally liked
by all denominations than is Mr. Camp
bell. He is a christian in every sense
of the word and tli3 piople, irrespec
tive of denominational ties, should sej
that he is kept here.
Having rented Dudderar's Mill on
Dix River, near Gilbert's Creek post
office, will run an Exchange Hous3 in
Lancaster, Ky., f r the benefit of the
farmers. Will keep on hinds choice
flour, meal, brin, shipstulT, etc Cal.
on R A. Stone, the hustling merchant,
on Depot St for particulars. Hoping
to gain your patronage, 1 remain,
Johx H. Potts.
A da in a.
Mrs. Virginia Adams, widow of An
drew S. Adams, died at her home in
this county, Friday. She was in her
"1st year. Deceased was a good, chris
tian woman and had many friends.
She leaves the following children: J.
L., J. F., A. J., C. M., M. J., and M. R
Adams, Mrs. A. B. Brown, Mrs. John
Kurtz and Mrs. Snip Kites. The re
mains were interred in the familj- bu
rying ground Saturday afternoon.
Narrow Kscape.
While filling a prescription Monday
Mr. Jno. E. Stormes came near losing
his eyesight. He was pouring from a
bottle containing a strong acid and
the stuff by some means splashed.
Had it not been for his glasses most of
the burning fluid would have gone in
to his eyes. Fortunately only a small
quantity entered and the clever pill
roller esc.iped with only a tl 13 's in
tense suffer! ii;?.
Annual Convention.
Christain church, Chattanoogi,
Tenn. Octobar 13-21 1893. One fare
the round trip via the famous Queen &
Crescent Route. Tickets on sale from
all points, October 10th to 13th, good
until Oct. 24th to return. Sie that
your tickets read by the Queen & Cres
cent. Handsome vestibuled trains
Short Line. Free reclining Chair Cars
on night trains. Ask your ticket
agents for particulars.
"Will Probably Remain In.
Reports from Lexington indicate
that the Second Kentucky, instead of
being mustered out, will be kept in the
service. Qhis is no doubt correct, as
the regiment is the bsst the state of-
ered U jele Sam. It would haye been
at the front during the war but for the
looseness of a political screw some
where. We don't know where the
trouble was, but from all indications
there was shenanigan somewhere.
Prices and Ouality.
I have 1,000 samples for Fall and
Winter Suits, which are offered at the
very lowest prices. I make small
profits in order to sell. Tailor made
suits as low as S11.25, up to S30.
Ready-to-wear alt. wool, suits from
87.50 to SIS. Come and test the goods
and compare prices and qualities, and
you will buy. Thanking my old cus
tomers, I. invite everybody to come to
come to see me before buying.
M.' D. Hughes, Agent
Vom Klppur.
Mr. J. Joseph closed his store Mon
day to observe "Yom Kippur," the day
of fasting and prayer for the atonement
of the year's sins. The entire time
from Sunday evening at sundown un
til sundown Monday evening was
spent in fasting and prayer. With the
coming of fall and the annual decay
of vegetable matter, people are troub
led more or less with biliousness. The
use of drugs was not known in the time
of Moses, and he chose Nature's meth
od of revolutionizing the system twenty-four
hours of continuous fasting
from food and drink.
Card from Mr. Rttcker.
The neighbors around my propertj
arc complaining because I am on a
trade with the colored people of Lan
caster to sell them my pioperty for a
Colored Baptist Saminary. If the peo
ple of Lancaster cared for their town
as they should, and have the rabble of
horse jockeys who collect from time
to time on this street, removed, which
From all Otk The fork
Our line of Fall and "Winter Dress Goods is now
complete. "We "would be glad to have you call and give
us a look through.
-"We are showing a handsome line of SILKS suitable
for Skirts, "Waists and Trimming.
The making of a gown is a problem, but selecting the
goods is difficult. "We can help you in gown selection by
insuring you the choice of the prettiest and newest line
of Suitings ever shown.
Fall and Winter
are now
handsome line of
prices reasonable.
Logan Dry Bocds Go.
is a nuisance to any town, especially
on a nice, public street like this one,
their property would bring its full
val ie and we would not have to resort
to any means to sell; as dwellings
would sell for dwellings an. I not pub-1
lie institutions. Respectfully,
I. C. RrcKEi:.
The Prince of Orators.
Hon. J. Beauchamp, the c.-lebrated
lecturer, traveler and writer, will
speak at the Court House in Lancaster
for six consecutive nights, beginning
Saturday night October 1st. These
lectures are free, with the exception of
the last one, to which a small admis
sion will be charged. We congratu
late the ladies of the W. C. T. U. on
their good fortune in securing such a
noted and popular lecturer, and sin
cerely hope the citizens of the city and
county will appreciate their effort by
packing the court room on the first
night, as well as each succeeding night
auring tho week. Comj and bring
your boys.
Dr. Yoitnsr Keturnctl,
The people of Richmond, irrespect
ive of denomination, arc congratula
ting Rev. (. AV. Young on the action
of the Flemingsburg conference in re
turning him to this city, as pastor of
the Methodist church, in which capaci
ty he has so ably and earnestly labor
ed for the past three years. His appli
cation for the field secretaryship or the
interdenominational prohibition move
ment was unanimously recommended
by the conference, but the Bishop was
loth to loose him from active service in
the ministry and sent him back here
to finish his four years pastorate oL
the Richmond church. Richmond Re
gister. Dr. Young is a great favorite in Lan
caster, where ho did excellent work
for the temperance people in both
their elections. He always has a crowd
ed house when he speak here.
Should be Remedied.
Passengers for the night tra;n3 ar
compalled to shiver on the platform at
the depot or stand in the rain every
night. The waiting room is not open
ed at all and no agent is there 1 1 rr.
ceive or check baggage. The people
of Lancaster are working hard to baild
up travel for these trains and appre
ciate the great accommodations given
by putting them on, but when cold
weather sets in it will go greatly
against the grain to have to stand in
the snow and sleet to wait for them
We believe Mr. Hood will have this
remedied, as he is a sj.lindiJ railroad
man and a c'.evjr gentleman. To show
that our people appreciate the rcw
train the City Council is having a new
sidewalk made which will run friin
the Public Square to the dopot, and
his ordered lights place 1 along wh'ch
are to burn all night, or until the last
train arrives. Come, Bro. Hood, don't
compel us" t) eat our bread without
any butter.
lines of
and Capes
I Our Stone letter got in too late for
I publication.
"l!to. (miivciiN Jlectins.
The meeting conducted by Eld. Geo.
(Jowen at Hubble, came to a close Sun-
lay night, he h iving received sjven-
ieen into the church during the two
.vcek's time.
Eld. D. T. Broaddus, of Belle Plains,
Kansas, .filled Eld. George Oowen s pul
pit at the Christian church Sunday
morning. He is a splendid preacher,
and his discourse was greatly enjoyed.
Trustee Election.
Oa Saturd ly, Octobjr 1, two trustees
will be elected in each school district.
The one receiving the highest number
of votes qualifies in June and the one
receiving next highest number quali
ties at once.
v. o. or a.
A lctl e o; the "Fraternal Order of
America" was organizid in Lancaster
Wednesiay u!ght. " This makes about
adoz;a lodges now in town. Those
:el!ow.s who wi-,h to get away from
'the old worn tn after suppor belong
to all t.ie orders.
Cloud Ouality. I.- Price.
Our tailo"r-ma le suits at S10.7.", equal
others at SI-j.O'J, and those at $to and
313 equal many others at SIS an 1 20.
Our ready-male suits at SS, S10 and
12 are positively all wool and very
low in price. Examine the Samples
for yourselves. About 1,000 to select
from.. Boys and young men's cloth
ing a specialty. The best quality of
Furnishing Goods from Wanamaker
and Brown, at Philadelphia prices.
Come and buy a complete outfit at re
duced prices. Pants made to measure
at :! to SS. Perfect fit and satisfaction
guaranteed. Overcoats are priced at
low-waler mark.
M. D. IIconE3, Agt.
Tke Royal is the highest grade baking powder
known. Actual tests show it goesoao
t&Inl furtier tbca oaf otier bread.
Absolutely Pure

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