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Z.OVIS ZAXDRAX, Publisher.
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FRIDAY", October, 7 1898.
The. California prune crop is said to
be very large. That accounts for the
fullness of this administration of that
j icy fruit
Hox. Grekn R. Keli.ar, editor of
the Carli&le Mercury, will be a candid
ate for secretary of state. Mr. Kellar
is a gentleman well fitted for the
The Burgin Messenger issued a
handsome boom edition last week
which reflected great credit upon its
hustling editors and proprietors. Ihe
press work was especially fine.
Bow things do change. It used to
be the custom to do white-washing in
the spring of the year, but now the
administration has changed the prac
tice by doing the calcimining when
winter is almost upon us.
TnE fakir with "Lots for Sale" has
swung his sign in Cuba and is said to
be doing a big business. If there are
any capitalists left here-abouts who
failed to get enough of Kentucky boom
towns, they should go to Cuba imme
diately, call early and avoid the rush.
All the great Powers in the world
save Germany have agreed to partici
pate in the international disarmement
conference suggested by the Czar of
Russia. Germany is said to be feeling
the position of its closests friends be
fore giving an answer. Germany's
failure to participate would block the
The American Commissioners at Ha
7&nna expect to have the American
flag flying over Havana within three
weeks. Ihey believe that the pres
ence of American troops will greatly
hasten the movement of the Spaniards
and will facilitate the distribution of
relief supplies.
The W. a T. U. want ginger-pop
used at the banquet to be given the
President at Chicago. The average
banquet of today is only a big drunk,
and the word "banquet" is used mere
ly as a blind. It might be called a "res
pectable jag." Take the wine and
whisky out and these gatherings
would be like the play of Hamlet with
Hamlet left out
Now is the time when a man looks
at his last two or three years' overcoat
and wonders whether it will answer
for another campaign, while the good
wife hurries to the shop and invests
any number of dollars in a new wrap,
with a long tail, utterly neglecting
that sealskin, which is a little out of
style, because the sleeves are too big,
or too little. And yet we wonder at
the interest in the question, is marri
age a failure? Ex.
The Courier-Journal published Mon
day morning from its Washington cor
respondent a careful summary of the
outlook for the congressional elections
next month. The Democrats will
need a gain of fifty-four members in
order to control the next House, and
it is considered hardly possible for
such a gain to be made without a land
slide. It is quite possible that the
Populists may hold the balance of
power in the next House.
Fiftt or sixty thousand troops will
be sent to Cuba, Secretary Alger says.
They will not be concentrated ft ly
more than is necessary. After all the
regiments needed for Cuban service
have been designated about 50,000 will
be left in camps. The camp at Lexing
ton, Camp Meade in Pennsylvania, and
Camp Black in New York, are to be
abandoned and only the Southern
camps will be maintained for 'winter
quarters of the remaining troops.
If the American Republic is to live,
we must provide against political cor
ruption in high places, remarks the
Lexington Argonaut We must esti
mate its character, the law of its mo
tion, the orbit of its course, its magni
tude, and the spirit of the power which
presides over its activity. Villainous
causes beget villainous effects. The
effects of disaster to our army arise
from no other cause, except Republic
an corruption, associated with the hy
draheaded enemy of humanity avar
ice and greed.
Surplus Fund
Oarefal and Prompt JUteattoaGaaraBteea'
J. X. HiaaiXBOTEAX President
Liwu Y. LB4VXLL. Ylce-Presldent
X. T. Hudsok Cualer
W. O. Biskky Assistant Cash'r
CD. Waxxbb...! Bookkeeper
J. S. Johxioh, T. M. Abkold,
H.C.Abkold, Jb. B.T. Hudson.
Jacob t.bobixm.
Han and Woman Murdered by an Un
known Assasiin Murderer Said to
Be the Woman' Hatband.
Henderson, Ky., Oct 5. A man who
is said to be Charles Williams, and a
woman whose identity has not been
established, were shot and killed op
posite Evansville by an unknown
A stranger, armed with a gun, cross
ed the river in a skiff. He met a man
and woman in a grove, and immediate
ly opened fire.
The women fell dead, and the man
received a mortal wound in the head.
He was conscious, and said that the
dead woman was the slayers wife. He
gave his name as Charles Williams.
The murderer escaped.
In the boat several papers were
found containing the name of Jesse J.
Cornell. Coroner Rouseau believes
that Cornell did the shooting and that
he will be captured.
The sheriff is on the track of Cor
nell. As ihe shooting is investigated
it appears that the woman deserted
her husband for Williams, with whom
she was living at the time of the
Decoyed Into a House in the Country by
Three Jfesroe, Wounded and Bobbed
Two of Them Under Arrest.
Harrodsburg, Ky., Oct 5. Dr. L. C.
Morgan, returning home Monday night
from visiting a patient in the country,
was decoyed into a house by three Ne
groes who claimed that a woman was
ill They tried to rob him as soon as
he entered and when he drew a revol
ver the contents of a double barreled
shotgun were emptied into his abdo
men. He was found some time after
ward and managed to tell the story
before death relieved him at 6 o'clock.
Bob Winn and Lon Williams were ar
rested Tuesday morning charged with
the crime.
No Troops Will Be Sent to Manchester.
Frankfort, Ky., Oct 5. Upon re
ceipt of a letter from Sheriff White, of
Clay county, Gov. Bradley announced
Tuesday that he will not send troops
to Manchester during the Baker-Howard
feud trials. White says that the
charges of the Bakers that he is in
league with the Howards is false,
and he assures the governor that they
will be protected by the county offi
cials. Officers Promoted.
Fbankfort, Ky., Oct 5. Gov. Brad
ley issued the following commissions:
Eiwin P. Morrow, of Somerset, to be
second lieutenant of Company I, 4th
Kentucky; Rowan Sauffley, of Stan
ford, promoted from sergeant major
di 2nd Kentucky to be second lieuten
ant of the same regiment, to succeed
Charlton Alexander, of Paris, who re
signed. Alleged Negro Murderer Arrested.
Shelbvville, Ky., Oct 5. John
Clark, the Negro charged with having
brutally murdered Pearl Moody, a
young colored woman, on September
25, in the northern partof this county,
was arrested at Christiansburg Tues
day by Marshal Stivers, of Croppers,
and lodged in jaiL Stivers will receive
the reward of 8100.
Wife Dropped Bead.
Shelbyviixe, Ky., Oct 5. Mrs.
James H. Boyd, wife of a prominent
citizen of this place, dropped dead
shortly after noon Tuesday. She was
about 30, and was formerly Miss
Clark, a society belle of Columbia, Ma
Murder Follows Spree.
Mt. Vebnon, Ky., Oct 5. At the
mouth of Eagle creek, this county,
Sunday afternoon, William Boone,
aged 20, shot and killed Moses White,
aged 18. Both had been drinking.
Boone escaped.
Light Registration.
Louisville, Ky., Oct 5. The regis
tration on this, the first day of the
three days devoted to it, was very
light This is due in part to bad
weather and in part to lack of interest
Mrs. Redman Defeated.
Fbakkfobt, Ky., Oct L S. B. Call,
of Carlisle county, was named Friday
for assistant sergeant-at-arms of the
court of appeals. Mrs. Rodman, who
was understood to be slated as suc
cessor to her late husband, was de
feated by a combination of circum
stances after she had at one time the
race won.
She Used a Razor.
Richmond, Ky., Oct 4. Clara Camp
bell, colored, in a fit of jealousy, dis
cmbowled Brock Munday with a razor.
The Negroes were at a dance and Mun
day was dancing with another woman
when the onslaught was made. She
was arrested. Munday will die.
New Church Dedication.
Hopkjn svrLLE, Ky., Oct 3. The
Dew Methodist church at Fairview,
one of the handsomest in this section
of the state, will be dedicated Sunday,
October 9. Rev. X J. Taggert will
preach the dedicatory sermon. Bas
ket dinner will be served in a grove
near the church.
Grasshoppers Doing Damage.
Frankfort, Ky., Oct 4. Grasshop
pers are doing great damage to corn,
clover and pastures in the western
Kentucky counties.
Asks for Heavy Damage.
Paducah, Ky., Oct L Mrs. Aggie
Grief, widow of J. H. Grief, who was
shot and killed a short time since by
Eufus Veal, filed suit for damages in
the circuit court Friday. The slayer
of the plaintiffs husband is made the
defendant in the suit and $50,000 dam-
ages is asked.
Pff amNUIIAN TEA pare Dyjipep
rlilHlwl v 6ia, Constipationsind Indi
gestion. Regulates the Layer. Price, 25 ct.
His Opinion is That Uncle Sam Should Take
and Keep Every Foot of Land That
Came to Us By the War.
New York, Oct 8. A special to the
Times from Washington says: Repre
sentative Berry, of Kentucky, who is a
member of the committee on foreign
affairs, when asked what position the
democrats would take about annexa
tion, answered without hesitation:
"I can answer only for myself. My
own position is that the United States
should take and keep every foot of
ground that has come to us by virtue
of thrashing the Spaniards. We
'should do this without listening to or
considering the opinion of any other
nation. If we choose later on to give
away or sell any partof this conquered
territory, it is our right to do so, and
no other power can say aught against
it What we have won by the sword is
absolutely our own."
A Captain Placed Under Arrest
Lexington, Ky., Oct 8. Capt J. E.
Williams, of Company I, 8th Massa
chusetts, was placed under arrest and
confined to his quarters Sunday for
neglecting to inspect the guard while
he was officer of the day. He has been
temporarily relieved of his command,
Lieut F. P. Smith, of Company C, be
ing placed in charge of his company.
The matter may come before a court
martial, though it is a trivial offense,
subject to a petty fine.
A Cyclone in Louisville.
Louisville, Ky., Sept SO. A brief
cyclone did considerable damage to
buiidings and trees in the eastern part
of the city Thursday evening. The
small slaughterhouse in which Louis
Fix, an unmarried butcher, 84 years
old, was working was wrecked, and
he, with his pet bulldog, was instantly
killed. His body was terribly crushed,
and was buried under a mass of brick
and roofing.
Appointed His Wife.
Fbankfort, Ky., Oct 8. Commis
sioner of Agriculture Lucas Moore ap
pointed his wife to the clerkship in his
office made vacant by the enforced
resignation of John M. Faulkner. The
salary is $1,200, and the republican
party workers are kicking because
nearly all the present state officials
have appointed members of their fami
lies to the best paying clerkships.
The Kentucky's Silver Service.
Louisvn-LE, Ky., Sept 30. A meet
ing of citizens was held Thursday aft
ernoon to raise money for a silver ser
vice for the battle ship Kentucky.
More than 52,000 was contributed.
The amount required is 810,000, but
the state outside of Louisville has con
tributed only $160 and has promised
only 3150 more. Louisville will con
tribute the rest
A Trusty E-cajies.
Frankfobt, Ky., Oct 1. Thomas
Peck, a Negro convict sent to the pen
itentiary here from Jefferson county,
for seven years, escaped from that in
stitution. He is 30 years old and has
been a trusty for two years. A de
scription of him has been sent to the
Covington and Newport police depart-
Board of Pharmacy Change.
Frankfort, Ky., Oct a Gov. Brad
ley has appointed Addison Dimmitt, of
Louisville, to a place on the state
board of pharmacy to succeed J. W.
Fowler,, also of that city, whose term
of office had expired. Dimmitt re
sides at Fifth and Walnut streets,
Troops Will Not Be Needed.
Frankfort, Ky., Oct 1. The gov
ernor has been informed by Circuit
Judge Brown, of the Clay county dis
trict, that soldier protection will not
be needed at the trial of members of
the Baker faction there next month.
To satisfy himself further the govern
or' has written to several, others, in
cluding the sheriff of the county.
The Bakers still maintain that they
will be mobbed if not protected by
Landed Five Blocks Away.
Louisville, Ky., Sept SO. Low wa
ter caused the boiler in the Enterprise
Waste mill to explode Thursday morn
ing. Emanuel Morton and Thomas
Bachelor were blown 20 feet and ter
ribly scalded. Morton's injuries being
considered fatal. The boiler was
blown several hundred feet in the air
and landed five blocks away.
Death of Dr. W. A. Edmunds.
Versailles, Ky., Sept 80. Dr. W.
A. Edmunds, aged 76 years, of St
Louis, died at the residence of his
son-in-law, Zach T. Sellers, where he
had recently been making his home.
CoL Henry Bullock Dead.
Falmouth, Ky., Oct a CoL Henry
Bullock died at his home in this place,
aged 74 years. He 'had been an in
valid for nearly two years, and on
Wednesday of last week was stricken
with paralysis, from which he never
Death of T. C Vallandlngham.
Georgetown, Ky., Oct a Thomas
C Vallandlngham, one of the oldest
and best-known citizens of Scott coun
ty, is dead at his home near Sadieville,
aged 78 years.
Negro Prisoner Escape.
Lawbencebubo, Kyi, Oct 4. James
Allen, a desperate Negro character,
filed the lock from the door of the
county jail and escaped. The jail
was built about 15 years ago and
Allen is the second prisoner to es
cape. The 1st Kentucky to Be Mustered Out.
Louisville, Ky., Sept 80. The 1st
regiment of Kentucky volunteers,
which is now quartered at Ponce,
Porto Rico, has been ordered home to
be mustered out,
McRobrts' Drug Store.
Old books taken in exchange.
Mrs. Dave Dunn is not much better
at this writing.
Mr. Gallaher, of this place, fell and
broke his arm last week.
Mrs. A. S. Haselden has a nice line
of millinery which she will sell very
We are glad to learn that Mrs. J. W.
Poor is slowly improving after a se
vere spell of fever.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Jennings will
celebrate the 50th unniversary of their
marriage on Oct 12th.
Dr. Armstrong and C. C. Becker,
were elected school trustees at Bry
antsville last Saturday.
Mr. G M. Jenkins has secured the
services of Miss Jeanetta Mai Powell,
a '98 graduate of J. F. T. as governess.
J. W. Fisher, after a pleasant visit
to Louisville, has returned home. J.
X. Dunn was in the city last week,
visiting friends. Mrs. Rebecca Dunn
visited friends in Zanesburg last week.
John Burnside, from Texas, is visiting
his sister, Mrs. Gallaher, of this place.
Mrs. Dr. Jennings and little daughter,
of Camp Nelson, are visiting friends
here. Miss Thompson, of, Lancaster,
visited the Misses Simpson Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Dunn and Miss Bes
sie Patton, visited friends in your city
last week. R. J. Jennings, of Paint
Lick, was among his many friends
here Sunday. Mrs. S. C. Humphreys,
of Simpsonville, is expected to visit
Mrs. Pauline Smith, in a few days.
Miss Mattie 'Mae Jenkins, after a de
lightful month's visit to friends and
relatives at Lcuisville and Shelby ville,
returned home this week.
Our little boy was afflicted with
rheumatism in his knee; and at times
unable to put his foot to the floor. We
tried in vain, everything we could hear
of that we thought would help him.
We almost give up in despair, when
some one advised us to try Chamber
lain's Pain Balm. We did so, and the
first bottle gave so much relief that
we got a second one, and, to our sur
prise, it cured him sound as.d well.
J. T. Bays, Pastor Christian church,
Neodesha, Kansas. For sale by R. E.
McRoberts. 1m
School has been suspended at this
place on account of diphtheria Sev
eral children are real sick, but none
are very dangerous, except little Ir
vine Crawford, who is in quite a criti
cal condition.
Miss Nevial Davis, of Danville, is
the charming guest of Miss Willie May
Denny this week. Mrs. Lizzie Fran
cis, of Richmond, is visiting her sister,
Mrs. Susie LeavelL Miss Minnie
Woods, of Hustonville, has returned
home, after a visit to Misses Jimmie
McCormack and Jennie Higgins-
Adna, the eldest child of Rev. and
Mrs. A. W. Crawford, died of diphthe
ria Saturday morning, after only three
days illness. She was only 8 years of
age, a member of the Presbyterian
church, and a lovely christian child.
Her loss will be deeply felt, not only
among the members of the family, but
all in the community will miss her
sweet smile, which she always wore.
She was an unusually bright child of
her age, and God in his Providence
saw best to take her out of this sinful
world to walk with Him above. The
bereaved parents have the sympathy
of all who have the honor of knowing
Old fashions in dress may be revived,
but no old fashioned medicine can re
place Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. For sale by R.. E.
McRob.rts. lm
Mrs. Minerva Pullins has been quite
W. B. Adams returned home from
North Carolina, a few days ago with
26 cattle.
Dyphtheria has made its appearance
in this end of the county, and the peo
ple are very much alarmed.
Notwithstanding the farmers in this,
vicinity got nothing for their wheat;
they are putting in a larger crop than
. Mrs. Sallie'.Leavell, of Bryantsville,
has been with her sister, Mrs. J. W.
Smith, helping her to wait upon the
sick for several days.
J. W. Smith has been very low with
pneumonia. Hurlbert, his son, who
has been very feeble for sometime, is
gradually growing worse, and his lit
tle baby girl, came very near dying
with whooping cough.
How to Prevent Croup.
We have two children who are sn b"
ject to attacks "of croup. Whenever an
attack is com ing on my wife gives
them Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and it always prevents the attack. It
is a housohold necessity in this.county
and no matter what else we run out of
it would not do to be without Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. More of it
is sold here than of all other cougl
medicines combined. J. M. Nickle, o
Nickle Bros., merchants, Nickleville,
Pa. For sale by R E. McRoberts. lm
Bo ks
Rev. W. M. Kuykendall is holding a
protracted meeting at the Fork church
assisted by Dr. Davidson, of Shelby
ville. D. P. Burdett and Cyrus Daily, have
been repairing the Old Paper Mill, on
Boone's Creek. Mr. House says he
can now give the people extra meal or
D. T. Scott visited friends in Nicho
lasville Monday. A little daughter
came to the home of Wm Currey, on
the 3rd. Miss Sadie V. Aldridec' is re
covering from a slight attack of fever.
cars. x. l. i'ollard has been spending
several days with her daughter, Mrs.
Ed Bourne, at Bettis. Clarence W.
Scott and sister, Miss Lucy, of Nicho
lasville, visited their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. D. T. Scott, last week. Rev. W.
M. Kuykendall returned Satnrday,
from Washington county, where he
had a very successful meeting. The
church was greatly revived, and thirty-two
additions. Mrs. Mike Kenne
dy, of Crab Orchard, is at the bedside
of her mother, Mrs. F. K. Sutton, who
has been seriously ill for several days.
Mrs. Hannah Scott, accompanied by
Mra Charley Glass, Mrs. Hutrh Scott
and little son, Walter, of Jessamine,
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. F.
Scott, last Thursday,
When you call for De Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve the great pile cure, don't
accept anything else. Don't be talked
into accepting a substitute, for piles,
ior sores, for burns. Stormcs Drug
Store. im
Farmers are busy sowing wheat
W. H. Cummins has crone to Cincin
nati with a load of cattle.
L. F. Thompson, of Mt. Vernon .was
here this week on business.
James Moore, of Pineville. is here
looking after his farm he recently
Rev. C. W. Clay, the Methodist min
ister for the present year, has moved
into the parsonage.
John Carpenter, who has been visit
ing here for some time has returned to
his home in Kansas. Rev. J. S. Ra-
gan and wife, of Mortonsville, is here
visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Jones
L. Anderson gave the younsr Dconle a
nice candy pulling Thursday night,
which was much enjoyed by those
Truth wears well. People have
learned that DeWitt's Little Early
Kisers are reliable little nills for remi
lating the bowels, curing constipation
ana siclt headache. They don't erine.
Stormes Drug Stsre. lm
Rev. J. I. Wills filled his pulpit at
Mt Hebron, Sunday.
W. D. Scott and Mrs. Peachie Grow.
were in your town Saturday on busi
Miss Ruby Scott, who has been sick
for several days is improving slowly.
Isaac Montgomery is very sick, don't
think it possible for him to recover.
Mrs. Daniel Mc Miller is at her fath
ers, Jame3 Montgomery, with fever.
Mrs: Rebecca Scott, of Jessamine,
spent a few days last week in this vi
cinity. Charley Peacock, of Jellico,
Tenn., spent Saturday night and Sun
day, with his mother-in-law, Mrs. Ma
ry A. Ford. Mrs. Mattie Roberts, of
Jessamine, and Mrs. Peachie Grow,
spent Friday with Mrs. V. D. Scott
F IdlllCrS Colic KeuralgSaand Toothache
owivvv-a vmflve mjnuteg. SonrStomach
and Summer Complaints. Price, 25 Cents.
"Stiver Plate that Wears:'
Let us call your attention to out
Rogers Bros"
Triple plated Knives and Forks.
They are made to wear, and con
sidering1 the quality, style and finish,
can make you a very low price
The knives are plated on the best
of steel, and the forks on hard
white nickel silver. They are
guaranteed to give satisfaction to
the purchaser.
A full line of Spoons, Sugar Shells.
Butter Knives, etc, in "1847
gfoods always on hand. Let vt
show them to you.
Flour. Flour. Flour.
I have just received Five Thousand pounds of Lexingt on
Best Flour, and am prepared to give special prices. Also
watch our prices on Canned Goods and we will save you money
2 lb Can Martin Wagners Extra Table Peach for 9cts.
2 lb Can Sliced Pine Apples for 10 cts.
2 lb Can Grated Pineapples for 13 cts.
2 lb Can Betsys Peas for 5 cts.
2 lb Can Boston Baked Bans for 8 cts.
25 lb Sack Best Lilly White Patent Flour for 55 cts.
25 lb Sack Best Imperial Flour fdr 50 cts.
Remember, OUR PRICES are always the LOWEST.
E. W. PERKINS, Clerk,
Be on the Safe Side
Office, National Bank.
Not all well-dressed men are
ed by
but all men dressed by HEMPHILL
are Well Dressed Men and its done at a
cost which means a saving of at least
one-third as compared with some com
petitor's prices.
My lines of Foreign and Domestic
Woolens are all in and I can show you
quality and prices that will interest
Sis All Wool, at
$6.50 to $18.00.
Tailor-made suits toy our
measure, $10 and $35
I will guarantee to fit you, both in Tailor-made, and Read-to-wear
Suits, and will ask you to come and compare prices after looking
J. C
E. TV. Idllard.
Stationery, -Paints, Oils, Etc.
Election On Bond Issuo.Moupuwic
' cinct in said county and at the Court
TO Be Held NOT. 8,1898. ) House door for at least thirty days
i next before date of said election.
Garrard CouNTr Court
Called term Fiscal Court
July 25th. 1893.
"Whereas, the legal voters of Gar
rard county, voters in the general
election held in and for said county i
November 1S95, voted in favor of tha
Fiscal CoTrt acquiring and maintaining
the Turnpike .Roads in saul county,
and the question being submitted to
them, the said legal voters of Garrar.L
county, in general election hedd in and
for said county in Noveiaber 1S93.
therefore it is ordered and. adjudged
that at the regular election to ha held
in and for Garrard county on the first
Tuesday after the first Monday in No
vember 1S93 which is on the 8th day
of November 1898, an election shall be
held and a poll shall be opened at
each voting place in each voting pre
cinct in said county atwhioh all legal
voters in said county shall be privil
edged to vote on the questi on, "Are
you in favor of issuing bonds for the
purchase and xnaintainan ce of th
Turnpike roads of the county, free of
toll to the tray eling public ?" and it is
further ordered that the Sheriff of
Garrard county- be and h e is herebv
directed to advertise said, election and
object therefor at least thirty day.s
next before date of said, election in
The Cxxtkal Record, x being the
newspaper having the larfl -est circula
tion in said county, aad also by print-
your Tobacco.
Truly Yours.
Jno. B.Stout.
& blOVLZ,
It is further ordered that it tne voir
hereby ordered is in favor of said bond
issue then the Fiscal Court will, in obe
dience to said vote and under the stat
utes relating to this subject, issue
bonds in any sum not exceeding thirty
five thousand dollars, (S35.000.00) for
the purpose of acquiring and maintain-,
in? said roads and to be issued upon
such terms as to time of payment and
payments of interest and sale of bonds
as the Court may in its discretion deem
beat, bnt the bonds are not to be sold
for less than their par or bear interest
at a greater rate than 6 per cL per an
nurofrom date of issue until paid and
lire not to extend bevond SO years. The
i-lerk of the Garrard County and Fiscal
Court is herebv ordered to certifv a
ropy of -this order to the Sheriff of
larranl county on or before the 1st
day of August 1898.
B. A. BCRSsrDE. Judge
A true coor. Garrard County Con
Att: J. M. Duncan, Cleric
Pursuant to the foreRoinjr order of
the Garrard ounty Fiscal cou-t, which,
is made partof this notice, an election
will be held and polls opened at all the
regular voting places in Garrard coun
ty at the next regular election, which
will be held November 8, 1898, whinh
election, in all respects, will be held in
accordance with the general election
laws of Kentucky. .
J. B -Satjsdkks, S. G. C

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