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F0Jr,C2tf JX. Entered at the .Pott Office in Laneadter, Ky., at Second Claw Jf alter. NUMBER 27
''"atgjLg1' LANCASTER, KY., FRIDAY, OOTOBE , U- L893, 'V?,,0.
1 1 - . ,
McSherry Disc Drills
J. R. Haselden,
Col.W. G.Welch.
W. I. Williams
Attorneys at Law,
Lancaster Ky.
AH business attended to promptly
Furniture, Carpets, &c.
Lancas' er, Ky.
For men that positively beyond the peradventure of a doubt,
are Superior in every point that goes to make a garment of
value to the purchaser, to ever' garment shown in Lancas
ter at the same price. A bold statement, if you will, but
one which we will stand back of. It is our resolve to give
the people" of Lancaster one house which lives up to it's
promise of giving more for the money than any -house does.
We do not rant, brave, but make yotu a perfectly square
business proposition.
Gome. and Lto.ok . . .. . : v; -.
atvour Suits and Overcoats. If they do not come up to our de-
scription dont buy. If they do, give us your trade, always
with the understanding that you can have your money back
cheerfully,- for any goods not satisfactory. " .
gen's Suits at $7:50 -' . ;
That are strictly all wool made of the very best fabrics thor
oughly tested. They will wear .as near like iron as any cloth
can. They are made with a 'wide facing extending to' the
arm holes, every, seam is, sewed with .linen thread. V
gen's-. Suits at $10-. . . , -; ;.: c
Th3y.are.th3 t)33t for,4,he.jiX)ney.eyer offered. .Briefly -they-'
are made of fine, selected, long wool. The tailoring is
done by the most experienced workmen, the insides of the
garments which you can not see are faithfully made. . ' You
can have choice ofabout 25 neat styles embracing all kinds
of fancy patterns and mixtures, also plain colors. We will
admit in selecting these suits our endeavor was to beat in
value any suit ever offered in this city for the same money,
and we know Ave have done it. '
See our Line of Novelties
in Suits at $12.00, 15 00 and 16.50. No Tailor in the country
can get up any better. . '
Overcoats at $5,
7.50, 10.00, 12.00, 15.00. We can sliow you the greatest line
of overcoats ever shown in Lancaster for the money. "
See our top coats -at $3.50, Also our New York box coat
at $12 00. ' ' , .
Hats, boots, shoe3 and furnishing goods for every body. See
us before buying your 'fall outfit. We can and will save
you money.
. Logan &, EoTDinspn.
Cloaks at Josephs,
Rumors of another wedding soon.
The Kentucky rive.' is on a big
All-Wool Suits for S5.50.
J. C. Hemph
Call and see a beautiful line of Hugs
at J. A. Beazley & Co.
Joseph may not have a "coat of
mmy colors" but He has the prettiest
cloaks in townls
The night trains "carry many people
and the officials are delighted with
the change.
We don't blow about our goods, but
ask the people to call and see them.
The goods talk for themselves. -J
J. Joseph.
Attorney Joe Haseldcn has gone into
the law office of Capt Ilerndoo, where
he will bo glad to see any one wishing
his services.'
I wili be from home next week, but
Messrs E. W. and J. Randolph Harris
will wait on my customers. Satisfac
tion guaranteed.
M. D. Hughes, Agent
To make an everlasting friend of a
ladj-, give her a sealskin cloak. But
few men can afford such luxuries. J.
Jossph h is the prettiest line of cloa!s
in Central Ken tuck v.
lladly Needed.
Hustle up the lights on Depot street,
M.:s-rs. Counciimen. People w h o
grope their way through the mudholes
at night do not use Sunday school lan
guage in regard to the miserable
Tumor Removed.
Drs. Kinnaird and Acton success
fully removed a tumor from Fr.ink
McMilliau's neck Tuesday. It had
caused McMdlian much trouble and"
we are glad to say he will soon be all
Mrs. James Austin died at her home,
in. Upper (Jarr:fnl, "Thursday "night.
She had suffered some time from etn
cer. She was a christian lady and be
loved by all who knew her. The re
mains were interred in the Lancaster
Kay Peas meet tonight
Most stylish dress goods at Joseph's
Fnssh Timothy Seed for sale at T.
Cu Trey's, cheap.
If you want neat job work, come to
The Record office.
I would like to do your plain sew
ing and dyeing. Mrs. Ophelia Dunn,
Our line of Dress Goods is one of the
prettiest in Kentucky. All we a sic is
an inspection J. Joseph,
Nathan Noe sold part of. his farm
100 acres, to a Laurel county man, at
S40 per acre.
Buy y jur shoes and furnishing goods
from Ji B. Jennings, and get the hand
some new S.5J buckboard that he is go
ing to give away. . sept-30
. Dont fail to see my Tailor-Made
Suit for Ten Dollars. It is All-Wool,
and a perfect fit is guaranteed.
J. a HemphilL
I will prosecute to the full extent of
the law, without distinction to parties
any and all persons caught fishing in
the lake on the distillery premisas.
oct-7 V Jxo. W. Miller, Mgr.
Sure Fits.
The wayfaring man, though a fool
could not err in my measure blanks.
You are sure to get a fit. If you do
not don't take the suit. Come and
compare pricjs and quality of goods.
M. D. Hugiiks, Aent
Feot ISall Saturday.
The Richmond players failed to show
up and the game announced for last
week was postponed until tomorrow
Saturday, afternoon. " he teams will
tussle and pull wool in Dr. Herring's
field at 2 o'clock.
To Satisfy a Few.
Lancaster is the only town on the
map where Sunday mail is leftunopen
eJ until Monday. Shall the will
the majority be respected or shall one
or two would-be high muck-a-mucks
contiuue to rule the rjost?
Mr. Clayborn Lear 111.
"The Record-regrets to note-the ill
ness of Mr. Clayborn Lear, the vener
able father of Mr. John F. Lear. While
confined to his bed, we are glad to say
he is not considered dangerously ill
and will soon be able to go about.
Prettiest wraps at Joseph's.
Peaches, Grapes, Pears and Fancy
apples at G. S. Gaines.
Friendship Heart Charms for brace'
lets, in gold and silver, at J. C Thomp
In these days people want low prices
aud good quality. We have both, and-
ask you to call and examine.' J. Joseph
" Ladles Aid Society.
The above society will meet at Mrs.
Greenleaf's Saturday afternoon at two
o'clock and business of importance will
be transacted.
City Property For Kent.
My home on Lexington street, be
tween College and Jud.ye Hemphill's.
Full particulars on application to Fish
er Herring. Mrs. Su?an Fisher. tf
Farm Sold.
Col. L. F. Hubble, Lancaster's Real
Estate Agent, sold this week to Mr. J.
R. Hargett, of Jessamine county, the
the farm of J. I. Hamilton, on the new
Danville' pike, known as the Burdett
Hall farm, for S25ipjr acre. Posses
sion given Jan. Ist,;8t9
Small Wreck.
The afternoon mixed train jumped
the track at Silver Greek Monday af
ternoon. No one was hurt but it re
xuired several hours to clear the
wreck. The night train from Cincin
nati came around' via. Livingston.
This is the first wreck on the Rich
mond branch in a year or better.
Fine Farm Sold.
Mr. Thos. E. Adams sold his excel
lent farm last week' to Br Wyatt Let
cher. The land lies at Camp Dick
Robinson and is one of the most pro
ductive in Garrard county. It con
tained 210 acres and- Dr. Letcher gave
S54.75 per acre, equivalent to cash.
Posession is to le given not later than
Jauu-ry 1, next.
Approaching Nuptials.
The coming marriage of Jesse W.
Sweeney and Miss Lula B it-son was
announced by E d. Gowen Sundty, to
take p'.acj in the Christian church,
Wednesday morning, October 19, at
ten o'clock. All relatives and friends
of the contracting parties are cordial
ly invited to attend, no special invita
tions being issued.
At Work in Hospital.
Dr. Vesle3', who has been at work
in the hospitalln Stan ford' for "a month
or more, returned to Lancaster Friday.
A report got out to the effect that he
would not be back here, but this is
without foundation. Dr. Wesley is
here now to stay and will continue to
have his office at Dr. O'Neal's former
office on Lexington street
Nufses Scarce.
Some difficulty was experienced in
finding a trained nurse for Lt. her
ritt last week. There has been so
mu:h sickaess among ths soldiers that
nearly all the nurses have bsen engag
ed in the hospitals. It looks like more
women ought to take up this profes
sion. The pay is good and there is al
ways a demand for first-class nurses.
Kev. Campbell Resigns
Rev. T. H. Campbell tendered his re
signation as pastor of the local Baptist
church Thursday night, the same to
take effect last of this month. It is
to be regretted that Rev. Campbell
will not remain here. We have fre
quently referred to him as a man who
"practiced what he preached." His
influence had a splendid effect
Lieut. "Wherritt Improving.
A trained nurse, from Louisville.has
been secured to wait on Lt Wherritt
He has improved yery much during
the last week and is now considered
out of danger. O; course he will need
careful watching and attention from
now on, but, this being at hand, his
legion of friends are greatly encour
aged as to his condition.
Good Show In Reach.
Fields & Hansons minstrels will play
in Walton's Opera House, Stanford
tomorrow (Saturday) night This com'
pany consists of 38 hot members and
the show promises to be first-class
uere s a gooa opportunity lor our
folks to see a show, as the drive ii
pleasant andiyou can get back soon
Write M,r. Walton and he will save
Nice Dance.
A very swell hop was givan at Ma
oiiie Hall Tueslay evening by the
young gentlemen in honor of visiting
ladies. Those present were Misses
Pearl Burnside and Wood, of Stanford,
Christine Bradley Frankfort, Mary
Miller, Nell Marrs, Altie Marksbury
Allie Anderson, Carrie Curry, Jennie
and Bessie Burnside, Julia May Gaines,
Among the visiting boys were Lieut
Rowan Saufley and Gen. Jack Rout,
Stanford, Lieut Kennedy, Lexington
and Others.
Dr. McKce;
Dr. Lapsiey McKee preached in the
Presbyterian church Sunday morning
and also Monday night There is a
trong probabil.ty that his services
will be engaged by the local church
for at least two-thirdi of the time. All
denominations are fond of Dr. McKee,
and the people are always glad when
he comes here., Religious matters in
Lancaster , are not overly serena just
now, and gooJ, old-fashioned,- sledge
hammer preaching is badly needed.
Joseph's cloaks are beauties.
Wanted, veal calves, 11. B. NorthcotU
Fresh barrel sorghum at G. S. Gaines!
The chain gang is doing good work
about town.
The best two horse wagon on the
market at G. S. GainesV
Miss Eugenia Dunlap is quite ill of
typhoid fever at St Joseph's hospital
in Lexin 'ton.
All the latest Novelties in Woolens
for men's wear now in, come and see
them. J. C. HempailL
For Kent.
Dwelling now occu u-d by Butler
' ox, on uicampnu sireeu
W. J. Romans. Ai
Taxes p-st due. Pay be "ore the
penalty goes on.
J. B. Sanders, S. G. C.
The latest and most up-to-date Dry
Goods, Saoes and Novelties at J. Jo
seph's. Will pay 10c fcr fresh eggs; 5c for
hens, spring chix for lare, 7c for
small; young dux 4c, old 3c. geese 25
to 30c. II. B. Northcott
To the Grand Lodge.
Either Jacob Joseph or W. B. Mason
will represent the local Masonic lodge
at the Grand Lodge in Louisville next
Dr. nugh M. Grant has taken rooms
at Mr. W. G. Andjrsan's on Danv'.lle
street 'J he handsome property of
Mrs. Fisher, lormerly occupied by Dr.
Grant, is advertised for rent elsewhere
in 'Iiie Record.
No Preaching Sundas.
Elder Gowen requests The Rkcord
to announce that he has gone to Chat
tanooga to attend the Annual Conven
tion- of the CI r'stian church and will
not be here to fill his appointment
Hack to Work.
John Duncan, who has been con fin
ed to his bed for several months, i
able to resume work in his barber
shop over Bjnge's stable. He will be
glad to see his old friends and will ap
prociate a share of the public's patrj
nage. tf
Back to His Regiment.
Will Dunlap, who has baen here on
a furlough for somj weeks, returned
to his regiment, the Gth cavalry, Mon
day. 'J he regimjnt is still at Montauk.
Will is trying to get an honorable dis'
charge, but there are so many similar
applications now on file that his pa
pers have not been reached.
15ell llatterton.
Miss Martha Batterton, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Batterton, of
Danville, was married in that c'.ty,
Wednesday, to Dr. Clarence L Bell, of
Hartford City, Ind. The bride has
many acquaintances in Lancaster who
extend congratulations. The grocm is
a brother of Jack Bell, who has visit
ed in Lancaster and Crab Orchard
Oyster Supper.
The ladies of the Methodist church
will give an oyster supper at the Lan
caster Hotel, next Tuesday night, Oct
18th. Supper will begin at 5 p. m.
and will consist of oysters, offee,
pickles, breads, and salads. Price of
supper 25 cents. '1 he public in gener
al is cordially invited to attend, enjoy
an excellent supper and aid a good
Millinery Openings.
The ladies were out en masse Satur
day to see the pretty hats and other
millinery on display at Noel Sisters'
and Miss Sallie Tillett's. The stores
were tastilv decorated and everything
presented a lovely appearance. Many
handscme hats were sold while as ma
ny more were ordered laid aside. The
ladies of Lancaster and Garrard coun
ty do not have to go away from home
to get what they want, as the local
dealers have everything to be found
outside the big cities.
- Pikes in Town.
The town and county officials are at
loggerhead-, as to which shall keep up
that part of the pike terminating in
town. A similar case has been deci'
ded by Jud, e Sat fley, t Dahville.that
the town had this to do, but the council
of Danville will take the cas to a
higher court In the meantime -the
streets in Lancaster will continue to
resemble country creek roads and the
public made to swear and stand it
The officials should come to some
agreement and have the much needed
repairs made, then settle the differ
ence after the court has made final de-
Pretty Drug Store.
Messrs. LillarJ & Stout th hurt
ling Danville druggists, have had their
ore room c inverted into one of mod
ern con.'eaience anl oeauty., a steel
ceiling ha been put on, a new front
made and t le old shelving rep'a ad by
beautifu1, mod srn. cases. The stjre is
now one of the prettiest in the state.
Messrs. Lill-ird & Stout keep ii strcc
everything to be found in a first-" 1 .ss
drugstore. Vheir line of booki is su
perb anl we doubt if any sti r j out
side the cities carries so larbe a stock
to select from. When in Danville call
and see them. They will treat yon
right and. appreciate your trade.
Lancaster, Ky.
We heard about their IMMENSE stock of
One of our neighbors, who went with his fami
ly the other day, to make their Fall purchases,
says they are selling GOOD GOODS CHEAPER
than anybody. So we are in a great hurry to
get there and make our Fail purchases before the
nice things are gone. Get up there, Maud S!"
Proctor Knott cigars and b;
Bourbon Steam T.aundry.
Miss Olivia Sweeney is agent for the
Bourbon Steam Laundry. Leave your
orders at Sweeney's store. tf
Compliment Tor Rowan
Rowan Safley, of Stanford, has" been
given a commission as second lieuten
ant in the Lebanon company. His
many friends over here rejoice at his
luck. Rowan is like his father, Jud
Saufley: a mighty clever man.
The Dudderar .Mill.
I have rented the famous Dudderai
Mill, near Gilberts Creek, and am pre
pared to furnish the very best flour.
Will make a specialty of custom grind
ing. Farmers, bring along your wheat
and co n. Satisfaction guaranteed.
10-7 Joiin-C. Potts.
Happy Jack Rack.
J. II. Miller, better known
"Happy Jack," got back to Stanford
last week after several years,- sojourn
to the Faulkland Islands. Many Gar
rard "county friends are glad "Happy
Jack" is again on Kentucky soil and
hope he will come over and let them
get one more look at him
Foot Amputated.
Show Anderson, a well thought
colored man, has been suffering for
some time with his leg. Drs. Wesley,
Acton and Bush made an examination
Monday and found amputation nec
essary. The operation was success
fully performei and Show is improv
ing rapidly.
He Will Keep on Calling.
Randolph Harris has been employed
to collect for Tub Record. As it costs
about half the amount of the subscrip
tion to have it collected we hope those
in arrears will settle with Mr. Harris
promptly. He has been instructed to
to "Keep calling" until you pay him.
The usual cat-ard-dried excuses will
not baffle him in the least.
The Havana Limited.
The first American railway to an.
nounce train service for the especial
benefit of travel to the West Indies has
been heard from. TheQuen & Cres
cent Route are announcing a fast train
known as the "Florida. & Havana.
Limited." It will go into service from
Cincinnati, to Tampa, Jasksonville,
Miami, Mobile and. New Orleans. This
exponent of the genuine American
idea of getting into the field ear.y will
be a complete vestibuled servic , with
diners, observation cars, wide vesti
bules, electric headlights, and all the
paraphernalia of the modern railroad
train. It is chiefly to be marked as
being' first in the field for the new ter- j
Drv Good
ritory which is just coming under the
protection the greatest flag on earth.
Train will make fast time to Ports
named and will connect with fine
sto.imer service to various Ports in Cu
ba, Porto Rico ond Famaica. It marks
a new era in railroading in this cjuu-
To Muter Out.
We hear it pretty, straight that the
Second Regiment will be mustered out
when it aasembles at Lixlngton on the
ISth. The officers held a meeting
there last week and decided to take a
vote of the men as to whether or not
an effort would be made to stay in.
We understand the taking of the vote
had been commenced when notice was
received from wliat is considered
"straight authority' to proceed no
further, as the War D partment had
sealed the fate of the gallant Second.
It is a great pity this regiment met
with such bad "'Tuck, as it was by far
the best in the state, but a hoodoo was
in it's path from start to finish.
Service or the Kentncky.
The people seem to be a little .slow
in making contributions toxvaid buy
ing a silver service for the bittleship
Kentucky. . They should pause and
think how other states have done the
proper thing for ships named for them
and fork out sufficient cash to give the
Kentucky jjst a little nicer set than
any other ship has. 'Squire Kinnaird,
of this city, is on the committee and
any funds left with him will be placed
the proper hands. Tub Record
would suggest that an entertainment
of some kind b gotten up to raise a
contribution from Garrard. Now is a
good chance for the girls and boys who
hive been wearinc llacs. brass but
tons, etc., to display their patriotism.
There was a young girl of Detroit.
Who hunted a mouse for to draw it
But she never could tell
What it looked like, for well.
She fainted as soon as she saw it
The Royal is the highest grade baking powdar
kaewa. Actral tests show it gaesoae
taird fartatr Uca any other braad.
Abtratattly Pura

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