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JLOXna ZAXDRAX, Publisher.
THE EE " ' .. -25
FRIDAY. October, 21 1898.
Tlit- Grand Li.dt! DroMci to Billd Oue
S40,000 of the NiccMnrj- 850,000
Hai Been Already UiilaeU.
Louisville, Ky., Oct 19. The grand
lodge of Kentucky Masons at its ses
sion Wednesday unanimously adopted
the resolution reported by its special
committee which recommends non-in
tercourse between the grand lodge of
this state and the grand loJjje of
'Washington, beeause of the action of
the latter in recognizing-Negro lodges.
The motion to adopt was seconded by
60 matter masons.
It was also decided to build a home
for aged and infirm masons, 810,000 of
the necessary S50.000 for this purpose
having been raised, SI 0,000 within the
last year. The grand lodge pledged
itself to donate 81,000 for ten years
in order to secure the remaining
Irfmltvllle Court Bcrencd.
Fraxkfort, Ky., Oct 19. In the
court of appeals Wednesday Judge
Uurnam handed down an opinion re
Tersing tho decision of the Jefferson
common pleas court and remanding
back for further trial the case of Wade
Overall against the Louisville Electric
Light Co. Overall, while in the em
ploy of the Ohio Valley Telephone Co.,
and while engaged in fastening a guy
wire to one of its poles, came in con
tact with one of the wires of the de
fendant, receiving a severe shock. lie
sued the company, but lost his case in
tha lower court
KxrcatlTe Clemency Refused.
Frankfort, Ky., Oct 19. Gov. Brad
ley examined the petitions for pardon
in the following cases and refused to
grant them: Adam Hensley, of Boyd
county, malicious shooting and wound
ing; Chas. Whaley, of Harrison county,
attle stealing, and J. A. Messar, of
Boyd county, charged with a felony.
In passing on the Whaley case, the
governor wrote on tho papers: "The
fact that the defendant has a deserv
ing wife and ckildren does not excuse.
He gives no other reason why he should
bo pardoned."
Two Kentucky Regiments.
Fkaxkfort, Ky., Oct 19. The 1st
Kentucky (Louisville Legion) will be
the last volunteer regiment to leave
Porto Rico, and will only come home
when a regiment of regular cavalry
arrives te take its place. The soldiers
of the 2d Kentucky regiment are again
In camp at Lexington to be mustered
out of service. It will probably re
quire ten days to complete the muster
Awarded Sl.OOO-Damages.
Georgktowjt, Ky., Oct 19. In the
:ircuit court in the case of Elbert
Jackson against the Queen and Cres
cent railroad, the jury awarded the
plaintiff 81,090. In July last Jackson,
who is 16 years old, was thrown from
l flat car at Doncrail, and had his arm
tut off above the elbow by the train,
lie sued for 81,995.
Took Lindinnm and Stay Die.
Henderson, Ky., Oct 19. Mrs.
Annie Farnsworth's domestic rela
tions were unhappy. Her husband had
left her, and to end her troubles she
took laudanum Tuesday afternoon.
Her condition was discovered and
physicians were summoned, but the
chances arc that she will die. She is
only 25 years old.
For a Side Track.
Greenup, Ky., Oct 19. Garrett Wall,
Jr., purchased Tuesday of Wm. Biggs,
jr., J. D. Biggs and Philip Eeiley, at
Zion Station, this county, for the C &
0. railway, a strip of land 3,000 feet
long to be used for extension of side
track at that place. The G. & O. has
the same length of track now, but it
Is not sufficient for the business.
Tbe Old Officers Re-Elected.
As ue ville, N. C., Oct 14. The old
officers of the Liquor Men's association
were re-elected. Louisville, Ky., was
selected as the next place of meeting.
, Will Not Combine.
Louisville, Ky., Oct ia It was an
nounced here Monday from New York
thatthe proposed combination of plug
tobacco manufactures is a thing of the
past Two Louisville factories were
to have been included in it, but their
owners refused to sell.
Diphtheria Clotea a SchooL
Richmond, Ky., Oct 17. The public
school at Red House, six miles north
of here, has been closed on account of
an epidemic of diphtheria. Two deaths
are reported.
i Drowned In tbe River,
Tomktns ville, Ky., Oct 15. Wm.
Wilburn, of Salk Lick Bend, Ky., whil
crossing the Cumberland river in a
skiff, was seized with an epileptic fit
He fell into the river and was
drowned. -
LonliTllle Machinist Killed.
Louisville, Ky., Oct 17. James D.
McLay, a machinist at the Louisvill
4l Nashville shops, was run over and
instantly killed by a Louisville 3b Nash
ville freight train. He was C6 years
old aad leaves a family.
How to Prevent Croup.
We have two children who are sub
ject to attacks of croup. Whenever an
attack is coming on my wife gives
them Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and it always prevents the attack. It
is a housohold necessity in this county
nd no matter what else we rnn out of
it would not do to beewithout Cham
berlain's Cough Remadv. More of it
is sold here than of ail other cough
medicines combined. J. M. Nickle, of
Nickle Bros., merchants, Nickleville,
Pa. For sale by B E. McBoberts. - lm
Tbe Confederate Will -Erect One to Hold
War Relic at Lexington Daughter
of tbe Confederacy Leading.
Lexington, Ky., Oct 17. A move
ment is on foot among leading ex-confederates
to erect a memorial building
here in which to place the relics of the
war between the states. The Daugh
ters of the Confederacy all over the
state are expected to take hold
of the enterprise, and as Lexing
ton is the most centrally located
city and the home of President
John Boyd, of the Confederate Veteran
Association of Kentucky, and as he has
the largest collection of confederate
relics, it will undoubtedly be located
here. It is likely that the splendid
collection of war relics of Maj. Geo. B.
Cockrell, of Cumberland Gap, will be
secured for this museum.
flll Breckinridge to Wed.
Lexington, Ky., Oct 17. The mar
riage of Miss Mary Breckinridge,
daughter of Gen. Joseph C. Breckin
ridge, takes place in this city next
Wednesday night at 8 o'clock. The
ceremony will be performed at the
home of her aunt, Mrs. IL M. Skill
man, on north Broadway. The groom
is John F. Ilines, of the United States
navy. The attendants will be Miss
Hayesel Breckinridge, sister of the
bride, and Mr. Krank, of the navy.
Tbe Governor Pardoned Her.
Frankfort, Ky., Oct 17. Gov. Brad'
ley granted a pardon to Miss Minnie
Crow, of Hardin county. Miss Crow
had loved not wisely but too well, and
to keep her little babe from starving
she stole a watch and went to Louis-
Tille to sell it She was arrested for
the theft, but her friends rallied and
gave bond. It was proved so conclu
sively that she told the truth as to why
she stole the watch that he pardoned
her before trial.
Navigation Repairs.
Louisville, Ky., Oct 14. The Louis
ville and Portland canal is closed and
will remain so for several weeks. The
government is engaged in making re
pairs which will make navigation by
means of the canal much better.
Lower river boats are forced to land
at New Albany. Thousands of fish
were left in the shallows which could
be caught by hand.
X. O. O. F. Borne Dedicated.
Fair Grounds, Lexington, Ky., Oct,
14. The Odd Fellows' Widows' and
Orphans' home was dedicated here
, Thursday with impressive ceremonies.
A special train brought the grand
lodge from Winchester. A large crowd
was present The address was delir
ered by Sam SmalL Mrs. Clay was se
lected as permanent matron.
Struck by a Racer.
Henderson, Ky., Oct 15. At the
fair Friday, when 100 policemen were
in line of march, Sergt John Doran,
of the sixth platoon, was struck when
crossing the race track by Annie
Blackburn, a racer at full speed. He
was knocked senseless, and is in a
dangerous condition. The mare fell
snd broke her neck.
The Reward Offered for Howard Clark.
Frankfort, Ky., Oct 15. Officials
here are of the opinion that the Owens
boro officers can not collect the reward
offered by the state for the apprehen
tion of Howard Clark, who was killed
at Rockport, Ind., a few days ago.
They will investigate the matter fur
ther when the officers present their
Private Wellington Harlan Dead.
Lexington, Ky., Oct 14. Private
Wellington Harlan, jr., of the 2d Ken
tucky, nephew of Supreme Justice
Harlan, and one of the wealthiest
young men in Mercer county, died
Thursday at his home in Harrodsburg
of typhoid fever. He was brought
home sick from Chickamauga park a
month ago, and was convalescent, but
had a relapse a few days ago.
One Cent and Coita.
OWEX8BORO, Ky., Oct 18. In the 82,000
damage suit of Mrs. Alice Wolf against
Police Lieutenant Minter Bennett for
nnlawfully entering her house the jury
rendered a verdict for the plaintiff of
one cent and costs.
Kx-Mayor Duncan a Colonel.
Lexington. Kv.. Oct 15. Ex-Mav
Henry T. Duncan, of this city, has
been appointed colonel on the staff
uov. xraaiey.
Fatally Injured by a Street Car.
Louisville, Ky., Oct 15. Charles
Catterson, a constable, was struck by
a street car Friday night and fatally
Charged With Harder.
Lexington, Ky., Oct 15. J. C. Kick
erbocker, colored, of the 10th immunes,
who shot Will Anderson, colored, in a
Water street saloon Monday night, was
arrested Friday and charged with
murder, Anderson having died Thurs
day night
Farmer Die Suddenly.
Hexdebeok, Ky., Oct 14. G. G.
Griffin, a very prominent farmer of
this county, aged 48 years, died sud'
denly at his home Thursday morning'
ef heart disease.
rardon Refuted.
Frankfort, Ky., Oct 15. The peti
tion of Daniel Oliver, of Knott county,
sent to the penitentiary for man
slaughter, was examined Friday by
Gov. Bradley and executive clemency
was refused.
Safe-Blowing- at Caieyvlllr.
Mobganfield, Ky., Oct 14. Wed
sesday night burglars robbed Harth
Bros.' store at Caseyville, blowing
open the safe, and got several hun
dred dollars. Two suspects have been
arrested and are held here for trial.
A Short Sad Story.
A Cild.
Eai Foley's Honey and Tar been
used this story would hava had a hap
pier ending. im
Corn is carreat here at 81 per barrel
A. J. Thompson bought of George
Anderson six hogs for 3 15 per hun
dred. Mrs. Bettie Rtgsbv sold a suckling
mule to J. C. Fox f r $35,
O.d Aunt Mary Stephenson, a co'.or
1 woman 104 years old died here lust
Saturday night
Mrs. James Lawrence, who has been
:cc for some lime, is much better at
this writing.
Our little boy was afflicted with
rheumatism in his knee; and at times
unable to pat his fout to the floor. We
tried in vain, everything we couli hear
f that we thought would help mm.
We almost erive up in despair, when
some one advised us to try Chamber
lain's Pain B um. e did so, and tne
first bottle gave so much relief that
we trot a second one, and, to our sur
prise, it cured him sound a d well.
J. T. Bays, Pastor Christian church,
Neoiesha, Kansas, cor sale by tL h.
Mcltoberts. lm
Joe Pettus is t home for a few days
before returning to his company at
Lexinsrton. Miss Annie Payne, of ken-
anon, is vi&itmg her grand-mother,
Mrs. Pavne. Mr. Holtzclaw, oi Mis
souri. is visiting his brother, Benj.
Holtzclaw this weefc.
It HiU The Spot.
When suffering from a severe cold
and your throat and lungs leels sore,
take a dose of rolev's Hnney and Jar.
When the soreness.
will be a t
once relieved, a
wa-m grate-
ful feeling and
healing o
parts affected will
be expenen
ced and vou will sav: "It 'eels so good
IT HITS the SPOT." It is yuara nteed.
Oa Monday, October 24th, 1898. sea!
cd bids will be received an contract
awarded by the Fiscal Court of G r
rard county, 2 or the renting and con
iucting of the w rk-house in and for
Garrard ciunty, Kentucky, for the
year 1893.
The said Fiscal Uourt reserves the
right to reject any and all bids.
Judr of Garrard County,
U OF LA50A8TEB. 27.
Surplus Fund
Oarefal and Prompt Attention Guaranteed
j. H. HieaiNBOTHA President
Lswib Y. Lxavxll Vlce-Preildent
Br-F. Hudson Cashier
W. O. Ricnit Assistant Cash':
O.D. Walxbb Bookkeepet
J.M.HieeiNEOTHAX, Lb wis Y. Lzavbll,
H. C. Arnold, Jb. B. F. Hudson.
Auix.Gibbs, J.J.Walxib
Jacob Y. Robinson.
I have purchased the "Wal
ker stable and am prepared
to furnish the
Very Best Rigs
on the shortest notice
Special attention given Com
morcial Travelers.
A. R.Dbnnt, President.
Jno. E. Stormks, Vice President.
Wm. H. Kinnaikd, Cashier.
8. C. Dxnnt, J. F. Robinson, Jb,
Assistant Cash'r. Book-keeper,
R. T. Embet Ass't Book-keeper.
Sam'l.D. Cochran, Jas Bpllman,
Alex. R. Denny. A. C. Robinson,
W. r. cook, L. Davidson,
Insurance Agency
Representing Over
- 57,000,000 -
In the following Fire' Insurance
Etna, of Hartford.
Queen of America.
National of Hartfort,
PheBlx of Brooklyn.
Hartford of Hartford.
Manchester of EnglaBd.
Connecticut of Hartford.
North British and Merchantile.
German . American of New York.
Liverpool and London and Globe.
I also represent the old reliable
New York Life Insurance
Garrard Lodge No. 29, Knights
of Pvthias. meets every Thursday
night in Odd Fellows hall. All vis
iting Knights are fraternally invi
ted. G. B. Swinbbroad, C.C
J. E. Robinson, K. R. & S.
Old books taken
Latest novelties ia millinery at Mrs.
A. S. Haselden's.
A successful meeting closed at the
Fork church lust Sunday.
A protracted meeting will begin at
Mount Hebron next Sunday.
Mr. Jeff Cheatham 23 years of age,
du'd at his father's half-past 4 o'clock
on Monday evening, the interment
was lit the Fork church. The bereaved
family have the sympathy of the en
tire community.
Mr. B. F. Jennings and his son John,
from Illinois, are visiting Mrs. George
Ballard at Paint Licc. Clint Arm
strong is visiting his parents. S. G.
Haselden visited here Suuday. Mrs.
Marshall Hughes and little daughter.
are visiting friends here. Mrs. Hollo-
way, after a pleasant visit to her sis
ter, Mrs. Armstrong, has returned to
home. Miss Claud Arnold visited
her lather Saturday, and attended
preaching at this place Sunday.
A stutl'Ortt cough or tickling in. the
throat yiel .s to One minute Cough
Cure Harmless in effect, touches the
right spot, reliable and just what is
wanted. It acts at once Storme
Drujr Store. lm
Saunders & Walter are buying hogs
at 2 3-4 and 3 cents.
Everybody is invited to attend an
entertainment at the Buckeye Baptist
church Saturday night Opening sonir
at 7 o'clock. Admission only 10c
Mr. Will Beazley and Miss Zona
Walker surprised their many friends
last Wednesday, by quietly driving
over to Danville and getting married.
Mr. and Mrs. Beazley have the good
wishes of the entire community.
Miss Addie Burnside of Lancaster
was the guest of Miss Carrie Hardin,
the latter part of last week. Miss
Pearl Boss is the guest of Miss Minnie
Warren. Mrs. A. F. Moberly and chil
dren started Sunday to join her hus
band in Kansas, where he has been tor
a week, looking for a location. Tho
community regrets to see them leave,
Mesdames Dave Boss, J. B. Sanders
and S. Rothwell; Misses Pearl and
Sallie Boss and Cora Ward, Bettie Hen
ry and Anna Austin, attended the
birth day surprise Saturday.
Friends, neighbors and relatives
of Alex Walker gave him quite a sur
prise by gathering at his home Satur
day last, to celebrate his birthday.
About one hundred guests were there,
both young and old. As he did not
know they were coming it was a sur
prise indeed, when the guests began
to arrive. Dinner was served in the
yard, the tables being beautifully dec
orated with flowers. Every one re
port a day delightfully spent
More than twenty million free sam
pies of EeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
have been distributed by tne maniv
facturers. What better proof of their
confidence in it's merit3 do you waut?
It cures piles, burns, scalds, sores, in
the shortest space of time. Stormes
Drug Store. lm
Everything is military out this way
now; hy-foot, straw-foot, chock full
of bean soup! halt!
Several fine frosts in this locality.
Sie Perrin has purchased a portion
of the Jennings farm and will move
on it at once.
Col. Geo. E. Jennings says there will
be 48 deep snows the coming winter,
The Lancaster and Kirksville pike
is now in fine condition.
CoL James West will likely go to
Cuba and open up an immense cigar
In speakin? with Uncle Clayborn
Lear about Adam, he says he has no
distinct recollection of him but has of
ten heard his mother speak of him.
It seems that the night trains are
giving us the go-by out this way.
What is the matter with the Kani
dates this year, we have looked and
looked, but nary a Kamdate yet.
Times are certainly improving, for a
man that has owed us 8165 for 10 years
walked up and paid us a few days ago
like a man.
The turkey crop is this vicinity is
very large and forward, will be full
ripe by Thanksgiving, buyers are of
fering 7c for November delivery.
The magnificent steamer, Beat, will
leave its wharf at the foot of sad street
on November 8th, on its annual trip
up Salt River.
There is no better place in Garrard
.niint.w than ricrht here for a (rood
country store and post office. If we
wane a paper ox pins, or a uuxui uibck
ing, we have to go to Lancaster for
Wliun vnn havp a. bad cold He. Inel:
natinn nrmtlrl rppnmmpnH Chamber
Iain's Cough Remedy because it is
pleasant and safe to take. Dr. Expe
rience would recommend it because it
never fails to effect a speedy and per
manent cure. Dr. Reason would rec
ommnnrl it VipfftiisH it in Tirenared on
scientific principles, and acts on na
ture's plan in relieving the lungs open
ing the secretions and restoring the
ystem 10 a natural ana urauuy cuu
dition. For sale by B, E. McBoberts.
Drug Store.
in exchange.
Priceless Pain
" If a orice can be olacedon oa!n. Mother's
Knena is wortn iu weizm in eoia as an allevi
ator. My wife suffered more in ten minutes with
either of her other two children than she did al
together with her last, havin? previously used
four bottles of 4 Mother's Friend." It is a blessing
to any one expecting to become a mother," saya
a customer.
Thus writes Henderson Dale, Druggist,
of Carmi, 111., to the Bradfield Regulator
Company, of Atlanta, lia., tne propne
tors and manufacturers of "Mother's
Friend." This successful remedy is not
one of the many internal medicines ad
vertised to do unreasonable things, but a
scientifically prepared liniment especially
effective in adding strength and elasticity
to those parts of woman's organism which
bear tne severest strains ot cnuaoirtn.
The liniment may be used at any and
all times durinar Drecnancv uo to the
very hour of confinement. The earlier it
is begun, and the longer used, the more
perfect will oe tne result, but it nas been
used during the last month only with
ereat benefit and success.
It not only snortens laoor ana lessens
the pain attending it, ;but greatly dimin
ishes the danger to life of both mother
and child, and leaves the mother in a con
dition more favorable to speedy recovery.
" Mother's Friend " is sold by druggists
at $1.00, or sent by express on receipt of
valuable dook. lor women, "Uetore
Baby is Born," sent free on application.
Albert Sewell bought of Tom Bruner
a colt for $15.
Frank Folger sold to George Mc
Querry a pair of mules for S100.
Minnie, the infant daughter of Mr,
and Mrs. Samuel Case, has been very
i 1 but is some better at this writing.
Rev. W. F. Neal filled his appoint
ment at Scott's Fork. S iturday night
Sunday morning and Sunday after
W. G. Preston while trying to drive
a wagon up a hill the team balked and
the wagon run backward and caught
Ben Lane who was with him, between
the wheel and a tree and hurt him
very bad, but not dangerously.
Oae Minute Cough Cure surprises
people by its quick cures and children
may take it in large quantities with
out the least danger. It has won for
itself the best reputation of any prep
aration us3d to-day for colds, croup,
tickling in the throat or obstinate
coughs. Stormes Drug Store. lm
Clayton Saunders and family, of
Madison, were the guests of his mother-in-law,
Mrs. James Littrell, Satur
day night and Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.
Cronley Broaddus and little son, at
tended preaching at Scott's Fork Sun
day, and visited Mr. and Mrs. T. L.
Saunders. Miss Mattie Saunders en
tertained a number of young friends
at her home Sunday. Those present
were Misses Len Land and Blanche
MitchelL Mrs. Peachie Grow and
family, and T. L. Saunders and fami
ly, were the guests of the latter's fa
ther, James Saunders, of Judson, sev
eral days back. James Saunders, of
Judsou, was qhe guest of his son, T.
L. Saunders and family Sunday. Mrs.
Mary A. Saunders and two daughters,
Mattie and Peachie Mae, visited in
Jessamine last week.
all the pain
which women
suffer Is caused
by weakness or
derangement In
the organs of
Nearly always
when a woman Is not well these
organs are affected. But when
they are strong and healthy a
woman Is very seldom sick.
Is nature's provision for the regu
lation of the menstrual function.
It cures all "female troubles." It
Is equally effective for the girl in
her teens, the young wife with do
mestie and maternal cares, and
the woman approaching the period
known as the "Change of Life."
They all need it. They art all
benefitted by It.
Tor advice fn cases requirlnr spaekl
directions, address, elvlnr symptoms,
tho Ladles' Advisory Department,''
Tha Chattanooga Medicia Co., Chatta
aoots.Ttas. TOOS. J. COOPER. Tap, Mm., Mj
" My alsUr strM frwi vary Irrsiilar
4 painful mtMtrMttiM and darters
could aot reHets hsr. Wlaa f Cartel
MMraty cared htr -and ) kataad aff
dttMf MwMBjk the Maaya at Lm."
Flour. Flour. Flour.
I have just received Five Thousand pounds of Lexingt on
Best Flour, and am prepared to give special prices. Also
watch our prices on Canned Goods and we will save you mone
Can Martin Wagners Extra Table Pach foe fljts.
2 lb Can Sliced Piae Apples for 10 ct.
3 lb Can Grated Pineapples for IS eta.
2 lb Can Betsys Peas for 5 cts.
3 lb Can Boston Baked Beans for 8 cts.
25 lb Sack Best Lilly White Patent Flour for 55 cts.
" 25 lb" Sack Best Imperial Flour for 53 cts.
Remember, OUR PRICES are always the LOWEST.
E. W. PERKINS, Clerk,
Be on the Safe Side
Insure your Tobacco.
Office, National Bank.
Not all well-dressed men are
but all men dressed by HEMPHILL
are Well Dressed Men and its done at a
cost which means a saving of at least
one-third as compared with some com
petitor's prices.
My lines of Foreign and Domestic
Woolens are all in and I can show . you
quality and prices that will interest
Ms Ml Wool, at
$6.50 to $18.00.
Tailor-made suits to your
measure, $10 and $25
I will guarantee to fit you, both in Tailor-made, and Read -to-wear
Suits, and will ask you to come and compare prices after looking
elsewhere. . Truly Yours.
E. W. Iallard.
Lillavd (h Siouz,
eading P"ruggists.j
Stationery, Faints. Oils, Etc.
Election On 'Bond Issue.
To Be Held Not. 8, 1898.
Garrard County Court.
Called term Fiscal Court
July 25th 189S.
Whereas, the legal voters of Gar-
raru county, voters in tne geoerai
election held in and for said count? in
November 1S95, yoted in favor of the
Fiscal Court acquiring and maintaining
the Turnpike Hoads in said county,
and the question being submitted to
them, the said legal voters of f Garrard
county, in general election held in and
for said county in November 1S95.
therefore it is ordered and adjudged
that at the regular election to be held
in and for Garrard county on the first
Tuesday after the first Monday in No
vember 189S -which is on the 8th day
of November 1898, an election shall be
held and a poll shall be opened at
each voting place in each voting pre
cinct in said county at which all letral
voters in said county shall be privil
edged to vote on the question, "Are
you in favor of issuintr bonds for the
purchase and maintainance of the
Turnpike roads of the county, free of
toll to the trayeling public?" and it is
further ordered that the Sheriff of
Garrard county be and he is hereby
directed to advertise said election and
objec,t therefor at least thirty days
next before date of said election in
The Central Record, it being the
newspaper having the largest circula
tion' In uid county, and also by print-
Jno. B.Stout
Ied hand bills posted up in no less than
four public places in each voting pre
cinct in sail county an! at the Court
House door for at least tmrly days
next before date of said election.
It is further ordered that if the vote
hereby ordered is in favor of said bond
issue then the Fiscal Court will, in obe
dience to said vote and under the stat
utes relating to this subject, issue
bonds in any sum not exceeding thirty
five thousand dollars, (S35,000.po) for
the purpose of acquiring and maintain
ing said roads and to be issued upon
such terms as to time of payment and
payments of interest and sale of bonds
as the Court may in its discretion deem
best, but the bonds are not to be sold
for less than their par or bear interest
at a greater rate than 6 per ct. per an-
numfrom date of issuo until paid and
are not to extend beyond 30 ye arm. The
clerk of the Garrard County and Fiscal
Court is hereby ordered to certifv a
copy of this order to the Sheriff of
Garrard countv on or before the 1st
dny of August 1898.
R. A. Burssidk, Judge
A true copy. Garrard County Court.
Att: J. M. Duncan, Ulerk.
Pursuant to the foregoing order of
the Garrard county Fiscal court, which
is made part of this notice, an election
will be held and polls opened at all the
regular voting places in Garrard coun
ty at the next regular election, whch
will be held November 8, 1S98, which
election, in all respects, will be held in
accordance with the general election
laws of Kentucky.
J. u. satodkss, a. u. u

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