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VOZtTJME IX. ' Xntt m altlit f sr omr; m l.-nneiwr. Ky.. u rrnnit flla Mntfr k tfVMBF.lt 29
MtLI.f 1lfm ' LAJCA6TEK, K., FRIDAY', 00 TO BE 28. 1898. w??teWaW
The largest and most complete
line of
Co Dicing and
Heating Staves
ever brought to Lancaster includ
ing a handsome and well-selected
line of
Air-tight Heaters,
Our prices can't be dupliated.
Also an elegant assortment of
Bear, Fur and
Plush Robes
at Un-Heard-Of Prices.
J. R. Haseldeii,
Col. W.G.Welch.
W. I. Williams
Attorneys at Law,
Lancaster Ky.
All business attended to promptly
Furniture, Carpets, &c.
Lancaster, Ky.
Prettiest shoes at Joseph's.
Fresh barrel sorghum at G. S. Gainestf
All-Wool Suits for 3.50. J. C. Hemp
hill "V.
See J. .B. Jennings' line of new Neck
Will pay 12c for fresh eggs. H. B,
Fresh Timothy Seed for sale
Currey's, cheap, t
Call and see a beautiful line of Rugs
at J. A. Beazley & Co. ,
Peaches, Grapes, Pears and Fancy
apples at G. S. Gaines.
The best two horse
wagon on the
market at G. S. Gaines1
A full stock of Chinese'Sacred
Bulbs at J. C. Thompson's. ,
See Dr. A. D. Smith & Co., now at
Mason Hotel until Nov. 1st 189S.
Large line of Dinner Sits and Cham?
ber Sets, just received. G S. Gaine&
A pretty girl in one of Joseph's pret
ty cloaks is a sight lovely to behold
I you voted for free pikes you ought
to vote for the bonds to pay for them.
Miss Sallie Tillett has bought half
of Mr Bookout's house for 05 ).
I would like to do your plain sew
lg and dyeing. Mrs. Ophelia Dunn.
Fresh Oysters received daily. Served
and so'd. O. F. 'iillett, Lancaster
For Sale.
Forty 0 )0 lb. steers, 10 heifers.
ep-30 T. M. and W. McC. Johnston.
A number of the young men of the
town went chestnut hunting Sunday,
they report a good time, but chestnut
wc re scarce.
To lend on real estate at 5 per cent;
address V. S. Lowwill Attorney, Dan
ville Ky. i 11-18-98
The merchants say Monday was the
best Court Day they hi-ve had this
year. There was a tremendous crowd
in town.
During the past few days, the weath
er has been very cold, but Joseph still
has a sufficiently large stock of cloaks
to supply the ladies.
Better ones at $7.50. All the novelties
of the season in suits at $8.50,
$10, $12 and $15.
Best line of $7.50 Over
coats in the market.
See our- Top Coats at $8.50
Also New York Box Coat at $12.
A Beautiful Line of
Boys and Childrens Clothing
Buell Bootees. If you want comfort
try a pair. Men's High-top Shoe's
from $2. to $3.50, made "by
the "best eastern factories.
All the latest style Toes and Lasts in
Ladies Fine Footwear. The latest
patterns in Neckwear. Come and
see what we have in Gents'
Underwear at $1. a suit.
A new line of Stiff Hats just opened.
Best Alpine hat in Central Ky., for
$1. Some beautiful things in
Gentlemens' Umbrellas.
Give us your orier for a Bice, Tailor-Me Suit
-:-' Kentucky.
Eev. W. O. Goodloe preached at the!
.Presbyterian church Sunday.
Colder weather is coming, so go to
Joseph's and get a pair of blankets.
Rev. T. H. Campbell preached his
farewell sermon at the Baptist church
Some minister from Darville will
fill the pulpit at the Presbyterian
church Sunday.
All the latest Novelties in Woolens
for menY wear now in, come and see
them. J. C HempnilL
The laiies of this section will have
nothing but the latest styles in dress
goods. That's whyJoseph has sucH"a
complete stoc
Two more weddings booked for next
month. One couple will marry in a
church and the other will fool the old
folks, but don't tell anybody.
First Snow.
The first snow of the season camel
down Wednesday. It melted as soon
as it struek the wet, muddy earth.
The bond issue will throw some oft
the burden on the coming generation
They will enjoy the pikes, so let them
help pay for them.
The Ladies Aid Soc.ety will meet
with Mrs. Batson this week and all
that time will pack a box to be seut toj
the Orphans Home.
The ladies of the Methodist society
gave a donation party Saturday even
ing at the home ot Rev. Clark, on Stan
ford Ave.
Gov Bradiey appointed Mr. T. Cur
rey, ot tins city, a memoer oi tne run
Food Congress, which meets in Wash
ington January 10.
Nothing catches the admiration of a
man quicker man a p' etty ioou Lia-
d!es, get your shoes from Joseph and
you will be in the style.
The Lex'njton Herald says: "Mr. Ca
sey Owsley, the son of Judge O.vsley,
of Lancaster, expects to come to Lex
ington the flrst of January to settle
here to practice law"
Handsome Team.
Mr. James A. Bcaz'ey purchased a
team of beatiful dapple grey horses-
this week to use with his hearte This
completes his outfit, which is one cf,
the best in Kentucky.
Sarah Adeline alkcr was born at
Lancaster, Ky., more, than three
score and ten years ago, and died at
Lexington, Ky. at noonday on October
2D. 1893. Her father was William;
Walker, and her mother, Sarah W
Lapsley. The earlier years of hei
girlhood were spent in Tennessee. Up
on the death of her parents, she return
vd to Lancaster, in May 1847, accorupa
nied by her only sister, Miss Katt
Walker, who was never separated from
her till death severed the tie. In
November 1848 she was married to
William Jennings Landram, who had
recently returned from the Mexican
War, and who afterwards served in
the Civil War, retiring with the rank
of Brigadier-Geaeral, and dying at
Lancaster, October 11, 1893. Of this
union were born ten children: Martha,
who died aged one month; Mary, now
Mrs. Richard A. Burnside, of Lancas
ter: William Walker, who died in the
prime of manhood; Addie, Mrs. Wil
1 am C. McFurland, U. S. A; Sallie L -
gan, who diea at me age oi nve years;
Ella Burdet, Mrs. Woodford G. Dun-
lap, or L?xington; Greenfield Ransou
kyho died aged one year; Katie, Mrs.
Charles McGugin, of Howard, Indiana
and Louis, the editor of the Cen'thal
IIecokd. Twelve grand-children also
survive her.
Her remains were taken to Lmcas-
er to be interred in the family lot at
the cemetery- The services were con
ucted by Rev. W. O Goodloe, assist-
:d by Eld. George Gowea and Rev. T.
11. Campbell. 1 lie pall-bearers were
.V. II. Wherritt, W. H. Kmnaird, H. A.
!. Mar.tsbury, D. M. Lackey, Dr. J.
.V. Grant and T. W. Reid.
Many offerings of rare and .'rarant
flowers attested the love and friend
ship of the surv.vors. Sacred words
ind tender songs were offered above
her bier.
Mrs. Landram was early identlfi d
vith the brave little city on the hill
side and her ambitious, self-respect
ing citizenship. Here were bora men
vho distinguished themselves in the
irmy, the navy, the state, and the
earned professions. Here the house
vives were accomplished in the duties
and graces of domestic life, diligent
factors in the probity and prosperity
f a God-fearing community.
The decased was strongly attached
-o her home, her husband and her!
children. To her church she broughtj
.he faith of the Huguenots that had
been rooted and grounded in her heart
oy generations of ancestors. Her!
tastes were simple, and her manners
unassuming. Her mind was stored
vith the best literature of her times,
ind to the last, the thoughts of great
writers, and the acts of our national
aerces elicited her attention. Though
the vicissitudes of li e had cast theirj
shadow, yet there ever came at her
call a keen sense of the humorous.
Women and men a e largely the prtd-j
act of environment. The wife and
mother bound to the ever-revolving
wheel of the domestic arena, and barr
ed from the diverting avenues of the
progressive woman of today, roust
needs possess an exhaustless fund o.
reserve force to rightly balance the.
law of compensation.
An active brain, a sensitive spirit,
and an all-absorbing demand' upon her
nome circle for the reciprocity of a de
voted nature, taking irresistibly the
deeper tinge from the sorrows com-.
nun to mankind, reacted upon an en
feebled frame and intensified the
gloom. That she was a firm, unshrink
ing christian was shown in her calm
passing into the great beyond. Not a
wave of trouble rolled across her
peaceful breast. She talked to each
beloved one in words that can never be
forgotten. To a friend she spoke more
than once of blest visions of her dear
jnes gone before. Ihese came to her
and sat beside her' and talkod with
her. Of her comfortable surround-
the city, yet not of it; far
away from its noise and dust and con
fusion, with green trees In, sight and
weet fields at hand, and kind hearts
to minister to her, she talked in grate
ful words, and said to the listener:
'Wont jTou writ this for me when 1
am gone?" Her mind was so cleai
rfiat even as the last faint sigh was
leard, a tender word escaped her lips
During those last days (and thev
were less than a week) she remember
ed countless events and happenings
tmon? tier iriena: ana ner old, gen
rous, whole-souled hospitality coniur
d up p'easant pictures, in the retro
spect. She died amid the fragrance ofl
(lowers and tokens of anectionate care.
Her nurse, inured to scenes where life
fitful fever is settled, paid a beanti'ul
ribute in speech and in tears, to the
patience and courage of her dvinp
charge. Mite the going out of a name
her soul took wing, ana her oyes gent
ly dosed UDon the face of her chil
Iran, and of the devoted sister whose
whole life had been passed at her
If the thoughts and wishes she ex
nressed from time to time could have
bjen embodied in verse,- verified as
they were in her actual experience of
leath, she might have said
Como gently. Death, when, at the close of Life,
vVorn with the march and weary of the strlfeM
i araw my laiesi Dream ; , . ..
Like some kind friend, who, with a nolselessBDunlap, from atten
Aud silent volee, draw titgh unto my bed, .
so come thou gently, ueatn.
Oh. let me oloae mv eves like one who sleep?.
While o'er my tense thy dreamless slumber!
And let me softly He
With calmly folded hands upon my breast,
Like one who after, labor takes his rest,
So let me gently die.
Come like the change which paints the an
tnmn leaf.
An'1 let the parting hour on earth be brief,
Come gently, Death, when my Life's race is
t sf iiut neiipatn tne aKies:
rhen I the victor's fadeless wreath, have wonl)rice or Quality, and
InH flnoA mv WHrr At M. SB J
A Frikkd.
Taxes pasty due. Pay be 'ore the
penalty goes on.
J. B. Sandeiis, S. G. C.
For Bent.
Dwelling now occupied by Butler
Fox, on Richmond street.
W. J. Roman
Bourbon Steam Laundry,
Miss Olivia Sweeney is agent for the
Bourbon Steam Laundry. Leave your
orders at Sweeney's store. tf
sio.oo. '
Dont fail to see my Tailor-Made
Suit for Ten Dollars. It is All-Wool,
and a perfect fit is guaranteed.
J. G HemphilL'
lust rac iiv j 1 tn s hi i Is n ut line of
Misses and Children's Shoes ever
brought to Lancaster. Come in and I
ee them. J. B. Jenningsc
If you call for Putts Flour at the
leading grocers, and they haven't got
it, order direct from H. C. P.tts,Buck-
:ye, Ky. Wagon in town daily.
10-2 1-1 m
I have decided to locate ia Lancas
ter and will move.here, with my fami
ly, about Decembor 1st, to pract!c3 my
profession. "V. BimNKTr, M. D.
City Property For Kent.
My home on Lexington street, be
tween College and Judge Hemphill's:
Full particulars on application to Fish
ier Herring. Mrs. Suian Fisher. tf
I will prosecute to tlie full extent of
the 1 aw, without distinction to parties.
any and all persons caught fishing in
the lake on the distillery premises.
S.-S. l
oct-7 Jjfo. W. Mii.i.eb,
I wili be from home next week, but
Messrs E. W. and J. Randolph Harris
will wait on my customers. Satisfac
tion guaranteed.
M. D. Hughes, Agent
Dr. Goldstein.
This famous optician will visit our
city and be at the Mason Hotel, Mon
day, Oct 31. This is your opportunity
to get glasses properly fitted. Wait
for him.
In Cincinnati October 20th, Mr. Ern
est Bohl to Miss Jennie Ferrell. The
bride is a native of this county, while
the groom is connected with a large
grocery firm in Cincinnati.
Dr. Wesley has moved his family in
to Dr Hood's property on Richmond
street. Mr. G. S. Gaines and farailv
have moved intj the Weisiger proper
ty on Lexington street.
A thief broke into Mr. Solcn Henry's
residence Tuesday night but was
frightened away before any valu
ables were secured. The thief s
track is small and he wore pointed
Mr. Walter Grant and Miss Annie
Cell Wheeler, of Kirksville, were mar
ried at the Tillett House Wendesday
afternoon by Judge Burnside. As soon
as the cermony was over they drove to
the groom's home where an elegant
supper was prepard.
Notwithstanding the fact that all
the goods boxes and vacant chairs
about town are covered with fellows
who know how The Record should be
run, we could find no one to under
take the task last week when we
should have been away every day.
Speaking Monday.
The candidates Tor congress, Judge
G. M. Davison and Hon. G. G. Gilbert.
locked haras in joint debate at the
Court House Monday. We were una
ble to attend and the friends of both
parties say their man "Et 'im up", so
we presume both sides are satisfied.
Green Apples.
There is a tree at Dr. Kinnaird's
whiah s full o: a second crop of ap
plet The tree went through a regu
lar coarse of blooming and leafing.
iTue fruit is about the size of a walnut,
ut Wednesday's si o.v made it look
i little tired.
Card of Thank.
I take this met h id-of thankinr the
friends who were so lt'n I to our f .iri
iy during oar great bereavement A -
distance rendered in such a lima is a
nlication of true friendship, and
are- not at my command w.th
to ex.ire:s our deep apprecia
Louis Landram.
Mix Dunliip Itetter.
A message yesterday said Miss Eu
genia Dunlap was much b.-tter. She
is in St Josephs Infirmary, Lexington,
offering from a severe case of typhoid
f,jver. Her critical cond.tion prevent-
ber parents, Mr. and Mri Wood G
attending the funeral of
Mrs. Landram Saturday.
Although our prices are as low as the
lowest, to increase patronage, - the
Howard Tailoring comnan,y of Chica-
go, win give an American Silveroin
watch, or a hih class, handsome urn
brjlla, latest style handle, value $3.53
with each suit of clothes er overcoat,
bought of them. This does not change
fit ia guaran
teed. M. D. Hughes. Ait
Just Received
A line of Ladies Tailor-Made Suits. New and
Nohhy Styles, and Prices Very Reasonable.
Also just received a Second Shipment of
Ladies' Capes and
"We have had splendid trade on Jackets and
Capes and have had to duplicate several styles.
Our Low prices make them popular Sellers.
Cloak Department
Give us a look through our Cloak Department
"before you "buy.
Logan Dry Goods Co.
Call from 3Ir. Gilbert.
We had a pleasant call Tuesday from
Hon. G. G. Gilbert, democratic candid-
te for congress. Mr. Gilbert is a pol
ished geutleman and his company is
exceedingly enjoyable. He is closely
related to Dr. Dave Logan, dec'J., and
that agreeable, social nature, so char-
acteris ic of the Logans, comes out
strongly in Mr. Gilbert
Good "Work.
Some one has been stealing Leslie
Herndon's corn recently and the latter
laid for" the thief Monday night
About two o'clock-a gentleman of Af
rican 'scent appeared at a shock and
Les turned loose his shot gun. Ihe
hide of the thief was pretty well per
forated and he swore to Les he would
intrude no more. He "was permitted
Kindly Itemeuiber.
That J. Randolph Harris is collect
ing for The Rdcord, and if the amount
due is not 'paid him, he will continue
to call until he hpaid, or the debtor
made to wish he had never been born.
He moans 'business, and we trust you
will mean the same. To those notified
through the mails, we wish to say Mr.
Harris is looking after this part too,
and will keep up his efforts until the
debt is settled.
Rev. Peter Vinegar.
Rev. Peter Vinegar, a colored preach
er with quite a wide reputation, deliv
ered several sermons at the Court
House last week, closing Sundayiight.
His first subject, "A Damned Hot
Day" drew quite a crowd. We could
learn nothing from those who heard
it, as to Bra Vinegar's application of
the ratLe. peculiar subject except that
those who go through li. e disregard
ing God'd Word would find exceeding
ly warm weather in the placJ prepar
ed for sinners. One o. hii other sub
jects was "13 Footmen Walking Down
the Road," and another, "Is there any
Man in Heaven or in Hell that Left
the Earth? or Feed that Thresher."
All Uonorto Supt. Hood.
Supt Hood, of the K. C. division was
here last week on business connected
with the road. He" expressed h"m 1
avorably toward givin g our peop.e a
nijht m? .- at the depot, and a petition
has b en -epared and sent him ask
fag that this be done. It is out of the
question to suppose that people would
stand in the cold and rain waiting for
these trains, and Mr. Hoed, always
looking out for the comfort of the pat
rons of the road, will see that the
waiting room is keep comfortable and
have a man there to sell tickets, re
ceive lag: gi aa 1 look after the wants
of passengers. The night trains fur
nia'i excellent facilities for travel an!
the people are delighted with them, aa
the large amont of travel goes to show.
We understand Clay Hamilton is book
ed as night man. and The Record
hopes he will get the job. He is sober,
steady, reliable, jnst the fellow to Sill
the bill. He will be put on duty the
first of the month.
The Second Kentucky.
Ihe boys of the Second Kentucky
are certainly a devil-ridden set of fel
lows. Ihey have had nothing but
hard luck since they began organizing.
If ever a lot of boys deserved sympa
thy these surely do. They were or
dered to return to Lexington last
Tuesday week, and every man able to
do so was on hand prompt'y. They
found to their amazement, that no
provision whatever had been made for
their coming, and they were turned
loose to roam about the city and root
hog or die. Some succeeded in getting
into hotels and boarding houses, bi t
we saw a great many wandering a m
lessly about the streets with no over
coats, blankets or money with whch
to get a meal. It was Wednesday be
fore they secured tents and these had
no flooring. No one seemel to know
who was to blame and the boys cussed
everybody from the President down to
company cooks Whoever is to blame
for this outrage should be ridden on a
raiL The men are now in quarters
expacting everybody to be mustered
Months of neglect cannot b; over
come by feeding a few doses of the
remedy after hogs are post help
Avoid risk and make extra flesh by
feeding Dr. Haas' Hog Remedy in time
and according to directions. For sa!e
by J. M. Uigginbotham. lm
Wednesday, between J. C Robin
sin's store and J. G. Sweeney's resi
dence,, ladies black cape. Return to
this office.
The Royal is the luqhest grade bki9 ftn4te I
fc mm. Actral tests afctw it ms I
- -nr.

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