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"U ilE.li ut RAILS
a ibs
R New Lai nf Cable Cord,
for cording skirts and waists, just in, 2C a yard. Don't
forget that for two weeks we will sell baby caps at cost.
See our New Line of
Ostrich Tips.
Locks. Mantles,
Grates lies
j j.
T ii 10011 in
I rouscrs
The past record of this
great make of goods has
proved their durability of
wear and perfection of fit,
while the accompanying
illustration taken from a
window display of one of
the many great establish
ments who us j the Dut
chess prces the actual
test of strength every
garment is guaranteed to
Every pair sold under the
Dutchess guarantee.
The most simple and yet strong
est warrant ever promised on any
make of Trousers.
Special Values in these Goods
Noel Sisters,
'Phone 85
THUHSDAY, Nov. 24, 1898.
D x'er I'allou, o Stan ord, v;is a
visitor in tiiis ctv un lav.
Miss Jennie Ilurnssde entertained a
few friends Saturday evening.
Miss Mattie Mattingly, of Stanford,
is the guest of Miss Nellie Dillon.
Capt. W. J. Kinnaird, of Sliddlesbor-
ough, is in the city for a few days.
Mrs. Boring, of Junction City, has
been visiting Mr. (Jeorge Evans and
Misses Julia Mae and Nannie Gaines
came home yeste rday to spend Thanks
Mrs. Elizabeth Henderson, of Rich
mond, was Mrs. D. M. Lackey's guest
lift week. "
Misses Addie and Burtha Burnside
have returned from a pleasant visit to
Mr. Jno. Mount, of Centre College
visited his uncle, Mr. R. E. McRot-
erts, Sunday.
Mrs. Sam Ward, of Livingston, is
the guest of Miss Emma Soper, on
Stanford Ave.
Mrs. Fisher Gaines, of Danville, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Theo Currey.
' If you have parties visiting you, or
are going on a trip yourself, kindly
ring up "43"' and tell us.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fox and pret
ty baby, of Richmond, have been vis
iting relatives in this vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Y Currey, cf Louis
ville, will arrive to-night to spend
Thanksgiving with his parents.
Mr. W. H. Wherrittand Mrs. Jno.E.
Stormes, attended the Jackson-Boggs
wedding at Richmond last week.
Mrs. J. B. Paxton, of Stanford, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and ,Mrs.
Alex Robinson on Stanford Avenue.
Miss Ilallie Hamilton will entertain
this week at a musical in honor of her
charming guest, Miss Sarah Anderson,
of Nicholasville.
Misses Georgia .Miller, May Hughes,
Messrs. Letcher Owsley and George
Lusk, attonded the Miller-Frisbie wed
ding in Louisville today.
Miss Mary Welch will leave in a few
days to be one of a house party enter
tained by Miss Lscia McAfee, of Leb
anon. Jessamine Journal,
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gallaher, of
this county, received the sad news of
the death of the wilfc of Mr. Allen B.
Gallaher, of Washington, D. C.
The Shelby Sentinel says: Rev. Don
ald McDonald and bride left Saturday
for Hodgenville, where he is now en
gaged, in conducting a protncled
m ;eting.
The Richmond Pantagriph tells of a
Now is Your Chance to Bay
Tip-Top Goods
at Low Prices.
It will
L. Fro Inn an &
o-auii ul linner mv -n Fri ay ev.:ni
by Miss Van Ureeileif. Among tn
ue-ts was .Miss L mse Kai.ff a n, of
this ci y
Mr. Ali-'ii 15eaz ev, of exas. is tt
. u t oi his brother, Mr. James Baz-
We :rre triad to s.j- Wiii Collier "Ui
aj-iii, aloitfullv ncjvereu from his
r. cent -11 e-s
Mr. P k 1 Grt-g ry ni'l sister, Miss
Lu. l K cLn,' i d, tferit hist uec-
day .v.th Mr,. 1). l. L.ic c -y.
Col. Jno. W. Miller at.d luuguter.
Miss Ge rgi:, . ttei dei tin Fri-lie
Millsr nuptials in Loui:-viile today.
Lieut. V. m West, a member n the
Guvi'rnoi's Gaard, Texas, has been vis
iting relatives nar thi. city. This is
h t'rst visit to Lancaster in fourteen
Mr. and Mrs Henry Cartwr'glit, of
Lexington, were in town Monday, the
latter cming tn wind up some busi
ness matters n w in court. Henry
is work'nur at the printin? business in
Lexi'ijrton. and has resided there -ince
sverin; his co-mectio'i with he Rec
ord 11 s'tn
Mr. and Mrs. Cooper L. Dunn aid
pretty baby, of Colorado, are vsiiting
his sister, Mrs. W. B. Mason. Mrs.
Dunn was the beautiful Miss Nannie
Enrman, who visited here several
years ago. Mr. Dunn is a contractor
and was recently injured by a fall
from a bridge.
Miss Nell Marrs was the charming
hastess Monday evening to a number
of her friends. The guests were, Miss
es Fannie Collier, Carrie Currey, Kate
and Lillian Kinnaird, Eliza Lusk.
Grace Kinnaird. Messrs W. J. Kin
naird, G. B. Swinebrond, Lieut. John
Farra, Capt. Samuel D jncan and Mrs
Fisher Gaines, of Danville.
A 0,ner Medicine.
There is a medicine whose proprie
tors do not claim to have discovered
some hitherto unknown ingredient, or
that it is a cure-all. The honest med
icine only claims to cure certain dis
eases, and that its ingredients are re
cognized by the most skilled physi
c'.ans as being the best for Kidney and
B'.a-ider Diseases. It is Foley's Kid
ney Cure. lm
The Nazarene published at Los An
geles, Cal , prints the following:
Died Just as we are going to press
we learn of the death of Mrs. Evelyn
Pierce, mother of Mrs. Dr. Baldwin
and Mrs. Judge Knott, both of this
city, who died after a few days' ill
ness, October 31st, 1898, in Washing
ton City, where she was visiting her
son, Hon. Wm. P. Pierce. She left
her home in this city about six weeks
before her death, in her usual health,
intending to spend about two months
with her son. She was well known,
and greatly beloved by a large circle
of acquaintances in the city, where
she has resided for the last "fourteen
She was born in Monticello, Ky.,
Feb. 17th, 1810. She was a lady of
rare culture and great refinement. She
had a grace apd dignity rarely seen
a character of great beauty and sym
metry.. Her sweet spirit and great
personal attractions won hosts of
friends wherever she came. She mar
ried Dr. J. S. Pierce when seventeen
years of age. and spent most of her
life at Lancaster, Ky. She was mar
velousiy converted when 18 years of
age, and maintained an humble, de
vout, spiritual life unto the end! Her
remains were taken to Kentucky and
laid beside her husband, according to
her desire.
"When hearts whose truth was proven
Like thine are laid in earth,
There should a wreath be woven,
To' tell the world their worth"."
Pay you
Jpsn.nnlne County Itonclft Sold.
At Nicnolasvilh; S iturd 13' George T
Pen hah bu ht for W. J. Hay.-. &
.-ious, Clovel nd an 1 B iton. - stiniu.
Co nty turnpike bonds at par, amoun
in to 33 0 Also refunding R. R
nnl J ssnnini' c u 1 ty bomls amouni
i'ig to S C.U00. Hie bonds uyera-e
twenty-two m d one-haif years.
A cough is not like a fever. . It doe
not have to run a cvrtain course. Cure
it q.iickly and effectually with One.
Minute Cough Cure, the best rt medy
for all ages an . for the mot severe ca
ses. We recommend it because it's
good. A Storti es' Unitr Store. liu
To Tak a Vote.
The Madison County Court has had
published an order foe a vote on locai
option in the Richmond. Union and
E liston magisterial districts on Sat
u ay, December 10. he saloon men
of Ric imond wil. combat the pro ioi
tion and the temperance forc-s, led by
JHiite Lecturer G. W. Young, will be
equally as active.
'1 he sooner a cougn or o-Id is cure 1
without. Harm to tne s. ff.-rer tne bet
ter Lingering co.ds are dangerous.
Hacking cough is distressing One
Minnte Cough Cure quickly cures it.
Why suffer when such a cough cure is.
within reach? It is pleasant to the
taste. At Stormes" Drug Store. lm
Save Money.
In order to increase my sales I will
sell goods, already priced low, at a.
reduction leaving me the smallest
margin known to the trade. Come,
and I will convince vou of the fact.
Many sales and small profits, is my
motto, and it will yield more, in the
end, than few sales and large profits.
Al. u. Hughes, Agent.
The band jrave an imnromDtu con-
cart in the Court House Friday nipht
It was the first time as many as eight
of the members had been together for
six months or more. It is next to im
possible to keep up a band in a small
town. The strangest part of the trou
ble is the fact that those members who
have nothing to do are tiie ones who
stay away from practice the most.
Itottom Prices,
I am bound to sell goods, and in or
der to do so I am selling absolutely
AT.L-woor. goods, from Wanamakar &
Brown, at Philadelphia prices. Suits
for S8, S10.50 and 812. 0 that cost from
S3 to S3 more elsewhere. Thev are
selling and giving satifif action. Ccme
and save money. Fits guaranteed or
no pay. M. D. Hughes, Ag't.
Came to No Conclusion.
The Fiscal Court was in session
Thursday and a great many promi
nent citizens' were, present to talk
over the bond issue. Every man had a
different idea, and the meeting re
minded us very much qf a women's
sewing society. They came to no
agreement whatever, and decided to
wait nntil Saturday, when another
confab wiU be held. Those interested,
and every taxpayer should be, ought
to be at this meeting. Several ex
cellent plans have been nropossd and
the matter will be arranged in a sat
isfactory manner at the next meeting.
From New Zealand.
Reefton, New Zealand, Nor. 23, f00.
I am very pleased to state that since
I took the agency of Chamberlain's
medicines the sale has been verv larre
more especially of the Cough Remedv.
In two years I have sold more of th's
particular remedy than of all other
makes for the previous- fiv& years. As
to its efficacy, I have been informed
by scores of persons of the good results
they have received from it. and know
its value from the use of it in my own
household. It is so pleasant to take
that we have to place the bottle be
yond the reach of the". children. E J.
CL'AmiifiuuiEY. n or Rum nv i i: m
Danville, Ky,
1847 Rogers Knives and Forks $3. per dozen.
Mail orders promptly attended to.
Best repair shop in Central Kentucky.
Send U3 your "Watches, Clocks etc.
Perfect Satisfaction, or money refunded.
Send for catalogue of Silver Novelties.
C.N McDonald, Jeweler, Optician, Danville
Theie was exported from the United
States last month 12,517,153 bus.iels of
c irn. All of the European countries
are develping a tiste for our c irn.
Great Britain, which took less than
4),i)i)0,000 bushels in nino months of
1800. having taKeo 53.0)0,030 bushels
in the nine raonttis if 1835; Fr.ince in
creased from less than 4 .M0,QJ0 bu-h-els
in lS9d to ovr 8.00 i.OJJ bushels in
1S08; Germany, f-oin less than 13.03C,-
000 bushels in 1890 to over 3?,J00,O0O in
Overcome evil with good. Overcome
your conjrh-. and colds with One Min
ute Couh Cure. It is to iroo 1 children
cry for it. It cure- cnnp, bronchitis
p. eumonis, grippe and all throat and
lunir disease-. At Stormes' Drug
St re. lm
Sigma, in writing to Ureeders Gaz
ette about brood sows, is inclined to
give the preference to sows not over
two years old if their pigs can have
plenty of cow's milk, but if the pigs
are to depend solely upon the sow for
nutriment he thinks it better to have
sows two j'ears old or over because
they give more milk. The pigs have
only a certain time toget their growth
and if they are stunted by an insuffi
cient food supply the time is lost and
they will never be as large nor as
thrifty as they might be if well sucl -led.
Matured sows generally have
more pigs than young sows, but the
CWstis Sipe for Emiloflj.
Dazling D isplay
Saturday, December 3, '98.
Sterling Silver Novelties of All Kinds.
Medallions in All Sizes. Dolls in Great Variety.
Books. Onyx and Jardinier Stands.
Calendars. Celluoid Novelties. Fern Dishes Etc.
"While we cannot describe or enumerate our Great Variety of Elegant
Attractions, we are very glad to Show them to" All Visitors.
We claim for our stock General Excellence
in Quality, Immense Variety,
Reasonable Prices.
Whatever yonr wants lie, we can meet fhem with BeauliM Selections.
We solicit a Comparison of Goods and Prices, knowing you
will find our Holiday I,ine the Best and Cheapest.
Lancaster, Kentucky,
Finest Line of
's Suits
Ever shown in Central Ken
tucky at Prices Lower than
fyou can purchase elsewhere.
Boys' Suits Guaranteed to
Wear. Children's Suits Fi
ner and Better than ever
Free Toll and Feed.
Try a pair and you will buy no others.
Stacy Adams' Sloes, Best Made.
Suits Gleaned and Pressed.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
5 Phone 136, Free to our customers.
pigs are no larger. On the other hand
young sows take better care of their
pigs, are lighter and seldom overlay
or step on their young as old, heavy
and clumsy sows do rather frequently.
When you ask for De Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve don't accept a counterfeit
or imitation. There are more cases of
Piles being cured by this, than
all others combined. At Stormes' Drug
Store. lm
Values of cattle, from day to day,
fluctuate only fractionally with laree
or small receipts. Prime beeves in
Chicago are worth 50 cents per 100 U s.
more than a year ago, or about 55.70
average; and the difference is quite as
great in the good shipping and export
class. Lately exnort trade has been
affected unfavor.-ibly by the forced
marketing of iiuffalo cattle on account
of the drouth. The Chicago sh'paients
have been reduced by the direct ship
ments eastward of large numbers of
fat cattle from distilleries.
The Heat Plaster.
A piece of flannel dampened with
Chamberlain's Pain Balm and bound
on to the afiected parts is superior to
any plaster. When troubled with
pain in the chest or side, or a lame
back, give it a trial. You are certain
to be more than pleased with the
prompt relief which it affords. Pain
Balm is also a certain cure for rheu
matism. For sale by R. E. McRob-
erts. lm
of Holiday Goods
and Overcoats
on c.e-1
New Oases,
New Lights,
New Goods,
Call and seethe
Cut Glass and
Sterling Silver
all of our friends and pat
rons to call and make
of our stock. We took es
pecial pains to select only the
and Latest Novelties to be
found in the markets.
Teeth extracted without patn
with Vluliied Air. Office is
New Thompson iloclr.

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