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I have mads special arrangements for this sale. - Stock complete. - Prices right.
let a Start
And Save Endless Suf
fering which Winter
Tim most offensive of all dis
eases becomes more intense :is cold
leather approaches. To fact,
many who have been under treat
ment for so long, and during the
glimmer feel little discomfort from
the disease, are almost persuaded
thai they have been cured. But
the first" chilling blast of winter
proves that the disease is still with
thni,. and as the winter advances,
thfir Catarrh grows in severity.
Those who have felt only a slight
touch of Catarrh may be sure that
only cold weather is needed to de
velop the disease. What appears
to be only a bad cold will prove
lanva difiicult to cure than for
merly, and will return with more
frequency, until before long the
disuse is fully developed.
"For years I suffered from a severe
case of Catarrh, and took several kinds
of medicines and used various local ap
jJioations, lut they had no effect whnt
pvt. I was induced to try S. S. S.
(Miv ft's Specific) and after two months
I w.-is perfectly well and have never
felt any effects of the disease since.
I McAllister,
It is easy to see the importance
of prompt treatment for Catarrh.
Have You Any Idea of What It Has Dour
Vor Von?
1 te 1, the peopie much which you
tto 1 See to have known, but wh'ch
mcdesty or necessity prevents you
from telling.
If you and all j-our folks have been
prosperous acd fortunate in your af
fair., the paper has boosted you all
the way. If you have had mis'ortune,
the paper asked for sympathy in your
This the paper rejoiced, when you
re joiced and wept when you wept. If
yo.t are a. good and enterprising citi
zer. the paper will always be your
Jrlead and will back you in your en
terprise and will help to find your bu
siness friends.
It U lis you where to buy and where
to s.'ll. It tells of rogues to be avoid
ed It tells you of current prices and
prevents you from being cheated and
bwindkd in 100 ways.
Finally, when vou die. the paper
vil publish your obituary and will
ccv.t over your faults and will recite
the story of your good deeds.
All these things the lecal editor will
ciusc h s paper to do, but no one else
in the world will dothem or can "do
them for you even for love or money.
The outside paper is a stranger to your
1st le world and is not at all interest
ed in its improvement. Yet your lo
cal paper does all this free of cast to
Call and see this Celebrated
-"N 14 y
It fully Warranted and Excels all others.
All Kinds FarinMachinery Always on Han d
Those who get a start on the dis
ease before the cold and disagree
able weather aggravates it, will
find a cure less difiicult. Calat; h
increases in severity year by ye;.r.
and becomes one of the most ob-
in.it.i on I lrrr-cntnl mi'li?q
In if..: 1 i
J Mil. 11. is equany luipm mm uiau
the right remedy bo given. All
local applications of sprays,
washes, inhalations, etc., can
never cure Catarrh, for they do
not reach the dis
ease. Catarrh is
in the blood, and
only a blood
remedy can cure
it. Local appli
cations only
reach theirritated
surface; the right
remedv must be
taken internally.
Swift's Specific (S. S. S.) is the
right remedy for Catarrh. It
cures the most obstinate cases by
coinc direct to the cause of the
j trouble the blood and forcing
j out the disease. Those who have
i met, with bo much disappointment
I from local treatment should throw
j aside their sprays, washes and in
haling mixtures and take S. S. S.
A cure will result. Send for free
books. Address Swift Specific
i Company, Atlanta. Georgia.
y u, if you are willing to receive it
that way. However, for your eake,
we hope you are too generous to ac
cept so many unrequited favors and
that yon are willing to reciprocate the
Help the editor. Be his friend, and
he will prove his friendship to you.
Subscribe for his paper and pay him
for it regularly in advance and get
your neighbors to do the same.
Send him the news or occasionally a
watermelon or a peck of peaches.
Invite him to your picnics and fami
ly dinners, so that he can eat a square
meal occasionally.
Don't call the ticket you give him to
the church concert a deadhead. He
can't buy tickets from every body to
every thing, but ha will say kind
words of your performances and thus
lead others to buy your tickets.
If you have anj'thing to buy or sell
let the paper assist you to find cus
tomers. Advertising that really pays
the printer benefits both advertisers
and readers.
If you have any job printing to do,
don't take it to an outside office, but
give your local newspaper the first
Give the editor a pointer occasional
ly, or write him sensible short articles
and don't get mad if he fails to seee v
erything your way. When he does
say a good thing, tell him so.
Lale to bed and early to rise, pre
pares a man for his home in the ski s
Hut early to bed and a Little Early
Riser, the pill that makes life longer
and better and wiser. At Stormes
Drug Stor.. lm
Wagon at
Hr-tv I I li"
ADVICE OIJ Liii'liSK-Via-Laia.
Girls SJuiuId Not WrIteToo Often mnl
SIiouMh'I ISITerVOKCC L'iiiiu
I'illif r.
In writing to men. girls especial
ly gjrls past 2o don't .-ny too much.
and don't say it in many words. .Men
ail have latent, inborn cruelty under
their waistcoats, and it all conies on!
when they get documents over four
juges long.
Don't use more than one "darling"
per page, even to your fiance, ("usli
ou must, when you are togetHer. but
don't effervesce upon paper. Whj
tljould you. really'.'
If 3011 hunger for warfare, writi
tc your lover a sweet, loving pnsis..
card, directed to the office. Tty it
So matter if he does want you it
write every day don't. A few i!i!
waiting for a letter from you wiil l.
wholesome moral discipline.
Men do not dote upon reproaches
sent by mail. If you have jM can-,
foi anger against any of the poor in:.
species, manifest it by a gotder
Speech is hut silver, and wii ;
pioachi's are. in comparisi..; t
hsst r metal.
Don't spend whole pajjrs - '
cuses; that is egotistical. i.. i
exalt you in your correspond! i.s"
to implore him to "unsw; wrr
ler;" flint should be a si.. ; -task.
CientleiuiMi need no si.e!.
IT you receive a written
sionally of a man's aflV ' r
show it to your best friend,
might thus he horn, and malice is her
twin sister ISeficies, it's silly.
A br.dly-.spelli'd. reeropsed epistle ir
nn unlovely witness against you. Men
enjoy daint ily-w orded mid written let
ters when 1 lie , must read them !.! all.
Xe.'er expect a bus-y mere man to
renlly distinguish himself in a letter
he won't. He is essentially a disciple
of brevity.
A crafty wooer will face powder and
shot rather than give a worldly wom
an documentary evidence of his court
ship. He judges all women to be trai
tors until they prove otherwise. Wise
are thou. O man.
He-ivily-sceiitcd paper is vulgar,
highly-tinted paper likewise, stamps
1 ddly placed 11 ml eccentric chirog
raphv not to be esteemed. Pittsburgh
A Jill: In (tiro Monarchy on Ship Uonrd
Willi U10 CnplRln on
the itriilK.
The "ship's 'ompany" of a man-of-war
is like a hmited monarchy, in
which the captain is the monarch, his
power limited only by the "Articles for
the Hetter Government cf the Navy of
the United States," otherwise known
as the articles cf war, and the orders
and regulations, of the navy depart
ment. With this restriction his word
is law; his mandates must be obeyed to
the letter by all on board.
The commissioned officers are the
nobles, the aristocracy. Between them
and the crew there is a social gulf as
wide as that between a British peer and
a shopkeeper. There is none but of-5
ficinl communication between these
two elements; yet the ofiicer has the
nobleman's solicitude for his people,
and the men li'ive a corresponding re
spect, loyalty, mid oftentimes affec
tion, for their officers.
The burghers are the warrant of
ficers the boatswain, gunner, sail
maker and carpenter all worthy, im
portant men, entitled to the prefix
"Mr." before their names when ad
dressed 1)3' either superiors or in
feriors. The nnval cadets or "middies" are the
student class.
The crew represents the grent body
of the people. In it are found thp rep
resentatives of nearly everj' trade.
There are "yeoman." as they are tech
nically termed, who are the clerks and
storekeepers. The paymaster's yeo
men keep record of and serve out the
clothing and miscellaneous stores con
sumed by the .'hip's company; the
ship's yeoman is the storekeeper for
cordage oil. canvas, hardware, and the
like; the engineer's yeoman is the
custodian for mechanic's tools, spare
pieces of machinery, nnd general en
gineer's supplies. There are pharma
cists, "bay men,' nurses, electricians
carpenters, machinists, blacksmiths,
boiler makers, painters, tailors, phip
writers, printers. bakers, nnd. natural
ly, the essentially nautical artisans,
such as calkers, riggers and the like.
Horner's Bound Table.
Delays are Dangerous.
Many of our friends, or people whom
you know of have contracted consump
tion, pneumonia or other fatal diseases
by neglect of a simp'e cold or cough.
Foley's Honey and Tar, a safe, sure
and pleasant cough medicine, would
have saved them. It is guaranteed.
Photograiihy Una Come to He an
Elllclent Aid In the Detection
of Criminals.
By both accident and intention, on
numerous occasions, the art of the
photographer has proved of immense
utility in compassing the conviction of
An amateur photographer in Chi
cago cunningly concealed an auto
matic camera in the tapestried wall of
his drawing-room, for the purpose of
securing some reliable evidence as to
the behavior of certain members of his
household during his absence from
home. One moonlight night a bur
glar broke into the house by way of the
apartment mentioned. In so doing, he
disturbed the spring which set the
hidden machinery in motion, and left
nn excellent photoof himself upon
the faithful camera, which, when pro
duced in court, secured his speedy
In another instance a man who
murdered his mother was arrested
by the operations of the omniscient
camera. The dreadful deed was com
mitted in a forest, where a student
of photography was at work. A par
ticularly pretty glen was so admired
by the artist that he took three cop
ies of the scene. One of these, when
duly developed and enlarged, por
trayed the details of the terrible trag
edy, and by its aid the culprit was
brought to justice.
During the jubilee celebrations a
well-known photographer in London
took a number of street scenes of his
toric interest. In one of these pic
tures, where a vast concourse of peo
ple were assembled near St. Paul's
cathedral, the camera revealed a
pickpocket in the very act of plying
his peculiar profession. An old de
tective, who afterward inspected the
photograph, said that he knew the
man well. He was badly "wanted" for
frauds committed on the continent,
but the officers were not aware that
he was in London. A week later he
was arrested.
A snap shot at a summer crowd on
the sands of Margate came out so
clearly that the knight of the cam
era showed it with satisfaction to a
number of his friends". Among these
was a Scotland Yard .officer who dis
covered among the mass of faces the
familiar features of a man whom he
had been hunting for months. Tak
ing the next train to Margate, he
haunted the beaches until he sighted
the fugitive and effected his arrest.
A Portsmouth photographer paid a
professional visit to a large garden
party at Southsea, where he took a
group of fashionable visitors with
salient success. During the process
of development he observed that In
the holly hedge behind the group a
rather repulsive human face ap
peared." A fortnight later a lady pur
chaser of one of these photographs
made the same .singular discovery,
and averred that the face resembled
the face of that of a man who had
made a futile attempt to rob their
house a few weeks prior to the party.
The matter being mentioned to the
police, the district was scoured, and
the man who was an old criminal
was arrested and imprisoned.
An Irish housebreaker in Belfast,
evidently ignorant concerning the
character of the camera, found his
ay one night into a photographer's
studio, on burglarious thought in
tent, when a large photographic ap
paratus attrncted his attention. More
by accident than design, the camera,
had been left ready for use, and the
artless manipulation of the machinery
by the curious thief actually pro?
duced a picture of himself, which was
afterward employed to bring about
his conviction. Chicago Evening
Doubtless a Graduate.
Weary Willie Wonder where
Slonchy Slocum ever got dat Harvard
college diploma dat he carries around
in his pocket? Doyer t'ink he slole it?
Sandy Saunders W'jv no; from de
vacuity uv his conversation I t'ink
he must hev graduated from Harvard
an' got It natural. He ain't bright
enough ter git it any other way.
Hard on Illni.
He (during a till) You think you
know it all.
She There is one thing I have yet
to learn.
"Ah, what is It?"
"To love a man." Up to Date.
Rare Self-PosseaiiloH.
Drowning Man Help! Help!
Rescuer (yelling to amateur photog
rapher on bank) Wait a second. I've
nearly reached him. Now!
Chicago Tribune.
aa.aaNUBIAN TEA cures Dppep
1 1(1111 VI v Bia, Constipation snd Indi
gestion. Regulates the Liver. Price, 25 cts.
No! it is not claimed that
Foley's Honey and Tarvwill cure
Consumption or Asthma in ad
vanced stages, it holds out no such
false hopes, but does truthfully
claim to always give comfort and
relief in the very worst cases and in
the early atages to effect a cure.
The man who can say "yes" and "no" j
at the right time has tlu greatest com-1
mand of language. Tit-Bits. I
Most of us waste too much time in
figuring up what others ought to save.
Washington (la.) Democrat.
Farmer "Look here, my son, it is
time to repair our mill. The artists
are beginning to paint it." Fliegende
"How much of a standing army have
we, papa?" "Very small, my boy.
Most of it's lying down." Cleveland
Plain Dealer. I
There is a great deal of money spent
on cake frosting at weddings, consid
ering the unceasing appetite of a long
future for plain bread. Atchison
"Yes, sir," said the man in cell 711,
"time was when I was admitted to the
very best houses." "And what brought
you here?" "They caught me coming
out." Tit-Bits.
A person usually leaves his manners
at home when he goes traveling, be
cause if he didn't the porters would
probably charge him extra for them.
Detroit Journal.
First Politician "You are a blither
ing idiot!" Second Politician "You
are a mean, dishonest, contemptible
sneak!" Presiding Officer (quite in
appropriately) "Gentlemen, gentle
men!" Somerville Journal.
Hattie "Then we went to Scotland.
It is perfectly wonderful the way they
talk the dialect." Uncle George
"Why wonderful?" Hattie "I should
think they'd forget now and then and
drop into English. I often do when
I'm reciting Burns or playing golf."
Boston Transcript.
PtaHfofC CUBAN OIL enn
r IWlUvl VCuts, Burns, Bruises, Rheu
matism and Sores. Price, 25 cente
Incomparable SexXlOe.
The Queen & Crescent trains are the
finest trains run in the State of Ken
tucky. Four daily trains to Cincinnati con
nect with the main Highways of the
Great Trunk lines of tne North, West
and East.
Th's is the line par-excellence to
Washington, New York, Boston and
the E-tst
The Queen & Crescent connects with
every line out of Cincinnati.
S. T. Swift, P. & T. A., Lexington, Ky.
W. G. Morgan, I). P. A.. Lexington, Ky.
I have purchased the Wal-
ker stable and am prepared
to furnish the
Very Best Rigs
on the shortest notice.
Special attention given Com
morcial Travelers.
The Havana Limited.
The first A perlcan Railway to 0.1
nounce train service for the especial
benefit of trayel to the West Indies has
been heard from. Hie Qjeen & Cres
cent Route are announcing a fast train
known as the F orida & Havana Lim
ited." It will go into serv.ca from Cin
cinnati to T irapa, Jacksonville, Miam,
Mobile and New Orleans. This expo
nent of the genuine American idea
getting into the field early will be a
conr.plete vestibuled service, with din
ers, observation cars, wide vestibules;
electric headlights and all the para
phernalia of the modern railroad train
It is chiefly to be marEed as the first
in the field for the new territory which
is just cominjr under the protection of
the greatest flag on earth. Train will
make fust time to Ports named and
will connect with fine steamer service
to various Ports in Cuba, Porto Rico
and Jamaica. It marks a new era in
railroading in this country.
11 E
c li 1
1 1.0 1 1
s . ii..y p.ir 1, u r
i r. mov ng the cause
c 1 11 t if -v-.em to absorb Ot.'.'f'i,
p'u it ing the b'.ood, and buil -ing up
tne system
Dear Sirs: The goitre has rntirely
di-i,p'are j 'rom Airs Wi s-m's ueew,
.d -.n.- is the pr udeiand .uost irrate
f 1 uom;n in tin- world. The Eii-c r -
Comp islieil what tne phv-it-
-.!.. d .i-di.m s c ul.l not. Mo
- ei yeir go h v i-i id ha
til '
vv .11, d 1
1 n.iV un e. 11
other case o goitr.
idly cured. It is my only doctor, ;iau
I use it in my family for all ailments.
llr.a Sam Wai.keu,
Wife of Uuited States Commissioner,
Wytheville, Va., July 9, 1S90.
Dubois & webb.
513 Fourth Avenue, Louisville,
13 1 1 ci I rvi rcc 2
For Sat.e Forty OjO lb. steers, 10
heifers. T. .U and W. McC. John
ton. sep-30
Fon Sale A splendid genfeman's
wheel, pr.ee S12, or will trade for a
horse, cow.mulu or hogs. R. E. Henry.
Citv Propeutv Foil Rest My home
on Lexington street, bstween College
and Judge Hemphill's. Full partic
ulars on application to Fisher Herring.
Mrs. Susun Fisher. tf.
For Sale A nice jersey cow, will
be 7-years-oId in the spring, has had
five calves and has not been dry since
first calf, she is giving gallons o!
ra.lk a day. gentle, cm lead her any
where, will bs fresh in Febuarjv
R. E. Uenkv.
For Sale A farm, consisting of 100
acres of good hemp and tobacco bind.
Farm lies four miles east of Lancaster
on the Hyattsville and Kirksville turn
pike. Also 21 acres on same pike in
sight of Hyattsville. For inform ition
all on R.E Hjary, ol The Record
1,000.00 )
1 $65,000.00
A. R. Dknnt, President.
Jno. E. Stormis, Vice President.
Wx. H. Kihnaird, Cashier.
a. C. Dknnt, J. F. Bobinbon. Jb,
Assistant Cash'r. Book-keeper.
B. T. Kmbkt Ass't Book-keeper.
Sara'l.D Cochran, Jas Spllman,
Alex. R. Denny. A. C. Robinson.
W. R. Cook, L. Davidson,
Jno. E. Stormes.
Farm for Sale.
I will sell my farm, containing seventy-six
acres, privately, and on easy terms. The
land lies about 4 miles east of Bryantsville. is
easily reached and in good state of cultivation
House contains, fonr robms and bos nil nee
essary outbuildings. There Is a good orchard
and never failing water. The place Is nnder
good fence. Por farther information call on
or address,
Mrs. J. M. Sorivner,
10-lS(t,96 Bourne. Ky.
Ikia Biseab
For the spe-.d
etter. siU r- -ilaiu
s.t ..
vithout an e"f:u
-' an'l
. v.i. .... siteh.
t.l tn::ic. Moi-d pnri&
I'rki?. 23 nts. i-oldfcj
1 1
1 1,
FIUI ill lli M
rv 1:1: n- u v
Robinson tVlliiniillo!) .liri.v
Office ovet Post Office. f
Lavcvht'.r : : : lii-unj
W. C Slimer. John Hoshal.
$3.00 PER CA FOR HOCS, $10.
Reference: Western Herman Hnnk.
Cincinnati, O
Shoultl know that the
"Old Time" Keinetly,
Is the best f or rc!s!s 7rbka. Correct.-; c.15
IrregularltleslnFeniale Organs. nouulto
taken for Cfexateo! Life nnd before Cblld-tjirth.
Plasters 'tiM Tims" Rpntulu have stoml the
test for twenty years.
I Mcdf only by New Sptncpr Medicine Cc. Char
R. E I ; 1 1' s rti. I Lancaster
You Are Going North,
If You Are Going South,
If You Are Going East,
If You Are Going West;
The Maximum of Safety,
The Maximum of Speed,
The Maximum of Comfort,
The Minimum of Rates.
Rates, Time and all other information wH
be cheerfully furnished by
C. P. ATM O FIT, o. p. A.,
Or by
K. C. Bramh.
oSuth-b'nd Mixed, passes Lancaster, 11 35 a
Sorth-b'nd Mixed. i4 " 3:10 p.
.iurin-D na rass gr
South b'nd "
2-2 .r
11:3 a.
Garrard Lodge No. 29, Knights
of Pythias, meets every Thursday
night in Odd Fellows hall. Allvis-
iting Knights are fraternally invit
ed. G. B. Sw 1 nb broad C. Cj
J. E.; Robinson, K. R. &S.
LoutsviLic Nashville ft. R.

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