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F1UDAY December 3 1808.
JjfAlN has yielded the la-t important
point and the n initiations at Fans are
pract cally at an end, only mmor mat
ters re naining to be adjusted be.ore a
treaty of peace can be sijjntfd. The
Courier-Journal's .-.pscials say at Mon
days joint session, the Spani-h C m
missioners announced that Spain :c
ccnted the p oposition of the United
Stat.-! s to the Pailippins. and will
cede the isla di to this Government,
reciivin-r a cash payment ot 20,000,000
The Spanish rep y protests against the
American deaian Is. assarts that Spain
has exhausted the resources of diplo
inicj in resisting1 p opostis tint :.r
rj.irJei as uaj ist, confesses that
S 4 rewiusci are not Mich as to
enable hr to ren.jw hostilities, and
declares tiiat she accepts the propos
als of the American Comm.ssion "in
her de-ire to avoid bloodshed and from
consideration o humanity and p-tri-otiim.
J he iincum-m was lirn , if
reading and translatio ojcn'ivinv 1 ss
tiian five tni'iiite- 1 ii u a d bt
tvaa not mi'iitiou d
Spain '-as n-w i r-vd thi A -can
Seman s for: Tii.- c.--.-t n F
to R co an I t m i-i i i . Gtt ; U
urrendfr of sovereignty id Cuba; . h
cestion of the entire 1 hiitpp.-e arc
pelaro. In return, the U .itfd States
p:i3-s Spp'n the sum of S2 .OOJ.OJ-J or
the Fh.l ppincr, bat refuses toabsume
or to guarantee any part of the Cuban
Anotiikr "moni-y kins" has gone the
way suc.t thieve generally wenu their
way. Grant C G.llett, who was pe.
haps the largest cattle trader in the
westj has disupprared, leaviug credit
ors dancing to the tuue of about two
million dollars. While the blame is
s d iled on GiHett, yet there is no
doubt but that many other are in the
bi i-t;aL T.iis t -ing o: on m n
c.-sfully getting awav witn larg.-
& im. belonging to many, is al bosn
T .ere are b ui.d i be o.heis iniu the
r.ibbeiy. 'I he poor devil who steals a
hog is made to do tmie in a penitentia
ry. but a gai.g can 'incorporate,' steal
ma .y thousuuus of collars and its all
riirnu it tne opie would rse up
and hai g a fi w of these artl.crrfile
t.l.eve, te-'e ou d .i.yi be a ch i
put upon the mildly termeu 'd(,f..u
G :s. Bttti.er. who recently returned
from Havana to Washington, says the
Ctb ms are anxious and ambitious for
se -government, but thinks military
o. c patiou with be necessary for
some time. Gen. Iiutler adds his tes
timony as to the filth of Havana, but
faj-s the Spaniards have promised to
bei-in work in connection with the
Americans to put the c'.ty in better
io rJitiou. He thinks evacuation may
be completed ten days before the date
Gov. Bbadley has declined the invi
tation to deliver an address of welcome
to the Louisville Legion upon its re
turn. He says he is forced to this by
"circumstances which might render
h!s presence embarrassing." It will
be remembered the governor and CoL
Cistleman had a newspaper war of
words previous to the Legion's depar
ture for Porto Rico.
A Kansas girl has a legacy of S500,-
000 with which to cultivate her voice.
She could save much time in accom
plishing this end by getting married,
as then the daily lectures given hubby
would strengthen her vocal organs
much more rapidly than a course in a
The death sentence of Portwood,
wno muracrea uicic 1'erKins, a crip
pled man, on his knees begging for
mercy, has been commuted to a peni
tentiary life term. Mrs. Portwood's
fear of her daughters being disgraced.
and the insanity dodge are said to
have secured the chanee.
Mast public men at Washington be
lieve that within five years Cuba will
pass into the possession of the United
States, after having a trial at free gov
ernment. Soaking, healing, cleansing,
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve is the impla
cable enemy of sores, burns and
wounds. It never fails to cure Piles.
You may rely upon it. At Stormes'
Drug Store. lm.
Work on the Kcutucky.
The Harrodsburg Sayings says Lock
No. 7, at High Bridge has been com
pleted and is, now, receiving the fin
ishing touches! Ti:e foundation of
this immense wall is a stratum of lime
fston", four feet in thickness and left
as nature fixed it The stones that
have been built in the dam are perfect
and large, wejghing from one to two
thousand pounds. No. 8, ten miles"up
t te river, is in process of construction.
Tae large stones-are being brought on
the cars from Beattyville and loaded
into a steamboat and carried up the
rier. Where the Cincinnati South
era'j track is nearest the river, a short
distance from the tunnel, a stout wire
lies been stretched across the river,
seinrely fastened on each side. By
Means of a pnlley the large' stones are
raised from the car, slided along the
vrire and lowered into the boat. The
wire or i ol is very stout, for some of
the stones weigh over 2,000 pounds.
'J he person who disturbed the con
gregation last Sunday by coughing, is
requested to call at.any drugstore and
get a bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar
which always gives relief. lm
BRYANTgyiULfc. j
the Ojjltetf MMWr"ltftB V:tty .. VV
ifrHA MT. Tou. &lala. prutfi110,
Mr. Len Hudson purchased the dou
ble toll gate house and lit on the Dan
ville and Lanvastir pike. Prlcrpiid,
about two nun r d and twent3--. to
Mrs. Janie Frd, of Lcxing'.on, was 0jat,, had employed. Cato aT .,d John Hcl
bere on a business trip SaturJHj' Miss ey to do some woik for hiu on the
Mahan is vul:iag in J examine this Ehanty-boat, and they Mcelvt-d a plan
weeK. aira. m rmiiu npiun
givwig with fnerU in Jet8inji!ie. c
M. Jennmgu and .vifc visited iheir pa
rents, suaday.
The sooner a cough or cold is cured
rr'ubout harm to the B1 florer tne bet-
ter. L.utfermg co.da are dangerous,
Hacking cough is distressing One
Minute Congo Cure quicKi.v cure it.
Why suffer wh mi b " ci.ug; cure i.s
wittiiu reach? It i pU-asant t ih
taste. At Sionnes Drur Store. lm
Oae u. the .-ad est dcatui ih.i
community i vcr w lues-. , oeeui
here Thai KSivuig day Mrs J
Farley, wiiile out in he yard ren
e -
ing a ketie ; i ,
tire an. i bin- ed
or; tne tluuits c u. b
r. as c u '.l
.. .it - -
Jk.l . .. bil ...
Sue nved on y f
:Ciii:nt. A very
- hours stter ihe
ix-pivs ivo m-i v e
was 'te.d at ner n m
R;v. Iiuiupnr-y. u iei
m .ins were lui I t . rest .
e mvery. sn.' teave a
d -y
, ...en ti' r -.
iie ii itiv.. e
iiisoau a it
four m Ii u: dr
o inoiii ii h r I ss
r-u ct h ' i- ri.
. e.ti i in. v.
M y G
I v
ii s a . e . .. .!.-;
W ). i ' I- i.tU II nod
e t tile t) -Vi - J-ier
Many have lost c ntidenc: a-oi n pe
as well as he-i.t t, c u- t v liavi
een told i he r K dn y is -se - in
cutable. Fol.x' K n y Cure is
Guiranie.-d remi-tly for t -e :l s our
ed and di-co so ate. C.ill a: any i c .
storo. lm
Miss Nannie .Vcl'arley eio e i hi-r
school at l.e.zt-y's seino' hous on
Thursday a ter-o i , w h :ipprooriat
eerc s s. i a e ' - e
binefl of tin- c ii T s
good row at j'-I-iiv, i r
p t .i pleasant l me
Late 'o bed an i ear y t nse p.e
pares a pi" f ,r ni hom. -a h- sks
But eany to led ann a L ttle Ea
Uier. the pi 1 that in ik.s lie on e
and b-tter and wmr At Sto-me
D-ug t r lm
M s- F B An t r.ifn
Ivtn. .i- we. .f i ;. :;s.illt VI- I
to her b.sk., Si. 11 Am 1 , '
Richmond. Mrs. Robert Lana, oi Row
land, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. O.
B. Perkins. Mrs. Wm. Palmer, of
Pai it Lick, spent several days last
week with her parents Mr. and Mrs
Joe Sowder. Mrs. J. F. Smith, of Crab
Orchard, is visiting her mother, Mrs.
Belle Austin.
For Pneumonia.
J. C Bishop, of Agnew, Mich.,
says; I have used Foley's Honey and
Tar in three very severe cases of pneu
monia the past month with good re
sults." Call at any drug store. lm
C. W. Graves bought a hog from 01-
lie Reed.
Mr. Ora Parton has moved into J. B.
Parks tenant house.
Ihe farmers in this viciiity are
nearly all done gathering corn.
Mr. J. C Fox bought a hog from
James Worrell for 2.75 per hundred,
J. G Fox bought twelve head of cat
tle in Lincoln county, for 3 to 3 l-2c
per pound.
Samuel Brewer is on the sick list,
Mrs. Mary Eurr is also numbered with
the sick.
James Cold iron gave a social to the
young folks of this vicinity last Thurs
day night, the 24th. All present re
ported an enjoyable time.
When you ask for De Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve don't accept a counterfeit
or imitation. There are more cases of
Piles being cured by this, than
all others combined At Stormes' Drug
Store. lm
Mr. Woods Walker and wife have
returned from Illinois, where they
have been visiting lriends and rela
tives. Mr. John Lovell and wife, are
visiting in Rockcastle. Mr. Mose Law
son and wife, visited her grand-moth
er, Mrs. Nancy Best, of Paint Lick,
last week.
Constipation prevents the body from
ridding itself of waste matter. De
Witt's Little Early Risers will remove
the trouble and cure Sick Headache,
Billiousness, Inactive Liver and clear
the Complexion. Small, sugar coated,
don't prire or cause nausea. At
Stormes' Drug Store. lm
Thousand Dollar for a Horse.
The Danville Advocate says B. G. fc
Monte Fox have sold to J. C Hubin-
ger, of New Haven, Conn., a yearling
pacing filly for one thousand dollars.
The filly was sired by Nuthtirst, dam
old Annie B., by Abdallah Mambrino.
She has been handled a short time by
Will Owing, and Mr. Owings th'nka
she is the very finest in all this coun
ty. With no great deal of worl: she
has shown him quarters in 32 1-2 sec
onds, and an eighth in 15 1-4. Mr.
Hubinger is a millionaire starch man
ufacturer, with a fondness for fast
pacers. The Advocate man saw the
21,000 check which heient for this one.
It was a yery fifetty piece of paper.
Many a househoNfe.is saddened by
death because of the failure to keep
on hand a safe and absolute certain
cure for croup such as the Ore Minute
Cough Cure. See that yoar little ore
are protected against emergency. A
Stormes' Drug Store. lm
lfcjMttCK Mnipterer. Who ft 9?
Mt Boldest With an A V
ikt Prnalty fur UU Cf.ffic.
j F-DhYViiXE, Ky.. Not. 2i,-Vf cato
i hanged Here shortly ftf .er noon
Friday for the murderol vla Md shanty
boat resident named AsUca on Septeiu
i ler 19. 1S9T. Askew, whtt Wl,s an old
1iu nim ana rol mm Th -i..
had a small stock ot ods, which he
dealt in with fanners, and had laid by
c few dollars.
Two men entered the room while
Askew was sleeping I trained him with
a double-bitted ax. M,d threw the body
into the river. Tbett;-o murderers then
took possession ot all the old man's
property, inchwliiijj the boat. This
caused suspicion, and tbey were arrcst-
cd and the boat searched. When
brought to jail the men confessed, and
were taken to Princeton for fear that
a mob would hang-them. They got only
73. Holley wa9 given a life sentence,
and Friday Cato paid for his share in
the crime.
TbeThnrnu;librait Saddle llurte Rpd Squir
rel Kill Brilliant, llotn Owned !y
W. F. Owilejr, Jr.
Columbia, Ky., Nov. 28. W. F. Ows
ley, jr., of Burkesville, who was the
owner of the two thoroughbred saddle
stallions, Red Squirrel and Brilliant,
has met with a serious loss. Red Squir
rel killing Brilliant. The door of the
stable in which Red Squirrel was
kept was, by accident, left un
fastened, and during the night he
got out, went to Brilliant's door, and
. with his teeth unfastened it. A de.s
' perate fight ensued, resulting in the
death of Brilliant, Rod Squirrel chok
ing him to death. Mr. Owsley is well
known over the state as a dealer in
fancy horses. He paid S'J.500 for Red
Squirrel In Fayetle county, and 51,200
for Brilliant.
The Olrbrated Homo Whs Kuncfcrd Uunru
(o Tfune f)tlirr Til n V. f. Aloir
andrr, of Ch ttnoucti.
Lexisgtox, Ky.. Xov. 29. It de
velops Monday night that W. J. Alex
ander, Chicago, to whom great imp.
Top Gallant was knocked down for
20,000, is pone other than W. I.
Alexander, well known citizen of
Chattanooga, and that he bid the
hore in for Maj. J. B. Ewing, Nash
ville, Tenn., former owner. Kinon
Stone, Georgetown, Ky., was bidding
on horse fpr a syndicate willing to pay
JJn.prr Mxrrird.
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 25. Miss Ivy
1,1. Moran and John L. Shannon, of
Moreland, Ky., eloped to Jeffcrsonville
Thursday and were married. Mr
Shannon went to Miss Moran 's home
Thursday morning ostensibly to cat
Thanksgiving dinner. He had npt
been there long, however, before he
and the young lady had agreed to
plope. They left her home in his huggj,
haying they were going to take a short
Erntaclclans Faying Their Tasec.
Fraxkfout, Ky., Nov. 29. Stati
Auditor Stone has received so far this
month, more than $800,000 from
sheriff's collections of taxes. The 0
per cent penalty goes on all unpaid
taxes December 1, and it is anticipated
that this will swell the aggregate for
f he month to more than a million, and
will make this the banner year for tax
collections during theprcsept state ad
Fought With Knivrs.
Ewixg, Ky., Nov. 29. Goo. Graves
and Charles Grason, brothers-in-law,
living near here, engaged in a fight
here Monday morning. Graves lies at
the point of death, cut in half a dozen
places by Grason's knife. Grason's
wife interfered and received a bad cut
A Convention of Tobacco (Ironers.
LiEXIXOTon, iv j'., jnov. us. a conven
tion of tobacco growers from all over
Kentucky wilLbc held in this city Mon
day. Numerous circulars have been
put and many delegates will be pres
ent. The object pf the meeting is to
fight the big plug tobacco trust.
Nurses Leave Ixlns;tnn.
IjExixgtox, ity., aov, 2H. On a
special train of three sleepers and one
baggage car C4 female nurses from the
John Blair Gibbs hospital, Camp Ham
ilton, left Lexington over the Chesa
peake and Ohio road for the southern
Good' Price for a Yearling.
Daxville, Ky., Nov. 29. B. G. and
Monte Fox sold to J. C. Aubinger, New
Haven, Ct., a yearling pacing filly by
Nuthurst, dam Annie B, by Abdallah
Membrino, for 81,000. Tbe filly has
paced quarters in 132.
F.ll I-ato the Ytre.
Lebaxox, Ky Nov, 20. Tosh
Thomas, a farmer living near here, fell
while putting wood on the fire. His
sister ran to assist him, but was too
late to rescue him. He died from his
burns a few hours later.
Raided a Moonshine Still.
Columbia, Ky., Nov. 28. Deputy
United States Marshal John A. Burton
and posse made a raid in Adair. They
captured and destroyed a still about
two miles from Milltown. It was in
operation, but the distillers made their
escape. There were besides the still
about 100 gallons of singlings, which
were destroyed.
Residence Burned.
Carlisle, Ky Nov, 29. B. F. Adair's
residence burned Monday morning.
Loss, $5,000; fully insured.
Tobacco destroyed la the Storm.
Bostos, Nov. 80. Between 975,000
and 9100,000 worth of tobacco stored in
the bonded warehouse of Lewis Wharf
was destroyed by the extremely high
tide'of the late storm. The ownership
of the tobacco is distributed amoB'g
Fom balf dozen concerns,
Don't Buy
WAIT and SEE our
They are Arriving and is the
Fiuest Lioe we
R. E.
Cheatlnr Alleged by a I'oxcr Player He
Procured a Shotguu and Slide Ce
of It, S.lllnc a Man.
Louisvillb, Ky., Nov. 25. George
Miller, aged 30 years, a driver for a
tannery, was shot and instantly killed
by John Isenberger, also a teamster,
Thursday night shortly after 10 o'clock.
Tha shooting occurred at Piazza's sa
loon, Jacob and Breckinridge streets,
and was the result of a quar
rel over a card game. The men
and several others began playing
poker shortly after 7 o'clock.
Isenberger lost heavily and finally ac
cused Miller of cheating. This the lat
ter denied, aad Isenberger declared
that he "would stand it no longer" and
left the saloon. He returned a short
while later with a double-barreled
shotgun and demanded the monry h
lost. Miller, who was the biggest win
ner, laughed at him. This angered Isen
berger and he struck Miller. The lat
ter picked up a poker and began beat
ing Ins adversary over the head with
it. Isenberger finally pushed him oft
and raising his gun fired both barrels
at the man, who fell dead. His breast
was horribly torn. Isenberger was ar
Const llutlon.tlity AttacKrd by a Stilt
riled in r'ranUfori by W. C. lloiilM,
of Lexinxlou.
Fbankfop.t, Ky., Nov. 20. W. C.
hoods, oi Lexington, tiled a suit in
the court of appeals attacking the.
constitutionality of the "habitual
criminal" law. The proceedings are
brought in favor of Thomas lien
derson, a Layette county convict, now
serving a life sentence on the ground
pf three convictions. Hobbs attack
the law on the ground that it violates
the constitutional provision that
neither Ufa or liberty shall b twlc
put in jeopardy for the same offense.
The question has never been passed on
by the Kentucky Courts.
R!fh Find of Kanlne,
TourKiKSViLi.K, Ky., Nov. 28. An ex
ceedingly rich field of kaobinc" is re
ported over in the edge of Allen eoun
ty, near the Monroe county line. John
Shelbj', a prospector in the employ?
jiient of a Bowling Green and Chicago
companj', made the valuable discovery.
Mr. Taj-lor, one of the leading mem
bers of the firm, left here with mining
tools and a force of men to make
further developments. Mr. Taylor is
very enthusiastic over the discovery,
Kentucky Returns All In.
Frankfort, Ky., Nov. 29. The state
board of election commissioners have
received the vote of Ohio county, thus
making the returns for the November
election complete. Secretary Finley
refuses to give out the aggregate dem
ocratic plurality iu the state, but it ap
proximates 21,000. The returns have
been arranged alphabetically, and
blank certificates have been provided
for the use of the commissioners at the
meeting Wednesday.
Meningitis Bt U-nton.
Bextox, Ky., Nov. 20. Some uneas
iness is being felt here for fear that
spinal meningitis may become epi
demic, as it did in 1891. That year the
people became so alarmed over the dis
ease that the town was almost depop
ulated. Manj deaths resulted in the
town and surrounding country. Two
deaths have resulted this week from
it, but no new cases are reported.
They Eloped to Lexington.
Richmond, Ky., Nov. 25, After tell-
ing her uncle, Mayor Claude Smith, of
this city, that she was going to Cincin
nati to visit friends, Miss Hallie Tudor,
daughter of S. L. Tudor, proprietor of
the Shepherd hotel, Irvine, joined her
lover, Mr. Sam Vaugh, brother of ex-
County Clerk Vernon L. Vaugh, at the
depot here and the two eloped and
were married in Lexington. Both are
prominent young society people of Ir
vine, Estill county.
Carpenter' Fatal FjIL
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 28. John
Morris, a carpenter, was fatally injur
ed Sunday afternoon by -falling from
the triumphal arch which is being
erected across Jefferson street below
Fifth in honor of the return of the
Governor Appoints a Lieutenant.
Frankfort, Ky., Nov. 29. Gov.
Bradley, on recommendation of Col.
Colson, has appointed William A. Hay-
craft, of this city, second lieutenant of
Company L, 4th Kentucky, now at An
niston, Ala. He succeeds Lieut. Nolan,
Second District Store-Keeper Gangers.
Owensboro, Ky., Nov. 28. Collector
Franks has appointed the following
storekeeper-gaugers from eligible list:
E. B. Bodlne, Logan county; P. O. Felix,
Grayson; W. J. L. Hughes, Crittenden;
Charles Edwards, Webster; Bion Jolly,
Breckinridge; John W. Postell, Chriak
tian. - .
rldllCrS Cohc, Neuralgia and Tootbadie
iagreadunrtM. Soar Stomach
aid" StutiMr Cottpttlirti. rrtc; 26"CMla.
Mare Ever Siiuwu
Good Bj Ki.sllHh Sparrow.
! on. Daws Hughe, lawyer, n-us-
papr man, and John Wani.m 's
business manager ier in L i nearer,
m-t a fri-sitl sev.-rai da-s agoa-i ' said,
"e . , Capt.iin. y- u Jimw r -u .
m eve 1 wuslnely, ii fae fi .,
year or miirn t.ac ,o mms eniriril
ii udv is.' d'ViisiE.vr and tntim .t .
s veral times, vhat you eli cd o -thinr.
or -. m bo v. was jo t.i -fer
I u, n.m r.- dy ti. unioad 0. .'
I have bren e r vt. t i H crus.ide
iga.nst that p -st f r ius itnimtl, yclept
t .i- E 'lts.i rmrr .-.v. Y ,u h ive oub -less
n..tic-dihe ompura iv.- ar.-iu
of that iin. Y .-.? I'tj u-ily..u how .t
was. By p m -sum i.f the Lancaster
hi. cine lJl in Co., I arranged a wire
alonjr by the ide o the electric wire
wnich enters my res deuce, so close as
almost to be in touch with ;t, but sep
arated by very minute insulators, so as
o preserve a perfect circuit. These
wires are so close that a bird on I gh -ing.
necessarily pfrchs on both of
them, when an elec ric shuck quickly
sends him to the ground. They w.-re
killed an . covered tne ground so rap
idly, and there was so much d.mger of
.i stench rising from their decaying
b. d es that I was afraid Marshal D c
Walker or Joe Petty would : rr st me
as a ommon uuisauc.;. I tnere.ore
laced nndi r the wire, the fu:l length
of the circuit, a deep trough c.maln
insr a p -w.-rful dcdo'-isiiig d composer
so that each bird as it M. at o e.-,
p $ d .i.to nithi.in. esT l.i.n 't thJ
birds catch on? "Of course they d.d.
but they .fell off .s fast as ther cuugut
on. O.i! 1 un erst nd you now. Yes,
t iey ciutnt on to my s: i.-.n-.-, a .1 b.
general and c mrno ons-nt, re u d
f r some tin e o go .i.-nr the vir . f
was great.y disturbed ,nd anno.ed,
aot only at the .aimre of my scheme,
but I v n rti.tly d tre-isi-.l, because
ou .10 any, a native bir i, wu.ch 1
was desirous of pr-.teeiing w m i lo .s.
lis li u i.y i ue very mi-an whic i I ia-l
.r, cut iff tin current, CRLture.i aid
Killed a number u! he . a-ro-v,. tuf
fed -ud. wired in maud ii.-r.h-i hen
" intervals along on the wire, lhis
not only kept the native birds away as
tney will not go near the English
sparrow, dui each one of the latter
was a nrsi-c:ass, thoroughbred, "de
coy duck- for the other sparrows. I
then stood back and gave the sparrows
a chance, and great was the slaughter
men ana lh?re perpetrated. Thev
could not understand how these dum
my sparrows stood it unmoved, and
unhurt, while they wore falling by the
hundreds, and they seemed greatly to
resent the very idea that those birds
could live, while they by acting in the
very same way were dying in such
great numbers; and many of them
lest their valuable lives out of mere
bravado and jealousy. But quite a
number of them finally drew off in ut
ter discouragement What did I do
then? I had to adopt a new plan. 1
cut off the oireult and observed the
situation. After a while one bird, ev
idently a stranger, came along and
perched on the wires, then one of my
watching crowd, then another, and
another, lit on the wire, and finally
there was a grand rush, and all sit
ting space, and most of the standing
room, was consumed. Sudlenly the
current went on, and as suddenly the
whole crowd of sparrows passed to
that undiscovered country "from
whose bourne no sparrow returns."
And that is why English sparrows are
so scarce in this city. J win work my
scheme next in Stanford." Thn m.
Daws Hughes, lawyer, newsnanar man
and John Wanamaker's business man
ager here in Lancaster, winked one of
his eood eyes at a Stanford man. and
passed on, X. Y 7
. Bottom Prices,
I cm bound to sell goods, and in
der to do so I am selling absolutely
all-wool goods, from Wanamakar &
Brown, at Philadelphia prices. Suits
for 88, 810.50 and 812.50 that cost from
83 to 85 more elsewhere. They are
selling and giving satisfaction, tcme
and save money. Fits guaranteed or
no pay. M. D. Hughes. Air't.
He Had Noticed It.
Have you ever noticed that men
and their wives generally grow to
look alike after thay have been marr:
ed for a few years?"'
"Oh, yes. Both of them nearly al
ways have the same sad expression."
Chicago News.
We have also noticed that a fellows
mouth and his sweethearts mouth look
very much alike because they have
been together so much.
Although our prices are as low as the
lowest, to increase patronage, the
Howard Tailoring comnan.y of Chica
go, will give an American Suveroin
watch, or a high class, handsome um
brella, latest style handle, value 82.50
with each suit of clothes er overcoat,
bought of them. This does not change
price or quality, and a fit is guaran
teed. M. D. Hughe, Agt
Is now -73r, id np xi 37-3 31 31; lau
p:i"ni ?i:m vn'c n'T b3??iiti? "Uir
I17 0)3 3rl '33, an will 3f c yoa th.3 foL owin?;
Leverins P 1 :ki j e Coffee at 09c
lb Sweet chocolate at oc
2 lb Cm 3 ijir Cirn ? iei at 06c
2 lb Cm hand packed Tomatoes goes at 06c
2 lb Can Aunt Betsy Peas goes at 05c
3 lb Can Boston Baked Beans goes at 08c
And every thing else as cheap in proportion. Don
fail to see our fruits before you bake your cakes.
Yours For Cash,
Be on the Safe Side
Insure your Tobacco.
Office, National Bank.
Fine Holiday Novelties
Many Attractive Features not Displayed by other Stores
by their own special importers.
5ui!Cr8or t" Lackfj A Gulltn
Fruit. Flowers. Shade.
Blue Grass Nurseries.
Fall, 1898.
Everything for Orchard, Lawn
and Garden. Fruit and Ornamen
tal Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Vines,
Small Fruits, Rhubard, Asparagus
and all stock grown in nurseries.
Prices reasonable, as we employ no
agents. Descriptive catalogue on
application to
Phone 27. Lexington.Ky
Sr. R. EDld5tein,
the well-known optician will be at the
luasou rioiei,
Monday, January 2 1898.
Returning one day each mouth. Eyes
examined and glasses scientifically ad
Trained Nurses.
The service of Nmseswbo have graduated
from the Louisville Training School can be
secured at the Pattie A. Clay Infirmary of
BIchmond, Ky,; price $15 per week, except in
contagious cases, for whleh $20 is charged
Application for nurses should be made to tbe
uperjnt endentof Infirmary.
Surplus Fund
OarafBl aad Prompt Attention GoratM
J. H. HiaaiMCTHAM President
rjwii T. Lxatxu. Vice-President
8. F. Hddsojt Csaalex
If. O. SMHST Assistant Caah't
O. D. Walkib BookketpM
I. X. MiaaiirmoTXXK, Lxwia T. Lxxtszl,
K. C. Anou, Jr. B. T. Hestox.
Book-Keeping, Business,
Over National Exchange Bank and Y.M.CA.J
RpfprPnPOThoaaandj of accfi'-ful trrailn
IIGIGI CllbC ates iuclqJing liJ iu bank. 1ml
Award orjlrdal and Diploma at WorlJ'
Exposition, fur Uouk-kerpin?, etc.
. A Thorough. Influential, and Honored
College. Hundreds of students in attendance lL
past year from 2U states.
Basinrsa Coarse rnsit of Book-bwpin?.
Business Arithmetic, rrnmanship.Cnmmerriat La,
Merchandising, llankins. Joint Stiwk. Manufac
turing. Lecture. Basinets Practice, Jlrrcantile Cor
respondence, etc.
Shorthand. Type-WritlncandTelegrraphy
are apeelaltlea; haTe special teacher, and room,
and can he taken alono or with the Uusinrys Couth-.
BSTThe Ke ntuckr University Diploma under fal.
awarded our graduate.
UT Special Courso of Book-keeping; for tho
Summer, 10.
W3 Special Courso of Penmanship, Z per
OradnateaiortheKnmmer and Fall anwioDt
of this College hare the privilege of attending tl
Literary Department of Kentucky Cn'ner.itr.
if desired, to June, l9d, free ofrharce.
So Vacation. Enter now.
Call at the College for new Catalogue of till Col
lege, containing an endowment of nearly am i.fiM
former pupils now in business, etc., in tbU cite, or
address its President,
Copyrights Ac.
Aarono sending a sketch and description mar
quicciT ascertain our opinion ireo wnetner an
tlons strictly confldentt
invention is proDaoiy
tentable. Communlca-
Uandbook on Patents
senffree. Oldest a
Patents taken t
nriree. ulaest arenc
ncr for securing patents.
Patents taken through Jlunn & Co. receive
special notice, without charge. In the
Scientific American
A 'handsomely Illustrated weekly.
Ijireest clr-
eolation of any scientific Journal.
year four months. tL Sold by all newsdealers.
Terms, 13 a
Branch Office. 5 V 8U Washington, I. C.
Indianapolis, Peoria and
Michigan Points
Trains leave Seventh Street Station
and First Street Station.
City Ticket Office, 218 Fourth Avenue
General Agent Passenger Dep't
Louisyillx Ky
Qaeoa A Crescent Route.
Nnmber 10 (Dally except Sunday). ...6:09 a. m.
Number 6 ( Dally except Sunday ) . . . . 1 :43 p. m.
Number i (Dally) Flag 3:.m.
Number a (don't stop) 4:17 p.m.
Number 1 (don't stop) .11:43 a. m.
Number 5 (Dally except Sunday).. ..11 U0 a. a.
Number 9 (Daily except Sunday ) 7-J6.p. m.
dumber 3 (Midnight flag) WM p jb.

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