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FRIDAY, December 2, 1898
Miss B-ssie I';itton spent Sundav
with Mis Sallie Tillett.
Mr. Ran iolph Harris pave a dinner
Sunday, to a few iriends.
Miss Julie Mae Gaines entertained a
few friends last Fri lay evening.
Miss Ella Dunn, of Lower Girr srd,
is the -u "X of Mrs. d M Ba.Lm.
Misses Florence Harris an I Anni
Austin have retur- e f r i vis
Miss Molli. Bur ett. f l'a-- - 1
is visiting Mrs. Joh i er. I) u
ville Ave.
Mrs. Wm. Price una son tti.liaui, f
Danville, have been visiting relatives
in this city.
Misses Feiber and Noel, of Danville,
are visiting Miss Graham, on Rich
mond street.
Miss Pearl Uolcombe, of Elizabeth
town, is the handsome guest of Miss
Florence Harris.
Mr. Willie B. Stone, of Chrrleston
V. Va.. is visiting his paronts, Mr. and
Mrs. Thos. Stone.
Miss Nellie Arnold is visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Arnold, near Crab
Orchard, this week.
Messrs. Will Ball and Jim Smith wit
nessed the game of foot ball at Rich
mond last week.
Mrs. Susan Andersc n has returned
from an extended visit to Indiana, Illi
nois and Covington.
Miss L'zzie Pumphrey is spending
the we jk with her sister, Mrs. Ilattie
Tankersley, of Madison.
Mrs. Cicero Price, of Eecknersville,
and Mrs. I'e tie Embrj', of Louisville,
are visiting Mr.s. M. D. Hughes.
Miss Sue Pope, who has been the
guest of Mrs. Win. Smith, has return
ed to her home in Bar bourville.
Paul Miller, of Kentucky State Col
lege, spent Thanksgiving with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Miller.
"Mrs. Margaret Gill and children met
Miss Mary Gill, of Oxford, Ohio, in
Cincinnati, and spent Thanksgiving.
Miss Willie Mae Brown, aicjmpani
cd by Mrs. Ed. Brown, of Lowell, zis
ited Miss Bruce Pumphrey, last week.
Adjutant Will Ed. Cabell, of Mid
dlesboro, has baen visiting his friends,
Capt. Duncan, Capt. Kinnaird and Lt.
W. B. Bradshaw, now of Cincinnati,
was here a few days this week. He
returned Wednesday, accompanied by
his wife.
Crpt.Ssn Tcrctn cnterlaiced ala
handsome stag dinner last Friday, in
honor of Adjutant W. E. Cabell, of
They do say there is a double wed
riino- booked at Stanford, in which
Girrard county society is interested.
Know anything about it, Jack?
Misses Louise Kauffman, of Rich
mond College, Nannie Gaines and An
nie Lovd Herring, of Georgetown Col
ege, spent Thanksgiving with their-
home folks.
The manv friends of Miss Eugenie
Dunlap are glad to hear of her recent
improvement She will be taken from
the hospital to her hom in Lexington
in a few weeks. "
Ji:d;e IL L. Grinnan, of Cynthiana,
was here last week representing a New
York clothing house. He formerly re-si-led
in Lancaster, and many old
friends were glad to see him.
Mr. and Mrs. John Greenleaf, of
Ricnmomi, and Mr. and Mrs. W. n.
Ur-enieaf, of St. Louts, arrived Mon
day in answer to telegram announcing
the death of their mother
Serg. Fre 1 J. Conn, of the Second
Lousiana Volu nteers, was at home on
a few diys fnrloujh and returned to
his regiment Saturday, Fred is a clev
er fellow and his many friends were
glad to see him.
Mr. II. S. Brown orders his paper
changed from Waddy to Kirksville.
He ha ooe led a lurgtj stock of merch
andise at the latter place ;md moved
his finiily there. Mr. Itrown is a
- I i'-li b.'s-nes man and wll m k
rie i i wn-rev -r -if g ".
I-.d a tm, f t Stm o d .'ournal,
miiiT d ii- file y .i call Mont- y
Ei s h bf-t "huil.-r'" we -ver saw,
and th . ditor of the excellent I.J,
ough to enter .nto his closet twi-e a
day and return thanks lor bein fixed
with so good an "outside man."
The following couples formed a tal-
laho party to tne oyster supper at
Hryantsville last Frida3f evening :
CapL Duncan, Miss Altie Marksburs ;
Capt. Kinnaird, Miss Carrie Currey;
Adjutant Cabell, Miss Fannie Collier;
Lieut Farra and Miss Jennie Burn-
One of the many pleasant affairs in
Lancaster during the past week was
a most elegant dinner given by Mrs.
George Patterson to a few friends.
Mrs. Patterson is an ideal hostess and
the occasion will be long remembered
by those present The guests were
Mrs. Elizabeth Denny, Mrs. Eliza Far
ris, Misses Sallie Tillett, Jennie Lack
ey, Emma Soper,La ura Smith and
Fannie Shugars.
Aunt Lucinda Greenleaf was given
a surprise dinner last Friday, it being
her S4th birthday. She seemed to en
joy the day immensely, but on Satur
day night was called to a better world.
She was a good christian woman and
her children have the sympathy of all
the community. A more extended no
tice of her death appears elsewhere in
this issue-
The Advocate says Mr. GrahamPrice,
of Danville, and Miss Mary G. Walker,
the bright and popular daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Walker, of Boyle
county, werd quietly married Wednes
day night by Dr. E. M. Green. The
wedding was rather a surprise, ultho'
an agreeable one, to the friends of the
couple, although it was known that
they had been devoted to each other
for some time. Mr. and Mrs. Price
will for the present have rooms in the
Harding Flats, and board with Mrs. A.
C. D inn. Their many friends wish
them all the prosperity and happiness
possible. May each succeeding Thanks
giving give them as much cause for
gratitude and joy as the one which
marked their union for life.
The many Lancaster friends of Miss
Chastine McGregor, the pretty Louis
ville girl who visits Mrs. Wm. Cook,
will be glad to learn that she was sub
stantially remembered in the will of
her uncle, Mr. Alfred Lewis. After
giving handsome sums to several char
i table institutions, be directs that the
residence and lot at CM First street,
Louisville, in trust to Misses Chastine
and Mathilde MacGregor until the
latter becemes twenty-one ye ars of age
He desired that this residence should
be retained for a home. Ten 4-per
cent United States bonds of the par
value of 81,030 each, were also left to
the Misses MacGregor. The. will was
dated March 22, 1897. The estate is a
Ivery large one.
Men's Odd Pants,
at every price.
Warranted Never to Rip.
Full Dress Shirts,
Stylish Colored Shirts.
Best Unlaundered Shirts, 50c.
About eight o'clock Sunday morning
the remains of Mrs. Lucinda Gre nleaf
were lound in her bt-d. her spirit hav
ing taken its flight sometime during
the night. S.ie retin-d at t.ie rcular
hour in Saturday night, ii her usual
.ieai h, 4iid leaih was not known un-
il souie one went to her room to an
nounce break ast, when her body was
onnd in its natural position, which
indicated the fact that the spirit and
body had separated without the least
struggle. As soon as the fact was
made known everybody, who knew
the estimable old ladv. went t p 13 a
tribute of respect and take a look at
the familiar features.
Funeral services were conducted, at
the Christian churca, on Tuesday a -ternoon
at 1:30 o'clock, by Eid. George
Gowen, in his forcib.e and attractive
style, after which the remains wer
interred in Lancaster cemetery. The
large crowd in attendance evinced the
high repute in which she was held,
and the"expressions of regret over her
departure, and the frequent reference
to her noble, Christian character anil
her pure life, reveale 1 the fact thai.
everybody was her friend.
She was, in reality, a consistent
member of the Christian church, hav
ing con 'essed her faith, in early life,
and lived in a manner which proven
to the world that she was possessed of
those Christian virtue which sid rn
and b-ciuti'"y tnis life, an j prepare the
soui for that purer ami brighter exi-t-e
O . 1 1 t dav- a number of her lads
fru-.i t- met in 1 .i.neit with her, to eel-
ii -at- tie 84 1 an.iiver.vary o her
nir h 1. iv Of course, at this alvancd
age, ner health was not very good,
bit her sudden departure was unex-
S ie had been a widow for many
yeirs, and leaves J'ur s-ons an 1 one
drughter: Mrs. H. C. Kauffman ami G.
S. Greenleaf, of this city, Mr. John S.
Greenleaf, cashier of a bank at Rich
mond, W H., a prominent business
man of St, Louis, Mo., and Lee Green
leaf, now residing in 'Jexas. The high
esteem in which they are held, by all
who know them shows the value of a
Christian mother in the formation of
character, and how the words of ad
vice anl admonition, given in early
life, will determine the course and
destiny ot those who are blessed with
Such women have done more to ex
alt and embellish human life, than all
the orators, philosophers and minis
ters of earth. While living they de
serve a brighter crown than any that
ever decked the brow uf Caesar, and
over their remains the chiselled mar
ble should hi reared until it kisses the
skies. Lit this and the rising genera
tions follow her example, live her life,
and the world will be much better.
Human nature revolts at death
when alone, when denied any human
ministrations, but, in this instance
the touch of a human hand, or the
dropping of a tear would have been of
no avail, when the angels hovered
about her pillow and wafted her spirit
to its heavenly home, to which all
such spirits gravitate, by a law as fix
ed and immutable as the law which
draws the pebble toward the center Of
Of the slab, which will mark her
resting place, we say with the poet
"The granite monuments which stand,
During Time's untiring roll,
Are guide-posts ou the lanft
To show the course of che soul."
Scrlbner's Magazine.
The Christmas number of Scrlbner's
Magazine has several notable art feat
ures. The brilliant cover in silveri
gold, and colors is from a prize design
by Albert Herter. There are also six
teen pages of color-printing of an un
usual kind reproducing Maxfield
Parrish's very original schemo of illus
tration and decoration, accompanying
F. J. Slimson's poetical version of a
scene from Wagner's "Rhine-Gold.'
In the article on "John Ruskin as a
Painter," Mr. Spielmmn has'included
reproductions of many unpublished
paintings and sketches, secured only
by reason of his long personal friend
ship with Ruskin. Another artistic
feature is the frontispiece by the
young artist, Walter Appleton Clark,
whose reputation has been made in
the pages of Scribner's.
Several freight cars, jumped the
track at Silver Creek Wednesday, de
laying the day trains about five hours.
More Local.
Overcome evil with good. Overcome
your coughs and colds with Oae Min
ute Cough Cure. It is to good children
cry for it It cures croup, bronchitis
p.ieumonis, grippe and all throat and
lung diseases. At Storines' Drug
St .re. lm
A Warm Xumber.
A .great many white people witness
ed the Cake Walk given by the colored
U. B. S. H., at the Court house last
weeK. The contest was a hot one, be
ing participated in by ttirje of the bvst
waiters in Central Kentueisy. Billy
Farris, Freu Young and Prry Emory,
the latter from Crab Orchard. Farris
was the favorite among the crowd, be
ing a Lanctster man, but after the
Crab Orchard entry had cut a few ca
pers at least half the crowd began to
coach him The judges gave first
money to Farris. un-l second to Em
bry. The latter "waits table" at Crab
Urchar 1 Apringa, and can bring m a
fif ty-pound tray of dishes on three fin
gers, never changing the "gracefu."
ait he kept on the stage here.
; o all ci izens or impostors traveling
all over the country, representing
themselves as my sons, or agenis, and
swindling the people.
I have a son, Dr. Rudolph Goldstein.
who visits one day in each month one
town, stops at the prominent hotels in
the State.
lie represents the House, is skillful.
and honorable in his ueatins, the rest
arc cxunter eit- or impostors.
A. Goldstein, Optician,
lt 544 4in Ave. Lou.sville, Ky.
Will More In.
Mr. J. W. Sweeney has rented Mrs
Fisher's property on Lsxington ave
nue and will move to town first of the
ye ir.
I'lease ISemriuber.
A fellow representing some city
printing office was here this week and
was given work by many business
men. Now, of course, they had a per
fect right to do this, but we speak of
it in order to call their attention to
the fact that the fellows' house also
grinds axes, and, as the tail should al
ways go with the hide, they will please
send their wood-choppers to him, and
not bother us with their troubles.
Not Dead. Oh, No.
The gentlemen workinir up the hotel
and opera house are so busy getting
reidy for their Christmas trade that
they have done nothing for the past
week toward the scheme. As no work
could possibly be done before spring
this delay amounts to 11 'thing. We
repeat our statement that thn plan is
a winner and the building will be put
Competitive Examination.
On Saturday, December 7, at the of
fice of the County Superintendent, an
examination will be held for teachers
who desire an appointment to the Nor
mal Department at State College. This
is a competitive examination, and is,
therefore, open to all teachers. Four
appointments are to be made and those
teachers obtaining the highest aver
age in Arithmatic, TJ. S. History, Eng
lish Grammar and Geography, will be
entitled to the appointment.
Ei.isa J. Lusk, School Sup't
Too Much Iilq.
Two men named Todd got too much
Battle Row whiskey Monday, and rais
ed a racket They resisted arrest and
Marshal Walker summoned Messrs. J.
M. Higginbotham and T. J. Hatcher
to his assistance. The men were very
unruly, and when in the court room
one of them made a very insulting re
mark to Mr.IIigginbotham and threat
ened him. Mr. H., in defense, let go
his right fist, and sent the fellow to
grass. The blow, together with Judge
Brown's fine, will doubtless teach
these fellows a good lesson.
Came Out the tittle End.
A Stanford negro, named Will Gill,
came over and proceeded to teach the
Lancaster coons the latest and most
improved' way of running a bling ti
ger. .Policemen Walker and Petty
soon smelled a mouse and catching
Gill with wool in his teeth, took him
before Judge Brown, who assessed a
small fine of $125. Kot having the re
quisite amount of cash, Gill will spend
one hundred and twenty-five days
astride a Lancaster rock pile ere he
again listens to the rippling waters of
St Asaph cre'ek.
Cotton, Wool, Fleece-lined, .
Balbriggan Union Suits
for Men and Boys.
Dress Shoes, Work Shoes,
Farm Shoes, at Low prices.
Call, see them and Save Money
1847 Rogers Knives and Forks $3. per dozen.
Mail orders promptly attended to.
Best repair shop in Central Kentucky.
Send ii3 your Watches, Clocks etc.
Perfect Satisfaction, or money refunded.
Send for catalogue of Silver Novelties.
C.N. McDonald, Jeweler, Optician, Danville
Fresh Oysters received daily. Served
and sold. O. F. 'i illett, Lancaster
Try the Butter Scotch at the Kand
Kitchen. It is delicious.
Patronize the advertisers in The
Record. They are up-to-date.
Rabbits are dying by the thousands
in Indiana from what is believed to be
hog cholera.
J. U. Siler bou.'ht in Garrard and
Lincoln counties, two car loads of
hogs at 2 1-2 and 3 cents.
Au or lin iry gla-s o buttermilk c n
tains about as much nutrinrnt as two
ounces of breid or an or..inan- sized
t o la to.
Over 4,003,000,000 bushels of potatoes
are produced each year, to 6.000, iOD.000
bushels of corn, while wheat takes
thir 1 place with an annual pr diction
of only 2,5 JO. 030,00.0
An opossum eats the head and nee
of his victim and kills one or two at a
time; a mink bleeds his victims in the
neck and sucks the blood, and will
slaughter a dozen or more birds in a
night. Both leave the carcissin the
coop or house. Rats drag into holes
cats, foxes and thieves carry away.
A study of habits will help you to
c itch the culprit that is roboing your
hen roost
The Harrodsburg Saying says: There
is a new enterprise being operated be
tween Mercer and Jessamine, such as
the wise man never dreame 1 of. Mr.
Geo ge Sampje, formerly o Frankfort,
h s a steam saw mill in a boat which
he moves up and down on the Ken
tucky river, stopping, long enough,
where he can get four or five logs, to
saw them into lumber. He then boats
the lumber to a lanJing and divides,
giving the owner of the logs half and
keeping the other half for himself. He
has been operating his floating mill for
five or six months, clearing not less
tnan S100 per month. He employs
several hands.
iDazlins D isplay
Saturday, December 3, '98.
Sterling Silver Novelties of All Kinds.
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Lancaster, Kentucky,
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Umbrellas, Canes, Night Robes
Bath Robes, Holiday Goods
(Written for Central Record)
Lawyers have the happy prievilege
of meddling with other peoples busi
Coil weather is heated by a coal
The miser if transmuted into illiquid
would make good glue, so tenaciously
do the dollars stick to him.
But few peop'e realize their close
relasionship with a cornfield. Both
have ears.
The bicycle crank has ono consola
tion if nades is .to be his uture dwell-ing-plac;
he can continue his scorch
ing. Happiness can be measured by de
rees of contentment
Secrets should not be deposited with
a child for safe keeping, or Ihi safe is
liable to open of its own :ic:ord, and
expose the treasures.
Flattery, like whiskey, is only a tem
porary stimulant.
How many people would be fo-ind
wanting if weighed in the balance, d
pecially in brains.
The children of some parents are
found wanting: others are wanted
Flirts like spiders weave their webs
ready to catch any poor fool who
chance-, to get within their limits.
All men turn cranks some time in
li;e, if nothing more than machine
'1 hey who wish to dream of their
sweethearts should not drink strong
coffee for supper or they will be mor
apt to dream of old nick.
Ukxky Torsei.1., Marksbury, Ky.
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not have to run a certain course. Cure
it quickly and effectually with One
Minute Cough Cure, the best remedy
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ses. We recommend it because it's
good. At Stormes' Drug Store. lm
Surfs! for BnqMT.
of Holiday Goods
- date Stuff.
New Oases,
New Lights,
New Goods,
Call and seethe
Cub Glass and
Sterling Silver
all of our friends and pat
rons to call and make
of our stock. We took es
pecial pains to select only th e
and Latest Novelties to be
found in the markets.
Teeth extracted without pain
vr th Vitalizi-d Air. Office 1 1
the New Thompson Building.
Incomparable Service.
The Queen & Crescent trains are the
finest trains riia in 'the State of Ken
tucky. Four daily trains to Cincinnati con
nect with the main highways of the
Great Trunk lines" the North, West
and East.
This is the line par-excellence to
Washington, New York, Boston and
the East.
The Qneen & Crescent connects with
every line out of Cincinnati.
S. T. Swift, V. & T. A., Lexington, Ky.
W. G. Morgan, D.P.A., Lexingt'oBKy.,
Ml it -
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