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LOUIS LA.NDRAH, Publisher.
5 One Tsar, m advance $1.00
Six Months. " so
Thbee " " .25
FRIDAY December 9 1898.
Gov. Dkadi.ky is opposed to Uncle
S ,m aiquiring1 territory all over the
world, and gives splendid reasons for
his position. He says: For more than
a third of a century of profound peace
the people of the United States have
proven incapable of settling the race
question. It is no nearer solution now
th in at the outset. Kotwithstan ling
this, an effort is now being made to
acquire other possessions, and another
has been attached, the rrBult of which
will bj cot only to bring under our
jurisdiction and control Malays, igno
rant Negroes, Chinese, Japanese Pig
rn'es and lapcri, thereby greatly in
cr asin ; racial troubles and the diffi
culties attending their settlement, but
the assumption of burdens and respon
k i.itili s, which will inevilably prove
o en us, expansive and exceedingly
dangt-rous. In view of the rassh ener
gies being, expended in this behalf
abroad, there is no time remaining for
the settlement of vexed questions of
government at home. Iudeed, then;
srerns much greater anxiety to court
similar difficulties in foreign lands
than to prevent them in our own.
The State of Washington, which had
female suffrage as a territory, voted
against continuing women as voters,
last month. This is well. Whenever
a woman puts on breeches she loses
that respect and love which she enjoy
vh le remaining in her place. Women
voters, women lawyers, women dec-
tors and greatest of all, women speak'
c-f, are always misfits, and, as we
heard a fellow say, are either old
maids or disappointed married women
generally speaking.
Congskss convened Monday. The
president's message related principal
ly to increase of the standing army
and the problems brought about by
the recent war with Spain. He ju
gles with the additional territory
problem, though maps out no fixed
policy as to the government of the
lands. It is a windy document and
was doubtless only be read by those
having more spare time than anything
If anyone thinks the Courier Jour
nal has lost its popularity, he will
quickly change his opinion by taking
a look at Sunday's edition. It had
1 5 colums of advertising matter from
the leading and best firms in the south
besides more than the usual amount of
c'loice news matter. Taken up one
si'le and down thj other, the old C.-J
cannot be surpassed, if equalled.
Skverai. col eges are arranging fcr
an oratorical contest at Lexington
Many a good plow hand is spoiled by
Uiese contests. The strength wasted
in m iking "sweeping gestures" would
lo much more appropriately utilized
i' applied to pulling the bell-cord ove
t. m iIp.
The editor acknowledges with
t ianks an invitation to be present at
the reception and celebration compris
ing Kentucky's welcome to Kentuck'i
troops at Louisville. Many visitor.
will ba in the city and a royal time
will be had by those attending.
Keply to X. V. Z.
Elitor Record:
An unknown quantity, signingX . Y.
Z. in your last issue, seeks to expose
my scheme for destroying the English
Sparrow, and deals with it as if it were
a trivial affair. The destruction of
that bird is more desired, by the far
mere of the country, than anything
else, and, to them, the question is more
momentous than the annexation of the
Philippines, the tariff issue or the
question of a tilver dollar being made
a standard dollar, at the ratio of 1G to
1. The farmers will never vote for
a man who seeks to dest-oy the effect
of my invention. I believe "X. Y. Z"
is allowed the title of "Captain," for
services in the war between the North
and the South. I believe that he is i
lawyer, a politician and the embodi
ment o witti. ism and sarcasm. I think
ti it he is the man wh ) said that he
saw siveral hojs that would weigh
90) pounds and that the musquitoes
werd so large, in a certain locality.
that a great many of them would
weigh a pound. These statements are
true, bat misleading. Of course sev
eral h'-g. will weigh 003 pounds "and
great many musquitoes will weigh
pound. If I am correct as to the iden
tity of X. Y. Z . I must confess that he
is my friend and that I admire his
manhood and his talent, but his article
will defeat him for any office, to which
he mi?ht asp're, as the farmers will
notsupporthim, on account of his views
on the Sparrow question. They will
only support a man who favors the ex-
termination of that bird and one who
is not disposed to deal with the subjec
as if it werj a frivolous one.
Beside this my invention was a val
uable one and, if his article causes an
other to patent it, he will be made de
fendant in a damage suit for 10.000,
in which all the lawyers in town will
represent the plaintiff. I give these
hints in order that the author of that
article may govern himself accordingly.
Id D. Hughes
Many have lost confidence and hope
as well as health, because they have
been told their Kidney disease was in
curable. Foley's Kidney Cure is a
Guaranteed remedy for the discourag-
ed and disconsolate Call at any drug1
Mr. John M. Lane has built a nice
stock barn on his farm in Polleys Bend.
Will Badget, of Polleys Bend, mo
ed to Lincoln county the middle of
this week
Mr- Manly Grow, of Jessamine coun
ty will moove iu a few weeks to his
fathers farm Polleys B nd.
Key. J. W Hugh, of Wilmore, preac" -ed
at Mont Olivet last Saturday night
and Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.
Jchn Scott, of near this place has
posted his fiirm and will prosecute any
intruder caught or his premices.
The Public school taught by Miss
Amanda Anderson at this place will
close the last Friday before Christ
L D. Scott has sold her inteiest in
the grocery business to J. E. Scott
and he Will continue the business
the old stand.
Morgan Tryor, of this pi tee has
purchased a piece of land in the lower
end of the county and will move
there the latter part of the week.
When you ask for De Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve don't accept a counterfeit
or imitation. There are more cases of
Piles being cured by this, than
all others combined. At Stormes' Drug
Store. lm
William Nave, of this place, has
rented the Isaac Hamilton property in
the lower end of this county, and will
move to same on or about Christmas.
Mr. Ed Shirwood representing th
wholesale grocery firm of Richard
Harks & Co., of Cincinnati, was in this
village last Thursday taking Christ
mas orders.
Will Scott and wife visited her fath
ers people in Mercer county last Sat
urday and Sunday. Alex Line wen
to Lexington last Friday and returntd
home Sunday. Your corespondent
was in The Record office one day last
week and took a view ofthrngs in gen
eral and found every thing humming
right along. Everything in this office
is up-to-date. The editor is wide awake
for everything that is new and up-to
date. Any body that wants printing
done will make it to there interest to
call on the Central Record.
Died, at her home near here, on last
Friday, Dec. 2nd, at 7 o'clock, Mrs,
Martha Poor aged 73 years. She leaves
three sons aud two daughters and
hundreds of friends who mourn he
loss. The funeral took place at her
residence Saturday morning at
o'clock. Services by Rev. C M. Hun
phries, burial at family grave yard
Death, the destroyer of the human
race, comes to all. II is cold icy hand
is felt in every clime unier the sun,
In cottage, and pallace his dominion
is over all. This time he lays his hand
on the o'd, a woman who had passed
her three score years and ten. Though
she had been in ill health for severa
months, she was never heard to mur
mur or complain of her affliction. She
was true to her God, herself and her
friends. She had few equals and no
superiors. Asa man lives so shall he
die. When her body has moulded in
the tomb "Aunt Martha" Poor's deeds
of kindness will live in the hearts and
minds of those who knew and loved
her. It has been the writer's privilege
and pleasure to have known her in
timately all my life and a better
woman I never knew As a neighbor
she was kind and obliging. As a friend
none could be more true. As a mother
she was kind and devoted. We tender
our deepest sympathy to the bereaved
children and relatives in this dark
hour of their deep affliction and may
we all strive to follow her example
justness and kindness and we will
meet ner in a worm where sickness
pain and death never come.
Constipation prevents the body from
ridding itself of waste matter. De
Witt's Little Early Risers will remove
the trouble and cure Sick Headache,
Billiousness, Inactive Liver and clear
the Complexion. Small, sugar coated,
don't gripe or cause nausea. At
Stormes' Drug Store. lm
The meeting closed at ML Olivet last
Mrs. llallie Deathrise has returned
to her home in Richmond.
Mrs. Ophelia Dunn is yisiting her
sister, Mrs. Hannah Berkele.
Mr. Clint Armstrong remains quite
ill at his father's in this place.
ur. i.utt is tne Happiest man in
town over the arrival of a son at his
Rev. Clarlr will fill his regular ap
pointment at this place second Sunday
Miss Nannie Arnold has returned
from a pleasant visit to friends
Miss Carrie Rrown and brother, of
Upper Garrad, visited friends in this
vicinity Sunday.
Miss Claul Arnold has returned to
her home, her school having closed at
Buckeye last Friday.
I have a few trimmed hats that will
sell very low, regardless of cost Come
and see them. 'Mrs. A. S. Haselden.
Rev. Allen, of Danville, delivered an
xcellent discourse at Pleasant Grove
Sa.day. Subject, Love your enemies.
Many a he us eh old is saddened by
death because of the failure to keep
on hand a safe and absolute csrtain
cure for croup such as the One Minute
Cough Cure. See that your lit le one
are protected against emergency. A
Stormes' Drug Store. lm
Bottom Prices,
I am bound to sell goods, and in or
der to do so I am selling absolutely
all-wool goods, from Wanamakir &
Brown, at Philadelphia prices. Suit
for $8, S10.50 and 812. 0 that cost from
S3 to $3 more elsewhere. They are
selling and giving satisfaction. Ccme
and save money. F.ts gmranle.d or
no pay. m. v hughes, A't
Co K-cape theVinsea:.ce of a3Iol Tramp
Wai Taken From Eirlliigtoa to
Henderson, liy.
Hexdersox, Ky., Dec. 7. Detective
leff Harlan, of-the L. & -N. railroad,
brought to this city Tuesday night
from Earlington Andy Quarterman, to
sscape tKe vengeance of a mob. Quar
terman was put in jail for safe keep
ing. He was arrested on suspicion in
:onnection with the shooting of Brake-
man William Carr. Quarterman had
boarded the freight in this city -some
time in the early morning, and was
aiming to get through to Nash
ville, lie was ordered off sev
eral times by Carr. At Barns
ley Carr again ordered him off. A lit
tle later Carr was shot and killed.
Quarterman escaped, but was captured
late Tuesday at Earlington. In
a little while mob spirit was wife, and
Detective Harlan thought best to bring
the prisoner here. Quarterman was
well- dressed, and said he was from
Chicago, and a barber by trade.
Dc:loii .May lie Url.iyed.
Fraxkfort, Ky., Dec 7. There was
'A rumor around the state house Wed'
nesday that the court of appeals may
delay the decision upholding the
Goebel election law and not decide it
till the January term. Chief Justice
Lewis, in particular, and the court in
general, are angry because the decis
ion leaked out. None of the court of
ficers either confirm or deny the story
of the postponement until January,
but it is not generally credited, as the
court will be reorganized at that time,
Judge Hobson succeeding Judge Lewis.
Convict Parole Lm to He Rr-Kttab'.Ishrd.
Frankfort, Ky., Dec. 7. The Kc'n
tucky prison commissioners have de
cided to re-establish convict parole law,
passed in 1888, but suspended since 1801,
by governors on the ground as uncoa
constitutional. The first convict to bo
parolled under order of the commis
sioners Tuesday was John Dugan, who
killed Judge Jno. Colson, brother of
Col. Colson, of the 4th Kentucky and
congressman from the eleventh district
of Kentucky.
Mileage Not Allowed.
Frankfort, Ky., Dec. 7. The court
of appeals Tuesday decided that
Charles Wilson, chief of police of Mt.
Sterling, who was appointed by the
governor asthe state's agent to go to
jew xork ana oring back a prisoner
under arrest there for a theft commit
ted in Kentecky, is not entitled to mile
age. because on some technicality the
New York governor refused to honor
the requisition.
Chair Contract Not Broachrd.
Frankfort, Ky., Dec 7. The state
prison commission held its regular
monthly meeting here Tuesday, but no
action was taken as to the chair con
tract, but at a meeting to TSe held
Wednesday it will be taken up with
other proposed contracts, and disposed
Wants D images for Alienated Atf ctions.
Louisville, Ky., Dec 7. Mattie E,
Potts was the plaintiff in two suits
filed here 'Tuesday. In one she asks
for a divorce from Thomas B. Potts.
In the other she asks for 85,000 dam
ages from Eliza E. Wellman for the al
leged alienation of her husband's af
Kc.iped With Slight U-alses.
Ashland, Ky., Dec. 7. Thomas
Crump, a wholesale grocer, while cross
ing the C. & O. railroad track in his
carriage, was struck by an engine. The
carriage was demolished, but Mr.
Crump escaped with a few slight
Sent to tin- ftrnn'l Jury.
Lexington, Ky., Dec. 7. Martin
Johnson, who, with Robert Rowland,
confesses to the murder of Jupiter
Lewis, Tuesday, waived examination
in the police csurt and was sent before
the grand jury for indictment.
Father at N nety-N.ni'.
Louisville, Ky., Dec 7. Capt. Hen
ry J. O'Neill, an old resident of Louis
ville, is dead, aged 99 years. He was
married two years ago and threo
months ago his wife gave birth to
baby boy which survives its father,
llietl After a Lnn Illness.
Louisville, Ky., December 7. Miss
Emma Louise Tqney. a daughter of
Circuit Judge Sterling B. Toney, died
here Tuesday morning after a long ill
A Normal Collejrr.
Lexington?" Ky., Dec 7. The Ken-
lucky university has added to its de
partment a normal college, which is to
be opened next September, with Prof.
J. C. Wells in caarge.
A Krntuc-y Denial.
Frankfort, Ky., Dec. 7. Chief Jus
tice Lewis Wednesday denied the story
that he will be a candidate for official
reporter of the court when he retires
from the bench in January.
K w ird for Fox.
Frankfort, Ky., Dec 7. Gov.
Bradley offered a reward Tuesday of
8100 for the capture of William Fox,
the Covington Negro wanted for killing
Ada Marshall.
Whlpplng-l it for OVo.
Cleveland, O., Dec 7. State Sena
tor Walcott, if re-elected to the Ohio
legislature, promises to introduce a
r.'higping-pst bilL
n"n Title Bank Sued.
General'Taylor filed suit against the
First national bank of Pineville for '
. -J , w. AbbUlUCV 1
ivy iu,i ctuu xoaat auiuuiiiiuif HJ
No Will Found.
Louisville, Ky., Dec 6. No will hai
yet been found left by Col. Thomas H.
Sherley, and it is thought he died in
testate Swager Sherley. his son. haf
qualified as administrator of the larg '
The Hsrdlo Robbery.
Lexington, Ky., Dec 6. Frank Her-
die, the pool seller of Pennsylvania.
and Mrs. Elizabeth Hitchens, of Glen
Falls, N. Y., -whohe claims robbed hin
of 81, 600, arrived in the city Monday.
The grand jury is considering the case
Don't Buy
WAIT and SEE our
They are Arriving and is the
Finest Liue we
. E.
The Condition of FusllAt Tom Lansing-,
Injured in the Fight TVlth J.ialc
Boot, at Chicago, is Serious.
Louisville, Ky., Dec 5. The condi
tion of Tom Lansing, the pugilist ,who
was stricken with paralysis several
days ago as a result of a blow from
the glove of Jack Root in a fight at
Chicago, was more serious Saturday
than it has been at any time since his
illness. It is feared softening of the
brain has begun. He has been deliri
ous now for 24 hours and has been re
moved to Sts. Mary and Elizabeth hos
pital for treatment. Dr. Turner Ander
son, his physician, says it is doubtful
if he will recover.
T.i Vote On T.t c il Option.
Taintsvillk, Ky., Dec. 3. On the
9th of this month this town will take
a vote as to whether local option shall
prevail any longer, or open saloons be
conducted. The fight is waxing hot.
All the churches are making an active
campaign. The Paintsville high
school is also expected to make an
open fight, as open saloons, it is be
lieved, would endauger the very exist
ence of the school. Some of the most
influential citizens of the town favor
saloons, and the contest will bo close
At present the town is probably "wet"
by a small majority.
Samuel J. l'ugh Klccted.
Frankfort, Ky., Dec. 0. Samuel J.
Pugh, republican, has been declared
elected to congress from the Ninth
Kentucky district by the state election
commissioners. Williams, democrat,
was his opponent. Chairman Pryor
wrote the opinion of the commission
ers, which, in the Pugh-Williams con
test, is to the effect that Williams has
failed to make out a case. On the same
kind of a ruling, Boreing is given the
certificate over White in the Eleventh.
Williams will carry his contest before
congress. Pugh's plurality is ten.
Cattlo From M.idUon.
Richmond, Ky., Dec 3. The finest
lot of cattle shipped from Madison
county this year made up a special
train of 20 cars, which went east over
the R., N. I. & B. There were 300 cat
tle in the lot, corn-fed and weighing
1,550 pounds each. They were bought
at cents of Col. T. D. Chenault, the
cattle king of Madison, by a New York
firm, which will ship them direct to
Midnight Fire nt Mt. Sterling.
Mt. Sterling, Ky., Dec. 3. Fire
broke out at 12:S0 Saturday morning
in the large sale and livery stable of
Stephens & Foster, and before the en
gines could be got to work it was de
stroyed. Twenty-five valuable horses
were destroyed burned to death and
one emplo3'e was badly scorched. The
fire is now under control.
Mad Horse Killed.
Louisville, Ky., Dec C A horse be
longing to Mr. George Ewing, at
O'Rell's Station, was bitten by a mad
dog several weeks ago. Sunday it de
veloped hydrophobia and ran from the
stable foaming at the mouth and bit
ing at everything. A posse finally
ran the animal down and shot and kill
ed it.
Charged With Grand Larceny.
Bowling (Jref.n, Ky., Dec. 5. Otway
Dickerson was held over by the exam
ing court upon a warrant charging him
with grand larceny. Young Dickerson
is a first cousin of Arch Tyler, the man
alleged to have been robbed of some
thing like $200.
Heavy Alignment at Louisville.
Louisville, Ky., Dec. 6. Simonson,
Whitcson & Co., doing business under
the name of the New Mammoth, as
signed late Monday afternoon to L,
lOmingore. Assets about S100.000,
consisting of the stock on hand, store
fixtures and accounts. The liabilities
are 150,000. Mr. Whiteson is from
New York and succeeded D. G. Klein
hans in the firm.
O Would Not Remove Newman.
Louisville, Ky., Dec 5. Collector
oi internal revenue aapp lias an
nounced that he will not remove his
chief deputy, Lewis Newman, so long
as he is in office himself. Commissioner
Scott could only make the removal by
abolishing the office.
From.nrnt Krntnoklan Dead.
Lexington, Ky., Dec 2. News of the
death of CoL A. S. Hunt, for 20 years
night clerk at the Phoenix hotel in
this city, was received here Thursday
from Detroit, Minn. He probably
knew more people than any other man
in Kentucky, and was the original of
"the colonel" in the play, "In Old
Imtt Reports Reduced.
Fbaijkfobt, Ky., Dec. 6. The state
librarian Monday reduced the price of
the Kentucky reports from $3.60 to 33
per volume for the first edition, and
81'80 Per volume for the second edition,
This is the first reduction in the price
of Kentucky law reports made in 20
sT l(Wl M9 CoUc' Keunlgiaud Toothache
In eve minutes. Sour Stomach
and Summer Complaints. Price, 25 Genu.
lave Ever. Sliown
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distinct vision. So are those persons
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McRoberts Drug Store.
A. D. Ford sold to Ben Robinson a
bunch of fat hogs at 3.00 per hundred.
M iss Aslcie Murphy is spending sev
eral weeks with friends at Jellico,
T. L. Sanders bought of Charles
West eight barrels of corn at 81.00 per
T. L. Sanders bought of Potts Pres
ton and son a bunch of shoats at 2 S-4c
per hundred.
Miss Lula Ray is spending several
weeks with her sister, Mrs. Lesla
Homes, of Back Creek.
Mrs. Mollie Fain and Cson, Walter,
left Monday for Spencer to visit her
s'ster, Mrs. J03 McDonnot and is also
goin to Louisville to have their eyes
Miss L'zzij Thompson has returned
t ) her home at Buen.i Vista after sev
eral days visit among friends in this
community after the close of her
sc'iool. Many of her friends regret her
departure especially some of the youug
Soaking, healing, cleansing, De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve is the impla
cable enemy of sores, burns and
wounds. It never fails to cure Piles.
You may rely upon it. At Stormed
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Corn is worth SI. 23 per barrel in this
James R. Henry is building a nice
J. B. Leavell, of B yantsville, was
here this week on business.
W. B. A lams has lost five or six head
of cattle from the effects of ddhorning.
The weather is getting bid and theri
will be a great deal of corn wintered
in the field.
Most all of the young men at Paint
Lick and Lowell have been off on a
visit since circuit court comm jacjd.
William Wallace has sold his farm
of 103 acres to Mike Noe for S43 per
acre. Mr. Wallace has the use of it an
other year.
C. F. Chenault, of Madison, has con
tracted with Pieas Murray to feed 100
head of cattle for him until the first of
Some of ourftrmers say they can
make moremjney selling rabbits at
five csnts a piece than they can corn
and wheat at the present prices and
msy are taiDKing seriously oi engag
ing in the biis:nois.
W. L Woner guessed the exact num
ber of grains of corn in the jir at R
L. Jennings & Co., and got the stove.
we always heard it took a fool for
luck but that is not the case this time,
Bill is no fool by a long shot.
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without harm to the sufferer the bet
ter. Lingering colds are dangerous.
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Miss Jennie Montgomery is on the
sick list
Mr. J. H. Montgomery has purchas
ea a new buggy.
The cold weather has cau-.ed many
nogs to bj butchered.
.ftir. KuuIl's bought eleven fat hogs
irom Airs. l'. li G.-ow at Sc
Miss Iva Johnson, of High Bridge, is
the guest of Miss Hattie Duncan.
Mr. W. D. Scott delivered some wheat
at Burgin last week at C2c per bushel
Mr. and Mrs. Dennie Scott are at the
bidside of Mrs. Houston Scott who ii
very ill.
Jas. Ovorstreet will preach two ser
mons in this vicinity the latter part of
thn week.
Overcome evil with good. Overcome
your coughs and colds with One Min
ute Cough Cure. It is so good children
cry for it It cures croup, bronchitis
pneumonia, grippe and all throat and
lung diseases. At Stormes Drurr
otore. im
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Crawford, of L x-
mgton, Mrs. Florence Crawford, of
Jessamine, are visiting relatives here.
A singing was given at T. W. Thome-
sons Saturday evening inTiorior of the
ii iginjr master Mr. Jamas Johnson.
Coughed 25 Year.
I suffered for 25 years with a couh.
and spent hundreds of dullars with
doctors and for medicine to no avail
until I used Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Hon
ey. This remedy makes weak lungs
strong'. It has saved my life J. B.
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uperlut endentof Infirmary.
Surplus Fund
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llklllUUIII U II I LllOl II,
Orer National Exchange Bank and Y.M.C. A.J
RpfpTPnPP-Thousand of sncrewful eraln
IIGIGI CHOC atea, including Hu in bank-., llfl
Award of9frIml and Dlplama at Wurld'4
Exposition, for ISoolc-lieepinff, etc.
A Thoronjrh. Influential, and Honored
College. Hundred-) of etudenuln attendance tlia
past year from 21) states.
Butlneu Course contintn of Book -keeping,
ftasinesa Arithmetic. Penman'hip.Commerrial Law.
Merchandising, ltankine. Joint Stock, Manufac
turing. Lectures. Business Practice, Mercantile Cor
respondence, etc.
Shorthand. Type-Wri tl n tr and Telepraphy
are specialties ; hare special teachen and room,
and can be taken alone or with the ISusines C'ourrr.
KS"The Kentucky Unirersity Diploma undersea),
awarded our graduates.
RiTSfx'cial Course of Book-keeping; for the
Summer, $10.
B5 Special Course of Penmanship. 3 per
Graduates oftheSamnierand Fall sessions
of thit Collem haTe the priTilege of attending the
Literary Department of Kentucky L'niTersitj.
if desired, to June, lMtf, free ofeharse.
Xo Vacation. Knter now.
Call at the College for new Catalogue of this Col
lege, containing an endorsement of nearly lii of it
former pnpiN now in business, etc., in this city, or
address its President,
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Aayone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain onr opinion free whether an
Invention is probably patentable. Communica
tions strictly confldential. llandbook on Patents
sent'free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Mann & Co. recerro
special notice, without charge. In the
Scientific American.
AYiandsomely illustrated weekly. Tersest ch
eolation of any scientific journal. Terms. S3 a,
year- four months, f L Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN SCbBiBroaNewYorlc
Branch Offlca. MS y et, Washington. D. C
Indianapolis, Peoria and;
Micnigan Points
Trains leave Seventh Street Station
and First Street Station.
City TicJ-at Office, 218 Fourth Avenne
General Agent Passenger Dep't
.Louisville Ky
Queen CreseentRoute.
Number 10 f Daily except 8unday)....6:C9 a. nt.
Number 6 (Daily except Sunday).... 1:43 p.m
Number 4 (Dally) Plaff 3:43 a.m.
Number a (don't stop) 4a7p.m
Educate L.
Situation. EEiSs
Number 5 ( Daily excepViiundayV. .".".11 UO a." ml
xumber9 (Dally except Sunday) 7:55 v.m.
Number 3 (Midnight dag) .......".liiip Z.

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